[ Worcester Centrum ] Worcester, Massachusetts


TAPED: Feb. 03, 2006
AIRED: Jun. 27, 2006

(FADEIN: A black and white shot of the New ERA of Wrestling logo … it slowly fades into a shot of the Worcester Centrum.  01.29.04 appears at the bottom of the screen. A voice / over begins..)

VOICE / OVER: "Two years ago New ERA of Wrestling began its journey in Worcester, Massachusetts.  Sixteen men.  One goal.  To make it to the finals of the Battle Bowl tournament and become the first ever World Heavyweight Champion."

(A black and white shot from the opening of the inaugural RAUCOUS.  The camera pans around as we see signs everywhere. CUTTO: A sign that reads ‘MICHAELS will be WFW and New ERA World Champion!" CUTTO: Another that says ‘JONATHAN MARX is a TRUE gentleman!" CUTTO: A final sign that says "New ERA is ready to ROCK YOUR WORLD!" CUTTO: Nick Jive and Tom Gheorghe at the broadcast booth.)

JIVE: "These people are acting like they've never been to a wrestling event before!"

GHEORGHE: "They may have, Nick, but I bet they've never been to the inaugural event of a promotion that's starting with as much talent as New ERA is starting with here tonight at RAUCOUS! Speaking of which, welcome everyone to the Centrum Civic Centre as we're in Worcester, Massachusetts with the first ever edition of New ERA of Wrestling's flagship show, RAUCOUS! I am Tom Gheorghe and with me here tonight, as he'll unfortunately always be, is Nick Jive. "

(The screen blacks out…)

VOICE / OVER: "Two years have passed.  Men have come and gone.  New ERA’s been up and down the coast, across the country, through Canada, and back again.  Here we stand… two years later .. back where it all began."

(The screen comes to life as the shot is now in color.  We see the front of the Worcester Centrum, no longer called the Centrum actually, and lines formed through the doors.)

VOICE / OVER: "New ERA of Wrestling is back in Worcester .. for its two year anniversary of RAUCOUS."

(The shot slows down as the people buzzing about the front of the Centrum start moving in slow motion.  They eventually stop as the screen becomes fuzzy.  As the picture becomes indistinguishable, the RAUCOUS logo begins to take shape in the middle of the screen.)

(CUTTO: The inside of the Centrum Centre!  Fans have taken their seats and you can sense the buzz in the air.  Streamers are hanging from the ceiling and balloons come falling from the rafters as ‘Who Said’ by Planet Funk blares over the PA system.  The camera cuts to the broadcast booth as both Tom Gheorghe and Nick Jive sit in the same exact spots they sat two years prior. On the opposite side of Gheorghe sits Dean Julius.)


JIVE: "Yea, right.."

GHEORGHE: "Something wrong, Nick?"

JIVE: "I just never thought I’d have to be back in this hellhole again."

JULIUS: "I thought you’d feel right at home in a hellhole."

JIVE: "And why is he here?  If we’re so big on celebrating the history of RAUCOUS by holding the show here in Worcester, then we should be celebrating it with the ORIGINAL announce team."

GHEORGHE: "Aw, Nick, how sweet of you."

JIVE: "Woah, woah, woah there! Don’t get me wrong .. I don’t like working with you, but ANYTHING is better than this idiot next to you."

GHEORGHE: "I still can’t believe that we’re sitting here two years after it all began.  Who would have expected this?  Time flies when you’re having fun, I guess."

JULIUS: "Or in Nick’s case, when you’re plastered off your ass day in and day out."

GHEORGHE: "We have come so far since the last time we were here .. we’ve instituted a women’s division, added two titles, and have seen some of the greatest athletes in the world grace New ERA’s rings.  Tonight is no different as we’ve got a jam packed show to help close out our second year .."

JIVE: "Well we were supposed to have even more here for the fans, but due to the fact that it took so long to set up we had to cancel some of the dark matches."

GHEORGHE: "Yes, we actually canceled all of the dark matches tonight because of time issues, but we are moving one of them onto the televised show and that will be our opening match here tonight as ‘the Wolf’ Chris McMillan, one of New ERA’s original superstars, takes on Matthew!"

JULIUS: "You’ve got to wonder, fellas, will Chris McMillan’s head be in the game tonight? With all that he’s been through watching his former tag team partner turn into a fruitcake, it makes me think that maybe McMillan’s mind will be elsewhere.."

GHEORGHE: "You’re right, Dean.  Chris McMillan has returned to action, however, and I know that as a member of the roster he’s going to be focused on himself first, and he’ll worry about Jason Payne second."

JIVE: "Speaking of Payne .. he’s in action tonight as well as he takes on Alex Borden."

JULIUS: "I’ve been waiting to see Borden in action.  I didn’t get a chance to see him the first time he was around, but I’ve seen the tapes and if there’s anyone who can match move for move with Payne, it’s him."

GHEORGHE: "Borden is a former Television champion her in New ERA .. and after missing last RAUCOUS I’m sure he’s ready to get in the ring. It’s a tough match up for him I would think.  Payne has been … well, we know his history the past few months."

JIVE: "People are all excited about the return of Borden, but I can’t wait to see the return of the PHENOM!  Shawn Hart has been missing from New ERA since Scotty Michaels beat the living hell out of him …. If there’s one man that I’ve been waiting to see back in New ERA it is him!"

GHEORGHE: "Hart is a legend that’s for sure .. and he’s been placed in a great match up against Steve Johnson.  Johnson is a great talent that we’ve been lucky to have, but with the world anticipating Hart’s return you have to wonder if it may turn out to be too much for Steve."

JULIUS: "I’m not impressed with Johnson and I don’t know why everyone is hailing him as one of New ERA’s brightest stars. Sure he has done some great things in World’s Finest Wrestling, but that doesn’t mean it is going to translate here.  ‘The Phenom’ is going to walk all over him!"

GHEORGHE: "We’ll see I guess!  We’ve got a special rematch this week on RAUCOUS as two of our female superstars face off … this was a special request match by none other than New ERA Women’s Heavyweight Champion Karla Starr…"

JIVE: "I wonder what Starr has up her sleeves?  She demanded that this rematch take place .. and under special surprise stipulations, too."

GHEORGHE: "There’s talk in the back that Starr is trying to keep Foxx at bay .. and with this rematch, especially under Starr’s stipulations, she is doing so for at least one more week for sure."

JULIUS: "I just hope it is a fudge and whipped cream match!"


JULIUS: "A boy can dream, Gheorghe!"

JIVE: "I wouldn’t mind those stipulations .. of course, Julius would have to be put into a straight jacket .. I don’t need to see his hands wandering places they don’t belong!"

JULIUS: "What the fuc.."

GHEORGHE: "ANYWAYS …. Those two women are going to meet for the second straight RAUCOUS … and I haven’t heard anything from Starr about what kind of stipulations these are .. "

JULIUS: "I’m telling you .. whipped cream.."

GHEORGHE: "As we move along swiftly.. Turk makes his debut here in New ERA .. and he couldn’t have asked for a more competitive match up than with the Masked Man."

JIVE: "Is the masked man still here? Jean Rabesque is long gone.."

GHEORGHE: "The Masked Man IS still here, Nick .. and he’s got quite an opponent in Turk.  The LoC superstar here in New ERA … who knows what will happen between those two!"

JULIUS: "I don’t know much about either man .. I know that the Masked Man has got some skill … but this Turk … he seems like he could easily run through the Masked Man tonight."

GHEORGHE: "That match should be one of the highlights of our show as the fans have been clamoring to see Turk make his debut."

JIVE: "Speaking of highlights .. what about the Television title match?"

GHEORGHE: "MWG puts his title on the line tonight against Mr. Entertainment in what could easily turn out to be a match of the year candidate.  Mr. Entertainment has been white hot since coming into New ERA .. and MWG is always on the top of his game.  Many people predict that before the year’s out MWG will be holding the World title .."

JULIUS: "Not if the Phantom Republican has any say about it!"

GHEORGHE: "That’s true, Dean .. but MWG has the Television title right now .. it’s a tough match to call, but I think he’ll walk out tonight just the way he walked in; as champion."

JIVE: "Mr. Entertainment has been on a roll and I don’t think that tonight’s the night that he gets stopped.  What better way to entertain the fans here at our 2-year anniversary show than to see the Television title switch hands?"

JULIUS: "A fudge and whipped cream match?’

GHEORGHE / JIVE: "Deaaaan…"

JULIUS: "What?"

GHEORGHE: "We’ve also got another barn burner as Rocko Daymon and Jonathan Marx meet in the squared circle here in Worcester.. and considering the words those two exchanged we might not even make it through the evening without the Massachusetts State Police being called to the arena."

JIVE: "Well if anything that nimwit John Doe will cause it.. he and Daymon have had problems … and we all know he’ll be out here to fan the flames even hotter."

JULIUS: "Rocko Daymon should be at home serving his wife …"

GHEORGHE: "Wow, Dean .. who feminist of you."

JULIUS: "Don’t get me wrong, Gheorghe … after all, he’s the one who forgot to put a raincoat over his jimmy .. and now we all have to suffer the consequences of another Daymon being brought into the world."

GHEORGHE: "Figures…"

JIVE: "DREDD’s goal of ridding New ERA of Jean Rabesque was foiled by the Phantom Republican … so if I were Daymon I’d be afraid of where they aim their venom."

GHEORGHE: "DREDD is also involved in the main event tonight as John Doe, who shocked the world by defeating Chaos for the PRODIGY Classic Xtreme title, will have to defend that title tonight … in a SCAFFOLD match!"

JIVE: "Not only that .. but he has to defend it against Chaos … AND Trevor Cane … and as we’ve been seeing .. those three have been having problems with each other left and right.  If the Daymon / Marx match doesn’t bring the house down, then the main event will surely leave this place in shambles!"

JULIUS: "Fuck it … I’m predicting John Doe walks out of here with his life, and title, intact."

GHEORGHE: "That’s a bold statement, Dean… Chaos has been on the warpath since losing the title because of Trevor Cane … and I bet there’s nothing he’d like better than to toss them both off that scaffold into the ring."

JIVE: "The PCX Title was tailor made for Chaos … those other chumps have no chance in hell."

GHEORGHE: "Well everyone … we’re not going to spend our entire 2-year anniversary show talking … we are rea… wait a minute…"

JIVE: "What?"

GHEORGHE: "Hold on .. I’m get… yes .."

JULIUS: "What is it, Gheorghe? We don’t all have those little earpieces…"

JIVE: "I have one."

JULIUS: "That’s because you’re deaf, idiot."

JIVE: "Only when you talk."

GHEORGHE: "We are going to go backstage right now everyone … apparently something has happened in one of the lockerooms!"


Burnt Out

(CUTTO: Backstage.  A large group of officials are standing over a downed wrestler who is holding his face rolling back and forth.  As the camera comes closer we see that the tights say ‘the Messenger’…)

GHEORGHE (V/O): "It looks like Trevor Cane has been attacked… he’s holding his face…"

JIVE (V/O): "Looks like someone might not have been able to wait until the main event, huh?"

(The referee’s try to take Cane’s hands off his face.. he rolls onto his stomach and tries to swat at them as he’s yelling.)


(Some of the officials see the camera and start putting their hands in it pushing it back towards the door.)

JULIUS (V/O): "Fire?"

GHEORGHE (V/O): "Oh no … did Chaos do this to get back at Cane?!"

JIVE (V/O): "Well the officials back there won’t let the cameras get a good look at ‘the Messenger’ so who knows?"

GHEORGHE (V/O): "Ladies and gentlemen we have to take a commercial break … as you can see it seems as if Trevor Cane has been attacked in his lockerroom before the show started … and I wonder if he’s going to even be able to wrestle tonight!  We’ll be back from the Worcester Centrum Civic Centre ... for the 2-year anniversary showing of RAUCOUS!"

( continued... )