[ Worcester Centrum ] Worcester, Massachusetts


TAPED: Jan. 29, 2004
AIRED: Feb. 01, 2004

(FADEIN: A black screen. From the bottom of the screen moving slowly to the top of the screen are the following words.)

The Dreams of Many Stars…


Are about to be laid to rest!

(Fading from the black background and slowly coming up behind the words is the RAUCOUS logo. As it fades closer and closer, it transcends the words and they disintegrate as the logo takes precedence on the screen.)

(CUTTO: The sold out Centrum Civic Centre in Worcester , Massachusetts . The camera pans around as we see signs everywhere. CUTTO: A sign that reads ‘MICHAELS will be WFW and New ERA World Champion!" CUTTO: Another that says ‘JONATHAN MARX is a TRUE gentleman!" CUTTO: A final sign that says "New ERA is ready to ROCK YOUR WORLD!")

(FADETO: The announce table as Tom Gheorghe and Nick Jive are putting on their headsets as the pyrotechnics go off inside the ring. The fans are screaming and Jive is looking around in awe.)

JIVE: "These people are acting like they've never been to a wrestling event before!"

GHEORGHE: "They may have, Nick, but I bet they've never been to the inaugural event of a promotion that's starting with as much talent as New ERA is starting with here tonight at RAUCOUS! Speaking of which, welcome everyone to the Centrum Civic Centre as we're in Worcester , Massachusetts with the first ever edition of New ERA of Wrestling's flagship show, RAUCOUS! I am Tom Gheorghe and with me here tonight, as he'll unfortunately always be, is Nick Jive. "

JIVE: "Perhaps these fans mistake this event for a Howard Dean event? They probably heard that there would be a bunch of guys hooting and hollering and mistook us for Dean."

GHEORGHE: "Oh stop it! The fans are here to see the four first round BATTLE BOWL matches that will kick off Battle Bowl Mania to crown the first New ERA World Champion!"

JIVE: "I do agree with you here, Tom. Battle Bowl is an ingenious way to start off a World title tournament. Sixteen guys randomly drawn into eight teams. The first four teams eliminated will be automatically entered into the ‘sudden death' first round for the New ERA Television title single elimination tournament."

GHEORGHE: "And then the four men eliminated from the second round of the Battle Bowl tournament will end up being put into the second round of the Television title tournament. It's almost like the NFL Wild Card playoffs round. The first eight guys are in the wild card, with the winners moving on to face the four who receive a "bye" technically into the second round."

JIVE: "And then the final four men in the Battle Bowl Mania tournament will enter the ring for a four man battle royal to determine the first World Champion."

GHEORGHE: "Exactly. But those situations are to happen in the weeks to come. TONIGHT, here in Worcester , we have four HUGE matches which will eliminate eight men from the World title tournament. First match is ‘the Messenger' Trevor Cane and Doc Silver taking on The Renaissance Man and former A1E World Champion Cross!"

JIVE: "I can't wait to see Doc Silver in action here tonight! I've gotten word from my cronies in the back that Silver is in the building, and that he's been strutting around like he's got this match in the bag. Renaissance Man and Cross will be formidable opponents, but I think Silver will carry his team to the next round."

GHEORGHE: "Maybe so, Nick. We've also got Pyro, a WIW superstar, teaming with ‘Rage O Fire' Jared Wells as they'll be taking on the unusual Peter File and ‘Gentleman' Jonathan Marx in the second matchup. File and Marx are like the odd couple if you ask me."

JIVE: "Thank god no one's asking you then. Peter File and Jonathan Marx, even though their styles are … different to say the least, they'll prove to work together. Wells has made a great comeback, but with his partner seemingly missing in action the week leading up to tonight, we're not even sure he's going to show!"

GHEORGHE: "I recently had a chance to see some of Pyro's stuff and let me tell you, if he shows tonight, he's going to give File and Marx a run for their money in that ring. Match number three contains what could be two of the biggest fan favorites who might develop here in New ERA. Larry Tact and El Arco Iris will take on Brody Hansen and ‘the Wolf' Chris McMillan."

JIVE: "I like McMillan. I like Hansen."

GHEORGHE: "Surely you've seen what Larry Tact and El Arco Iris have done."

JIVE: "Of course I have. Doesn't necessarily mean I think they're worth more than the leather on my shoes."

GHEORGHE: "I see. I think that'll be one hell of a match tonight and I cannot wait to see which team comes out on top. Speaking of top, the final match tonight contains two World Champions. One is the FORMER WFW World Champion, and the other is the man who beat him, making him the CURRENT WFW World Champion. Shawn Hart will be teaming with Suicidal Killer, another A1E superstar who is on the New ERA roster, as they take on Scotty Michaels and the American."

JIVE: "I'm really split on this one. But I'm going with Michaels and the American. They're both determined and you can never count out a current World Champion, no matter from which league he's from. Well, actually, I could think of a few leagues … lik.."

GHEORGHE: "We're not going to mention any names here, Nick. But I don't know. Suicidal Killer has shown a maniacal drive leading up to RAUCOUS, and Shawn Hart was also the prior WFW World Champion before Michaels screwed him from the title."

JIVE: "Michaels won that title fair and square, and he's going to do the same thing here in New ERA."

GHEORGHE: "Well ladies and gentleman. We're here in Worcester , Massachusetts … and when we come back from this commercial break we're going to start New ERA of Wrestling off with a BANG! Coming up, CANE .. SILVER .. taking on RENAISSANCE MAN and CROSS! It's BATTLE BOWL MANIA .. It's a New ERA of Wrestling .. and SOMEONE's Dreams of being the first World Champion .. are going to be LAID … TO … REST!"

( continued... )