[ DCU Center ] Worcester, Massachusetts


TAPED: May 31, 2011
AIRED: Jun. 27, 2011
SEASON 2: PrimeTime

NEWMAN: "Welcome back!"

JULIUS: "I can't believe I missed it!"

TRIPP: "That's what happens when you decide to go backstage for a "pitstop."

JULIUS: "Can it, Tripp. I'm back .. and ready to watch the First walk all over Jonathan Marx."

NEWMAN: "Ladies and gentlemen … we've already had not one, but TWO New ERA Championship matches tonight … and NOW we find out .. there's still ONE MORE TO GO!"

JULIUS: "And I'll make sure to be there for the third go-around."

TRIPP: "Well I missed the first .. you missed the second … Natalie, I think it's your turn to step away!"

NEWMAN: "Ha, ha! I don't think so, Jason.. but we still have a ton of action to get to here at PrimeTime .. New ERA's season 2 premier event is about to bear witness to what should be a vicious, no-holds I Quit match."

TRIPP: "There certainly is no love lost between The First and Jonathan Marx…"

JULIUS: "Too bad that nothing Marx can do tonight will stop First."

NEWMAN: "We talked earlier about how First has ran roughshod over New ERA … and tonight Jonathan Marx looks to FINALLY put First in his place."

JULIUS: "His place is as the New ERA Champion!"

TRIPP: "Let's head over to Jamie Links who is waiting in the ring!"

(CUTTO: Links standing in the ring, the microphone in her hand ready to go! The lineup for the match appears on the screen.)

I Quit Match
The First vs. Jonathan Marx

LINKS: "The following contest is an I QUIT match!"

(Crowd Buzzes! CUEUP: "The Touch" by Stan Bush, the crowd cheers as Jonathan Marx walks through the curtain. Marx walks to the ring with a determined look on his face, Marx has on his standard black trunks and ring boots.)

LINKS: "Making his way to the ring, hailing from Princeton, New Jersey weighing in at 215 pounds… "Gentleman" JONATHAN MARX!"

NEWMAN: "Jonathan Marx not even reacting to the cheers he's getting as he makes his way to the ring, this is a man who has elected to stand up for New ERA to stand for what this company stands for, and he's put his neck out on the line tonight, as he is fighting a madman in one of the most brutal matches this sport has."

TRIPP: "You got that right, Marx and First have had their issues, but this match takes it to a whole new level, but you know Marx is bound and determined to put an end to First's insanity and to make this maniac say I Quit."

JULIUS: "You two are nuts, First asked for this match, he lives in a world where the only way to improve, to be better is to suffer, he wants to be beaten up, and he wants to dish out a beating tonight, Marx is fighting a madman on that madman's home turf, and he's going to end up either crippled or humbled when he finally tells the world that he does in fact quit against The First."

(CUEUP: "Happy Birthday" by The Birthday Massacre, the crowd boos loudly as The First makes his way through the curtain, First has his face painted black and white like Darth Maul, he's in a brand new "Evolve or Die" T-Shirt cut into a wife beater, black GI pants and ring boots. Flanking him is Muse, who has on a tight fitting black top and a short pair of red hot pants, behind The First are the two associates.)

LINKS: "And his opponent, being led to the ring by Muse from Salem, Massachusetts, weighing in at 199 pounds, THE FIRST!!!"

NEWMAN: "This crowd really giving First the business as he's walking to the ring, nobody in this crowd forgets the stunt he pulled to steal the New ERA Championship, or the stunt he pulled to give Cameron Cruise a title shot, this is a man who refuses to play by the rules, refuses to abide by what New ERA wants, and tonight he says he must break the flag bearer of this company."

TRIPP: "Well he's just gone over to the time keeper's table and he's got a mic, so I guess we're going to have a little more talking before we get to the fighting."

FIRST: "Cut my music!"

(Music stops.. the fans continue to hiss.)

FIRST: "Look Marx, you can't win this fight, you should know that… Look at me Marx… LOOK AT ME! I'm never going to quit, I can't quit… For one simple reason… I'm right… And when you're right you can't back down no matter what happens… Join me Jonathan… This fight doesn't have to happen, just quit Jonathan, just quit and join me…"

NEWMAN: "First now holding the mic up to Marx… Marx knocks the mic away and CRACKS First with a right hand! Well First hasn't talked his way out of this one!"

(SFX: Bell rings.)

JULIUS: "He was trying to perform an act of mercy, Marx is a fool and he's about to be beaten half dead for his stupidity!"

NEWMAN: "Well right now all I see if Marx hammering First with right hands and a HARD Clothesline takes First off his feet and sends him to the mat. Marx grabs a leg and twists he's got First locked in a Half Boston Crab! First screaming as Marx leans back."

REF: "What you say First?!"

FIRST: "NO!!! NO!!!"

NEWMAN: "First flips himself over to his back and pushes Marx into a corner with his legs, First quickly to his feet as Marx charges… GREEN MIST!! Marx gets blinded by that green mist that First has spit in his face. First now with a CHOP BLOCK on the knee of Marx!"

TRIPP: "Kind of early for First to be going into his bag of tricks like the Green Mist, I think Marx has him a bit worried, maybe First wasn't really ready for a fight tonight!"

JULIUS: "This is an I Quit match, you can't be too quick to do anything cause nobody's looking for an inside cradle or a roll-up, it's all brutal submission holds and painful beatings. You turn the tide any way you can!"

NEWMAN: "First now kicking away on the knee of Marx, and he grabs the leg of Marx, First falls back he's trying to secure a heel hook!"

REF: "What do you say Marx?"

MARX: "NO!!!"

NEWMAN: "First wrenching on that leg, but now Marx is grabbing at First's foot he's trying to get a heel hook of his own! First breaks the hold and backs off Marx rather than exchange heel hooks. First kicks Marx in the knee again, now he's waving for Marx to get to his feet. Marx pulling himself to his feet, and First charges… MARX BACKDROPS FIRST OVER THE TOP TO THE FLOOR! First crashing to the concrete floor!"

TRIPP: "Marx quick to follow him to the floor, you can tell he knows he has to press the advantage and keep First reeling!"

NEWMAN: "First whipped into the steps! First sent cart wheeling over the steps as he crashes and burns. Marx climbs the steps and waits on First… MARX WITH A SHOULDERBLOCK OFF THE STEPS! First on his back and Marx now just UNLOADING on First with right hand after right hand! Marx now ripping the top half the steps free, he's holding the steps over his head."


REF: "What do you say?!"


(Marx drops the steps, which land with a sickening thud on First's back.)


NEWMAN: "First just called for help and here come those two thugs who follow First everywhere!"

JULIUS: "They are his associates Newman."

NEWMAN: "Whatever, Marx hammering away on these two goons, sending them to the ground, Marx stomping away on one of the associates… FIRST WITH A WRENCH! What a cheap shot! First just hit Marx in the head with a wrench and that dropped Marx like a ton of bricks!"

TRIPP: "What a bunch of cheap garbage!"

JULIUS: "It's no DQ Marx knew what he was in for when he signed up for an I Quit match!"

NEWMAN: "Or maybe he thought First was serious about wanting a fight to test himself, he's gotten into trouble and taken nothing but short cuts… First stomping Marx and now has Marx in the middle of the ring, First hooks him in a FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK!! Marx trapped in the middle of the ring."

REF: "What do you say Marx?!"

MARX: "NO!!! NO!!!!!"

(First pulls the mic from the ref.)

FIRST: "Quit Marx! You can't win!"


NEWMAN: "Marx now fighting, he's almost got it reversed!!! HE REVERSED IT!!! First screaming! WAIT! One of the associates runs in and breaks the hold, the associate now has Marx up… MARX COUNTERS!! MARX HAS THE MARXISM ON THE ASSOCIATE!!! He's tapping and flailing!!! Marx lets go and CLOTHESLINES a charging First!"

TRIPP: "Marx is like a man possessed in there! He's taken everything First and his minions have thrown at him and is still standing tall!"

NEWMAN: "Marx to the outside now and he grabs that other associate… DRIVES HIM INTO THE RINGPOST! Marx deciding to get rid of First's re-enforcements before they even get a chance to meddle in the match… Marx now back into the ring… GETS A DROPKICK TO THE KNEE FROM FIRST… First caught Marx coming through the ropes…And now First hooking up Marx… TEXAS CLOVERLEAF!! First keeps working that bum knee trying to finally make Marx quit."

REF: "What do you say Marx?!"

MARX: "AHHHH… NO!... NO!!!"

NEWMAN: "Marx isn't getting out of this… First has that hold locked in the middle of the ring… Marx thrashing but the ropes won't save him."

REF: "You quit?!"

MARX: "NO!!!!"

JULIUS: "Marx is an idiot! First is going to break his back or blow that knee out, your career isn't worth this hero garbage Marx, call it a day and live to fight on!"

NEWMAN: "Marx now bridging up!! MARX FLIPS FIRST OVER!!Marx still down and First back to his feet… First now reaching at his own throat… I think we're about to see another blast of that mist."

JULIUS: "I hope he uses one of the other colors, I heard Orange Mist will cause a fever and leaves people bedridden for weeks!"

NEWMAN: "You have far too much time on your hands my friend… First waiting as Marx gets to his feet… MARX WITH A PALM STRIKE TO THE THROAT!! First crumples to the ground gagging and choking on that mist!"

TRIPP: "Looks like First just got a taste of his own medicine and he doesn't like it!"

NEWMAN: "First looks almost out of it, he might be having trouble breathing after that shot to the throat… MARX HAS MARXISM LOCKED IN!! FIRST TRAPPED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!!!"

REF: "What do you say First?!"


REF: "What do you say?!"


NEWMAN: "First is going nowhere! Marx has him stuck in the middle… First howling in pain, Marx isn't going to let this go, that's for damn sure… MUSE!! MUSE HITS THE RING AND SHE'S GOUGING AT MARX EYES!! Oh this is crap! Marx finally breaks the hold and turns towards Muse… FIRST GOES LOW!! First with a low blow on Marx as Marx was about to rid himself of First's last line of defense."

JULIUS: "Hey, a good woman is hard to find now-a-days!"

NEWMAN: "Now what... Oh dear lord, Muse has handcuffs… First and Muse just handcuffed Marx to the bottom rope… Now they got another pair and are trying to handcuff his other arm… Marx fighting…. Now one of the associates is back up and helping… Marx now face down with both his hands handcuffed to the bottom rope… Muse goes out of the ring, she's got a kendo stick and throws it to First… FIRST NOW BEATING THE HELL OUT OF MARX WITH THAT STICK!! Somebody has to stop this! First being pelted with trash from fans at ringside throwing stuff at him!"

TRIPP: "This is uncalled for, Marx had him beat and now this scumbag is taking advantage of a helpless man."

NEWMAN: "First rips the mic away from the ref."

FIRST: "This will not stop Marx, you're not breaking out of those handcuffs, and I'll never stop hitting you… YOU NEED TO QUIT NOW!!"



NEWMAN: "First beating the hell out of Marx, a dozen more shots with that cane!"


MARX: "NOO!!!"





NEWMAN: "First again beating away on Marx, Marx back is a mess of cuts and welts from that cane… This is getting out of hand… First rolls out of the ring to the floor with the mic in hand…"

FIRST: "Look, you've done all you could Marx, it's over… Just quit, cause I can't quit… I have to keep beating you till this is over…"

MARX: "Drop dead!"


TRIPP: "He's got to have internal injuries! Marx is fighting on in spite of being hopelessly trapped and suffering serious injury, what heart this man has."

JULIUS: "What an idiot he is, he's going to have his career ended!"

NEWMAN: "First back in the ring with that cane, wait the ref's stepping in! He's waiving off the match."

(SFX: Crowd breaks into jeers!)

REF: "He can't defend himself, it's over, you win!"

FIRST: "No! He didn't quit! This isn't over!"

REF: "I can't let it continue! I've stopped it!"

FIRST: "You can't stop me!"

NEWMAN: "NO! First just decked the ref and now he continues to smash Marx with that cane! This is inhuman! First has lost his friggin' mind! New ERA Security and staff pouring into the ring… Security gang tackling First and pulling him away from Marx… This guy is gone… He won, Marx is helpless what more could he prove?!"

TRIPP: "Nothing, he was just going to end Marx career to make him quit… This was just absurd."

JULIUS: "To hell with the both of you, if Marx's foolish pride was going to cost him his career he shoulda learned that lesson! You excuse making weasels make me sick!"

NEWMAN: "First being dragged kicking and screaming to the back by the mass of security and staff, and Marx now freed from those handcuffs… Marx pushing away the EMT's… He's refusing help… Marx slowly pulls himself to his feet.."

(SFX: HUGE Pop!)

NEWMAN: "This crowd giving Jonathan Marx an ovation here, this man wouldn't quit even with being trapped in a helpless position, and let's be clear, if it wasn't for the antics of First's rogue's gallery, Marx woulda wiped the floor with him!"

JULIUS: "Says you, I see one man who's a little banged up but besides that was fighting an army of security to get in some more shots, and another guy who's spitting up blood, it's pretty clear who got the better of things tonight."

NEWMAN: "Well you see things your way, I see Jonathan Marx walking out standing tall… Ladies and gentleman .. up next we have a hell of a match. Three men … falls count anywhere!"

( continued... )