[ Hartford Civic Center ] Hartford, Connecticut


TAPED: Feb. 09, 2004
AIRED: Feb. 13, 2004

(FADEIN: A black screen. CUEUP: ‘Who Said’ by Planet Funk as the following words slowly scroll from the bottom of the screen to the center of the screen.)




(Fading from the black background and slowly coming up behind the words is the RAUCOUS logo. As it fades closer and closer, it transcends the words and they disintegrate as the logo takes precedence on the screen.)

(FADETO: The jam packed Hartford Civic Centre as thousands upon thousands of screaming fans are waving signs galore. The cameras pan as we see some of the hundreds of signs in the crowd. One says "PYRO WILL BE PUT OUT!" .. CUTTO: Another sign that says "THE WOLF IS ON THE PROWL" .. CUTTO: A third sign that says "SCOTTY MICHAELS SUCKS" .. CUTTO: Finally the last sign seen is being held by a little boy in the front row. His sign says "WE LOVE YOU PETER FILE!")

(CUTTO: The announcer’s table as Tom Gheorghe and Nick Jive are just sitting down. Gheorghe is wearing a nice suit and tie combination, while Jive has on a t-shirt that says ‘SILVER IS THE GOD OF WRESTLING’. They put on their head sets as pyrotechnics go off in the centre of the ring.)

GHEORGHE: "And welcome everyone to the Hartford Civic Centre as we come to you LIVE from Hartford, Connecticut with the second edition of New ERA RAUCOUS! Joining me again this week is Nick Jive."

JIVE: "And you’re stuck with me, Tom."

GHEORGHE: "Well, at least I’ve tried to get rid of you …"

JIVE: "No worries.. what would you do without me, Tom?"

GHEORGHE: "Probably have a successful show for once."

JIVE: "Hahaha, I don’t think so mate."

GHEORGHE: "So now you’re Australian?"

JIVE: "No, but the hooker I just had was."

(Gheorghe shakes his head)

GHEORGHE: "I don’t know why I just set myself up for that one .. but alas, tonight we have our SUDDEN DEATH round for the Television title tournament! Care to elaborate more on it, Nick?"

JIVE: "Well, I was at the club last night .. and as I was walking to my car she was lying on top of i…"


JIVE: "Oh … then no, I don’t want to."

GHEORGHE: "Geez. Ok, I’ll do it. This is the sudden death round of the Television title tournament. The four matches here tonight are New ERA’s version of the NFL’s Wildcard playoffs round. The eight men involved in tonight’s matches will fight to move on and take on those who received ‘byes’.. The four men who received ‘byes’ are unknown so far, since they’ll be the four men eliminated in the second round of the Battle Bowl Mania tournament .. so, the gist of it is, the men who made it further in the Battle Bowl tournament get prime placement in the Television title tournament, while those who lost are fighting for their spots!"

JIVE: "Brilliantly said, Tom .. I couldn’t have said it better myself."

GHEORGHE: "You’re lucky you can still talk.. But lets look at the tournament brackets for the Television title tournament!!"

(CUTTO: Rampway where an image showing the Television title tournament pops up onto the screen. Afterwards, the camera cuts back to the announce table.

JIVE: "Look at the first match, Tom .. my boy Doc Silver, the GOD OF WRESTLING, taking on Trevor Cane … the man who made them LOSE in the first round of battle bowl mania!"

GHEORGHE: "Made them LOSE??? Silver didn’t even show up!"

JIVE: "Well, I’m telling you, Tom, he’s here tonight and he’s going to give Trevor Cane the beatdown of his life."

GHEORGHE: "I thought he wasn’t going to be here tonight. He told the entire world that until Acting President Marcus LaRoque starts paying him more, he’s going to skip matches."

JIVE: "Oh please, Tom! Doc is just playing mind games with Cane! You really think that Doc Silver would pass up the opportunity to win some gold and teach Trevor Cane a lesson?"

GHEORGHE: "Well, I guess that’s true. What about the second match of the evening. Pyro will take on HIS partner from the inaugural show of RAUCOUS, Jared Wells."


GHEORGHE: "Wells was upset that Pyro was mute leading up to the match."

JIVE: "Well I made sure that Pyro got a copy the match .. and he KNOWS what Wells did to him .. and let me tell you, he’s none too happy."

GHEORGHE: "Which would probably explain why he was mute again this week."

JIVE: "Who knows, maybe he was premeditating his vicious attack tonight! What I’m more concerned about is how Chris McMillan is going to handle the American."

GHEORGHE: "I’m sure McMillan will be able to handle himself.. He did just fine in the battle bowl match with Larry Tact and El Arco Iris."

JIVE: "Yea, but he let himself get beat because he was too busy pandering to these fans!"

GHEORGHE: "Larry Tact made an excellent reversal on Brody Hansen and they rightfully won the match. And that means that now McMillan will take on a superb talent in the American."

JIVE: "The American is one of the greatest men in this promotion. And you know, I heard a little rumor. Well, actually, a giant rumor!"

GHEORGHE: "Oh? Something stupid, I presume."

JIVE: "I heard that the American is dating the President’s niece!"

GHEORGHE: "WHAT? Like the President would allow is niece to date a wrestler?"

JIVE: "No its true .. now whether it’s the President of the United States, or Acting President Marcus LaRoque’s niece, I didn’t get the details. All I heard was that he was dating the President’s niece."

GHEORGHE: "You need to check your sources, Nick. Or lay off the hash …"

JIVE: "Heeeyyy.."

GHEORGHE: "browns."

JIVE: "Very funny."

GHEORGHE: "And the final match up tonight pits one of the most despicable men I have ever met, WFW World Champion Scotty Michaels, against Brody Hansen. Michaels’ actions last week were horrid, wretched, and I hope he loses here tonight."

JIVE: "Scotty Michaels was defending his and the WFW’s pride! To let a man like Shawn Hart defeat him brought shame to both of them."

GHEORGHE: "SHAME? This is a man who pretending his cousin was crippled to win the title! This is a man who attacked Shawn Hart last week with a chair and practically decapitated him! There is no shame for Scotty Michaels."

JIVE: "Well, Michaels is going to be your first New ERA Television champion. Just like in WFW, where he held their North American title before ascending to the main title, Michaels will take the Television title and then the World title."

GHEORGHE: "Reports on Hart’s condition have been far and few between .. we don’t even know if he’ll be able to continue in the BATTLE BOWL MANIA tournament!"


(CUEUP: "The Perfect Drug" by Nine Inch Nails as the lights go out.)

GHEORGHE: "Now what!"

(CUTTO: Rampway. Acting President Marcus LaRoque comes from behind the curtain and begins to walk down the rampway. He enters the ring and takes a microphone.)

LaROQUE: "Are you all ready for New ERA RAUCOUS from HARTFORD?!"

(CUEUP: Cheap crowd pops)

LaROQUE: "Tonight here tonight we’ll begin on the long trek to the Television title and you all will bear witness to four men who will STUMBLE and FALL from that path!"


LaROQUE: "Yes, that’s what I’m out here to talk about."

GHEORGHE: "Speaking of news!"

LaROQUE: "Last time on RAUCOUS we had a battle between Shawn Hart, Suicidal Killer, Scotty Michaels, and The American. As you all can tell, Shawn Hart and Suicidal Killer were victorious!"

(SFX: Crowd pops)

LaROQUE: "And then afterwards Scotty Michaels, finding the particular result not to his liking, decided to repeatedly assault ‘the Phenom’ in the ring at the end of RAUCOUS in Worcester."

(SFX: Crowd boos loudly.)

JIVE: "The fans love it! Listen to them cheer for Scotty Michaels!"

GHEORGHE: "I think you need to get your ears cleaned out or perhaps you just need to go back to college and get a new career."

LaROQUE: "Well, let me tell you. We do not take assaults post match on ANYONE on our roster lightly. And Scotty Michaels WILL BE FINED!"

(SFX: Crowd pops)

LaROQUE: "Unfortunately .. due to his injuries at the hands of Scotty Michaels, Shawn Hart has been forced to resign from the Battle Bowl Mania, and take an indefinite leave from New ERA of Wrestling."


GHEORGHE: "I cant believe it!! Shawn Hart has had to pull out of New ERA because of the attack from Scotty Michaels! Now I think he deserves to be yanked from the Television title as well!"

JIVE: "No, he was fined, didn’t you hear that?"

GHEORGHE: "A fine for totally taking out a threat for the World title?? That’s it?"

JIVE: "Maybe it was a really big fine?"

LaROQUE: "But no need to fear .. especially you, Suicidal Killer. And also you Larry Tact and El Arco Iris. Because I (stresses) DID find a replacement! One that should more than fulfill the void that the absence of Shawn Hart has left!"

GHEORGHE: "Huh? What is he talking about? A better replacement? How could that be?"

JIVE: "I know!! He’s going to name DOC SILVER as Suicidal Killer’s tag partner and give Cane a bye into the next round!"

GHEORGHE: "I highly doubt that."

LaROQUE: "And now I’m sure you are all wondering just who is taking ‘the Phenom’s’ place. (smiles) .. Well LADIES AND GENTLEMEN …… THE NEWEST MEMBER OF THE NEW ERA ROSTER ……."

(The lights go out and a white spotlight goes on the curtain at the top of the ramp...)


( continued... )