[ Gaylord Entertainment Center ] Nashville, Tennessee


TAPED: May 08, 2004
AIRED: May 16, 2004

(FADEIN: A black screen. CUEUP: ‘Who Said’ by Planet Funk as the following words slowly scroll from the bottom of the screen to the center of the screen.)




(Fading from the black background and slowly coming up behind the words is the RAUCOUS logo. As it fades closer and closer, it transcends the words and they disintegrate as the logo takes precedence on the screen.)

(FADETO: The rafters of the Gaylord Entertainment Centre in Nashville, Tennessee. The fans are on their feet and cheering as a giant spotlight scans the crowd! CUTTO: The announcer’s table as we see Tom Gheorghe and Nick Jive taking their seats.)

GHEORGHE: "Welcome everyone to the Gaylord Entertainment Centre here in Nashville, Tennessee as we bring you another edition of RAUCOUS! We start out with some sad news tonight as Laura Edmunds, CEO and President of EC Enterprises passed away this past week. We send our sincere condolences. EC Enterprises is the primary source of New ERA’s financing, and it is a shame to see such a strong lady pass away."

JIVE: "Speaking for everyone in the back I think we can safely say that she’s in a better place after months of suffering. We look forward to putting out this show in her name."

GHEORGHE: "Speaking of the show, we got a ROUGH and TUMBLE show coming…"

(CUEUP: "Shapes of Things" by The Jeff Healy Band, most of the crowd erupts as Jean Rabesque appears on the ramp, the NEW Television Championship over his shoulder, he smiles at the crowd's reaction, and holds the belt to the crowd from the ramp before making his way to the ring, once there, he ascends each turnbuckle, raising his belt each time, he descends, grabbing a microphone and speaking.)

Fighting Words

JIVE: "Jesus Christ, I figured since he had a show off we’d be Rabesque-free for the night."

RABESQUE: "So, last show Larry Tact decided that he would come out and shake some things up. (Crowd cheers at mention of Tact) Now, I understand that Larry is a huge crowd favorite, and I feel he's definitely earned that, but he could not be more off base with most of his comments, and it honestly feels to me a bit like paranoia is beginning to set in with good ol' Larry. It's not easy being the World Heavyweight champion, having the target on the back, and knowing that all eyes are on you all the time."

GHEORGHE: "Jean Rabesque wasn’t scheduled to be on tonight’s episode of RAUCOUS, but we’re always glad to have the Television champion stop by!"

RABESQUE: "So Larry Tact decided that he would divert some attention off of himself, and focus it squarely on the man that he knows is the biggest threat to his belt. Larry.... I did the honorable thing; I tried to take that route with you. Truth be told, I really do respect everything you've done and everything you're capable of. I congratulated you when you won that title, and I honestly do appreciate you keeping it warm for me until I win it. But you don't want to play that game, do you Larry? You didn't want to sportsman about this, huh? Fine! We can do it your way!"

JIVE: "What does he mean by that??"

GHEORGHE: "I don’t know, Nick.. but it definitely seems as if Rabesque is upset by the antics the World Heavyweight Champion took in Savannah!"

RABESQUE: "You want to make this personal Larry, we can make it personal trust me! I do find it amusing how proud you are of me ‘losing' to you back in battle royal. (Mock clap) Congratulations Larry, my partner found a way to get himself disqualified as I had YOUR partner tapping out like a madman in the middle of the ring! Yeah, you're a real big tough guy Larry, the one you valiantly got the job done there. And even more for the way you can brag about ‘beating' me. If you really want to dig that low, then all you do in the process is prove how much of a FRAUD you are."

(Fans are quiet as they’re not sure whether or not to cheer..)

JIVE: "It seems as if New ERA’s Television and World Heavyweight champions are not quite exactly in sync .. I can only imagine what would happen should they come to blows!"

RABESQUE: "And then... you want to bring up the IWF?? The IWF?? Who gives a flying piece of crap about the IWF? Besides having the single most corrupt league president in the history of wrestling, what contribution did that league provide to the world? NONE! As far as I'm concerned, any match involving the IWF is completely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, and you know exactly why that is Larry Tact. So you bringing up the fact that you dominated me in the IWF means absolutely nothing. My match against Suicide? Even more irrelevant. Why did those matches turn out the way they did? I believe in doing business the right way Larry, and that's the only reason I was there at all."

GHEORGHE: "I’ve heard a lot of disparaging remarks about the IWF before, luckily I never watched it much."

RABESQUE: "But the fact is right now Larry Tact, that you know I am a threat to your title, and you're going to do everything in your power to divert me away from that. Why else would you try to pick me in another match? So you wouldn't have to worry about it. You scream at me that you're the main event Tact? You got about 100 to go before you can claim that you rival me in that department. Keep that in mind little boy, because as good as you might be....."

GHEORGHE: "Tact figuratively slapped Rabesque in the face after he literally kicked him in the gut last week by saying that Rabesque should steer clear of trying to be main event status."

RABESQUE: "You still have a lot to learn. Class is in session Larry Tact.... take notes, because you just might learn something. No false gimmicks, no false hype, (Raises the belt) I am the New ERA Television Champion, I am Jean Rabesque."

(CUEUP: Jeff Healey Band again as Rabesque starts to exit the ring.)

JIVE: "I think Juliet Marceau’s dream is very close to coming true."

GHEORGHE: "And what would that be?"

JIVE: "Larry Tact and Jean Rabesque killing each other."

GHEORGHE: "Jean Rabesque is walking up the rampway with the title in the air …"

Tense Entrance

(CUEUP: ‘When Worlds Collide’ by Powerman 5000 as John Doe steps onto the rampway.)

JIVE: "And now John Doe is getting involved!"

(Doe walks past Rabesque, and first eyes the Television Championship before looking up at Rabesque and continuing to walk down the ramp.)

GHEORGHE: "Didn’t you get the memo?"

JIVE: "What memo?"

GHEORGHE: "Doe is our guest commentator this week."

(Doe walks over to the announce table and takes a seat on the other side of Gheorghe.)

GHEORGHE: "Welcome to the table, John. Glad to have you here."

DOE: "Sorry, I didn’t bring any cheeseburgers for you."

JIVE: "Ha! I think tonight’s going to be a good night afterall!"

GHEORGHE: "Ladies and gentlemen we have four matches tonight that could possibly blow the roof off this place .. and especially in the main event where Larry Tact and El Arco Iris will take on the other surviving Battle Bowl Mania team of Jonathan Marx and Peter File."

DOE: "I’m picking File to win the whole thing."

GHEORGHE: "Already?"

DOE: "He’s got everything in his favor. Afterall, we are in the GAYLORD Entertainment Centre…"

GHEORGHE: "Oh brother.."


GHEORGHE: "Ladies and gentlemen, if File and Marx win, then whoever made the pinfall gets the World Heavyweight Championship shot.. and if Tact and Iris win, well, Juliet Marceau has told us that she will come up with something …"

JIVE: "Never underestimate the power of an intelligent lady who wears tight skirts, Tom."

GHEORGHE: "We gotta take a quick break, but when we come back we have our opening match …. As newcomer ‘Too Sweet’ Travis Smith takes on Angel Latora!!"

( continued... )