[ Fleet Center ] Boston, Massachusetts


TAPED: Jan. 12, 2006
AIRED: Jan. 26, 2006

(FADEIN: Black and white footage from post-RAUCOUS 09.19.05. The screen comes in on the locker room where Jean Rabesque is freshly showered and packing up his things, he looks up to the camera and smirks slightly.)

RABESQUE: "Fucking vultures, I knew it wouldn't be long before you stopped by here. I guess I'll give you all the sound bite you want. So here's the deal. I made a promise with myself a long time ago that whenever I felt I couldn't cut it in the ring, whenever the time came that the sport had past me by, then it was time for me to hang it up."

(The shot now zooms in close on Rabesque’s face.)

RABESQUE: "Well, that date has come. New ERA of Wrestling is now represented by The Phantom Republican, and I am the cause of that. If I am not capable of beating the lowest form of crap existing in the wrestling universe, then I don't deserve to be in the ring. So GOP, you got your wish. I would like to thank all the wonderful fans of New ERA for all their support over the last two years. It really has been a pleasure and an honor to represent you. I will miss it dearly, but I cannot look myself in the mirror after embarrassing myself the way I did and continue on. I hope you can understand."

(CUTTO: A full color shot, just as it was seen on television after RAUCOUS.)

RABESQUE: "So no fancy catchphrases this time ladies and gentleman..... just a simple...... good bye."

(Rabesque grabs his things and leaves the locker room, the camera follows as he walks down the hallway..... and out of New ERA. FADEOUT.)

(The screen stays black before something slowly becomes visible, appearing out of thin air.)






(Coming from behind the words is the New ERA RAUCOUS logo.  It slowly approaches, and as it is about to hit, the words begin to flicker like light bulbs before blacking out.  The logo takes precedence on the screen.)

(CUTTO: Inside the Fleet Centre in Boston, Massachusetts.  The inside of the arena is buzzing with excitement … and also is flowing with red, white and blue streamers.  There are huge banners hanging from the top of the arena, next to the Boston Celtics and Boston Bruins championship banners, of the Phantom Republican holding the New ERA of Wrestling World Heavyweight title.  CUTTO: The announce table with Dean Julius, Nick Jive and Tom Gheorghe.)

GHEORGHE: "Welcome everyone to a … festive edition of New ERA RAUCOUS!"


JULIUS: "Which old witch?"


GHEORGHE: "Will you guys stop it?"

JIVE: "What?  I can’t celebrate the fact that after two years of boring the hell out of people the Phantom Republican has accomplished the impossible?"

GHEORGHE: "Ladies and gentlemen, in case you haven’t heard, Jean Rabesque, who lost the World title to the Phantom Republican on the last edition of RAUCOUS, has left the promotion…"

JULIUS: "He ran, Tom! He knew that if he got a rematch, he’d just lose again.. and with the Masked Man on his tail, Rabesque decided to run back to Montreal like the fluff he is!"

GHEORGHE: "Jean Rabesque was the heart and soul of New ERA for almost two years, Dean.  It’s a shame that he felt the way he did, but you have to respect him.  He held on to that World title much longer than anyone ever expected him to… especially with people like Chaos, Jonathan Marx, and others gunning for him."

JIVE: "Enough about that loser … let’s talk about our NEW World Heavyweight Champion!"

GHEORGHE: "Well as you can see around the Fleet Centre, the Phantom Republican has quickly made himself … at home."

JULIUS: "I haven’t seen this much self-love since Jive after Caitlyn Daymon announced she was pregnant!"


GHEORGHE: "Well, it is apparent that the Phantom Republican has made a few cosmetic changes to the arena.. and why not! He won the World title!"

JULIUS: "Damn straight he did.. and don’t even try to give me any of that holding the tights business.."

GHEORGHE: "Holding the tights, which he did, or not, Dean .. The Phantom Republican leads New ERA into 2006 as our Champion .. and as the man who drives Jean Rabesque out.  Speaking of last RAUCOUS .. we’ve got a few matches here tonight that came about due to the events that took place on the last show."

JIVE: "You’re telling me.. just look at the main event tonight.  The Masked Man and Jonathan Marx went head to head last RAUCOUS … and the Masked Man came out on top … then later in the show, once Marx attacks the Phantom Republican, the Masked Man came in and all hell broke loose!"

JULIUS: "Those two matches on RAUCOUS really sealed the deal for me.  The Masked Man and Jonathan Marx almost wrestled to a time limit draw … and it was a hell of a good match to boot.  The main event … well, we’ve already talked about our new champion…"

GHEORGHE: "I can vouch for that … I’m starting to wonder if the Phantom Republican is paying you guys by the word to sing his praises.  Also in action last RAUCOUS we saw Cameron Cruise get a very decisive victory over Nick Elliot.  Cruise has been almost apologetic since his suspension … and it seems as if he genuinely wants the Television title now."

JULIUS: "The man has his dick slammed in the door by management … of course he’s going to ‘want’ the Television title .. if he disregards his title shot chance again … he might spend the rest of his waking days in New ERA facing the Insurgent…. And we know how much those two can’t stand being in the ring with one another."

JIVE: "That’s one debacle I’m glad to leave in 2005!"

GHEORGHE: "Speaking the Television title .. Jason Payne was also in action on RAUCOUS .. and .. well .. it seemed like in more ways than one."

JIVE: "Payne has lost some part of his marbles if you ask me.."

JULIUS: "Some of them?!  The man is a walking loony bin!"

GHEORGHE: "Either way, guys, he put on a pretty impressive display when he utterly manhandled Dallas Carter.  Carter put up a hell of a fight against Chaos at the pay per view, but Payne was just far and away the better wrestler last RAUCOUS."

JIVE: "I just wish he were far .. and away."

GHEORGHE: "Well he’s here tonight, Nick .. so don’t get your hopes up too high.  Speaking of high hopes, John Doe has high hopes tonight .. and looking back at his match with Chaos, he has every reason to."

JULIUS: "Doe managed to pull a fast one over the P©X Champion last RAUCOUS in the Falls Count Anywhere match … but that was with the help of a locker… he’s not going to be so lucky tonight, I can feel it."

JIVE: "The only thing you can feel is .. well hell, you can’t even feel that half the time."

JULIUS: "You’re right .. last time you brushed against me, which by the way, you need to stop doing, I couldn’t feel a thing."

GHEORGHE: "Welllll.. Chaos and John Doe had a hell of a fight .. one that took them all the way into the lockerroom of Victoria Hawke … and boy did they get an earful for that!"

JULIUS: "And an eyeful!"

GHEORGHE: "That match was a non-title match .. and due to his victory over the champion, John Doe will get his chance to win the PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme title tonight in a Leather Strap match!"

JIVE: "I would not want to be attached to the champion .. after that fluke victory, and then to be attacked by Trevor Cane … well, I doubt Chaos is going to be in the best of moods."

GHEORGHE: "Doe has a history of doing very well against the big men, and his momentum going into this match is going to be tough to stop... but I agree, Nick, if we thought that Doe was going to have a hard time the first time around, then its going to be damn near impossible to beat the champ again."

JULIUS: "We’re forgetting the wild card here … Trevor Cane is in the building again.  He attacked both men last RAUCOUS .. and I bet he’ll be watching that match carefully."

GHEORGHE: "Cane was in action earlier tonight in a dark match for the fans in attendance as we were waiting to go on the air, and we’ll show those clips in just a few minutes.."

JIVE: "He and Matthew put on a pretty good show, if you ask me."

JULIUS: "Oh give it up, you weren’t even out here.  You were out back getting trashed."


GHEORGHE: "Matthew, the Hardcore Kid, was just one of a couple stars who will debut here tonight on RAUCOUS … for instance, in our opening match tonight ‘Iceman’ Kevin Kearns will make his in ring debut."

JULIUS: "Kearns has been taking care of business backstage with that little twit Jason Tripp.. and I suspect he and Insurgent will show these idiots here in BAHSTAN just what real wrestling is all about."

GHEORGHE: "I’ve been looking forward to seeing the return of Insurgent to the ring after his suspension following International Intrigue .. and I must say that the ‘Iceman’ has definitely caught my eye as well.. that should turn out to be a good match .. and speaking of in-ring debuts .. Rocko Daymon will also be making his .. as he takes on newcomer Dan ‘the Dragon’ Taylor."

JIVE: "I haven’t seen much from Taylor .. nor have I heard anything from him .. but I’m still taking him over Daymon."

GHEORGHE: "Rocko Daymon is an incredible addition to New ERA’s roster … he’s got success throughout the circuit .. and he’s come to New ERA while his wife is out on maternity leave."

JULIUS: "Someone’s got to bring in the money while that whore is sitting on her ass for nine months."


JULIUS: "Oh come on .. you think that that kid is Rocko’s?  I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t."

GHEORGHE: "I’m not even going to dignify that notion!  Rocko Daymon and Dan Taylor will both be looking for victories in their first match in New ERA .. and that’s what this is about…"

JIVE: "Uptight, huh?"

GHEORGHE: "Moving on…..New ERA’s women’s division heats up as newcomer Foxx will go head to head with Victoria Hawke.  Hawke made some unflattering comments about Foxx, Women’s Champion Karla Starr, and the rest of the division last RAUCOUS .. and now she has the chance to take that first step to do something about it."

JULIUS: "This might be Foxx’s first match in New ERA, but I’ve seen her wrestle before, and Victoria Hawke knows what she is talking about.  Foxx’s addition to the roster shouldn’t change anything."

GHEORGHE: "Foxx is a great female athlete, and if I were Victoria Hawke I wouldn’t underestimate her like she has."

JIVE: "Underestimate?  Wrestle? Great female athlete? You guys are talking like these two are going to do more than roll around on the mat trying to see who gets on top…"

GHEORGHE: "You know, Nick … sometimes you’re impossible to work with."

JIVE: "And yet here you are, almost two years later still with me."

GHEORGHE: "Sometimes I amaze even myself.."

JULIUS: "What’s your secret?  Morphine?"

GHEORGHE: "Alex Borden will make his long awaited return to action tonight as he will be in the ring with Steve Johnson.. Johnson is a huge star over in World’s Finest Wrestling, and his addition, along with the return of former Television champion Borden, should definitely be one of the highlights of tonight.  I can’t wait to see how these two respond to one another."

JIVE: "Borden beat Suicide for the Television title .. but then forfeited the title which caused the entire BattleBRAWL scenario the first time around … I guess its only fitting that he returns now that we’re heading towards the second BattleBRAWL.."

JULIUS: "Speaking of the Television title.. that triple threat match tonight should be a mindfuck."

GHEORGHE: "The #1 contender’s match between Cameron Cruise, Jason Payne, and Mr. Entertainment is a treat in itself .. but factor in current Television Champion MWG as the special referee … and anything can happen."

JIVE: "I’m already picturing tons of patting down by MWG before the match even begins."

JULIUS: "Of course you are."

JIVE: "Dammit…"

GHEORGHE: "Jason Payne, Mr. Entertainment and MWG all have history with one another, and the fact that Cameron Cruise is now re-focused on that title shot … this match could get ugly fast!"

JIVE: "Speaking of ugly …"

GHEORGHE: "I don’t even want to hear it, Nick."

JIVE: "But …"

GHEORGHE: "No.  Ladies and gentlemen, tonight’s main event .. the triple threat survival match … three men .. including the World Heavyweight Champion, will be in the ring .. this is a non-title match, mind you .. but the effects could still be devastating for the Phantom Republican."

JIVE: "He’s going to do just fine.  We’re in Boston .. the original rebels.  The foundation of the Revolutionary War … the Phantom Republican is the epitome of what they stand for … and he will come out on top tonight."

GHEORGHE: "I highly doubt that when one thinks Boston, they think the Phantom Republican!"

JIVE: "That’s why you’re not paid to think, Gheorghe .. you’re just paid to call the action in the ring."

GHEORGHE: "Ugh… well, as promised before .. we have some results from earlier tonight that we want to share with you as ‘the Messenger’ Trevor Cane wrestled Matthew, the Hardcore Kid in a special dark match."

Dark Match
Trevor Cane vs. Matthew

(CUTTO: Trevor Cane entering the ring, where Matthew awaits.)

GHEORGHE: "These two men started off hot and heavy with the momentum switching back and forth several times in the first few minutes.."

(CUTTO: Cane hits a snap mare followed by a reverse chin lock.  Matthew rolls to the side and gets out of it.  CUTTO: Matthew practically taking Cane’s head off with a clothesline that sends him flipping onto his back.)

JULIUS: "The fans were riding ‘the Messenger’ the entire time .. and caused some problems for him throughout the match."

(CUTTO: Cane about to hit a running powerslam.  Some fans in the front row catch his attention allowing Matthew to slide off his shoulder and then hit a Diamond Cutter when he turns around.  CUTTO: Matthew creeping up behind Cane as he’s bent over the top rope yelling at the same fans and clubbing him in the back.)

GHEORGHE: "However about midway through the match Trevor Cane began to work over Matthew, and he just really took off from there."

(CUTTO: Cane hitting a suplex.  He gets to his feet and immediately drops an elbow onto the sternum of Matthew.  CUTTO: Trevor Cane sending Matthew into the corner and charging in after him.  He torpedoes himself into the midsection of Matthew causing him to stumble out of the corner.  As Matthew comes out, Cane bounces off the ropes and hits him with a running elbow smack dab in the face.)

JULIUS: "Matthew was worked over pretty good throughout the next few minutes of the match … and I thought he was pretty much done.."

(CUTTO: Cane with a swinging neckbreaker. CUTTO: Cane hitting a jumping DDT followed by a Cobra Clutch.  Matthew doesn’t show any signs of fight in him as Cane pulls back on his chin.)

GHEORGHE: "So didn’t Trevor Cane.  Cane got cocky .. and that opened the door for Matthew to make a strong comeback!"

(CUTTO: Cane with a doubled over Matthew.  He sends Matthew into the ropes as he shakes his head.  Matthew comes back on the return as Cane ducks … just so Matthew can hop over his back and bounce off the other ropes.  Cane stands up, confused, and turns … just in time to get speared by Matthew!  CUTTO: Matthew keeping on the offensive.  He sends Cane into the ropes and connects with a hurricanrana that causes the fans to pop huge.  CUTTO:  Matthew on the top rope waiting as Cane stands up … CUTTO: Matthew hitting a missile dropkick sending Cane to the outside.)

JULIUS: "Cane got a few moments of rest as the referee kept Matthew from following him out .. and when he rolled back in both men went toe to toe."

(CUTTO: Cane and Matthew exchanging blows.  Cane gets the best of it and works Matthew over into the corner.  CUTTO: Matthew grabbing Cane by the shoulders and reversing the roles, tossing Cane into the corner.  CUTTO: Matthew on the second rope as Cane is caught and pounding away on his head as the fans count.  CUTTO:  Cane eventually pushing Matthew off of him causing him to fall on the mat.)

GHEORGHE: "The match really caught on fire then with both men throwing everything at each other causing many near falls…"

(CUTTO: Cane coming out of the corner and bringing Matthew to his feet.  CUTTO: Matthew with a small package getting a two count.  CUTTO: Cane clotheslining the head off Matthew.  CUTTO: Trevor Cane with a tilt-a-whirl tombstone and pinning Matthew for a very, very close 2.5 count.  CUTTO: Matthew being irish whipped into the corner but stopping short of hitting it.  CUTTO: Matthew pulling himself up on the turnbuckle as Cane runs in afterwards, crashing into the corner.  CUTTO: Matthew with a reverse cross body block off the second ropes.  CUTTO: Cane catching him, and driving him to the mat with a fallaway slam.)

JULIUS: "Eventually ‘the Messenger’ had enough of toying with the newcomer and put the match away."

(CUTTO: Cane standing over the body of Matthew as he lifts his hands up.  Cane grabs Matthew by the hair and lifts him to his feet.  He places Matthew’s head between his legs and drops him on his neck with a piledriver.  Moments later, Trevor Cane has Matthew up in his finisher, the Light, and runs across the ring apron dropping him down with a sitdown powerbomb.  One.  Two.  Three.  Cane gets to his feet as the referee raises his arms in victory.)

GHEORGHE: "Cane immediately left the ringside area after taking a moment to shake his head in disgust at Matthew …"

JULIUS: "But Matthew put up a hell of a fight … I’m sure that kid is going to have a verrry successful run here in New ERA."

GHEORGHE: "So Trevor Cane got the victory in front of the fans here in the Fleet Centre .. and time will only tell if we’ll see ‘the Messenger’ again tonight…"

JIVE: "I am willing to put money on it…"

GHEORGHE: "That’s a bet I am not going to take, Nick .. ladies and gentlemen … we are here LIVE from the Fleet Centre in Boston, Massachusetts for New ERA RAUCOUS … and we’re about to kick things off … Insurgent versus Kevin Kearns … WHEN WE RETURN!"

( continued... )