[ DCU Center ] Worcester, Massachusetts


TAPED: May 31, 2011
AIRED: Jun. 27, 2011
SEASON 2: PrimeTime

NEWMAN: "We are heading into our second match here tonight at PrimeTime … and tonight we've already witnessed the New ERA Championship change hands!"

JULIUS: "The TACT LEGACY was fulfilled .. but dammit, it was at Mr. Entertainment's expense."

TRIPP: "An incredible way to start off season 2's premier event … With Fanatic winning the Championship, that means the Falls Count Anywhere match with Larry Tact, Suicide and Pro Wrestling's SJH will be tonight's main event… incredible. But I'm still pissed I missed the match!"

NEWMAN: "We still have a whole lot of PrimeTime on our plates .. and coming up next, two stars who joined New ERA during our second season go head-to-head!"

JULIUS: "Let's not go overboard, Newman. Stars? Hardly."

NEWMAN: "Yossi Hayat, otherwise known as The Smark Boy…"

JULIUS: "I prefer to call him the Autistic Miracle…"

NEWMAN: "Either way, Hayat will be taking on Richard Dweck in just a few moments .. and if Dweck wins here at PrimeTime, he will walk away with a shot at the New ERA Championship."

TRIPP: "Well Hayat banked his shot at Cyberstrike 10 … so all he's trying to do is ride the momentum to another victory… and head into Season 3 with that notched on his belt."

NEWMAN: "Will Hayat continue to ride the wave? Or will New ERA's youngest star take the final step towards New ERA gold? Let's go to the ring and find out!"

(CUTTO: The ring as the lineup for the next match comes on screen.)

Yossi Hayat vs. Richard Dweck

LINKS: "The following match is scheduled for ONE FALL and has a thirty minute time limit!! Introducing first …."

(CUEUP: "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana. Yossi "The Smark Boy" Hayat walks to the ring. The crowd boos him and throws stuff at him. Yossi ignores them, except he curses some of them along the way, and enters the ring.)

LINKS: "He stands six foot eight and weighs 260 pounds …. Hailing from Haifa, Israel ….. "the SMARK BOY" …… YOSSI HAYAT!!!"

JULIUS: "Smark Boy looking good .. banking a championship shot sure does wonders for the psyche."

NEWMAN: "Hayat does indeed have a shot at the New ERA Championship .. and tonight he has a chance to keep that streak going!"

TRIPP: "He'll have his hands full with Richard Dweck here at PrimeTime."

(CUEUP: "Written in the Stars" by Tinie Tempah. Richard Dweck comes from the crowd .. stops to high five some of them, before hopping over the guardrail to slide into the ring.)

LINKS: "And his opponent … hailing from New Jersey … he stands five foot five and weighs 160 pounds …… RICHARD ….. DWECK!"

(SFX: Bell rings.)

JULIUS: "What is he even doing here? He looks like a third grader."

NEWMAN: "Dweck is New ERA's youngest start at 17…"

JULIUS: "Stay in school kids, or else you'll end up like Richard Dweck."

TRIPP: "A New ERA superstar?"

JULIUS: "Superstar? Grasping at straws are we?"

NEWMAN: "The referee telling both men to put on a clean match … and now he's given them the signal to go at it. Dweck walking around the ring trying to get a read on Yossi Hayat … and Hayat is saying something to him.."

TRIPP: "The Autistic Miracle trying to get inside Dweck's head."

NEWMAN: "Ring psychology is a huge advantage to have .. especially at a premier event, Jason… Dweck coming forward now .. and they lock up in the middle of the ring! Hayat quickly breaks the tie up and sends Dweck into the ropes … Dweck on the return, and he hops over Hayat who put his head down! Dweck stops quickly, turns around, AND LEVELS HAYAT WITH A DROPKICK! Yossi Hayat quickly back to his feet and Dweck grabs him by the arm …. AND HIPTOSSES HIM BACK TO THE MAT! What a start for New ERA's youngest star!"

JULIUS: "Hayat is letting Dweck run off some steam .. like all teenagers, he's eventually going to make a mistake to doom himself."

NEWMAN: "Hayat gets back to his feet and backs off … he heads to the corner to collect his thoughts.."

TRIPP: "He needs to come up with a new plan .. because trying to get into Dweck's head didn't work as well as he planned."

NEWMAN: "Dweck follows … and Hayat with a spinning kick that nails Dweck in the gut! Yossi Hayat tosses Richard Dweck into the corner and now he chops him repeatedly in the chest! NO! Dweck reverses it and now Hayat is in the corner! Richard Dweck with European uppercuts …. And now he drives the knee into the gut of Hayat …. Dweck grabs the head … AND BULLDOGS YOSSI HAYAT OUT OF THE CORNER!"

TRIPP: "Dweck certainly has the momentum … hopefully he can ride it out to the end and bank his own championship shot!"

JULIUS: "Jesus Christ … that's right. Dweck needs one more win to get his own shot, doesn't he."

NEWMAN: "That's right, Dean. Dweck is one win away from a shot."

JULIUS: "That's scary."

NEWMAN: "Dweck grabbing the legs of Hayat… he hoists him up to rest on his knees … AND HE FALLS BACK CATAPULTING HAYAT HEAD FIRST INTO THE BOTTOM TURNBUCKLE! Dweck kips up and now he pulls Hayat out of the corner for the pin attempt …. ONE …….. TWO—KICKOUT!"

TRIPP: "If Hayat keeps on taking shots like that to the head this match will be over quickly. You can't defend yourself when you're lying unconscious in the middle of the ring."

NEWMAN: "Richard Dweck gets back to his feet … New ERA's youngest star brings Hayat to his feet … but Yossi Hayat with a small package! ONE ……. TWO ……. KICKOUT! Dweck quick to escape the ring and tries to collect himself on the outside!"

TRIPP: "Smark Boy caught Richard Dweck off guard … and he almost pulled it off!"

NEWMAN: "Dweck trying to pump himself back up … BUT YOSSI HAYAT REACHES THROUGH THE ROPES AND GRABS DWECK BY THE HAIR AND PULLS HIM BACK IN THE RING! Hayat picks up Dweck and nails an atomic drop… AND NOW CLOTHESLINES DWECK IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Yossi Hayat …. Hayat is going for the ankle! HAYAT HAS THE ANKLE LOCK ON DWECK!"

JULIUS: "The Autistic Miracle working over the ankle …"

TRIPP: "Dweck can fly with the best of them, so this is a great tactic."

JULIUS: "It's because he weighs a buck twenty-five."

NEWMAN: "Oh stop it, Dean. Hayat bends the ankle as far as he can … and Richard Dweck is screaming in pain! Dweck reaches for the ropes ….. and he has them! The referee calling for the break!"

TRIPP: "If Hayat had locked that on in the middle of the ring, I don't think Dweck could have escaped."

NEWMAN: "I agree, Jason. Dweck was lucky that the move was locked on so close to the ropes. Hayat immediately all over Dweck … he yanks him by the arm and drags him to his feet … Smark Boy with the go-behind … and now he slams the shoulder into the turnbuckle! Dweck grabs his arm and swings wildly.. but Hayat sidesteps it … Dweck spins 360 degrees around ….. AND HAYAT WITH A HURRICANRANA SENDING DWECK CLEAR ACROSS THE RING!"

JULIUS: "Air Dweck coming in for a crash landing!"

NEWMAN: "Dweck landing in the bottom ropes right and Hayat storms over to keep the pressure on! Hayat up and he reaches down to grab Dweck.. but he rolls away! Hayat follows him and tries grab Dweck a second time .. but New ERA's youngest star rolls away again!"

TRIPP: "Hayat frustrated … and he punts Dweck upside the head!"

JULIUS: "The Smark Boy just knocked Dweck's head halfway up the stands."

NEWMAN: "Yossi Hayat picks up Richard Dweck … quick scoop slam … and now he's going up top! Hayat perched on the top rope … AND HE FLIES OFF WITH THE FROG SPLASH! BUT DWECK PUTS UP HIS KNEES! Yossi Hayat with no chance to protect himself … and just like that, Richard Dweck has equalized this match!"

TRIPP: "Hayat made the mistake of trying to do too much, too soon."

JULIUS: "And he paid the consequences … now some pre-pubescent prick is closer to stepping into the ring with a REAL star for New ERA's championship."

NEWMAN: "Dweck slowly getting to his feet … bounces off the ropes .. and drops an elbow into the sternum of Hayat."

JULIUS: "I would have immediately made a cover … he could have just lost the chance to put this away."

TRIPP: "I can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually agree with Dean."

NEWMAN: "Dweck hooks the leg … ONE …… TWO ……. TH—NO! Hayat gets the shoulder up. Dweck back on his feet and brings Hayat with him … Dweck with an irish whip.. Hayat on the return … and HE AVOIDS THE CLOTHESLINE AND GRABS THE ARM OF DWECK AND REVERSES! Dweck on the return …. AND RICHARD DWECK DUCKS THE CLOTHESLINE …. CRUCIFIX ON THE SMARK BOY! ONE …….. TWO ………. THREE!!"

TRIPP: "No! Hayat broke the pin!"

NEWMAN: "Richard Dweck almost got his shot at the New ERA Championship! Both Dweck and Hayat getting to their feet … Dweck with an irish whip to the corner and follows him in …. Hayat hits the turnbuckle pad … AND RICHARD DWECK CATCHES HIM WITH A LEAPING KNEE STRIKE TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD!"

JULIUS: "Hayat's seeing little birdies circling over his head."

NEWMAN: "Richard Dweck pulls Hayat out of the corner … AND HE LOCKS ON THE SHARPSHOOTER!"

JULIUS: "He can't keep it locked on … Hayat weighs one hundred pounds more than him!"

NEWMAN: "Adrenaline is pumping, Dean.. anything is possible."

TRIPP: "Dweck pulling Hayat just far enough away from the ropes…"

NEWMAN: "The Smark Boy looks to be in a world of pain right now… but he can't reach the ropes! The referee asking Hayat if he wants to submit … but Hayat ignores him and is now trying to power his way out of the sharpshooter!"

JULIUS: "If Hayat had done this earlier instead of letting Dweck grab the ropes, he wouldn't be in this position."

NEWMAN: "Both men trying to make an impression here at PrimeTime .. season 2's premier event has already seen the New ERA Championship change hands …. Who knows what else could happen!"

JULIUS: "Don't remind me … Mr. Entertainment was robbed."

NEWMAN: "Hayat continuing to struggle in the sharpshooter … how much more can he take?"

TRIPP: "The longer Dweck keeps him in the hold the less chance Hayat has of being able to put up an offensive."

NEWMAN: "The Smark Boy gritting his teeth .. and now Dweck yelling at the referee to end the match!"

JULIUS: "He should disqualify Dweck for verbal assault!!"

TRIPP: "Are you kidding me?"

JULIUS: "Nope."

NEWMAN: "Hayat is fading …. BUT WAIT! HAYAT PUSHING HIMSELF UP WITH HIS ARMS AGAIN! Hayat with one last push … AND HE BREAKS THE HOLD! Dweck goes crashing to the mat!"

JULIUS: "But is it too late? I mean, he was in the sharpshooter for a good while."

NEWMAN: "We're about to find out, Dean … Richard Dweck back on the offensive … and he drops the leg across th… NO! Hayat rolls to the ropes! The referee steps in and backs Dweck away!"

TRIPP: "Smart move there by the Autistic Miracle."

NEWMAN: "Hayat using the ropes to get to his feet … and he comes back to the center of the ring! The referee steps aside … AND RICHARD DWECK CHARGES AT THE SMARK BOY!"

TRIPP: "But Hayat with a drop toe hold! Richard Dweck goes face-first into the mat!"

NEWMAN: "Hayat back on his feet … and he drives the heel of the boot into the back of Richard Dweck's knee!"

TRIPP: "Hayat grabs onto Dweck's leg … and he slides to the outside!"

JULIUS: "Dweck tried to injure the back of Hayat, so Smark Boy's going to take out the knee!"


TRIPP: "Take out the knee … take out the offense. Dweck will be a sitting duck!"

NEWMAN: "Hayat releases the leg and rolls back into the ring … and he stands there while New ERA's youngest star tries to pull himself out of the corner… and he's crawling over to Yossi Hayat! He is using Hayat's tights to pull himself up!"

TRIPP: "Yossi standing there … and he plants a fist into the skull of Richard Dweck! Dweck falls back to the mat."

NEWMAN: "Hayat with a handful of hair has Dweck on his feet .. and he sends him to the ropes! BUT DWECK HOLDS ON! Hayat races over … BUT DWECK WITH A KICK TO THE STOMACH! Dweck grabs the waist of Hayat ….. AND HE TAKES HIM UP AND OVER WITH A SPINNING BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!"

TRIPP: "I think Dweck … Dweck is ready to put this thing to bed! What better time to bank a championship shot than at PrimeTime!"

NEWMAN: "Dweck limping over to Hayat… both he and the Smark Boy have put on an incredible display of talent here tonight."

JULIUS: "Overstatement of the year, folks."

NEWMAN: "Thank God I only have to deal with you once a season, Dean."

JULIUS: "You love me and you know it!"

NEWMAN: "Dweck up on his feet .. and he looks around at the fans jam-packed here in the DCU Center … and now he points at Hayat!"

TRIPP: "Could we see the Amazingly Awesome Attack coming up?"

JULIUS: "HA! Are you serious?!?!?"

TRIPP: "What?"

NEWMAN: "Forget him, Jason … Yossi Hayat using the ropes to get to his feet … and he turns to face Dweck!"


TRIPP: "All he did was get to his feet?"

NEWMAN: "Don't feed the trolls…"

(SFX: Fans pop!)



NEWMAN: "NO NO NO!! Hayat grabbed onto the top rope! Richard Dweck can't connect with the Reality Check!"

TRIPP: "Dweck releases Hayat .. and drives the knee into his gut!"



JULIUS: "Good night, nurse!"

NEWMAN: "ONE ………….. TWO ………………. THREEEEEEEEEE!!!!"

(SFX: Bell rings.)

LINKS: "The winner of this match via pinfall … RICHARD .... DWECK!"

JULIUS: "And Dweck banks his shot at the New ERA Championship here at PrimeTime!"

NEWMAN: "Hayat put up a hell of a fight … but unfortunately he just couldn't secure the win.."

TRIPP: "Still, what an impressive match from both men here at PrimeTime!"

NEWMAN: "I agree, Jason .. New ERA's youngest star sure put it all on the line tonight here at PrimeTime and was rewarded for his efforts."

( continued... )