[ Conseco Fieldhouse ] Indianapolis, Indiana


TAPED: May 24, 2004
AIRED: May 27, 2004

(FADEIN: A black screen. CUEUP: ‘Who Said’ by Planet Funk as the following words slowly scroll from the bottom of the screen to the center of the screen.)




(Fading from the black background and slowly coming up behind the words is the RAUCOUS logo. As it fades closer and closer, it transcends the words and they disintegrate as the logo takes precedence on the screen.)

(FADETO: The fans in the Conseco Fieldhouse as they are screaming and waving into the camera. Some fans are holding up signs, such as: "CHAOS RULES THE UNIVERSE!" "MR PERSONALITY ALEX BORDOM" and "IRIS = WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION". CUTTO: The announcer’s table with Nick Jive and Tom Gheorghe.)

JIVE: "Normally Tom would do this, but I’m in a generous mood tonight, so welcome everyone to New ERA RAUCOUS!"

GHEORGHE: "Wow, you must be in a generous mood."

JIVE: "I think its because we’re back to just ourselves announcing this week.."

GHEORGHE: "I take it you didn’t like John Doe with us last week?"

JIVE: "Lets just say, I had nightmares all week that he was going to be our permanent color partner. But it looks like I got the best of him as we didn’t hear much more than a single peep out of him this week leading up to the huge six-man tag team SURVIVOR match!"

GHEORGHE: "Welcome to Indianapolis, Indiana to the Conseco Fieldhouse as we’re broadcasting to you LIVE this, the ninth episode of New ERA RAUCOUS!"

JIVE: "I already welcomed them."

GHEORGHE: "I know."

JIVE: "Okay."

GHEORGHE: "And tonight, we have one of the most action packed events so far as fourteen of New ERA’s hottest stars are going to be in action!"

JIVE: "Yea, but I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about half of them."

GHEORGHE: "There’s the Nick Jive we’ve all come to love."

JIVE: "Honestly, though. I think I’ve seen enough of El Arco Iris and Larry Tact as I can handle. Thank god we don’t have Jean Rabesque scheduled to be in action tonight or I think I might have gone over the edge."

GHEORGHE: "Due to Juliet Marceau’s plan of attack on Larry Tact, the World Heavyweight Champion in will be in action tonight against his tag team partner from last week, El Arco Iris. That match will be for the New ERA World Heavyweight Championship."

JIVE: "Juliet Marceau is going to win one of these days, Tom.. There’s no hell like a woman scorned, they say, and Larry Tact has managed to scorn her a few times."

GHEORGHE: "I agree, Larry Tact has managed to somehow disrupt every plan she has had. On the topic of titles, the #1 Contendership to the Television title will be on the line tonight as we have the first ever Six-Man Tag ‘Survivor’ match in New ERA’s history. Two 3-man tag teams will go head to head … if and when one team is eliminated, the remaining team members left will fight amongst themselves for the chance to go head to head with Jean Rabesque for the Television Championship on the next edition of RAUCOUS!"

JIVE: "And I’m hoping that whoever wins tonight will take that title right out of the decrepit hands of Rabesque."

GHEORGHE: "Suicide, Troy Douglas and Jonathan Marx will be on one team as they take on Chaos, John Doe and Mindkiller!"

JIVE: "I think that New ERA should take a cue from the WFW and bar Suicide and Chaos from facing each other unless totally necessary. These two can really hurt each other."

GHEORGHE: "That should be an extremely exciting match! Another match that shaped up nicely was the ‘Too Sweet’ Travis Smith and Alex Borden match. These two guys have come on strong coming up to tonight, and if the match is anywhere as intense as the words that were exchanged, then we are in for a treat!"

JIVE: "Borden tried a little something, something there with the changing personalities … and who knows what he’ll come out with tonight!"

GHEORGHE: "Also in action tonight are Peter File and ‘El perno prisioner uno’ Angel Latora."

JIVE: "Latora started off energetic in New ERA … but it seems that loss to Troy Douglas in his debut match really put a damper on things as he’s been all but nonexistent leading up to his past two matches. But then again, Peter File wasn’t exactly chewing air time either."

GHEORGHE: "Either way I’m sure that both men are going to be ready for their match up tonight, as they go on right after our opening bout of the night, the double debut match between Nightmare and Vampiro!"

JIVE: "Two more guys to join the forgotten brigade. I’m sure they’ll be taking Jarrod Walls’ hint and exiting shortly.. New ERA is where the best come to do battle, and if you’re not game, then you’re leave in shame."

GHEORGHE: "Please tell me that’s not our new tagline."

JIVE: "It isn’t.. I just made it up now."

GHEORGHE: "Oh thank the good lord in heaven!"

JIVE: "Aw, shutup. Like you could do any better, Gheorghe?"

GHEORGHE: "Ladies and gentlemen, we are glad you’ve joined us here tonight … we’ve got to take a quick commercial break … but when we come back … the double debut match as Nightmare goes HEAD to HEAD with Vampiro!"

JIVE: "Wow.. no interruptions this time …"

( continued... )