[ Hartford Civic Center ] Hartford, Connecticut


TAPED: Feb. 09, 2004
AIRED: Feb. 13, 2004
EPISODE: RAUCOUS 02, Chapter 2

GHEORGHE: "That’s Juliet Marceau’s music, not a new wrestlers!"


(Marceau steps out from behind the curtain with a microphone in her hand. LaRoque is standing in the ring with a smirk on his face shaking his head.)

MARCEAU: "Like we would really let you imbeciles know who was going to be Suicidal Killer’s new mystery partner?"

(The crowd starts loudly chanting some derogatory remarks to Marceau. CUTTO: In ring.)

LaROQUE: "Oh, c’mon. Let’s not be rude!"

JIVE: "Thank GOD! I thought Marceau was going to be his partner."

GHEORGHE: "You are simple, aren’t you?"

JIVE: "I’m ignoring you. But I wonder what’s going on? When will we find out?"

MARCEAU: "In fact. You won’t find out just who this mystery partner is until NEXT RAUCOUS!"

(Fans continuing chanting.)

JIVE: "I didn’t know Hartford fans were so philosophical. They’re calling for Emmanuel Kant …"

GHEORGHE: "I don’t think they’re saying, Kant, Nick.."

JIVE: "What on Earth are you talking about?"

LaROQUE: "She’s got a point. We wish the best to Shawn Hart, and we’re sad to see him on our inactive roster, but we’re more than pleased with his replacement, who’ll make his debut NEXT RAUCOUS when he and Suicidal Killer take on LARRY TACT and EL ARCO IRIS!! Remember to tune in and watch as the landscape of New ERA is transformed!"

(The fans continue to boo as LaRoque walks up the rampway, ignoring the fans chants for Marceau. They walk behind the curtain. CUTTO: The announcer’s table.)

JIVE: "I can hardly wait, Tom! I’m going to have to set my snoops on this right away and see if I can get anything before the night is over!"

GHEORGHE: "A very sneaky announcement from our Acting President and his Acting Vice President. We also would like to wish, on behalf of the entire New ERA of Wrestling roster, our best wishes to Shawn Hart on a speedy recovery. We also want to invite everyone to join us live from the HSBC Arena in Buffalo, New York for the next RAUCOUS …"

JIVE: "Let’s finish this one before we start advertising for the next, Speedy.."

GHEORGHE: "You just want to see if your guy shows up tonight."

JIVE: "God dammit, Doc will be here!!"

GHEORGHE: "Let’s send this one up to Carl Jacobs."

(CUTTO: The rampway as the image for the next match pops onto the screen. Afterwards it cuts to Carl Jacobs, standing in the middle of the ring wearing a suit and tie.)

Television Championship Tournament
Sudden Death

Trevor Cane vs. Doc Silver

JACOBS: "The following match is for ONE FALL and is the first of the SUDDEN DEATH ROUND TELEVISION TITLE TOURNAMENT MATCHES!"

(SFX: Crowd pops)

JACOBS: "Introducing first…"

JIVE: "Here he comes!"

(CUEUP: "Unkind" by Destrophy. After a few seconds Cane walks from the back. He stares straight at the ring as he walks calmly down to ringside. He never takes his eyes off the ring. As he gets to ringside, he rolls underneath the bottom rope, and walks to the nearest corner.)

JACOBS: "Standing six feet, five inches .. weighing 265 pounds.. hailing from Sarasota, Florida … ‘the MESSENGER’ … TREVOR CANE!"


(CUEUP: "Push It" by Garbage as the lights go off and strobe lights come on …)

JACOBS: "And his opponent…"

(Jacobs waits for Doc to come from behind the curtain but there seems to be no commotion.)

GHEORGHE: "He’s done it again."

JIVE: "No! He’s coming! Give him a second to tie his boots or something. I KNOW HE’S COMING."

(The music continues to play, but no one comes out. Finally the ref calls for the lights to go back up and walks over to Jacobs.)

JACOBS: "The referee has informed me of his decision … and the WINNER …"

(The lights turn out, as white lights flicker and a static noise is heard. The fans turn and look at each other.)

JIVE: "What the hell?"

GHEORGHE: "What is going on?"

Unexpected Company

(Trevor Cane is in the ring looking around.. CUEUP: ‘Sic’ by Slipknot. The fans raise out of their seats and look toward the rampway.)

JIVE: "This isn’t Doc’s music!"

(The big screens at the top of the rampway show a blurred wrestler’s face and film of a wrestler. All of a sudden blue pyro goes off up and down the rampway as blue strobe lights flash around the arena.)

GHEORGHE: "I’m as confused as you are, Nick."

(The words ‘JOHN DOE’ flash and shake on the big screens as a wrestler walks onto the stage up top holding a microphone. Trevor Cane’s facial expressions change from awed to annoyed. ‘John Doe’ starts walking towards the ring.)

GHEORGHE: "I’m getting news from back saying this is New ERA’s newest star John Doe.."

JIVE: "First of all you don’t try to take Doc’s place, and second of all, he’s encroaching on Cane’s victory celebration."

GHEORGHE: "So you’re admitting that the ref was going to disqualify Doc for NOT SHOWING UP."

JIVE: "I’m just saying."

(Doe slides into the ring, still holding the microphone. Red pyro goes off from all turnbuckles as the fans cheer. The lights go up as the music cuts.)

DOE: "Well. The big, bad Trevor Cane. Mr. Messenger, what are you the representative of GOD?"

JIVE: "No you idiot, that’s DOC! And you’re taking up his space!"

GHEORGHE: "Shutup, Nick, let’s hear what he has to say."

DOE: "You think you’re the ace of the cards in this Television tournament? You look more like a big ass joker to me."

(Fans explode in laughter as Cane’s eyes light up.)

GHEORGHE: "Strong words from Doe!"

DOE: "You think I’m going to let you walk out of here with an easy victory under your belt? OH NO! How about this, Messenger. How about we have a match right here, right now so I can smack the crap out of you. How bad could it be?"


GHEORGHE: "There wasn’t any announcement on who won the match, Nick."

(CUEUP: ‘the Perfect Drug’ by Nine Inch Nails as Marcus LaRoque steps from behind the curtain.)

JIVE: "What’s he want?"

GHEORGHE: "Why don’t you shutup and listen?"

LaROQUE: "Well. I was all set to let Trevor Cane walk out of here and into the quarterfinals of the Television Championship tournament."

(Crowd boos)

LaROQUE: "But after listening to the proposal, and after having Doc AGAIN no show, which by the way, won’t improve our offer to him, and listening to the fans .. well they paid to see a match, and they’ll see one! RING THAT BELL."

(LaRoque walks to the back.)

GHEORGHE: "And Marcus LaRoque has ordered Trevor Cane to face newcomer John Doe in the sudden death round!"

JIVE: "He can’t do that!"

GHEORGHE: "He’s the President. So yes, yes he can."

(The new lineup for the match comes on the screen and then fades as we CUTTO: the ring.)

Television Championship Tournament
Sudden Death

Trevor Cane vs. John Doe

(SFX: Bell rings.)

JIVE: "This is ridiculous! Doe shouldn’t be here!"

GHEORGHE: "He is, and this match is beginning! Cane charges at Doe .. AND DOE HITS HIM WITH THE MICROPHONE! Cane is down!! ONE …. TWO … KICKOUT!"

JIVE: "He should already be disqualified!!"

GHEORGHE: "He tells the ref that he wasn’t thinking and the ref takes the microphone from him. Doe now walks up to the downed Cane and starts kicking him in the ribs. Doe picks up Trevor Cane .. and Cane with a poke to the eyes and John Doe backs off."

JIVE: "Ring presence!"

GHEORGHE: "Cane walks up behind Doe … SWINGING NECKBREAKER. Cane with the cover .. and Doe easily kicks out. Cane up, and Doe knicks up.. Cane comes charging with a clothesline attempt, Doe ducks .. Cane bounces off the ropes, DOE WITH HIS HEAD DOWN …. CAUGHT! POWERBOMB BY CANE!"

JIVE: "He made such a nonsensical mistake there. How does he expect to beat Cane if he’s putting his head down?"

GHEORGHE: "Heat of the moment, anything can happen. Except for showing up. Doc didn’t seem to get that part."

JIVE: "I bet someone tied him up! He’s probably in a broom closet right now! Where’s Peter File???? Who knows what he did to DOC?!"

GHEORGHE: "Trevor Cane now bending over and getting in the face of Doe … AND DOE WITH A SMALL PACKAGE!! ONE … TWO … KICKOUT! A very close one there as the Messenger almost lost his chance to enter into the next round of the Television title tournament. Doe now up in the corner as Cane is measuring him up. And now Cane hitting him with a barrage of lefts and rights. Cane locks, and irish whips him into the opposite turnbuckle .. and DOE HITS CHEST FIRST AND FALLS TO THE MAT."

JIVE: "I heard Doe’s chest compact about 2 inches further inward on that one."

GHEORGHE: "And now Trevor Cane walks over to Doe and CONTINUES TO TALK SMACK ABOUT HIM."

JIVE: "You just did not say smack."

GHEORGHE: "I learned it from my nephew. Cane keeping his distance this time. Grabs Doe by the hair and drags him to his knees. Bounces against the ropes … SPINNING LEG KICK … BUT DOE DUCKS AND CANE HITS THE MAT!"

JIVE: "More like Doe dropped to the mat."

GHEORGHE: "Doe didn’t drop, he ducked that move and now is over to Cane. Picks up Cane and hits a snap suplex. Picks up Cane again, and nails ANOTHER snap suplex. John Doe is showing some very good technical skill here. These snap suplexes are picture perfect."

JIVE: "I wouldn’t be surprised if he stole those from Doc, too. He steals his match, and if he moves on, he’ll still his win, and if he wins the Television title, he’ll have stolen his title, too!"

GHEORGHE: "Silver doesn’t even belong in New ERA after what he’s done! Trevor Cane now slowly getting up as John Doe is waiting for him. Doe walks up to him, but Cane knees him in the stomach! Cane with an Irish whip, Doe comes back … HURRICANRANA BY JOHN DOE AND TREVOR CANE GOES FLYING TO THE OUTSIDE!"

JIVE: "He should be disqualified!"

GHEORGHE: "Why, for using a move you can’t pronounce?"

JIVE: "I can say Hurrycanmama!"

GHEORGHE: "Hurricanrana, Nick."

JIVE: "Uh hello.. that’s what I said."

GHEORGHE: "Cane hits the apron with his hands and slides back into the ring. Doe off the ropes, FLYING CROSS BODY! CANE DUCKS AND DOE GOES THROUGH THE ROPES AND TO THE OUTSIDE! Now Trevor Cane is pointing to his head telling the fans he’s smarter than John Doe. Cane turns around … SUNSET FLIP BY DOE!!! ONE ….. TWO ….. THREE!! NOO! Cane got out at the last moment!"

JIVE: "Doe managed to hang on to the top rope and easily lower himself down instead of crashing like Cane thought. He was up and ready way before Cane turned around."

GHEORGHE: "Doe and Cane back up, Cane with a fireman’s carry. Doe back up, and Cane drops him with a drop toe hold! Cane stalking John Doe .. Doe’s up .. and Cane wraps his arms around the waist.. GERMAN SUPLEX WITH A BRIDGE!!! ONE … TWO …. AND DOE WRIGGLES OUT OF IT! Both men are up.. Cane with an ELBOW to the head and Doe is wobbly… TREVOR CANE PICKS JOHN DOE UP FOR A TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!"



JIVE: "I can’t believe he did that!"

GHEORGHE: "John Doe reversed the tombstone and now he’s going up TOP!!! JOHN DOE MEASURES ….. SWANTON BOMB RIGHT ONTO TREVOR CANE!!!"

CROWD: "N . E . W ! N . E . W!"

GHEORGHE: "And the crowd is going nuts as John Doe picks a pretty lifeless Trevor Cane off the mat.. He sends him into the ropes … Cane on the way back, AMNESIA ATTACK!!! Doe twists Cane on his return flight and drops him to the mat driving the ELBOW INTO THE THROAT!!!! THE PIN!!! ONE …… TWO …… THREE!!!! JOHN DOE HAS DONE IT!!"

JIVE: "No!!! HE CANT MOVE ON!! He wasn’t even scheduled for the tournament!!!"

JACOBS: "The winner of this match .. and moving on to the TELEVISION TITLE TOURNAMENT …… JOHN DOE!!!"

GHEORGHE: "What an incredible debut from John Doe!!! Folks when we get back PYRO and JARED WELLS …. ONE on ONE!"

Southern Comfort

(CUTTO: the back area. Brody Hansen is sitting down getting ready for his upcoming match with Scotty Michaels. All of a sudden a hot blonde walks into the picture holding a tray of brownies and buckets of beer.)

WOMAN: "Hello, Brody? My name is Celeste. President LaRoque sent me."

HANSEN: "What do you want?"

CELESTE: "Well, President LaRoque wanted me to let you know that he has FULL faith in your victory tonight … and well.."

(She sets the tray down. She then sits on Brody Hansen’s lap.)

CELESTE: "He wanted to make sure that his future Television Champion is comfortable heading into his match tonight, if you know what I mean…"

( continued... )