[ University Arena @ UofNM ] Albuquerque, New Mexico


TAPED: Aug. 06, 2004
AIRED: Aug. 16, 2004

(FADEIN: Blackness. Slowly coming into view, with one line coming from the bottom, the other from the top, and the final from the left side of the screen, the following words come into view.)




(Slowly coming up from behind the words is the logo for RAUCOUS … which bounces into the words and backs up a little … it gathers some steam and rams through the lines, shattering the pieces everywhere as "Who Said" by Planet Funk starts up. The logo for RAUCOUS takes its place on the screen.)

(FADEIN: The University Arena in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The stands are filled to the brim with screaming college students, who are eagerly anticipating the start of the new school year .. and starting it off with New ERA’s RAUCOUS! CUTTO: Ringside. Tom Gheorghe and Nick Jive are just sitting down.)

GHEORGHE: "Welcome everyone to the University Arena here in Albuquerque, New Mexico! I am Tom Gheorghe, and as always, even if I didn’t want him to be, joining me is my co-host, Nick Jive."

JIVE: "Well quite honestly, you have no say in the matter, Tom .. but let’s get straight to business, Tom .. something horrible has happened."

GHEORGHE: "That is true .. tonight’s main event was supposed to be a fatal fourway match for the Television Championship … as Suicide was going to defend against the man who defeated him by disqualification last week Em Dubbya Gee, as well as John Doe and Alex Borden .. fought to a draw at Destrucity for the #1 Contendership match … but .. unfortunately Suicide was in a car accident this past week … and he is severely injured."

JIVE: "The thoughts and prayers of every member of the New ERA payroll are with Suicide and his family …."

GHEORGHE: "We’re not sure when … or even IF, Suicide will be able to compete in a New ERA ring again … and therefore, the Television Championship has been vacated … and tonight … a single fall Triple Threat match between Em Dubbya Gee, John Doe, and Alex Borden will determine who becomes the next Television champion."

JIVE: "The Television title has jumped around since Chaos defeated Jean Rabesque for it on a RAUCOUS before the pay per view .. jumping from Chaos, to Suicide who won the title in the electrified exploding cage match at Destrucity, and now it will be claimed by one of three men.."

GHEORGHE: "Some more bad news … as you might have realized, New ERA RAPTURE did not debut this week as planned .. it turns out there were some technical difficulties … but we will be bringing you the show’s premiere once our excellent staff solves the problem.."

JIVE: "And we’re just the bearers of bad news tonight … but we do promise you an excellent show … as we have five fantastic matches …"

GHEORGHE: "I know you’re saying that there should be seven … but Peter File, Azrael and Troy Douglas were all delayed while passing through Texas to get to New Mexico … and they will not be at tonight’s show … but hopefully the Dylan McCormick / Troy Douglas, and Peter File / Azrael matches will happen in the near future."

JIVE: "Alright .. enough with this whiny crap .. let’s start talking about tonight .. we know we’ve got the single fall Triple Threat match to crown a new Television champion … lets find what else we got on the schedule.."

GHEORGHE: "Tonight’s opening bout features ‘the Phenom’ Shawn Hart taking on the former Television Champion Chaos … these two don’t really have much of a history with each other … so it should be interesting to see how they interact."

JIVE: "I think its already clear … Chaos is a former New ERA Television champion … whereas Shawn Hart …. The closest he’s gotten to New ERA gold was being eliminated from both the Battle Bowl Mania and Television Championship tournaments."

GHEORGHE: "He does hold the record for the longest reigning World Champion at World’s Finest Wrestling.."

JIVE: "Eh .. that’s nice … there."

GHEORGHE: "Also in action is Alister Hayze and Red Devastator.. Alister Hayze has been on a tear since joining New ERA … but Red Devastator is looking to put an end to that tonight."

JIVE: "Devastator is thanking all the administrators of New ERA for tonight’s match … I’ve heard he’s been getting antsy about not being able to maim someone .. and tonight, he’s going to do just that!"

GHEORGHE: "The match between former World Heavyweight Champion Larry Tact and current BAD World Champion, also in WFW, ‘Rage o Fire’ Jared Wells is a match that I’ve been wanting to see for quite some time."

JIVE: "These two have feuded in Great Lakes Championship Wrestling .. and they’re both also over in WFW … but they haven’t met here yet … but once again .. Larry Tact held the World Heavyweight Championship for 92 days …. Jared Wells … no title here."

GHEORGHE: "Jared Wells is also wrestling primarily in World’s Finest Wrestling … so I’m not sure he’s really taken advantage of competing for New ERA belts…"

JIVE: "That just shows where his priorities are…"

GHEORGHE: "And finally … ANTAEUS … that mysterious white masked man …. will be in action tonight in a NON-TITLE bout with New ERA World Heavyweight champion, Jean Rabesque."

JIVE: "Rabesque is going to be taught a lesson here tonight by ANTAEUS … Rabesque has taken him for granted … and ANTAEUS is going to make sure that in the future, Rabesque will take him MUCH more seriously .. that is of course, when ANTAEUS wins the World Heavyweight Championship shot for next week by defeating Rabesque this week."

GHEORGHE: "You seem awfully sure of ANTAEUS’ chances.."

JIVE: "It’s because ANTAEUS is a godsend … someone to save us from the reign of mediocrity that is Jean Rabesque."

(CUEUP: ‘Beautiful Life’ by Ace of Base. The lights go low as Victoria Hawke walks to the ring with a microphone in her hand …)

Cat Fight

JIVE: "Why, hello there…."

GHEORGHE: "Victoria Hawke is not scheduled to be here tonight .. she WAS on RAPTURE to take on Jane Doe … but that was postponed…"

HAWKE: "Jane Doe … of all things … we had our match cancelled. Oh sure .. they’ll say that we’ll have our go at each other soon …. BUT I WANT IT NOW! You come to the ring … and interfere in MY MATCH …. That doesn’t flow with me, sister …. And now I’m going to make you PAY. GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE NOW, BITCH!"

(SFX: Crowd pops.)


JIVE: "I love Polish women!"

GHEORGHE: "Hawke is Swedish.."

JIVE: "All the same .. I love Malaysian women!"

GHEORGHE: "First of all, Poland is in Eastern Europe.. and not in Sc… oh forget it."

(SFX: Crowd pops as Jane Doe runs down the rampway!)



JIVE: "Wait so is this a match?!"

GHEORGHE: "Not that I know of!"

(SFX: Crowd boos as Karla Starr comes running down the ramp.)


GHEORGHE: "Karla Starr slides into the ring …. She takes Victoria Hawke … and she throws her to the outside …. Jane Doe turns around …….. AND KARLA STARR NAILS HER WITH THE MOONSHOT SUPERKICK! Jane Doe is out cold! Starr …. STARR IS NOW GOING UP TOP!!! MORNINGSTARR MOONSAULT!!!!"

JIVE: "Karla Starr has just taken out Jane Doe …. AND NOW SHE TOSSES HER TO THROUGH THE ROPES!! Starr is picking up the mic Victoria Hawke dropped earlier!"

STARR: "Now that the TRASH has been taken out.... it's apparent things haven't been made clear. Therefore since that piece of trash that I just threw out couldn't wait for clarity to arrive, I'm going to give everyone here the head-on notice. I can either help things or hurt them, it's your choice. Before and at Destrucity, Jean Rabesque and Larry Tact found this out at their expense the HARD WAY. Jane Doe followed suit, tonight. Now I'm giving the final warning: Do not screw with me, or you WILL suffer the consequences. As far as everything else goes... (Karla smiles), in due time... in due time."

(Karla Starr continues to smile as she leaves the ring, heading to the back.)

GHEORGHE: "What consequences?! What does this mean? We’ve got to go to commercial!"

( continued... )