[ Molson Centre ] Montreal, Quebec


TAPED: Jun. 20, 2005
AIRED: Sep. 05, 2005
PPV: International Intrigue

(FADEIN: A line of national Canadian Mounted Police Officers. The lead one is holding up a Canadian flag. They march forward towards the Molson Centre in sync with one another.)

VOICE / OVER: "On December 26 th, 2004 New ERA of Wrestling began its Canadian Invasion TOUR in Victoria, British Columbia. Now six months later in Montreal, Quebec, it comes to an end as New ERA presents its third pay per view International Intrigue."

(CUEUP: The Canadian National Anthem, O’ Canada, as the camera fades up to the Canadian Flag blowing in the wind.)

SONG: " O Canada !
Our home and native land!
True patriot love in all thy sons command."

(The Canadian Flag slowly fades into images from New ERA’s second pay per view, BattleBRAWL. The images are from the Women’s Title Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal match.)

SONG: "With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
The True North strong and free!"

(CUTTO: End of the match with Caitlyn Daymon pinning Jane Doe and standing up.. only to get rolled up by Karla Starr , who was waiting at ringside, and losing the match. CUTTO: Starr standing with the championship in her hand. CUTTO: Starr and Daymon fighting at the RAPTURE afterwards. CUTTO: Police officers taking Caitlyn Daymon away in a police car while Starr looks on laughing.)

SONG: "From far and wide,

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee."

(CUTTO: ‘Too Sweet’ Travis Smith throwing the papers at Juliet Marceau that announce his return to New ERA. CUTTO: Trevor Cane attacking Smith. CUTTO: Cane and Smith fighting. CUTTO: The announcement by Cane that he wants their PPV revenge match to be a Barbwired Baseball Bat match. CUTTO: The impromptu and devastating Boiler Room Brawl. CUTTO: Travis Smith winning the Boiler Room Brawl while Cane lie on the floor bloodied.)

SONG: "God keep our land glorious and free!

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee."

(CUTTO: Images now of Olivia Lewes making her New ERA debut against Krist Blue. CUTTO: Lewes defeating Blue. CUTTO: Whisper and Caitlyn Daymon in their #1 Contender’s Match for the Women’s championship. CUTTO: Daymon winning the match while Whisper looks dejected. CUTTO: Olivia Lewes and Caitlyn Daymon on the most recent RAPTURE. CUTTO: Lewes once again getting a victory. CUTTO: Lewes, Whisper, and Blue all superimposed next to each other.)

SONG: "O Canada, we stand on guard for thee."

(CUTTO: An image of newcomer ‘Man of the Hour’ Nick Elliot as he stands looking at the sign of ‘Hazel Crest, Illinois ’ as he leaves the town. CUTTO: Moralis Candoom in his debut match against Mark Matix as he hits a maneuver and looks out at the crowd.)

VOICE / OVER: "Nine matches. Three championships on the line. Rivalries coming to a close.."

(FADE: From the image of Candoom standing in the ring to an image of the Quebecois flag.)

(CUEUP: The Quebec Provincial Anthem, ‘Gens du pays’ as the flag slowly fades into more images of New ERA superstars.)

SONG: "Le temps que l'on prend pour se dire: je t'aime

C'est le seul qui reste au bout de nos jours

Les voeux que l'on fait les fleurs que l'on seme

Chacun les récolte en soi-même

Aux beaux jardin du temps qui court."

(CUTTO: The Phantom Republican defeating Alister Hayze in the finals of the tournament to crown a new #1 contender to the World championship. CUTTO: The Phantom Republican straightening his tie during the Debate Match. CUTTO: Mr. Entertainment cutting a promo. CUTTO: Mr. Entertainment flashes a winning smile as he defeats Jenro Electrovolt. CUTTO: ‘Mad’ Mark Matix as he walks through the fire surrounding the entrance to the ring. CUTTO: Matix as he defeats Moralis Candoom. CUTTO: All three men’s photos as they catch on fire and melt away.)

SONG: "Gens du pays c'est votre tour

De vous laisser parler d'amour

Gens du pays c'est votre tour

De vous laisser parler d'amour."

(CUTTO: Cameron Cruise and Mr. Entertainment wrestling in the ring. CUTTO: The Insurgent crashing the party and attacking both men. CUTTO: Cruise and Insurgent’s last match on RAUCOUS. CUTTO: Cruise nailing Insurgent with a double underhook DDT. CUTTO: Insurgent catching Cruise in an STF. CUTTO: Cruise locking on the Cruise Control in the middle of the ring. CUTTO: The bell ringing and the referee signaling that the match was declared a time limit draw … just as Insurgent was fading into obscurity.)

SONG: "Le temps de s'aimer, le jour de le dire

Fond comme la neige aux doigts du printemps

Fêtons de nos joies, fêtons de nos rires

Ces yeux ou nos regards se mirent

C'est demain que j'avais vingt ans."

(CUTTO: The PRODIGY Classic Xtreme championship. As the championship comes closer and closer to the camera shot images of the championship tournament reflect in its gold. CUTTO: Chaos defeating The Sinner. CUTTO: Thomas Lombardi, Dallas Carter, and Rex Reynolds as the last three men in the battle royal. CUTTO: Thomas Lombardi being eliminated first. CUTTO: Dallas Carter’s many near eliminations. CUTTO: Rex Reynolds eliminating Carter and winning the battle royal. CUTTO: Chaos obliterating Thomas Lombardi in the Taipei Death match. CUTTO: Dallas Carter shoveling the last bit of dirt onto the casket to win the Buried Alive match. CUTTO: Both men’s faces reflecting on the championship.)

SONG: "Gens du pays...

Le ruisseau des jours aujourd'hui s'arrête

Et forme un étang ou chacun peut voir

Comme en un miroir l'amour qu'il reflète

Pour ces coeurs a qui je souhaite

Le temps de vivre leurs espoirs."

(CUTTO: Cameron Cruise and Jason Payne locking up near the ropes during the BattleBRAWL battle royal for the Television championship. CUTTO: MWG charging at them and hitting a running knee lift that sends both men over the top rope. CUTTO: MWG making some obscene gestures in a promo meant for Jason Payne. CUTTO: The two men standing in the middle of the ring. CUTTO: Jason Payne throwing MWG off of him. CUTTO: Krist Blue making some advances at Payne. CUTTO: Jason Payne hitting a german suplex on MWG. CUTTO: A shot showing both men’s shoulders pinned to the mat as the referee makes the three-count. CUTTO: The referee taking the championship away and withholding it from both men. CUTTO: MWG and Jason Payne, face to face.)

SONG: "Gens du pays..."

(CUTTO: Jonathan Marx being revealed as ANTAEUS at BattleBRAWL. CUTTO: John Doe, Carlee Marx, Brandon Jacobs and Jonathan Marx attacking Rabesque in the ring. CUTTO: Alister Hayze running down to make the save. CUTTO: Rabesque / Hayze vs Doe / Marx in a tag team match. CUTTO: Rabesque / Hayze losing in the snow. CUTTO: In rapid succession scenes of Travis Smith, Trevor Cane, Taylor Mathis, Jason Hawke, Isaac Siegmund, Wyatt Bailey. CUTTO: The Masked Man revealing his presence. CUTTO: The Masked Man injuring John Doe and removing him from tonight’s main event. CUTTO: The Masked Man attacking Jean Rabesque during the Debate Match and ascending up to the rafters as the police try to catch him. CUTTO: The Masked Man pulling his hands back as if to reveal himself, but instead giving Marceau the double middle finger. CUTTO: All four men’s photos enclosed in a steel cage.)

VOICE / OVER: "Six months of build up. Six months of tempers flaring. Six months …"

(CUTTO: The Canadian and Quebec Flag come on screen … Slowly the Canadian Flag begins to cover the Quebecois flag and in doing so the transparent images become one … quick typing forms on the flag as the International Intrigue logo forms front and center…)

VOICE / OVER: "All comes to a head … tonight ….. for New ERA of Wrestling’s INTERNATIONAL INTRIGUE!!!"

(CUTTO: Inside the Molson Centre! Thousands upon thousands of screaming fans pack the arena as the lights flash and the music bump bump bumps! The arena is decked out with national symbols as the camera focuses on the announce team, Nick Jive and Tom Gheorghe!)




JIVE: "I can hardly hear you!"

GHEORGHE: "The fans here in the Molson Centre are on their feet and cheering as they realize the history that is being made here tonight!"

JIVE: "New ERA’s biggest superstars are in action tonight … and we’ve got some doozies lined up!"

GHEORGHE: "Nine incredible matches .. three championships on the line … and some of New ERA’s most intriguing feuds .. hopefully coming to a close!"

JIVE: "But before we get to any of those championship matches or feuds … we’ve got two matches with relatively newcomers … getting their first tastes of a New ERA pay per view!"

GHEORGHE: "In tonight’s opening match … Mark Matix and Mr. Entertainment will be involved in a triple threat single elimination match with the #1 contender for the World championship The Phantom Republican."

JIVE: "The Phantom Republican .. the #1 contender to the World championship .. and here he is stuck in an opening match on a pay per view he should be headlining!"

GHEORGHE: "The Phantom Republican will have his chance at the World championship soon enough .. but tonight’s main event has been in the works ever since DREDD announced its presence to the world… Also in action tonight, Moralis Candoom and Nick Elliot will face off as Elliott will try to get a win in his debut here tonight at International Intrigue!"

JIVE: "Candoom had a tough showing in HIS debut match … and Elliot will be looking to capitalize on this advantage…"

GHEORGHE: "The real fun begins with the #1 contender’s matches … as the Women’s championship will have a new #1 contender tonight …. And the Television championship … which finally will finally have a champion tonight … also gets a new #1 contender .. although .. from what we heard leading up to tonight, it might not be who you’d think!"

JIVE: "Insurgent and Cameron Cruise … the two men fighting for the chance to take on the new TV champion … but neither man wants it! Cruise locked himself in a closet it seemed and Insurgent came out and said he would disqualify himself tonight … it will be interesting to see what happens…"

GHEORGHE: "Indeed… and as we said about the Television championship … tonight it finally gets a champion.. After being passed around like a hot potato after leaving Chaos’ hands … and going to Suicide, Alex Borden … it finally found a new champion in MWG after he won the BattleBRAWL match at the pay per view of the same name … but after Jason Payne won the #1 contender tournament for the Television championship … his championship match ended in controversy.."

JIVE: "Yea, the idiot forgot to keep his shoulders off the mat when he german suplexed MWG and they both were counted!"

GHEORGHE: "The referee withheld the championship from BOTH men .. and tonight they will wrestle for the Television championship .. and one man will walk out with it!"

JIVE: "That’s not the only championship that will be given to a new champion tonight …"

GHEORGHE: "Indeed… after announcing plans for a new championship to be defended in hardcore stipulated matches, the PRODIGY Classic Xtreme championship, named after the circuit where New ERA’s founders got their start, a tournament was created with the finals being held tonight!"

JIVE: "It seemed like for a while there the tournament was going to be moot.."

GHEORGHE: "After this masked man started attacking wrestlers involved in the P©X Title Tournament … President Marcus LaRoque instructed that the final three men in the newcomer battle royal at the 02.17.05 edition of RAUCOUS would be given three of the four spots in the semifinals .. with Chaos being the only man who would have defeated an opponent in a one on one match by defeating the Sinner in a Exploding Turnbuckles match.."

JIVE: "Chaos then defeated Thomas Lombardi in a gruesome Taipei Death match .. and Dallas Carter defeated Rex Reynolds in a Buried Alive match …. And those two men will be in the finals .. in what will be a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match.."

GHEORGHE: "With the P©X Title and the Television championship finally having champions crowned … the Women’s championship is the only championship being defended here at International Intrigue that’s had a stable champion…"

JIVE: "Karla Starr has held on to that championship like nobody’s business… she isn’t going to let Caitlyn Daymon get her grubby little hands on it."

GHEORGHE: "Starr and Daymon were the closest of friends after forming their friendship on the first season of FW Survivor … but that all changed when Starr turned on Daymon .. and intensified after Starr snuck into the ring after Daymon had gone through all of the other competitors in the Gauntlet Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal match at BattleBRAWL and screwed her over!"

JIVE: "Starr has always had the intelligence that Daymon lacks … and that’s why she’s going to retain tonight .. and hell I don’t think there’s any woman in New ERA today that can take it away from her!"

GHEORGHE: "While the Women’s and Television championships both have histories to their matches tonight … there are two other matches tonight that do not involve championships, but do involve feuds that are coming to a close tonight .. the first of which is between two men who’ve fought every chance they could … Travis Smith and Trevor Cane."

JIVE: "Smith made a stunning announcement after coming back two months after losing a " Loser Leaves Town" match .. but Trevor Cane quickly stepped up and put him in his place .. and after weeks of fighting tooth and nail .. including a Boiler Room Brawl, these two will finish this tonight … in a Barbwire Baseball match."

GHEORGHE: "But that pales in comparison to tonight’s main event … the feud to end all feuds …. Alister Hayze and the World Champion Jean Rabesque … will be in action tonight against DREDD’s Jonathan Marx … the same Jonathan Marx that donned a mask as ANTAEUS and made Rabesque’s life hell … and another masked man who has put the wrestlers in the back on edge ever since arriving …"

JIVE: "Not to mention made Juliet Marceau get some grey hairs in the process!"

GHEORGHE: "Well tonight those four men will fight in an enclosed cage … a Chamber Cage match … with two men starting out in the ring .. fighting to release the hinge and free their partners from a mini cage on top and into the action!"

JIVE: "That match should be one for the ages as this masked man has made it painfully clear that he wanted to be in this match .. although I’m still unsure whether or not Marceau will allow him to … after the effort on RAUCOUS to keep him out of the arena … and after the way he treated her when she demanded that he reveal himself … I can’t believe that she would let him in tonight’s main event."

GHEORGHE: "Well I haven’t heard anything to the contrary… LaRoque and Marceau have kept themselves hidden from sight and have not let anyone near them since coming to the arena…"

JIVE: "Something’s gotta be up.. those two aren’t ones to shy away from attention .. especially not at New ERA’s third pay per view!"

GHEORGHE: "I don’t know, Nick … but I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough! We’re getting ready for our first match … ladies and gentlemen… New ERA International Intrigue has officially BEGUN!"

( continued... )