[ Worcester Centrum ] Worcester, Massachusetts


TAPED: Feb. 03, 2006
AIRED: Jun. 27, 2006
EPISODE: RAUCOUS 24, Chapter 3

(FADEIN: A hallway backstage. The fans pop as "The Wolf" Chris McMillan comes in to view, wandering past the line of catering tables and vending machines. McMillan is still wearing his wrestling gear, endlessly worrying at his wrist tape as he makes his way down the hall. A passing stagehand catches his eye, and he stops.)

THE WOLF: "Hey, pal … you seen Cameron Cruise floating around anywhere?"

(The stagehand frowns, flicks his thumb toward the door clearly marked "LOCKER ROOM", and continues on. McMillan stares at the door for a moment before muttering "Duh!". He pushes through the door and into a short hallway. He comes up to the door of Cruise's locker room and takes a deep breath before knocking on the door. A muffled 'Open!' is heard and McMillan opens the door to find Cruise just finishing up lacing his boots. Cruise then stands up straight turning around to come face to face with McMillan.)

CRUISE: "You??!?!! What the hell are you doin'...."

THE WOLF: "Look, Cameron, before you say anything … (McMillan sighs, as though unsure of how to proceed)Look, you know me. You know what I’m capable of, and what I’ve done in the name of "entertainment". I don’t make apologies, or feel remorse … yet that’s what I’m here to do. I walked out on you, man.

I walked out without saying a word, because I thought things had sunk too low. That I had sunk too far for personal or professional redemption. I was wrong … and I’m sorry. I gave up. I ran away, and that’s something I never thought I’d do.

Of all the people I owe an apology to … New ERA management, Jason Payne, the fans, and everyone else I turned my back on … I came to you first. I let you down, and I wanted you to know that I’m sorry for that."

CRUISE: "Ya know...first of all, ya got alotta nerve walkin' in here without no heads up, and no knowin' where you are or if you're even in the building.

Hell, Chris...because of you walkin' out on me....I had to do the most disgusting things I've never thought I would do, just to make sure I made it INTO the NFW playoffs, last year.

Now look at me.

Despite all the success I've had in the past two years, the marketing, the gifts, everything that comes with it that's good. But because YOU walked out on me, now I've got a Bi-sexual stalker that's after me and has a target on his head shot on the tree in my backyard....

Just for Mercedes because she needs the practice.

But the fact of the matter is that what you're doin' whether it's backstage, here in my lockerroom, or down in the ring, admitting you were wrong, saying you're sorry..

THAT I can respect."

THE WOLF: "Look, all I can say is that you're right. I was an asshole."

(McMillan looks back over his shoulder, scanning the hallway for a second.)

THE WOLF: "I've got some business with Jason Payne tonight, I've gotta go. But listen, I'll be around. You never know when you're gonna need a friend, and ... well, I owe you one."

(Cruise looks after him as he walks away, saying loud enough for only himself to hear...)

CRUISE: "Yeah Chris, you do."

(CUTTO: Ringside with the announce team.)

JULIUS: "McMillan apologizing?!"

GHEORGHE: "What is going on here?!  Trevor Cane is attacked backstage … then we have Chaos threatening to walk out of New ERA, and now Chris McMillan is mending fences in the back?"

JIVE: "Things are cooking on high here in New ERA … and if you can’t handle the heat then you better get the fuck out of here."

GHEORGHE: "And leave you and Dean to call the shots? I don’t think so!"

JULIUS: "Hey! I can do a damn good job!  Why don’t we get rid of Jive … since Rabesque’s left, he’s become the Borinator!"


GHEORGHE: "Ladies and gentlemen, up next we have Jason Payne taking on the returning Alex Borden… Borden is a former Television Champion here and I have been very excited to see him step into the ring again."

JIVE: "He wasn’t here last week thanks to some shady business … but I’ve seen him in the building and it’s about time.  He was a great competitor the first time around and I know a lot of fellas out back are shaking in their boots knowing he’s back in action."

JULIUS: "If this guy is really as good as people say, then let’s get him out here.  We need someone to bring some life back into this program."

GHEORGHE: "Well then .. let’s head up to Carl Jacobs in the ring and get this thing started!"

(CUTTO: In the ring.  Jacobs stands, microphone in hand, as the lineup flashes on screen.)

Alex Borden vs. Jason Payne

JACOBS: "The following match is scheduled for one fall and has a thirty minute time limit!  Introducing first…."

(CUEUP: ‘the Dogs of War’ by Pink Floyd as the lights turn low.)

JULIUS: "Oh Great … Schizo McFruitcake is coming out first."

JACOBS: "Hailing from Payneville, Kentucky ….. standing six foot six and weighing 275 pounds….. ‘the Dog of War’ JASON PAYNE!!!"

(The crowd becomes quiet as Jason Payne walks through the curtain.)

JIVE: "What the…"


JIVE: "That’s a Gucci!"

JULIUS: "How you even know that makes me scared sitting next to you in the darkness…"

GHEORGHE: "Jason Payne is wearing a dress …. And he’s busting out of it!"

JIVE: "That’s not supposed to be worn by a man who is 6’6, 275 pounds."

GHEORGHE: "Jason Payne slowly walking down the ramp and he’s heading towards the fans!"

JULIUS: "Oh God no … we’re so going to get sued…"

(Payne licks his lips as he runs his hands down to his hips… the crowd immediately pops as someone runs down the ramp behind him..)


GHEORGHE: "Does he have something in his hand?"


GHEORGHE: "Someone get over there!  Chris McMillan hits Payne in the face now with that wrench!! Jason Payne is down and he’s bloodied!"

JIVE: "I think he might be knocked unconscious!"

JULIUS: "Now what is McMillan doing?!"


JIVE: "I could SO make a joke right here…"


JIVE: "But what about the match?! Alex Borden is supposed to make his in ring return tonight!"

JULIUS: "Looks like he’ll have to do it another time… again."

GHEORGHE: "I cannot believe it!  Chris McMillan has come out and attacked Jason Payne .. and WHO KNOWS where he is taking him?!"

JIVE: "Listen to these idiotic fans in Worcester … they’re cheering!"

GHEORGHE: "We knew tonight was going to be something due to New ERA’s 2 year anniversary … but things have been out of control!  I don’t even WANT to know what else is going to happen!"

JULIUS: "I’m sure there’s plenty more in store, Gheorghe."

GHEORGHE: "Well I guess this means that the match between Alex Borden and Jason Payne will be postponed indefinitely tonight as ‘the Wolf’ has come down and kidnapped ‘the Dog of War’… we’re going to take a quick commercial break and then be back with more action from New ERA’s 2 year anniversary RAUCOUS special!"

Friendly Advice

(CUTTO: Backstage as Karla Starr walks around backstage.  She stops for a moment and looks at the New ERA Women's Championship, admiring it and smiling.  Suddenly a voice ...)

VOICE: "Karrrrla ..."

(Starr whirls around quickly, but no one is there.  She shakes her head, laughing it off.)

VOICE: "Karrrrla ..."

(This time Starr spots a door out of the corner of her eye, cracked open partially.  She slowly approaches it, belt in hand and ready to strike.  She kicks the door open, but it is dark inside.  She backs up ... right into a pair of black-clothed arms and gloved hands.  One wraps around her body, a leg setting her off balance into him, effectively restraining her.  Zooming out, we see THE MASKED MAN.)

MASKED MAN: "Shh ... you always get prematurely excited.  The best is yet to come, Karla."

(His free arm courses around her waist.)

MASKED MAN: "You know, I did have another reason for coming back ... one that involves you."

(She doesn't say anything, but jerks against him as his hand slides up her side, keeping her restrained.)

MASKED MAN: "And not a moment too soon, perhaps.  You can say what you want, but I know you're too smart to realize that you have ... competition for that title, now.  There's no need to hear it from you, the cats are already jumping out of the bag."

(The free arm moves around to her back as he leans in close to her ear, nudging her head to one side.)

MASKED MAN: "And they have sharper claws than ever.  But I may help ... if you ask nicely."

(Starr struggles, but can't budge the grip she's caught in.)

STARR: "If you knew anything about me ... you'd know NOBODY does this to me and gets away with it!  You're ass is mine ... just wait!"

(Masked Man laughs quietly.)

MASKED MAN: "I'm almost counting on it.  Give my words some thought.  You'll know where I am soon enough."

(With his free hand, he smacks her on the ass, causing Starr to stumble forward and drop the Women's Title.  She immediately grabs it, but when she looks behind her to strike, the Masked Man is gone. CUTTO: Commercial for EPW’s Aggression Battle Royal; with the winner receiving the coveted fifth spot in the main event of their Unleashed PPV for the World Title!)

( continued... )