[ Savannah Civic Center ] Savannah, Georgia


TAPED: Apr. 23, 2004
AIRED: Apr. 28, 2004

(FADEIN: A black screen. CUEUP: ‘Who Said’ by Planet Funk as the following words slowly scroll from the bottom of the screen to the center of the screen.)




(Fading from the black background and slowly coming up behind the words is the RAUCOUS logo. As it fades closer and closer, it transcends the words and they disintegrate as the logo takes precedence on the screen.)

(FADETO: The rafters of the Savannah Civic Centre in Savannah, Georgia. There are lights scanning the crowd as they are on their feet. Some of the fans are holding signs: "JEAN IS MY HERO", "SUICIDE WILL PAY!" and "GET READY FOR A MINDFUCK, CHAOS!"..)

(CUTTO: The announcer’s table as we see Tom Gheorghe and Nick Jive taking their seats.)

GHEORGHE: "My lord what a show we have tonight!"

JIVE: "We’re going to see just how good these new kids on the block really are."

GHEORGHE: "Welcome everyone to Savannah Civic Centre in Savannah, Georgia. I am Tom Gheorghe, and joining me as always is Nick Jive."

JIVE: "The savior of the show for many people.."

GHEORGHE: "And as Nick had hinted at, tonight we debut five of the newest talents to join New ERA as we come off the much anticipated title-crowning episode of RAUCOUS!"

JIVE: "Excitement abound! I still can’t believe it though .."

GHEORGHE: "All the waiting, the fighting, the training .. it all paid off for two men last edition as Jean Rabesque defeated John Doe in a spectacular one on one encounter to become the very first Television Champion."

JIVE: "Rabesque won the match … so I wouldn’t call it spectacular."

GHEORGHE: "And then, in the Fatal Fourway Battle Royal, it came down to Larry Tact and ‘Gentleman’ Jonathan Marx to see who would become the first ever New ERA World Heavyweight Champion … and after Peter File and El Arco Iris were eliminated … Larry Tact managed to toss Jonathan Marx over the top rope to become champion!"

JIVE: "Many people were rooting for Tact, but I think we all know who should have won that match."

GHEORGHE: "Marx gave a great effort, but in the end, it just wasn’t enough."

JIVE: "I was talking about Peter File."

GHEORGHE: "Last edition of RAUCOUS also debuted one of the new stars that will be in action tonight, as Chaos came out during the conclusion of the Brody Hansen / Suicide match and gave Suicide a strong warning."

JIVE: "Suicide was trying to shelve Brody Hansen for good .. and unfortunately it seemed to have worked! Chaos came out to protect his friend."

GHEORGHE: "Brody Hansen has taken a leave of absence as he is, indeed, injured .. although I highly disagree that it was Suicide who was the cause of Hansen’s injury."

JIVE: "Yea, okay."

GHEORGHE: "Chaos will be in action tonight against another newcomer here in New ERA … Mindkiller."

JIVE: "I like this Mindkiller guy. He doesn’t talk much, but with a manager like Necromancer, who really needs to!"

GHEORGHE: "I did manage to get a few copies of Mindkiller in action, and I agree that he is impressive."

JIVE: "Won’t be surprised if we see him in action down the line against either Rabesque or Tact. Assuming, of course, that Rabesque manages to hold on to the title here tonight."

GHEORGHE: "Jean Rabesque will be putting his newly won Television Championship on the line. This is sort of a Hitchcockian double chase match as John Doe is trying to compensate for his loss at the title-crowning episode of RAUCOUS, and Nick Savage is trying to avenge his loss against John Doe in the Television Championship tournament!"

JIVE: "The part I like most about this match is that Jean Rabesque doesn’t even need to be pinned in order to lose the Television Championship."

GHEORGHE: "The ‘Menage-a-Trois’ Television Championship match is only for one fall, meaning that if John Doe pins Nick Savage, or vice versa, Rabesque will lose the Television Championship."

JIVE: "And that’s the way it should be."

GHEORGHE: "Jonathan Marx will be in action tonight against the Renaissance Man, and Suicide will try to continue his win streak as he takes on Jarrod Walls."

JIVE: "I thought Jared Wells was supposed to be taking on Ice this week."

GHEORGHE: "Not Jared Wells. Jarrod Walls."

JIVE: "Huh?"

GHEORGHE: "Exactly. We promised Jared Wells versus Ice this edition of RAUCOUS, but Wells has been on a tight schedule with his WFW contract, so that match will have to wait a couple of weeks. But we have to tak.."

How About a Match?

(CUEUP: "Karma" by Diffuser as Larry Tact comes strutting out onto the ramp, the New ERA of Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship raised in the air to the cheers of the crowd.... save for the die-hard Marx contingent. Tact goes to either end of the stage calling out to the fans, and receiving a bigger pop, before he walks down to the ring shouldering the New ERA World Heavyweight Championship. After going up the steps and stepping through the top and middle ropes, Tact ascends a turnbuckle and raises the New ERA World Heavyweight Championship once more, pointing to the title and then himself. Tact calls for a mic after stepping down to the canvas, and catches one heading his way from the timekeeper.)


TACT: "It's especially good to be here tonight!"

(Crowd pops again.)

TACT: "Four years ago I came into this circuit, one of the new bloods to professional wrestling, and this circuit. I had watched shows of the promotion I joined for a while up to that point, and now I would be able to compete with the talent that I had been watching. It was a thrill. But my goal? My goal had been to face the new IWF Entertainment Champion....a man by the name of Shawn Hart."

(Crowd gives a mixed reaction for Hart.)

TACT: "Hart wasn't Champion by the time I got my shot at that belt, but I made good on the chance and won my first title. Ironically, though, by the time I got my shot at that belt, I had already been in a match for the promotion's top prize. Some would say I was fortunate, others pitiable to be in the first-ever IWF Triple Crown Title match. My first shot at gold and I faced two seasoned veterans. I didn't win, but I did change. I began a change that has continued on to this day, as different situations and obstacles have been thrown my way. But let's fast forward to the present. Let's talk about the NEW ERA that has arrived along with THIS belt!"

GHEORGHE: "Larry Tact is definitely working this crowd up! We were supposed to be going to commercial, but we’re going to stick with this!"

JIVE: "Let’s cut to commercial, better to do that then be sued, you know."

(Tact taps the New ERA World Heavyweight Championship.)

TACT: "Four men stood in the ring. Three who had found there way into the brightest spotlight New ERA has to offer..... and one Champion. I mean, let's face it.... was there much doubt, if any, as to who would walk out of last RAUCOUS the New ERA World Heavyweight Champion? Was there any doubt I was going to win that match, and take home this title? Not even a bounty on me could prevent this belt from finding the most deserving one of us. And that's what it comes down to. With me, that's what it comes down to. I EARNED this belt. I'm a World Heavyweight Champion three times over. And this month marks ONLY my fourth anniversary in the circuit! Needless to say.... fortune has nothing to do with it. I come to get the job done...and when given the chance to score big, I DO. I've yet to ever lose a World Title in my career. You can bet that it's going to take A LOT before I relinquish this belt. I'm sure we'll hear about who THINKS they can do it....we'll surely see who actually TRIES... and we'll see who gets a HUMBLING."

(The crowd pops. Tact pauses and walks to a corner, leaning his back against it.)

TACT: "Over the past few weeks, I've heard the call of one. I want to address him specifically. Yeah, I'm speaking of... RABESQUEDOR!"

(Crowd cheers as Tact laughs, and the ever-present sign is shown.)

TACT: "Rabesque, this time.... you played the role of... (smiles slightly)...WATCHER... looking around before entering Battle Bowl Mania, trying to surprise us all. You failed to take me out early on, and now you're sulking as Television Champion. Honestly, you were lucky to have broke into Battle Bowl Mania after it began, so the three key words for you are: suck it up. You lost to the Champion, so it isn't all bad. Or is it only made worse cuz of that? Well.... you're quickly seeing that the NFW and CSWA aren't the only places that matter on this circuit. Here, you may find a lot of new blood.... but don't underestimate them. Otherwise, one might just take your place in a match you want to be in. Something like, well... (smirks)... like I DID do to YOU, regarding that IWF Triple Crown Title match. New blood aside, though... before you face me, Rabesque... you might need to work through some other problems."

(Tact rubs his chin.)

JIVE: "Do we really care about what goes on between those two? Stop wasting our precious airtime, Tact!"

GHEORGHE: "Larry Tact versus Jean Rabesque is a match that a LOT of people have been waiting for … and with the way those two have been acting, it would seem as if something is brewing in both their minds."

TACT: "For instance.... Suicide. Now, you've been in this sport for so many years, Rabesque, that I shouldn't have to sugar coat things for you. The goal for you here seems to be to prove you're the best wrestler in the world. You're targeting me to prove that. But if memory serves me correctly, and it does, the man... the myth... the legend.... he's kicked your ass before. In fact, he's OUTWRESTLED you. So how should anyone believe the "no false hype" and all that? Maelstrom, he's outwrestled you, as well. And hell, I'd wager that Chaos, given the opportunity, might outwrestle you. So go on dreaming about holding this belt, Rabesque.... but know that remaining here WILL expose your shortcomings. In fact.... what I propose for next RAUCOUS... is a match. As World Heavyweight Champion, I can't authorize it... but all of you out there, why don't you help me out for a minute. Can you do that?"

JIVE: "WHAT! Damn right he can’t make matches .. who the hell does he think he is!"

(Crowd pops big.)

TACT: "Who wants to see JEAN RABESQUEDOR in a one-on-one wrestling match...."

(Crowd pops.)

TACT: "....AGAINST......"

GHEORGHE: "My lord, is Tact challenging Jean Rabesque?!"

(Tact's grin widens. He walks around the ring for a minute before coming to the ropes and resting his elbows on them.)


JIVE: "Who wants to see Larry Tact shut the hell up?"


(The crowd goes nuts as Tact looks around until they settle down.)

TACT: "Oh, I'm not done yet. Who would want to see this match for the New ERA Television Championship?"

(Another explosion from the crowd.)

JIVE: "That’s it .. strip him of the title…"

TACT: "LaRoque.... Juuuuuliet.... you make the call. As for me? I've spoken more than enough, so I'm going to let my actions speak for me, and watch like all of you....in fact...WITH all of you as the NEW ERA begins!"

(CUEUP: "Karma" by Diffuser. Tact goes onto a turnbuckle and raises the New ERA World Heavyweight Championship in the air again, pointing at it and then hitting his chest with a fist. Afterward, Tact gets down and steps through the ropes to the floor. Tact then goes to the announcer's table, smirks at Jive and goes over the barrier. Tact slaps some hands with fans before sitting in a reserved seat.)


GHEORGHE: "It seems as if our World Heavyweight Champion has a RINGSIDE SEAT!"

JIVE: "I don’t want to be forced to have him near me the whole night!"

GHEORGHE: "Then maybe you should go to the back .. or even better yet, leave the arena and take the night off."

JIVE: "You’re not going to get rid of me that easy!"

GHEORGHE: "We have to take that commercial break now … when we come back .. we have Suicide versus not Jared Wells, but Jarrod Walls … and perhaps we may even hear from either Marcus LaRoque or Juliet Marceau about the proposal set forth by our World Heavyweight Champion!! JOIN US!"

( continued... )