[ Worcester Centrum ] Worcester, Massachusetts


TAPED: Jan. 29, 2004
AIRED: Feb. 01, 2004
EPISODE: RAUCOUS 01, Chapter 2

(FADEIN: Back to the Centrum Civic Centre as the camera is placed in front of Nick Jive and Tom Gheorghe. Suddenly, from the sides of the screen, the word ‘BATTLE BOWL MANIA’ race across and crash into each other in the center.)

GHEORGHE: "And we are ready to kick off our very first match in New ERA history!"

JIVE: "I know you’re excited, Tom, I can smell you from here.."

GHEORGHE: "You’re just upset that I make more than you, Nick."

JIVE: "Wait.. you make more than me?! How much?"

(CUTTO: The rampway, as the matchup for the first match comes onto the screen.)

World Heavyweight Championship Tournament
Battle Bowl Mania

Trevor Cane & Doc Silver vs. Cross & Renaissance Man

GHEORGHE: "This match is one that I’ve been waiting to see ever since it was announced. The team of ‘the Messenger’ Trevor Cane and DOC SILVER going against The Renaissance Man and the former A1E World Champion, Cross!"

JIVE: "You know what? I’m disappointed with the way that this match was handled."

GHEORGHE: "What on Earth do you mean?"

JIVE: Well, I know that Cane must believe he’s God’s gift to wrestling.. because he sure as hell didn’t think it’d be worth giving his time leading up to New ERA’s first show!"

GHEORGHE: "Perhaps he has been playing the psych out game? Afterall, Silver poked his head in only when he saw fit, too, you know."

JIVE: "Yes, but that’s because he’s got the talent. He doesn’t need to prove anything to anybody, Gheorghe. In fact, I was talking to him out back during our commercial break, and boy does he seem ready to carry Cane’s ass all the way to the finals of Battle Bowl Mania!"

GHEORGHE: "But let’s not forget Cross and the Renaissance Man. Cross sounded pretty well together."

JIVE: "Cross is great. I don’t know who to cheer for. Should I go for Silver? Cross? It’s a dilemma."

GHEORGHE: "Well let’s go to Carl Jacobs in the ring and get RAUCOUS started!"

(CUTTO: In ring. A medium height man stands in the ring with the microphone in his hand. He doesn’t have cue cards because he’s seemingly memorized the information about each competitor.)

JACOBS: "Ladies and gentlemen. I am Carl Jacobs and I want to thank EACH and EVERY one of you for coming here to the Worcester Centrum Civic Centre for New ERA of Wrestling’s first card, RAUCOUS! (SFX: Cheap pop from crowd.) The following matchup is for one fall, and is the first of four BATTLE BOWL MANIA matchups to determine which 8 men will go on to the next round to continue fighting for a chance to win the New ERA World Title. Introducing first…"

(CUEUP: "Passport" by Klaus Doldingerc. The lights go down and a "lane" of changing color lights form. The Renaissance Man parts the curtains and begins to walk down to the ring.)

JACOBS: "Walking to the ring … the first man ever to grace a New ERA of Wrestling ring … THE RENAISSANCE MAN!"

(The lights in the arena go out. Lighters begin to ignite in the arena. "Crucify" by Piece of Mind begins along with simulated "thunder and lightning." On the entrance platform, a large spotlight breaks the darkness from above. In the circle of light is Cross with his head lowered taking some large breaths of air. Suddenly his head snaps up and Cross begins to ominously walk toward the ring as the arena lights slowly begin to return.)

JACOBS: "Coming down to ringside.. weighing in at 285 pounds, from Pasadena, California … the former A1E CHAMPION of the WORLD ….. CROSS!"

(The crowd shows Cross some major heat as he enters the ring and eyes down The Renaissance Man.)

JIVE: "I’m not sure Cross trusts the Renaissance Man.. he seems to be eying him up, Tom."

GHEORGHE: "Well these two, like all the competitors in Battle Bowl Mania, are going to have to work together before they can tear each other apart.."

(CUEUP: "Unkind" by Destrophy. After a few seconds Cane walks from the back. He stares straight at the ring as he walks calmly down to ringside. He never takes his eyes off the ring. As he gets to ringside, he rolls underneath the bottom rope, and walks to the nearest corner. Cane looks up at the ceiling for a few seconds, then at Cross as he points at him.)

JACOBS: "Standing six feet, five inches .. weighing 265 pounds.. hailing from Sarasota, Florida … ‘the MESSENGER’ … TREVOR CANE!"

JIVE: "Yes! This is it! Doc Silver’s next .. and he’s going to revolutionize New ERA in his very first match!"

GHEORGHE: "Calm down, Nick .. we don’t need you having a heart attack over Silver.."

JIVE: "Forget about heart attack, I’m about to com.."

(CUEUP: "Push It" by Garbage… the fans begin to rock the Centrum Civic Centre with boos.)

GHEORGHE: "Thank god for Doc.."

(CUTTO: The curtain. There isn’t any movement..)

GHEORGHE: "Well it seems as if Doc is taking his time coming down to the ring.."

JIVE: "It’s just like you said about Cane, Tom.. Doc is giving them the scare tactic."

GHEORGHE: "Well gaging from the looks on the faces of the Renaissance Man and Cross, I don’t think that I’d classify those smiles as scared."

(CUTTO: Back to the curtain.. a little ruffle goes through the curtain and the fans start to boo louder, but no one comes out. Cane now turns to look back at the curtain, his eyes lighting up.)

GHEORGHE: "And I think that ‘the Messenger’ has finally realized that his partner is not coming down to ringside."

JIVE: "He will be! He is in the building. Perhaps he is just running a bit late."

(SFX: Bell rings.)

JIVE: "What is he doing?!"

GHEORGHE: "The referee has rung the bell and is signaling for either Renaissance Man or Cross to get on the outside. Renaissance Man decides that he’ll let Cross wrestle first as Trevor Cane is staring at the referee for starting the match."

JIVE: "I’d be pissed too if the referee deliberately tried to screw me by not giving my partner enough time to come down to ringside."

GHEORGHE: "How much time should he give Doc? Five minutes? An hour?"

JIVE: "Doc is God .. he comes when he wants."

GHEORGHE: "Somehow, I don’t think Cross would agree with you that Doc is God."

JIVE: "Well that’s why he’s inside the ring putting his body in danger while I’m sitting outside it, comfortable, and able to call him names without me knowing, yea?"

GHEORGHE: "And Cane and Cross are now hooking up in the center of the ring. Cross with a go behind and he elbows Trevor Cane right in the side. Cross pushes him forward, and then brings him back planting another elbow in the side!"

JIVE: "Cross is immediately taking it to the back and sides of ‘the Messenger’. He’s going to try to knock the wind out of Cane, that way he can slow him down."

GHEORGHE: "Which is a perfect strategy considering Cane won’t have Doc down here to help him…"

JIVE: "How many times do I gotta tell you, Gheorghe? Doc Silver must be running a little late. He said he was going to teach Cross that he was God, and I’m sure he’s going to do so in a little bit."

GHEORGHE: "Cross now worked Cane all the way down to his knees. Cross locks up the arm and wrings it around the Messenger’s back. Trevor Cane trying to power his way out of the move by almost getting back to his feet … and CROSS WITH A SHORT-ARM CLOTHESLINE TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD!"

JIVE: "A-haha! Did you see how far Cane’s head bounced up off the mat? I’m starting to like this Cross character a little.."

GHEORGHE: "How easily the weak are swayed.. but back to action! Cross now walks over to the Renaissance Man. And there’s the tag. Cross is out of the ring and Renaissance Man is in. Renaissance Man walks over to Trevor Cane .. brings his arms up for a fist to the face .. and Cane blocks! Renaissance Man comes at him with a left, and CANE BLACKS AGAIN! Renaissance Man with an EYE GOUGE and Cane is stumbling around the middle of the ring."

JIVE: "Almost like these fans here tonight are going to be blindly stumbling Monday morning when the Panthers win the Superbowl!"

GHEORGHE: "But Nick, you want the Pats to win …"

JIVE: "Hey! Don’t be making up lies like that or I’ll sue you for defamation of character!"

GHEORGHE: "Renaissance Man works over Cane with some more forearms into the lower back of ‘the Messenger. Renaissance Man with an irish whip into the ropes.. He steps up and lowers his head, which is usually not a good thing to do … AND CANE WITH A SUNSET FLIP!!! ONE …. TWO … KICKOUT right after two! Renaissance Man rolls off and to the outside. Trevor Cane almost had him without the need of his tag partner there for a second!"

JIVE: "No way. Silver will come out at the right time, save the day for his team, and leave. He’s a no nonsense, perfectly able wrestler."

GHEORGHE: "And the Renaissance Man quickly tags out to Cross who comes in and starts nailing Cane with chops to the chest. Cross sends him to the ropes, Cane off the opposite side and back … BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX AND CANE GOES FLYING THROUGH THE ROPES TO THE OUTSIDE!"

JIVE: "I don’t think Cane will find whatever message he is looking for one the ground…"

GHEORGHE: "Cross now coming to the outside. He picks up Trevor Cane by the head … and RAMS HIS SHOULDER INTO THE TURNPOST! Cane turns around … SPINEBUSTER ON THE ARENA FLOOR, the fans are going crazy!"

JIVE: "They may be stupid, but they do know when there is good action going on. Cross just PLANTED Trevor Cane practically through the floor!"

GHEORGHE: "Cross now standing over Trevor Cane .. and he’s making the sign of the cross on his forehead! I think Cross is calling for the end of Trevor Cane here on RAUCOUS…"

JIVE: "Ha-ha! I don’t think so!"

GHEORGHE: "It looks like Cross won’t have his chance right now. As he rolled Trevor Cane into the ring, The Renaissance Man tagged himself in and the ref has asked Cross to leave the ring!"

JIVE: "Do you see the look on Cross’ face? He is just staring at the Renaissance Man."

GHEORGHE: "The Renaissance Man now telling the ref to count … he lays on top of ‘the Messenger’ … ONE ….. TWO …. KICKOUT at the last minute by Cane!"

JIVE: "Renaissance Man needs to realize that he’s going to have to rely on more than Cross’ moves.. but then again, this is a man who is going to go places in New ERA.."

GHEORGHE: "Renaissance Man picking up Cane by a head of hair and drags him into the corner! HE SLAPS CANE IN THE FACE! Cane now irate and trying to work his way out of the corner! LEFT HOOK BY CANE! RIGHT HOOK HAS RENAISSANCE MAN WOBBLING! ANOTHER … NO! Renaissance Man ducked and then kneed Cane right in the family jewels!"

JIVE: "I told you, Tom. Renaissance Man is going places. And it also looks as if ‘the Messenger’ is going places, although … I wouldn’t want to be going where he is right this moment!"

GHEORGHE: "The Renaissance Man has Trevor Cane and they’re both STRADDLING THE TOP ROPE!! Oh my god! BELLY TO BACK SUPERPLEX!!"

(SFX: Crowd starts to chant "N . E . W! N . E . W!")

JIVE: "The idiots out here seem to finally recognize how great a champion the Renaissance Man is going to be."

GHEORGHE: "I wouldn’t go that far, Nick. Renaissance Man now up to his feet, and he sees that Cane is still down.. so now he’s ascending the ropes AGAIN! He looks at Cross as he steps through the ropes … RENAISSANCE MAN UP AT THE TOP!! WAIT! CROSS JUST TAGGED HIMSELF IN!!! The ref is over trying to get The Renaissance Man off the top rope as Cross walks over to Trevor Cane who is up on his knees.. Cross picking up Cane …. SMALL PACKAGE BY THE MESSENGER BUT THERE IS NO REF!!"

JIVE: "Ha, Renaissance Man sees what is happening and he’s trying to stall the referee even more."

GHEORGHE: "The ref finally sees the small package and he goes down to count… ONE … TW—AND RENAISSANCE MAN COMES FLYING OFF THE TOP ROPE WITH AN ELBOW DROP TO THE BACK OF TREVOR CANE! The pinfall is broken up and the referee is asking, no wait, demanding that Renaissance Man goes to the outside. Cross is quickly up and is now stomping on the back of Trevor Cane."

JIVE: "And expect this all to change once Doc Silver comes out and saves the day…"

GHEORGHE: "And yet I still don’t think he’s going to show tonight, Nick. Are you sure you talked to him earlier?"

JIVE: "Are you questioning my INTEGRITY?"

GHEORGHE: "I would never do THAT, Nick… Cross picking up Trevor Cane .. and nails a DDT! Now .. CROSS IS POINTING TO THE TOP ROPE, what is he going to do?!"

JIVE: "Cross is 285 pounds, six foot nine.. he’s a big guy.. Anything he does from the top is going to be devastating! Where are you, Doc?"

GHEORGHE: "Cross now once more making the sign of the cross… he turns around facing the audience ….. MOONSAULT!! OH MY LORD, WHAT A PERFECTLY DONE MOVE BY CROSS!! The cover … ONE ………. TWO ………….. THREE ….. NO! Kickout at the very last moment by ‘the Messenger’ Trevor Cane, who has fought to try to save this match for himself considering his partner, Doc Silver, has decided to no show here tonight."

JIVE: "If you say that once more, Tom, I’m going to make sure you answer to Doc personally when he comes out here."

GHEORGHE: "And now Cross is picking up Trevor Cane .. THERE IT IS!! CRUCIFIED SOUL!! That reverse Death Valley Driver and now he’s calling for it!!! CROSS LIFTS CANE UP …… GOLGOTHA!!!!! Cross covers Trevor Cane …. ONE …….. TWO …….. THREE!!! The team of Renaissance Man and Cross have beaten Trevor Cane and the absent Doc Silver!"

JACOBS: "The winners of this match, and continuing on to the second round of BATTLE BOWL MANIA ……. The RENAISSANCE MAN and CROSS!!"

JIVE: "Nooo! They were supposed to wait till Doc came out! Trevor Cane ruined everything!"

GHEORGHE: "Just face it, Nick. Silver never planned on coming out tonight, for whatever reason, and he left Trevor Cane in that ring with the former A1E World Champion Cross and The Renaissance Man knowing he’d have very little chance to pull off the victory."


GHEORGHE: "Congratulations to CROSS and the RENAISSANCE MAN as they move on to the second round of Battle Bowl Mania.. This means that ‘the Messenger’ Trevor Cane and Doc Silver are the first two combatants in the SUDDEN DEATH round for the Television Title! But when we come back .. more battle bowl action!!"

( continued... )