[ Qwest Center ] Omaha, Nebraska


TAPED: Dec. 31, 2009
AIRED: Dec. 31, 2009
EPISODE: Unplugged from Omaha

(The camera fades in to a "WELCOME TO OMAHA" sign.  Quick shots of the Old Market in Downtown Omaha, the Omaha Botanical Gardens and Kenefick Park fly by the screen.  "Heartless" by Kanye West cues up as the camera continues to scan the downtown area as the skyline becomes darker and darker.  The camera time-stops, showing the sky go from partly sunny and then darkening as the day turns into the evening.  The camera then cuts, first to a well-lit lot full of Christmas trees, then to the illuminated Henry Doorly Zoo, and finally to the Qwest Centre.  The sign flashes "WFW:NE UNPLUGGED!" as we cut to the logo.)

(CUTTO:  Inside the Qwest Centre.  The arena is decorated with the spirit of the Holidays as Christmas Wreaths, stars of David, and snowflakes are plastered everywhere.  The camera cuts to the announce table.  Sitting there are Brandon Jacobs, Jonathan Marx, "NOT" Vic Waters .. as well as Natalie Newman and Dean Julies, both of whom are bundled up.)

NEWMAN:  "Welcome everyone to the Qwest Centre … welcome to WFW:NE Uplugged… from Omaha!"

(Brandon Jacobs looks at Natalie auspiciously.)

JACOBS:  "I know it’s cold here in Omaha, Natalie, but don’t you think that you and Dean are a little .. overdressed?"

JULIUS:  "Don’t even get me started, Jacobs."

NEWMAN:  "No, no, Brandon.  Dean and I are bundled up because in just a few moments we’ll be heading out into the freezing cold to call the Christmas Lot Brawl on the scene!"

MARX:  "Dear God.  It is only like 15 degrees out there, Natalie.."

JULIUS:  "Oh, it’ll be even colder when we get there."

"NOT" WATERS:  "Whenever I get a chill, I just drink some Poland Springs.  Nothing like keeping myself well hydrated to combat the winter’s grip!"

NEWMAN:  "Well, if you feel bad for us …"

"NOT" WATERS:  "I wouldn’t go that far."

NEWMAN:  "As I was saying, if you feel bad for us .. not only will it be twelve degrees out there, without the windchill factor … not only has it been snowing here lately … but there will be five WFW:NE superstars who will be wrestling in that environment!"

"NOT" WATERS:  "Can you imagine?  Jin Gang Xiao clotheslining someone’s frozen head right off?"

MARX:  "That’s technically impossible."

JULIUS:  "Good, so my foot won’t get stuck in someone’s ass when I shove it right up there for making me freeze my balls off?"

JACOBS:  "Speaking of the Christmas Tree Lot Brawl … who do you all think will go on to face Cameron Cruise for the WFW:NE Television championship at Destrucity II? Natalie?"

NEWMAN:  "My bet is on John Doe.  He is on a roll lately.  He went out there and beat Chaos at his own game… and judging from the things he’s had to say leading up to tonight, I really think he’s got the drive to take it home."

JACOBS:  "How about you, Jonathan?"

MARX:  "Jin Gang Xiao.  As much as I’d love to see Jeff Jorgenson or Erik Black walk out with a shot at the championship, the man is just too big to go over the barrier, and unless they knock him out cold, pardon the pun, there’s no way they can stop him."

JACOBS:  "I have to agree that JGX won’t be easy to get over the barrier, but I’m putting my money on Erik Black.  He might be the only one out there who won’t feel the effects of the cold!"

JULIUS:  "Shit.  That’s right!  I’ll see you bitches later!"

(Julius takes off his headset and fumbles to get out of his seat..  He stands and begins to … run … if you can call it that … up the ramp, his arms out since he doesn’t seem able to put them down.)

"NOT" WATERS:  "Where the hell is he going?"

NEWMAN:  "Oh Lord.. don’t even ask…. This is going to be a fun night…."

JACOBS:  "How ‘bout you, Vic?  Any predictions?"

"NOT" WATERS:  "Mr. Entertainment and Jeff Jorgenson are eaten by JGX.  John Doe forgets he was supposed to wrestle tonight, and Erik Black ends up making snow angels before getting flattened by JGX."

MARX:  "So he’s choosing JGX."

NEWMAN:  "It’ll be tough to get him out .. but I don’t think that the other four men in the match will just let Xiao have free reign… they’ll be gunning for him early."

JACOBS:  "Speaking of gunning … "the Dog of War" Jason Payne, the former PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme champion will be taking on Problem Child in the finals of the tournament to name Cameron Cruise’s tag team partner, and thus, one half of the WFW:NE World Tag Team champions."

"NOT" WATERS:  "Problem Child and Cameron Cruise… can you imagine that?"

MARX:  "He’ll have to get through Jason Payne first, Vic."

NEWMAN:  "I agree, Jonathan.  Problem Child is a hell of a competitor… but Jason Payne’s fire was lit after King Krusher won the P©X championship.. I don’t see Problem Child dousing the flame."

JACOBS:  "Whoever wins tonight becomes a World Tag Team champion … I’m sure Cameron Cruise will be keeping a close eye on this match."

"NOT" WATERS:  "I cannot wait to see the shenanigans that Problem Child will pull when he’s teaming with Cruise…. If Cameron Cruise weren’t the red-headed stepchild of the *wrestling world .. I would almost feel bad."

NEWMAN:  "Speaking of red-headed step children… how about that BAD World Heavyweight championship match?  It’s a rematch from WFW Superbowl of Wrestling III…"

JACOBS:  "Jared Wells will take on the man who ended his nearly three year run with the championship when he faces Steve Johnson in a Santa’s Sack o’ Weapons match."

"NOT" WATERS:  "Johnson’s luck is going to run out tonight.  Wells owns that championship."

MARX:  "I wouldn’t be surprised if Wells does become the BAD World Heavyweight champion again here tonight … he was none too pleased on Almost Live … and he was a damned great champ."

NEWMAN:  "I didn’t follow the now defunct WFW … but I know that a lot of people considered Jared Wells to be one of the most dependable champions in the history of the league.  I’ve seen what he can do elsewhere… can you imagine the match he and King Krusher would have in the unification match to determine the WFW:NE PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme champion at Destrucity II?"

JACOBS:  "If Wells does win here tonight, then you can guarantee that Krusher/Wells will be an instant classic."

MARX:  "Classic.  That’s what tonight’s main event is sure to be.  The New ERA of Wrestling World Heavyweight championship is on the line … in a Winter Wonderland match!"

"NOT" WATERS:  "And HAL is going to walk into the unification match w/ Felix Red as the New ERA World Heavyweight champion!"

MARX:  "Shawn Hart has battled through hell to get the title, and to keep it … and now you’re already calling the match for HAL?"

"NOT" WATERS:  "Look at the situation, Marx.  HAL battled through a hellacious battle royal on Almost Live to win the shot while Hart was bent over and creamed on by Peter File!"

JACOBS:  "Peter File defeating Shawn Hart in a non-title match on RAUCOUS … and it turns out that he will be receiving a World Heavyweight championship shot … against not the New ERA World Heavyweight champion … but the WFW:NE World Heavyweight champion at the first Unplugged after Destrucity II…"

NEWMAN:  "Shawn Hart is no stranger to Winter Wonderland matches, though … and this will be HAL’s first."

"NOT" WATERS:  "Once again, look at the history.  Shawn Hart was in how many Winter Wonderland matches in the old WFW?"

MARX:  "Two."

"NOT" WATERS:  "And how many did he win?"

MARX:  "Well … zero."

"NOT" WATERS:  "And in fact.. in New ERA of Wrestling .. he was in a Winter Wonderland match in Santiago, Dominican Republic… against you, Jonathan…"

MARX:  "Yes, yes he was."

"NOT" WATERS:  "And who won that match?"

MARX:  "I did."

"NOT" WATERS:  "EXACTLY.  Shawn Hart is 0 for 3 in Winter Wonderland matches … and tonight the streak continues.  Hart loses the New ERA World Heavyweight championship to HAL."

NEWMAN:  "Well… this isn’t the old WFW … this isn’t New ERA .. this is the WFW:NE … and perhaps that’s just what Shawn Hart needs to finally get that elusive victory in this type of match!"

"NOT" WATERS:  "Fat chance."

JACOBS:  "The fans here in the Qwest Centre are excited… and so are we … Jason Tripp is tweeting all the action live tonight in the back for all our fans following on the internet… and Natalie .. I do believe that it is time for you to head out into the cold … and get yourself ready for the Christmas Tree Lot Brawl!"

NEWMAN:  "Well, first I’ll probably have to pull Dean away from the food table in the back and lure him into the van with offers of brownies… but I am off!  You guys have a great time here in the warmth!"

(Natalie removes her headset and walks away.)

"NOT" WATERS:  "I thought she’d never leave.  Hot damn that bitch can yap on about nothing."

JACOBS:  "Ladies and gentlemen… Unplugged from Omaha … and we are just one cycle away from WFW:NE Destrucity II from Las Vegas … and what an event that is going to be!"

MARX:  "Talk about a wrestling event for the ages!  Not only is it the pay per view …. But the entire DAY will be filled with wrestling action!"

"NOT" WATERS:  "I better be paid triple time, then."

MARX:  "WFW:NE officials announced recently the interpromotional show we’ll be putting on with Empire Pro Wrestling …"

JACOBS:  "Sin City Showdown!  Live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas …  Fans, if you didn’t catch the announcement… the day will begin at the Grand Garden Arena with Empire Pro’s Aggression 50 celebration … the fiftieth edition of Aggression will be a huge event for EPW … and we are glad to be there with them."

MARX:  "After Aggression 50 is over, the fans in the audience will keep their seats .. because up next in the day will be our pay per view … WFW:NE Destrucity II … featuring all your favorite WFW:NE superstars… AND, finally, the unification of the remaining WFW and New ERA championships into official WFW:NE ones!"

"NOT" WATERS:  "Whoop de doo."

JACOBS:  "And the fun continues into the night as both leagues will come together … for Sin City Showdown!"

MARX:  "Empire Pro stars … WFW:NE stars … head to head in the middle of the ring!"

JACOBS:  "Empire Pro and New ERA put on an intrapromotional event way back in 2007 called WrestleSTOCK ’07 … and the event was a smashing success… and even though New ERA is now part of WFW:NE, we’re glad to continue our relationship with Empire Pro!"

MARX:  "I can’t wait to see the lineups for the event… can you imagine some of the matches?"

"NOT" WATERS:  "Shawn Hart … versus Shawn Hart?!"

MARX:  "Oh cut it out."

JACOBS:  "One final note before we head to the commercial break and get this show on the road… I’m sure you’ve all heard to news, but former two-time New ERA World Heavyweight champion Larry Tact has been placed on the inactive competitor list and will not be in a WFW:NE ring for the time being."

"NOT" WATERS:  "Even better! Larry Tact wrestling for Empire Pro at Sin City Showdown!"

MARX:  "Who knows if Tact will even be wrestling at that point, Vic.  The toll of wrestling across the circuit has certainly been a tough one to handle … and I think he’s finally just feeling run down!  But when he comes back, and you know he will be back, the wrestlers on this roster better be ready!"

JACOBS:  "Ladies and gentlemen… we are getting the cut signal …. Which means we are going to go to a quick commercial break … and when we come back … Steve Johnson will defend his BAD World Heavyweight championship against the man he defeated way back at WFW Superbowl of Wrestling III … Jared Wells!"

"NOT" WATERS:  "Where’s my water?"

(Waters begins searching frantically.)


JACOBS:  "You okay?"


(The camera cuts to the back where we see Jared Wells pacing back and forth, pounding one of his fists into the palm of his other. Sitting on a chair beside him is a holiday sack. The chairs legs look to be bending from the weight.)

( continued... )