[ University Arena @ UofNM ] Albuquerque, New Mexico


TAPED: Aug. 06, 2004
AIRED: Aug. 16, 2004
EPISODE: RAUCOUS 13, Chapter 2

(FADEIN: Backstage. We see Juliet Marceau striding down the hallway, looking rushed and important. As she hurries along, we see Alister Hayze sitting in a chair, talking to a trainer and taping his wrists. He looks up quickly as Marceau walks past, jumps up, and hurries after her.)

HAYZE: "Ms. Marceau!"

(She stops and turns, looking fairly ticked off at this interruption.)

MARCEAU: "Yes? What do you want?"

(Hayze grins boyishly, obviously smitten with her.)

HAYZE: "I’m sure you remember meeting me a few weeks ago in Marcus’ office."

(She stares at him coldly and shakes her head.)

MARCEAU: "No, I don’t."

HAYZE: "Ah."

(Marceau turns to leave, but Hayze quickly speaks up to stop her.)

HAYZE: "Well, I’m Alister Hayze …"

MARCEAU: "Oh. The guy from the tables match."

(Slow, disappointed pause from Hayze.)

HAYZE: "Yeah. I was just wondering what you thought of that match, actually. See, I think that a talent like mine and a, uh, MIND like yours could make a great team here in the New ERA, and …"

(An intern, who is dressed very similarly to Marceau, runs up to her and puts her hand in Hayze’s face to quiet him.)

INTERN: "Ms. Marceau, Dylan McCormick has arrived.."

MARCEAU: "Good."

(She turns to Hayze.)

MARCEAU: "Next time, I suggest you schedule an appointment beforehand."

(Then she turns and leaves. We linger on Hayze, looking disappointed …. CUTTO: Gheorghe and Jive sitting at the table. Nick Jive takes a sip of Aquafina and spits it out all over teleprompters.)

GHEORGHE: "What is that about?"

JIVE: "This is not my, uh, Poland Springs water."

GHEORGHE: "Water is water."

JIVE: "Oh so if I took a bottle of water pissed in it and handed to you it would still be water?"

GHEORGHE: "No it’d be piss water."

JIVE: "And that is what this is… I need Juliet’s intern to get me my specially imported water from Vic Waters …"

GHEORGHE: "It looked as if Alister Hayze was trying to make another impression on Vice President Marceau … but unfortunately, she was too busy waiting for Dylan McCormick to enter the building … I wonder why she is so interested in McCormick … it looks as if she has Tact under her control now …"

JIVE: "It is nothing .. so stop asking questions .. or I may have to do something about you!"

GHEORGHE: "Anyways…. next up Shawn Hart faces off with Chaos!"

JIVE: "And then Nick Jive beats up the idiot who gave him the wrong water!"

GHEORGHE: "Let’s hand it over to Carl Jacobs in the ring."

(CUTTO: The ring … the lineup for the opening match flashes on the bottom of the screen before fading out.)

Chaos vs. Shawn Hart

JACOBS: "The following match up is scheduled for one fall and has a time limit of 30 minutes. Introducing first…."

(CUE UP: 'You Could Be Mine' by Guns n' Roses. Chaos steps out on the ramp. He strides down the ramp way as he slides in the ring.)

JACOBS: "Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada ….. standing SEVEN FEET TALL and weighing in at 305 pounds….. he is a former TELEVISION CHAMPION …… CHAOS!"

JIVE: "I can tell you right now that Chaos does NOT like being called a former Television champion .. and now that Suicide has been injured … and the title will be given to one of three men, I can assure you that Chaos will be back in the hunt VERY quick."

JACOBS: "And his opponent…"

(CUE UP: 'Virtual Insanity' by Jamiroquai as Shawn Hart steps out on the ramp.)

JACOBS: "Hailing from Orlando, Florida…. Standing five foot eleven and weighing in at 221 pounds…"

JIVE: "Can you say weight difference…"

GHEORGHE: "Can you say shut up?"

(Hart slides in the ring)

JACOBS: "He is a former WFW World Heavyweight champion ……. ‘the Phenom’ ….. SHAWN HART!"

(SFX: Bell rings.)

GHEORGHE: "Hart and Chaos facing off against each other, and this is going to be a great match up here tonight. Hart ties up with Chaos, but Chaos pushes him down…."

JIVE: "Chaos has more weight and has much more strength than Hart. That is an incredible advantage."

GHEORGHE: "And Hart is back up and goes back to a tie up. But Chaos sends him down to the canvas again with the push away."

JIVE: "Shawn Hart cannot try to tie up with Chaos … its an inevitable loss."

GHEORGHE: "Hart needs to get some momentum here as he hops back up… Chaos knocks Hart down with a clothesline and now Hart is holding his head….. Chaos lifting Hart up … SHAWN HART WITH A KICK TO THE GUT …. AND HE IS TRYING TO SUPLEX CHAOS! BUT CHAOS THROWS HIM OFF!"

JIVE: "Chaos has the power where in a few short moves he can knock you senseless… Hart needs to counter or do something else… if he doesn’t, then he is going to be a rag doll in this match."

GHEORGHE: "Hart rushing at Chaos….. Chaos grabs Hart and nails a belly to belly suplex! You know for a big man, Chaos can pull off some very technical wrestling moves… Hart holding his back as Chaos picks Hart back up ….and Chaos is going for another suplex….. CHAOS IS JUST HOLDING ‘THE PHENOM’ UP IN THE AIR!"

JIVE: "Here comes the vertical suplex, that move will injure your back so back… especially this delayed vertical suplex … where Chaos is letting all the blood rush to Shawn Hart’s head … that’s going to HURT when he drops to the mat!"

GHEORGHE: "And Chaos crashing down with that vertical suplex…. Here’s the cover… ONE ………. TWO …….. KICKOUT BY HART! Hart is trying to get to his feet …. AND CHAOS LETS HIM! Chaos now sticks out his hands as though he wants to do a strength test …. Hart and Chaos lock their inner fingers…. WHY IS SHAWN HART DOING THIS? Chaos ducks down …. AND HE HAS SHAWN HART PROPPED ON HIS SHUOLDER! CHAOS IS PRESSING THE PHENOM HIGH IN THE AIR NOW!"

JIVE: "Look at the strength in this man! He is just picking apart Shawn Hart! Chaos with the press slam! And Hart hits the canvas like a ton of bricks."

GHEORGHE: "Chaos is just destroying Shawn Hart... something just doesn’t seem right with ‘the Phenom’ tonight … its almost as if he’s in another world … Chaos now irish whips Hart into the ropes ….. Hart coming back….. SPINNGING SIDEWALK SLAM FROM CHAOS! Cover… ONE ………… TWO ………… THREE!"

JIVE: "NOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Faint kick out from Shawn Hart! ‘The Phenom’ isn’t going to let Chaos get away with a victory that easy!"

GHEORGHE: "Chaos lifting Hart to his feet …. Chaos with another irish whip to the ropes ….. Hart on his way back ….. AND CHAOS WITH A BIG BOOT SENDS SHAWN HART TO THE MAT!!! Chaos now grabs a hold of Hart … and he brings him to his feet …. Chaos places Hart’s head between his legs ……. AND HE NAILS HIM WITH A VICIOUS POWERBOMB!"

JIVE: "Hart’s back is taking a lot of punishment early in this match.."

GHEORGHE: "Chaos lifting Hart up again ….. AND YET ANOTHER POWERBOMB! CHAOS DIDN’T LET GO AND HE IS USING HIS STRENGTH TO PICK SHAWN HART BACK UP OFF THE APRON! This man is a beast! Chaos lifting Hart up again ……. Hart looks pretty limp as his body not moving. AND CHAOS WITH A THIRD POWERBOMB!"

JIVE: "Sweet God……"

GHEORGHE: "Someone needs to stop this match before Chaos utterly obliterates ‘the Phenom’ out of New ERA of Wrestling! Chaos lifts Hart to his feet….. this is awful …. Hart can’t even stand up! Chaos lifting Hart and putting him against the turnbuckles….. AND NOW CHAOS IS CLIMBING ON TOP AND HE IS BRINGING SHAWN HART WITH HIM! I THINK THIS IS THE END FOLKS!"



(SFX: Bell rings.)

JACOBS: "Here is your winner….CHAOS!"

GHEORGHE: "Hart is not moving in the ring and paramedics are heading down to the ring as Chaos is walking up the rampway … looking back to see what is going on."

JIVE: "Shawn Hart may have injured his neck! Chaos just broke Shawn Hart into a million tiny pieces!"

GHEORGHE: "Let’s take a look at the replay of Chaos with that Chaos-Bomb."

(CUTTO: The Chaos-Bomb right on impact. Hart’s body is up.. Chaos’ legs are over Hart’s arms. When Hart hits the canvas, he hits it neck first as Chaos’ body is pushing the Hart’s body down on his neck.)

GHEORGHE: "Hart may be in critical condition due to that move."

JIVE: "Paramedics trying to put Hart on the stretcher. But ‘the Phenom’ is trying to get up!"

GHEORGHE: "Hart is on his feet … and he is telling the paramedics that he is fine … and Hart is pointing to his neck … and he is saying that there’s some sharp pain .. but everything feels alright!"

JIVE: "Well, it looks like they’re going to take him out back just to make sure … thank God nothing happened to him tonight …. I’m sure Chaos is just as relieved as we are.."

GHEORGHE: "We will be right back with more New ERA RAUCOUS… because up next …. Red Devastator will be taking on Alister Hayze!!"

(SFX: Huge pops as Shawn Hart walks up the rampway with the paramedics…)

( continued... )