[ Humphrey Coliseum ] Starkville, Mississippi


TAPED: Sep. 04, 2009
AIRED: Nov. 21, 2009
EPISODE: Almost Live 02

(The camera fades into the rowdy Humphrey Coliseum! A horde of passionate WFW:NE fans hang over the guardrail in their merchandise including GAMMA-O masks and “RIP Manson” t-shirts. The camera dizzily cuts through the crowd before coming to focus on the big screens as it illuminates with the logo for WFW:NE Almost Live!)

JACOBS:  "Welcome everyone to Almost Live; we are live from a capacity crowd Humphrey Coliseum in Starkville, Mississippi! Tonight is our Russian Roulette Tag Partner Tournament where two friends and two enemies of Cameron Cruise face off, with one of friend and foe going to the finals at the Halloween Almost Live to become Cameron Cruise's new tag team partner and one half of the WFW World Tag Team Champions. Golem and Psycho tonight will also face off tonight to determine who will go on and face Felix Red in a Spin The Wheel, Make a Deal match in a WFW World Heavyweight Championship match with each man getting to pick four stipulation matches of their choice to put on the wheel."

MARX:  "Every match on this show has a consequence. There are no filler matches. Every match between now and the PPV is important, so everyone here has to step up their game and go all out to make sure they get the job done."

"NOT" WATERS:  "The match that has my interest peaked is HAL verses Jeff Jorgenson. These two were going back and forth like each other like they were in the main event and because of that, the match was moved up to second from the top on the show."

JACOBS:  "Both of those guys have a lot of promise. I could see them both with a couple of breaks here and there being defining wrestlers of  the New ERA of World’s Finest Wrestling."

MARX:  "They have to back up their words with wrestling in the ring though."

"NOT" WATERS:  "But what makes WFW:NE great is not only that we have great wrestling, but we are going to have a match like Felix Red and Jared Wells teaming up against GAMMA-O and Black Dragon in a tag where if someone is thrown to the floor or tries to escape, the lumberjacks with straps are going to beat the hell out of them."

MARX:  "As the Dream would say, violence for the sake of violence!"

"NOT" WATERS:  "And Felix Red deserves a good beating for what happened to Manson..."

MARX:  "That was an accident and we don't even know if Manson is really dead."

"NOT" WATERS:  "Regardless, and I'm not a fan of Manson because he was always a pain in Doc Silver's side, GAMMA-O seems to embody elements of both Doc and Manson and Doc Silver wouldn't approve of anyone killing Manson but himself, so GAMMA-O giving Felix Red some come comeuppance for what he did is about time."

JACOBS:  "Well Vic, you will get any chance if their last encounter was any indication of what is to come, folks, we have to go to commercial break, but when we come back, our first match of the evening is Jason Payne verses Larry Tact for the opportunity to become one half of the WFW World Tag Team champions and Cameron Cruise's partner, STAY TUNED!"


JACOBS:  "We are back from our commercial break and it is time for our first match of the evening, Larry Tact verses Jason Payne!"

"NOT" WATERS:  "I've personally looking forward to seeing Jason Payne wrestle for the first time."

MARX:  "You've never seen him wrestle before?"

"NOT" WATERS:  "Whenever I tried watching New ERA while Rabesque was champion, I simply fell asleep in front of my TV and got out of the habit."

MARX:  "So wait, you didn't even watch me wrestle?"

"NOT" WATERS:  "Here and there... but I did get to see Larry Tact and boy, was he awesome."

MARX:  "He may have been the greatest New ERA World Heavyweight champion of all-time."

"NOT" WATERS:  "I've heard some rumors that Payne was trying to do some more technical wrestling to get prepared for Larry Tact. While that is always good to know, I hope he doesn't try to take him on at his own game."

MARX:  "Jason Payne feels like he has something to prove, but I'm sure when push comes to shove, he'll make sure that he plays to his strengths because it takes a lot to beat Larry Tact and if he tries to go move for move, he is going to be in trouble."

JACOBS:  "Larry Tact isn't a pure technician either, but he does it quite well and it is his strong suit. I can see why Payne would want to improve and don't fault him for that."

MARX:  "One of these men may be Cameron Cruise's World Tag Team championship partner and be one half of the WFW:NE World Tag Team champions...."

"NOT" WATERS:  "The question the Cruise in this game of Russian roulette, will it be a friend or a foe?"

MARX:  "It can go either way and this is what I love about this tournament."

JACOBS:  "Folks, let send this one down to ringside and get this one underway!"

(The camera cuts to the ring as the lineup comes on screen.)

Russian Roulette Partner Tournament

Jason Payne vs. Larry Tact

LINKS:  "Introducing first in this Russian Roulette tournament "Friends" bracket to determine the next half the WFW:NE World Tag Team champions… hailing from Payneville, Kentucky….."

(CUEUP:  "Dogs of War" by Pink Floyd.  The pyro on the stage comes off as intense machine gun fire … and ends with an explosion of fireworks over the middle of the ramp.  Payne steps through the curtain and smiles as he walks to the ring.)

LINKS:  "He stands six foot four and weighs 275 pounds….. the former New ERA PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme champion …… "THE DOG OF WAR" ….. JASON …. PAYNE!"

(CUEUP:  "Karma Slave" by Splashdown.  The lights go dark as the word "TACT" begins to flash on the crowd.  They begin to jeer as Tact steps into a white spotlight on the stage.  He begins to make his way to the ring.)

LINKS:  "And his opponent.. hailing from Manhattan, New York… he stands six foot six and weighs 260 pounds …. He is a former TWO-TIME New ERA of Wrestling WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION ……… LARRY …….. TACT!!"

(SFX: Bell rings.)


Jason Payne and Larry Tact undergo a feeling out process to start off the match with Payne trying to do more wrestling than brawling. Larry Tact gets the best of him and he chicken wings left arm from behind. Jason Payne throws an elbow back but Tact moves his head of out the way and pushes Payne forward sternum into the turnbuckle. Payne is winded by the blow and Tact locks him in abdominal stretch. Payne is having some discomfort breathing, but tries to break the hold. Tact promptly counters by hitting him with a side slam down to the mat. Payne tries to get back up, but Tact repeatedly stomps on the sternum of Payne to keep him down. Payne grabs the leg of Tact and takes him down dragon screw flipping Tact on his back. Payne jumps on top of Tact. He starts repeatedly elbowing Tact right in the face. Larry Tact manages to push him up and off after several hard shots and Payne neck crashes down on the ring ropes. Larry Tact hooks the legs and reaches back to grab the neck, he then turns him over and secures Payne in the Sky Lock (Inverted STF). Payne's arms are flailing around and the ref goes to check to see if he gives up. Tact has the move on securely. Payne tries to grab the ropes, but he accidentally causes the referee to stumble and the referee falls down with the side of his knee going hard right into Larry Tact's head causing him to break the hold. Payne rushes to pick Tact up off the mat, he double underhooks the arms and hits him with a DDT! Payne hooks the leg tights and the referee goes down for the count. 1------ 2----- 3!

WINNER: Jason Payne via pinfall after hitting a DDT and hooking the tights at 09:33.

(The crowd is initially stunned in silence but then they get up on their feet and begin to cheer.)

LINKS:  "The winner of the match and the man who advances in the Russian Roulette tournament, "THE DOG OF WAR" JASON PAYNE!"

MARX:  "Jason Payne has pulled off the upset; he has beaten the greatest New ERA World Heavyweight champion of all-time!"

JACOBS:  "I certainly didn't expect this!"

"NOT" WATERS:  "Jason Payne came in here with something prove and when you have that fire behind you, it can drive you to new heights."

MARX:  "He got a lucky break though with the ref stumbling."

"NOT" WATERS:  "In sports, stuff happens, sometimes against you, sometimes for you, but when something happens in your favor, you have to take advantage of it and tonight Payne proved all the Nay-Sayers wrong. He proved that he deserves to be in the ring with the best of the best."

JACOBS:  "Tact almost drove Payne to his breaking point several times in this match and while Payne did show that he has progressed as a technical wrestler, Tact showed why he was the best in the world. But even in the best in the world can take a shot to the head and be stunned... Tact is going to avenge this and come back ten times stronger like he always does."

MARX:  "You also have to wonder how badly Tact was banged up coming out of his Unplugged New ERA World Heavyweight championship unification match against Shawn Hart."

"NOT" WATERS:  "This is wrestling; nobody ever comes into a match 100%. Payne came off a war with Krusher and Krusher can dish out the pain."

JACOBS:  "It is time for our second match of the evening, Jared Wells and Felix Red will team up against GAMMA-O and Black Dragon in a lumberjack with straps match."

MARX:  "This match would seem to favor the two former members of LOVE who are used to the more physical side of wrestling."

"NOT" WATERS:  "With the training GAMMA-O and Black Dragon underwent in Japan training, they are used to enduring a lot of abuse in order to test if these wrestlers have what it takes to last in this sport."

MARX:  "We don't really know who they are under the masks, they may not even be necessarily from Japan but Felix Red and Jared Wells to have the WFW:NE experience factor on their side."

JACOBS:  "Who are the lumberjacks for this match?"

MARX:  "WFW:NE spared no expense and actually flew in lumberjacks from the Pacific Northwest. They are all sporting wearing flannel, have long, thick beards, and half of them tried to smuggle their axes on the plane, but we don't think any of them were successful. We don't want a repeat of what happened in our last lumberjack match."

"NOT" WATERS:  "I still say every so often, it is good to thin out the roster a little bit. One guy loses an arm and all the wrestlers in the locker room suddenly turn into pussies."

Lumberjack Strap Match
GAMMA-O & Black Dragon vs. Jared Wells & Felix Red (c)

(CUEUP: "Puritama" by Dimmu Dorgin. The lights in the arena dim as the pyro goes off in the ring. GAMMA-O comes out wearing a Mephisto mask to a mixed reaction from the crowd. He walks confidently down to the ring passed the lumberjacks.)

LINKS:  "This is a tag team, lumberjack with straps match .. and has a 20 minute time limit! Introducing first… from Osaka, Japan, weighing in at 235 pound and standing tall at six foot one, GAMMA-O~!"

(CUEUP:  The "PRIDE FC" Opening Theme.  Stepping through the curtains is Black Dragon, wearing a red body suit with Asian-style black dragons going down the legs.  His cat-like eyes glare through the black mask he wears.  He walks to the ring and ignores the fans as they taunt him.)

LINKS:  "His partner… hailing from Kyoto, Japan …. Standing six feet tall and weighing 215 pounds….. BLACK ….. DRAGON!"

(CUEUP:  "Here to Stay" by Korn. Jared Wells comes down to the ring with a beer in his hand to a loud ovation from the crowd. He hands the beer to a lumberjack to hold and enters the ring.)

LINKS:  "And their opponents, standing at 6'1, 254 pounds, a former member of LOVE AND THE LONGEST REIGNING BAD WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF ALLTIME.... RAGE O' FIRE JARED WELLS!"
(CUEUP:  "Lux Aeterna" by Clint Mansell and the Kronus Quartet. Felix Red comes down with the belt over his shoulder to a huge ovation by the crowd. The camera pans to a sign that says: "RIP Manson, Long Live Felix Red."  Felix Red hands the title to a lumberjack to hold onto.)

LINKS:  "And his partner, standing at 6'3, 213 pounds, "the boy who destroyed the world" and THE WFW WORLD HEABYWEIGHT CHAMPION.... FELIX RED!"

(SFX: Bell rings.)


Jared Wells and Black Dragon start out the match for their team. Jared Wells comes in with a series of right hands which Black Dragon counters with a series of chops to a standoff. Black Dragon mocks Jared Wells which caused Wells to kick him in the midsection and throw him out to the lumberjacks. The Lumberjacks then proceed to rush over to Black Dragon and begin whipping with their straps. Black Dragon scurries back into the ring and Jared Wells is waiting for him as climbs onto the apron and Wells vertical suplex him back into the ring. Wells drags Black Dragon by the mask into his corner and tags in Felix Red. Felix Red comes in and waits for Black Dragon to get up, Felix Red goes to deliver a round house kick but Black Dragon ducks. Black Dragon clips the leg Felix Red is pushing off of and takes him down to the mat. Felix Red grabs his right knee. Black Dragon proceeds to attack Felix Red with a series of kicks to the side of the leg to keep the high flyer down. Black Dragon bends over to pick him off the mat and Felix Red grabs the mask by the wholes and twists it so Black Dragon can't see. Felix Red crawls to the ropes in order to use them for support to get back to his feet. Black Dragon adjusts the mask and charges Felix Red but Felix Red back drops him over the top rope. Black Dragon holds onto the ropes though and manages to land on the apron on the outside. Black Dragon knees Felix Red hard right in the back send him down to the mat! Black Dragon races up to the top rope as Felix Red attempts to get up. Felix Red turns around and Black Dragon hits Red with a hurricanrana from the top rope. The ref goes down to count and Felix Red kicks out at two and a half. Black Dragon grabs the legs of Felix Red and attempts to go for a Dragon Deathlock (Sharpshooter). Jared Wells runs in and clotheslines Black Dragon out of his boots. The referee ushers Jared Wells back to his corner and GAMMA-O uses the opportunity to come in and drag Black Dragon to his corner. The ref turns around and witnesses Black Dragon's tag out to GAMMA-O. GAMMA-O. Grabs Felix Red off the mat and throws him out of the ring into the sea of lumberjacks which proceed to thrash him repeatedly with the straps. Felix Red climbs through the lumberjacks and back to the ring apron. GAMMA-O races over and dropkicks Felix Red back into the lumberjacks and they proceed to thrash him heavily again with the straps with welts starting to come up on Felix's back. Felix Red crawls back through the lumberjacks and this time GAMMA-O lets him back into the ring and immediately takes him down with an O-Goshi hip throw. GAMMA-O moves Felix Red into position and he heads to the top rope. Jared Wells charges past the ref and GAMMA-O flies off, Jared Wells dives on top of Felix Red and he gets hit with the moonsault instead of Felix Red. An aggravated GAMMA-O rolls Jared Wells off of Felix Red and picks Felix Red up off the mat and whips him off the ropes, GAMMA-O attempts a belly to belly but Felix Red blocks it with an elbow smash to the face causing GAMMA-O to be busted open through the mask. He sees the blood and goes and follows up with several elbow smashes to the face. Felix Red picks up GAMMA-O for his finisher, the Ecstasy to Agony (Angle slam into the dominator) but Black Dragon runs in from behind to clip the leg to make the save. Jared Wells gets up and he whips Black Dragon around and lifts him up and hits him with a running Rage Bomb planting him facefirst into the mat. GAMMA-O waits waiting for Felix Red to get up, Felix Red gets up and GAMMA-O hits him with the Sweet Dreams Stunner. GAMMA-O hooks the injured leg and goes for the pin, Jared Wells makes the dive from the other side of the ring but he a second too late.

WINNERS:  GAMMA-O and the Black Dragon via pinfall after GAMMA-O hit Felix Red with the Sweet Dreams Stunner at 14:16.

"NOT" WATERS:  "GAMMA-O and Black Dragon did an excellent job of isolating Felix Red and keep Jared Wells from getting into the match legally."

MARX:  "They wanted their pound of flesh from Felix Red and they got it. It had to be awfully frustrating for Jared Wells not to be able to get in there and do normal damage."

JACOBS:  "A win over the champion moves GAMMA-O rapidly up the contender list. Black Dragon set the tone for this match and took one for the team in order to make sure GAMMA-O came out on top."

MARX:  "GAMMA-O took a morbid pleasure in watching Felix Red get whipped by the lumberjacks with the straps. He is very sadistic human being."

JACOBS:  "This feud between the two is far from over. Felix Red will want his revenge."

MARX:  "Jared Wells is going to want his chance to get these two to himself as well."

JACOBS:  "Folks, we have to take a commercial break, but when we comeback, it is time for our second Russian Roulette match to determine Cameron Cruise's partner and one half of the WFW:NE World Tag Team champions with Problem Child taking on Alex Wylde! STAY TUNED!"


JACOBS:  "It is now time for our Russian Roulette match and you couldn't find two people who dislike Cameron Cruise more if you included all of his ex-wives."

MARX:  "Problem Child apparently has some tie to the Japanese ownership and started going into business for himself ripping on people left and right. He is very nasty individual and very few people are spared."

"NOT" WATERS:  "I really like Problem Child. He makes things interesting."

JACOBS:  "Thankfully there is only one Problem Child or this show would be brought to you by Frovatriptan."

MARX:  "Now on the other side, we have Alex Wylde, the former President of the WFW and a former WFW World Heavyweight Champion who won his very first World Heavyweight championship in the old WFW .. his issues with Cameron Cruise started back in the CSWA. Cruise beat Wylde for his very first championship in wrestling, on an off night by Wylde, and until Cruise had his recent run of success, he would repeatedly bring up the fact in numerous promo annoying the hell out of Wylde."

"NOT" WATERS:  "Cameron Cruise has undergone a tremendous transformation, but for years, he was like a member of the Justice League International. He was entertaining, but few people took him seriously. He was a Booster Gold like figure."

JACOBS:  "What makes this match especially interesting though is that these two men who share such a hatred for Cameron Cruise were once aligned together, in faction, Problem Child was his protégé and if he wants to be the one tortures Cruise, he has to beat his mentor."

MARX:  "Life has a way of coming full circle. My money is on the former WFW World Heavyweight Champion Wylde, but this is going to be tough contest."

JACOBS:  "Folks, there is only one way to find out, let’s send this one down to ringside!"

(The camera cuts to the ring as the lineup comes on screen.)

Russian Roulette Partner Tournament

Alex Wylde vs. Problem Child

(CUEUP:  "Scentless Apprentice" by Nirvana .  Problem Child walks down to the loud boos and catcalls the crowd. He flips the fans off and enters the ring.)

LINKS:  "Introducing first... Hailing from Bronx, New York…. Standing six foot one and weighing 215 pounds…… PROBLEM CHILD!"

MARX:  "He is certainly not this crowd's favorite person."

(CUEUP:  "Diesel Power" by Prodigy.  The fans rise to their feet to cheer the former WFW World Heavyweight Champion.)

LINKS:  "And his opponent…. Hailing from Atlantic City, New Jersey…. Standing six foot one and weighing 228 pounds…… ALEX ….. WYLDE!"

"NOT" WATERS:  "Finally, the fans are on the right side."

(SFX: Bell rings.)


Problem Child rushes Alex Wylde. He assails him with hard right hands driving him into the corner. Problem Child irish whips Wylde into the corner but Wylde reserves it and he goes chest first into the turnbuckle. Problem Child staggers back and Wylde hits Problem Child with a bulldog. Wylde picks Problem Child up off the mat and hits him with the jumping piledriver. Wylde goes for a cover and gets a two count on PC. Wylde picks up PC and starts laying in him with European uppercuts. Problem Child is staggering to stay on his feet. Wylde clocks him with a spinning heel kick right to the head and PC goes down again. Wylde goes for a cover and gets another two count. PC starts crawling towards the ropes and Wylde goes after him. He goes to pick up PC but PC pulls Wylde by the hair and he falls through the ropes to the outside. Problem Child rolls out of the ring and he goes after Wylde. He picks Wylde off the ground and irish whips him into the guardrail. He charges and he hits him with a jumping knee and Wylde falls backwards draped onto the guardrail. Problem Child climbs up on the apron and he flies off with a guillotine leg drop right on the back of the head of Wylde driving him right into the guardrail. Wylde appears to having some trouble with his back. Problem Child rolls Wylde back in and reenters the ring. He goes for the cover but shockingly only gets a two. PC picks Wylde off of the mat in a front face lock and he moves towards the corner, he climbs up to the second rope and he hits STDDT (Leaping DDT from the top rope) on Wylde but the ref goes down in the process. Problem Child goes for the cover on Wylde not seeing that the ref is down. A second referee starts walking down to ringside and PC turns around and sees the other referee down and tells the other one to hurry up. The second ref goes down for the count and Wylde kicks out at two. Problem Child grabs the second referee by the shirt and starts yelling at him for taking his sweet ass time to get down to the ring. Wylde is starting to get up, he sees the back of PC's head and he goes for the Gatecrasher, unfortunately for Wylde the ref broke free and he winds up clocking the ref instead of PC. The second referee is down. Problem Child turns around and attacks him with a flurry of chops. Problem Child rakes the eyes and he whips Wylde off of the ropes, he jumps up for a headbutt but Wylde catches him in midair and hits him with the Wild Buster Sitout Suplex. Wylde goes for the cover on Problem Child but the second referee is still down. A third referee runs down to ringside. The referee goes down to make the count on Problem Child but he gets his foot under the bottom rope to break up the three. Alex Wylde waits for PC to get up. PC is slowly getting up. Wylde is trying to hooks PC for a bridging belly to back suplex but PC is fighting it. Wylde finally takes him down with it. The ref goes down to count, but PC shifts his weight on top of Wylde using the damage from earlier from the guardrail to land on top, both men have their shoulders down, the ref goes to count, 1------- 2-------- PC gets his shoulder up but Wylde does not!

WINNER:  Problem Child via pinfall after both men’s shoulders were on the mat for the two count, but Wylde being unable to lift his before the three at 12:55.

MARX:  "The student finally beat his mentor, even though it took three refs to beat him."

"NOT" WATERS:  "This is just another blatant example of the league messing with Wylde yet again. How good can these referees be if they can taken out so easily? Wylde had the pin, but the ref cost him."

JACOBS:  "He cost Problem Child as well."

"NOT" WATERS:  "He is lucky he didn't take his head off with the Gatecrasher. That first ref still isn't up."

MARX:  "We are going to need a commercial break to clear out the dead bodies."

"NOT" WATERS:  "Speaking of dead bodies, how do you thin Cameron Cruise feels about the prospect of Problem Child being his partner?"

MARX:  "Poor Cruise."

JACOBS:  "It is time for the match that has generated so much attention, management is now billing this as a co-main event."

MARX:  "For these two so early on in their career here to get co-main status is a tremendous endorsement by management."

"NOT" WATERS:  "This isn't like other leagues before you have to file for Social Security before you can start challenging for championships."

MARX:  "I thought Jeff Jorgenson made some excellent points. What does all this nonsense about technology have to do with wrestling?"

"NOT" WATERS:  "This generation isn’t just wrestlers. They are well rounded men who are experts in many fields and they use this advantage to get the edge in the ring."

MARX:  "Wouldn't it make sense just to focus on one aspect and get really good at that?"

"NOT" WATERS:  "Even with wrestling, there are many different aspects, you have to have proficiency, you have to have a good stand, you have to be able to take it to the man, and you have to be able to mix things up when they get dirty."

MARX:  "Yes, but why does he need to talk about technology when hyping up a match?"

"NOT" WATERS:  "Didn't the Nature Boy talking about wining and dining and his promiscuity with women? HAL is simply the Technological Nature Boy of this age."

MARX:  "Wrestling should be about wrestling and tonight Jeff Jorgenson is going to shut HAL up."

"NOT" WATERS:  "HAL is going to ring Jorgenson's bell so bad his pain is going to be an infinite loop."

JACOBS:  "Before we nerd out even more, let’s send this one down to ringside and get this one underway!"

(CUTTO: To the ring as the lineup comes on screen.)

HAL vs. Jeff Jorgenson

(CUEUP:  "Any Way You Want It" by Journey. The lights in the arena dim as the pyro goes off in the ring. Jeff "Greenhorn" Jorgenson comes to the cheer of the crowd slapping hands as he sprints down to the ring.)

LINKS:  "Introducing first, from Merrow, Connecticut, weighing in at 170 pounds and standing at 5'8, JEFF "GREENHORN" JORGENSON~!"

(CUEUP:  "It's All About the Pentiums" by Weird Al. The lights in the arena dim as the pyro goes off in the ring. Harold A. Lumbourgh saunters down to the ring slowly, almost timidly. Ignoring the fans, he walks to the ring carrying a laptop.)

LINKS:  "And his opponent making his debut here tonight, from Redwood, Washington , weighing in at 282 pounds and standing at 6'4, making his official WFW:NE debut here tonight, HAL!"

(SFX: Bell rings.)

MARX:  "The size difference between these two men is tremendous. It is almost half a foot and over one hundred pounds."

"NOT" WATERS:  "That is like a whole half a person."

JACOBS:  "Jeff Jorgenson extends his arms for a test of strength and a befuddled HAL extends his arm. JEFF JORGENSON JUMPS UP AND TAKES HIM DOWN WITH A HEAD SCISSORS TAKEDOWN!"

MARX:  "Jeff Jorgenson is using his brain, he is going to have to utilize his quickness in order to beat HAL with the size difference."

"NOT" WATERS:  "HAL make look like Dwight Schrute, but he can kick ass like Chuck Liddell."

JACOBS:  "Jeff Jorgenson locks on a rear chinlock and he is keeping HAL down on the mat."

MARX:  "He is trying to slowly wear him down."

JACOBS:  "HAL is trying to extend those long legs of his over towards the ropes to break the threshold in order to get a rope break."

"NOT" WATERS:  "HAL is even bigger than Jared Wells."

JACOBS:  "HAL is inching his way towards the ropes, but Jeff Jorgenson finally breaks it. HAL tries to get back up and Jeff Jorgenson bounces off the ropes... JEFF JORGENSON HITS HAL WITH A DROPKICK AND HE STUMBLES OUT OF THE ROPES AND ONTO THE FLOOR!"


MARX:  "Jorgenson has to capitalize on this momentum!"

JACOBS:  "Jorgenson picks HAL off the ground and he rolls him back into the ring. Jeff Jorgenson looks at HAL and then over to the top rope, he decides to START CLIMBING UP TO THE TOP ROPE..."

"NOT" WATERS:  "If he hits this, it could be over in the blink of an eye. C'mon HAL! Get up!"


"NOT" WATERS:  "Thank god. It looks like the Greenhorn got the wind knocked out of him when he crashed down on the mat."

MARX:  "The wrestler has been school the nerd so far, just like I predicted and he could have had him there."

"NOT" WATERS:  "The match isn't over until the ref counts to three. This war has a long way to go."

JACOBS:  "HAL is the first one to get up and picks Jorgenson up and he lifts him up over his shoulder."

"NOT" WATERS:  "Did you see how Jorgenson went up with ease? This HAL fellow has some power."


"NOT" WATERS:  "Clean up on aisle eight!"

JACOBS:  "HAL bounces off the ropes... HE DROPS AN ELBOW SQUARE INTO THE STERNUM OF JORGENSON! HAL hooks the leg and he is going for a pin!"

"NOT" WATERS:  "Two quick shots to the chest and sternum by HAL. Jorgenson may be stunned enough to be pinned."


MARX:  "There is a lot of fight in Jorgenson. He talked a lot of talk with HAL and he showed he can back it up. If he gets a couple of wins under his belt, Jorgenson could be challenging for any championship in this league."

JACOBS:  "HAL lays Jeff Jorgenson across his knee and he is pressing down hard, driving that knee into the square of his back."

"NOT" WATERS:  "Jorgenson is a very compact individual, so if you wear down his back, it makes the most simple of movements hard to do."

MARX:  "HAL is a relentless individual. He is a highly driven person which is a key to success. With some older wrestlers they finally get to a certain level and then they start to relax, HAL and Jorgenson though are both hungry and want to prove themselves. That is why they are in the co-main event, trying to do everything and anything to win so they can take that step to the next level."

JACOBS:  "HAL finally lets go and Jorgenson is looking worse for wear, he is grabbing his back which undoubtedly has to be spasming after all the abuse he has taken in such a short time span."

"NOT" WATERS:  "I definitely wouldn't want to be in Jorgenson's shoes right now."

JACOBS:  "HAL picks Jeff Jorgenson up and he starts laying in forearm shots to the back of Jorgenson. Jorgenson falls to one knee but then gets back up trying to fight through the abuse."

"NOT" WATERS:  "Jorgenson may want to stay down if he knows what is good for him."

JACOBS:  "HAL spins Jorgenson around and kicks him in the midsection. HAL lifts Jorgenson up for a powerbomb... BUT JORGENSON TRIES TO FIGHT IT OFF AS HE IS PUNCHING HAL REPEATEDLY WITH CLOSED FISTS RIGHT IN THE HEAD!"

"NOT" WATERS:  "All HAL has to do is drop him down on his back."

MARX:  "That is awfully hard to do when he is grabbing onto your ear for dear life."


MARX:  "How many times must it be done before people stop trying, you can't powerbomb Jorgenson!"


MARX:  "Jesus Christ, if he connected, he could have taken his head off with that one."


MARX:  "Cover him!"

"NOT" WATERS:  "HAL got blind-sided by that!"

JACOBS:  "Jeff Jorgenson is waiting for HAL to get up, I think he is going to try to attempt to hit him with his patented Death Valley Driver despite the size difference."

MARX:  "That is definitely a risk."

"NOT" WATERS:  "With all the abuse HAL has taken already, he needs to be hit by something that will keep him down."


"NOT" WATERS:  "HAL has to escape or it will be curtains for him."


MARX:  "He dumped him right on his head!"

JACOBS:  "HAL goes for the cover! The ref goes down to count! 1---- 2---- JORGENSON GETS THE SHOULDER UP!"

"NOT" WATERS:  "He almost had him."

MARX:  "Jorgenson needs to find a way to break up the momentum."


"NOT" WATERS:  "That move can literally kill a man."


"NOT" WATERS:  "The WFW:NE dentists are making higher salaries than most of the midcarders ..."


"NOT" WATERS:  "Oh man!"

JACOBS:  "Jorgenson heads towards the ropes and he is climbing out of the ring, onto the apron and he is setting himself waiting for HAL to get up."

MARX:  "When scouting Jorgenson for WFW:NE, I heard about his springboard clothesline but I have never actually seen it."

"NOT" WATERS:  "If he hits HAL with it right now, that may be enough to finally keep him down for good as much as I hate to admit. I may not like Jorgenson, but he is putting up one hell of a fight."


"NOT" WATERS:  "God damn, this is like Duck Hunt come to life."

JACOBS:  "HAL is waiting for Jorgenson to get up and Jorgenson is out of it... HAL decides not to wait and he picks Jorgenson up off the mat... HE HITS HIM WITH THE CONTROL ALT DELETE!"


JACOBS:  "The ref goes down to count! 1------ 2------ 3!"


MARX:  "Jorgenson put up one hell of a fight, but in the end, HAL's size and power was just too much to overcome."

"NOT" WATERS:  "I have to give Jorgenson credit, he came in with a smart game plan, he used his quickness and he didn't give up... he could have easily won this match on multiple occasions."

MARX:  "If both of men put up showings like they did tonight, I could see both men in a Superbowl of Wrestling one day."

"NOT" WATERS:  "That is a long ways a way, but the future tonight certain looks bright."

JACOBS:  "Folks, we have to take a commercial break, but when we come back, it is time for the main event … Psycho will take on Golem with Minion as special referee with the winner taking on Felix Red for the WFW World Heavyweight Championship in a Spin The Wheel, Make a Deal match! STAY TUNED EVERYONE!"

( continued... )