[ DCU Center ] Worcester, Massachusetts


TAPED: May 31, 2011
AIRED: Jun. 27, 2011
SEASON 2: PrimeTime

(CUEUP: "That's Entertainment" by The Jam. Mr. Entertainment appears to the immediate displeasure of the Worcester crowd, and make sure to let their voices be heard.)

NEWMAN: "Wait a minute! It looks like PrimeTime is going to start with some words from the New ERA Champion!"

JULIUS: "And thank god, too! Maybe Tripp will finally get his ass to his seat!"

NEWMAN: "It looks like the Yossi Hayat and Richard Dweck match will be delayed just a few minutes as the Mr. Entertainment is on his way to the ring!"

JULIUS: "Welcoming everyone here in the DCU Center to PrimeTime .. what a loving champion!"

(The New ERA Champion makes his way down the ramp, receives a microphone at ringside, and steps between the ropes. He poses with the belt above his head, before dropping it on his shoulder.)

A Message From the Champion

ENTERTAINMENT: "An' the ratings just went through the roof!"

(SFX: Crowd boos.)

ENTERTAINMENT: "Ya didn't think I'd disappoint ya'll by only showin' up ta beat the snot outta Fanatic, did ya? What kind of King would I be if I didn't grace my subjects with my presence… an' give them a chance ta see the greatness tha' is the New ERA Championship, before it gets tarnished by the proximity of one… Crazed… Fanatic."

(SFX: Crowd cheers at the mention of Fanatic.)

ENTERTAINMENT: "I see ya've all been taken in by him. By the guy who's bein' led around by one of the men responsible fer the mess New ERA was in. Ya've been fooled by a man who wants ta destroy New ERA an' replace it with the Tact Legacy. A man who wants ta take my… precious… New ERA Championship… an' violate it with his touch…"

(SFX: Crowd jeers.)

ENTERTAINMENT: "But don't feel bad. I blame Hollywood fer how easily ya've been fooled. Tonight… as New ERA continues ta grow strong with Mister Entertainment as champion… when Fanatic gets shown just how huge the gulf is between his skills an' reality… you'll all start ta appreciate what I'm doing. What I'm doing fer all of you, an' what I'm creating… for you. New ERA… the pinnacle of professional wrestling and entertainment… a show where ya talk abou' what happened with yer grandkid's grandkids. A place of real, honest entertainment. An' ta do tha'… I'm gonna make an example of Fanatic. I'm gonna purge Fanatic from New ERA, get him out of your lives, put you out of his misery! An' save… protect… my New ERA."

(CUEUP: "The Fourth Legacy" by Kamelot. Fanatic bursts out from backstage with a somersault, landing on the entrance to an ovation from the crowd, and a sour look on the face of the New ERA Champion. Slapping hands with fans, he comes to the ring and enters, having a microphone of his own given to him.)

FANATIC: "Mister Entertainment .. after weeks of anticipation, and nearly two seasons of battles .. the night where our paths cross again .. it has arrived. However, on this night, and in this battle .. the stakes could not be higher. For we not only battle for supremacy versus one another .. we have both demonstrated merit to showcase New ERA of Wrestling at its finest. Tonight the victor gains the ultimate spoils .. the New ERA of Wrestling Championship."

(SFX: Crowd cheers!)

FANATIC: "I have spent the better part of two seasons preparing for this night. My brother has given me guidance when I inquired .. he has made me understand the error of my mistakes, when necessary. Through it all, however .. I, myself, have taken the steps necessary. I have done so within the confines of this four-sided haven, earning my right to the match almost at hand."

NEWMAN: "Where is Jason? He is missing this!"

JULIUS: "His loss!"

FANATIC: "Understand .. I have proven my worth with results. Which makes all your questioning. these past weeks, depict you as someone possessing either a potent filter for my participation through these seasons.. or possessing an extreme ignorance of what you are heading towards, tonight. And that is an opponent who has achieved solely victory .. for the better part of two seasons. And while I have done it using my own gifted abilities .. there is no question I had help .. not from my brother, but the Spirit of all the New ERA faithful .. bringing new strength to the Craze …"

(The crowd responds with a "FA-NA-TIC!" chant.)

FANATIC: "And so, to question my ability to .. how did you put the words .. "be a man" .. and stand on my own, without Larry beside me? As it turns out, Mister Entertainment .. it seems you have only been fooling yourself. To be sure, my battles are my own to achieve victory or defeat .. and the only support I receive in them is with these people .. feeding that of the Craze. Unfortunately for you .. coming to realize this will now come at a cost. For your ignorance will not merely be the difference between our battle in Season One, and the clash tonight. Rather, it will be the defining and climactic moment of your reign as New ERA Champion .. and the commencing moment for the reign .. of the Craze."

(The fans explode as Fanatic throws down the gauntlet!)

ENTERTAINMENT: "Talk, talk, talk. That's all ya can do, Fanatic. An' ya don't even do very well at tha'! Ya've got a mind tha' is so damn focused on you, what you want, tha' ya don't see what's right in front of yer eyes. Ya don't see the God honest truth. Their minds rotted by Hollywood bullshit, these people don't see the truth, either! They don't see how much better their lives will be with good… honest… ENTERTAINMENT! The people an' you don't see.."

(He pauses as the fans drown him out with their jeers at, basically, being called idiots.)

ENTERTAINMENT: "THESE PEOPLE… don't see what New ERA can be! They're like your brother, seeing only a nostalgic view of what New ERA was. But I was there, Fanatic, with my eyes open, an' I saw what havin' a Tact as champion did. I saw what having a deranged lunatic like Rocko Daymon as champ, did. It killed New ERA! They killed New ERA, Larry Tact… killed New ERA! An' you think tha' listenin' ta him, gettin' groomed like a schoolgirl by a predator, makes you the man ta restore New ERA? Ya think it's given ya the strength and the speed and the skills ta eclipse ME… Mister Entertainment… in my New ERA!?! Ya talk about a craze, Fanatic, an' that's precisely what ya are. Crazed. As crazed as any other Fanatical bastard tryin' ta destroy greatness. As crazed as the lunatics on 9/11. You wanna go one step further an' kill New ERA? You don't even deserve ta be in the same ring as the New ERA Championship. These idiots…"

(He starts shouting into the mic, to be heard over the raucous jeering.)


NEWMAN: "The fans are really letting the New ERA Champion have it!"

(The fans vehemently boo Mr. Entertainment for his remarks, and he begins firing back at the fans. But he is quickly cut off-- Fanatic stands between the New ERA Champion and the fans. Mr. Entertainment glares at the #1 Contender, but turns to face the fans to his side, and continue taunting them. Once again he is cut off , as the 'Elite Enigma' stands defiantly in front of Mr. Entertainment, hands on his hips, slowly shaking his head. Mr. Entertainment scowls and turns one more time, and as Fanatic repeats his step, Mr. Entertainment doubles-back and strikes Fanatic! The New ERA Champion nails Fanatic with a shot that backs him into the ropes. Mr. Entertainment takes his title belt in hand and measures Fanatic, cursing him. He moves in to hit Fanatic with the New ERA Championship, but Fanatic evades. As Mr. Entertainment turns around, the 'Elite Enigma' leaps up with a backflip kick, nailing the New ERA Championship right into its holder. Mr. Entertainment is thrown into a corner by the counter, and Fanatic looks to the crowd, who are roaring approval and screaming for more. Fanatic steps towards Mister Entertainment until Security hits the ring and manages to separate the two opponents.)

JULIUS: "These two can't even wait for the main event!! They're going to knock each other out right now!"

(CUEUP: "Pieces" by Hoobastank. The crowd turns to the entrance as Larry Tact steps onto the scene, producing a microphone of his own.)

TACT: "Well now, it looks like we have a situation on our hands. Mr. Entertainment, it looks like you're real confident about how you perceive the Tact Legacy. But you know, if Fanatic had his way, this match would have taken place a while ago, because when it comes down to it, there's only one little smudge on his record. And believe me when I say, he's been ready to avenge that loss and shut you up!"

(Crowd pops!)

TACT: "The way I see it, then, since you feel like the Tact Legacy is nothing for you to be concerned with… Fanatic is definitely ready to make you eat those words like one big slice of Humble pie… these people are ready to see someone finally give you what's coming… I say, why wait another couple hours?"

NEWMAN: "What is he suggesting?!"

TACT: "Let's have this New ERA Championship match… RIGHT NOW!!"

(The fans roar their approval at hearing Tact's words.)

TACT: "Someone go pull away one of the referees from their game of checkers, and let's get this match on!"


(The fans cheer as Fanatic stands in the ring. Mr Entertainment grabs his belt and takes a step towards the Tact brothers… but shakes his head and rolls from the ring, cradling the belt as he walks slowly backwards from the ring. The crowd jeer at this, as Entertainment's words get picked up by the camera.)

ENTERTAINMENT: "In my time, Tact. I'm the King here, not you. In my time."

JULIUS: "Ha! The champ shot him down!"

(The fans jeer at Mr. Entertainment's refusal, but Larry Tact is all smiles.)

TACT: "Oh, come on, Champ! You looked good to go just a minute ago, mounting an attack on Fanatic. You're telling me you can be ready to cheap shot him with that title belt you take so much pride holding, but aren't ready to compete fairly? I think it's about time for something the fans can really call, 'entertaining.' Let's do this!"

(Mr. Entertainment is about to reply, but Tact's words register. He realizes he's been duped by the Tact Legacy, goaded into attacking his opponent, and his expression sinks as Marcus LaRoque steps out onto the stage. Tact demands LaRoque start the match, and Marcus holds a hand up.)

LaROQUE: "Mister Entertainment, it seems your aggressiveness has created some controversy. Technically, Larry Tact and Fanatic have a strong case. I don't appreciate having anyone instigating attacks on their opponents before a match, especially my Championship match. But Larry … this is the New ERA Championship match. I'm sorry, but exceptions need to be made, and PrimeTime cannot go without a Main Event."

TACT: "Actually, you're not 100% on that, Marcus. I had the lawyers check over the ole contract Fanatic signed for PrimeTime. True, it is for the New ERA Championship match, and his opponent is Mr. Entertainment. But one thing is missing. NOWHERE in that contract does it state that the match between these two, for the New ERA Championship, is locked in as the Main Event."


TACT: "And all due respect, but if you need a Main Event… you do happen to have a Triple Threat Elimination match tonight. And it does happen to include three former Champions of New ERA. Not to mention, three men who have been World Champions across the globe, in their own right. Quite simply, three of the best wrestlers in the wrestling industry, who embody what it means to be 'PrimeTime' in the Main Event."

(Mister Entertainment tries to plead his case to LaRoque, but the crowd is raucous, drowning him out with chants for Hart, Suicide, and Tact all at once. Marcus finally motions for them to calm down.)

LaROQUE: "I have one question… would you all be fired up to see PrimeTime start with the New ERA Championship match?"

(CROWD SFX: "YEAH!!!" Marcus LaRoque heads backstage, to some confusion. Not long after, he reappears with a referee who receives the loudest ovation of his life. Marcus gives him some instructions, and as he heads to the ring, he asks Mister Enterainment for the New ERA Championship. Mister Entertainment refuses to relinquish the belt, yelling at Marcus LaRoque. The referee finally gives up and tells Security to head backstage. As they do, he gives Fanatic the rundown. Fanatic then waits in a corner, as Larry Tact gives some final words of wisdom. The lineup immediately comes on screen.)

New ERA Championship
Fanatic vs. Mr. Entertainment (c)

NEWMAN: "I didn't think we'd be starting the night with this! Mr Entertainment's yelling at Marcus that he can't do this."

JULIUS: "He's right! This is a travesty! We can't have the main event open the show, Mr Entertainment's not ready!"

NEWMAN: "If he's the champion he says he is, he better be."

JULIUS: "No, he should just stay outside the ring! This match can't take place now."

NEWMAN: "Come on, all he's been saying for weeks is how much better than everyone he is! If that's true, he should just get in the ring and win another match. Unless he's scared."

JULIUS: "Do not insult the king of New ERA!"

NEWMAN: "Marcus LaRoque is ordering Mr Entertainment to get in the ring, Entertainment's refusing."


NEWMAN: "Fanatic with a plancha! He's had enough, nailing the champ with right hands on the arena floor!"

JULIUS: "Come on! At least let the bell ring!"

NEWMAN: "Mr Entertainment was refusing to get in the ring, Dean. This way we get our match. The champ's trying to fight away from Fanatic, the challenger has the champ, throws him back into the ring. Up onto the apron, springboard high cross body!"

JULIUS: "There's the bell."



Kickout by the champ. Probably way too early to get the win but a clear signal of intent!"

JULIUS: "Fanatic's bringing the champ to his feet, laying into him with kicks to the ribs, backed against the ropes. Irish Whip.."

NEWMAN: "And a spinning back elbow takes the champ down! Fanatic using his speed, his quickness, to keep the champ off his game."

JULIUS: "And blindsiding him."

NEWMAN: "He's got the champion up, Entertainment swings a right hand, misses. Atomic drop by Fanatic, bulldog!




JULIUS: "Why can't he stay still?!"

NEWMAN: "Mr Entertainment trying to back off, collect his thoughts, give himself some breathing room in the corner but Fanatic with right hands, kick to the midsection. Irish whip across the ring, Fanatic comes in – monkey flip, blocked. Fanatic on the apron, Entertainment with the right hand, blocked, Fanatic with a shoulder to the midsection, sunset flip, Entertainment rolls through, and quickly to the outside. This has been all Fanatic, the champ hasn't even landed a single shot!"

JULIUS: "Can someone tell me why Larry Tact's still out here? Does he think Fanatic can't do it on his own?"

NEWMAN: "Tact's staying in the corner, he's not even moving toward the champion. Mr Entertainment trying to slow the pace, up on the apron, but he's telling the ref to get Fanatic back."

JULIUS: "Hey, if Fanatic wants to cheat, that's his game. Mister Entertainment's an honest champ and he'll beat Fanatic fairly."

NEWMAN: "Oh, like Entertainment always plays by the rules?"

JULIUS: "He's the champion, isn't he?"

NEWMAN: "Fanatic being forced back by the referee, Entertainment's back in the ring. Fanatic waiting, Entertainment with one hand on the top rope. Oh come on!"

JULIUS: "Fanatic's trying to cheat! Trying to hit the man when he's in the ropes, which you've complained about Entertainment doing loads of times."

NEWMAN: "It's not illegal for the champion to do this but the fans want to see a match!"

JULIUS: "He's taking Fanatic out of his comfort zone."

NEWMAN: "Fanatic comes in again, the referee forcing him back, and there's the cheap shot!"

JULIUS: "Was Fanatic in the ropes? No."

NEWMAN: "He was being pushed back by the ref!"

JULIUS: "Doesn't matter, that was legal."

NEWMAN: "Mr Entertainment with another right to Fanatic, winds up, big chop to the chest. Grabs the arm, twists, there's the Irish whip, signalled it! Fanatic with a kick to the chest, Entertainment ducked the head too early, flying headscissors!"

JULIUS: "Come on, champ!"

NEWMAN: "He's backed up in the corner by Fanatic, snapmare out, big kick to the back. Lateral press, kickout at two. Fanatic bringing Mister Entertainment back to his feet, scoops him up – big slam! He's looking to end it here!"

JULIUS: "But the champ to the outside."

NEWMAN: "The crowd aren't happy, but it's the only thing the champ can do right now, he's not been able to find any way through Fanatic's offence."

JULIUS: "You mean since he got blindsided into this match?"

NEWMAN: "Slamming his fists into the ring apron, the champ's frustrated. Fanatic waiting on the top rope, Mister Entertainment keeping his eye on him."

JULIUS: "There, get back in the ring, you loser."

NEWMAN: "Fanatic waiting for the champion again, Mr Entertainment up onto the apron. Fanatic comes in, Entertainment drops down, and he trips Fanatic! Pulling him to the outside, right to the jaw, Irish whip but Fanatic leaps onto the barricade!"


NEWMAN: "Entertainment charged in, but Fanatic jumped over him, kick to the jaw, ENZIGURI!"

JULIUS: "Disqualify him! Do something, ref!"

NEWMAN: "Larry Tact is loving this, look at the smile on his face. Fanatic brings Entertainment up, the champ looks glassy-eyed. Rolls him back into the ring, Entertainment stumbling on his feet. Fanatic up on the apron, springboard, POWERSLAM!!



NO! First real piece of offence, near fall for Mister Entertainment!"

JULIUS: "He's holding his jaw, up quickly, Fanatic ducks the clothesline but a neckbreaker by the champ! Come on! This is what the fans paid to see."

NEWMAN: "Mister Entertainment looking to finally build some momentum, he's got Fanatic in a front face lock – front suplex!"

JULIUS: "He just needs to dictate the pace, keep it slow, and Larry'll have longer to drown his sorrows at being a failure as a trainer as well as a wrestler."

NEWMAN: "Stomps on the back of Fanatic, drops the elbow into the small of the back. We know the champ can change things up, he's doing that now. Lifts Fanatic up, drops him in a backbreaker.


Right shoulder up by Fanatic."

JULIUS: "Taking out the back's probably the best thing you can do to Fanatic. Your whole body aches when your back hurts. You should know that."

NEWMAN: "Don't start. It's too early in the show. The champion grounding Fanatic with a rear chin lock, leaning his weight against the back of the challenger."

JULIUS: "He's taking the fans out of the match, too. Fanatic says he draws strength from them, so Entertainment's putting them in awe of his magnificence. They're dumbstruck."

NEWMAN: "Entertainment with an elbow to the back of the head, a cover, only a two count. He's up, waiting on Fanatic, boot to the midsection, snap suplex! Floats over --



Kickout. Larry Tact's trying to rouse Fanatic, Mister Entertainment peels him from the canvas. Backs him to the corner, Irish whip, follows him in, Fanatic side steps through the ropes, kick to the head! Springboard, clothesline!"

JULIUS: "Using the ropes! That's got to be against the rules!"

NEWMAN: "Fanatic with high risk, high impact, high reward moves tonight! Brings the champion back up, palm strike to the head, chop across the chest. He's got Mr Entertainment against the ropes, the champ though with a rake of the face, digging his fingers into the eye sockets!"

JULIUS: "Now we're in for a treat!"

NEWMAN: "Mr Entertainment choking Fanatic on the top rope, breaks at the four. Again chokes the challenger, using the five count."

JULIUS: "See what kind of champion he is? He could get disqualified and keep the belt but he's breaking the hold, setting up to beat Fanatic properly."

NEWMAN: "He's got Fanatic by the head, Entertainment moving to the ring apron."

JULIUS: "Could be a suplex – no, snaps Fanatic's throat across the top rope."

NEWMAN: "The challenger's slumped against the middle rope, Entertainment pulling down on the head, and again breaks the illegal hold at four and a half!"

JULIUS: "And a slap to the face for good measure."

NEWMAN: "Fanatic's not in a good way right now. The champ's back in the ring, hooks Fanatic – back suplex!



Kickout by the challenger."

JULIUS: "He's starting to look slow now, isn't he?"

NEWMAN: "Mister Entertainment brings Fanatic back to his feet. Irish whip, Fanatic reverses it, Entertainment ducks the clothesline and there's a flying forearm by the champion!"

JULIUS: "And what a champion! Taking time to salute these idiots even when they boo him."

NEWMAN: "They don't like the guy's ego, and I can't blame them."

JULIUS: "He's the champ, he's keeping New ERA strong, that's all that matters."

NEWMAN: "A stomp to Fanatic, scoops him up, and a big hard slam in the corner."

JULIUS: "Now this is what I call entertainment! The champ, going up top!"

NEWMAN: "He's looking for something big to end it, 450 MISSES!! FANATIC ROLLED OUT OF THE WAY!"


NEWMAN: "Fanatic almost takes Entertainment's head off! The champ is slumped in the corner, Fanatic slowly to his feet, sees the champ – WASH CLOTH! Big boot, right across the face!"

JULIUS: "Come on, ref! Let the champ out of the corner!"

NEWMAN: "Fanatic brings Entertainment to his feet, kicks in the corner, kick, kick, spinning back kick to the face! The champion stunned! Fanatic whips him across the ring, Entertainment in the corner, Fanatic with a big clothesline, hooks the head – bulldog out of the corner, and a standing shooting star!!



No! No, I thought that did it! What a move! What acrobatics!"

JULIUS: "My heart! No doubt, Fanatic's acrobatic, but him as champion… that scares me!"

NEWMAN: "It scares Mr Entertainment, too. Fanatic heading up top, Mr Entertainment struggling to get to his feet, he's looking winded – missile drop kick! Into the cover--

The two!

Again the kickout! That was close! Fanatic hooks him, front face lock, knee to the face, another knee, DDT! Fanatic not going for the cover, brings the champion to his feet, up against the ropes, winds up – clothesline! Seconds the champ to the outside! The fans are going wild!"

JULIUS: "They should shut up! They're distracting the champ!"

NEWMAN: "Larry Tact telling Fanatic to keep on the attack, Mr Entertainment landed hard. He's having trouble getting to his feet, Fanatic across the ring, dives..."


NEWMAN: "Fanatic saw Entertainment duck and held on! Fanatic with a Tiger feint, Entertainment thinks he's in control, Fanatic off the ropes far side, across.."

JULIUS: "Yes!!"

NEWMAN: "Mr Entertainment ducked at the last minute! Fanatic took a chance and missed!"

JULIUS: "That's why it's high risk! You screw up eventually!"

NEWMAN: "Fanatic I think was hoping to put the champ away, instead it's the champ with Fanatic, Irish whip, Fanatic hard into the steel steps! The crowd don't like that."

JULIUS: "They don't have to like it, they need it anyway."

NEWMAN: "Entertainment kicks the top of the steps away, right hand to Fanatic. He hooks the head, no, NO! Snap suplex on the steel steps!!"

JULIUS: "I love it! If that doesn't slow down Fanatic, nothing will!"

NEWMAN: "The fans are really booing the champion now, he's back in the ring, mocking Fanatic. Larry Tact's going over to his brother to check on him.."

JULIUS: "Good job, ref!"

NEWMAN: "The referee stopping Tact! Entertainment told him what was happening! I guess you can't get involved with the match."

JULIUS: "Rightly so. How'd Tact like it if Entertainment got involved in the triple threat later tonight?"

NEWMAN: "Tact back to his corner, the champ outside with Fanatic, has him up, and drives him spine first into the ring post!"

JULIUS: "Working over the back. Like I said earlier, great strategy."

NEWMAN: "Some stiff shots from the champion, hooks the waist, and a release German suplex on the outside!"

JULIUS: "If he'd hit That's Entertainment this one would be over by knockout!"

NEWMAN: "In the ring again to break the count, he's back out. Grabs Fanatic and drives him against the ring apron, this is sick! Using the environment he's dismantling Fanatic's spine!"

JULIUS: "Rolls Fanatic into the ring first, the champ's in there with a knee drop to the back."

NEWMAN: "Mr Entertainment wants to take his time and make an example."

JULIUS: "Good! No pretenders to His throne!"

NEWMAN: "Knee in the small of the back, hands pulling back on the chin, almost a camel clutch there."

JULIUS: "Fanatic should give it up now. He's no chance, the champ smells blood."

NEWMAN: "Mr Entertainment with a clubbing blow across the face, Fanatic slumps back to the mat. A stomp to the back, he brings him up, pendulum back breaker!

The cover..



Shoulder up. If he'd hooked the leg he might have had it."

JULIUS: "But where's the fun in that?"

NEWMAN: "There's no fun for the Tact brothers right now! Mr Entertainment with Fanatic up in the corner, boot to the midsection. He hooks the head, up to the second rope – DIAMOND DUST!

Into the cover..



THREENO!! No! Fanatic barely gets the shoulder up there, but you've got to think it's only a matter of time at this rate."

JULIUS: "He started so bright, didn't he? You know what they say about the biggest, brightest stars?"

NEWMAN: "What?"

JULIUS: "They burn out the quickest."

NEWMAN: "I don't think Fanatic's burnt out, but he's in bad shape. Mr Entertainment has him up, arm wringer, and a heel kick sends him down!"

JULIUS: "He rolls Fanatic onto his stomach, camel clutch?"

NEWMAN: "Entertainment standing over Fanatic, Fanatic on all fours, Entertainment drops his weight on the small of the back! I think you're right, Dean, camel – no! What on Earth?"

JULIUS: "I think I've heard of this! Full nelson, sat on the small of the back, pulling back as well, targets the arms, the back, the shoulders, this is great! Tremendous strategy you'll only see from one man, the New ERA Champion!"

NEWMAN: "Fanatic is in a lot of pain! Larry's trying to get him moving."

ENTERTAINMENT: "Give it up, Larry! He's washed up, like you!" NEWMAN: "Entertainment with some words to Larry, he's badmouthing Fanatic. Fanatic is trying to crawl forward but he's not able to use his arms! This is one of the most original holds I've seen!"

JULIUS: "That's why he's the champion!"

NEWMAN: "Fanatic frantically shaking his head, inching, literally inching forwards."

JULIUS: "Not going to work."

NEWMAN: "Entertainment – SMASHES! Entertainment just smashed Fanatic's face into the mat!"

JULIUS: "He was ugly anyway. Why else would he be wearing a mask?"

NEWMAN: "Mr Entertainment rolls Fanatic over, leans on him, very lax ..



Kickout, but that hurt Fanatic!"

JULIUS: "Any twisting of the back's going to hurt him. He'll need some ice and a trip to a chiropractor after this match."

NEWMAN: "Mr Entertainment has Fanatic up, sends him off the ropes, and into an abdominal stretch! Lots of submission holds right now from the champion."

JULIUS: "How good would it be after all Fanatic's talk to hear him give up? If he knows how to say something in straight sentences."

NEWMAN: "Mr Entertainment's got the hold locked in near the ropes, the referee asking if Fanatic wants to give up, Entertainment using the ropes! Ref!"

JULIUS: "What? He's not holding the ropes."

NEWMAN: "Then why are they shaking?"

JULIUS: "It's a little drafty in here, isn't it?"


JULIUS: "No, he's keeping his balance! Smart thing to do, don't want him getting hurt by a trip or fall that wasn't his fault."

NEWMAN: "Oh for the love of… Larry Tact arguing with the referee, Fanatic in a lot of pain, Entertainment has the ropes again! Turn around, ref! HE SPOTS IT!"

JULIUS: "He was slipping over!"

NEWMAN: "Mr Entertainment forced to release the hold, but the damage may already have been done."

JULIUS: "You think?"

NEWMAN: "The champ ignoring the ref, he's goading Fanatic! Slapping him on the back of the head, Fanatic with a right to the midsection, but a kick to the skull sends him crashing back to the mat."

JULIUS: "This match should be called now, Fanatic's not getting up."

NEWMAN: "Mr Entertainment bringing Fanatic back to his feet. Big hard chop to the chest, FANATIC WITH A RIGHT HAND! Entertainment rocked back, Fanatic with another right hand, another right, Irish whip, spinning back elbow by Fanatic!"

JULIUS: "How can he be doing this?!"

NEWMAN: "Fanatic holding his back, he's slow to get up but he caught the champ square in the jaw, he's checking he's got all his teeth still. Fanatic getting a chance to recover against he ropes, Entertainment comes in, kick to the midsection by Fanatic! Another boot to the midsection, and another, chop from Fanatic, but a knee from the champion shuts him down."

JULIUS: "The champ with a forearm to the kidneys, right back to the back."

NEWMAN: "Mr Entertainment takes Fanatic down NO! Fanatic lands on his feet on the back suplex, X-FACTOR!! HE'S GOT THE CHAMP DOWN!!



THRENO! No, close, close close! High impact, Fanatic's been targeting the head, Entertainment's been hitting the back. Which is going to give out first?"

JULIUS: "Fanatic, obviously!"

NEWMAN: "Fanatic's starting the build some momentum but he's taking his time to get to his feet. Entertainment's stayed down, is he out cold?"

JULIUS: "Can't be!"

NEWMAN: "Fanatic's back up, he peels Mr Entertainment from the mat, he's bleeding from the nose. Fanatic with a hard forearm to the temple, he's holding his back, kick to the ribs, kick to the head, spinning back kick and Entertainment's down!"

JULIUS: "Come on, champ!"

NEWMAN: "Fanatic with a stomp to the head, off the ropes, down-low clothesline!



NO!! No! I thought he had him!"

JULIUS: "Fanatic grabbing Entertainment, bringing him to his feet, codebreaker!"



THREENO!! NO! Entertainment shoots the shoulder up! My God, I thought he was out! Look how much blood there is, he's got to be having trouble breathing!"

JULIUS: "Fanatic is heading up top!"

NEWMAN: "Larry Tact looks worried, Fanatic's hurting, his back's got to be hurting. He's slow getting up there, Entertainment's up – and dives against the ropes! He's desperate to keep his title, desperation move there!"

JULIUS: "No, that was smart. He's following him up, right to the head, another right.."

NEWMAN: "Fanatic with a right of his own!"

JULIUS: "But the champ with a headbutt. Mr Entertainment's up to the top rope, hooks Fanatic by the head, SUPERPLEX!! SUPERPLEX!! THAT'S GOT TO BE IT!"




JULIUS: "Damn!"

NEWMAN: "These two have been going almost twenty minutes, in a match we didn't expect until later tonight! We saw how evenly matched they were in season 1, how closely matched are they tonight? Back and forth it's been!"

JULIUS: "Entertainment's got his head in his hands, slowing his breathing. Keep calm, keep cool, Champ!"

NEWMAN: "Mr Entertainment grabs Fanatic's legs, the fans are jeering! He steps through, Sharpshooter! Sharpshooter! Right in the centre of the ring!"

JULIUS: "This has to be it!"

NEWMAN: "Larry Tact pleading with his brother to get to the ropes, the fans pleading with Fanatic, to get to the ropes! Mr Entertainment's leaning, pulling back, sitting as far back as he can."

JULIUS: "And I love this sound – Fanatic screaming in pain!"

NEWMAN: "You're sick!"

JULIUS: "I'm part of Team Entertainment, Team New ERA! I'm a winner! Like the champ's about to be!"

NEWMAN: "Fanatic is fighting, clawing, he's trying to drag himself to the ropes, but Mr Entertainment pulls him back to the middle of the ring!!"

JULIUS: "Just tap! Tap! Don't listen to these idiots! Tap!!"

NEWMAN: "Fanatic, I'm sure his face is writhing under that mask! Larry Tact slapping the apron, trying to get him to get to the ropes. Fanatic's trying again, he's clawing, fighting with everything he has! HE'S MADE IT!! HE MADE IT! MR ENTERTAINMENT HAS TO BREAK THE HOLD!"

JULIUS: "Damn damn damn damn DAMN!!"

NEWMAN: "Fanatic is hurting, Entertainment held on as long as he could without getting disqualified! He's furious that Fanatic's still got fight left in him! Stomp to the back, big clubbing blow across the back! He brings Fanatic to his feet SMALL PACKAGE!



THRENo! Mr Entertainment kicks out of the small package!"

JULIUS: "Misses the punt!"


JULIUS: "And that idiot ref's starting with the ten count!"

NEWMAN: "Can either of these two get to their feet? This match has been brutal, they've been hitting each other hard, high impact moves, they can't have much more left."

JULIUS: "No! Fanatic's stirring!"

NEWMAN: "Fanatic drapes the arm over Entertainment!



NO!! Mr Entertainment rolls the shoulder at the last second, and keeps his title alive! These two are moving so slowly right now, they're so fatigued."

JULIUS: "Fanatic's up first, using the ropes. Mr Entertainment up to a knee, Fanatic with a knee to the skull."

NEWMAN: "Irish whip by Fanatic into the corner, he follows in, Entertainment side steps, Fanatic puts on the brakes, SUPERKICK misses! Fanatic roll up –



Kickout by the champion! Fanatic forced off the ropes, comes in .."


NEWMAN: "Fanatic just tackled Mr Entertainment into the referee!! The ref just collided head to head with the New ERA Champion! BLUR!! BLUR!! SPRINGBOARD BULLDOG!!"

JULIUS: "Stay down, ref!!"

NEWMAN: "Fanatic sees the ref's down, he comes down off the ropes, he must have been going for The Craze!"

JULIUS: "No title if the ref's down."

NEWMAN: "Fanatic's trying to revive the ref, Mr Entertainment is down, no! He's starting to stir!"

JULIUS: "Behind you, moron!"

NEWMAN: "Mr Entertainment with a hard blow to the back of the head! Both men are staggering, Entertainment picks Fanatic up – drops him on the rope! Stun Gun!"


NEWMAN: "There's no referee! Mr Entertainment has Fanatic beaten but there's no referee!!"


NEWMAN: "The champ is yelling at the ref to count the fall, the referee looks totally out of it!"

JULIUS: "He releases the pin, slaps the ref. These fans are really laying into the champ!"

NEWMAN: "After what he said before this match, I'm not surprised! Where's he going?"

JULIUS: "Wherever he wants, it's his title!"

NEWMAN: "He's right out beside us, grabbing the… he's got the ring bell!"

JULIUS: "Yes! Clean that nut-job's clock!"

NEWMAN: "Larry Tact's just run round the ring! He's getting in the champ's face!"

JULIUS: "Don't you dare, Larry! We need him as champion!"


JULIUS: "Nightie night, Larry!"

NEWMAN: "Mr Entertainment in the ring, Larry Tact's holding his jaw on the arena floor. The champ's stalking Fanatic, yelling at him to get up.."

JULIUS: "This is it! Stay down and get beat!"

NEWMAN: "Fanatic struggling to hold on to the ropes, Entertainment motioning LARRY TACT!! LARRY TACT'S IN THE RING!!"


NEWMAN: "Larry Tact grabs Entertainment, spins him round, Entertainment swings the bell, TACT DUCKS! Boot to the midsection, grabs the bell.."




NEWMAN: "Mr Entertainment is bleeding heavily, but he is out! Fanatic is back to his feet, he sees the champion down, the referee's starting to stir..."

JULIUS: "Get up, champ! Get up!"

NEWMAN: "Fanatic slowly over into the corner, dragging himself to the top rope, he's barely able to stand up there! The ref's back to his feet, Fanatic...


He hooks the leg...





(SFX: Bell rings.)

LINKS: "Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the match… and NEW… NEW ERA CHAMPION… FANATIC!!"

NEWMAN: "FANATIC HAS DONE IT! He's beaten Mr Entertainment! He's the New ERA Champion!!"

JULIUS: "Bullshit! I call bullshit! Larry Tact beat Mr Entertainment! He used the bell, this is a travesty!!"

NEWMAN: "What a start to PrimeTime! We've got a new champion! Larry Tact got involved, but the fact remains the Tact Legacy is alive and strong! Fanatic's the champion!"

(We hear scratching.)

TRIPP: "NOOO! I can't believe I missed it!"

NEWMAN: "You just missed a HELL of a battle, Jason! But we're happy you made it for the rest of the show!"

TRIPP: "I got stuck on I-90!"

JULIUS: "Man, and here I thought tonight was going to be a great night."

NEWMAN: "Congratulations to Fanatic ... he is the New ERA Champion ... what an amazing match to start things off here at PrimeTime!"

TRIPP: "Argh!"

NEWMAN: "Well you made it just in time for our next match ... Yossi Hayat taking on Richard Dweck!"

JULIUS: "Aren't you lucky."

( continued... )