[ Sports & Recreation Center @ Goucher College ] Towson, Maryland


TAPED: Mar. 22, 2004
AIRED: Mar. 28, 2004
EPISODE: RAUCOUS 05, Chapter 2

FADEIN: Ringside as Nick Jive is talking to some female fans behind him. Tom Gheorge is listening in, laughing somewhat. He says something to the fans, which makes them laugh. Jive turns around, red in the face.)

JIVE: "So what if I got my degree in Animal Mimicry?! That’s still a degree!"

GHEORGHE: "Sure it is, Nick. That’s why you’re working as a color commentator for a wrestling promotion instead of out in the real world … mimicking animals."

JIVE: "I oughta take my fist and shove it down your throat."

GHEORGHE: (still chuckling) "While my colleague here tries to regain some of his manhood, let’s talk about the upcoming match between Chris McMillan and Nick Savage. As you all know, Nick Savage made his debut here in New ERA last episode when he went face to face with John Doe in a match that definitely displayed both guys’ abilities. He is back this week trying to get his first victory as he takes on ‘the Wolf’ Chris McMillan."

JIVE: "McMillan has been incredibly quiet the past few weeks. Are we even sure he’s still alive?"

GHEORGHE: "I’ve talked to Chris, and yes, he is still alive. What’s more important though is that he has a chance to try to end his losing streak here in New ERA by defeating Savage."

JIVE: "Savage isn’t going to let some imbecile like McMillan ruin his New ERA career. This kid was cheated out of advancing in the Television Championship tournament last episode by John Doe, and he sure as isn’t going to let that happen again."

GHEORGHE: "McMillan has had a tough time so far in New ERA, after exiting early in both the World Heavyweight Championship Battle Bowl Mania and Television Championship tournaments, I am sure his fans are hoping for a quick and easy win here tonight."

JIVE: "Wait, did you say his fans?"

GHEORGHE: "Yes, yes I did."

JIVE: "Are you on drugs?"


JIVE: "Because the last time I checked, your left and right hands don’t count as lovers, so they certainly shouldn’t count as fans!"

GHEORGHE: "Oh Jesus, Nick."

JIVE: "Is it or is it not true?"

GHEORGHE: "I refuse to answer such an idiotic question."

JIVE: "Thanks for your support."

GHEORGHE: "Let’s head to the ring to Carl Jacobs for the instructions."

(The camera cuts to Carl Jacobs standing in the ring. Behind him fans are waving signs that say ‘FILE IS MY DADDY’s BABY!’ and ‘EL ARCO IRIS ES EL PATO!’ Jacobs holds up the microphone to his mouth. The lineup for the match shows on the bottom of the screen.)

Nick Savage vs. Chris McMillan

JACOBS: "Goucher College .. are you ready to GO?"

(SFX: Huge cheap pop at the mention of the school.)

JACOBS: "The following match is scheduled for one fall and has a 30 minute time limit. Introducing first …"

(CUEUP: ‘Dogs of War’ by Pink Floyd.)

JACOBS: "Coming to the ring .. standing 5’8" and weighing in at 185 pounds.. he is from Cadillac, Michigan…"

(The Wolf walks through the curtain to a good size pop. He walks down to the ring, and at the end of the rampway, he howls at the fans. He hops inside the ring.)


(CUEUP: ‘Wait and Bleed’ by Slipknot. The lights go off and flames appear to be coming out of the top of the rampway. The fans start to boo.)

JACOBS: "And his opponent…"

(Nick Savage walks through the curtain and begins to walk down the rampway.)

JACOBS: "He stands 6’6 and weighs 343 pounds …. And hails from Atlanta, Georgia…….’Violent’ NICK SAVAGE!"

(Savage rolls under the bottom rope and hops to his feet. He looks at McMillan and yells something inaudible.)

JIVE: "Both men look like they’re ready to rip each other’s heads off, Tom."

GHEORGHE: "Interesting energy coming from both men as Savage is really laying on the verbal attack. The referee is telling both men the rules …"

(SFX: Bell rings.)

GHEORGHE: "And this match is underway. Chris McMillan quick to pounce of Nick Savage as he drives a flying forearm into Savage’s face bringing him to the mat! McMillan on top Savage and he is driving the head of Savage into them mat repeatedly. McMillan is off to a HOT start here tonight on RAUCOUS."

JIVE: "McMillan is used to starting off hot and then crashing."

GHEORGHE: "McMillan now turns Savage around … and locks him in a headlock!"

JIVE: "Man what technical prowess by McMillan… ha!"

GHEORGHE: "McMillan lets go ... and stomps away on Savage. But Savage grabs his foot and pushes ‘the WOLF’ down to the ground!! Savage gets himself up … and now he goes to grab McMillan … but McMILLAN SWEEPS SAVAGE DOWN TO THE GROUND AND CLIMBS ON TOP AND STARTS PUNCHING HIM AGAIN!"

(SFX: Someone in the crowd near the front chanting ‘BORING.’)

JIVE: "Have I mentioned how much I love college students! McMillan IS boring!"

GHEORHGE: "McMillan lets up and picks up Savage.. Goes for a suplex but Savage blocks it and turns it into a SCHOOLBOY!!! ONE …… TW—no! The pinfall doesn't reach two."

JIVE: "Savage almost had him!"

GHEORGHE: "Savage and McMillan get up quickly and lock up. McMillan gets the advantage and locks Savage into a headlock before taking him down with a side suplex!"

JIVE: "McMillan needs to expand … and Savage needs to get his act together."

GHEORGHE: "Chris McMillan going back to the usual move in this match by putting on a headlock while on the ground, but Savage counters it quickly with a flip over!! But McMillan is able to still get the hold on!! WAIT .. now they BOTH HAVE SIDE HEADLOCKS ON EACH OTHER!"


JIVE: "Look! Now that kid’s got more people chanting boring! And people said that the youth weren’t able to mobilize!"

GHEORGHE: "The fans not being very appreciative of McMillan and Savage so far .. both men are showing that they’ve mastered some basic wrestling moves. Savage now is able to get back on top to attempt a break of McMillan’s headlock, but the Wolf is able to keep it on as does Savage!"

(CUTTO: Fans quickly. The fans are bored to death talking amongst themselves.)

JIVE: "And now the fans aren’t even paying attention!"

GHEORGHE: "The ref is walking over to them … AND HE IS BREAKING UP THE HOLD!! The ref says that they need to get on their feet. Savage and McMillan are on their feet as these ‘Boring’ chants get louder! McMillan looking a little pissed off, but both lock back up and the ref warns them not to apply another headlock! Savage gets the upper hand and throws McMillan to the ropes …. Savage follows in and hits McMillan with a knee to the stomach! Savage hits a leg drop on McMillan and pins him!! ONE …. But McMillan easily kicks out."

JIVE: "Savage slaps the mat … and now the fans are really getting into this match!"


GHEORGHE: "I don’t think it’s the type of interaction that anyone wants.. as Nick Savage complains to the ref … and now Chris McMillan is up on his feet talking to the ref! What is going on here?"

JIVE: "I don’t know, but Savage is asking for the Microphone!"

(Savage gets the microphone as the fans continue to chant boring.)

SAVAGE: "What the fuck do you expect from us? We’re trying to put on an exciting match full of REAL wrestling …."

(SFX: Fans boo.)

SAVAGE: "You can go…"

Let's Make This Interesting

(CUEUP: ‘Sober’ by Tool. The fans pop.)

JIVE: "What the fuck?!"

GHEORGHE: "I don’t recognize this music at all! What is going on here!"

(The lights go out as the intro to the song is played. Then, when the first loud guitar rift is played, the lights come back on, revealing Suicide to be standing at the top of the entrance way.)


JIVE: "Wait, what?!"

(When the lyrics kick in, Suicide walks calmly to the ring. When he gets to the ring, he gets a second microphone and stands next to McMillan and Savage..)


SUICIDE: "Apparently these wrestling fans came to see some wrestling."

(The fans start cheering loudly for Suicide.)

SUICIDE: "But I'll tell you what: let's make things interesting. You Mr. McMillan and you Mr. Savage, team up, to take on, oh let's say...... me."

(The fans start chanting "Suicide" as the other two men look at one another.)


GHEORGHE: "Suicide is challenging both McMillan AND Savage to a handicap match!"

SAVAGE: "I don't need to distinguish myself with someone who parades around in some gimp mask and intentionally hurt people. I'm out of here...."

(The fans start booing as Savage leaves the ring.)

SUICIDE: "And what about you?"

McMILLAN: "Sorry, but I want nothing to do with you either...."

(The fans continue to boo as Suicide stands in the middle of the ring, rubbing his chin through his mask.)

SUICIDE: "I guess this is a good time as any to address such topic. As you all know, I was once employed by the(makes quote marks with his fingers) "good" people at Empire Pro. It seems word around the Internet and magazines everywhere was that I was fired. This is the type of thing that most leagues set to do when they want to save face. Let me break it down to you like this: I never try to hurt anyone in this ring intentionally. When you are inside this ring, you are in combat. There are always casualties in combat. Loss is one such casualty. Injuries are another. It is not my fault a few wrestlers weren't able to wrestle me and instead injured themselves."

(The fans cheer Suicide on.)

SUICIDE: "Wait, it gets better. So what do you do when your wrestlers can't wrestle and get hurt by someone who is the first one to arrive at the arena every single day, ready to wrestling for you fans? Set him up to screw him over. Well, I guess they succeeded in that. Because, I quit soon afterwards as I knew I was no longer treated as an equal but someone below them."

(The fans start booing, chanting "EPW SUCKS!".)

JIVE: "That’s not very nice!"

GHEORGHE: "Hey, the fans can yell whatever they want, right?"

JIVE: "To a degree!"

GHEORGHE: "Shhh, let Suicide finish."

SUICIDE: "But I digress; you see, there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow..... no pun intended Iris. I was going to call it quits. I was going to go home and feel sorry for myself, like I did something wrong. That's not me. Instead, I called and called and called several promotions to give me a chance. But of course, because of this whole (makes quote marks with his fingers) "fiasco" they wouldn't take said chance. But Mr. LaRoque and Ms. Juliet gave me a chance.... under one condition. That condition is that I have to earn my way up through the ranks here at New ERA. Well Mr. LaRoque and Ms. Marceau, how's this for earning my keep: On the next RAUCOUS, the same show that will crown the first ever New ERA World Heavyweight and Television champions.... I challenge, not one, but TWO wrestlers in two separate matches. So that means even Mr. McMillan and Mr. Savage can get in on this. I am here to make a statement and that is no matter who tries to smear my face through the mud, I will prove, nay, show why I am The Man.... The Myth.... The Legend. This mysterious wanderer is here to stay, no matter how much you kick, scream, and beg for mercy. 'Nuff said."

(Suicide drops the mic on the mat as he leaves the ring, as the fans start chanting his name.)

GHEORGHE: "I cannot believe it! Suicide has entered New ERA of Wrestling, and has challenged not ONE … but TWO members of the roster to take him on in two separate matches on the ‘title-crowning’ episode of RAUCOUS!"

JIVE: "I don’t know whether to be excited, pissed off, enthralled or what! I’m shocked!"

GHEORGHE: "All I can say is WOW. What a fantastic way to start off RAUCOUS … ladies and gentlemen, when we come back … Jonathan Marx will take on El Arco Iris in a special preview event!"

( continued... )