[ Taco Bell Arena @ Boise State University ] Boise, Idaho


TAPED: Apr. 25, 2010
AIRED: Sep. 03, 2010

(FADEIN:  A long dark hallway.  The lights nailed to the ceiling flicker on and off as the sound of footsteps grow louder.  The camera slowly rotates around and focuses on the large door.  "LaROQUE" reads the nameplate.  The footsteps have stopped .. right behind the view of the camera.  A hand reaches past the lens and knocks three times.  Nothing.)

VOICE:  "Marcus?"

(The familiar tone penetrates through the door, but finds nothing.)

VOICE:  "Just as well."

(CUTTO:  Inside the temporary office of New ERA President Marcus LaRoque.  The camera focuses on the door knob as it turns.  The darkened room is lightly illuminated as the door opens.  A figure stands in the doorway, his face shrouded by the flickering lights in the hallway.)

VOICE:  "Just … as … well."

(The figure steps into the room and shuts the door.  We hear a faint click.)

(CUTTO: The green room before the show. New ERA President Marcus LaRoque and Vice President Juliet Marceau are finishing up a conversation.)

MARCEAU:  "I’ll send the forms over right away and we’ll get him squared away."

(LaRoque nods.)

LaROQUE:  "Great. Hopefully things will be signed, sealed and delivered before BattleBRAWL then."

MARCEAU:  "You can count on it."

(LaRoque grabs his bottled water from the table and turns toward the door.)

LaROQUE:  "If you need me I’ll be in my office."

(LaRoque pivots and turns the corner.  As he does the camera zooms in on the concrete wall … it "crashes" through and the scene now cuts to the main area of the Taco Bell Arena!  The crowd is chanting as "Who Said" by Planet Funk cues up.)


(CUTTO:  The logo for RAUCOUS.)

(The camera cuts to Nick Jive and Tom Gheorghe sitting at ringside.)

GHEORGHE:  "Welcome everyone to the beautiful Taco Bell Arena here in Boise, Idaho … welcome to RAUCOUS!"

JIVE:  "Beautiful?"


JIVE:  "Am I playing the sober one tonight?"

GHEORGHE:  "Ha, ha, Nick!  We are well on our way to BattleBRAWL 3 … but tonight … tonight we have five HUGE matches … including a tornado tag team match featuring EIGHT men!"

JIVE:  "The fans want action … they’re going to get it.  The tornado tag team match not only features the World Tag Team champions … but the World Heavyweight champion is in the house!"

GHEORGHE:   "Jack n’ Hoff, the World Tag Team champions, are indeed one of the teams involved… also in the tag match is Jason Payne and Chris McMillan, the Dogs of War!"

JIVE:  "The Dogs of War and Jack n’ Hoff are two of New ERA’s hottest teams … this match could be a pretty good indicator of things to come!"

GHEORGHE:  "Peter File and Adrian Willard are the third team… and talk about the Odd Couple of the night!"

JIVE:  "Willard coming off a tough loss to Cameron Cruise last week … and now he has to deal with Cruise AND Shawn Hart!"

GHEORGHE:  "The World Heavyweight champion and Cameron Cruise teaming … and things could turn quite fiery after Hart hit the Hart Attack on Cruise!"

JIVE:  "The former Television champion got the short end of the stick … and ever since he lost the belt to Erik Black … all I’ve heard are rumblings about his new intentions … those being the World Heavyweight belt currently around Hart’s waist!"

GHEORGHE:  "Speaking of Erik Black and the Television championship … tonight’s main event .. the Television championship is ON THE LINE!  Erik Black will have to defend against the man who many consider the greatest Television champion of all time …. Mr. Entertainment!"

JIVE:  "The most entertaining man in the business will get a chance to get back the belt that belongs to him … and His HIGHness will just have to sit back and watch it happen."

GHEORGHE:  "Erik Black an incredible wrestler … outwrestling Cameron Cruise for the Television championship at Destrucity II …. You can bet he’s looking forward to tonight’s main event to prove himself to everyone here in New ERA."

JIVE:  "Topping Cruise is one thing .. but Mr. Entertainment is ten times the man Cameron Cruise could even dream of!"

GHEORGHE:  "Rounding out tonight’s matches … we have two new debuting stars!  "Bad Ass" Keith Aaron will be taking on the PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme champion Chaos in a non-title dog collar match … and "Solid Snake" Paddy McDowell will go toe to toe with "Total Carnage" Trevor Cane!"

JIVE:  "All I heard about leading up to tonight was how Keith Aaron practically gave his left nut to get a match with Chaos…. He gets it … and then runs away with his tail tucked between his legs!  He was M.I.A.!"

GHEORGHE:  "Well I’ve seen him in the back … and I can tell you one thing, Nick… Chaos sure has his hands full tonight!"

JIVE:  "Chaos is the most dangerous wrestler on the roster… Aaron is walking into his domain tonight .. and $100 says that he is carted out in a stretcher."

GHEORGHE:  "It IS a non-title match up .. if there’s one thing Chaos can feel easier about… it’s that his belt is safe … at least for tonight!"

JIVE:  "HA."

GHEORGHE:  "Unlike Aaron, McDowell sure made his views known leading up to tonight."

JIVE:  "God.  If I ran across McDowell I would have slapped him myself.  Talk about drivel!"


JIVE:  "Listen, he can talk all he wants about how he’s gonna do this and that .. but when he steps into the ring with "Total Carnage…" well … prepare for the massacre."

GHEORGHE:  "Cane didn’t seem too impressed with him, either, Nick.. let’s hope he doesn’t get too cocky that it clouds his judgment."

JIVE:  "It’s going to take an act from God for Cane to blow this one."

GHEORGHE:  "And starting off the evening’s events … Jeff "Greenhorn" Jorgenson tries to rebound from his Television championship match loss last week."

JIVE:  "Jorgenson thought that he could rely on the love and support of these idiots sitting in the stands.  Erik Black smacked that theory into oblivion."

GHEORGHE:  "Black and Jorgenson put on one of the best wrestling matches we’ve seen in a VERY long time … "Greenhorn" has got a huge future here in New ERA … and tonight he begins the quest back to the belt with "Beautiful" Bobby Crane."

JIVE:  "Crane was impressive in his victory at Sin City Showdown … and tonight he’s going to dash the hopes and dreams of all the people in the (makes air quotes) "Taco Bell Arena" who think that Jorgenson is the next generation of wrestling."

GHEORGHE:  "We’ll see about that, Nick!  And we’ll see about it in just a few minutes!  We’ve got to take a commercial break …. But when we return.  Jeff Jorgenson … Bobby Crane ... ONE ON ONE!"

Locked Out

(CUTTO: The same hallway from before the show went on the air.  The lights are still flickering but this time we can see who is coming towards the camera.)

LaROQUE:  "Hey, I want you to get me those statements before the end of the night, yea?"

(LaRoque, cell phone firmly pressed against his ear, walks by the camera and reaches for the door.)

LaROQUE:  "Yep, I just want to make sure ever…."

(LaRoque pauses as he turns the nob.  The door is locked.)

LaROQUE:  "Oh c’mon!"

(LaRoque struggles with the nob a few more times but to no avail.)

LaROQUE:  "Listen, let me call you right back.  I gotta go find one of the damn staff in this joint… they’ve locked my office up!"

(LaRoque closes the cellphone and puts it in his pocket before turning and walking away.  As he does, the camera turns and pans to the ground … the locked room brightly lit from within.)


(CUTTO: Ringside.)

GHEORGHE:  "Welcome back .. and we are about to kick things off here with two of New ERA’s brightest young stars."

JIVE:  "Bobby Crane IS New ERA’s brightest young star."

GHEORGHE:  "Well I said stars, Nick, and Jeff Jorgenson has been on fire recently, the last match notwithstanding.  It’ll be interesting to see if Crane can finally cool down the "Greenhorn."  So far not many people have been able to."

JIVE:  "Oh get your nose out of his ass, Gheorghe!"

GHEORGHE:  "Let’s head to the ring and officially kick off RAUCOUS!"

(CUTTO: The ring. Jamie Links stands with microphone in hand.)

Bobby Crane vs. Jeff Jorgenson

LINKS:  "The following match is scheduled for one fall … and has a twenty minute time limit!  Introducing first…"

(CUEUP: "Any Way You Want It" by Journey.  The crowd EXPLODES.)

JIVE:  "Jesus Christ! Did the fans swallow caffeine pills by the gallon?!"

GHEORGHE:  "Nothing much else to do, I’d suppose!"

LINKS:  "Hailing from Merrow, Connecticut.   He stands five foot eight and weighs 170 pounds ….. JEFF ….. "GREENHORN" ….. JORGENSON!"

(Jorgenson darts out from behind the curtain and runs to the ring, slapping hands on the way.  The fans are really digging the high energy and pop as Jorgenson hops onto the mat and flips over the top rope!)

JIVE:  "He’s wasting too much energy already!"

GHEORGHE:  "He’s having a great time out there doing what he loves to do!"

(CUEUP: "Unbelievable" by EMF.  The crowd jeers as "Beautiful" Bobby Crane steps into the lone spotlight on the stage.)

LINKS:  "And his opponent.."

(Crane walks to the ring, the spotlight continuing to follow him as the crowd throws whatever they can find at him.)

GHEORGHE:  "The crowd giving Crane a piece of their mind!"

LINKS:  "He stands at six foot two and weighs 245 pounds… hailing from Hollywood, California …. "BEAUTIFUL" ….. BOBBY CRANE!"

JIVE:  "Crane getting into the ring .. and just look at him!  He is a perfect specimen!"

GHEORGHE:  "The ref checking out both men .. and we’ll just see how perfect Crane is tonight!"

(SFX:  Bell rings.)

BEGINNING:  Bobby Crane started the match off looking for his first win in New ERA, but "Greenhorn" shut him down early in the match.  After Crane missed an early dropkick, Jorgenson began wearing the "Beautiful" one down with a series of technical moves.  Jorgenson, much to the fans’ delight, oozed confidence as he repeatedly took Crane to the mat.  While Crane lay in the middle after being victimized by an awe-inspiring hurricanrana, Jorgenson climbed the top rope and sized his opponent up.  The fans popped to their feet as the "Greenhorn" flew from the top rope and executed a picture perfect moonsault.  That was good enough for a two-count, but not the three, as Crane lifted his shoulder in time.  Jorgenson kept the pressure on, however, and scooped Bobby Crane off the mat and sent him into the ropes.  Crane tried to cut Jorgenson down with a clothesline on the return, but Jorgenson caught the arm and swung his legs up and around taking Crane to the mat with a crucifix.  Once again, Crane was able to get his shoulder up.  Crane was becoming visibly frustrated as Jorgenson was able to counter each and every offensive attempt.  Crane did managed to ram the boot into the midsection as Jorgenson came charging into the corner after whipping Crane, but when "Beautiful" Bobby took him up in the air for a powerbomb, Jorgenson wiggled his way free and straddled the top ropes.  Crane turned just in time to watch as Jorgenson flew off the top rope, taking Crane to the mat with a top rope headscissors.  The crowd popped huge as the referee counted, but were once again left wanting as Crane pushed Jorgenson off at 2 and a half.

MIDDLE:  Bobby Crane was completely outwrestled during the midway point of the match as Jorgenson repeatedly took him down with drop toe holds.  Crane, becoming more and more enraged, slammed the mat with his hands each time he went down.  At this point the crowd began taunting the "Beautiful" one.  Crane, none too pleased, tossed Jorgenson to the mat and made his way to the ropes, reaching over to give the fans a piece of his mind.  With Crane’s back to him, Jorgenson bounced against the far ropes and charged at his opponent.  As the crowd roared, Jorgenson nailed a beauty of a flying crossbody block sending him and his opponent over the top rope to the arena floor.  Jorgenson slowly crawled to the guardrail and was helped to his feet by his adoring fans.  Jorgenson rested against the barrier as Crane lay motionless on the arena floor.  The referee began the count as both men were outside the ring.  The crowd began to chant "GREENHORN! GREENHORN!" as Jeff Jorgenson grabbed Bobby Crane by the head and rolled him into the ring.  Crane tried to pop Jorgenson in the jaw during a scoop up, but he had nothing left in him and the fist went flying to the right.  Jorgenson grabbed the waist, lifted Crane up and sent him walking gingerly away with an inverted atomic drop.  Crane stopped, turned, and proceeded to walk right into a reverse crescent kick by the young upstart.  Crane fell onto his back as Jorgenson made the cover .. but somehow he was able to get the shoulder up once more.

END:  Even though Crane was able to fight out of pinfall attempt after pinfall attempt, it was apparent he had no fight left in him. Every time Crane was able to make his way to his feet, "Greenhorn" was there to put him right back down.  Jorgenson has caught fire in New ERA, and Crane had become just another one of his victims.  With the building crescendo of the crowd backing him up, Jeff Jorgenson climbed to the top rope and flew through the air, arms outstretched, splashing the visibly exhausted Crane with the top rope splash.  Jorgenson initially made the cover, but released at that last second causing the crowd to quiet.  It turns out that Jorgenson wasn’t done wow’ing the people in the audience as he leapt, cat-like, to the top rope and faced the cheering masses.  Working the crowd up to a frenzy, Jorgenson smiled huge as he propelled himself off the turnbuckle pad absolutely destroying whatever career Bobby Crane had here in New ERA with a monstrous moonsault.  This time Jorgenson followed through with his cover and got the three count for the victory.

WINNER:  Jeff Jorgenson via pinfall after a moonsault at 8:33.

LINKS:  "The winner of the match ……….. JEFF  …… "GREENHORN" ….. JORGENSON!!!!"


GHEORGHE:  "Jorgenson once again overcoming the odds of a quote-"perfect"-unquote specimen!"

JIVE:  "Oh shutup, Gheorghe!  The fans must have obviously attacked Crane before the match!! There’s no way he could have been that sloppy without some outside forces!"

GHEORGHE:  "Congratulations to the young upstart, Jeff Jorgenson!  What another incredible showing!  Ladies and gentlemen.. we’ve got to take another commercial break.. but when we do .. Paddy McDowell and Trevor Cane ... and the non-title match as Keith Aaron takes on the PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme champion, Chaos!"


(CUTTO: Ringside.)

GHEORGHE:  "Annnnd welcome back!"

JIVE:  "I’ve seen some pretty sad looking women in my days… but I’ve got to say, Idaho is taking the cake."

GHEORGHE:  "I see some very attractive women out here!"

JIVE:  "Please!  Now I know why this state is so big on the potatoes…. They need shitloads of potato sacks to put over these bitches’ faces!"

GHEORGHE:  "Nick!"

JIVE:  "What?"

GHEORGHE:  "Paddy McDowell will step in a New ERA ring for the first time tonight.  I can only imagine the butterflies in his stomach as he stands backstage."

JIVE:  "He’ll get his two minutes to shine before Cane cuts him down."

GHEORGHE:  "Let’s send this over to Jamie Links for the introductions!"

(CUTTO:  The ring.)

Trevor Cane vs. Paddy McDowell

LINKS:  "The following match is scheduled for one fall … and has a twenty minute time limit!  Introducing first…"

(CUEUP:  "Assassin" by Muse.  The crowd pops.)

LINKS:  "He stands at five foot nine and weighs 195 pounds…. Hailing from NEW ORLEANS, LOUSIANA….. "SOLID SNAKE" ….. PADDY McDOWELL!"

(The crowd pops as McDowell stands in the middle of the ramp.  He slowly walks to the ring and slides underneath the bottom ropes.)

JIVE:  "Yawn.."

GHEORGHE:  "McDowell looking prime and ready to go!"

(CUEUP:  "Anthem for the Year 2000" by Silverchair.  The crowd begins to jeer as Cane enters through the curtain, his muscles gleaming in the arena lights.)

JIVE:  "Now THERE is a competitor!"

LINKS:  "His opponent …. Hailing from Sarasota, Florida… he stands six foot five and weighs in at 283 pounds…… "TOTAL CARNAGE" …. TREVOR ….. CANE!"

(Cane makes his way to the ring and walks up the ring steps.)

GHEORGHE:  "Cane avoiding making eye contact with McDowell as he walks to the corner."

JIVE:  "McDowell is trying to get Cane’s attention … but Total Carnage completely ignores him!"

GHEORGHE:  "The referee beckoning both men to the center of the ring to check them for weapons …. And he is satisfied … and there’s the bell!"

(SFX:  Bell rings.)

BEGINNING:  The two men circled in the ring sizing one another up.  McDowell, the fan favorite, made the first move, grabbing Cane’s arm and pulling him in for a short arm clothesline.  Cane was well aware of his surroundings, and ducked under at the last moment.  With Cane standing behind him, Paddy McDowell threw and elbow backwards popping "Total Carnage" square in the jaw.  Cane stumbled backwards into the ropes.  McDowell whipped around and charged at Cane nailing him in the midsection with a running knee lift.  That caused Cane to get tangled in the ropes.  With Cane struggling, McDowell grabbed him by the hair and raised his fist high in the air .. with the crowd cheering on, "Solid Snake" began driving the closed fists into the forehead of his opponent.  The referee finally stepped in to break the assault and help Cane untangle.  Cane staggered to his feet and sidestepped a clothesline by McDowell.  McDowell wasn’t averred, though, and jumped onto the second rope before catapulting himself backwards, grabbing Cane’s head and driving it into the mat with a beautiful DDT.  McDowell made the cover, but "Total Carnage" was able to get his shoulder up before the three.  "Solid Snake" jumped to his feet and picked Cane up, but with the referee’s view blocked, Cane sent his arm up between the legs of the fan favorite!  The crowd jeered as Cane pushed McDowell to the mat.

2nd QUARTER:  Cane had McDowell on the mat for a good while with a Cobra Clutch.  Each time the referee would raise McDowell’s arm he would keep it in the air.  Cane became visibly frustrated after the third straight check by the referee ended in the match continuing, and he released the hold.  Trevor Cane drove the heel of his boot into the lower back of his opponent, before he followed up with the well-placed elbow drop.  Cane turned him over, but once again McDowell wasn’t about to let Cane walk out of RAUCOUS with a victory.  Cane raked the eyes of McDowell for good measure and made his way back up to his feet.  The referee warned Cane about the move, but Cane responded with a brush off.  While Cane was showing off for the referee, McDowell managed to roll himself underneath the bottom rope to the outside of the ring.  When Cane turned, his opponent was nowhere to be seen!  Cane stormed over to the ropes and looked to the outside, which gave McDowell plenty opportunity to grab him by the boots and drop him down.  McDowell dragged Cane to the outside and slammed an elbow into the chest of "Total Carnage."  The referee began his count as McDowell grabbed Cane’s arm and sent him crashing back-first into the guardrail.  McDowell pointed to the fans and nailed a standing dropkick right to the head of the slumped Cane.

3rd QUARTER:  The referee struggled to get the two men back into the ring.  The fans around ringside ran over to touch the debuting superstar, but almost caused him to lose focus.  McDowell took a few steps back and charged in for a running knee, but managed to put on the brakes as Cane pushed himself out of the way.  Cane, instead of getting a breather, ended up on the receiving end of boots to the back of the head.  "Solid Snake" finally decided that it would be safer to be in the ring, so with two handfuls of tights, he lifted Cane and rolled him back inside.  With Cane on the mat, McDowell leapt to the top rope and measured … before flying off with the top rope splash!  With a hook of the legs McDowell got the two count.  McDowell scooped Cane up and kept him on the defensive as he connected with an array of reverse knife edge chops prompting the crowd to "WOOO!" Backing Cane into the ropes, McDowell doubled him over with a blow to the midsection, grabbed his head, and took him back down with the running bulldog.  "Solid Snake" went for another cover, but the crowd was left standing as Cane kicked out before the three.  Paddy McDowell sat up shaking his head, but was not deterred.  He popped to his feet and walked to the corner waiting for his opponent to get up.  Cane remained on the mat for what seemed like an eternity before finally moving.

END:  Trevor Cane pushed himself to his knees and must have caught McDowell from the corner of his eye, because as "Solid Snake" charged toward him, Cane dropped to the mat narrowly missing becoming the victim to McDowell’s spinning heel kick.  The reprieve didn’t last long, however, as McDowell was back on his feet quicker than Nick Jive could get out a Dean Julius gay joke.  McDowell yanked Cane up and whipped him into the corner.  Cane crashed chest first, and was rolled up from behind, barely kicking out before the referee slapped the mat a third time.  Cane seemed as if he was blessed with a second wind, because this time he made it to his feet before McDowell.  "Total Carnage" nearly took the head off of McDowell with a leaping clothesline, following it up with a surprise cover and two count of his own.  The confidence rushed back as Cane grabbed McDowell as the two men rose and raced to the ropes.  He hopped over the top rope going for the Snap Judgment, but McDowell managed to slip out of Cane’s grasp at the last moment.  Cane was caught off guard, which meant that he landed square on his ass instead of his feet on the arena floor.  That was all McDowell needed as he pounced onto the top rope.  The crowd EXPLODED as McDowell signaled for the Spinny Special … and proceeded to nail the Corkscrew 450 Splash onto the arena floor!  Both men were on the arena floor … but when McDowell finally rolled Cane into the ring, this match was over.

WINNER:  Paddy McDowell via pinfall after hitting the Corkscrew 450 splash to the arena floor at 14:04.

LINKS:  "The winner of this match …. "SOLID SNAKE" …. PADDY ….. McDOWELL!!!"

(SFX: Huge pops!)

GHEORGHE:  "McDowell successful in his debut!  What a maneuver!"

JIVE:  "McDowell got lucky! I guess that’s one benefit of being a slimy john!"

GHEORGHE:  "Do I even want to know?"

JIVE:  "How the hell else can you explain McDowell getting out of the Snap Judgment?  He looks like he hasn’t washed his hair in three months!"

GHEORGHE:  "Well those two certainly put on quite a show … and once more congratulations go out to the "Solid Snake" as he defeated a very capable veteran in Trevor Cane."

JIVE:  "First Jorgenson … now McDowell… this night is killing me already!"

GHEORGHE:  "We’ll be right back!"

Here and There

(CUTTO:  Juliet Marceau standing in front of the locked office of Marcus LaRoque.)

MARCEAU:  "Are you in there?"

(She knocks.)

MARCEAU:  "Marcus?"

(She impatiently looks at her watch as there is no response.)

MARCEAU:  "God dammit."

(She turns and begins to tuck a folder away when she hears a noise come from inside the office.)

MARCEAU:  "Marcus!  Good, you are there!"

(She stands at the door waiting for it to open.  She waits for nothing.)

MARCEAU:  "Come on!  I got the paperwork."

(She knocks a few more times.  After standing in silence she sighs.)

MARCEAU:  "Fine… if you’re THAT busy.. I’ll leave them under the door."

(Marceau takes the folder out and bends down, slipping the folder through the crack.  As she stands up, the folder disappears, pulled inside.)

MARCEAU:  "Jesus."

(Marceau shakes her head and turns, walking out of the shot.  The camera pans back up to the nametag.  CUTTO:  A man in a blue buttoned down shirt watching a small television on his desk.  There is a knock on the opened door and he turns.  New ERA President Marcus LaRoque stands there visibly annoyed.)

MAN:  "Can I help you?"

LaROQUE:  "My office is locked!  I was told it would be opened for me by the time I got here."

(The man looks confused.)

MAN:  "No, I unlocked it myself.."

LaROQUE:  "Well it isn’t.  I tried.  The door wouldn’t open."

(The man looks at the television and then back at LaRoque.)

MAN:  "Well, I just have to finish a few things and then I will be right down!"

(LaRoque looks up at the ceiling.)

LaROQUE:  "Alright.  Fine.  But I need that open before the end of the night.  I have a lot of work to finish!"

(The scene fades before cutting to the arena.)

GHEORGHE:  "Wait a minute!"

JIVE:  "It seems like someone took over LaRoque’s office!"

GHEORGHE:  "Let’s just hope that Marceau didn’t reveal anything with those files she just passed over …. I can only imagine the surprise LaRoque’s going to get when that facilities manager opens his door and he finds out what is going on!"

JIVE:  "If there’s anyone still in there!"

GHEORGHE:  "Ladies and gentlemen … up next we have a non-title match … "Bad Ass" Keith Aaron debuts against the PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme champion, Chaos!"

JIVE:  "Aaron sold his soul to the devil to get this opportunity his first time out.  I’m not sure whether or not to applaud him or fear him!"

GHEORGHE:  "I’m not quite following, Nick."

JIVE:  "You don’t just DEMAND to take on the most brutal and fearless man in the industry, Gheorghe!  Aaron came here gunning for Chaos this week … so either he’s going to prove something to us tonight … or he’s just a dumb fuck."

GHEORGHE:  "I’ll give you something … you’re right when you say no one in their right mind wants to go head to head with the P©X champion … and that’s exactly what Aaron’s going to do in just a few moments… it’s a non-title Dog Collar match … and it’s coming up NOW!"

(CUTTO:  The ring.  Jamie Links stands in the ring the two dog collars on her arm as the chain hangs to the ground.)

Dog Collar Chain Match

Keith Aaron vs. Chaos (c)

LINKS:  "The following match is scheduled for one fall … and has a twenty minute time limit… it is a non-title PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme match ….. AND IT IS A DOG CHAIN MATCH!"

(SFX:  Huge pop!)

LINKS:  "Introducing first… he hails from Tulsa, Oklahoma…."

(CUEUP:  "The Chemicals Between Us" by Bush.  The fans stand as the lights begin flashing.)

LINKS:  "He stands six foot nine … and weighs 294 pounds…… "BAD ASS" ……….. KEITH ……. AARON!"

(As the chorus kicks in an array of fireworks go off on stage as the muscled mass that is Keith Aaron emerges from the back, his arms raised.)


JIVE:  "Well, shit! I don’t know jack about Keith Aaron … but just looking at him … Chaos might just FINALLY have some competition in New ERA!"

(Aaron continues to the ring, a snarl on his face.)

GHEORGHE:  "This dog collar chain match could get ugly, Nick!"

JIVE:  "Bring on the pain!"

(CUEUP:  "You Could Be Mine" by Guns n’ Roses.  The crowd EXPLODES as Chaos steps onto the ramp, the P©X championship hanging from his shoulder.)

GHEORGHE:  "Chaos!  A giant of a man … putting his body on the line time after time again .. and the fans certainly appreciate that."

JIVE:  "Chaos is a bulldozer… like the rest of us .. he has no clue what Aaron is packing .. but this might be his biggest challenge in a while!"

LINKS:  "And his opponent… standing SEVEN FEET TALL and weighing in at 305 pounds… he hails from LAS VEGAS, NEVADA…. The PRODIGY© CLASSIC XTREME CHAMPION ….. CHAOS!!!"

(SFX:  Huge pop!)

GHEORGHE:  "Chaos in the ring… and look at those two men!"

JIVE:  "Aaron’s a big man at 6’9…. But he STILL has to look up at Chaos!"

GHEORGHE:  "The referee calling for the dog collars… and this match is about to begin!"

(SFX:  Bell rings.)

BEGINNING:  The referee handed both men dog collars and watched as they strapped themselves in.  Keith Aaron, staring up at the seven foot champion, locked his first, and as soon as he heard the snap of Chaos’ lock, he grabbed onto the chain and yanked the champion toward him, clocking him in the gut with his boot in the process.  Aaron wrapped the chain around the hulking neck of Chaos, and tried his damndest to hold on.  Chaos placed his hands firmly on the mat and let out a yell as he pushed himself up.  Aaron flew off the big man’s back and crashed onto the mat.  "Bad Ass" scrambled to his feet but was met with the wide open palm of the champion.  Chaos grabbed Aaron by the face, picked him up and slammed him into the mat with what was more a "faceslam" than a chokeslam.  Aaron rolled around on the ground holding both the front and back of his head as the champion stood over him.  Chaos, as a wry smile slowly worked its way ear to ear, began to wrap the chain around his fist.  The P©X champion walked up to his opponent and brought him to his feet.  The champion pulled his arm all the way back and cut through the air with ease, the chain wrapped fist drilling "Bad Ass" square in the nose.  Aaron flew backwards into the ropes as his nose began to bleed.

MIDDLE:  Chaos followed Aaron into the ropes and grabbed his arm.  The Champion whipped Aaron across the ring, planted his feet and held tightly onto the end of the chain.  Aaron quickly ran out of slack and the chain tightened around his neck, snapping him to the mat.  Chaos proceeded to slowly pull Aaron across the ring.  The P©X champion dropped down to his knees and wrapped the chain around the neck of his fallen opponent.  The referee stepped in to caution Chaos, but seeing as this is a P©X division match, there was nothing really he could do.  Chaos tightened the chain choking Keith Aaron.  Aaron’s hands shot up to his neck as he struggled to free himself from the choke.  He wasn’t immediately successful and his face turned a frightening shade of purple. Keith Aaron continued to struggle to find a way out of the choke.  Chaos, as said nothing as his nostrils flared.  The referee stood above the two men and looked more and more concerned.  Aaron’s eyes slowly began to close, but in the process he managed to grab some of the slack and wrapped it around his fist.  Chaos, at quite possibly the worst time, sensed Aaron’s impending unconsciousness and smiled wide.  As if on cue, Aaron shots his fist up and back and connected right in Chaos’ mouth.  The chain dropped from Aaron’s neck as Chaos jumped to his feet.  The P©X champion dropped his hands and watched as the blood ran down them.  He ran his tongue across his teeth, and Chaos’ eyes turned red with anger.

END:  With one fell swoop Chaos grabbed the chain lying on the mat and slammed them across the back of Aaron.  Aaron arched in pain, but Chaos felt no remorse and continued the whipping.  After a dozen or so lashes, Chaos dropped the chains and yanked Aaron to his feet before he spun the challenger around to face him dead on.  Aaron’s eyes rolled back into his head and Chaos scooped him up and bodyslammed him onto the chains sprawled on the mat.  Instead of covering his opponent, the PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme champion continued the assault.  He pulled the chains from underneath Aaron’s broken body and draped them across his throat.  Chaos then took a few steps to gain momentum from the ropes and dropped a HUGE legdrop!  The referee and the fans winced in pain as Aaron flopped around in the ring.  The champion slowly pulled himself up and wiped away the blood from his mouth as he stared into the cheering crowd.  For someone who wanted a shot at Chaos so terribly bad, Keith Aaron just wasn’t able to handle the four-time P©X champion.  Chaos brought the lifeless "Bad Ass" to his feet and sent him flying into the corner.  Chaos, chains wrapped around his arm, charged in afterwards and practically sent Aaron’s head into the front row.  Aaron slumped into the corner, but was not there long as the champion hoisted him up with one arm and placed him on the top rope.  The crowd buzzed in anticipation as Chaos climbed the top rope with him.  The match was over only a few seconds later after Chaos nailed the Chaosbomb.  The referee freed Chaos from the dog collar and Chaos left the ring, title intact, but not before he let loose a bloody loogie unto his downed opponent.

WINNER:  Chaos via pinfall after hitting the Chaosbomb at 7:59.


JIVE:  "Well Aaron was a bigger dud than Ryan Leaf!"

LINKS:  "The winner of this match …. The P©X CHAMPION …….. CHAOS!"

(Chaos smiles and steps over the fetal body of Keith Aaron, raising the belt in the air.)

GHEORGHE:  "Chaos never ceases to amaze!  He dismantled Keith Aaron with such ease…"

JIVE:  "Five foot four or six foot nine… none of that matters when you’re in the ring with that man!"

GHEORGHE:  "We have got to take a quick commercial break… but when we come back.. the last two matches of the evening … including our next bout… eight men … one ring… it’s the Tornado Tag match!"


(CUTTO:  Ringside.)

GHEORGHE:  "Welcome back!  We are getting ready for what should be a hell of a match!"

JIVE:  "I can’t wait to see what happens in that ring.  With any eight men in the ring at once, things can get heated … but with the World Tag Team champions … the World Heavyweight champion … and all that’s happened since Destrucity II … we might have to go into the main event without a ring!"

GHEORGHE:  "The World Tag Team champions will be in the ring with their main competition .. the Dogs of War … Chris McMillan and Jason Payne shocking the world with their reunification at Destrucity II after seemingly fighting to a double count out … and they have no hidden their desire to become the next World Tag Team champions!"

JIVE:  "Jack n’ Hoff will have their hands full… and this could be a great precursor to the future those two teams have against one another."

GHEORGHE:  "As for the other four men … Peter File and Adrian Willard are another team .. with the final two men being Cameron Cruise and the World Heavyweight champion Shawn Hart!"

JIVE:  "Adrian Willard made a splash coming into the World Heavyweight championship match at Destrucity II … Hart retained because of the disqualification …"

GHEORGHE:  "And now Willard will have to team with the man he got disqualified in Peter File."

JIVE:  "I’m sure File offered a truce .. in the form of … well .."

GHEORGHE:  "Annnnnd we may have to watch for any sparks that will fly between Cruise and the World Heavyweight champion!  Cruise came to Hart’s rescue in the 2 on 1 match last RAUCOUS .. but unfortunately for him … he got a Hart Attack for all his trouble!"

JIVE:  "Hart and Cruise bumped back to back… and Hart having the reflexes of a tiger pounced … he just happened to pounce on the wrong man!"

GHEORGHE:  "I just got the signal… let’s send this to Jamie Links and see what awaits us!"

(CUTTO:  The ring.  Jamie Links stands next to the referee.)

Tornado Tag Team Bout
The Dogs of War vs. Jack n' Hoff (c) vs. Peter File & Adrian Willard vs. Cameron Cruise & Shawn Hart (c)

LINKS:  "The following match … is a TORNADO TAG TEAM MATCH … and has a THIRTY MINUTE time limit…. All eight men will be in the ring at the SAME TIME … and when ONE member of a team is eliminated …. The TEAM is eliminated!"

(SFX: Huge pop.)

LINKS:  "Introducing first…."

(CUEUP:  "Dogs of War" by Pink Floyd.)

LINKS:  "Coming to the ring at a combined weight of 505 pounds … "the Wolf" CHRIS McMILLAN …. "the Dog of War"  JASON PAYNE …….. THE DOGS …. OF WAR!"

(Payne and McMillan step through the curtain and make their way to the ring.)

GHEORGHE:  "They were the premiere tag team back in the day .. and after all those years … after the feuds and the bad feelings .. McMillan and Payne are back with a purpose!"

JIVE:  "McMillan looks like he’s about to pass out at any moment.. but whatever you say, Gheorghe."

LINKS:  "Introducing next…"

(CUEUP:  "What’s My Age Again" by Blink-182.  The lights flash as the World Tag Team championships come charging through the curtain.)

LINKS:  "Weighing in at a combined 456 pounds… they are the CURRENT New ERA of Wrestling WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS …. JACK ….. HOFF …… JACK n’ HOFF!"

GHEORGHE:  "The champs with the belts around their waists … and they get to the ring and wait on the outside!"

JIVE:  "Well looks can be deceiving .. because that’s a smart move!"

LINKS:  "Introducing next…"

(CUEUP:  "Genesis" by Justice. The crowd begins to jeer.)

LINKS:  "Coming to the ring at a combined weight of 520 pounds …."

(Adrian Willard and Freak step through the curtain … following shortly after by Peter File.)

LINKS:  "The team of "the SULTAN of TWAT" PETER FILE … and "the PROPHECY" …. ADRIAN .. WILLARD!"

JIVE:  "Willard’s made enemies quickly here in New ERA … and Peter File .. well…"

GHEORGHE:  "File spending more time watching Freak’s gluteus maximus than paying attention to the ring!"

JIVE:  "Oh lord…"

LINKS:  "And finally….. coming to the ring…"

(CUEUP:  "Nobody Does It Better" by Carly Simon.  The fans EXPLODE as Shawn Hart and Cameron Cruise walk onto the platform.)

LINKS:  "At a combined weight of 488 pounds… the team of CAMERON CRUISE … and the New ERA of Wrestling WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION …. SHAWN JESSICA HART … PEE AYCH DEE!"

(Hart walks confidently to the ring, a sparkle in his eye, as Cruise walks behind him.)

JIVE:  "Cruise keeping an eye on Hart.. I don’t think he trusts him as far as he could throw him right now!"

GHEORGHE:  "Hart and Cruise are at ringside .. and listen to the crowd!  They love Shawn Hart here in Boise!"

JIVE:  "I could have sworn that those cheers were for Cruise."

GHEORGHE:  "I don’t doubt that they are either, Nick."

JIVE:  "I mean, after all, he’s got about as much personality as a potato."

GHEORGHE:  "You’re impossible."

(SFX:  Bell rings.)

GHEORGHE:  "All eight men are in the ring .. and you can FEEL the tension!"

JIVE:  "Well right now Peter File is trying to release Adrian Willard’s tension!"

GHEORGHE:  "File with his hands on the shoulders of Willard … and he is massaging him!  Willard spins around and puts the finger up!"



GHEORGHE:  "Peter File just grabbed Willard’s hand and put "the Prophecy’s" finger in his mouth!"

JIVE:  "And those two are supposed to be on the SAME SIDE!"

GHEORGHE:  "Willard yanks his hand back … AND CAMERON CRUISE CHARGES!  Cruise catches Willard from behind and spins him around … SNAP SUPLEX!  Now the rest of them are off to the races!"

JIVE:  "Well File is staying back in the corner .. probably deciding who to molest next!"

GHEORGHE:  "Jason Payne has Jack .. Chris McMillan has Hoff … and they are pounding away on the New ERA World Tag Team champions!  McMillan throws Hoff into the corner… and Payne with the whip sending Jack in the corner!"

JIVE:  "But Jack puts on the brakes!"


JIVE:  "The World Tag Team champions didn’t just fall into the belts!"

GHEORGHE:  "Cruise has Willard on his feet .. and he drives the elbow into the jaw … and again!  Cameron Cruise now with Willard and he sends him flying into the ropes … Willard on the return as Cruise ducks … BUT WILLARD QUICK ON HIS FEET NAILS THE SWINGING NECKBREAKER!"

JIVE:  "Willard hops back up and seems pretty pleased with himself!"

GHEORGHE:  "But there is the World Heavyweight champion to bring him back to Earth!"

(SFX: Crowd pops!)

GHEORGHE:  "Hart with a handful of tights yanks Willard backwards and drives the forearm into the lower back!  Hart with another shot!  Hart now with the head and slams Willard to the mat with the bulldog!"

JIVE:  "Meanwhile Jack and Hoff are double teaming Chris McMillan!  Picking on "the Wolf" hoping to take the weak link out!"

GHEORGHE:  "Chris McMillan is a strong competitor, Nick.. I don’t think the Dogs of War have a weak link!"

JIVE:  "Keep telling yourself that, Gheorghe…"

GHEORGHE:  "Hoff with a hook of the tights and brings McMillan up with the delayed suplex … and as he comes down Jack jumps up and drops the leg across the chest!"

JIVE:  "Payne coming to the weak link’s aid!"

GHEORGHE:  "Jason Payne separating the World Tag Team champions as he tosses Hoff through the middle ropes!  Jack turns and sees Payne … and he is trying to get to the outside … BUT PAYNE HAS HIM!"

JIVE:  "Payne not letting go … Jack hanging on to the ropes for dear life!"

GHEORGHE:  "Payne grabbing the legs of Jack … AND JACK IS NOW HORIZONTAL TO THE MAT!"

JIVE:  "Jason Payne just yelled to McMillan … "the Wolf" is going up the turnbuckle pads!"

GHEORGHE:  "McMillan now standing on the top!"

(SFX:  Crowd groans!)

GHEORGHE:  "AND PETER FILE RUNS INTO THE ROPES! McMillan just lost his balance and fell on a very sensitive spot!"

JIVE:  "Which I’m sure File will gladly help nurse back to health."

GHEORGHE:  "Payne shaking his head ..."



JIVE:  "Payne distracted … and he almost got the Dogs of War eliminated!"

GHEORGHE:  "Jason Payne scrambles to his feet … and here comes File!! Peter File with a Lou Thesz Press …… AND HE RUNS HIS HANDS DOWN PAYNE’s CHEST!"

JIVE:  "Payne just ran his fist down the side of File’s face!"

GHEORGHE:  "Payne with a closed fists practically knocking File halfway across the ring!"

JIVE:  "Payne back on his feet .. and he is gunning for File!"

GHEORGHE:  "But Jack stops him!  Jack with the irish whip …. AND PAYNE CRASHES INTO THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!  They both go down!"

JIVE:  "That’s the problem with eight men in the ring .. there’s very little space!"

GHEORGHE:  "Cameron Cruise grabs the Dog of War … and he brings him to the ropes.. places the throat on the second rope … and now Cruise placing ALL of his weight down!  Cameron Cruise sitting on the back of Payne!"

JIVE:  "Payne waving his arms around trying to get some help .. but his partner is too busy getting double teamed by Jack n’ Hoff!"

GHEORGHE:  "Cruise gets up .. and is met with a dropkick by Adrian Willard!  Cruise goes over the back of Jason Payne and to the outside!"

JIVE:  "The referee doesn’t know where to turn … he’s having a hell of a time already."

GHEORGHE:  "Jack and Hoff finish working over Chris McMillan … and now they turn their sights on Peter File!"

JIVE:  "File’s been awfully quiet so far … but we all know there is nothing he loves more than being double teamed by young men in their early twenties!"

GHEORGHE:  "That’s just bad, Nick."

JIVE:  "Hey! No need to judge File.. live and let live."

GHEORGHE:  "I was talking abou.. nevermind.  Jack grabs Peter File… Hoff now from behind .. and he hooks the w… NO!  Peter File with a mule kick!  Jack with the chop.. BUT FILE GRABS THE ARM!  Peter File goes back around with the hammerlock.. AND HE USES JACK TO CRUSH HOFF IN THE CORNER!"

JIVE:  "What the hell is he doing!?"

(SFX:  Crowd groans!!)


JIVE:  "File just used his free hand …. AND HE IS PUSHING JACK’S FACE INTO HOFF’s FACE!"

GHEORGHE:  "Jack trying to free his arm to push away!"

JIVE:  "Hoff doesn’t seem to mind!"

GHEORGHE:  "Nick!"

(SFX:  Crowd pops!)

GHEORGHE:  "AND HERE COMES "THE WOLF!"  McMillan cocks his head…"

JIVE:  "Cocks.. how appropriate."

(Audible sigh.)

GHEORGHE:  "Now McMillan from behind File… AND HE ROLLS HIM UP!  ONE ……. TWO ……. But File manages to wiggle free!"

JIVE:  "Jack stomping around the ring spitting everywhere.."

GHEORGHE:  "McMillan back up and he drives the boots into the midsection of Peter File! McMillan reaches down … AND FILE RAKES THE EYES!"

JIVE:  "He likes it rough."

GHEORGHE:  "Here comes Adrian Willard!"

JIVE:  "Willard taking time out to survey the ring .. and he walks right past his partner!  He’s going after the World Heavyweight champion!"

GHEORGHE:  "Shawn Hart had taken over where Willard left off working on Payne .. and now he finds himself nose to nose with "the Prophecy!" Mouths are running … and here come the fists!  Hart and Willard trading blow after blow … and the World Heavyweight champion getting the upperhand!"

JIVE:  "Willard on the defensive … but he ducks under the last fist .. and drives the knee up into the midsection of Hart!  Willard with the double axehandle sends Hart to the mat!"

GHEORGHE:  "Willard drops the leg across the back of the neck … and he looks over just in time to catch the boot of Jason Payne right in the jaw!  Payne yanks Willard to his feet and sends him into the corner … AND PAYNE DRIVES THE SHOULDER INTO THE STOMACH!  Jason Payne with the irish whip … and Willard goes careening into the corner on the opposite side of the ring!"

JIVE:  "Payne Train pulling into the station!"

GHEORGHE:  "Jason Payne charges the corner… BUT JACK IS THERE WITH THE DROP TOE HOLD… AND HOFF FLIES OFF THE TOP ROPE WITH THE ELBOW TO THE SMALL OF THE BACK!  Hoff flips Payne over … ONE ……… TWO ……… The Wolf with the save!"

JIVE:  "The World Tag Team champions almost got rid of the Dogs of War … and wouldn’t have that been a feather in their cap!"

GHEORGHE:  "McMillan with a right hook downs Jack!  Another takes out Hoff!  A third takes out Willard!  McMillan full of energy…"

(SFX:  Jeers!)

GHEORGHE:  "Peter File with the mandible claw!!! File has the Fistful of Seamen locked on!  McMillan!! He’s struggling … but to no avail!"

JIVE:  "Jack is up!  Jack just drove the elbow into the face of Peter File! What the hell is he doing?!"

GHEORGHE:  "Jack n’ Hoff want to eliminate the Dogs of War on their own, Nick!"

JIVE:  "They’re even stupider than I thought!"

GHEORGHE:  "Jack grabs File… and sends him flying over the top rope to the arena floor!"


(SFX:  Crowd pops huge!)

GHEORGHE:  "Jason Payne grabs Jack by the throat… and drives him into the mat with the chokeslam!"

JIVE:  "Hoff coming to Jack’s aid … but Payne sees him."

GHEORGHE:  "Jason Payne gets to his feet … and Hoff now backpeddling!"


GHEORGHE:  "Chris McMillan crouched down … AND HERE COME THE DOGS OF WAR!"

(SFX: Huge pop!)

JIVE:  "Oh my god!  Hoff just got broken in two!"

GHEORGHE:  "Payne with the clothesline and McMillan with the clip of the knee …. Hoff hit from every which way …. AND JASON PAYNE … HE’s CALLING FOR THE PAYNE KILLER!"

JIVE:  "Where’s Jack?!"

GHEORGHE:  "Jack getting up on the outside .. and he sees Payne!  Jack slides into the ring .. BUT HE IS MET BY McMILLAN!  Chris McMillan with the superkick… AND JACK IS DOWN!"



JIVE:  "The World Tag Team champions are done for!"

GHEORGHE:  "ONE ………….. TWO ………… THREE!!!"

(SFX: Bell rings.)

LINKS:  "The team of Jack n’ Hoff have been eliminated!"

GHEORGHE:  "The World Tag Team champions eliminated by the Dogs of War … and you can bet that they are none too happy about it, too!"

JIVE:  "Payne on his feet … and he pushes Hoff out of the ring with his boot!"

GHEORGHE:  "The Dogs of War celebrate with high fives …"


GHEORGHE:  "But not for long!  McMillan and Payne creamed by Adrian Willard and Peter File!  The unlikely duo begin working on the Dogs of War … Willard has Payne .. File has McMillan .. and they slam the two heads together!"

JIVE:  "I’d say there was a meeting of the minds … but I don’t think that would apply to those two!"

GHEORGHE:  "File and Willard exchange opponents… File pulls Payne into the corner … and slams him with a forearm shot to the jaw!  Peter File hops up … AND SENDS PAYNE FLYING WITH THE MONKEY FLIP!"

JIVE:  "Wait a minute!  The World Tag Team champions are still at ringside … and they’re caucusing!"

GHEORGHE:  "The referee needs to send those two to the back … and he’s going over to tell them just that!"

JIVE:  "Adrian Willard hooking the waist of McMillan .. and he brings him up and over with the belly to belly suplex!"

(SFX: Crowd jeers!)

JIVE:  "Wait a minute! Freak just tossed Willard something!"

(CUTTO: Close up of Willard sliding on a pair of brass knuckles.)


JIVE:  "Here come Hart and Cruise!"

GHEORGHE:  "But Peter File cuts them off!  File fighting with both Hart and Cruise right on top of Jason Payne!"

JIVE:  "File standing on the back of Payne as he decks the team of Hart and Cruise!  The referee turning his attention back to the ring .. but he misses Willard throwing the brass knuckles back to Freak!  Freak now turning around and putting the knuckles in his pants!"

GHEORGHE:  "The damage is already one … and Adrian Willard is going to get away with it!"


GHEORGHE:  "Willard hooks the arm of McMillan … sitdown driver!  He floats on top of "the Wolf…"


GHEORGHE:  "NO! No!  The referee not in position to see … and he’s making the count!!! ONE ……………. TWO ………….. NO NO …………. THREE!!!"

JIVE: "The World Tag Team champions just pulled a fast one!!"

(SFX:  Bell rings.)

LINKS:  "The Dogs of War have been eliminated!"

(SFX: Huge jeers!)


GHEORGHE:  "Jason Payne just pushed himself up off the mat … and File went flying into Cruise and Hart! All three are down!"

JIVE:  "I think Jack n’ Hoff woke the giant…"

GHEORGHE:  "Jason Payne shoots the glare outside the ring … he had a sixth sense that something was up… but unfortunately he’s too late!"

JIVE:  "Willard slowly backing away from Payne and McMillan …"



JIVE:  "McMillan rolling out of the ring .. and now he’s following Payne!"

GHEORGHE:  "We are down to two teams!  Adrian Willard and Peter File …. Cameron Cruise .. and the World Heavyweight champion, Shawn Hart!"

JIVE:  "Hart and Cruise set their sights on Willard… and he’s egging them on!"

GHEORGHE:  "Cruise charges .. but Willard sidesteps him and sends him into the ropes!  Cruise on the rebound … Willard drops down … AND CRUISE CLOTHESLINES THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!"

JIVE:  "Those two were working well together throughout the match .. but given what happened last week with Hart taking out Cruise with the Hart Attack .. this might turn ugly!"

GHEORGHE:  "Cruise curses at Hart … and Willard attacks!  Adrian Willard with the left hook .. "the Prophecy" grabbing the head of Cruise … and he takes him down with a DDT!  There’s the cover … ONE ……. TWO ….. KICKOUT!"

JIVE:  "Peter File back in action … and he’s straddling the World Heavyweight champion!"

GHEORGHE:  "Hart quickly pushes File off … those two met in the main event of Destrucity II … Shawn Hart back on his feet … and he is met … NO!  Hart ducks under the clothesline from Willard……… HART ATTACK ON ADRIAN WILLARD!!! "THE PROPHECY" IS DOWN!"


GHEORGHE:  "The World Heavyweight champion…. HE’s CALLING FOR THE FUJIWARA ARMBAR!"

JIVE:  "But Peter File from behind!!"


JIVE:  "Cruise is getting to his feet!"

GHEORGHE:  "Cameron Cruise .. the former Television and World Tag Team champion … he scoops Willard off the mat .. and he hooks him for the German suplex!  HE CONNECTS!"

JIVE:  "File working over Hart in the corner… Hart defenseless as File connects with those lightning fast body shots!"


JIVE:  "Cameron Cruise oblivious to Hart’s predicament as he locks on the reverse chin lock!"

GHEORGHE:  "Peter File across the ring now …. He charges in …"

(SFX: Crowd groans.)

JIVE:  "BRONCO BUSTER!..... I …. Think."

GHEORGHE:  "File not exactly busting the bronco.."

JIVE:  "Busting a nut is more like it!"

GHEORGHE:  "Cruise looks over … he releases the hold on Willard in shock!"

JIVE:  "Hart’s in shock, too … File just grinding to his heart’s content!"


JIVE:  "Now that’s teamwork!"

GHEORGHE:  "Shawn Hart finally pushing Peter File off of him … Adrian Willard also getting to his feet …. AND ALL FOUR MEN ARE NOW EXCHANGING BLOWS!"

JIVE:  "That’s just disgusting, Gheorghe."


JIVE:  "Mmmhmm."

GHEORGHE:  "Hart and File in the corner … Willard and Cruise on the other side … Cruise … he whips Willard into the ropes…. FILE CHARGES IN AT HART …"

(SFX:  HUGE POP!  Followed by a HUGE JEER!)

JIVE:  "Hart pulls himself out of that splash attempt by "The Sultan of Twat" …. But his partner just went chest first into the turnbuckle after Willard moved!"

GHEORGHE:  "Peter File in the corner … Cameron Cruise in the corner ….. File … he turns and comes out ……"



JIVE:  "Cruise …"



GHEORGHE:  "HART COVERS FILE…… WILLARD COVERS CRUISE!!! The referee …. He drops to the mat…………………"


GHEORGHE:  "ONE …………………….. TWO ………………………. THREEEEEEEEE!!"

(SFX: Bell rings!!!)

JIVE:  "The crowd is DEAD silent, Gheorghe!!"

GHEORGHE:  "We have winners … we just don’t know WHO!"

(Both Adrian Willard and Shawn Hart jump to their feet raising their arms in the air … they turn at the same time and see one another…)

GHEORGHE:  "Adrian Willard and the World Heavyweight champion …. I think they both realize what happened!"

JIVE:  "The referee is talking with Jamie Links …. I think he’s made his decision!"

GHEORGHE:  "Hart and Willard circle each other before checking on their partners…. And now the referee is coming to the center of the ring!"

JIVE:  "Hart and Willard there too … the referee grabbing both men’s arms…"

(SFX:  A pin drop.)

LINKS:  "Ladies and gentlemen …. The referee has informed me ………"

JIVE:  "…"

(SFX: Crowd waiting in anticipation.)


LINKS:  "That while both Adrian Willard and Shawn Hart had their opponents pinned ….. The leg of Cameron Cruise was OUTSIDE of the bottom rope ………………."


LINKS:  "THEREFORE …. The winners of this match …….. the team of …… CAMERON CRUISE ………. And THE NEW ERA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION SHAWN ….. HART!"

(SFX: MASSIVE ORGASM as the referee lifts Hart’s arm in the air.)

JIVE:  "WHAT!!! NO!"

(CUTTO:  Splitscreen.  The left foot of Cruise clearly underneath the bottom rope, the referee in the background seeing as such before dropping down for the count.)

GHEORGHE:  "The referee saw it … and therefore the count was on Peter File!  ADRIAN WILLARD PISSED!!! WILLARD WITH A CLOTHESLINE ON THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!"

JIVE:  "Hart ducked!  Willard turns ….. HART WITH THE SUPERKICK!!!"

(SFX:  Crowd groans!)


JIVE:  "Cruise on his feet and coming to help Hart …. And he got a boot to the face for his troubles!"

GHEORGHE:  "Shawn Hart with the face in the palm as Adrian Willard rolls out of the ring … Freak and Willard now hightailing it out of here!"

JIVE:  "Shawn Hart grabbing the World Heavyweight championship from the referee .. and now he’s standing at the ropes staring as Willard runs up the ramp!"

GHEORGHE:  "What a match!  Congratulations to Cameron Cruise and the World Heavyweight champion …"

JIVE:  "I’m sure that’ll console Cruise when he wakes up!"

GHEORGHE:  "Hart glancing over at Cruise … and he chuckles as he leaves the ring!"

JIVE:  "Any time Cruise is on the mat is an occasion to celebrate."

GHEORGHE:  "We’ve got to take a commercial break … but when we get back… the Television championship is on the line … Mr. Entertainment … one on one with the champ himself … Erik Black!"

( continued... )