[ Gaylord Entertainment Center ] Nashville, Tennessee


TAPED: May 08, 2004
AIRED: May 16, 2004
EPISODE: RAUCOUS 08, Chapter 3

(FADEIN: Carl Jacobs standing in the middle of the ring.)

JACOBS: "At this time .. I would like to introduce a very special person who has a BIG announcement concerning New ERA of Wrestling. Ladies and gentlemen … the Vice President of New ERA of Wrestling …… JULIET MARCEAU!!!"

(CUEUP: ‘Violet’ by Hole. The fans immediately begin to boo as Marceau walks out on stage. She walks down to the ring and hops in.)

JIVE: "The fans love her here in Nashville!"

DOE: "You are soft."

MARCEAU: "Thank you! Thank you!"

(SFX: Crowd boos hardcore.)

MARCEAU: "It’s always nice to be down in the south! Just coming here I was enthralled by how many restaurants had ROADKILL listed as the meal of the day…"

GHEORGHE: "Ladies and gentlemen, that is not true."

JIVE: "If Marceau says it, then it must be true, Tom!"

MARCEAU: "Right here, right now, I am in the ring for a very special announcement. I may even say that this is bigger than my backup plans for the main event …"

DOE: "I wonder what she has planned in case Tact and Iris do win that match."

JIVE: "We’re in Peter File’s favorite arena .. I don’t think he’ll allow himself to get beat here.. unless of course its in the lockerroom by some overzealous fans … but even then, its beat of…"

GHEORGHE: "Can we please get back to Marceau?!"

MARCEAU: "You see.. there has been a lot of talk recently about the possibility of a big, big show."

GHEORGHE: "I have heard this around the back, as well as read about it online all over the place."

MARCEAU: "Well let me tell you. There ARE plans to hold the first ever New ERA pay per view!"

(SFX: Crowd pops)

JIVE: "New ERA on pay per view!"

MARCEAU: "In fact, coming to you LIVE from the United Centre in Chicago, Illinois …. New ERA will broadcast its first pay per view in July …."

DOE: "Hot diggity …"

MARCEAU: "As New ERA of Wrestling presents …. DESTRUCITY!"

(Marceau points to the ceiling and a huge banner unravels from the rafters displaying the logo.)

DOE: "De-what?"

JIVE: "Destrucity!"

GHEORGHE: "My lord, I think Marceau has gone nuts."

MARCEAU: "Not only that, my friends ….. but I promise you right here, right now … that for one night only …. You will have THE ULTIMATE SURPRISE!"

(SFX: Crowd pops)


GHEORGHE: "I think I know where this is heading …"

MARCEAU: "Everyone better stay tuned … because Destrucity is going to knock the world of professional wrestling ON ITS ASS!"

(CUEUP: ‘Violet’ by Hole as Marceau exits the ring and walks up the ramp with a wide grin on her face.)

GHEORGHE: "Ladies and gentlemen, New ERA of Wrestling will have its first pay per view … Destrucity …. In July and Juliet Marceau has promised us the ULTIMATE surprise, albeit for one night only…"

JIVE: "I wonder what it is!"

DOE: "You’re a portable BJ machine, aren’t ya?"

GHEORGHE: "We have a match on our hands that has the possibility of really sparking off the fans here as Mindkiller goes face to face with Troy Douglas. Mindkiller and Chaos went toe to toe last edition of RAUCOUS to a time limit draw, as Troy Douglas was in a hell of a match where he came out on top of Angel Latora."

DOE: "Douglas and Mindkiller are on there way to the top of New ERA of Wrestling."

JIVE: "And hopefully will push you down to the mid card where you belong."

GHEORGHE: "Let’s go up to Carl Jacobs for the intros."

(CUTTO: Jacobs in the ring as the lineup for the match comes on the screen.)

Troy Douglas vs. Mindkiller

JACOBS: "The following match is scheduled for ONE fall and has a thirty minute time limit! Introducing first …."

JIVE: "I like Mindkiller!"

DOE: "Yea, no one cares."

(CUEUP: 'My Own Summer (Shove It)' by The Deftones. Mindkiller comes out behind the big black curtain as fans boo at him. Mindkiller ignores them and continues down the ramp-way with Necromancer.)

JACOBS: "Being led to the ring by his manager NECROMANCER …. He stands 6 foot 6 and weighs 275 pounds ….. MINDKILLER!"

GHEORGHE: "Mindkiller is an incredibly imposing figure."

JACOBS: "And his opponent…."

(CUEUP: 'Kashmir' by Led Zeppelin. Troy Douglas makes his appearance on the entrance ramp as the crowd rises to their feet cheering. CUT TO: A sign that says "End of the Road for Mindkiller!" Douglas makes his way down the ramp.)

DOE: "This man is the future of professional wrestling.."

JACOBS: "Hailing from GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA …. He stands six foot five and weighs 265 pounds ……. TROY DOUGLAS!"

(SFX: Bell rings.)

DOE: "Douglas and Mindkiller staring each other down, Mindkiller with the tie-up."

GHEORGHE: "Douglas popping up that elbow of Mindkiller and spinning behind him. Now Douglas grabs the back of the head of Mindkiller and pulls it back and he has the Dragon Sleeper locked on!!"

JIVE: "Come on now! Didn’t you see the hair pulling??"

GHEORGHE: "No.. there wasn’t any hair pulling. Douglas locking that submission early in the match-up. Looks like Mindkiller is not tapping out that easily though. Douglas now lifts Mindkiller up … and hits the Reverse Suplex! Mindkiller up quickly BUT DOUGLAS MOWS HIM DOWN WITH A HARD CLOTHESLINE!!"

JIVE: "Douglas won’t be able to hold Mindkiller down with moves like that! Necromancer is already yelling at him to get moving."

GHEORGHE: "Mindkiller back on his feet and he rushes towards Douglas …. AND DOUGLAS CONNECTS WITH A DROPKICK … BUT MINDKILLER DOESN’T GO DOWN!"

DOE: "Mindkiller met a face full of boot on that dropkick."

GHEORGHE: "Douglas lifting Mindkiller … but Mindkiller reverses the hold by taking some shots to the side of the ribcage …. Mindkiller now has Douglas up .. AND HE CONNECTS WITH A SIDEWALK SLAM!!"

DOE: "Mindkiller with the cover!"

GHEORGHE: "ONE … NO … kick out by Douglas! Quick kick out as Mindkiller goes for a pin again … and Mindkiller doesn’t even get a one count as Douglas kicks out."

JIVE: "Mindkiller is playing with Douglas now .."

GHEORGHE: "Mindkiller lifts Douglas in the air tossing him up …. AND NOW HITS A SOMOAN DROP AS DOUGLAS IS HOLDING HIS STOMACH!"

DOE: "That is 275 pounds into the rib cage of Troy Douglas, Mindkiller with the cover again."

JIVE: "ONE ….. TWO ….."

DOE: "ROPEBBREAK, as Mindkiller pulls Douglas up by his hair."

JIVE: "Don’t you dare cut me off like that!"

GHEORGHE: "Mindkiller with the Irish Whip, Douglas rebounding…. Mindkiller goes for a clothesline but Douglas ducks and rebounds off the other ropes ….. DOUGLAS JUMPS AND HITS THE RUNNING DDT!!"


JIVE: "NO KICK OUT BY MINDKILLER! His head bounced off the ring like a basketball!"

GHEORGHE: "Douglas now kicking in the stomach of Mindkiller and after a couple mudhole stomps Mindkiller manages to roll out the way.. Douglas goes to pick up Mindkiller …. AND GETS GREETED BY A THUMB TO THE EYE! Mindkiller now tosses Douglas into the corner…"

DOE: "Mindkiller charges at him!"

GHEORGHE: "Mindkiller going for the shoulder thrust …. but Douglas jump up and over landing behind Mindkiller as he goes headfirst into the ring post!! MINDKILLER’s HEAD IS DRIPPING WITH BLOOD FROM THE IMPACT!"

DOE: "Mindkiller just busted himself open! It’s over!"


JIVE: "WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHAT A MOVE! That was PURE cheating!! The ref should call the bell right now!"

GHEORGHE: "Douglas now mounting the second ropes as Mindkiller is still lying between the second and third ropes in the corner …. Douglas lifting up Douglas … AND THERE IT IS!!! DOUGLAS JUST CAME OFF THE SECOND ROPE WITH THE SIT OUT DOUBLE UNDERHOOK PILEDRIVER!!! MINDKILLER HAS REACHED THE END OF THE ROAD!"


JIVE: "Easy there Porky Pig."

GHEORGHE: "ONE ……….. TWO ………… THREE!!!"

JIVE: "Noooooo!!! That can’t be it! Necromancer is beside himself!"

JACOBS: "Here is your winner TROY DOUGLAS!"

(CUE UP: 'Kashmir' by Led Zeppelin. Douglas celebrates his victory in the ring, as Mindkiller lays unconscious.)

DOE: "What an awesome match! As Douglas takes a win home with him tonight!"

JIVE: "You really get on my nerves. I’m starting to think I hate you."

DOE: "After all that time we spent with each other talking and commentating and you still dislike me, Nick?"

JIVE: "Yes! Thank god you are only doing this for one night only."

GHEORGHE: "Ever think, Nick, it is you that nobody likes?"

DOE: "I’m heartbroken, Nick! (fake sad face) Well folks we will be right back with our next match up stay tuned.."


DOE: "Zip it."

( continued... )