[ DCU Center ] Worcester, Massachusetts


TAPED: Mar. 20, 2011
AIRED: Mar. 24, 2011

LINKS: "The following match is an OVER-THE-TOP battle royale …"

(SFX: Huge pops around the arena.)

NEWMAN: "Here we are! The BattleBRAWL Rumble!"

JULIUS: "The crowning of Donovan Astros!"

LINKS: "The winner of the BattleBRAWL Rumble will receive the BattleBRAWL Cup trophy … and a shot at the New ERA of Wrestling …. CHAMPIONSHIP!"

(SFX: "MONTER'D!" chants.)

NEWMAN: "I think we know who the crowd wants!"

TRIPP: "Can you blame them?! He's on fire!"

BattleBRAWL Cup + Banked Championship Shot
BattleBRAWL Rumble

LINKS: "The Rumble will begin with two men .. and every TWO minutes … another man will enter. The only way to be eliminated is to be tossed over the TOP rope .. and have BOTH feet touch the floor. The last man remaining in the ring .. will be the WINNER!"

(SFX: HUGE pops!)

LINKS: "Before tonight's show .. each and every competitor drew a number. That number will determine the order in which they will enter the ring…"

NEWMAN: "Here we go! Let's see who drew #1!"

LINKS: "Introducing …. The man who drew NUMBER ONE …."

(CUEUP: "Torn" by Creed. The crowd begins to jeer as "TACT LEGACY" flashes on the big screens.)

NEWMAN: "Here we go! FANATIC draws number one!!"

TRIPP: "Will Fanatic be able to follow in the footsteps of Shawn Hart and win the Rumble after entering number 1?!"

LINKS: "Being led to the ring by Larry Tact … he is the "ELITE ENIGMA…" FANATIC!"

(Fanatic and Tact walk to the ring .. Tact looks as if he's reassuring Fanatic that the number one spot is a great pick.)

TRIPP: "Well unlike years past .. entering at number one isn't as big a disadvantage! The rumble this year is smaller than in years past … so the time needed to make it to the end is much less!"

NEWMAN: "I'm sure for Fanatic .. and the man who drew #2, it'll feel eternally longer."

(Fanatic enters the ring as Tact continues to give him words of advice.)

LINKS: "And now … the man who drew NUMBER TWO!"

(CUEUP: "That's Entertainment!" by the Jam! The crowd continues hissing as the lone spotlight falls on Mr. Entertainment!")

NEWMAN: "OH BOY!! What a way to start off the Rumble!!"

(In the ring, Fanatic stares as Entertainment struts down the aisle.)

JULIUS: "Entertainment is the only man to have beaten Fanatic this season … and now they're the first two men in the ring!"

LINKS: "Hailing from Ashland, Oregon .. he is a former Television champion … and the most ENTERTAINING man in New ERA of Wrestling …. MISTER …. ENTERTAINMENT!"

(Entertainment rolls into the ring and gives two thumbs down at Fanatic!)

TRIPP: "I couldn't have planned it better if I tried!"

JULIUS: "I'm betting a lot of people in the back are breathing sighs of relief… except Donovan Astros, of course. He'll be fine!"

(Larry Tact nods at Fanatic and steps through the ropes. The referees usher him away from ringside.)

TRIPP: "Tact being told to leave ringside .. he won't be able to pull any shenanigans for his younger brother."

JULIUS: "Fanatic has done just fine on his own. He's ready to go."

(SFX: Bell rings.)


TRIPP: "Fanatic hasn't taken his eyes off Mr. Entertainment .."

JULIUS: "When the only blemish on your record stands across the ring from you .. I can't blame him!"

NEWMAN: "The two men begin circling each other … neither man wants to make the first move."

TRIPP: "One false step could send you over the top rope and back home."

NEWMAN: "Fanatic .. silent … deadly.. the polar opposite of Mr. Entertainment. Entertainment is loud .. brash .."

JULIUS: "And in your face!"

NEWMAN: "Mr. Entertainment charges at Fanatic! Fanatic with the drop toe hold! The Elite Enigma back on his feet and he backs off!"

TRIPP: "Entertainment tried to catch him off guard, but the Elite Enigma was ready!"

NEWMAN: "Entertainment back on his feet … and these two men could meet in Season 2 as both have banked shots at the New ERA Championship!"

JULIUS: "And tonight .. either man could bank a second one!"

NEWMAN: "Entertainment comes right back at Fanatic … and the two men lock up!"

TRIPP: "Struggling for control .. if either man could eliminate the other .. that'd be a huge coup!"

NEWMAN: "Fanatic managing to get the upperhand .. and he wrings the arm of Entertainment behind his back! Entertainment trying to reach back and grab the head of Fanatic … and Entertainment reverses the hold!"

TRIPP: "Now Fanatic is trying to reach around!"


TRIPP: "Oh, c'mon."

NEWMAN: "Fanatic can't quite grab Entertainment.. Fanatic looking … AND HE RACES TO THE ROPES!"

TRIPP: "But Entertainment lets him go and Fanatic runs into the ropes!"

NEWMAN: "Entertainment charges after him for the clothesline! AND FANATIC LIFTS OFF THE GROUND …. BUT DOESN'T GO OVER THE TOP!"

JULIUS: "Fanatic managed to keep from going over the top.. but Mr. Entertainment now trying to hoist the leg!"

NEWMAN: "Fanatic grabbing onto the top rope … and now he drives the other knee into the face of the former Television champion!"

TRIPP: "Fanatic doing everything he can to get away from the ropes."

NEWMAN: "Fanatic grabs the head of Entertainment … and connects with a headbutt! Mr. Entertainment turns to walk away.. and Fanatic from behind with the bulldog!"

JULIUS: "These two have about a minute left before the next entrant .. and they're making the most of it."

NEWMAN: "Fanatic on top of Entertainment .. and he starts walloping him with closed fists! Fanatic holding onto the back of Entertainment's head as he drives the fists in rapid fire!"

TRIPP: "The Elite Enigma really laying it into Mr. Entertainment .. and he finally gets back on his feet!"

JULIUS: "I bet right about now Mr. Entertainment is praying for another person to come into the ring."

TRIPP: "I don't think Fanatic would let up one bit.. Fanatic wants to be the one to toss Entertainment over the top rope!"

NEWMAN: "Mr. Entertainment now on his knees… and Fanatic charges! But Mr. Entertainment swipes the legs out from underneath! Mr. Entertainment now straddling Fanatic and popping him with closed fists!"


JULIUS: "We're about to see who drew number three!"

TRIPP: "Fanatic just pushed Entertainment off of him .. and they're fighting on their knees!"


NEWMAN: "Who is it? Who drew number three?!"


(SFX: BUZZZZZZZZ~! "Killing in the Name Of" by Rage Against the Machine cues as Cameron Cruise walks with determination.)


JULIUS: "Anyways .. back to the real action."

NEWMAN: "Fanatic and Entertainment have made it to their feet .. and Cameron Cruise is at ringside! Cruise has had great success in BattleBRAWL Rumbles past … but can he finally claim the top prize?"

TRIPP: "Cruise steps into the ring … and right in the path of the brawling Entertainment and Fanatic!"

JULIUS: "They're ignoring him."

TRIPP: "Oh no they're not!"

NEWMAN: "Fanatic just turned and drove a fist into Cruise's face .. and knocked him to the mat!"

JULIUS: "Where he belongs!"

TRIPP: "Cruise gets right back up .. and he SPEARS FANATIC AND ENTERTAINMENT!"

NEWMAN: "Cameron Cruise coming in and taking out both men .. and now he brings Mr. Entertainment up and sends him flying into the corner! Cruise driving the boots into midsection .. and Fanatic comes up from behind .. AND SENDS CRUISE OVER THE TOP ROPE!"

JULIUS: "God dammit!"

TRIPP: "Cruise slides in through the bottom rope!"

NEWMAN: "Cruise slides underneath, but Fanatic is right there! Fanatic drops the knee into the chest of Cruise … AND ENTERTAINMENT STORMS OUT OF THE CORNER AND CLOTHESLINES FANATIC TO THE MAT!"

JULIUS: "When you waste time on Cameron Cruise .. everyone suffers!"

NEWMAN: "Mr. Entertainment grabs Cruise .. he grabs Fanatic … and he knocks their heads together! Entertainment puts Cruise down with the DDT!"

TRIPP: "Fanatic has made it to the other side of the ring, and he's letting those two fight it out!"

NEWMAN: "But Mr. Entertainment is right on his tail! Entertainment with the axehandle.. BUT Fanatic drives the fist into the gut! Fanatic hooks the head of Entertainment … SWINGING NECKBREAKER!"

JULIUS: "Watch out!"

NEWMAN: "Cameron Cruise grabs Fanatic … AND HE SENDS HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE!"

TRIPP: "No! Fanatic holds onto the top rope and pulls himself back in!"

JULIUS: "Cruise is none the wiser!"

NEWMAN: "Cameron Cruise bending down to pick up Mr. Entertainment … and Fanatic from behind hooks the leg and the head … REVERSE RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP!"

TRIPP: "Fanatic managing to keep things at his pace."

JULIUS: "Mr. Entertainment is back up!"

NEWMAN: "Mr. Entertainment watching as Fanatic grabs Cruise off the mat … where is he going?!"

JULIUS: "He's going up top!"

TRIPP: "This is a dangerous situation in a match like this. Entertainment is picking his spot though – with only two other men in the ring right now he has less to worry about."

NEWMAN: "Fanatic has Cruise on his feet .. and he hits the atomic drop! Oh no! Fanatic going against the ropes!"


NEWMAN: "DIAMOND DUST! Mr. Entertainment with the somersault Diamond Cutter on Fanatic!!"

JULIUS: "Fanatic only took a few steps to the ropes as he was measuring Cruise .. and he didn't see Entertainment up there!"


NEWMAN: "The fans are counting down to the next competitor .. and Entertainment has Cruise on his feet!"


TRIPP: "Here we go!"


(SFX: BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT~! "The Touch" by Stan Bush! The crowd pops as Jonathan Marx jogs to the ring.)

JULIUS: "The former two-time World Heavyweight champion, Jonathan Marx!"

TRIPP: "This is Jonathan Marx first time in the rumble itself … he main evented the first two BattleBRAWLs!"

JULIUS: "Wow, talk about a downgrade."

NEWMAN: "Marx slides into the ring .. and he goes straight after Fanatic!"

TRIPP: "Marx hits Fanatic with a flurry of haymakers … and he drives him back into the corner!"

JULIUS: "Brandon Jacobs staying in the back thanks to this ban on having help on the outside. That's going to fuck up the Druid's chances!"

TRIPP: "Jonathan Marx drives the elbows into the head of Fanatic .. on the other side of the ring Mr. Entertainment has Cruise backed into the corner!"

NEWMAN: "And BOTH men send their opponents across with irish whips! CAMERON CRUISE HOPS OVER FANATIC AND CLOTHESLINES MARX TO THE MAT!"

TRIPP: "But Fanatic meets the boot of Mr. Entertainment! Entertainment lifts him up … and he's trying to toss the Elite Enigma over the top!"

JULIUS: "Fanatic is spread across the top rope."

NEWMAN: "Cameron Cruise has Jonathan Marx on his feet and drives the shoulder into the midsection! A second time! Cruise stands … and drills the former World Heavyweight champion with a closed fist!"

TRIPP: "Fanatic managing to fight Entertainment off .. and he pokes him in the eye!"

NEWMAN: "Fanatic now with the head of Mr. Entertainment .. and he slams it into the top turnbuckle pad! Fanatic now trying to dump Entertainment over the top!"

JULIUS: "Both Fanatic and Cruise having a hard time .. but that's to be expected from the Crippler."

NEWMAN: "Cameron Cruise dropping Marx to the mat … and he's heading over to Fanatic and Mr. Entertainment!"

JULIUS: "The smartest thing Cruise has done in his entire life."

NEWMAN: "Cruise makes his way over there … and he drives an elbow into the middle of Fanatic's back!"

JULIUS: "I stand corrected."

TRIPP: "Cruise working over Fanatic now .. and Mr. Entertainment drops to the mat."

JULIUS: "He should have worked together with Fanatic to get Entertainment over the top .. but NOOO .. Cruise has to try to be a hero and eliminate the Elite Enigma himself."

NEWMAN: "Cruise spins Fanatic around .. and he nails a standing dropkick! Entertainment back up .. and Cruise slams him into the corner as well!"

TRIPP: "Cruise has both men caught in the corner .. and he charges in and splashes both!"

NEWMAN: "Jonathan Marx on his way over to the corner now!"

JULIUS: "Oh man .. all four men in one small space! Someone's going over!"

NEWMAN: "Marx grabs Cruise and spins him around .. and he ties him up with the hammerlock!"

TRIPP: "Entertainment using that to his advantage and starts peppering Cruise!"

JULIUS: "And here comes Fanatic to join in on the fun!"

NEWMAN: "Cruise wide open and taking the brunt of damage!"

TRIPP: "Entertainment grabs an arm .. Marx grabs an arm .. AND THEY YANK IN OPPOSITE DIRECTIONS!"

JULIUS: "Not much you can do with two dislocated shoulders!"

NEWMAN: "Fanatic hooks the waist and takes Cruise over with a belly to belly suplex!"


NEWMAN: "And we're about to have FIVE men in the ring at the same time!"

TRIPP: "Entertainment and Jonathan Marx now work together to take Fanatic down!"


JULIUS: "Entertainment and Marx bring both Cruise and Fanatic to their feet!"

(SFX: BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT~! The crowd pops as the six foot six, four hundred pound "Hungry" Jack Swanson bounds down the ramp.)


NEWMAN: "Look at Jack Swanson! He is definitely going to be a threat in this Rumble!"

TRIPP: "Not much is known about him – except for the fact he used to be a … eating champion!"

JULIUS: "No shit? I could never have told."

NEWMAN: "Swanson making his way up the ring steps and he is in the ring! And he comes right after Cameron Cruise and Mr. Entertainment!"


TRIPP: "Entertainment takes one look at Swanson and tosses Cruise at his feet!"

NEWMAN: "Jonathan Marx and Fanatic are fighting in the corner … and Mr. Entertainment runs up from behind AND DUMPS BOTH MEN OVER THE TOP ROPE!!!"


TRIPP: "Entertainment trying to push Fanatic off the apron with his boot, but Fanatic's got his arm wrapped around the bottom rope."

JULIUS: "Marx rolls into the ring .. and he now tries to dump Entertainment over the top!"

NEWMAN: "Meanwhile, Jack Swanson has Cruise on his feet .. and he picks him up and locks on a bear hug!"

TRIPP: "Fanatic back in the ring .. and he grabs the other leg of Entertainment! Both Marx and Fanatic trying to toss Mr. Entertainment out …"

JULIUS: "See this is what Cruise should have done earlier! Teamwork under the circumstances."

NEWMAN: "Jack Swanson swinging Cameron Cruise around like a ragdoll .. but Cruise managing to clap his hands together .. right into the ears of Swanson!"

TRIPP: "Swanson keeps the hold locked on tight .. and Cruise tries again!"

NEWMAN: "Entertainment with the rake of the eyes and Jonathan Marx forced to drop his leg … and now Entertainment is driving the fists into the face of Fanatic!"

JULIUS: "Cruise is somehow escaping that pudgy grip!"

NEWMAN: "Swanson drops Cruise to the mat … and Cruise scurries around behind him … CRUISE HOPS ONTO THE BACK OF SWANSON AND LOCKS ON THE SLEEPER!"

JULIUS: "I don't know if Cruise will be able to get through all those rolls."

TRIPP: "Mr. Entertainment has Fanatic on the ropes … but Jonathan Marx from behind! He hooks the waist .."

(SFX: Crowd groans.)

JULIUS: "Ouch!"

TRIPP: "Entertainment with the mule kick .. and now he spins around and clotheslines Marx to the mat!"

NEWMAN: "Fanatic grabs Entertainment from behind now …"

(SFX: Crowd groans.)

NEWMAN: "And Entertainment with ANOTHER mulekick!"

TRIPP: "Jack Swanson trying to grab Cruise … but I think the sleeper is starting to take effect!"

JULIUS: "Entertainment and Fanatic continue to go at it! These two haven't stopped since they entered the ring at number one and two!"

NEWMAN: "Jonathan Marx is up .. and he starts driving the boots into the gut of Jack Swanson! Swanson is wobbling!"

JULIUS: "Cameron Cruise is yelling at Marx to stop rocking the boat."


TRIPP: "We are about to have our SIXTH man in the ring! No one has been eliminated yet!"

NEWMAN: "Marx continues to drive the boots in .. he backs up … AND SPEARS JACK SWANSON!"




(SFX: BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT~! "Vertigo" by U2 cues up as Michael Montgomery steps through the curtains.)

TRIPP: "JACK SWANSON IS TEETERING! Cameron Cruise better check out soon before he and Swanson go down together!"

(SFX: "MONSTER'D!" chants escort Montgomery to the ring .. and he looks none too pleased about it!)

NEWMAN: "The fans chanting for Chaos as Michael Montgomery makes his way to the ring .. and now he turns around to jaw with some fans at ringside."

JULIUS: "The Magnificent One taking his sweet time getting into the ring .. probably a great strategy right now!"


TRIPP: "Mr. Entertainment and Fanatic in the opposite corner .. and Fanatic now driving the shoulder into the gut of the so-called most entertaining man in New ERA!"




TRIPP: "Cameron Cruise releases the sleeper and crashes to the mat … and JACK SWANSON GOES OVER THE TOP ROPE TO TH—OH LORD!"

JULIUS: "He just crushed Michael Montgomery!!"

(SFX: "MONSTER'D!" chants erupt.)

LINKS: "Jack Swanson has been eliminated!"

NEWMAN: "The former eating champion eliminated by Jonathan Marx and the missile dropkick .. and now Marx is working over Cameron Cruise!"

JULIUS: "Poor Montgomery is in double trouble! Not only was he flattened like a pancake .. but pancakes are Jack Swanson's favorite!"

TRIPP: "Jonathan Marx has Cruise … and he whips him into the corner! Cruise is on a collision course with Entertainment and Fanatic!"


NEWMAN: "Cameron Cruise crashes into both men .. and all three go down! Jonathan Marx is the only man standing right now!"

JULIUS: "He's a former two-time World Heavyweight champion .. he's the smartest of the bunch!"

TRIPP: "Michael Montgomery remains crushed on the outside .. I don't even know if he'll be able to get into the ring!"

NEWMAN: "The only way to be eliminated is by getting tossed over the top… he may just last til the end!"

JULIUS: "Marx should roll out real quick and bring Montgomery in for the easy elimination .. but he's heading over to the wreckage in the corner."

NEWMAN: "Cameron Cruise slowly getting to his feet … and he turns right as Marx reaches him! Marx with the quick shot to the gut .. AND SENDS CRUISE FLYING OVER THE TOP!!"

(SFX: Crowd pops!)

JULIUS: "He's a damn cockroach!"

TRIPP: "Cruise flops onto the apron and quickly rolls back into the ring."

NEWMAN: "Marx right there .. and he starts stomping a mudhole into Cruise!"

TRIPP: "Both Fanatic and Entertainment on the mat … and Marx starts taking turns stomping on them!"

NEWMAN: "The former World Heavyweight champion grabs Fanatic .. and he hoists him onto the ropes! Marx trying to end the TACT LEGACY right here at BattleBRAWL 3!"

JULIUS: "Entertainment tries to use the ropes to get to his feet .. but Cameron Cruise is right there!"


JULIUS: "And here we go!"

TRIPP: "Marx struggling to get Fanatic over the top .. but once again, Fanatic maintaining a firm grip on the top rope!"


NEWMAN: "Cruise dragging the face of Mr. Entertainment across the … NO! Entertainment plants the hands … AND DRIVES THE ELBOW INTO THE JAW!"


(SFX: BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT~! "Worldwide Suicide" by Pearl Jam hits the arena as Donovan Astros shoots out of the back like a bat out of hell.)


NEWMAN: "Astros, the current Empire Pro Television champion, very anxious to get in… that's why!"

JULIUS: "He's a genius! I told you!"

TRIPP: "Donovan Astros grabs Michael Montgomery off the arena floor and just rolled him into the ring! Astros picks Montgomery up … AND CLOTHESLINES HIM OVER THE TOP!"

LINKS: "Michael Montgomery has been eliminated!"

NEWMAN: "He must have been listening to you in the back, Dean."

JULIUS: "And that's why he's going to win it all tonight!"

NEWMAN: "Donovan Astros measuring up the other four men fighting in the corner … and here he comes!"



NEWMAN: "Astros, the freshest of the competitors in the ring, grabs Cruise .. and nails the European uppercut! Astros now with Jonathan Marx … hooks the arm .. and lifts him up .. SLINGSHOT SUPLEX!"

JULIUS: "New ERA wanted fresh meat for this rumble .. they got it."

TRIPP: "Entertainment turns and sees the EPW Television champion .. and he goes for the clothesline … Astros ducks!"

NEWMAN: "Astros with the kick to the gut .. AND HE HOOKS THE HEAD OF ENTERTAINMENT! Donovan Astros hoists Entertainment up … ASTROLABE! He hooked Entertainment .. bounced him off the top rope and nailed that implant DDT!"

JULIUS: "Entertainment's had a great run .. but he is easy pickings now."

NEWMAN: "Fanatic's turn! Fanatic comes at Astros … Astros ducks .. BUT FANATIC STOPS SHORT! Fanatic hooks the head of Donovan Astros between his legs … POWERBOMB!"

TRIPP: "The Elite Enigma entered the ring at number one .. and he still has enough ring presence to know what's going on."

JULIUS: "It's ok. He's still the freshest in the ring! He'll bounce back."

TRIPP: "Only four men remain .. including the seven foot beast Chaos!"

NEWMAN: "Cameron Cruise back on his feet and he comes up from behind Fanatic … The Elite Enigma senses it and spins around .. BUT CRUISE HOPS UP AND GRABS FANATIC's HEAD … and slams it to the mat!"

TRIPP: "Jonathan Marx comes from behind Fanatic … and he tosses him into the corner! Marx with swift kicks to the torso of the Elite Enigma … but Donovan Astros comes up from behind Marx and spins him around! Astros with a vicious knife edge chop .. a second .. he backs Marx into the corner with Fanatic!"

NEWMAN: "But Fanatic pushes back .. and Marx goes crashing into Astros!"

JULIUS: "Cameron Cruise wants in on the action, too. C'mon, Cammy. Let the big boys play."

TRIPP: "Cruise grabs Astros and sends him to the ropes… Astros returns and hops over the bent over Cruise … BUT FANATIC FLOORS HIM WITH THE ROUNDHOUSE KICK!"


JULIUS: "Marx's turn!"

TRIPP: "Jonathan Marx creeping behind the Elite Enigma … and he drops him with a single leg takedown! Jonathan Marx is trying to lock on the Marxism in the middle of the ring!"


(SFX: The crowd stops their count to pop huge as Mr. Entertainment flies off the top rope!)



(SFX: BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT~! "Barroom Hero" by the Dropkick Murphys. The crowd pops as hometown boy Pat Gordon, Jr. runs to the ring!)

JULIUS: "Oh boy .. the ring just got a lot more green."

NEWMAN: "Pat Gordon Jr! A lot of people know his father .. and he's here to carry on the Gordon family tradition!"

TRIPP: "Gordon makes it into the ring and he goes straight after Cameron Cruise!"

NEWMAN: "Entertainment grabs Jonathan Marx … and he sends him into the ropes! The former World Heavyweight champion comes back .. and Entertainment with the hurricanrana sends Marx through the bottom rope!"

JULIUS: "Marx is gone!"

TRIPP: "He went through the bottom rope, Dean."

NEWMAN: "Pat Gordon Jr and Cameron Cruise are locked up … Gordon sends Cruise to the rop – NO! Cruise reverses and Gordon goes to the ropes! Cameron Cruise waits for the return .. GORDON WITH THE LOU THESZ PRESS ….. BUT CRUISE CATCHES HIM! Pat Gordon pounding Cruise in the head with fists … BUT CAMERON CRUISE BRINGS HIM TO THE ROPES AND DUMPS HIM TO THE OUTSIDE!"

(SFX: Jeers!)

LINKS: "Pat Gordon, Jr. has been eliminated!"

JULIUS: "Well that was exciting."

(Julius releases an exaggerated yawn.)

NEWMAN: "The fans here in the DCU Center giving Gordon Jr a round of applause…"

JULIUS: "For what? Learning how to walk!?"



( continued... )