[ Savannah Civic Center ] Savannah, Georgia


TAPED: Apr. 23, 2004
AIRED: Apr. 28, 2004
EPISODE: RAUCOUS 07, Chapter 2

(FADEIN: The ring as Carl Jacobs stands in the middle of it getting ready for ring introductions.)

JIVE: "I cannot believe that Larry Tact had the GALL to come out here and demand a match between Jean Rabesque and Suicide. It’s bad enough we have to have both of them parading around as if they were champions .. but now Tact wants to play matchmaker!"

GHEORGHE: "Um, Nick."

JIVE: "What."

GHEORGHE: "The reason they’re acting as if they’re champions … is because they are our champions."

JIVE: "Not in my eyes, Tom.. not in my eyes."

GHEORGHE: "Speaking of Suicide.."

Marceau Says No

(CUEUP: ‘Violet’ by Hole. Juliet Marceau begins walking down to ringside. The fans are booing as she steps through the ropes.)

JIVE: "Here comes Juliet Marceau! Boy is Tact going to eat the words he just said!"

(CUTTO: Ringside .. Larry Tact is leaning back in his chair, as he has a sly smile on his face.)

GHEORGHE: "Tact doesn’t seem to care."

JIVE: "Of course not .. he doesn’t realize that everything is going to blow up in his face!"

GHEORGHE: "Our Vice President is in the ring .. so lets take it to the ring!"

MARCEAU: "Well, well, well. Our World Heavyweight Champion decided to come out, even when he wasn’t on the schedule, to grace everyone with his presence."

JIVE: "Yes! RIP INTO HIM! I love women on power trips!"

MARCEAU: "I must say, that the whole life story of yours was quite .. tear jerking, Larry. I couldn’t help but laugh SO FUCKING HARD THAT TEARS CAME FROM MY EYES! And let me tell you, that isn’t an easy task."

GHEORGHE: "Marceau seems to be a little peeved at Tact right now."

JIVE: "She’s been peeved at him ever since she got his application on her desk!"

MARCEAU: "And then … THEN … you had the audacity to come out here and challenge ME to sign Suicide and Jean Rabesque for next edition of RAUCOUS for the Television Championship .."

(SFX: Crowd pops)

MARCEAU: "I must say, Larry… that a title shot WOULD be a great idea …"

(SFX: Crowd pops)

MARCEAU: "But instead of Jean Rabesque’s title … HOW ABOUT WE PUT YOUR TITLE ON THE LINE!"

(SFX: Crowd has mixed reaction.)

JIVE: "Ha! She is going to make him pay!"

MARCEAU: "Actually .. on second thought .. I have a better idea."

GHEORGHE: "Oh God, there is nothing like a lady scorned … who knows what she has up her sleeves.."

JIVE: "She’s wearing a sleeveless shirt, Tom … and I must say …. DAMN… it looks good."

MARCEAU: "So why don’t you come over here, CHAMP.."


(The fans pop huge as Larry Tact gets out of his seat, hops over the guardrail and rolls into the ring, walking right up to Marceau. She walks around him and looks him up and down.)

MARCEAU: "To think .. such a wasted talent."

TACT: "Give it up, Marceau. What do you want."

GHEORGHE: "Tact is keeping wary of Marceau now that he’s in the ring.."

MARCEAU: "Well seeing as the Battle Bowl Mania was between teams …. And the two teams that made it all the way through never faced …. How about PETER FILE and JONATHAN MARX against the team of EL ARCO IRIS and …. YOURSELF."

(SFX: Crowd pops. Tact smirks.)

TACT: "I think that would be fine with me.."

MARCEAU: "You can’t waltz out here and demand matches, Tact. So this is whats going on …. Tag match. Whoever pins you or Iris gets the title shot at the World Heavyweight Championship."

GHEORGHE: "Oh my! Juliet Marceau is making the tag match a number one contenders match!"

JIVE: "She figured the bonus wasn’t good enough, so now another chance to win the title should spur File and Marx!"

TACT: "And if my team wins?"

MARCEAU: "That WONT happen.."

TACT: "You know what … it WILL happen … and when it does … to be a good sport … I’ll let YOU decide what happens. You wanted to try to punish me somehow? You just made my day."

(Tact turns to leave the ring.)



(Tact starts to turn around .. then flashes a smile and hops out of the ring to the applause of the fans.. He walks back to his seat, and reclines in it, crossing his arms.)


(CUEUP: ‘Violet’ by Hole as Marceau throws the mic down and storms up the ramp.)

GHEORGHE: "I can’t believe it! It looks as if we have a main event for next episode of RAUCOUS as our World Heavyweight Champion Larry Tact will team with El Arco Iris to face the other winners of Battle Bowl Mania, Peter File and Jonathan Marx! If Marx / File win, the one who got the pinfall gets a World Heavyweight Championship shot!! And if Tact and…"

JIVE: "Juliet promised us that wouldn’t happen.. don’t we have a match to get to???"

GHEORGHE: "Ah yes … lets head down to ringside for introductions as we’re bring you SUICIDE as he tries to extend his streak here to three as he takes on newcomer JARROD WALLS!"

(CUTTO: Rampway as the lineup for the next match flashes on the screen. CUTTO: Carl Jacobs in the ring.)

Suicide vs. Jarrod Walls

JACOBS: "The following match is scheduled for one fall and has a 30 minute time limit! Introducing first …."

GHEORGHE: "This Jarrod Walls guy didn’t give us much to work with as we came closer and closer to RAUCOUS .. lets hope he proves his worth in the ring."

(CUEUP: ‘Stand Up’ by Ludacris. The lights fade away and a blue and black background blinks on the big screens. The screens then show a group full of people dancing until all of a sudden Stand Up is screamed through the p.a. system. Walls makes his way out onto the stage to no pop. He smiles tremendously for the crowd and poses for them all the way down to the ring even though they’re quiet.)

JIVE: "The fans … are in awe."

GHEORGHE: "I don’t think they’re in awe .. I think they don’t know what to say .. this is their first introduction to Walls, as is this everyones."

JIVE: "Now this is Jarrod Walls, folks .. not Jared Wells."

JACOBS: "Hailing from BRUNO, WEST VIRGINIA ….. standing 6’2" and 230 pounds ….. JARROD WALLS!"

(Walls enters the ring and stands in the corner…)


(CUEUP: ‘Woodpecker from Mars’ by Faith No More. The lights go out when the music starts. When the first rift plays, the words "The Man" appear on the screen. When the second rift plays, the words "The Myth" appear on the screen. When the third rift plays, the words "The Legend" appear on the screen. Then when the music starts playing real fast with a fast guitar rift, the lights start flickering thoughout the arena, where Suicide is seen at the top of the entranceway. When the song settles into a complete rift, the lights come on full bright and Suicide walks calmly to the ring.)

JACOBS: "Hailing from the Bronx, New York … he stands 6’3" and weighs 231 pounds …."

(When Suicide gets to the ring, he slides on one knee across the apron and then stands up just as quick on his feet. Suicide enters the ring and slowly and calmly takes off his trench coat and hat.)

GHEORGHE: "Suicide looks like he is definitely ready to make this a quick match … I’m sure he’s got other things on his mind… such as CHAOS."


(SFX: Bell rings)

GHEORGHE: "This match is underway and Jarrod Walls is quick to charge at Suicide! Walls connects with a European uppercut! Walls with another one … and Suicide is reeling back .. Walls now yanking on the arm of Suicide.. rings him around with an armbar … AND CONNECTS WITH A SHORT ARM CLOTHESLINE!"

JIVE: "Walls coming out quickly … and Suicide doesn’t look like he expected it."

GHEORGHE: "Suicide trying to find a way out of the armbar … and he grabs the leg of Walls from underneath and pulls him down! Walls falls flat on his ass!"

JIVE: "Suicide caught Walls off guard … and Jarrod Walls fell like a ton of bricks."

GHEORGHE: "Suicide waits for Walls to get to his feet … and now he connects with a European uppercut of his own. Suicide sends Walls into the ropes … and follows him in … AND SUICIDE CONNECTS WITH A RUNNING KNEE LIFT! Walls is doubled over .. and Suicide hooks his arms …. BUTTERFLY SUPLEX!"

JIVE: "Walls quickly on the defensive now. Looks like that quick start sputtered out just as fast."

GHEORGHE: "Suicide with the cover …. ONE …. Kickout by Walls. Suicide drags Walls to his feet by his hair … AND WALLS HOOKS THE WAIST OF SUICIDE AND TOSSES HIM OVER HIS BACK! Suicide quickly to his feet …. BUT DOWN AGAIN WITH A SCOOP SLAM! Jarrod Walls against the ropes … headbutt … BUT SUICIDE ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY AND WALLS GETS A FACE FULL OF MAT!"

JIVE: "Jarrod Walls got to be a bit faster if he wants to catch Suicide with moves like that.."


JIVE: "That spinning backhand knuckle could bust a person open … but with the momentum that Walls had coming off the ropes … I’m surprised he didn’t break his nose!"

GHEORGHE: "Suicide walking over the downed body of Jarrod Walls … and Suicide sits on Walls back and locks on a cobra clutch! Suicide is bending that neck back … and Jarrod Walls is desperately reaching for the ropes!"

JIVE: "Jarrod Walls is very close to the ropes .. Suicide would have been better off if he had drug him to the middle of the ring .."

GHEORGHE: "The referee asking Walls if he wants to submit … Walls is shouting no.. Walls desperately trying to grab the bottom rope … AND WALLS’ FINGERS GRAZE AGAINST THE BOTTOM ROPE AND THE REF IS TELLING SUICIDE TO BREAK THE HOLD!"

JIVE: "Suicide breaks the hold … but he’s dragging Walls back to the center of the ring!"

GHEORGHE: "Walls is trying to fight it …. Walls trying to kick Suicide ….. BUT SUICIDE DROPS AN ELBOW ON THE LEG OF JARROD WALLS! Suicide now bending the leg of Jarrod Walls! Walls trying to grab the face of Suicide … but Suicide’s mask is in the way! Suicide wrenches further back on the leg of Jarrod Walls …."

JIVE: "The referee is asking Walls if he wants to give in, but Jarrod Walls isn’t even acknowledging the referee’s existence. He is trying to find some way out of this leg lock deal."

GHEORGHE: "Suicide releases the hold on his own … and Jarrod Walls rolls into the corner to try to get some rest."

JIVE: "Suicide walking towards Walls, but the ref steps in midway."

GHEORGHE: "The ref telling Suicide that while Walls is in the corner, he can’t go at him .. Suicide nods his head and turns ….. BUT TURNS BACK AND CHARGES INTO THE CORNER!!! AND HE DRIVES HIS ELBOW INTO THE FACE OF JARROD WALLS! Suicide walks out of the corner … and Jarrod Walls slumps down … SUICIDE CHARGES IN AGAIN … AND DRIVES THE KNEE INTO THE HEAD OF JARROD WALLS!"

JIVE: "Suicide is not letting Jarrod Walls get any breaks .. I think in a way, this match isn’t about Jarrod Walls at all. He is trying to send a message to Chaos …"

GHEORGHE: "Suicide picks Walls out of the corner …. AND DRIVES HIS HEAD INTO THE MAT WITH A DDT!"

JIVE: "No!"

GHEORGHE: "In a desperation move, Jarrod Walls clocked Suicide right where the sun don’t shine!"

JIVE: "That’s one way to get a breather!"

GHEORGHE: "Walls drops to his knees …. AND SENDS A RIGHT TO THE JAW OF SUICIDE! Suicide walks away holding his face … Walls follows him … grabs the tights … AND SENDS SUICIDE SHOULDER FIRST INTO THE TURNBUCKLE! Suicide turns …. AND WALLS BRINGS HIM DOWN WITH A CROSSFACE!!! Suicide is in the middle of the ring stuck in a crossface!!!"

JIVE: "Do my eyes deceive me? Is Suicide on the mat???"

GHEORGHE: "The referee asking if Suicide wants to give up .. but Suicide is shaking his head no. Walls, realizing that Suicide is not going to give up that easily, releases the hold as Suicide immediately is gripping that shoulder. Jarrod Walls picks up Suicide ….. AND HITS HIM WITH A SHOULDER BREAKER ON THAT DAMAGED SHOULDER! Jarrod Walls with the pin!!! ONE …. TWO – KICKOUT BEFORE TWO!"

JIVE: "Walls might have almost pulled off something that I don’t think anyone expected.. but then again, we don’t really know anything about Walls."

GHEORGHE: "Both these men are looking a little less upbeat than they were when we started … Walls brings Suicide to his feet … hooks his arms .. LOOKS LIKE A DOUBLE ARM BUSTER …. NO! Suicide with a headbutt … Walls releases his arms as Suicide goes to the ropes ….. WALLS CHARGES AT SUICIDE… AND SUICIDE DROPS AND PULLS THE ROPES DOWN AS WALLS GOES FLYING TO THE ARENA FLOOR!"

JIVE: "Walls should know by now NOT to charge at Suicide!"

GHEORGHE: "Jarrod Walls getting to his feet …. And … SUICIDE WITH A CARTWHEEL …. OH MY GOD!"

CROWD: "N . E . W ! N . E . W !"


JIVE: "That was … one of the most amazing moves I have ever seen."

GHEORGHE: "I cannot believe what I just saw. The referee is instructing both men to get in the ring … but they’re on the ground still. Suicide is the first to make a move!!! Suicide is on his knees and he shakes his head."

JIVE: "I cannot believe that Suicide is able to stand after that! Jarrod Walls is on the ground still. If Suicide can get him in the ring … that might have been enough to finish him off!"

GHEORGHE: "Suicide picks up Jarrod Walls and rolls him into the ring … this might be it."



CROWD: "N . E . W ! N . E . W !"

GHEORGHE: "Suicide is calling for the BURNING HAMMER!"

JIVE: "Walls, it was nice knowing ye … as short as it was!"

GHEORGHE: "Suicide picks Walls up for the Burning Hammer ….. BUT HE LETS HIM FALL!!! SUICIDE WITH THE COVER …… ONE ……. TWO …….. THREE!!!!!"

(SFX: Bell rings)

JIVE: "Suicide was toying with him! He slapped him in the face by just dropping him!"

JACOBS: "The winner of this match ……. SUICIDE!"

GHEORGHE: "Suicide first with that Suicide Inziguiri that he nailed over the top rope and onto the floor … then he takes Walls out with the second-rope Suicidedriver …. And now Suicide is a perfect three and zero here in New ERA ….."

JIVE: "And I’m sure there are a few people on the roster who want to see that come to an end soon."

GHEORGHE: "There’s one man in action tonight who’d love to be the one to break that streak … and that is Chaos …. And when we come back … it will be Chaos taking on another hot star, MINDKILLER!!!"

( continued... )