[ Fleet Center ] Boston, Massachusetts


TAPED: Jan. 12, 2006
AIRED: Jan. 26, 2006
EPISODE: RAUCOUS 23, Chapter 2

(CUTTO: Backstage. We see Trevor Cane walking back to his lockerroom.  Out of nowhere, Jason Tripp enters the picture.)

TRIPP: "Trevor! Trevor!"

(Cane stops in his tracks and slowly turns around as Tripp jogs over to him.  Tripp stops and holds the microphone in his hand as he tries to catch his breath.  ‘the Messenger’ only stares at him.)

TRIPP: "First.. congra..tulations on your victory tonight…."

(Cane grabs his hand and brings the microphone up to his face.)

CANE: "My victory tonight?  Oh no, Jason.  My victory has yet to be had…"

(He drops Tripp’s hand and turns to leave.)

TRIPP: "Wait! What does that mean?  Are you going to get involved in the Leather Strap match tonight?!"

(Cane turns his head and almost cracks a smile.)

CANE: "The dogs can tear each other apart without my help.  But I will prove myself tonight.  Matthew?  He was no challenge.  Rest assured, Jason, that when this night is over, another one will have seen the Light.."

(Cane walks out of the shot, leaving Tripp standing alone the microphone still held where Cane’s mouth would be.  Tripp shakes his head before bringing the microphone back.)

TRIPP: "Well .. Trevor Cane doesn’t seem to be finished here tonight … and if I were John Doe and Chaos … especially being attached to one another with a leather strap later tonight, I would be on the lookout… back to you guys back at ringside."

(CUTTO: The announce table.)

JULIUS: "Listen to that fat fuc.."

GHEORGHE: "Mind yourself, Dean.  It doesn’t seem like ‘the Messenger’ is done tonight."

JIVE: "No shit, Sherlock.  That’s what he just said."

GHEORGHE: "I was re-iterating for the viewers at home, Nick."

JIVE: "They’ve got ears and eyes… well most of them."

GHEORGHE: "But what did he mean when he said he was going to prove himself tonight?  To whom?"

JULIUS: "Well obviously during the Leather Strap match.  He attacked both John Doe and Chaos last week after their Falls Count Anywhere match … it only makes sense."

GHEORGHE: "Then why did he say that he’d let them tear each other apart?"

JULIUS: "Helllllooo… he’s not going to say ‘yes, I will be down there to beat the shit out of them.’  They’d be waiting .. and then they’d take out their aggression on him!"

GHEORGHE: "I guess that’s true."

JIVE: "Now that that is settled, how about we kick this show off?  I gotta get to the bars.. and let’s face it, I don’t need this show going to midnight …"

GHEORGHE: "Tonight’s entire line up is packed with great matches … and it starts off with the Insurgent coming back from inactivity against the in-ring debut of ‘Iceman’ Kevin Kearns."

JULIUS: "You know, I like the ‘Iceman’… he knows how to smack bitches around.."

GHEORGHE: "What!?  Dean, you shouldn’t make accusations like spousal abuse!"

JULIUS: "I was talking about Tripp, you idiot."

GHEORGHE: "Oooohh…"

JULIUS: "Granted we haven’t heard from Kearns since the last time he verbally smacked Tripp around .. but I’m sure that when he gets out here .. he’ll put on a show just as entertaining in the ring."

GHEORGHE: "Kearns does have a storied past in *professional wrestling .. but its been a while since he’s been an active competitor … and one has to wonder if he’s got any ring rust."

JIVE: "It don’t fly with me.  Kearns is trying to re-claim his past glory.  The Insurgent is the upstart talent here in New ERA.  He will be the one who will revolutionize the way *professional wrestling is looked at."

GHEORGHE: "I think both men are very talented .. it’s a shame that Insurgent was suspended for intentionally disqualifying himself at International Intrigue .. but he’s moved past that .. and so have we."

JULIUS: "I haven’t heard from the guy since.  I’m telling ya, ‘Iceman’ is going to win this thing tonight.  No disrespect to Insurgent .. but Kearns has got the special touch that I like."

JIVE: "I’m sure you like it when he touches you in that special place."

JULIUS: "Am I going to have to kick your ass right here, right now?"

GHEORGHE: "Let’s head up to Carl Jacobs in the ring for the introductions…"

(CUTTO: In the ring. Carl Jacobs stands in the middle of the ring holding the microphone to his mouth.  The lineup for the match comes on screen.)

Insurgent vs. Kevin Kearns

JACOBS: "Ladies and gentlemen … the following match is tonight’s opening bout … it is scheduled for one fall, and has a thirty minute time limit …. Introducing first ….."

(CUEUP: ‘Don’t Cha’ by the Pussycat Dolls.  Jacobs looks confused as he looks up the ramp..)

GHEORGHE: "That’s not the correct music…"


(The fans begin to jeer when New ERA of Wrestling’s Women’s Champion Karla Starr walks out from behind the curtain and down the rampway.)

JIVE: "Karla Starr!"

GHEORGHE: "But what is she doing out here?! This is supposed to be Insurgent versus Kevin Kearns!"

JULIUS: "Well obviously the Women’s Champ doesn’t give a shit."

GHEORGHE: "What could she possibly want?!"

JIVE: "Well maybe if you shut your trap more often, you’d find out!"

(Starr enters the ring and grabs the microphone out of Jacobs’ hand.  She pushes him in the chest and he stumbles backwards hitting the mat.  The crowd jeers even more as she stands in the ring with the microphone by her mouth.  She pats the Women’s title that’s wrapped around her waist and smirks at the crowd.)

STARR: "It's just like you people... no REAL entertainment to be had, so with those nerds that are supposed to be down there in the ring, you're either forced to pass the time with a boring match... or use the restroom or get to the concession stand..."

(Crowd jeers.)

STARR: "Unless you're Caitlyn Daymon, in which you can just go find a secluded dumpster and try to be the first parents... or in the case of you people... the first WHITE TRASH to consummate your relationship when the New Year hit."

GHEORGHE: "Whoa, whoa, whoa … Karla Starr is not going to get any New Years wishes from the fans here in Boston!"

JIVE: "Like she needs these peoples’ good lucks?"

STARR: "You two losers somewhere out back (motions to the photos of Kearns and Insurgent on the big screens)… Kearns is probably too nervous to even want to be here... and Insurgent … you are too political and talk too much to even back up your words without paying for it with unpaid time off..."

(The crowd jeers again as she makes a cut-throat sign at the big screens… the photos of the two men disappear and a black screen takes its place.)

STARR: "This isn't even a three-way conversation, so hit the road CHUMPS.. don’t even bother wasting my time by coming down here."

(A beat passes as she allows time for the crowd to jeer and try to throw things in the ring.) 

GHEORGHE: "What?!  Karla Starr is hijacking our opening bout!"

JULIUS: "When you’re the Women’s Champion, you can do that.."

GHEORGHE: "No you can’t!"

STARR: "Now that we can move on... let's hear it for New ERA 2006!!"

(In an about face, Starr hypes up the crowd as they let out a LOUD face pop.) 

STARR: "Now let's hear it for me, with the LONGEST Championship Reign still intact!!"

(The crowd then switches from cheers to boos, realizing what the Women's Champion attempted to slip in.)

STARR: "Hey... it's not my fault you people cheer for people who just absolutely SUCK!!!"

GHEORGHE: "A low blow right there to Jean Rabesque who had been the longest reigning Champion up until he lost the title last week.."

STARR: "I beat EVERYBODY that this Women's division has to offer, but yet the challenges just keep on comin': Daymon earned another shot, only to be pulverized in the match that she wanted."

(Crowd boos louder)

STARR: "And then there was the new "Phenom", Olivia Lewes..."

(Crowd has a mixed pop reaction) 

STARR: "Who beat every person set in front of her, and even earned a shot herself at my title.."

JIVE: "See.. Starr’s giving some props at least.."

STARR: "Only to be embarrassed on live TV."

JULIUS: "You were saying?"

STARR: "So what does Marceau do?? She lets Victoria Hawke run around backstage, obviously on the rag... spouting off how she's earned more of chance to redeem herself than anyone else... I mean... Victoria..."

(Starr pauses for dramatic effect.)

STARR: "How many times do you need to get your ass kicked to realize that you don't rate around here??"

(Starr smirks as the crowd gives a heel pop.)

STARR: "I mean, I've put Victoria on her back more times than a two-dollar hooker gets a chance to be a few blocks from here... and she thinks that she's still threat to me??"

(Starr smiles innocently.)

GHEORGHE: "Can someone cut her microphone off?  She’s not even supposed to be out here right now!"

STARR: "Okay, Victoria."

(Starr rolls her eyes.)

STARR: "Caitlyn's playin' Mama for the next month, which means I need someone new to make fun off while she's out provin' how she ISN'T wholesome."

(The crowd continues to disapprove as she waves them off.)

STARR: "Then... there's Foxx."

(The crowd then goes into a WILD face pop at the sound of Foxx's name.)

GHEORGHE: "The fans are very excited, just like we are, to have Foxx in New ERA."

STARR: "Ya know... the little slut tries to copy (Crowd starts to boo again) a B*TCH like me... and after one match... wouldn't cha know it... The hussy got lucky and got one over on me."

(Crowd pops at the mention.. Starr gives them the evil eye.)

STARR: "Damn that lil' thing called ENCOURAGEMENT. (pauses) But I got 'er back though, and brought her back from the moon, so what does she do?? She signs with New ERA."

(Another pop from the crowd.)

STARR: "It took you long enough, hooker."

(Huge jeers from the crowd.)

STARR: "After all... I've beaten everyone Marceau put up against me, I was actually starting to get BORED."

JULIUS: "Karla Starr is the model of what our women’s division should be like."

GHEORGHE: "I would dread the day."

STARR: "But you better understand this: I said it when I got here, and I've said it time and again. I am the Alpha Female. You want this belt (points to the New ERA Women's Championship) or you don't, I could care less. I'm the one you have to beat to be worth a damn around here."

(A pack of M&Ms fly by Starr’s head.  She smiles and winks.)

STARR: "You whores back in the lockerroom, all the way from Foxx and Victoria to Caitlyn and Carlee... Do something about it. Impress me, and who knows..... You might just be the next lucky number in the rotation to get a shot at me.. Or next for my monthly workout session."

(Starr rubs the title and continues.)

STARR: "Foxx and Victoria. You want to prove something to me?? You face off against each other again next week... and I'll have a special surprise stipulation to make it just a little bit more interesting. What could it be you might ask?? Come an' find out next week.  Why?? Because that's just the type of B*TCH I am."

(CUEUP: 'Don't Cha' by The Pussycat Dolls, as she smiles, walking back through the entryway.)

GHEORGHE: "Karla Starr is challenging Victoria Hawke and Foxx to take each other on again… even before they step in the ring for the first time!"

JIVE: "Starr’s got something planned …. I LOVE IT!"

JULIUS: "Well she got one thing right…"

GHEORGHE: "Oh boy … what would that be?"

JULIUS: "She sure as hell was more entertaining than the Insurgent and Kearns match would have been!"

GHEORGHE: "Well, I’m sure she’ll be hearing from New ERA President Marcus LaRoque about this little stunt … I don’t think we’ll be seeing this Insurgent versus Kevin Kearns match tonight as Starr has taken up more time than we can allow … so when we come back, we’ll move on to our … I guess, opening bout of the evening as Dan Taylor takes on Rocko Daymon!"

( continued... )