[ DCU Center ] Worcester, Massachusetts


TAPED: May 31, 2011
AIRED: Jun. 27, 2011
SEASON 2: PrimeTime

(The camera fades in on the front of the DCU Center in Worcester, Massachusetts. A "PrimeTime" banner hangs over the set of doors leading inside.)

VOICE/OVER: "New ERA of Wrestling's second season has seen the rise of a new leader.."

(A shot of Mr. Entertainment defeating Pro Wrestling's SJH for the New ERA Championship.)

VOICE/OVER: "Has seen new blood pushing to new heights.."

(Split screen featuring Yossi Hayat and Richard Dweck.)

VOICE/OVER: "Has seen the most decorated champion in New ERA history bid his fans adieux…"

(Chaos standing in the middle of the Cyberstrike ring, his arm raised in the air.)

VOICE/OVER: "While others fight for their career.."

(Michael Montgomery and Cameron Cruise stand face to face in a darkened ring.)

VOICE/OVER: "Some fight for honor.."

(Jonathan Marx and The First exchange blows on the arena floor.)

VOICE/OVER: "While others fight to right past wrongs..."

(Pro Wrestling's SJH, Larry Tact and Suicide walk past the camera in quick succession.)

VOICE/OVER: "Some fight to fulfill their legacy.."

("the Elite Enigma" Fanatic stands in the ring, his arms crossed over his chest.)

VOICE/OVER: "While others look to maintain their control.."

(Fanatic's body transforms and is replaced by Mr. Entertainment, the New ERA Championship strapped around his waist.)

VOICE/OVER: "New ERA's biggest stars come together to celebrate season 2 … and defeat their peers … at PrimeTime!"

(The camera cuts inside the DCU Center. The fans are rabid as the strobe lights die down. The lights come up as the camera cuts once more .. this time to Natalie Newman and Dean Julius sitting at the announce table. The middle seat, presumably belonging to Jason Tripp, remains vacant.)

NEWMAN: "Welcome everyone to PrimeTime!"

JULIUS: "Welcome everyone … BUT Jason Tripp!"

NEWMAN: "As you may have noticed .. Jason Tripp is not with us tonight .. YET. I'm sure he'll be here before the opening match !"

JULIUS: "Eh, I'd be fine if he decided to take the night off … not like he ever has anything productive to add."

NEWMAN: "We are here on ESENtv for Season 2's premier event … five humongous matches … including the big one .. Fanatic and Mr. Entertainment going face-to-face for the New ERA Championship."

JULIUS: "Entertainment has been the greatest champion in New ERA history!"

NEWMAN: "I'm sure Shawn Hart, Jonathan Marx, and Larry Tact would have something to say about that, Dean."

JULIUS: "No one has made such an impact as Mr. Entertainment…"

NEWMAN: "Well he'll have his hands full tonight as he takes on "the Elite Enigma," Fanatic."

JULIUS: "All thanks to Larry Tact."

NEWMAN: "Marcus LaRoque signed tonight's main event in exchange for the Tact / Chaos match at Cyberstrike … I hope it was worth it."

JULIUS: "I think it was .. not only have we got a main event many have dreamed of .. but Larry Tact will be in action tonight as well in the Falls Count Anywhere match with Suicide and Pro Wrestling's SJH."

NEWMAN: "Tact coming out of his self-imposed retirement here in New ERA … first against Chaos .. but he just couldn't resist taking shots at Suicide.. after tempting Suicide time and time again, things will be settled here at the DCU Center."

JULIUS: "You mean all over the DCU Center!"

NEWMAN: "Shawn Hart, Suicide and Larry Tact have a long history .. I just hope they don't tear down the building in the process!"

JULIUS: "Anything goes … all the tension that's built up these past few weeks is going to boil over."

NEWMAN: "Speaking of boiling over … "Gentleman" Jonathan Marx has made it clear that he is sick and tired of The First and his blatant disregard of the rules… and those two will face off in an I Quit match!"

JULIUS: "First once again pulled a fast one over New ERA officials. In Season 1 he won the New ERA Championship off an injured Shawn Hart … and now in Season 2, he laid down in the middle of the ring and let Cameron Cruise waltz to another banked shot."

NEWMAN: "Well Jonathan Marx saw that and immediately went to Marcus LaRoque and told him to get his house in order.. because if he didn't, Marx would."

JULIUS: "Well if Marx wants to make First pay, he has the chance to … but he'll have to get First to say those two little words… and I don't think he can."

NEWMAN: "Marx is a two-time World Heavyweight champion … and if there's anyone who put First in his place … it would be the "Gentleman."

JULIUS: "Well First isn't the only one being punished here at PrimeTime."

NEWMAN: "That's right .. his partner in crime this season, Cameron Cruise, not only has to take on "the Magnificent" Michael Montgomery… but it's a career vs. career match!"

JULIUS: "When you fuck with the boss your balls are on the line … and Cruise is finding that out the hard way."

NEWMAN: "LaRoque obviously unhappy with both men .. Montgomery hasn't exactly burned through the roster lately.. acting more as a doormat than the Magnificent One …"

JULIUS: "And after tonight, he may be the Unemployed One."

NEWMAN: "If you asked Cameron Cruise whether that extra shot at the New ERA Championship was worth his career … I'd bet he'd say no."

JULIUS: "Cruise didn't make good on that shot .. and now he has much more to worry about."

NEWMAN: "But tonight .. PrimeTime begins with two of New ERA's hottest young stars… "Smark Boy" Yossi Hayat, the so-called Autistic Miracle, will take on the 17-year-old sensation, Richard Dweck."

JULIUS: "Dweck should be bodyslamming Math and Science .. not wrestlers."

NEWMAN: "Richard Dweck has an opportunity to bank a shot at the New ERA Championship if he wins tonight … Yossi Hayat looking to continue his hot streak after banking his shot at Cyberstrike 10 .."

JULIUS: "And Jason Tripp STILL isn't here!"

NEWMAN: "He'll be here! He'll be here!"

JULIUS: "Don't ruin my night, Newman."

NEWMAN: "I'll try not to, Dean … but I'm getting word that we're ready to start!"

JULIUS: "Oh God .. Dweck and Hayat .. wake me up when it's over."

NEWMAN: "Ladies and gentlemen … we are ready …. FOR PRIMETIME!"

( continued... )