[ Molson Centre ] Montreal, Quebec


TAPED: Jun. 20, 2005
AIRED: Sep. 05, 2005
PPV: International Intrigue

(FADEIN: A panning shot of the fans filling the arena, ready for the first match of the night, holding up their various signs, wearing New ERA merchandise. CUTTO: Ringside.)

JIVE: "Alright! Time for the Main Event, right?"

GHEORGHE: "Not quite, Nick."

JIVE: "No? How about the P©X Finals, at least?"

GHEORGHE: "Nick, we haven’t even had the opening match of the show yet."

JIVE: "We haven’t? Damn it all! I obviously haven’t had enough Poland Springs yet …"

GHEORGHE: "That I can believe. But we are just about ready for our first match of the night, a triple threat between ‘Mad’ Mark Matix, Mr. Entertainment, and The Phantom Republican…"

JIVE: "Who shouldn’t even BE in this match to begin with!"

GHEORGHE: "What are you talking about now?"

JIVE: "Isn’t it obvious? The Phantom Republican exposed Jean Rabesque for the political warmonger he is last RAUCOUS. Is it any coincidence that now, on the PPV, Jean Rabesque has manipulated the system, forcing Phantom Republican into this opening match?"

GHEORGHE: "There’s no evidence to substantiate any of that. And in any case, Jean Rabesque is a proud World Champion, and he will defend that championship against Phantom Republican on this coming RAUCOUS. If Rabesque was really afraid of Phantom Republican, don’t you think he’d try getting the Republican out of that championship match, instead of putting him into an opening match on the PPV?"

JIVE: "You would think that, wouldn’t you, small man? But GOP is too smart to let that blow be dealt to him."

GHEORGHE: "Small? I’m about the same size as you, Nick. Except I don’t have a big g—"

JIVE: "Hey, shut your hole! Or I’ll tell GOP my suspicions about you."

GHEORGHE: "And what suspicions would those be?"

JIVE: "Let’s just say, as far as I know, New ERA doesn’t do terrorist background checks on anyone, INCLUDING it’s commentators."

GHEORGHE: "I’m not a terrorist!"

JIVE: "You stand against all those beliefs of GOP! You could be a communist for all anyone knows!"

GHEORGHE: "I changed my mind."

JIVE: "Wait … so you ARE a terrorist …?"

GHEORGHE: "No! I think you HAVE had enough to drink already."

(Jive shoots him a glare.)

GHEORGHE: "IN any case, this match is hardly about just Phantom Republican. ‘Mad’ Mark Matix has gotten some people talking about him, and Mr. Entertainment is also turning some heads. Either of these two could pull out the match for an upset, and it should be a great match."

JIVE: "So you admit Phantom Republican is the favorite."

GHEORGHE: "He’s the number one contender to the World Championship, Nick."

JIVE: "Aha! More communist resistance …"

GHEORGHE: (Sighs) "If either Matix or Mr. Entertainment can pull out the win tonight, though, it could completely shake up the ranks and elevate the winner. Likewise, if the Phantom Republican loses, it could damage his claim to the number one contender’s spot."

JIVE: "And you’ve obviously damaged your own claim to being a halfway decent commentator with statements like that."

GHEORGHE: "Oh, why is that? Because I provide honest, objective statements?"

JIVE: "Exactly! When GOP takes over, do you think he’ll want to hear your babble? You won’t get five minutes, much less fifteen!"

GHEORGHE: "Right. In any case, this match is set to go. Carl Jacobs has the ring introductions to get International Intrigue officially started!"

(CUTTO: Carl Jacobs as the lineup for the PPV opening match flashes on screen.)

Triple Threat
The Phantom Republican vs. Mark Matix vs. Mr. Entertainment

JACOBS: "The following match is scheduled for one fall, and is a TRIPLE THREAT match! (Crowd pops.)Introducing first …

(CUEUP: ‘Spitfire’ by Motorhead.)

JACOBS: "He stands six foot two and weighs 245 pounds … hailing from Chino, California ….. ‘MAD’ MARK MATIX!!!"

(Fire shoots up around the curtain as the music starts causing the fans to pop. As it dies down a little ‘Mad’ Mark Matix walks through and heads to the ring.)

GHEORGHE: "Mark Matix looks prepared for this PPV match-up as he enters the ring."

JIVE: "That’s great, he LOOKS prepared. Now let’s SEE him get his ass kicked!"

(Jive laughs as Gheorghe gives a disapproving look.)

JACOBS: "And his opponent…"

(CUEUP: ‘That’s Entertainment’ by The Jam.)

JACOBS: "Standing six foot two and weighing in at 234 pounds … hailing from Ashland, Oregon ….. MISTER ENTERTAINMENT!!!"

("That’s Entertainment" starts up, a lone spotlight falls on the entrance way. Once the lyrics begin, Mr Entertainment walks to the ring with his arrogance fully showing, trying his best to deliberately incite the crowd, as the spotlight follows him. Once in the ring, he poses on two of the corners, taunting the crowd some more, before heading to an empty corner and turning his attention on Matix.)

JIVE: "See, that’s a man with flare."

GHEORGHE: "I thought you were gunning for Phantom Republican in this match?"

JIVE: "I’m not ‘gunning’ for anyone. I’m not a terrorist like you, Gheorghe. If that’s your real name."

GHEORGHE: "It’s an expression, Nick …"

JIVE: "You can spin it however you like. I know the truth."

( Entertainment grabs the microphone from Jacobs.)

GHEORGHE: "It looks as if we’re going to hear from Mr. Entertainment …"

ENTERTAINMENT: "Hello Canada!!"

(SFX: Crowd pops.)

ENTERTAINMENT: "It's great ta be here, entertainin' ya'll. And let's face it, you need it, with Rabesque comin' from this country and all."

(SFX: Crowd jeers.)

ENTERTAINMENT: "Hey, you all know it. But he's a countryman, I understand you guys gotta hang together or hang seperate. I ain't here ta bash on Rabesque though, we
all know Boris does that enough. No, I'm here ta take a few minutes of yer time ta address a few things that've been goin' on here in New ERA of Wrestling. Namely, the lack of entertainment."

GHEORGHE: "Lack of entertainment? Our guys come out here and put on excellent matches every single time they enter the ring!"

ENTERTAINMENT: "Now, I understand that it's not possible ta be as brilliant as me. Heck, that's why I came here to New ERA. I could see this place had potential. I could see that all it needed was me coming on board, and showing everyone what can be done to entertain the masses. I boosted figures, merchandise went through the roof, and kids could talk about us without fear of getting beat-up. I offset the damage done by GoP, MWG, Jean Rabesque, and all the other walkin' freak and sleep-aids in the lockerroom. I came here, there was a TV champ fer once, and things were lookin' up."

JIVE: "Well he picked a hell of a time to come in!"

ENTERTAINMENT: "But what the hell has happened since then? The TV championship went on hiatus, and to outdo themselves, the whole company seemed to as well? Is that goin' ta bring the crowds? Is the best we can do a gig here in Canada?"

(SFX: The crowd REALLY lets him have it.)

ENTERTAINMENT: "I know it's a big thing havin' something other than icehockey and snow in Canada, but really? The trucks can't all have nodded off on the roads up here."

GHEORGHE: "This is uncalled for … let’s get on with the match already!"

ENTERTAINMENT: "Please, give me a hand here. Not even I can bring people in when we ain't showin'. And whoever wins the TV championship tonight, make sure you keep holda the damn thing, or actually lose it ta someone. I have half a mind ta change that championship to the NO TV championship; Never On TV."

JIVE: "Ha, ha.. The NO TV championship!"

ENTERTAINMENT: "Now, we better get this over with. Send in the other bore."

(Mr. Entertainment hands the microphone back to Carl Jacobs who gives him an odd look.)

JACOBS: "And their opponent …"

(CUEUP: ‘the Imperial March’ by John Williams. The lights in the arena dim real low as red, white and blue strobe lights illuminate the isle. The fans immediately begin to jeer loudly when the Phantom Republican comes out from behind the curtains followed closely by Jeffords.)

JACOBS: "Led to the ring by his bodyguard Jeffords.. he hails from Conservative Middle America … standing six foot five and weighing 257 pounds … the #1 Contender to the World Heavyweight championship …. THE PHANTOM REPUBLICAN!"

(SFX: Bell rings.)

JIVE: "Jacobs forgot to announce Phantom Republican as the clear winner of the first-ever Debate match!"

GHEORGHE: "I don’t know if he forgot, so much as—"

JIVE: "I see. Another of the communist terrorist ranks …"

GHEORGHE: "If we were in the US right now, you’d probably have been banned from television already."

JIVE: "I’m too hot for American television. I could make a DVD documentary about it. Nick Jive: Too Hot for—"

GHEORGHE: "Why is Phantom Republican staying outside the ring?"

JIVE: "He’s already dictating the pace of the match, before it’s even begun. What a brilliant man, both in and out of the ring."

(Phantom Republican, after discussing extensively with Jeffords, rolls into the ring. The bell rings, and Phantom Republican immediately rolls back outside the ring, circling it.)

GHEORGHE: "I don’t know what Phantom Republican is trying to pull here, but he’s just walking around the ring. Mark Matix is yelling at him to enter the ring now, and the referee is starting a count."

JIVE: "Even this referee has been influenced by GOPs enemies. How can he possibly have a fair match?"

GHEORGHE: "If he gets counted out it’s completely fair!"

JIVE: "Sure it is, for you people."

(The referee is at six with his count as Mark Matix continues motioning for Phantom Republican to come into the ring. From behind, Mr. Entertainment begins assaulting Matix with a martial arts combination. The referee stops his count, turning his attention to the other two.)

GHEORGHE: "And Mr. Entertainment goes after Mark Matix, not waiting for the Republican to re-enter the ring."

JIVE: "That’s because Mr. Entertainment knows an opportunity when he sees one."

GHEORGHE: "Mr. Entertainment with a series of those stiff martial arts strikes, forcing Matix to a knee. Now Mr. Entertainment grabs an arm of Matix, twisting it into a standing armbar. He brings Matix up to a standing position, still in that armbar, then whips Matix into the ropes and hits a spinning heel kick."

JIVE: "Mr. Entertainment isn’t just a technical wrestler. He’s got a flare for aerial dramatics."

GHEORGHE: "Mr. Entertainment is showing that now, as he already ascends the top rope. Mark Matix is already up, but he doesn’t see Mr. Entertainment fly off the top with a cross body block into a pin! One .. Two and a kickout!"

JIVE: "The referee, continuing to show his bias,counting slow there …"

GHEORGHE: "I thought that count was fine. And he stopped the countout of the Phantom Republican, he can’t be biased."

JIVE: "You would say that, wouldn’t you …"

GHEORGHE: "Mr. Entertainment and Matix are both up, and there’s the first lockup of the match. Matix with a rear waistlock, but Mr. Entertainment reverses it and goes for a back drop, no, Matix flips over and hits a Half Nelson Suplex! Mr. Entertainment is quick to get up, but Matix rams a shoulder into his midsection … and another … and then runs Mr. Entertainment right into the corner! Mark Matix is making some headway as he unloads on Mr. Entertainment with some forearm shots."

JIVE: "Hey, look who’s coming our way."

(The Phantom Republican, followed closely by Jeffords, sits at the announce table, placing a headset on.)

GOP: "Gentleman."

JIVE: "What an expected, great surprise! Good to have you hear, GOP."

GOP: "Thank you, Jeeves."

JIVE: "That’s Jive, sir."

GHEORGHE: "Matix has set Mr. Entertainment on the second turnbuckle, and hits him with a forearm, but Mr. Entertainment comes back with a few hard punches of his own, turning Matix around. The referee is telling Mr. Entertainment to keep his fists closed, but gets some lip from Mr. Entertainment in return. Mr. Entertainment is standing on the second turnbuckle with Matix turned … and he hits emerald fusion on Matix from the corner!

JIVE: "Isn’t Mr. Entertainment great, GOP?"

GOP: "The Republican Party is always on the lookout for possible New ERA recruits, though I’m not sure either of these two are suitable to meet the standard of excellence our party holds."

GHEORGHE: "Mr. Entertainment draws up Matix and hits a DDT. He brings Matix up in a front facelock, hooks him for a suplex, and hits a snap suplex center ring. A cover for Mr. Entertainment! One .. Two .. Kickout! I didn’t get a chance to greet you, Republican."

GOP: "And I didn’t greet you. I said ‘Gentleman,’ referring to Mr. Jeeves here, not yourself."

JIVE: "Er, Jive, sir."

GOP: "Of course it is, Jeeves. While the man sitting next to you deserves no name at all."

GHEORGHE: "Is there something I said?"

GOP: "Something? Something? Don’t think I didn’t hear your anti-Republican rhetoric last RAUCOUS. You’re practically Jean Rabesque’s campaign manager. Of course that dirty hippie, Alister Hayze, seems to have already filled the position."

GHEORGHE: "Matix has been caught in a cobra clutch by Mr. Entertainment, but he’s trying to fight to his feet. He’s getting up .. but Mr. Entertainment immediately hits a cobra clutch suplex! He then reapplies the cobra clutch, and I don’t believe I said anything untruthful last RAUCOUS."

JIVE: "I’m telling you P.R., he’s a shady one."

GOP: "I’m aware."

GHEORGHE: "Right. The crowd is trying to rev up Mark Matix, who’s seems to be fading now. The referee is trying to determine, dropping the hand … once … but Matix holds it up the second time! He’s trying to struggle out of the cobra clutch, and this time he’s up and delivers a jawbreaker to Mr. Entertainment and frees himself! Matix is off the ropes and Clotheslines Mr. Entertainment as he’s getting up. He takes Mr. Entertainment by the head and brings him to a corner, ramming the head off the turnbuckle. Mark Matix has caught a second wind in this triple threat match …"

(Gheorghe looks at Phantom Republican.)

GHEORGHE: "Which has only seen active competition from TWO participants."

JIVE: "How dare you speak out of line."

GOP: "Are you claiming I am not participating? It’s not my fault I am above such, as you call it, competition. These two are merely unwilling to come out and take the fight to me."

GHEORGHE: "If you’re so above this match, why don’t you go in there and do your job?"

(Jive gasps. Phantom Republican laughs.)

GOP: "I’m an open minded person. I field all the questions of the opposition, because I’m bred from the best."

(Phantom Republican stands, again speaking with Jeffords and walking around the ring.)

GHEORGHE: "So he’s just going to leave now?"

JIVE: "You shouldn’t have said that, Gheorghe. Now you’re definitely in trouble."

GHEORGHE: "Matix has Mr. Entertainment up in a stalling suplex, and now lands the suplex cleanly. He grabs the head of Mr.Entertainment and begins delivering shots to the head. Matix may be showing his ‘mad’ streak a bit, as the referee tells him to stop, and Matix is going to the turnbuckle and tearing the pad off the corner!"

JIVE: "Cheater!"

GHEROGHE: "The Phantom Republican is still hanging around here, for whatever reason, and watches Mark Matix bring up Mr. Entertainment, who gets a shot into the stomach of Matix! But Matix looks unphased as he delivers a knee to the face of Mr. Entertainment. He hits a snapmare takedown followed with a dropkick to the head of Mr. Entertainment! A cover by Matix! One ... Two …Kickout by Mr. Entertainment!"

JIVE: "Here comes the winner!"

GHEORGHE: "Fine timing, as Phantom Republican enters the ring and … torture rack! Phantom Republican has Matix trapped in that torture rack and now … Tax-Breaker! Phantom Republican hits the backbreaker out of the torture rack, and Matix is in some pain."

JIVE: "Do you understand what he was saying now?"

GHEORGHE: "I’m sorry, but I don’t believe getting into the match midway through is acceptable proof of any dominance."

JIVE: "Will nothing convince you?!"

GHEORGHE: "Phantom Republican picks up Mr. Entertainment and hits a shoulder breaker on him, but holds him in position … switches arms and hits a second shoulder breaker! Now he does it again … and a third shoulder breaker."

JIVE: "I believe our leader calls that one Trickle Down Thuganomics."

GHEORGHE: "Phantom Republican turns back to Matix and receives a fist to the face! Mark Matix seems to have had enough of Republican, and lands some kicks to the midsection. Phantom Republican backs up a bit, and Matix whips him to the ropes … hurricanrana by Matix! Republican is up and misses a clothesline, Matix ducks under and both run to the ropes. Republican goes for another clothesline and misses again, Matix evading and then springing off the ropes as Republican turns … mid-rope dropkick by Mark Matix! Matix getting a head of steam and he brings up the Phantom Republican, whips him to the corner hard … Phantom Republican bounces off … and stumbles right into a DDT by Matix!"


GHEORGHE: "Cover by Matix! ONE…TWO… THR— Kickout! After a slow start, Mark Matix has got this crowd riled up, and Phantom Republican seems to be getting more than he expected tonight. Mr. Entertainment is up and runs at Matix, who stops him short with a haymaker! He then grabs Mr. Entertainment, hooks the leg and hits a cradle suplex! He picks Mr. Entertainment up again, and this time rocks him with an exploder suplex into the corner! Mr. Entertainment drops out of the ring as Phantom Republican gets up and turns Matix around, kicks him and whips Matix hard into the corner, then goes for a clothesline … and plows over Mark Matix, hitting him right across the neck!"

JIVE: "The Deficit Runner! What a shot!"

GHEORGHE: "Phantom Republican put a lot of force into that clothesline, and now he’s looking for the fans to applaud him, but they clearly don’t approve. They’re chanting for Mark Matix instead!"

JIVE: "Lowly Canadian scum!"

GHEORGHE: "Phantom Republican doesn’t like the response, and picks up Mark Matix. Short-arm clothesline … but Matix dodges under and wraps around Republican … German Suplex!"

JIVE: "No! He’s supposed to stay down!"

GHEORGHE: "Mark Matix isn’t done yet. But Mr. Entertainment slides into the ring and hits a flying forearm into the back of Matix’s head! Mr. Entertainment grabs Matix from behind and hits a neckbreaker. Phantom Republican is beginning to get up as Mr. Entertainment goes towards the ropes … and Phantom Republican is holding Matix down for Mr. Entertainment!"

JIVE: "GOP sees Mr. Entertainment is a worthy ally in the war on Matix."

GHEORGHE: "Mr. Entertainment isn’t complaining. He ascends the top rope and goes for Shooting Entertainment … he hits it! Mr. Entertainment looked to hurt his back as it landed right on Matix’s chest, though …"

JIVE: "A brave sacrifice for GOPs cause."

GHEORGHE: "I don’t know about that but Phantom Republican seems to think so, as he covers Matix! ONE! TWO! THR— no wait! Mr. Entertainment pulled Phantom Republican off of Matix."

JIVE: "What is he thinking?!"

GHEORGHE: "Just a guess, but I don’t think Mr. Entertainment wants to lose. Phantom Republican and Mr. Entertainment are exchanging some words …"

JIVE: "Phantom Republican nodded. I think he understands whatever miscommunication they had."

GHEORGHE: "And Phantom Republican lands a punch to Mr. Entertainment! The referee is warning Phantom Republican about closed fists, and Phantom Republican barks back at the referee, kicking Mr. Entertainment in the midsection, doubling him over. Phantom Republican hooks the arm of Mr. Entertainment … lifts him in a vertical suplex position … no, Unilateral Strike! Phantom Republican hit the Unilateral Strike, sending Mr. Entertainment front-first into the mat!"

JIVE: "Mr. Entertainment’s back was already hurting. Now his front matches his back."

GHEORGHE: "It seems so, as Mr. Entertainment is slow moving on the canvas. Phantom Republican sets himself on top of Mr. Entertainment, and he locks in Terror Alert Yellow! Phantom Republican has the camel clutch/sleeper combination locked in on Mr. Entertainment! The referee checks on Mr. Entertainment …"

JIVE: "He’s going to tap out!"

GHEORGHE: "Mr. Entertainment is struggling, but there isn’t much he can do … Mark Matix flies in with a double axe handle blow to the head of Phantom Republican!"

JIVE: "What a killjoy."

GHEORGHE: "He’s trying to win the match, Nick."

JIVE: "Yes. That’s a problem."

GHEORGHE: "Mark Matix breaks the hold and locks Phantom Republican into a rear waistlock … german suplex!"

JIVE: "Blocked by Phantom Republican!"

GHEORGHE: "Phantom Republican won’t allow the suplex, and he hits some elbows to the head of Matix, does a go-behind on Matix … lifts him for the torture rack but Matix slips out. Both men to the ropes … Phantom Republican clothesline, no he bluffed!"

JIVE: "Matix fell for it!"

GHEORGHE: "Mark Matix doesn’t see Phantom Republican waiting after he ducked and goes against the ropes … Phantom Republican kicks Matix in the stomach, doubling him over in surprise. Republican hoists Matix up for a powerbomb … no! MOAB! Phantom Republican hits MOAB on Matix!"

JIVE: "Threat nullified."

GHEORGHE: "Phantom Republican hits the finisher on Matix, and goes for the cover! ONE! TWO! THR— Mr. Entertainment again breaks it up!"

JIVE: "I’m no longer entertained by this interference."

GHEORGHE: "Phantom Republican seems frustrated too. He stands and … leaves the ring? Mr. Entertainment looks confused, and the referee is telling Phantom Republican to get back in the ring."

JIVE: "He’s already had this match won twice, what more does he need to prove?"

GHEORGHE: "He clearly hasn’t won yet, because Mr. Entertainment is not out yet."

JIVE: "You wouldn’t understand."

GHEORGHE: "Understand what?"

JIVE: "Shut up."

GHEORGHE: "What? … Oh, forget it. Mr. Entertainment looks just as uncertain as I am, as Phantom Republican and Jeffords have left the match. Mr. Entertainment is ascending the turnbuckle near a still grounded Matix … Mr. Entertainment taunting the fans as if he’s already won the match!"


GHEORGHE: "Mr. Entertainment flies off with a 450 Splash … and misses! He missed! Mark Matix had enough time to gather himself after MOAB, and rolled aside just in time. Mr. Entertainment landed flat on his face, and he’s in some real pain."

JIVE: "Now that was entertaining!"

GHEORGHE: "You’ve got problems. Mark Matix and Mr. Entertainment are down, and with Phantom Republican essentially out of the match, the referee begins to count. One … Two … Three … Four … Five … Matix slowly getting to his knees … Six … Seven … Matix on one knee, Mr. Entertainment is using the ropes to pull himself up … Eight … and both men are up! Matix and Mr. Entertainment converge on center ring and begin exchanging blows! Matix with a right hand! Mr. Entertainment comes back with one of his own! Matix with another … and blocks Mr. Entertainment, delivering another blow! Matix is backing up Mr. Entertainment to a corner. He delivers a series of punches to Mr. Entertainment, the crowd counting along …"


GHEORGHE: "Mark Matix is in control, hoisting Mr. Entertainment onto the top turnbuckle. He ascends the second rope … and now he’s up on top as well!"

JIVE: "Big risk! He wants to finish Mr. Entertainment right here!"

GHEORGHE: "Mr. Entertainment is struggling with Matix on the top rope! Matix is still trying to deliver a top rope superplex! Mr. Entertainment’s trying to block it! Matix brings him up! Top rope superplex!"

JIVE: "But who took the worse of it, Mr. Entertainment or Mark Matix?"

GHEORGHE: "I think they both took some impact on that move. Mr. Entertainment seemed desperate not to go off, and it looked like both men fell awkwardly after Matix tried muscling out that superplex. Both men are stirring … Mr. Entertainment seems to be getting up first."

JIVE: "If he knew what was good for him, he’d try ending it now."

GHEORGHE: "Mark Matix is slowly getting up himself, but Mr. Entertainment is ahead of him. Mr. Entertainment lands some stomps to the back of Matix, keeping Matix floored. Mr. Entertainment grabs both legs of Matix … Matix is struggling to free himself … oh!"

JIVE: "Mr. Entertainment with a knee to the, er … stomach …"

GHEORGHE: "That looked a little low for the stomach, if you ask me. The referee allows it, and Mr. Entertainment still has control of Matix’s legs … stun gun on Matix! Mr. Entertainment executes the stun gun, and now he’s signaling to the fans. He picks up Matix and rear waistlocks … Matix is trying to elbow his way out … he frees himself! Somehow Mark Matix keeps finding something left. He runs to the ropes and … SUPERKICK BY MR. ENTERTAINMENT!"

JIVE: "Matix ran right into it!"

GHEORGHE: "Mr. Entertainment picks Matix up again … rear waistlocks and … THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT! Mr. Entertainment hits the roll and BIG German Suplex and covers!














(SFX: Bell rings.)

JACOBS: "The winner of the match … MISTER ENTERTAINMENT!!!"

JIVE: "And if Phantom Republican were still here, he’d be getting declared the winner."

GHEORGHE: "Are you kidding? Phantom Republican in no way had that match decisively won."

JIVE: "He obviously had better things to occupy his time with than some opening match. He’s got bigger fish to fry, don’t you understand?"

GHEORGHE: "I don’t think that’s the case at all."

JIVE: "You’re also a communist. Why don’t you go hang out with Alister Hayze. I bet he’s in Rabesque’s locker room now, giving—"

GHEORGHE: "That’s enough already! Congratulations to Mr. Entertainment, although Mark Matix put up one hell of an effort tonight. But we’ve got much more action ahead tonight, as New ERAs final stop of its Canadian tour, International Intrigue, continues!"

( continued... )