[ Fleet Center ] Boston, Massachusetts


TAPED: Jan. 12, 2006
AIRED: Jan. 26, 2006
EPISODE: RAUCOUS 23, Chapter 3

(CUTTO: Backstage in the green room.  Victoria Hawke is looking up at the television set showing RAUCOUS and we catch her right after Karla Starr’s interruption.  She throws her cup of coffee into the trash and starts heading out of the room.  As she gets to the door, it opens and she bumps into Chaos.  She takes a few steps backwards and snarls.)

HAWKE: "Get out of my way you big lug!"

(Chaos leans against one side of the doorway and places his arm across, blocking her.)

CHAOS: "What’s the matter, sweetcheeks?"

(She looks at him amazed.)

HAWKE: "Excuse you?!"

(He chuckles.)

CHAOS: "Aww, come on.. I’m just paying you a compliment."

(Her jaw drops.)

HAWKE: "Listen.  Just because you barged into my shower and saw me naked does not mean that you can…"

(Chaos puts his finger to Hawke’s lips shushing her.  She stops talking.)

CHAOS: "I just want to help you out.  You seem .. tense.  You know what they say, don’t you? A little .. loving before a strenuous task helps you focus.."

(He rubs her shoulders.. surprisingly, Hawke lets him!)

CHAOS: "Plus .. you showed me yours … I think its only fair that you get the same respect."

(Hawke’s eyebrows rise as a small smile comes across her face.  She quickly catches herself.  Hawke turns and looks around the green room, noticing they’re the only two there.)

HAWKE: "That’s a very enticing offer…"

(She stands on her tippy toes as Chaos bends down.. she whispers something in his ear and his eyes open wide.)

HAWKE: "Let’s go."

(CUTTO: The announce table as she grabs his hand and they exit the room.)

JIVE: "Did I just witness what I think I did?"

JULIUS: "Loot at Chaos!  He’s got a title defense later in the night .. and he’s trying to get some pussy!"

GHEORGHE: "I, for one, don’t know what the hell just happened.  Chaos and John Doe wrestled their way into Victoria Hawke’s lockerroom, both getting a glimpse of Hawke in her birthday suit as she was showering .. and now the next week, she’s leading Chaos by the hand to her lockerroom presumably!"

JULIUS: "I guess Chaos puts that leather strap to other uses, huh?"

GHEORGHE: "Oh, good lord!"

JIVE: "I bet Hawke’s going to give new meaning to Chaos’ Python Lock.."

GHEORGHE: "Stop it!"

JULIUS: "Chaos is going to rid…"

GHEORGHE: "Let’s get on with our next match, please?!  Rocko Daymon is just moments away from making his in-ring debut here in New ERA, and you guys are talking about sex."

JIVE: "Speaking of sex, Caitlyn Daymon’s pregnant.."

GHEORGHE: "Stop right there, Nick.  We’re not going to get into that.. jesus.. let’s just head to Carl Jacobs for the ring introductions!"

(CUTTO: Carl Jacobs in the ring as the lineup for the match races on screen.)

Rocko Daymon vs. Dan Taylor

JACOBS: "The following match is scheduled for one fall .. and has a thirty minute time limit.  Introducing first…"

(CUEUP: ‘All My Life’ by the Foo Fighters as the Dragon Dan Taylor enters the arena.  The fans give a slight pop as he enters and tries to hit as many fans’ hands as possible.)

JACOBS: "Hailing from Manchester, England .. weighing in at 245 pounds. … DAN ‘the DRAGON’ TAYLOR!!"

JULIUS: "Great.. a dirty Brit here in New ERA."

GHEORGHE: "Something against the British?"

JULIUS: "Yea .. here we are in Boston, the home of the Revolutionary War.. and the Brits are still trying to hold us down!"

JACOBS: "And his opponent…"

(CUEUP: ‘the Hand That Feeds’ by Nine Inch Nails.  The fans EXPLODE as Rocko Daymon enters through the curtain and walks down to the ring.)

JACOBS: "Hailing from Tacoma, Washington … he stands 6’2 and weighs 243 pounds …. He is ROCKO DAYMON!!!"

(SFX: Bell rings.)

JIVE: "Jesus Christ.. can these fans get any more annoying??"

JULIUS: "I ask myself that about you all the time."

GHEORGHE: "Rocko Daymon getting a great reaction his first time out here… and these fans in Boston appreciate what he’s done elsewhere, that’s for sure."

JIVE: "I’d appreciate it if he’d use condoms next time .. the less Daymon’s in this world, the better."


JIVE: "Yea?"

GHEORGHE: "Forget it.  Daymon and Taylor in the middle of the ring to start this thing off … and they shake hands.  This is something I’m definitely not used to seeing in New ERA!"

JULIUS: "If that were any other two men … well hell, the first one who extended his hand would be one limb less right now."

GHEORGHE: "Daymon and Taylor now back up .. and they come back again this time and lock up in a collar and elbow tie up.  Both men trying to get the upperhand … and Taylor releases the hold, but quickly grabs onto Daymon’s arm and armdrags him over!  Daymon hits the mat .. but he’s back up on his feet … and he runs into another arm drag by Taylor!"

JIVE: "I could watch that all night long…"

GHEORGHE: "Rocko Daymon back on his feet and he starts to charge again .. but this time he puts on the breaks!  Daymon now walking over to Dan Taylor and they lock up once more … and this time it’s Daymon who quickly releases the hold and armdrags Taylor over! Daymon doesn’t release the arm of Taylor and he has on an arm bar."

JULIUS: "Can I just ask .. what the hell kind of name is Rocko?"

GHEORGHE: "I honestly don’t know.."

JULIUS: "I mean .. I know he’s from Washington … but his parents must have been smoking a lot of herbs when the doctor’s came and asked what they wanted to call him.."

GHEORGHE: "Daymon now brings Taylor to his feet .. and he sends him into the corner!  Daymon walks in after him .. and he starts driving the knees into the midsection of Dan Taylor!  Rocko Daymon grabs him by the arm … and he hiptosses him out of the corner and to the mat!  Rocko Daymon looks out to the crowd .. and they respond tremendously!"

JIVE: "Goes to show you … the fans are just as dumb in the Northeast as they are in the South… and in Canada.. hell, I’m starting to wonder if there are any intelligent fans out there."

GHEORGHE: "Just because you don’t agree with who they cheer for, Nick, doesn’t mean they’re stupid…"

JULIUS: "If they cheered for who Nick wanted, then we’d be seeing MWG matches all night, every night.."

JIVE: "I am NOT GA…"

GHEORGHE: "ROCKO Daymon walks over to ‘the Dragon’ as he gets to his feet… Daymon catches him and irish whips him into the ropes … Dan Taylor on the return .. and Rocko with a shot to the gut!  Taylor is doubled over … and Daymon grabs him by the head and locks the leg … and drives him into the mat with a Russian leg sweep!"

JIVE: "Rocko Daymon taking the place of his wife is like the Colts taking the place of the Eagles.  They’re both losers who choke when it comes to the big game.  I don’t know if he thinks that by coming to New ERA he can actually win some gold, but we all know he can’t."

GHEORGHE: "Daymon has won titles before!"

JIVE: "Not in any of the places I’ve seen him wrestle!"

GHEORGHE: "Rocko Daymon is a talented wrestler, and he is going to make an impact in New ERA.. hell, 2006 is here and it’s a new year for everyone.  Rocko Daymon brings Dan Taylor back to his feet and now he’s bringing him over to the ropes!"

JULIUS: "At best Daymon wins tonight .. it doesn’t prove anything to me.  We haven’t seen anything out of Taylor … which leads me to think that he’s not cut out for a position here in New ERA."

GHEORGHE: "Well obviously Juliet Marceau thought he was worth a try."

JULIUS: "Marceau will give anyone a free ride .. if you know what I mean."

GHEORGHE: "I’d be careful if I were you."

JULIUS: "I can’t be fired, Gheorghe … I have an iron clad contract."

GHEORGHE: "Daymon with Dan Taylor … he sets him up for a suplex … AND HE DROPS HIM DOWN ON THE TOP ROPE … AND USES IT AS MOMENTUM TO TAKE HIM OVER WITH IT!"

JIVE: "Daymon knew that he needed the extra momentum from the ropes .. what does that tell you?"

GHEORGHE: "That Daymon is smart and knew he could get additional force from it?"

JIVE: "Nope.  It tells you that even he isn’t secure enough in his wrestling ability to perform a move as simple as a suplex!"

GHEORGHE: "I doubt that, Nick.. Rocko Daymon has been in control of this match since the beginning … he has barely let Dan Taylor breathe."

JIVE: "That just goes to show you how much of a dud ‘the Dragon’ is."

JULIUS: "I’d listen to Jive .. he knows all about being a dud."

GHEORGHE: "Daymon now picking up Dan Taylor … and he’s signals for a DDT… BUT TAYLOR BLOCKS!  Taylor with a kick to the gut .. AND HE HITS THE GUT WRENCH SUPLEX!  Dan Taylor with a quick cover… ONE …… TWO…. But Rocko Daymon manages to kick out after two.  Dan Taylor with a quick block and gutwrench suplex .. and he almost ran away with this match."

JIVE: "Yea .. now if only the damn referee didn’t go to the John Doe School of Counting he might have actually won this thing."

GHEORGHE: "The referee’s count was very fair, Nick… Dan Taylor seems to have gotten a second wind as he’s back on his feet … he waits for Rocko Daymon to get up … Taylor now with a clothesl.. DAYMON DUCKS!  BUT TAYLOR GRABS HIS ARM AND SENDS HIM TO THE ROPES!! Daymon on the return …. AND ROCKO DAYMON WITH A SPEAR TAKES DAN TAYLOR TO THE MAT!! Now Rocko is driving those fists right into the head of ‘the Dragon’…"

JULIUS: "Stupid Brit.."

GHEORGHE: "Can either of you think of something good about these two men?"


GHEORGHE: "Alright then….. Daymon now rolls off of Dan Taylor .. and he grabs his legs ….. AND SLINGSHOTS HIM ONTO THE TOP ROPE! Taylor’s throat hits the ropes and he stumbles backwards …. AND DAYMON ROLLS HIM UP! ONE ……….. TWO ………. THRE—NOOOO!!! Dan Taylor gets out of it!"

JIVE: "NOW the referee decides to count a little quicker.. I bet Daymon paid him off!"

GHEORGHE: "Rocko Daymon does not need to pay off the referees, Nick!  He’s got a lot of talent and can take care of things on his own!"

JIVE: "I wouldn’t go THAT far, Gheorghe."

GHEORGHE: "Taylor dragged to his feet by Daymon … and Rocko Daymon spins him around and locks his hands … AND UP AND OVER GOES TAYLOR WITH A RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX!  He crashes to the mat and Daymon is over with the pin attempt …. ONE ……… TWO ………. THREE!! NO!  Taylor manages to kick out again!"

JULIUS: "Some people just don’t know when to hang up the towel."

GHEORGHE: "It is both of these men’s first match here in New ERA … I don’t think either one of them wants to hang up the towel, Dean."

JULIUS: "I can see Daymon’s reason why he wouldn’t want to give up .. I wouldn’t want to go home to a bitchy pregnant wife screaming for ice cream either … what’s Taylor’s excuse?"

GHEORGHE: "What did I do, God, to deserve this?"

JIVE: "You should be thanking him that you have me …"

GHEORGHE: "I’m sure someone’s thanking him that you’re here with me.. and I envy them right now…. ‘The Dragon’ is down on the mat … and Rocko Daymon is heading over to the corner!  Daymon is climbing the turnbuckles!"

JIVE: "If there were a God, he’d send an electrical current through the air .. or a tremor through the ground to knock Daymon off that turnbuckle right now.."

GHEORGHE: "Rocko Daymon on the top rope as the fans are getting to their feet …. DAYMON FLIES OFF ……… AND NAILS DAN TAYLOR IN THE CHEST WITH THE ELBOW DROP!"

JULIUS: "Dan Taylor’s going to have an imprint of Daymon’s elbow etched in his sternum for years to come with the way that Daymon flew off that top turnbuckle…"

GHEORGHE: "Daymon now brings the limp body of Taylor to his feet … and he brings him over to the corner … Daymon sends him across the ring to the opposite corner with an irish whip …. AND HE FOLLOWS HIM IN!  DAYMON WITH THE ‘PHANTOM RIDE’!! That splash into the corner with his back first squashed ‘the Dragon’ …. Daymon against the ropes as Taylor stumbles out … HE GRABS THE HEAD OF TAYLOR ….. AND TAKES HIM FOR A RIDE WITH THE RUNNING BULLDOG!"

JIVE: "These idiots in the Fleet Centre are acting as if the Red Sox won the World Series again!"

JULIUS: "I think I know why, too…"


JIVE: "Oh please no … I don’t want to have to listen to him gloat about this."

GHEORGHE: "Daymon never gloats about his victories, Nick.. from what I’ve heard he’s a very humble guy."

JIVE: "And Jason Payne is completely mentally competent, too, right?"

GHEORGHE: "Rocko Daymon brings Taylor up …. And he kicks him in the gut ….. Daymon shoves his head between his legs …………….. BRAIN ROCKER REDUX!!! DAYMON NAILS THE DOUBLE UNDERHOOK PULLING PILEDRIVER ….. ONE …………. TWO ………………… THREEEE!!!"

(SFX: Bell rings! The crowd explodes!)

JACOBS: "Ladies and gentlemen… the winner of this match via pinfall……. ROCKO DAYMON!!!"

GHEORGHE: "And Rocko Daymon with a decisive victory tonight in his in-ring debut .. and what an addition to the roster he is!"

JIVE: "Oh what a crock of sh…"

GHEORGHE: "Ladies and gentlemen .. we’ve got to take a commercial break.. but when we come back .. we’ll see the newest female superstar Foxx take on Victoria Hawke in singles action.."

JULIUS: "That’s if Hawke is done taking on Chaos in singles action……"


The Verdict

(CUTTO: Backstage area.  The camera focuses in on a hallway.  The door to one of the lockerrooms opens and out comes Chaos.  He adjusts his shirt a little bit before shutting the door.)

CHAOS: "That girl’s got bite…"

( continued... )