[ Gaylord Entertainment Center ] Nashville, Tennessee


TAPED: May 08, 2004
AIRED: May 16, 2004
EPISODE: RAUCOUS 08, Chapter 2

(FADEIN: Backstage as Juliet Marceau is on the phone.)

MARCEAU: "Alright .. so that’s the plan, right? Just in case the impossible happens? Great idea. You always come up with such wonderful ideas. Don’t worry about us, you take whatever time you need. I have everything well in hand."

(CUTTO: The arena as the cameras spin around the arena showing the fans, the camera stops and moves down showing Jive, Gheorghe, and Doe at ringside behind the announcing desk.)

GHEORGHE: "I wonder what that was all about."

JIVE: "It looks as if our wonderfully talented Vice President was just making sure all her cards are set before the end of the night."

DOE: "Wow, she doesn’t even have to be down here and you’re kissing her ass."

JIVE: "She does watch on the television, you know."

GHEORGHE: "And its about time for a good match!"

JIVE: "Really I haven’t seen one yet."

DOE: "Want to see a good match, come on down to the ring with me Nick."

GHEORGHE: "Yeah, Nick, go on down to the ring!"

JIVE: "No! What is this gain up on Nick day! Jesus, I can’t believe this. You’re supposed to be on my side, Doe."

DOE: "I’m on my own side."

GHEORGHE: "Well ladies and gentlemen we are on to our next match Angel Latora is taking on yet another debuting star as ‘Too Sweet’ Travis Smith makes his New ERA debut here in Nashville!"

(CUTTO: The big screens near the rampway where it shows match lineup between Angel Latora and Travis Smith.)

Travis Smith vs. Angel Latora

JACOBS: "The following match up is for one fall! It has a time limit of 30 minutes! Introducing first …"

(CUEUP: ‘Kick Some Ass’ by Stroke 9.)

JIVE: "So Latora is a prisoner?"

DOE: "Nick, I have come to the conclusion that if you were in jail you would drop the soap on purpose…"

JACOBS: "Coming down to the ring …. He stands 5 foot 9 and weights in and 185 pounds…….."

(Latora walks down to the ring, taunting some people on his way.)

DOE: "That was the most boring entrance I have ever seen."

JIVE: "What you want, all that fire crap you have that can light my wonderful hair on fire?"

DOE: "Nick the day my pyrotechnics light your hair on fire I will be saving the world a lot of trouble."


JIVE: "HEY! And to think that I wanted you to beat Rabesque …"

JACOBS: "‘El perno prisioner uno’ ANGEL LATORA!!!"

(Latora throws some punches in the air then slides in the ring and warms up for the match.)

JACOBS: "And his opponent…."

(CUEUP: "Forever" by Kid Rock. Smoke fills the entrance gate as silver glitter falls from the rafters and flames run down the entranceway.)

DOE: "You’ve got to be kidding me. This guy is a joke."

JIVE: "You’re a joke!"

DOE: "What was that, Nick?"

GHEORGHE: "Nick, just shut it."

JIVE: "Look, Tom Gheorghe grows nuts when someone else is down here to protect him."

JACOBS: "Standing at 5’7 and weighing 175 pounds, from Cincinnati, Ohio….."

(Travis Smith walks from behind the curtain and walks down to the ring, never taking his eyes off his opponent.)


(Smith slides in the ring as he circles around Latora.)

(SFX: Bell rings.)

GHEORGHE: "And Smith staring down Latora as this match up is underway!"

DOE: "DO SOMETHING! See this is the problem with these guys they stand there and look at each other as if they were checking each other out!"

JIVE: "Something you probably do."

DOE: "You are in for a Class-A Amnesia Attack my friend!"

GHEORGHE: "Travis Smith sends Latora flat to the mat with a clothesline, but Latora gets up quickly …. Smith rebounds and looks for another clothesline …. but misses and Latora takes him to the mat with a arm drag! Smith gets up … and Latora is looking to tie up with Smith."

DOE: "Snap suplexes, watch!"

GHEORGHE: "Smith kicks Latora in the breadbasket and lifts him up …. and AND DROPS HIM HARD TO THE MAT WITH A SNAP SUPLEX! And now ‘Too Sweet’ is kicking the ribs of Angel Latora!"

JIVE: "I’ve come to the conclusion that Angel Latora SUC…"


JIVE: "Jeez, I can’t even get a word in edgewise with you two!"

GHEORGHE: "Latora gets up and Smith clubs him in the neck … ‘El perno prisionero uno’ is attempting to get up again …. Smith now grabs hold of Latora’s leg ….. AND FISHERMAN SUPLEXES HIM BACK TO THE MAT!"

JIVE: "Travis Smith is a godsend to save me from you two."

DOE: "A picture perfect fisherman’s suplex by Travis Smith... Latora is now up .. but his neck looks like its in pain! Irish whip by ‘Too Sweet’ ….. it’s reversed by Angel Latora and now Smith goes against the ropes .."

GHEORGHE: "AND SMITH WITH THE SWINGING NECK BREAKER! Cover by Travis Smith …. ONE ……. TWO … and Angel Latora manages to kick out at two."

JIVE: "Latora showed a lot of promise in his match with Troy Douglas last week, but this week he looks a little slower. Maybe he was injured?"

DOE: "I don’t know .. come here and let me piledrive you through this table and tell me if you’re senses are a little slower than usual… which, I guess, would border on you being dead."

JIVE: "Why, I oughtta…. (looks at Doe, who stands up) TAKE A SWIG OF MY POLAND SPRINGS…."

GHEORGHE: "Travis Smith is arguing with the ref about the pin …. He thinks it was too slow!"

DOE: "Face it, the kid kicked out."

GHEORGHE: "Latora back to his feet and he hits a right hook!! Latora goes for another … but Smith blocks it and slugs him back! Smith getting the upper hand of the war of punches … and now he pushes Latora into the corner …. And SMITH MOUNTS THE ROPES AND BEGINS WAILING AWAY ON THE FACE OF ANGEL LATORA WITH CLOSED FISTS!!"

DOE: "Closed fists shouldn’t be illegal … I mean, come on now. That’s stupid!"

JIVE: "Sounds like a defense someone with no wrestling ability would use."


GHEORGHE: "And now ….. OH MY LORD!"

CROWD: "N . E . W ! N . E . W !"

GHEORGHE: "Travis Smith just jumped up and hooked el perno prisioner uno’s head …. AND HIT A FRANKENSTEINER FROM THE SECOND TURNBUCKLE!"

DOE: "Beautiful move by Smith … if I were him, I’d go for the pin .. but it looks like Smith is going to continue beating on him!"

JIVE: "I don’t see how an irish whip is going to hurt Angel Latora .. but ok."

GHEORGHE: "Latora rebounds …. and jumps off the second rope! LATORA WITH A HURRICANRANA THAT LAYS SMITH OUT!"

DOE: "Isn’t that his set up move?? I don’t think that he is going to try to put Smith away this early … afterall, Latora is the one whose taken a brunt of the punishment. Unwise if you ask me."

JIVE: "Well we didn’t, so STFU."

GHEORGHE: "Latora heading to the outside of the ring!"

DOE: "I can’t believe you used initials when telling me to shut the fuck up. How lame, Nick."


DOE: "I don’t know how he plans on landing this leg drop from the top rope if ‘Too Sweet’ is starting to get up …"


DOE: "No way…"


GHEORGHE: "Travis Smith quickly locks on the crosslegged STF… I can’t believe this!! Angel Latora is in the middle of the ring … and he is in PAIN!"

DOE: "Latora is tapping like a madman!"

GHEORGHE: "What a great introduction to Travis Smith!! It looks as if ‘el perno prisioner uno’ will have to keep searching for that first victory as he comes up short here tonight!"

JACOBS: "Here is your winner… by SUBMISSION …. ‘Too Sweet’ TRAVIS SMITH!"

(CUEUP: "Forever" by Kid Rock as the crowd boos and Smith gives them a few choice words as he walks up to the curtain.)

DOE: "This guy is an ass, he didn’t deserve that win."

JIVE: "But he won nonetheless!"

GHEORGHE: "‘Too Sweet’ looks to have a VERY bright future here in New ERA of Wrestling … and speaking of the future of New ERA …. When we come back … we have some interesting news about something that has been flying around for the past couple days …. JOIN US!"

( continued... )