[ Worcester Centrum ] Worcester, Massachusetts


TAPED: Feb. 03, 2006
AIRED: Jun. 27, 2006
EPISODE: RAUCOUS 24, Chapter 2

(CUTTO: Ringside.)

GHEORGHE: "Wow.  Here we are about to start the first match of our two year anniversary show and I can’t even believe that it’s been two years."

JULIUS: "With the way things progress around here, I’m starting to feel like we’re celebrating our fiftieth year anniversary."

GHEORGHE: "Chris McMillan was here in the beginning … and now he is back to celebrate our 2 year anniversary."

JIVE: "McMillan has come back to smack some sense into Jason Payne who has been jollying around here like one of MWG’s rejects from hell."

GHEORGHE: "McMillan will have a tough competitor here tonight in Matthew, the Hardcore Kid… let’s go to Carl Jacobs for the ring introductions!"

(CUTTO: Carl Jacobs inside the ring as the lineup for the match slides onto the screen.)

Chris McMillan vs. Matthew

JACOBS: "The following match is scheduled for one fall and has a thirty minute time limit .. introducing first.. he hails from Virginia Beach, Virginia…"

(CUEUP: ‘Crack Addict’ by Limp Bizkit.  Gold and white fireworks go off on the ramp as the crowd ooo’s and aaah’s.  Matthew runs out from behind the curtain and makes his way into the ring … as he gets into the ring he pumps his right fist into the air coinciding with the shooting off of green sparks from each of the four corners…)

JACOBS: "He stands six foot six and weighs 249 pounds ….. MATTHEW, the HARDCORE KID!!"

GHEORGHE: "Matthew looks incredibly pumped.."

JACOBS: "And his opponent … hailing from Cadillac, Michigan…"

(CUEUP: ‘Dogs of War’ by Pink Floyd.  Chris McMillan exits through the curtain to a huge pop from the crowd.  He stops at the top of the rampway…)

JACOBS: "Standing five foot eight and weighing 230 pounds…… ‘the WOLF’ CHRIS McMILLAN!!!"

JIVE: "Looks like McMillan got new ring attire … finally!"

(McMillan continues to look around at the crowd from the rampway wearing black wrestling attire, a silver wolf emblazed across his leg.  He cuffs his mouth, howls, and then charges into the ring!)

(SFX: Bell rings.)

BEGINNING: The match started off hot as Chris McMillan and Matthew both managed to get the upperhand in the bout.  McMillan backed Matthew into the corner real early in the match and was ruthless with the forearms to the face, causing the referee to step in… and almost disqualify ‘the Wolf’ when he wouldn’t stop.  McMillan kept the attack up with some incredible air moves, including a corkscrew plancha on Matthew on the outside that caused both men to hit the ground hard.  McMillan tired and ‘the Hardcore Kid’ turned the momentum around after catching McMillan in a failed hurricanrana attempt that turned into a sit-down powerbomb.  Matthew got some close two counts, but McMillan managed to get out.

MIDDLE:  McMillan caught ‘the Hardcore Kid’ with a enziguiri and knocked him to the ground.  McMillan almost surprised Matthew with the cover, but Matthew ended up kicking out and sending ‘the Wolf’ through the second ropes to the floor in the process.  Matthew got to his feet and looked over the ropes for his prey, but McMillan, being the speedy guy he is, was already on the opposite side of the ring.  McMillan slid in the bottom, used the ropes for some momentum, and crossbody blocked Matthew when he turned around causing both men to go over the top.  Later Matthew caught McMillan going for a second crossbody block and tossed his throat first into the top rope.  McMillan was on the mat and that was the worst place for him to be after Matthew came off the top turnbuckle and crashed into him w/ a flying elbow drop.  Matthew went for the cover, but McMillan got his foot on the bottom rope. 

END:  Matthew was on a tear towards the end of the match.  After sending McMillan into the ropes and connecting with a vicious spear, Matthew locked up ‘the Wolf’ in a Crippler Crossface trying to get the tap out.  McMillan stayed in the hold for almost three minutes before he finally managed to brush the bottom rope with his fingers.  McMillan was a lump of flesh as Matthew continued the attack with a flurry of snap suplexes.  Matthew made a vital mistake when he went for a missile dropkick and waited too long for McMillan to get to his feet.  As soon as McMillan got to his feet he sidestepped the oncoming dropkick and watched as his opponent ate mat.  There was a different side to McMillan that we’ve never seen before and he really kicked it up a notch towards the end when he dragged ‘the Hardcore Kid’ to the outside and repeatedly bashed his head into the guardrail, causing him to bust open!  The referee’s count got to eight before ‘the Wolf’ managed to roll back into the ring, with Matthew following him at 9.5 … However once in the ring McMillan hit him with the superkick and then went for the Kill.  After the Inverted Cradle Piledriver it was over.  Chris McMillan w/ the victory in his return match!

WINNER: ‘the Wolf’ Chris McMillan via pinfall at 9:44.

Special Dedication

(POSTMATCH:  CUEUP: "The Touch" by Stan Bush. John Doe walks out from behind the curtain. Jonathan Marx, Brandon Jacobs, and Carlee Marx run out after him as Doe is half way down the  ramp. Jonathan Marx is talking to Doe.). 

JULIUS: "Marx trying to get John Doe to head back to the lockeroom … but Doe is shaking his head and continuing to walk to the ring .. what the hell is going on here?"

(Doe holds the PRODIGY Classic Xtreme Title  around his shoulder as he slides in the ring.)

GHEORGHE: "What are THEY doing here?"

JIVE: "Well, they have matches tonight, and it IS New ERA’s two-year anniversary show .. so I’m sure they’re going to grace us with some memories!"

JULIUS: "Look at that title, Doe is so happy to have it!"

JIVE: "He won’t be after tonight’s match."

(Doe gets a microphone and hangs his head low. He looks up tears in his eyes.)

GHEORGHE: "What the….."

DOE: "For the last year…. DREDD has focused on one goal… and now that Jean Rabesque has left…. DREDD has nothing more to do. I have nothing to live for anymore, my life is useless. WHY HAVE YOU LEFT US, JEAN!?! 

JIVE: "Wait… are you telling me that John Doe is crying because Jean Rabesque left?!"

JULIUS: "This is a touching moment right now, Jive.  Doe misses the former World Champion."

DOE: "I mean, I wanted you to beat that government mule! But you leave us! I mean, you gave up so easy. I WAS SUPPOSED TO END YOU, ASSHOLE!

(Doe breaks down and starts crying.)

GHEORGHE: "This is absolutely ridiculous…"

(Jonathan Marx pats John Doe on the back as Doe runs to Brandon Jacobs and hugs him, tears rolling down his cheeks.  Marx grabs the microphone.)

GHEORGHE: "Doe has lost his mind…. he is crying because he can’t say he ended Jean Rabesque’s New ERA career.  I think he might have taken one too many hits to the head…"

MARX: "My counterpart here is having a mental breakdown everyone. What John is saying is; DREDD has tried over and over to get rid of Rabesque, and he has left on his own goodwill. I am truly sorry that he has disturbed your evening. Enjoy the rest of the show."

(Doe runs to Marx and grabs the microphone as Brandon Jacobs tries to restrain him by grabbing for his legs.)

DOE: (crying) "THIS ONES FOR YOU, RABESQUE! (Doe sticks his middle finger in the air) MY MATCH TONIGHT IS FOR YOU!!!!"

(DREDD drags Doe out of the ring and walk him back behind the curtain.)

JULIUS: (With tears in his eyes.) "That is so touching if you really think about it."


JULIUS: "Commercial?"

( continued... )