[ Sports & Recreation Center @ Goucher College ] Towson, Maryland


TAPED: Mar. 22, 2004
AIRED: Mar. 28, 2004

(FADEIN: A black and white photo of the Goucher College Gopher mascot. The shot slowly fades into the front of the private school’s student centre. The camera slowly rises, almost like it was on an airplane, and glides over the tree tops until we see the Goucher College Sports Centre. The camera continues to glide and slowly sets as it gets to the front steps. CUTTO: Banner on top of the entrance of the Sports Centre. It says “LIVE! New ERA of Wrestling’s RAUCOUS!” Slowly the picture goes black. Coming onto the screen from the left is the writing …)




(Slowly from behind those words comes the RAUCOUS logo. It is transparent almost as it gets closer and closer. It "hits" the prior words, and they expand. The logo bounces back a little. On the second approach, however, the words ‘shatter’ and the RAUCOUS logo takes its place in full view.)

(FADEIN: Inside the Goucher College Sports & Recreation Center as the place is seriously jam packed with screaming fans, mostly college students from the school. The camera sets on Nick Jive and Tom Gheorghe who are both sitting incredibly close to the ring as the space limitations force them to be closer than usual.)

GHEORGHE: "What an EXCITING night we have in store this episode of RAUCOUS!"

JIVE: "I have never seen this place as full as it is tonight, Tom."

GHEORGHE: "How many times have you been to the Goucher College Sports Centre?"

JIVE: "This is my first time, but that doesn’t contradict my comment."

GHEORGHE: "Ladies and gentlemen, we are here in Towson, Maryland at Goucher College to bring you our HUGE preview show! This episode of RAUCOUS involves each and every competitor left in the Television Championship tournament as well as the Fatal Fourway Battle Royal between our remaining Battle Bowl Mania competitors!"

JIVE: "Tonight is the night where everything is on the line .. the finals of the Television Championship is going to be determined, and two men are going to walk into the Fatal Fourway with huge boosts in confidence!"

GHEORGHE: "Not only that, but we also have ‘Violent’ Nick Savage taking on ‘the Wolf’ Chris McMillan in what should be an incredible one on one encounter."

JIVE: "We haven’t seen McMillan in a while, so it should be interesting to see if he can handle the pain that Savage is going to inflict on him."

GHEORGHE: "McMillan has had a couple of shows off, and Savage is coming off that surprising loss last episode against John Doe in the quarterfinals of the Television Championship tournament.. both men are looking to right their ships in a way."

JIVE: "I’m more looking forward to watching the Renaissance Man walk all over Jean Rabesque here tonight to get into the finals of the Television Championship tournament."

GHEORGHE: "The Television Championship tournament has shaped up nicely as we have Jared Wells, John Doe, Jean Rabesque and the Renaissance Man left for the semifinals that will take place here tonight!"

JIVE: "I could give a rat’s ass about the Wells / Doe match. Both of them cheated horribly last week. They call themselves favorites of the fans?? What idiot fan could support someone who blatantly cheats like they do? Especially Wells!"

GHEORGHE: "In case you missed the last episode of RAUCOUS, John Doe somehow, someway, managed to get himself down the back of Nick Savage and rolled him up for the victory."

JIVE: "Cheater."

GHEORGHE: "And Jared Wells shocked everyone in New ERA when he challenged the monster Suicidal Killer to a no disqualification match … which ended when Jared Wells pinned Killer on the floor! We’re in his backyard here tonight, and the fans will be behind him the entire way!"

JIVE: "HUGE cheater."

GHEORGHE: "And then, even more odd, was the fact that the Warden came down to ringside with about, and I’m not kidding, 20 to 25 men in white coats to literally kidnap Killer into an ambulance to take him to a mental hospital, all the while giving Juliet Marceau a piece of paper showing that Killer’s contract was null and void!"

JIVE: "I am lost for words, Tom. That just is the absolute worst thing that could have happened to New ERA. First Cross walks out, never to be heard from, then Killer is kidnapped!"

GHEORGHE: "I think it is safe to say that anything can happen in New ERA, and it usually does!"

JIVE: "Unfortunately."

GHEORGHE: "The other two matches here tonight in Towson are special preview events. As you all know, next episode of RAUCOUS is our special ‘Title-Crowning’ event where we’ll name the very first World and Television Champions! The World Title will be decided in a Fatal Fourway Battle Royal between Peter File, ‘Gentleman’ Jonathan Marx, El Arco Iris and Larry Tact. But that is next episode. This week, those four men will be taking on one of their opponents in a ONE on ONE contest!"

JIVE: "It should be exciting watching Peter File ‘THRUST’ his way past Larry Tact."

GHEORGHE: "Larry Tact has the (chuckles) enviable task of taking on Peter File here tonight, while Jonathan Marx will have his hands full with El Arco Iris."

JIVE: "Yawn."

GHEORGHE: "Both, hell, all four of those men, are the best of the best here in New ERA of Wrestling, elsewise they wouldn’t be in the battle royal for the title, Nick."

JIVE: "Shit happens."

GHEORGHE: "And it certainly will here tonight! Ladies and gentlemen, we have to take a quick commercial break … but when we come back, ‘the WOLF’ Chris McMillan and ‘Violent’ Nick Savage will square off! Join us at the Goucher College Sports Centre WHEN WE COME BACK!"

( continued... )