[ MTS Centre ] Winnipeg, Manitoba


TAPED: Jan. 29, 2005
AIRED: Feb. 10, 2005

(FADEIN: The inside of Juliet Marceau’s office. An assistant of hers is in the room with her, a notepad in hand, furiously scribbling down notes as Marceau speaks without concern of the assistant losing much of what is being said.)

MARCEAU: "And now that I think about it, maybe it’d be better to wait. I don’t want him to get his hopes too high, you know what I mean?"

ASSISTANT: "Uh .. yea I ag.."

MARCEAU: "As for Mathis make sure that he gets taken care of tonight. He did well on RAPTURE and I want to make sure that he’s all set. I’ve got to make sure to keep him on my side and not let LaRoque get to him."

(The assistant stops writing for a second, pondering whether or not to try to speak up in agreement again.)

ASSISTANT: "Or you cou…"

MARCEAU: "Well that’s all I have for now."

(The assistant closes her notebook and looks at Juliet. Marceau has her head down and is flipping through some paperwork. After a few seconds of silence, Juliet looks up at her assistant who is still standing there.)

MARCEAU: "You can leave now."

ASSISTANT: "Thanks."

(The assistant starts heading towards the door.)

MARCEAU: "OH! One other thing…"

(The assistant stops and opens up her notebook. Marceau speaks as she is pulling the cap off her pen.)

MARCEAU: "Could you just let Alister Hayze know that I’m looking for him. Once you see him, make sure knows that I want to see him in my office."

ASSISTANT: "Yes, ma’am."

(Marceau goes back to her paperwork, smiling as she thinks to herself.)

(Blackness. After a few seconds words begin to float on to the screen. As they reach the screen we see that they are white text filled in with some red, as if they were cut out from the Canadian flag.)

Gloriosus et Liber

As New ERA Turns a Year

Glorious .. and Free

(All of a sudden you hear a hockey stick and what appears to be it hitting a hockey puck. Flying from the left side of the screen is a hockey puck, which "hits" the words and causes them to shatter. The hockey puck spins around and stops. The hockey puck then combusts into flames as the logo for RAUCOUS comes on screen. CUEUP: ‘Who Said’ by Planet Funk.)

(FADEIN: The MTS Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Thousands upon thousands of fans are stacked in the arena. The arena itself is all decked out in party flavor as there are balloons everywhere and ribbons wrapped from one balcony to the other. CUTTO: Fans who are holding signs that say ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY!’ ‘WE GOT NEW ERA A PRESENT; US!’ and ‘4 MORE YEARS!’ CUTTO: Ringside with Tom Gheorghe and Nick Jive. Gheorghe is wearing a party hat.)

GHEORGHE: "Welcome everybody to RAUCOUS as we celebrate New ERA of Wrestling’s first birthday … and we are celebrating it from the MTS Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada!"

JIVE: "I can’t believe it’s been a year, Tom. It seems like just yesterday I was making fun of you for that carpet on top of your head. But tonight you’ve given me the pleasure of making fun of that stupid little hate instead."

GHEORGHE: "I’m just getting into the spirit of things, Nick … which unfortunately you don’t seem to do."

JIVE: "I get in the spirit of Rabesque-bashing. And I plan on doing plenty of it tonight."

GHEORGHE: "As I said this show marks New ERA’s one year anniversary of being open … and we’ve got a fantastic show for you tonight which really highlights how far we’ve come."

JIVE: "Well New ERA’s first show in Worcester involved the four battle bowl mania tag team match ups .. and tonight we’ve got five matches involving some of the best talent on the market."

GHEORGHE: "But before we delve into tonight’s show .. let’s talk a little about what happened a few nights ago in Saskatchewan on RAPTURE!"

JIVE: "The show was fantastic! I never thought I’d be so happy … but watching Alister Hayze flounder … well that just did it for me, Tom… I was set for days."

GHEORGHE: "The main event was incredible as Alister Hayze and the Phantom Republican fought for a chance to become the #1 contender to Jean Rabesque’s World title … and while Alister Hayze had won their first encounter, it was the Phantom Republican pulling through and he has been named the new #1 contender to the World title."

JIVE: "The Phantom Republican shot through the primaries … and now he’s ready to unseat the Incumbent."

GHEORGHE: "Also on the card was what was supposed to be a Women’s Triple Threat match between Victoria Hawke, Ryan Anne Madden, and Felicia Hart … however Hart was unable to make it to the arena so Hawke and Madden squared off one on one."

JIVE: "It’s a shame, too. You know my stance on the women; the more the merrier!"

GHEORGHE: "Ryan Anne Madden made an early enemy in Victoria Hawke … and Hawke ended up taking it out on her and easily won the match up."

JIVE: "I’ve heard rumblings in the back about how many people think that Ryan Anne Madden isn’t taking herself or her profession seriously … and it wouldn’t surprise me to see some payroll adjustments in the future."

GHEORGHE: "While the women’s triple threat was changed into a one on one match up, the men’s triple threat stayed just as it was with El Arco Iris, ‘the Harbinger of War’ Wyatt Bailey and ‘Undisputed’ Jason Hawke going at each other."

JIVE: "We had four men debut at RAPTURE, and two of them were in this match as Bailey, whose from Ireland, and ‘Undisputed’ Jason Hawke really showed some stuff against Iris."

GHEORGHE: "The action was fast and furious .. but in the end there was an ‘Undisputed’ winner as Jason Hawke stepped out of the ring with a victory in his first match in New ERA."

JIVE: "There is no doubt in my mind that he is going to be holding some gold in the future."

GHEORGHE: "Speaking of gold! A huge announcement from the New ERA staff about the introduction of a new title at International Intrigue! Juliet Marceau came out during RAPTURE and introduced the PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme Championship .. which is named in honor of the circuit where she and New ERA President Marcus LaRoque got their start in the business."

JIVE: "The P©X Title being instituted for our fans out there that crave a more violent brand of action. An eight man tournament will start this thing off, with four first round matches to take place on RAUCOUS, with the semifinals on RAPTURE and the last RAUCOUS before the pay-per-view … and then the champion will be crowned as the finals of the tournament will take place in Montreal at International Incident."

GHEORGHE: "And all matches leading up to the crowning of the first P©X Champion will be in hardcore matches with special stipulations."

JIVE: "I’d love to see Taylor Mathis draw El Arco Iris in a baseball bat match or something like that … imagine how great it would be to watch Mathis wind up and then drive Iris three rows deep in the crowd."

GHEORGHE: "I’m sure Mathis will be entered into the tournament… but Mathis was in action on RAPTURE against another newcomer, the Sinner."

JIVE: "You mean … ‘the Sacrifice.’"

GHEORGHE: "He might as well have been. The Sinner had no chance really against Mathis, who seems to be on the private payroll of Juliet Marceau. Mathis dominated the Sinner and walked out with his first victory."

JIVE: "That man is a monster."

GHEORGHE: "The final match that happened on RAPTURE was the tag team match between Isaac Siegmund and Travis Smith as they took on Sean Senn and Trevor Cane. All four men have some history with each other. Siegmund and Senn had went head to head the week before on RAUCOUS, while Trevor Cane has been stalking Travis Smith ever since he returned to New ERA after Battle BRAWL."

JIVE: "Smith came back with a bang after attacking John Doe … but DREDD doesn’t even have to avenge it as Trevor Cane has been making his life a living hell."

GHEORGHE: "The match got so out of control that the referee ended it after both teams brawled to the outside. A no contest between the two, but Trevor Cane did get his wish, and he will take on Travis Smith in a match of his choosing at International Intrigue."

JIVE: "I don’t know about ‘Too Sweet,’ but I’d be careful with Cane."

GHEORGHE: "But that was RAPTURE and tonight … right here in the MTS Centre is New ERA RAUCOUS … and what a show we’ve got!"

JIVE: "We’re on our Canadian Invasion TOUR … and so far Jean Rabesque, our CANADIAN World champion, hasn’t done so hot .. and I suspect that Jonathan Marx will continue to beat him into a bloody pulp."

GHEORGHE: "The World Champion will be in action tonight in a non-title match as he faces DREDD’s Jonathan Marx in a Flagpole Match!"

JIVE: "These Canadian fans will watch as their hero has their very own flag strewn across his lifeless body."

GHEORGHE: "Two flags will be hung 10 feet in the air … and the goal is to use a ladder and get your flag down."

JIVE: "Rabesque might have won the World title in a ladder match … but this is the American flag we’re talking about … and quite frankly, I think that Jonathan Marx has enough patriotism running through his body that he’d rather shoot and kill Rabesque than let him get to the Canadian flag first."

GHEORGHE: "Also tonight we have Jonathan Marx’s partner in crime, John Doe, in action as he takes on a very pissed off Chaos in a No Holds Barred match."

JIVE: "Doe and DREDD were extremely witty in placing excrement in the locker of Chaos a few shows ago … but I don’t think they expected that Chaos would get his revenge in a No Holds Barred match."

GHEORGHE: "They can go anywhere and do whatever they want to each other, but the pinfalls and submissions have to take place in the ring for them to count."

JIVE: "Which is either a blessing or a nightmare for Doe, I just haven’t decided which yet."

GHEORGHE: "We also have a special women’s match on the show tonight as Caitlyn Daymon will take on Whisper .. with the winner of this match to take on Karla Starr for the Women’s title at International Intrigue."

JIVE: "Whisper came oh so close last edition of RAUCOUS … but Caitlyn Daymon has got to be salivating at the chance to face Starr in a sanctioned match after being taken away by the police in Vancouver, and then warned by the police not to show up to the arena in Calgary!"

GHEORGHE: "Whisper actually defeated the Women’s champion in Calgary … but she did so by disqualification after Starr nailed her in the face with a steel chair."

JIVE: "And as we all know, you can’t win the title in a standard match by disqualification!"

GHEORGHE: "Speaking of titles and title shots … Jason Payne will get his shot at the Television title tonight in the main event as he takes on MWG!"

JIVE: "Jason Payne’s a former military guy .. MWG lusts after porno featuring men in uniform .. it sounds like a match made in Heaven … or San Francisco."

GHEORGHE: "Jason Payne won a tournament to get his chance at the title, and he was practically .. no .. literally, handed the title shot by Cameron Cruise."

JIVE: "Cruise introduced Payne to a Reality Check .. and then covered himself w/ Jason’s arm and had the ref award him the win!"

GHEORGHE: "Who knows why, Nick .. but Cameron Cruise is in action tonight as well as he takes on Mr. Entertainment."

JIVE: "Cruise creates controversy wherever he goes … and tonight Mr. Entertainment is going to have the pleasure of trying to hog the spotlight from someone who has a deathgrip on it."

GHEORGHE: "I think both men would like to walk out of here with the spotlight shining solely on them .. and shortly they’ll have that chance! We’ve got to take a commerci…"

(SFX: A loud noise.)


(Gheorghe covers his ears as we see that it was Nick Jive blowing a party toy that extended and smacked Tom in the face. Jive starts to laugh as Tom Gheorghe shoots him a look.)

GHEORGHE: "We’ve got to take a commercial break but when we…"

(SFX: The loud noise again as the party favor smacks Tom in the face.)

GHEORGHE: "Stop that."

JIVE: "Sorry."

GHEORGHE: "When we come back we’ll hav.."

(SFX: Loud noise. We hear Jive laughing uncontrollably as Tom Gheorghe turns and rips the toy out of his hand and tosses it into the crowd.)

GHEORGHE: "We’ll have Caitlyn Daymon and Whisper going head to head as they fight for the chance to take on Karla Starr at the pay per view!"

JIVE: "Jeez, someone’s a party pooper!"

(FADETO: Commercial for New ERA of Wrestling’s third PPV; International Intrigue. Featuring the finals of the P©X Title Tournament as well has many other great matches. Coming to you March 2005.)

( continued... )