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TAPED: Jan. 29, 2005
AIRED: Feb. 10, 2005
EPISODE: RAUCOUS 19, Chapter 2

(FADEIN: Backstage with Jason Tripp. Chaos is standing next to him.)

TRIPP: "Hello everyone, I've caught up with New ERA superstar, and also the man who has almost become the New ERA World Champion on two different occasions; Chaos. Chaos, tonight you get a chance at revenge on John Doe for that vicious attack that cost you the New ERA World Heavyweight Title. Since then DREDD has been quite a thorn in your side... I even see you sporting a neckbrace. I guess I have to ask, are you 100% for tonight?"

CHAOS: "Jason... I'm fine. I'm a wrestler... I work hurt as part of a living. Doe had his chance... I took his best shot and look at me; I'm still standing here. Yet tonight... (smirks) tonight marks a decided turn in events."

TRIPP: "And what do you mean by that?"

CHAOS: "DREDD has been running around thinking they own this place. Problem is .. they don't own me. Tonight the shit isn’t going to be stuffed in my locker Jason... tonight it's going to hit the fans."

TRIPP: "I don’t understand."

CHAOS: "Oh, I've got a surprise for Doe. I've got a gift that will make a squealing little pig like him feel right at home. He's done his master’s bidding .. he's been feed the slop .. and now the course of nature is about to take place."

TRIPP: "Can you please elaborate a little bit more? I don’t quite get what you’re trying to say."

CHAOS: "Oh, you will Tripp... you will and so will everyone else. Particularly anyone sitting in the first few rows. I don't want to give it away, but the pay back I've got in store for DREDD... well revenge is anything but sweet."

TRIPP: "Can you give us any hint of what you have in store?"

CHAOS: "Let's just say that tonight... DREDD gets their first dose of pain and chaos."

TRIPP: "Pain and Chaos?"

(He smiles as he walks away.)

CHAOS: "Pain and Chaos, TRIPP... you said it."

TRIPP: "Well, I am quite intrigued.. but Chaos won’t give me anything more … let’s send it back to Tom Gheorghe and Nick Jive at ringside!"

(CUTTO: Ringside w/ Gheorghe and Jive.)

JIVE: "That’s the problem with him! He doesn’t know how to work the wrestlers! If I were back there I would have had Chaos sitting on a couch crying about how his daddy mistreated him!"

GHEORGHE: "More likely you would have been stuffed in a trash can."

JIVE: "Pain and Chaos, though? DREDD piled a bunch of cow shit in Chaos’ locker .. and now he says that revenge will be anything but sweet… I don’t think I want to be down here for that one."

GHEORGHE: "Well that match is coming up after this next match between Caitlyn Daymon and Whisper as they fight for the chance to win a shot at Karla Starr’s title at International Intrigue."

JIVE: "Both of these women have a history with Starr.. Caitlyn Daymon having the distinction, as far as I know, of being the first New ERA star to be locked up in a jail cell at the behest of another New ERA star, and Whisper fighting valiantly in her last shot at Starr’s title … but then having Starr retain the title when she disqualified herself by smashing a chair in Whisper’s face."

GHEORGHE: "One of these two women will have their chance at revenge at International Intrigue ... but both women want it. Let’s go up to Carl Jacobs who is standing in the ring."

(CUTTO: Jacobs, who is holding the microphone in his hand. The lineup for the match flutters on screen.)

#1 Contender's Match for the
Women's Championship

Caitlyn Daymon vs. Whisper

JACOBS: "The following match is the opening match of the night and the winner will go on to face the Women’s Heavyweight champion at International Intrigue! This match is scheduled for one fall and has a thirty minute time limit! Introducing first…"

(CUEUP: ‘The End of Heartache’ by Killswitch Engage. Caitlyn Daymon steps out as the strobe lights flash … she walks down to the ring and hops over the top rope into the ring.)

JACOBS: "She stands five foot five and weighs 119 pounds … hailing from Tacoma, Washington ….. CAITLYN DAYMON!"

GHEORGHE: "And Daymon looks ready to rumble here … especially since Karla Starr is going to be the special referee in this match!"

JIVE: "You gotta wonder though, Tom … what if Starr was just saying that to get under both of their skins."

JACOBS: "And her opponent … being led to the ring by Madeline…"

(CUEUP: ‘Scentless Apprentice’ by Nirvana. Madeline comes through the curtains followed by Whisper. They walk to the ring as the fans try to reach out at them.)

JACOBS: "She stands five foot five and weighs 121 pounds …. Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Canada ………. WHISPER!!"

GHEORGHE: "I think Starr knows that she could easily mess with their heads more as the special referee … and that could even cost Caitlyn Daymon the match!"

JIVE: "Whisper is much more reserved and collected than Daymon may be… if Starr even once seems to be unfair, which you can almost predict she won’t be, then Daymon might just snap.."

(CUEUP: ‘Maps’ by the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs. The crowd erupts in jeers as Karla Starr enters the arena wearing a referee shirt, the New ERA Women’s Heavyweight Title around her waist.)

JACOBS: "And introducing tonight’s special referee …. She is the New ERA of Wrestling Women’s Heavyweight Champion……… KARRRRRRRLAAAAAA STARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!"

(SFX: Bell rings!)

GHEORGHE: "Karla Starr in the ring with Whisper and Caitlyn Daymon … and SHE IS DEMANDING THAT BOTH WOMEN BE PATTED DOWN!"

JIVE: "I think that’s fair! Afterall you don’t know if Whisper’s packing an AK47!"

GHEORGHE: "Whisper respects this sport too much to try to cut around corners and cheat her way to the top, Nick."

JIVE: "And that’s why she isn’t Champion."

GHEORGHE: "Both women step into the center of the ring … AND CAITLYN DAYMON KICKS WHISPER IN THE GUT!"

JIVE: "Karla Starr is screaming at her for interrupting the pat down!"

GHEORGHE: "Starr getting in the face of Caitlyn Daymon … but Daymon isn’t paying any attention to her as she grabs Whisper’s head and scrapes her forehead across the top rope! Whisper is holding onto her forehead and she’s trying to get away."

JIVE: "I don’t think the women should be allowed to do anything that would mess up their looks at all!"

GHEORGHE: "Daymon grabs the arm of Whisper … AND SHE TAKES HER DOWN WITH A SHORT ARM CLOTHESLINE! Caitlyn Daymon covers Whisper …. BUT KARLA STARR IS STILL WARNING HER ABOUT THE PAT DOWN … and Whisper kicks Daymon off!"

JIVE: "Daymon wouldn’t have gotten Whisper anyways, but Karla Starr made no effort to stop verbally berating Caitlyn Daymon … and Daymon gets up and now both women are in each other’s faces!"

GHEORGHE: "Karla Starr is now warning Daymon about touching a referee and now she turns … AND WHISPER WITH THE SMALL PACKAGE! ONE ……… TWO ………. KICKOUT!"

JIVE: "See that was a fair count! Karla Starr is going to call this match right down the middle … and by middle I mean wherever Karla Starr thinks the middle is."

GHEORGHE: "Caitlyn Daymon and Whisper back up their feet now .. Daymon with an irish whip into the ropes … Whisper comes back and ducks underneath a Daymon clothesline attempt … Whisper off the other ropes … comes back AND CROSS BODY BLOCKS CAITLYN DAYMON! ONE ….. but Daymon quickly kicks out! Whisper drags Daymon to her feet by her the head … and she drives a forearm into the jaw of Caitlyn Daymon!"

JIVE: "Whisper showing her ability to think quickly by ducking the clothesline attempt and now she’s got the upperhand."

GHEORGHE: "Whisper with ANOTHER forearm shot to the jaw of Daymon and Caitlyn is wobbling. Whisper against the ropes … AND SHE KNOCKS DAYMON TO THE MAT WITH A DROPKICK!"

JIVE: "Caitlyn Daymon might be wishing that she was back behind the protection of steel bars right now."

GHEORGHE: "Whisper gets back to her feet … and she drops the knee into the chest of Caitlyn Daymon."

JIVE: "Watch out! You don’t know how much pressure her chest can take before one of those babies pops!"

GHEORGHE: "Nick! Karla Starr now telling Whisper to give Caitlyn Daymon time to get to her feet … and Whisper backs off. Caitlyn Daymon gets up and eyes Starr … and now both women lock up. Daymon quickly gets the upperhand and goes behind Whisper with her arm.. and now she trips Whisper and drives her face first into the mat!"

JIVE: "Daymon can do so much damage.. she has taken some pointers from her husband who, despite what anyone might think, actually knows how to wrestle."

GHEORGHE: "And Daymon drops the leg across the throat of Whisper… Starr warns Daymon about attacking the throat of Whisper, but Caitlyn Daymon shoos her away!"

JIVE: "Daymon is trying her hardest to keep Karla Starr out of her way … which is a smart strategy if Daymon wants to keep her cool."

GHEORGHE: "Whisper is on her knees … and Caitlyn Daymon boots her in the face! Whisper stays on her knees as Daymon bounces off the ropes … AND CAITLYN DAYMON DROPKICKS WHISPER IN THE FACE WHILE SHE’s ON HER KNEES! Daymon with the cover! ONE …………… TWO …… KICKOUT! Karla Starr with an AWFULLY long pause between counts.."

JIVE: "Caitlyn Daymon noticed it too and she shoots Starr a dirty look!"

GHEORGHE: "These two’s relationship has really taken a turn for the worst since leaving the island on the first season of FW Survivor … Caitlyn Daymon brings Whisper to her feet and locks on a sleeper hold!"

JIVE: "Daymon is trying to wear Whisper out … but I agree, Karla Starr has done a great job at shaking Caitlyn Daymon off of her … Daymon was attached at the hip you might say."

GHEORGHE: "Those two had a strong bond, and Karla Starr broke it and has done nothing but step on Caitlyn Daymon whenever she has the chance. Whisper starting to fade… but the fans are on their feet and they’re trying to give her support! Whisper has her hand up! Whisper .. Whisper with an elbow to the gut of Daymon, but Daymon keeps the hold on! Whisper with another shot! Whisper FINALLY breaks free with a third elbow shot … AND SHE GRABS THE HEAD OF CAITLYN DAYMON AND DDTs HER TO THE MAT!"

JIVE: "Both these women have been so close to holding the title .. and all they want is another shot at Karla Starr as each thinks somewhere in their perverted little dream world that they deserve it."

GHEORGHE: "Whisper trying to get to her feet as she gets onto one knee … and Caitlyn Daymon is now trying to get to her feet as well. Both women get up at the same time and Daymon throws a right hand … BUT WHISPER SIDESTEPS IT! WHISPER GRABS THE HEAD OF DAYMON AND TAKES HER DOWN WITH A SWINGING NECKBREAKER! Whisper with the cover ….. ONE ….. TWO ….. THRE—NOOOO!! Karla Starr with a FAST count that time … but Caitlyn Daymon kicks out!"

JIVE: "Well I told you earlier that Starr would be fair .. and if her earlier count was too slow, I think she was just making sure that she evened it out with a faster count."

GHEORGHE: "Whisper looks at the Women’s champion with a look of disgust as she brings Caitlyn Daymon to her feet … Whisper with an irish whip … Caitlyn Daymon bounces off the far ropes and heads back toward her … and Whisper with a BIIIIIIIIIG back body drop sends Daymon back to the mat!"

JIVE: "Whisper wasting no time, Tom.. she’s drilling Daymon in the head with some knees!"

GHEORGHE: "Whisper with a few shots to the face of Daymon and now she backs up. AND WHISPER WITH A STANDING SHOOTING STAR PRESS! ONE …. TWO … THREE! NOOOO!!! Caitlyn Daymon gets out of it in time!"

JIVE: "And I think Karla Starr is a little dismayed!"

GHEORGHE: "Well, after all, you’d think that in the title match at International Intrigue Caitlyn Daymon wouldn’t resort to playing by the rules after everything Karla Starr has done to her."

JIVE: "That should be water under the bridge by now."

GHEORGHE: "Whisper now over to the ropes … and she is heading up top!"

JIVE: "Why not? Caitlyn Daymon is down and groggy."

GHEORGHE: "Whisper turns to face the crowd … AND FLIES OFF WITH A BEAUTIFUL MOONSAULT AND LANDS ON TOP OF DAYMON!!! ONE ... TWO …. THREE… NOOOOO!! Caitlyn Daymon beats the even FASTER count of Karla Starr!"

JIVE: "And now Starr pushes Whisper off of Daymon and she is getting in her face!"

GHEORGHE: "The Women’s Champion is not pleased that Caitlyn Daymon is kicking out before she can administer the three… and now Whisper steps in and brings Daymon to her feet… AND STARR IS NOW YELLING AT WHISPER FOR INTERVENING!"

JIVE: "Whisper shouldn’t interrupt Karla Starr as she’s officiating.. that’s in poor taste."

GHEORGHE: "Whisper looks up at Starr … AND CAITLYN DAYMON GRABS HER BY THE WAIST AND CHARGES INTO THE CORNER! Daymon just drove the back of Whisper into the turnbuckle pads. Caitlyn Daymon gets up… and now she starts knife edge chopping Whisper!"


GHEORGHE: "Caitlyn Daymon now with an irish whip into the other corner …. And she charges out after her … AND SHE SPLASHES HER IN THE CORNER WITH HER BACK!"

JIVE: "The Phantom Train! She learned that from Rocko!"

GHEORGHE: "Whisper starts to come out of the corner, but Caitlyn Daymon pushes her back in … and now Daymon ramming shoulder after shoulder into the midsection of Whisper … Caitlyn Daymon now places Whisper on the top rope … AND SHE IS HEADING UP WITH HER!! Whisper is seated on the top rope …. AND CAITLYN DAYMON WITH A TOP ROPE HURRICANRANA!!! Daymon with the cover …. ONE …………………………… TWO …………………………. KICKOUT! GOD DAMN THAT KARLA STARR!"

JIVE: "Karla Starr is making things dramatic, Tom!"

GHEORGHE: "Caitlyn Daymon hops to her feet and now both she and Karla Starr are jawing at each other! Karla Starr is pointing to the time keeper and then back Daymon .. and I think she is threatening to disqualify Daymon!"

JIVE: "If Daymon can’t keep herself in check then Starr should disqualify her!"

GHEORGHE: "Caitlyn Daymon now picks up Whisper ….. Daymon with a knee to the gut …………. DAYMONPLEX! DAYMONPLEX!! Caitlyn Daymon with the pin!!! ONE ……………… TWO ………………. WAIT A MINUTE!!! KARLA STARR JUST PUT WHISPER’s FOOT ON THE BOTTOM ROPE AND IS CALLING FOR A BREAK!"

JIVE: "Whisper with great ring presence… she knew the ropes were there and put her foot on them!"

GHEORGHE: "KARLA STARR PUT THE FOOT ON THE ROPES! Starr is trying to find ANY WAY POSSIBLE to keep these women in the ring!"

JIVE: "The more energy they spend here, the longer they’ll have to rest up for International Intrigue."

GHEORGHE: "Caitlyn Daymon looks over at the foot and then at Starr …. And Starr is checking her fingernails and not even looking at Daymon!"

JIVE: "She might have broken a nail making the count!"

GHEORGHE: "Caitlyn Daymon now asking Karla Starr how the leg of Whisper got on the ropes … and Starr shrugs her shoulders! Caitlyn Daymon NOW ON HER FEET AND HEADING OVER TO STARR!"

JIVE: "Uh, oh."

GHEORGHE: "Karla Starr now putting up her hands and warning Daymon about being disqualified …. AND CAITLYN DAYMON IGNORED HER AND PRETENDED TO LOOK AT HER NAILS!"

JIVE: "Karla Starr does not look like she’s wants to be put in the corner like she is.."

GHEORGHE: "Daymon is moving closer and closer …"

JIVE: "Whisper is getting to her feet!"

GHEORGHE: "Whisper is up on her feet and she is heading over towards Caitlyn Daymon …. Whisper reaches out for her …. BUT DAYMON WITH A REVERSE CRESCENT KICK SENDS HER TO THE MAT! Caitlyn Daymon picks up Whisper…"


GHEORGHE: "That’s …. That’s …. HOLLY BECKETT!! HOLLY BECKETT IS AT RINGSIDE! …. AND CAITLYN DAYMON CONNECTS WITH ANOTHER DAYMONPLEX!!! Daymon with the cover …. But Karla Starr walks over and starts yelling at some fans in the first row! Karla Starr is still not counting!"


GHEORGHE: "Holly Beckett slides into the ring … Karla Starr turns around…"



(SFX: Bell rings!!)


JACOBS: "The winner of this match …. And the woman going onto International Intrigue to face Karla Starr for the Women’s Heavyweight Championship ………. CAITLYN DAYMON!!!"

GHEORGHE: "Holly Beckett now looks at Daymon and nods at her … AND NOW BECKETT SLIDES OUT OF THE RING AND WALKS UP THE RAMPWAY!! I can’t believe it! After all that time Karla Starr spent trying to screw over both Whisper and Caitlyn Daymon … Holly Beckett came through the crowd and nailed her with the Luck of the Irish Stunner and then used her hand to count the victory for Caitlyn Daymon!!"


GHEORGHE: "Caitlyn Daymon picks up the Women’s title and hops back in the ring …. AND SHE IS HOLDING IT OVER HER HEAD!! Caitlyn Daymon has the title … AND SHE DRAPES IT ACROSS THE STREWN OUT BODY OF KARLA STARR!! We have got to take a commercial break … but when we come back … CHAOS will extract revenge in a NO HOLDS BARRED match when he takes on John Doe!"

( continued... )