[ Antigua Recreation Ground ] St. John's, Antigua & Barbuda


TAPED: Apr. 01, 2007
AIRED: Apr. 27, 2007

(CUTTO: Inside the office of Marcus LaRoque.  Larry Tact slams two clenched fists down on LaRoque's desk, scowling and audibly perturbed.)

TACT:  "You've got to be kidding me!"

(LaRoque looks up from his seat, hands calmly intertwined.)

LaROQUE:  "You have to understand my point of view, Larry.  You should know I don't play favorites.  I'm merely doing what is best for New ERA as a whole.  And this is the best business decision."

(Tact stares sharply into the eyes of LaRoque, then huffs and slumps down into a chair.)

TACT:  "He doesn't deserve a spot in this match.  He hasn't earned it back."

LaROQUE:  "And you'll have your chance to show as much... during the match.  You may not like my decision, but this match will have the New ERA’s finest, and on that point I know we agree.  I've agreed with your choices thus far, but just the same, it is ultimately my match to make, and you will only be one of six competing in it.  He is in."

(Tact doesn't say anything, just nods.  He stands and heads for the door, but LaRoque stops him short.)

LaROQUE:  "And for you to win, Larry... dare I say, you will need to surmount what you couldn't before.  In more ways than one."

(Tact turns back and looks at LaRoque.  He grins.)

TACT:  "As long as you know who earned their shot, and who's being handed theirs.  Frankly, it only adds one more reason to the many for why this match will be worth it.  And... I don't intend on making the same mistake twice.  So bring him on in.  I'll put him down with the rest."

(He opens the door to the office before turning around and, standing in his way, a hand lifted to knock, is Jean Rabesque.  When Tact turns, he just stands there, a look of pure disgust washing over his face.  However, he manages to twist his frown into a small, knowing smile.  He takes a couple steps out the doorway, but stops just as he is about to pass Rabesque, and utters quietly...)

TACT:  "See ya... in hell."

(Tact laughs quietly as he walks away.  Rabesque watches him go and shrugs, walking into LaRoque's office.  CUTTO: RAUCOUS logo as "Who Said" by Planet Funk cues up.)

(CUTTO:  Inside the Antigua Recreation Ground in St. John’s, Antigua and Barbuda.  The fans in the arena are standing on their feet cheering wildly as "Who Said" by Planet Funk comes to a close.  The big screens are flashing New ERA’s logo followed by random photos of Jonathan Marx, Larry Tact, Jean Rabesque, HAL, Daymon, and others in action.  CUTTO:  The announce table.)

GHEORGHE:  "Welcome everyone to St. John’s, Antigua and Barbuda .. I’m Tom Gheorghe and with me as always for this edition of RAUCOUS are Nick Jive and Dean Julius!"

JIVE:  "Can I just say .. out of all the places we’ve been to thus far on the BEAT the HEAT tour as we make our way to the Havana Harbor in Cuba for BANNED in the US ... St. John’s has been by far my favorite."

JULIUS:  "They have a happening gay scene here, Jive?"

JIVE:  "Excuse me.. does Maria ring a bell?"

JULIUS:  "SHUT… UP.  That was a mistake."


JULIUS:  "NOTHING.  Don’t ask… or the next place you’ll see will be the bottom of the Caribbean sea."

GHEORGHE:  "Ooookaay… ladies and gentleman .. we’ve got a great show for you tonight .. and as you may have already seen .. Marcus LaRoque has apparently made an addition to Larry Tact’s main event match at the EPW / NEW SuperCard … and one that Tact does not seem to like very much."

JIVE:  "I think we can guess that it’s the addition of Rabesque … and as it stands right now … the main event is getting hotter and hotter every minute."

GHEORGHE:  "Speaking of the main event .. Shawn Hart won back his invitation to the main event by defeating Jason Payne in the main event of RAPTURE in Montserrat … which is only fair considering that Larry Tact’s invitation … was originally meant for him in the first place!"

JULIUS:  "Bah! Jason Payne outsmarted Larry Tact … he shouldn’t have had to put that on the line against Hart."

GHEORGHE:  "Well either way, Shawn Hart reclaims his spot .. and joins the Phantom Republican .. Larry Tact .. and it seems Jean Rabesque in the main event at the EPW / NEW SuperCard."

JIVE:  "The second main event, you mean.."

GHEORGHE:  "That’s right .. because as Marcus LaRoque announced on RAPTURE, the World Tag Team Championships will be crowned … as the finals of the tournament will be New ERA’s first main event of the evening!"

JULIUS:  "But with both teams on RAPTURE being eliminated in the quarterfinals match .. we don’t know what’s going to happen now with Bored of Edukashun.. will they get a bye into the finals?"

GHEORGHE:  "Team in Vain and Old Guard battled to a double count out .. and by that time Marcus LaRoque had already left … so it’s unclear about whether Bored of Edukashun, who by the way came away victorious in their match on RAPTURE against MWG and Peter File, will have to face competition in the semifinals or not."

JULIUS:  "This uncertainty increases the stakes for the second quarterfinals match which will happen tonight … as The Inner Circle make their New ERA debut against … Jack ‘n Hoff."

JIVE:  "I love Jack ‘n Hoff."

GHEORGHE:  "We’re not going to start that exchange again.  The second quarterfinals match is just one of the many great matches we have tonight .. as Lindsay Troy and Dan Ryan, who shocked New ERA by appearing on the three year anniversary show in San Juan, will battle it out to see whether they will advance in the World Tag Team Championship tournament."

JIVE:  "It’s a tough decision to make .. I don’t really want to choose Dan Ryan and Lindsay Troy .. but even though they’re not tag team specialists like Jack n’ Hoff … you gotta agree that their singles success is pretty damn hard to overcome."

GHEORGHE:  "That’s only one of the two tag team matches we have tonight .. as the Saviors of Wrestling, who are the other team in the semifinals of the Tag Team Championship tournament, will take on John Doe .. and the debuting Nakita Dahaka."

JIVE:  "I’ve seen Dahaka wrestle … and John Doe better be thanking the Gods above for the fact that Dahaka is his partner.. otherwise the Saviors of Wrestling would run roughshod over his talentless ass."

GHEORGHE:  "Saviors of Wrestling could use a victory here tonight .. or else they’ll go into their semifinals match with two losses … and that’s not something you want."

JULIUS:  "Gheorghe .. the master of the obvious."

GHEORGHE:  "But tonight … we got a lot of high intensity matches .. including a massive triple threat match featuring three of New ERA’s biggest superstars!"

JIVE:  "HAL, Daymon and Jean Rabesque .. these men have different styles .. and different attitudes… HAL is the Dupree Cup Co-Most Valuable Wrestler .. Rabesque is, unfortunately, a former World Heavyweight champion, and Daymon has shown a vicious streak that is only matched by his successes in the ring the past few months.."

JULIUS:  "The good thing about that match is that both HAL and Daymon have enough talent in them to wrestle circles around the fossil Rabesque… so at least they’ll be entertaining."

GHEORGHE:  "And speaking of entertaining … what about that Television Championship match?  Marcus LaRoque keeps pulling random names out of the lotto ball machine .. and last week .. he drew a name that was quite unexpected …. as Mr. Entertainment will have to defend his Television Championship … against the World Heavyweight champion, Jonathan Marx."

JIVE:  "Marx is already New ERA’s first two-time World Heavyweight champion .. now he’s going to be the first man to hold two championships at the same time!"

GHEORGHE:  "Mr. Entertainment has consistently defended the Television Championship .. just like he said he would .. but you do have to wonder if he can overcome the pressure of facing the World Heavyweight champion .. knowing that this match is his to lose … since Marx’s Championship is not on the line."

JULIUS:  "Fuck it .. Mr. Entertainment is the most entertaining man in New ERA … he’s going to walk out of here with his Championship in tact … the fans would accept nothing less!"

GHEORGHE:  "Speaking of tact … tonight’s main event is quite the doozy!  Two men .. two former World Heavyweight champions going head to head for a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship… Larry Tact and the Phantom Republican."

JIVE:  "They won their respective battle royals .. and now they’ll fight tooth and nail to see who will get the opportunity to take away Jonathan Marx’s precious gold … this would be a feather in Tact’s cap if he won tonight .. because then that would make his main event at the EPW / NEW SuperCard a World Heavyweight Championship defense!"

GHEORGHE:  "Both men have held the championship before .. and have fought diligently to get to this spot tonight … for a chance to hold the gold once more."

JULIUS:  "With BANNED in the US following the EPW / NEW SuperCard .. the possibilities of the different main events and match ups is staggering."

GHEORGHE:  "But first things first … the PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme champion Chaos will be in action in just a few moments as he takes on Steve Solex and Malik Roland in a … thumbtacks on a paddle match …"

JIVE:  "The P©X Championship isn’t on the line .. so this is just a fun vacation for Chaos .."

GHEORGHE:  "Vacation?!  He’s got two men who are gunning for him and a shot at the Championship."

JULIUS:  "This is Chaos we’re talking about, Gheorghe … anything that involves weapons, pain, blood, and torture is a vacation to him."

GHEORGHE:  "Well … I guess .. that’s true, sadly.  But ladies and gentleman .. we’ve got a GREAT show coming up … and we’re going to get things started … after this commercial break!"


GHEORGHE:  "That’s the spirit, Dean."

JULIUS:  "Shut the fuck up…"

GHEORGHE:  "Oookkkaay .. we’ll be right back!"


GHEORGHE:  "We are back .. and as you can see Steve Solex and Malik Roland are already in the ring .. and we’re awaiting the arrival of the PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme champion …"

JIVE:  "We’re not wasting any time tonight, huh?"

JULIUS:  "And you’re complaining?  I got shit to do."

(CUTTO:  In the ring .. the lineup flashes on screen.)

Thumbtacks on a Paddle

Steve Solex vs. Malik Roland vs. Chaos (c)

JACOBS:  "The following match is scheduled for one fall, has a thirty minute time limit .. and is a non-title PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme thumbtacks on a paddle match!  Already in the ring … hailing from Huntington Beach, California … STEVE SOLEX ….."

(Solex throws his hands in the air to nothing.  The crowd doesn’t seem to care.)

GHEORGHE:  "Cold reception for Solex here in Antigua and Barbuda."

JIVE:  "Yawn."

JACOBS:  "And his first opponent … "the Mammouth" … MALIK ROLAND!"

(Roland raises his arm .. we hear some jeers.)

GHEORGHE:  "Roland has quite the reputation outside of New ERA …. let’s see if it translates into success here in New ERA…"

(CUEUP:  "You Could Be Mine" by Guns n’ Roses .. the crowd immediately begins to hiss as Chaos steps through the curtain with the P©X Championship around his waist.)

JULIUS:  "And there’s the champion … he is salivating at the chance to beat the shit out of those two with the paddle … I can just see the thumbtack wounds now!"

JACOBS:  "And their opponent.. hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada … standing seven feet tall and weighing in at 305 pounds … he is a former Television champion .. and the current and THREE time PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme champion …… CHAOS!"

GHEORGHE:  "Chaos in the ring now as he hands the referee the P©X Championship .. and now he turns his attention to his opponents … and the look on his face is frightening, guys."

JULIUS:  "And I bet it is terrifying to Roland and Solex!"

(SFX: Bell rings.)

BEGINNING:  The PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme champion wasted no time in introducing Solex and Roland to his brand of wrestling.  Chaos took control of the match easily by driving the boot to the head of Roland and flipping Solex 360 degrees with a clothesline.  Roland got back to his feet, but probably wished he didn’t after Chaos sent him flying chest first into the turnbuckle pad with a forceful irish whip.  Roland nailed the turnbuckle pad and stumbled backwards, turning right into a Chaos running elbow.  Solex crawled over to where Roland was and attempted to trip Chaos up, but the champion repeatedly drove boots into the small of the back of Solex.  Chaos then dragged Solex into the corner and lifted him up by his throat, seating him on the top turnbuckle pad.  Solex tried to rake the eyes of the P©X champion, but Chaos had other plans.  Chaos kept the choke on Solex long enough to fling him off the turnbuckle pad and into the mat with a chokeslam.  Malik Roland took this opportunity to run to the opposite corner and grab the paddle covered in thumbnails and got a running start towards Chaos.  Chaos turned and got the pad slapped right into his thigh.  Roland looked like he was in shock after Chaos merely pried the paddle off his thigh and slammed it over Roland’s head.  Roland was on the mat, some trickles of blood running down his forehead, and Chaos decided to go to town on Solex.  He raked the paddle across Solex’s back causing him to bleed .. and then slammed it hard into the shoulder.  Solex let out a scream and hopped up onto his feet … with the paddle still stuck on the shoulder!  Chaos generously helped him out by ripping the paddle off, which caused Solex to let out another yell.

MIDDLE:  Malik Roland managed to slow things down a notch after he doubled Chaos over with a low blow and proceeded to dump him through the middle ropes.  Roland took advantage of Chaos’ handiwork by grabbing Solex and rolling him up.  Solex managed to fight through the pain and kick out before the three count.  Roland grabbed the paddle and decided that it was time for Solex to get a spanking … and did so accordingly.  The fans in the arena were treated to some of the most disturbing sounds you could hear coming from a grown man.  Chaos got back to his feet, and was none too pleased about Roland’s earlier actions.  He slid into the ring and practically ripped his head off.  Roland was jerked from his beating and hoisted up over the head of Chaos.  One gorilla press later and Malik Roland was on the mat.  Steve Solex, who never really got a chance in the beginning of the match to do much of anything besides be a little bitch, took this opportunity to try to high tail it to the outside.  He started to crawl underneath the bottom ropes, but Chaos caught him at the last moment.  Solex tried to hold onto the apron, but Chaos jarred him free with one good yank.  Chaos laid the paddle down and brought Solex up over his head … hitting another gorilla press … the only thing protecting Solex from the mat … was the paddle .. and that didn’t offer him much comfort.  Chaos flipped Solex onto his back and took the paddle out of the skin before pinning him.  Chaos got to two before Malik Roland dove in and stopped the count.  Roland got some good shots in on the back of Chaos’ head by driving the point of the elbow into it, and stopped the P©X Champion in his stampede to victory.  Chaos managed to fight his way to his feet, but Roland nailed a sweet looking jawbreaker that sent Chaos back down.  Roland grabbed the paddle and slammed it down right into the cheek of the champion which drew loud pops from the fans.  It also drew blood.

END:  All three men were on their feet as the match drew to a close .. but that didn’t last very long.  Roland got caught in a sticky predicament after Solex irish whipped him into the corner … and then was irish whipped right after Roland thanks to Chaos.  Chaos got a full head of steam before charging in after both men … and it was a Chaos sandwich when he splashed the hell out of his opponents.  Chaos didn’t let either man out of the corner as he bent over and began to drive the shoulders into the gut of Solex, and continued to squash Roland behind him.  Right when you thought things couldn’t get much worse, Chaos went to the outside and underneath the ring .. bringing two folded chairs back in the ring with him.  Chaos set up one chair, grabbed Steve Solex, and placed him in it.  Chaos then went into the corner, grabbed the Mammoth, and sent him flying with a hiptoss .. right into the seated Solex!  Both men tumbled over and onto the mat.  Chaos then grabbed the other chair and raised it high over his head before slamming it across the body of Solex.  Chaos set the chair up once more and put the paddle right on the seat.  He took Solex, whipped him against the ropes … and then dropped to the mat … hitting a drop toe hold onto the returning Solex.  The fans were covering their eyes when Solex shot back up … the paddle stuck right in his forehead!!  The blood began to pour as Solex ran into the corner.  Chaos grabbed Malik Roland and placed his arms in between the ropes so he couldn’t go anywhere.  After grabbing the chair off the mat Chaos came back and slammed it over and over across the head of Roland .. finally causing him to break loose and fall in between the ropes to the outside.  Chaos thought about going after him, but decided instead to bring the chair .. and take out Solex with it.  Chaos signaled for the end of the match, and applied the Python Lock in the middle of the ring.  With the paddle still stuck in his forehead, Solex tapped in no time.

WINNER:  Chaos via submission after applying the Python Lock on Steve Solex at 8:21.

GHEORGHE:  "Chaos gets the victory here tonight .. and the ring crew is out there to quickly clean up the ring as we get ready for our next match … and Malik Roland and Steve Solex very slow to leave the ring … the PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme champion made quick work of those two."

JULIUS:  "These types of matches are right up Chaos’ alley .. and you can tell just from the look on his face during the P©X matches how much he enjoys utterly tormenting his opponents."

JIVE:  "That’s why he’s a three time P©X champion .. he might drop the title like he’s done to John Doe and MWG .. but he keeps coming back … and he keeps outlasting his opponents in matches that would make a grown man cry."

GHEORGHE:  "The PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme Championship is definitely an interesting title to watch be defended .. and speaking of championships … we’re in the midst of a World Tag Team Championship tournament .. we’ve already had two teams advance to the semifinals … Bored of Edukashun defeated the Saviors of Wrestling at the three year anniversary show .. but due to a traveling issue, the Saviors of Wrestling were allowed to advance anyway .. and on their week off while the quarterfinals matches happen to determine their opponents, they will take on John Doe .. and the debuting Nakita Dahaka."

JULIUS:  "Dahaka’s an interesting character .. she’s definitely got a past .. and you’ve got to wonder how she’ll work with a guy like Doe.."

JIVE:  "You mean, a total incompetent fool?"

JULIUS:  "Precisely."

GHEORGHE:  "You guys are too much .. let’s go up to Carl Jacobs and get this tag team match started!"

(CUTTO:  In the ring as the lineup flashes on screen.)

Saviors of Wrestling vs. Nakita Dahaka & John Doe

JACOBS:  "The following tag team match is scheduled for one fall and has a thirty minute time limit … introducing first.."

(CUEUP:  "The Final Countdown" by Euro.  A huge British flag comes on the bigscreens with "SOW" in the middle.  Chandler Maxwell and Adam Benjamin step through the curtain and make their way to the ring.)

JACOBS:  "Introducing first … hailing from the United Kingdom … and semifinalists in the World Tag Team Championship tournament … "Yours Truly" ADAM BENJAMIN … "First Class" CHANDLER MAXWELL … the SAVIORS .. OF WRESTLING!"

GHEORGHE:  "The Saviors of Wrestling bringing back fine tuned technical wrestling .."

JIVE:  "Or so they say.."

GHEORGHE:  "They are a fine tag team .. they had some tough luck against Bored of Edukashun .. but they’re here tonight to take on two people who have never teamed together .. and a win here tonight could help give them the momentum needed to make it to the finals of the World Tag Team Championship tournament … which will be the first of New ERA’s dual main events at the EPW / NEW SuperCard.."

(CUEUP:  "Gently" by Slipknot.  The crowd jeers heavily as Nakita Dahaka comes through the curtain followed by Delilah .. and John Doe!  The team heads down to the ring, with John Doe jogging before Dahaka and trying to draw attention to himself.)

GHEORGHE:  "John Doe … seems very … excited…"

JIVE:  "He’s the only one…"

JACOBS:  "And their opponents … weighing in at a combined weight of 395 pounds .. being led to the ring by Delilah …. JOHN DOE … and ‘the Dark Phenom’ … NAKITA .. DAHAKA!"

GHEORGHE:  "Doe slides into the ring … and he doesn’t even pay attention to Dahaka who looks to be trying to talk strategy with him …"

JIVE:  "Doe’s in his own little world.."

JULIUS:  "I wish he wasn’t in ours.."

GHEORGHE:  "Doe now shooing Dahaka out of the ring … and we’re ready to go!"

(SFX: Bell rings.)

BEGINNING:  Adam Benjamin and John Doe started things off for their respective teams.  Doe tried to quicken the pace early in the match .. he caught Benjamin off guard with some reversals and eventually got the Brit down on the mat with a beautiful flying forearm.  However Adam Benjamin is not one to lie around for long, and Doe went to the well one too many times after Benjamin ducked the second flying forearm attempt.  Benjamin hooked Doe and brought him over with a belly to belly suplex.  Benjamin then tagged in Maxwell, and Chandler continued the assault.  Maxwell brought Doe to his feet and applied a full nelson which Doe couldn’t get out of.  Luckily for Doe, Nakita Dahaka got in the ring and raked the back of Chandler Maxwell which caused him to release the hold.  While the referee was backing Dahaka into her corner, Maxwell made the tag to Adam Benjamin.. the Saviors of Wrestling then double teamed Doe .. until the referee turned around, not seeing the tag, and ordered Benjamin out of the ring.  Dahaka took this opportunity to slap her hands together loudly, and climb the top turnbuckle.  While Maxwell was trying to explain to the referee that they had made a tag, Dahaka flew off the top turnbuckle and nailed him with a double axehandle.  She then rolled Doe to the outside and grabbed Maxwell by the waist.  The referee turned around and saw Doe on the outside and probably assumed a legal tag was made.  Dahaka wrapped her leg in between Maxwell’s and drove him into the mat with a Russian Legsweep.  Dahaka got to her feet and bounced against the ropes … John Doe, wanting to get back into the ring, tagged her as she did so .. which broke Dahaka’s concentration.  Maxwell was able to crawl into his corner and tag in Benjamin.  The referee ordered Dahaka out of the ring .. and she did not seem happy.

2nd QUARTER:  Benjamin and Doe traded momentum back and forth as neither man could seem to gain the advantage.  Benjamin missed a dropkick which allowed Doe to tag in Dahaka.  The Dark Phenom came into the ring with a head full of steam and mowed down Benjamin with clothesline after clothesline.  She grabbed Benjamin off the mat and hit an inverted atomic drop that left him walking on his tippy toes … and followed that up with a running knee lift that sent Benjamin flying.  Luckily for him, he went flying into the direction of his partner, and Chandler Maxwell was able to tag himself in.  Dahaka charged in at Maxwell, but Maxwell ducked, and then began to unload on her.  He backed her into the corner … and started pounding away with boots to the gut.  The referee came over to check on them, and tried backing Maxwell out of the way.  He proceeded to do so .. but didn’t see Benjamin standing behind Nakita Dahaka, with the tag rope around her neck.  The ref turned, but Benjamin had already released the hold.  Maxwell tagged his partner in the ring and the Saviors of Wrestling wrapped Dahaka up nicely.  Chandler Maxwell brought the Dark Phenom up in a piledriver position, and Benjamin jumped up, grabbed her legs and helped spike her head into the mat.  Adam Benjamin made the cover, but was only able to get the two count.  Benjamin grabbed Dahaka and whipper her into the ropes … John Doe once more used this as an opportunity to tag himself into the match.  Dahaka came back and Benjamin nailed a back elbow to her gut … but in the process he set himself up for Doe, who ran behind him, grabbed his head and slammed Benjamin’s face into the mat with a bulldog.  Dahaka was then tossed through the ropes … by her own partner!

3rd QUARTER:  John Doe started to wear Benjamin down with a sleeper hold.  The referee was adamant in making sure that Doe’s forearm didn’t slip turning it into a chokehold.  Benjamin looked like he was about out of it and the referee lifted his arm in the air.  It fell.  The referee then grabbed Benjamin’s arm a second time, and it fell halfway before shooting back up.  John Doe tried to reposition himself for greater leverage, but Benjamin managed to turn himself to the side and began to drive elbow after elbow into Doe’s midsection.  Finally the hold was released and Benjamin shot against the ropes.  Doe dropped to the mat as Benjamin hopped over him and went to the opposite ropes.  He was met there by the Dark Phenom who placed a knee right into his back.  Benjamin paused as he felt the pain, which allowed John Doe enough time to charge and clothesline him over the top rope to the arena floor.  Doe was about to head through the ropes when the referee stopped him.  The referee couldn’t stop Dahaka, however, who hopped off the apron and introduced Benjamin’s head to the ring apron.  Dahaka rolled Benjamin back into the ring and held out her hand for the tag.  Doe ignored her and grabbed Benjamin from the mat bringing him back into the center of the ring.  Doe hooked the tights of Adam Benjamin and brought him up and over with a snap suplex.  The cover only yielded a two count, so Doe went to the corner.  After positioning himself he flew off the top rope with a perfectly executed moonsault.   Doe once again was only able to get a two count.  The move took a lot out of Doe who was slow to get to his feet.  He bounced against the ropes and came back with a headbutt … but Benjamin was somehow able to roll out of the way.  With both men on the mat, the referee began his standing ten count.  Doe was able to get back up at four, and leaned back against the ropes to rest.  He was close enough for Dahaka to tag herself into the match.

END:  John Doe wasn’t too happy, but he had no other choice but to go to the outside.  Dahaka spent a little too much time reveling in this fact which allowed Benjamin to get to his corner and tag in Maxwell.  Maxwell hopped into the ring, ducked underneath a superkick attempt by the Dark Phenom, and counter with a German suplex.  He held the bridge for a close three count, but Dahaka was able to break free.  Maxwell caught Dahaka as she was getting to her feet, bringing her arm over his head and back around for the hammerlock.  Nakita Dahaka tried to find some way to get out of the hold, but wasn’t able to before Maxwell brought it back around and hooked the waist.  Maxwell perfectly executed a northern lights suplex, and once more almost got the three count.  Maxwell grabbed the legs of Dahaka and dragged her into the Saviors of Wrestling corner so he could tag in Adam Benjamin.  Benjamin hopped over the top rope and dropped the elbow down across the knee of his opponent.  Benjamin then grabbed both legs of the Dark Phenom and flipped her over into a Boston Crab.  Dahaka was in pain as she fought the submission attempt .. after realizing that he wouldn’t get a submission, Benjamin released the hold and went for the figure four instead.  This time, Dahaka was waiting and she hooked the head for the small package!  Benjamin barely kicked out before the referee’s hand fell for the third time.  He popped up and immediately dropped the leg across the throat of Dahaka .. that is if Dahaka hadn’t moved out of the way.  The Dark Phenom used the ropes to get to her feet and then began to walk off the Crab.  John Doe reached out and tagged himself in yet again .. Nakita Dahaka finally let him have it as she began to verbally berate him in their corner as she went to leave the ring.  Doe said something, which wasn’t audible thankfully, and Dakaha responded by walloping him with a right hook.  Benjamin just happened to be right behind Doe, and rolled him up with a school boy.  Dahaka thought about it, but didn’t intervene .. and the Saviors of Wrestling walked away with the victory after Doe was unable to get out in time.

WINNERS:  Saviors of Wrestling via pinfall after Adam Benjamin pinned John Doe with a schoolboy roll up at 14:32.

JIVE:  "Nakita Dahaka didn’t even try to break up the pinfall!"

GHEORGHE:  "I think she finally had enough of John Doe trying to hog the spotlight .. and let him take the fall!"

JULIUS:  "John Doe is NOT happy… and he’s up on his feet giving the Dark Phenom a piece of his mind.."

GHEORGHE:  "Nakita Dahaka looking at Doe … and she is just shaking her head …. Dahaka turns to leave .. AND DOE GRABS HER ARM and SPINS HER BACK AROUND…"



JIVE:  "John Doe got bitch slapped!!"

GHEORGHE:  "Dahaka hops out of the ring .. and she is heading to the back as the Saviors of Wrestling continue to celebrate in the ring .. and they’ll be walking into the semifinals match of the World Tag Team Championship tournament with a victory  …"

JULIUS:  "Walking out of the semifinals match with a victory would be more impressive right now.."

GHEORGHE:  "We’ve got to take a commercial break .. but when we come back .. we have that enormous triple threat match between HAL, Daymon and Jean Rabesque!"


GHEORGHE: "I’m being told Sam Baxter is backstage right now, apparently trying to get the thoughts of one of the fastest rising stars on the New ERA roster… ROCKO DAYMON!"

JIVE: "Hey, HEY! Daymon’s my man!"

JULIUS:  "Anyone with a dick is your man."

(CUTTO: The backstage area, in the men’s locker room. We find New ERA interviewer Sam Baxter standing with a mic. Next to him is Daymon, standing in his ring gear.)

A Moment w/ Daymon

BAXTER: "Thanks guy. With me right now is one of the men competing later tonight in a triple threat match against HAL and Jean Rabesque… ROCKO DAYMON. Now Rocko, we heard some harsh words during the week from one of your opponents, HAL. Could you give us your general opinion on those comments?"

DAYMON: "What, you want an opinion of another man’s opinion? Get the hell out of here with your meaningless questions… and buy a better suit."

(Daymon rips the mic from his hand and bumps him out of the frame.)

DAYMON: "Hear me well, NEW… let it be known that I could care LESS of your personal opinions. So HAL hates me. He thinks I’m a disgrace to this sport. He thinks he’d be doing a service to everybody out there by putting me away tonight. But in spite of what he THINKS… or what any of YOU think for that matter… I’ll still go into that ring and dismantle everybody this federation throws at me!"

(He looks briefly off camera to Baxter, standing meekly in the background.)

DAYMON: "Seems like ever since I stepped through the doors of NEW, people have been jumping on board this ‘Hate Rocko’ bandwagon. It seems like no matter WHAT I do in that ring, and no matter HOW MANY names I take, I’m STILL not getting the respect I deserve. Well that’s okay, NEW… I don’t NEED your respect to put that World Title around my waist. All I need is the respect of ONE PERSON to get what I need."

(Baxter, inquisitive, reenters the frame, having picked up another mic from the camera crew.)

BAXTER: "Wait… what ‘one person’ are you referring to?"

DAYMON: "Well, I don’t want to ruin the surprise, Sam. But don’t worry… you’ll find out by the end of tonight. Just know that I’ve found an ALLY… a person who knows TRUE TALENT when he sees it, and doesn’t simply judge a man based on his ego, regardless of his ability to get the job done in the ring."

(Rocko turns directly to the camera once again.)

DAYMON: "You had your chance, NEW… but you had to be too high and mighty with your own ideals and your own egos to accept me as one of your own. Well that’s just fine with me. In just a matter of time, that strap will be around my waist, and the only thing you’ll be left with to keep you company is your petty little OPINIONS you spout off at any given moment! TONIGHT… I put Jean Rabesque away once again. I’ll give HAL something to REALLY reflect upon and post on his Myspace blog. And the world will see the RISE of a TRUE professional wrestler!"

(Daymon rudely brushes by Baxter, tossing the mic into his face as he steps out of frame and exits the backstage area. CUTTO: The commentators at ringside.)

JIVE: "Did you hear that, Tom? Daymon’s tired of being disrespected, and I, for one, am tired of it too! The man’s a damn NATURAL, and all people seem to do is sit there and trash talk him!"

GHEORGHE: "There is no doubt in my mind that Daymon is one of the finest talents in the federation today, but the way he struts around this federation, stroking his ego, and acting like everybody OWES him something… it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth."

JIVE: "Bah… you just don’t know TALENT when you see it. And that bad taste? That’s because your wife doesn’t clean down below!"

GHEORGHE: "One of these days, Nick… I’m going to gouge out your eyes with these hands. Do you hear me? THESE HANDS!!"

JIVE: "Alright, alright! Relax… sheez."

JULIUS:  "Wow .. Gheorghe getting violent?  What is the world coming to?"

GHEORGHE:  "You guys are driving me crazy … ha, ha.  Let’s head to Carl Jacobs and get this triple threat match underway… HAL … Jean Rabesque .. and Daymon… three of New ERA’s hottest talents … in one ring."

JIVE:  "A computer geek .. a dinosaur … and Daymon.  Should be interesting."

(CUTTO:  Inside the ring with Carl Jacobs as the lineup flashes on screen.)

Triple Threat
HAL vs. Daymon vs. Jean Rabesque

JACOBS:  "The following match is scheduled for one fall, has a thirty minute time limit .. and is a special TRIPLE THREAT match!  Introducing first…"

(CUEUP: "It’s All About the Pentiums" by Weird Al.  HAL steps through the curtain to a huge round of jeers from the crowd.  He makes his way to the ring.)

JACOBS:  "Hailing from Redwood, Washington .. standing six foot three and weighing 255 pounds .. he is the Dupree Cup Co-MVW …. HAL!"

GHEORGHE:  "HAL has had a rollercoaster ride so far in New ERA .. taking New ERA to the Dupree Cup Championship .. and then a hit or miss for matches since then .. but tonight he’s looking to settle everything down and walk away with a victory against two of New ERA’s most formidable wrestlers."

(CUEUP:  "Stones from the Sky" by Neurosis.  The crowd begins to jeer as Daymon steps through the curtain, a sly smile on his face.)

JACOBS:  "His opponent .. hailing from Tacoma, Washington .. he stands six foot two and weighs 243 pounds …. DAYMON!"

JIVE:  "Daymon has destroyed the competition lately .. and he’s kept his word by not pinning a single competitor on his quest to the World Heavyweight Championship."

JULIUS:  "Daymon’s a beast .. he pushes himself faster .. harder .. longer than any normal wrestler.. he’s my pick tonight."

(CUEUP:  "Shapes of Things" by the Jeff Healy Band.  The crowd ERUPTS as Jean Rabesque steps through the curtain .. wearing .. surprisingly .. a Rabesquador the Borinator shirt!)

JACOBS:  "And their opponent.. hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Canada .. standing six foot one and weighing 240 pounds .. he is a former New ERA of Wrestling World Heavyweight champion …. JEAN .. RABESQUE!"

GHEORGHE:  "The crowd really behind Rabesque, as they always are .. and look at him taking the Inner Circle’s jabs in stride wearing that Borinator shirt!"

JIVE:  "Maybe he’s finally accepted that he’s about as interesting as a one eyed cat."

JULIUS:  "I think one eyed cats are kinda interesting.."


(SFX:  Bell rings.)

BEGINNING:  With all three men in the ring you knew things were going to get heated.  Daymon walked right over to Jean Rabesque after the bell rang, and without speaking a single word, slapped him across the face.  Rabesque didn’t waste any time in responding as he tackled Daymon to the mat and began to wail away with closed fists.  HAL looked on in amusement for a few seconds before walking behind the two men and grabbing Rabesque by the hair.  Rabesque was ripped off of Daymon and brought up and down with an inverted atomic drop.  HAL hooked Rabesque and followed it up with a snap suplex.  Daymon, who was finally getting to his feet, was greeted with an inverted atomic drop of his own as HAL continued to dominate the early goings of the match.  Daymon turned and started to gingerly walk away, but HAL had other plans as he spun Daymon around and sent him flying across the ring with a belly to belly suplex.  The Dupree Cup Co-MVW caught Rabesque as he was getting to his feet, but Rabesque countered the second inverted atomic drop attempt and clotheslined HAL to the mat.  Rabesque picked HAL from the mat and brought him into the corner before laying into him with back elbows.  Daymon was waiting for Rabesque to finish and when he did, Daymon hooked Rabesque’s arms behind his head and brought him over with a full nelson slam.  As Daymon got to his feet, HAL charged out of the corner for a clothesline.  Daymon ducked, and HAL went stumbling across the ring into the ropes.  He steadied himself on the ropes and turned to go back on the attack … but instead he was met with a dropkick from Daymon that sent him over the top ropes to the arena floor.  Daymon got up, rubbed his hands together as if he just took out the trash, and turned back to continue working on Rabesque.  Except that Rabesque had gotten to his feet … and was behind Daymon! 

2nd QUARTER:  Daymon looked stunned to see Rabesque, who waved his finger at Daymon before booting him in the gut, and then tossing him over the top rope to the arena floor! With both HAL and Daymon on the outside, Jean Rabesque had no other choice but to follow them.  The referee restarted his count as Rabesque slid underneath the ropes.  HAL was already on his feet and ducked Rabesque’s left fist.  HAL used this opportunity to place his shoulder into the gut of Rabesque and drive him hard against the ringpost!  Rabesque had the wind knocked out of him and doubled over, which only aided HAL in grabbing the tights and flinging him head first into the guardrail!  HAL wasn’t able to capitalize, however, as Daymon came behind him and spun him around.  HAL had no time to react as Daymon hooked his head and drove him backwards with a reverse Russian Legsweep!  The referee got to eight before all three men were back in the ring.  Daymon continued his assault on HAL as hooked the tights once more.  Daymon brought HAL up, but not over, as HAL was able to maneuver his way out of the suplex and land on his feet.  Daymon turned, and HAL swung at him .. but missed thanks to the fact that Rabesque came from behind with a roll up!  Rabesque nearly got the three count, but the pin was broken up by HAL who regained his senses just in time.  Daymon popped up and attempted to clothesline both men at the same time, but both ducked.  Daymon turned and received two boots to the gut for his troubles .. and in a rare moment, HAL and Rabesque each hooked an arm … and took Daymon over with a HUGE stalling suplex!  The teamwork ended there as both men got to their feet and locked up!  Rabesque was easily able to get the advantage and he backed HAL to the ropes.  HAL was in a tough spot as Rabesque started drilling him in the jaw with European uppercuts.  The former World Heavyweight Champion caught HAL with a nice running knee to the face which sent HAL over the top rope to the arena floor.  The referee began the count on HAL as Rabesque turned to focus his attention on Daymon. 

3rd QUARTER:  Rabesque brought Daymon off the mat and sent him against the ropes.  Daymon avoided the sleeper attempt by spinning out of it.  Daymon was quick to use his wits and grabbed onto the head of Rabesque dropping him with the Stunner.  Daymon ascended the ropes and was perched on top as HAL rolled back into the ring.  HAL made a move for Daymon, but Daymon flew off the top and nailed the elbow drop into the sternum of Rabesque.  HAL still had the advantage as Daymon got to his feet and the Dupree Cup Co-MVW took Daymon to town rocking him with right hooks.  Daymon was forced into the ropes and HAL hooked the arms bringing him up and down with the Dragon Suplex.  HAL made a cover, but was only able to get a two count as Daymon powered his way out.  That didn’t slow HAL down, though, as he scooped Daymon off the mat and nailed the backbreaker.  HAL dropped Daymon’s body to the mat, and turned as Rabesque doubled him over with a boot to the gut.  The former World Heavyweight champion grabbed HAL’s head and planted him to the mat with a DDT.  Rabesque then began to work on the legs of HAL, possibly setting him up for the Figure Four..  Rabesque drove knee after knee into the leg of HAL and plopped all his weight down on it as he tried to twist HAL’s leg into a position that legs don’t usually go.  HAL tried to break the stranglehold on his leg by raking the eyes of Rabesque, but the former World Heavyweight champion was too far away and HAL wasn’t able to reach him.  Rabesque let the hold go and brought HAL to his feet, picking him up and driving the leg of HAL down across his knee.  With HAL on the mat clutching his leg, Rabesque then turned his attention to Daymon.  Daymon tried to avoid the clothesline attempt by Rabesque, but wasn’t able to completely duck as Rabesque grazed him.  That was good enough to knock Daymon backwards and Rabesque was able to duck behind Daymon hitting a German Suplex.  Rabesque had the bridge, but the referee wasn’t able to make the count as HAL dropped a double axehandle across the chest of the bridging Rabesque.

END:  Things began to take a turn for the worse as the match wore down.  All three competitors were showing signs of fatigue.  Rabesque had the upperhand as both Daymon and HAL were on the mat.  Rabesque grabbed Daymon and irish whipped him into the ropes .. Daymon came back, and Rabesque dropped to the mat … which caused Daymon to run smack dab into the referee!  Both Daymon and the referee dropped to the mat and Rabesque got to his feet to see what happened.  HAL was there, however, and both men began to trade blows in the middle of the ring.  Suddenly, out of nowhere, a person in a black hoodie, covering his face, ran out from the crowd.  HAL and Rabesque were too wrapped up in getting the upperhand and didn’t see the figure reach under the ring … and get a sledgehammer!! HAL was able to outlast Rabesque and rocked him back into the corner … but the person in the hoodie slid into the ring .. AND CLOCKED HAL in the back with the sledgehammer causing him to fall over the top rope to the arena floor!  Rabesque’s eyes opened wide as the sledgehammer crashed into his stomach causing him to fall to the mat.  Daymon started to move in the ring, and this person in the hoodie immediately rolled to the outside, dropped the sledgehammer, and made his way out of sight.  Daymon used the ropes to get to his feet … and saw the carnage in the ring.  The referee was also beginning to stir, and when he came to he witnessed Daymon bringing the former World Heavyweight champion to his feet .. and  then watched as Daymon nailed the Brain Rocker Redux!  Daymon didn’t make the cover, however, and merely tossed Jean Rabesque over the top rope to the arena floor .. right next to HAL!  Daymon stood in the center of the ring, hands on hips, as the referee began to count.  The referee got to six before HAL began to move .. and was at eight by the time HAL got to his feet.  The former World Champion was still out cold on the arena floor as the referee counted to nine … by the time HAL rolled into the ring, the referee reached ten .. and with Rabesque still on the outside, called for the bell.

WINNER:  Daymon via countout (on Rabesque) after hitting the Brain Rocker Redux and tossing him over the top at 26:53.

GHEORGHE:  "And what is going on here?  That person in the black hoodie attacked Rabesque and HAL .. and pretty much handed Daymon the match!"

JIVE:  "Daymon is none the wiser, too!  He knocked into the ref and was out cold when that happened … but hey .. he picks up the victory!"

JULIUS:  "HAL tried to get in the ring at the last minute … but this was a single fall match, and the fact that Rabesque was out of it and couldn’t get back in gave Daymon the match."

GHEORGHE:  "So Daymon gets the victory .. via countout after tossing Rabesque up and over the top rope … and he walks away with another one under his belt .. and this time against the former World Heavyweight champion and a man who many consider one of the fastest rising stars on the roster."

JULIUS:  "What do we have next?"

GHEORGHE:  "The quarterfinals match between Jack n’ Hoff … and the Inner Circle."

JIVE:  "Oh good.."

GHEORGHE:  "These two teams had plenty to say to one another leading up to tonight .. and we still haven’t heard word on what Marcus LaRoque plans to do with the tournament after Team in Vain and Old Guard went to a double countout in the other quarterfinals match on RAPTURE."

JIVE:  "Give Bored of Edukashun the bye into the finals, I say."

GHEORGHE:  "Well that doesn’t seem fair."

JULIUS:  "Maybe Jack n’ Hoff and Inner Circle will both be counted out tonight .. and we can just hand Bored of Edukashun the championships.."

JIVE:  "That’d be about as satisfying getting stuck naked in the middle of Provincetown, Massachusetts during the summer."

JULIUS:  "You’d love that, wouldn’t you?"

GHEORGHE:  "Guys .. stop … let’s go to Carl Jacobs and get this quarterfinals match up started!"

(CUTTO: In the ring as the graphic pops up on screen.)

World Tag Team Championship Tournament

Jack n' Hoff vs. The Inner Circle

JACOBS:  "The following match is scheduled for one fall and has a thirty minute time limit … and it is the quarterfinals match up in the World Tag Team Championship tournament!"

(SFX: Crowd pops.)

JACOBS:  "Before we begin .. concerning tonight’s match .. by decree of New ERA President Marcus LaRoque .. due to the double countout occurring on RAPTURE … the WINNERS of tonight’s match will face the Saviors of Wrestling next week on RAUCOUS in the semifinals match …. while the LOSERS ….. will go head to head against Bored of Edukashun in the OTHER semifinals match on RAUCOUS!"


GHEORGHE:  "So win or lose both these teams are moving on!"

JULIUS:  "I could have seen this coming a mile away."

(CUEUP:  "What’s My Age Again" by Blink 182.  The crowd gives a mixed reaction as Jack n’ Hoff come running out from the back.)

JACOBS:  "Hailing from Honolulu, Hawaii … weighing in at a combined weight of 456 pounds .. the team of JACK .. and HOFF …. JACK ‘N HOFF!"

GHEORGHE:  "Jack n’ Hoff seem pumped to be here in New ERA .. and they are bouncing all over the ring."

JIVE:  "They are certainly energetic .. but the true test comes in this match as they take on Lindsay Troy and Dan Ryan .. two of *professional wrestling’s biggest stars."

(CUEUP: "Carpe Diem Baby" by Metallica.  The fans rise to their feet and give the Inner Circle a huge welcoming as they’re excited to see these two superstars in a New ERA ring for the first time.)

JACOBS:  "Their opponents … weighing in at a combined weight of about 505 pounds … ‘the Beast’ DAN RYAN …. the ‘Queen of the Ring’ LINDSAY TROY ……. THE INNER CIRCLE!"


JULIUS:  "Look at Troy!  She’s not so petite herself, you know!"

GHEORGHE:  "The Inner Circle getting into the ring .. and they look like they are definitely ready to start this match."

JIVE:  "The Inner Circle has plenty of experience in wrestling .. Ryan … is DAN RYAN for Christ’s sakes… and Lindsay Troy is the current EPW World Heavyweight champion!  Jack n’ Hoff certainly have their work cut out for them…"

(SFX: Bell rings.)

BEGINNING:  These two teams really got off to a hot start as a clusterfuck ensued.  Jack n’ Hoff caught Ryan and Troy off guard as the Inner Circle was finishing up a game plan.  Jack got Lindsay Troy out of the corner and had her in the center of the ring, while Hoff corner Dan Ryan.  Both members of Jack n’ Hoff attempted to keep their respective opponents on the defensive .. but when you’re dealing with Lindsay Troy and Dan Ryan, that’s damn near impossible.  Ryan grabbed Hoff by the neck and reversed their positions with ease.  Lindsay Troy turned the tables on Jack the old-fashioned way .. a nicely placed right fist square in the jaw.  Ryan, who was beating the living daylights out of Hoff in the corner, steps out of the corner and brings Hoff with him before hooking the arms and nailing the double underhook piledriver.  Lindsay Troy, meanwhile, had Jack reeling from the fists, and sent him against the ropes.  On the return, Troy bent down and sent her opponent flying over the top rope to the arena floor with the back body drop of doom!  Troy made her way to the corner and exited the ring.  With Hoff and Ryan being the presumptive legal men, Ryan kept up the offensive and grabbed his opponent off the mat.  Dan Ryan hooked the arm of Hoff and drove him head first into the mat with a DDT.  Ryan made a quick tag to Lindsay Troy who hopped into the ring as Ryan held Hoff for her.  Troy landed a shot right in the rib cage which doubled Hoff over.  Troy hooked her opponent, brought him in the air and then finished off the forward slam causing Hoff to crash to the mat face first.  Inner Circle continued to work well as a team as Troy tagged Ryan back in .. and Ryan brought Hoff back to his feet.  Ryan sent Hoff to the ropes and waited for him to come back on the return .. but Hoff held onto the ropes for dear life rather than face the monster.  He quickly ran over to his corner and tagged in Jack.

2nd QUARTER:  Dan Ryan must have been in Heaven when Jack, who weighs about 220 pounds, held up his hand for a test of strength.  Ryan clutched Jack’s right hand and was ready to do the same to his left before Jack placed a boot in the gut and tried to go behind Ryan with a hammerlock.  Ryan wasn’t going to take any of that shit, though, and he quickly yanked Jack forward nailing him with a shortarm clothesline.  Ryan grabbed Jack by the head and brought him to the Inner Circle’s corner before tagging in Troy.  Ryan held Jack in place as Lindsay Troy positioned herself to take over .. Troy grabbed the arm of Jack and brought it around for the arm bar.  Jack tried to find an escape route, but couldn’t as Troy added more pressure.  Lindsay Troy released the hold, to Jack’s surprise, and nailed him instead with a spinning heel kick, landing on her feet.  Jack was on the mat as Troy bounced off the ropes, but she missed the splash.  Jack was able to squirt over to his corner and tagged in Hoff.  Hoff came into the ring as Troy got back up, but was stopped dead in his tracks thanks to a boot to the gut.  Troy was ready to follow up, but she neglected to notice that Jack was still in the ring.  Jack leapfrogged over his partner, catching Troy by surprise!  Jack hit the flying headscissors which sent Troy crashing to the mat.  Jack got to his feet quickly and grabbed Troy as she was getting up.  Hoff was back to his senses and gained momentum as Jack brought Troy over with the fireman’s carry.  As Troy hit the mat, Hoff took to the air and came crashing down with the headbutt to her shoulder.  Jack was forced out of the ring by the referee as Hoff took control of the match.  Hoff yanked Troy to her feet and went behind her.  Troy tried to throw a back elbow, but Hoff used the momentum to spin her around, grabbing her waist and nailing a standing spinebuster!  Hoff made the cover, but Troy easily kicked out.   Hoff then tagged Jack back into the ring and Jack got a head full of steam as Hoff grabbed Troy and brought her up.

3rd QUARTER:  Hoff hoisted Troy in the air as Jack came off the far ropes, and Troy was a sitting duck as Jack got some serious air for the flying cross body that brought them both to the mat!  Jack made the cover, but Troy was able to kick out by two.  Jack got to his feet and drove a knee into the chest of Lindsay Troy.  Jack then hooked the head of Troy and applied a headlock trying to wear her down.  The fans started to get behind Troy as she fought her way back to her feet … and Jack was no match for the momentum as Troy hooked his waist and brought him up and down with the side suplex.  Troy was then able to make her way to the Inner Circle’s corner to tag in the waiting Dan Ryan.  Ryan got into the ring and was an absolute .. beast.  Ryan easily grabbed Jack off the mat and drove him into the corner.  Ryan slammed the fists into his opponent’s skull knocking Jack silly.  As Jack stumbled out of the corner, Ryan spun him around, grabbed him by the throat and slammed him to the mat with a chokeslam.  Ryan made the cover, but the match was saved as Hoff came flying out of nowhere to break up the pin!  Ryan wasn’t too pleased with the interference, and he caught Hoff as he was trying to run back to his corner yanking him by the hair and slamming him backwards to the mat.  Ryan then grabbed Hoff and bodyslammed him on top of Jack.  Ryan made the tag to Lindsay Troy who ascended the top rope and came flying off with a beautiful 720 degree splash that sent the fans into a frenzy!  Troy made another quick tag to Ryan and they both grabbed their respective opponent and brought them to opposite corners.  With both men at the mercy of the Inner Circle, neither Jack nor Hoff could avoid being irish whipped to the center of the ring.  However, both men were able to put on the breaks right before they crashed into each other.  With smiles on their faces they high fived and turned back … but both men were met with huge clotheslines that flipped them 360 degrees onto their backs!

END:  After the referee finally restored order, Dan Ryan and Jack were able to continue the match one on one.  Ryan easily manhandled Jack into the ropes.  The referee called for the break, and Jack tried to get a cheap shot in.  Ryan caught the fist in the palm of his hand, and began to apply pressure which caused Jack to fall to his knees. Ryan then re-arranged his grip and grabbed Jack’s other hand bending back Jack’s wrists.  The referee was there in case Jack planned to submit, but due to the close proximity of the ropes, Jack was able to slide his leg underneath thus getting a rope break.  Dan Ryan waited patiently while Jack took his sweet time getting to his feet and once he did, Ryan grabbed him by the arm and whipped him across the ring to the opposite ropes.  Jack hit the ropes, and Hoff slapped his back tagging himself in.  Ryan caught Jack and nailed a vicious spinebuster.. but was unaware that Hoff was the legal man.  Ryan made the cover but the referee didn’t make the count … and Hoff drove the leg across the back of Ryan’s neck.  Hoff then began to work on the neck of Ryan hitting a swinging neckbreaker, and then locking on a camel clutch in the middle of the ring.  Hoff placed all his weight down on the back of Ryan as he tried to bend Ryan’s neck back .. but this is Dan Ryan we’re talking about.  Ryan was able to muscle his way back to his feet and flopped backwards, crushing Hoff as they both fell to the mat.  With both men on the mat, the fans began to stomp and clap knowing that one of these two teams was going to walk out of here with a huge feather in their cap.  Dan Ryan made it to his feet first and tagged in Lindsay Troy … Troy got in the ring and nodded at Ryan .. who proceeded to place Hoff’s head between his legs.  Ryan lifted his arm in the air .. and with one fell swoop, Hoff was hoisted high in the air and came crashing down .. victimized by the Humility Bomb.  Lindsay Troy locked on the Koji Clutch … and Dan Ryan made short work of Jack as he attempted to get into the ring to break the submission hold.  Within ten seconds, Hoff tapped, unable to withstand the Divine Right.

WINNERS:  The Inner Circle via submission after Hoff tapped while locked in the Divine Right at 23:11.


JIVE:  "I don’t know what’s worse .. the fact that Jack n’ Hoff lost to Dan Ryan or Lindsay Troy .. or now I have to watch a match featuring Troy and Ryan AND the Saviors of Wrestling.."

JULIUS:  "It’s a lose-lose situation.."

GHEORGHE:  "Well Jack n’ Hoff are still in the tournament, even with the loss .. although it certainly doesn’t help their momentum .. and they’ll face Bored of Edukashun next week on RAUCOUS in what should be a very interesting match."

JIVE:  "You’re telling me!  LaRoque giving the World Tag Team Championship finals the 1st main event spot at the EPW / NEW SuperCard must have really thrown Jack n’ Hoff off their game tonight .. and that makes their run to the finals a little bit more difficult having a loss weighing on their minds."

GHEORGHE:  "We’ve got to take a commercial break before the Television Championship match between current champion Mr. Entertainment .. and his opponent .. randomly drawn … the World Heavyweight champion himself, ‘Gentleman’ Jonathan Marx… we’ll be right back!"

Words From the ON TV Champion!

(CUTTO: A New ERA of Wrestling backdrop. In front of us stands the Television Champion, in all his glory, the title around his waist - nothing fancy, nothing stylish, just him and a camera.)

ENTERTAINMENT:  (in mock fear) "Oh no! The big bad Johnny-man is out ta get me! He’s mad now, he’s gonna get his gang o’ thugs ta come mug me before the match! Oh whatever shall I do?"

(He cowers slightly, before standing up in realisation.)

ENTERTAINMENT: "Hold on a minute… his gang of thugs, the only reason he was able ta stay competitive against ANY of the guys he’s wrestled since he set up DREDD, ain’t around ta help him anymore."

"That’s right, Johnny Boy - ya actually didn’t face many people one on one, did ya? Always had someone else comin’ out ta help ya - Carlee Marks ‘n’ Spencers, Branston Pickle Jacobs Cracker, an’ John Doe’s a deer a female deer. Hell, even inside an enclosed steel cage, ya knew you weren’t good enough so had them try ta HANG Rabore!"


"Gods, even Cameron Cruise would beat someone after THAT MANY MATCHES against ‘em. But you? What’s ya record against Rabore? No, I’m not includin’ house shows at the moment, because we all know it’s a one hundred per cent LOSS record against both Tact an’ Rabore."

"Let’s see… ya know, I reckon that’s a one hundred per cent loss record too when it counted, when the title was on the line. Ya know, it took ya over TWO YEARS from becomin’ the number one contender fer the first time, ta ya actually winnin’ the belt. An’ then, ya didn’t even beat the reignin’ champ, but a guy who’ll lay down fer ya if ya promise him a blowjob."

"An’ yer someone this company can be proud of… why? Fer bein’ a bigger loser than Cameron Cruise? I mean, hell, ya couldn’t even win ya first match in this company! Ya needed Lilly ta take her top off an’ Peter File ta get Jared Wells ta tap!"

"An’ somehow, the guy who lets people win ta build drama is the loser?"

"Yep, Johnny Boy. I let Cameron get one up on me. I let Insurgent and Cruise outlast me in a TRIPLE THREAT match. Yeah, I let MWG beat me a couple o’ times - an’ why? Because it builds suspense, it builds drama. Ta use yer Dickens fetish, in "Great Expectations," if Pip knew all along who was paying fer his upkeep, would it have made HALF the story it ended up bein’? Or in Shakespeare, if we hadn’t had Iago there ta set up the drama, would "Othello" have been as enjoyable?"

"No. Ya need drama, ya need suspense. People need ENTERTAINMENT."

"An’ unlike you, that’s what I give ‘em. I know that by lettin’ the other guy win, people don’t know what’s gonna happen - they’re on the edge of their seat. Is the other guy gonna win, or am I gonna clean their clock? Because it gets borin’ when someone goes all Bill Goldberg an’ goes on a winnin’ streak, smashin’ through each an’ every single person on the roster - an’ it damages backstage morale, because people know they’re just bein’ fed to some unstoppable monster."

"Hell, ta go back further ta explain - people need a fall before the triumph. Yeah, it took me a couple o’ matches ta win this belt an’ become the longest reigning champion on the roster - but I built that inta my plans! I took the fall, ta make the story better. THAT is ENTERTAINMENT. Just look at any Medieval morality play, ya MUST have at least ONE in ya library."

"But movin’ on, Johnny Boy - ya say yer gonna stretch me? Only if I let ya. Ya say yer gonna beat me? No, no you ain’t. Because as great an ENTERTAINER as I am, I still accept ya need believability - an’ NO-ONE believes in you as World Heavyweight Champ, let alone as a dual-title holder. Ya wanna know why no-one believes in ya as champ?"

"Because ya can’t wrestle, ya ain’t ENTERTAINING, an’ ya needed a gang o’ thugs by ya side in ya battles against Jean Rabesque. Hardly inspires confidence when ya so scared o’ one man ya need three other people watchin’ ya back. Folks at home know that ANYONE can get lucky an’ win the World Heavyweight Championship if they, like you, keep goin’ fer it. You were BOUND ta get a lucky break sometime."

"Or have Brandon join ya in suckin’ off Beau Michaels so he’d let ya beat him ta get the belt offa GOP. One or the other."

"As fer ME?"

"Mister Entertainment?"

"There’s absolutely no pressure on me at all. Because tonight, I know I have ya beaten. Yer only chance is if ya have someone come out an’ attack me - which knowin’ you I wouldn’t put past ya. Yer a pitiful coward after all, not even fit ta lick Cameron Cruise’s boot. Hell, I’ve BEATEN former World Heavyweight Champs here in New ERA. I’ve beaten wrestlin’ LEGENDS an’ made it look easy."

"You? What’ve you done? Except lose ta Rabore time an’ time again in ya quest ta destroy him?"

"Yeah, I’ll make tonight the best match of ya life. But fer all those people out there who still say the World Heavyweight Championship is the best, that the guy holdin’ that strap is the kingpin of the company…"

"They’re gonna be REAL surprised when the so-called lowly TV champ BEATS the World Heavyweight Champ, easily, in the middle o’ that ring. Your title ain’t on the line, but the pride of that belt sure as hell is. Because if ya don’t win?"

"Ya’ll’ve shown how pathetic you are, an’ how SOMEONE, ANYONE, even Rocko Daymon, needs ta take that belt offa you, fer the good of New ERA of Wrestling. An’ ya will be showin’ how pitiful ya are, because ya AIN’T GOT A CHANCE."

"New ERA is a long way from where it started. It don’t need a chimp like ya sayin’ they’re the best when it took them over two years ta win the belt after first becomin’ number one contender. It doesn’t need someone claimin’ ta be great when they needed other people ta help him try ta beat a washed up has been like Jean Rabore. It doesn’t need people who go out there an’ bore the fans. It needs someone excitin’. It needs someone who understands the finer points of drama."

"It needs ME,"

"Mister Entertainment,"

"Ta pin ya shoulders to the mat, one, two, three. New ERA tonight is gonna see how crap ya are, an’ why I’m gonna be gettin’ a World Heavyweight Championship match outta Marcus when I beat ya, so I can unify the belts into the WHADAHTT Championship."

"Because Johnny Boy? It ain’t about you. Yer never gonna be a serious champion. Yer never gonna hold the most prestigious title in the business, the New ERA ON TV title. That honour is gonna belong to the greatest wrestler in the company."


"Mister Entertainment."


(CUTTO: Backstage.  Rocko Daymon is spotted heading to his lockerroom after his victory earlier in the evening.  He doesn't get far down the hall before Jason Tripp approaches with his usual enthusiasm.)

TRIPP:  "Daymon!  Just a quick word if you would.  You walked away victorious in the big triple threat tonight, and it could very well propel your New ERA career to that upper echelon.  Do you feel--"

(Tripp is abruptly cut off mid-sentence, and Daymon blindsided after having stopped to listen to Tripp.  He falls to his knees on the floor, clutching his back which was struck.  Standing over him, a black baseball bat in hand, is Larry Tact.  Tripp tries to check on Daymon, but Tact causes him to back off with a threatening glare.  The bat gleams in his hands as he grins down at Daymon on the floor.)

TACT:  "I hear you were talking a lot this week, Rocko.  Saying a lot of things about a few people in particular... namely, myself.  And your wife, too... is she even employed here, anymore?  In any case, Rocko... "punk" or not, you should learn to pick your battles.  Because otherwise...."

(Daymon tries to lunge up at him, but Tact easily dodges and nails him in the chest with the bat, sending Daymon down and dry heaving.)

TACT:  "... you find yourself in the damndest situations.  But you want to prove yourself, Daymon?  You want to try being a big shot, and get more than your fingernails scraping at the top ranks of this promotion?"

(A hand on either end of the bat barrel, he lifts it high and brings it down over the small of Daymon's back, producing a sharp yell.  Tact then takes a moment to admire his work, satisfaction written all over his face, and reaches into his pocket.)

TACT:  "Well it's time to put up or shut up, because I cannot think of a better time... or a better place..."

(He produces a slip, one identified last Raucous as an invitation to the NEW/EPW joint show.  He lets it slip out from between his fingers, and watches it flutter down onto the fallen body of Daymon.  Turning, he walks down the hall resting the bat on his shoulder, giving a wave over his shoulder as he calls back...)

TACT:  "Oh yeah... congrats on your victory tonight."

(Jason Tripp comes back into the picture, crouched down near Daymon.)

TRIPP: "That was totally uncalled for!  What was Tact thinking?"

(Daymon gets to his knees and reaches out, clutching the invitation where it fell on the floor.  He stares at it for a moment, then looks up at Tripp, who takes a couple steps back.  Daymon slowly stands, his face contorted in anger, save for one thing.  A smile.  CUTTO:  Ringside.)


JIVE:  "He looked perfectly sane to me .. besides the fact of inviting Daymon into the main event at the EPW / NEW SuperCard…"

GHEORGHE:  "Tact must have had a few screws knocked loose somewhere along the way back .. because he has just lost it!"

JULIUS:  "Inviting Daymon into the main event might have been a smart move .. granted Daymon has repeatedly come out here and outwrestled his opponents .. but with four, five, six, who knows how many others in the match at the SuperCard .. Daymon might just be neutralized as a threat.."

GHEORGHE:  "I’m speechless .. let’s go to Carl Jacobs .. and get this Television Championship match underway."

(CUTTO:  Ring as the lineup flashes on screen.)

Television Championship
Jonathan Marx (c) vs. Mr. Entertainment (c)

JACOBS:  "The following match is scheduled for one fall .. has a thirty minute time limit … and is for the New ERA of Wrestling TELEVISION Championship!!  Introducing first…"

(CUEUP:  "The Touch" by Stan Bush.  ‘Gentleman’ Jonathan Marx walks out from behind the curtain followed by Carlee Marx and Brandon Jacobs.  The World Heavyweight Championship on his shoulder.)

JACOBS:  "Hailing from Princeton, New Jersey and being led to the ring by Carlee Marx and Brandon Jacobs … he stands six foot two … and is the CURRENT and two-time New ERA of Wrestling WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION …. ‘Gentleman’ … JONATHAN .. MARX!"

GHEORGHE:  "The fans have a love / hate relationship with Marx .. you can hear some jeers, but right now you’re hearing a good amount of cheering for the World Heavyweight champion.  They might hate his antics sometimes, but they appreciate and respect his in ring abilities .."

JIVE:  "Marx is New ERA’s only two time World Heavyweight champion, Gheorghe .. he’s the man to beat tonight.. even if it is only Entertainment’s title on the line."

(CUEUP:  "That’s Entertainment!" by the Jam.  The lights flash and a strobe light focuses on the top of the rampway.  Mr. Entertainment steps into it as the crowd jeers heavily!  He begins his slow approach to the ring, the Television Championship glistening as the spotlight follows him.)

JACOBS:  "And his opponent .. hailing from Ashland, Oregon … he stands six foot two and is the self-proclaimed most ENTERTAINING wrestler in New ERA … he is the CURRENT New ERA of Wrestling TELEVISION champion … MISTER … ENTERTAINMENT!"

(SFX:  Bell rings.)

BEGINNING:  Both men stood front and center as the match began eyeing one another up.  Mr. Entertainment ran his mouth as Marx simply looked on, staring a hole into the Television champion.  Marx turned to walk away from Entertainment, which the Television champion didn’t appreciate, causing Entertainment to grab Marx’s arm.  Marx responded with some vicious chops to the chest that sent Mr. Entertainment to the mat!  The Television champion immediately hopped to his feet and responded with some chops of his own.  The World Heavyweight champion responded to this with even more chops and the next thing you knew both men were on the mat rolling around trying to get the advantage!  Jonathan Marx finally ended up on top and he drove his elbow into the forehead of the most Entertaining wrestler on the roster.  Marx finally got off of the Television champion and brought him to his feet before beginning to work his technical genius.  Marx wrapped the legs of Mr. Entertainment up, driving him forward slamming the knee down.  Entertainment was on the mat and the World Heavyweight champion grabbed his leg, drilling it repeatedly with the boots.  Marx then grabbed both legs of Mr. Entertainment and catapulted him high into the air.  The Television champion came crashing down chin first onto the turnbuckle pad.  Entertainment took three steps out of the corner before he was wrapped up once again by the World Heavyweight champion.  Marx hooked the arm and brought Mr. Entertainment over with the double arm suplex.  Marx made the quick cover, only getting a one count.  Mr. Entertainment rolled out of the way of Marx’s leg drop attempt causing the World Heavyweight champion to hit nothing but mat.  Mr. Entertainment took this time to catch a quick break before kipping up to his feet.  Marx was in the process of getting to his feet as Mr. Entertainment grabbed him and placed Marx’s head between his legs.  Entertainment attempted to lift the World Heavyweight champion up for the piledriver, but Marx countered and hit the back body drop instead.

2nd QUARTER:  Marx kept the momentum going for a few straight minutes before he miscalculated a baseball slide that sent him to the outside.  Marx turned to head back into the ring, but instead got a double boot to the face.  Mr. Entertainment had grabbed onto the top rope and came flying over the top rope hitting the plancha onto the World Heavyweight champion.  The two champions brawled on the outside as the referee began to count.  Mr. Entertainment attempted to whip Marx into the guardrail, but Marx reversed.  However, the Television champion reversed the reversal (go figure) and Marx ended up hitting the guardrail back first anyway!  Mr. Entertainment followed in after him and drove the knee into the World Heavyweight champion’s gut.  Entertainment then grabbed Marx by the head, slammed it onto the ring steps, and rolled him back into the ring.  Mr. Entertainment then climbed onto the ring apron, grabbed onto the top rope, and catapulted himself over the top rope dropping the leg across the neck of the World Heavyweight champion.  Mr. Entertainment made the cover, but Marx is too seasoned to go out like that, kicking out before the two.  Mr. Entertainment picked Marx up off the mat and hooked the head swinging him around for the neckbreaker, but Marx used the momentum to swing right through it as Entertainment carried on and hit the mat.  Marx dropped down and applied a leglock, yanking hard on the leg of the Television champion.  Entertainment attempted to grab anything he could to break the hold, and ended up grabbing a fistful of Marx’s hair.  The referee stepped in to stop Entertainment, which allowed the Television champion to "accidently" grab onto the referee and cause him to fall on Marx, thus breaking the hold.  The referee immediately got to his feet and warned Mr. Entertainment about touching referees … to which Mr. Entertainment responded to by pretending he did nothing wrong.  Entertainment turned right as Marx attempted to boot him in the stomach.

3rd QUARTER:  Mr. Entertainment caught the boot of Marx and spun him around, clotheslining him in the end.  Entertainment then grabbed Marx and brought him to his feet.  The Television champion scooped the World Heavyweight champion up, and then dropped him across the knee with the shoulderbreaker! Marx plopped onto the mat and Mr. Entertainment made the cover .. only getting a two count.  Entertainment then brought Marx back to his feet and whipped him into the ropes.  The World Heavyweight champion came back and was wrapped up in a sleeper hold.  Marx was aware enough of his surroundings, however, and in a burst of energy, slammed Entertainment back towards the turnbuckle pads.  Entertainment was squashed and released the hold .. but luckily for him the punishment taken by Marx earlier meant that the force of the hold wasn’t enough to stop the Television champion’s assault.  Entertainment hopped onto the second rope as Marx stood in front of him and flew off hitting the Diamond Dust.  Entertainment made the cover, but once again was only able to get a two count.  Entertainment then grabbed the legs of the World Heavyweight champion and flipped him onto his stomach before stepping on the back of his knees, grabbing his arms and flipping him backwards for the surfboard!  Marx was in a lot of pain, but would not submit.  The Television champion kept the hold on for about 30 seconds before his shoulders hit the mat and prompted the referee to count him for the pin.  Entertainment was forced to release the hold or be pinned by his own move.  Entertainment then made his way to the corner and ascended the ropes … he played to the crowd, which greeted him with a chorus of jeers, before flying off the top rope for the Shooting Entertainment! …. but he only caught mat as the World Heavyweight champion somehow managed to roll out of the way at the last moment.

END:  Things got fishy towards the end of the match.  Jonathan Marx had everything under control and it was seriously looking as if he’d walk out of RAUCOUS with both the World Heavyweight Championship and the Television Championship around his waist.  However, after he overshot clothesline and stumbled into the ropes, Mr. Entertainment caught him with a sunset flip and got a near three count.  Marx immediately jumped to his feet and planted Entertainment with a DDT.  Marx made the cover but only got the two count.  Marx then reddened the chest of the Television champion with a series of knife edged chops … the crowd began to jeer heavily as Larry Tact came out of nowhere and was at ringside … Jonathan Marx picked up Mr. Entertainment and hit an inverted atomic drop and went against the ropes .. Larry Tact yelled at Marx and caught his attention.  Tact then picked up a chair from ringside and slid into the ring.  The referee immediately got into Tact’s way to tell him to leave the ring .. but Tact raised the chair at him to get him to move.  Jonathan Marx warned him about being in the ring and got into his face… Tact raised his right hand as if to say okay and started to make his way back through the ropes.  Jonathan Marx turned to grab Mr. Entertainment, who had started to regain his composure, and as he grabbed ahold of his head he caught Tact out of the corner of his eye winding the chair back.  Larry Tact swung full force and the chair hit its mark.  Sort of.  Jonathan Marx at the last moment dropped to the mat, which meant that the chair crashed against the skull of the Television champion.  Someone should have yelled "timber!" because Entertainment fell straight back to the mat, and the referee had no other choice but to call for the bell.

WINNER:  Mr. Entertainment via disqualification after Jonathan Marx ducked out of the way of the chair shot from Larry Tact, causing him to hit Mr. Entertainment at 18:55.  Mr. Entertainment retains the Television Championship.


JIVE:  "Marx shouldn’t have ducked!"

GHEORGHE:  "He wouldn’t have won the championship on disqualification if he hadn’t ducked anyway!"

JIVE:  "I still say he shouldn’t have ducked…"

GHEORGHE: "Mr. Entertainment’s on the ground … AND MARX CHARGES AT TACT …. TACT WITH A BOOT TO THE GUT …………….. THE HUMBLING!! LARRY TACT TAKES OUT THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION … and now Tact grabs the microphone!!!"

Finalizing the Plans

JULIUS:  "Ohhh yea!"

TACT: "Ladies and gentlemen... and everyone here in this backwater island, because we ALL know that Puerto Rico is BY FAR the best island in the Caribbean..."

(Cheap heat!)

TACT:  "It seems we've come to the end of the invitation line for this Main Event match at the NEW/EPW SuperCard!"

(Cheap pop!)

GHEORGHE:  "The gall of Larry Tact .. he comes in .. takes out the Television champion .. takes out the World Heavyweight champion … and then goes on to talk about the main event he’s created for the SuperCard!"

TACT:  "Let's do a quick rundown... we've got... the PHANTOM REPUBLICAN..."

(Crowd boos loudly.)

TACT:  "We've got... DAYMON..."

(Crowd gives a loud, mixed reaction.)

TACT:  "We've got... SHAWN HART now, again ..."

(Crowd cheers!)

TACT:  "And... who else..."

(It takes no time for the crowd to begin its "JEAN RABESQUE! JEAN RABESQUE! JEAN RABESQUE!" chanting in unison.  Tact looks around at them, nodding.)

TACT:  "Right, right... a man who seemingly cannot be forgotten.  Someone who has clearly made his mark on New ERA, to this day.  A man who took time off, came back, and remains a force in this promotion.  A former World Heavyweight Champion, and one of New ERAs instant legends..."

(Crowd cheers Tact on in anticipation.)

TACT:  "And after tonight... the NUMBER ONE CONTENDER to the World Heavyweight Championship!"

(He goes to a corner and climbs a turnbuckle, thumping his chest and receiving the crowd's displeasure at being misled.)

TACT:  "Who else would it be but ME?!  LARRY. TACT."

GHEORGHE:  "OH please!"

(Crowd again begins chanting "JEAN RABESQUE!  JEAN RABESQUE!  JEAN RABESQUE!"  Tact looks at them and shakes his head.)

TACT:  "Oh yeah, and that one.  Sure he'll be there.  And after the match, he'll have plenty of time to be a MUTE... because just like every other person in that match, he will be able to do NOTHING but look at MYSELF in quiet acknowledgement... KNOWING who is the BEST in the match... the BEST in New ERA of Wrestling."

(While the crowd rips into him, Tact hops off the turnbuckle and paces around the ring, shaking his head.)

GHEORGHE:  "Is this really necessary?  Ruining the Television Championship match to toot his own horn?"

JIVE / JULIUS:  "Can it!"

TACT:  "But there's a new problem, right now, that I've started hearing.  See, last year I came back and people said I wasn't the same wrestler, after taking time off to heal from injury."

GHEORGHE:  "Jeez .. okay.."

TACT:  "I showed them I wasn't the same wrestler.  I was even better than before.  Then, at the three year Anniversary show, the talking heads said I wouldn't be able to hang with the other Pioneers of the New ERA... that I would fail in my continuing ascension, and fall in the Battle Royal."

(SFX:  Crowd jeers.)

TACT:  "They found out I actually had as good a grip as ever... on the ropes, and on my rise back up to the top."

(Tact looks around.)

TACT:  "Now, there's a new line going around.  It seems there's always something, so I guess why should this week be any different?  But you all SHOULD know what I'm going to do tonight, and that's make you all look MORE unintelligent than you already make yourselves look by wrongly betting against me, over and over again!"

("Booooo!" ... and the like.  They didn't like that.)

TACT:  "Now it's that, "He still isn't World Heavyweight Champion again."  Well after tonight, I'll be one step closer to dispelling even that!  And as far as the World Heavyweight Champion goes, after last week and now .. after tonight, I doubt the 'Gentleman' would be stupid enough to want ANY part of a match with me, if the World Heavyweight Championship is on the line.  Because now that I've TRAUMATIZED him in Royales where we end up one-on-one... he, just like all of you, should be all too familiar with the outcome between us."

(Tact looks on as the officials and Brandon Jacobs help Marx, who is holding his head, up the rampway.)

TACT:  "But Marx, I know you may be like a lot of these people, thinking with your balls ahead of your brain... and if so, then I'm assuming you'll be looking to cash in on the invitation I left for you, earlier tonight.  That's right, the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION has been invited to NEWs Main Event at the joint show!"

(Crowd pops HUGE at hearing Marx will be the sixth entrant!  Tact waits, then grins with satisfaction as Marx spins around, fire coming from his nose.)


TACT:  "Consider it a CONSOLATION... for TRYING to put me down in the Blast from the Past Battle Royal.  But that's all the charity you'll get from me, because you should be well aware, 'Gentleman'... that your DREAM of having this second title reign last is THREE SECONDS away... one TAP away... from being placed on a collision course with EXTINCTION.  Because if you have to face Larry Tact, the line will no longer be about me not winning the World Heavyweight Championship again.  It will be..."

JIVE:  "The main event .. has just gotten THAT … MUCH … BETTER."

TACT:  "Jonathan Marx, will your dream survive?"

(Marx tries to fight the officials to get into the ring as Tact looks up the ramp at him.)

TACT:  ".... because your title reign won't."

(He tosses the mic away and throws his hands in the air to massive jeers as the officials and Jacobs finally get the World Heavyweight champion into the back.)

GHEORGHE:  "MY GOD … six men … in the ring .. for the World Heavyweight Championship!! THIS IS GOING TO BE HUGE!! We’ve got to take a commercial break .. but when we come back .. THAT MAN … and I am using that term VERY lightly, will take on the Phantom Republican .. to determine who will receive the World Heavyweight Championship shot in Jamaica!"

( continued... )