[ Thomas Robinson Stadium ] Nassau, Bahamas


TAPED: Dec. 19, 2006
AIRED: Dec. 22, 2006

"Thank you for calling [BLEEP] Auto Service .. Jersey’s finest. This is Melissa."

(The scene cuts to Juliet Marceau, sitting in her chair behind her desk.  Her legs propped up as she holds the telephone in her hand.  She smiles as she fiddles with the remote to her video phone.)

MARCEAU: "Hi.  Can I speak to Stephen [BLEEP], please?"

(Melissa pauses.)

MELISSA: "He’s not available right now, can I take a message?"

(Marceau smirks as she continues to flip the remote in her hand.)

MARCEAU: "Ohh.. you see.. my name is Deborah.  Mr. [BLEEP] and I met in Atlantic City.  I’m a personal escort, and the check he wrote to me bounced, so I was hoping to talk to him about it."

(Another pause.  You can hear some ruffling.)

MELISSA: "Um.. Let me see if I can get him. Please hold."

(CUEUP: Cheesy hold music.  Marceau rolls her eyes.)

MARCEAU: "Yes.. you do that."

(Marceau waits a few moments.  The music cuts out and a man answers, audibly annoyed.)

VOICE: "This is Steven [BLEEP].  What kind of game is this?"

(Marceau sits up and brings her legs to the floor.)


VOICE: "Yes."

MARCEAU: "Hold on one second. Let me put you on video so I can make sure."

(Marceau points the remote at the screen on the wall.  A picture cuts up.  A very familiar face comes into focus.)

MARCEAU: "Ah.. yes."

(The man looks into the phone, seeing Marceau from the other side.)

MARCEAU: "My name is Juliet Marceau.  I’m the Vice President of New ERA of Wrestling."

(The man stiffens.)

STEVEN: "How did you get this number?"

(Marceau laughs and leans back in the chair, ignoring his question.)

MARCEAU: "My, my, my … you know that you are a very difficult man to get a hold of, Mr. Wylde."

(Marceau smiles, her teeth shining through, as the camera fades closer to the man in the picture.  The man known to the wrestling world as former WFW World Heavyweight Champion Alex Wylde.)

(CUEUP: ‘Who Said’ by Planet Funk as the camera shot opens up to the beautiful sandy beaches of the Bahamas.  It quickly cuts to shots of New ERA superstars such as Larry Tact, Daymon, Jason Payne.  It then cuts to The Phantom Republican hitting the MOAB, followed by Chaos and MWG right after one another.  The shot ends with Jonathan Marx holding the New ERA World Heavyweight championship above his head as the logo for RAUCOUS takes its place on screen.)

(CUTTO: Inside the Thomas Robinson Stadium.  The stadium is jam packed and alternating RAUCOUS flyers hang in between the Bahamian national flag.  The fans are on their feet cheering as we see that a young woman has just finished singing the national anthem.  CUTTO: Tom Gheorghe and Nick Jive at the announce booth.)

GHEORGHE: "Welcome everyone to Nassau, Bahamas …. And to New ERA of Wrestling RAUCOUS!"

JIVE: "DID YOU SEE THAT?! Juliet Marceau … she found Alex Wylde!"

GHEORGHE: "But .. why .. Wylde has been missing from the public eye for over a year .. not even his family knew where he was!  Vice President Marceau somehow found out information that not even the IRS could get!"

JIVE: "This is incredible!"

GHEORGHE: "We have no clue why Marceau has gotten in contact with Wylde .. but that would explain her mischievous activities on RAPTURE!"

JIVE: "Marceau is a fox!  She’s always one step ahead, Gheorghe!"

GHEORGHE: "Ladies and gentlemen .. we are here in the Bahamas for New ERA’s BEAT the HEAT tour .. straight off the heels of BattleBRAWL 2!"

JIVE: "And between tonight .. and all that went down on RAPTURE in Miami… things look to be heating up to temperatures never seen before!"

GHEORGHE: "RAPTURE was chalk full of action .. and it began with a bang as Victoria Hawke and Carlee Marx battled it out."

JIVE: "These two last fought at RAPTURE in July .. and in that match Carlee Marx pulled out the victory.  However this time Hawke was ready …"

GHEORGHE: "Hawke and Marx wrestled a great match that saw Victoria Hawke come out victorious .. New ERA’s women’s division is getting white hot .."

JIVE: "Which is surprising since none of the women are hot at all.."

GHEORGHE: "Oh, Nick!"

JIVE: "I’m just telling the truth!"

GHEORGHE: "You know what Dean would say about that.."

JIVE: "Don’t get me started on him!"

GHEORGHE: "According to Dean, you’d rather finish on him."

JIVE: "I am so going to beat the living daylights out of you."

GHEORGHE: "Ha, ha!  We had another great match up on RAPTURE as the Dupree Cup co-Most Valuable Wrestler HAL took on ‘Sensational’ Steven Shane .. and these two really put on an excellent performance."

JIVE: "According to who?  Not according to HAL!"

GHEORGHE: "HAL came oh so close, but Steven Shane pulled out the victory in smashing style getting the former computer programmer to submit after locking on the California Clutch."

JIVE: "Smashing? What are you British now?"

GHEORGHE: "Sorry, I just finished watching Mrs. Hendersen Present’s… on DVD before we went live."

JIVE: "And I’m the fruitcake?"

GHEORGHE: "The Television championship got a new number one contender as John Doe and Cameron Cruise battled it out.. and can you just imagine what would have happened if Doe won the match .. and then won the Television championship?"

JIVE: "DREDD would just need to have Brandon Jacobs compete and take the PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme title .. and DREDD would have a stranglehold on New ERA!"

GHEORGHE: "Fortunately for New ERA, Cameron Cruise fought off a tough challenge from Doe … and he walked out with the number one contender spot!"

JIVE: "But it wasn’t fair … Brandon Jacobs accidentally tripped Doe!"

GHEORGHE: "A little miscommunication can go a far way .. for your opponent."

JIVE: "You’re telling me!"

GHEORGHE: "Are you still mad at Dean for that?"

JIVE: "He did it on purpose!  I said .. get me an Italian Sandwich! … I didn’t say get me two Italian MEN!"

GHEORGHE: "It was an honest mistake.. he thought you said you wanted an Italian MANwich.."

JIVE: "Why do I put up with this bullshit?"

GHEORGHE: "Aw you love it, Nick.  The PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme championship was on the line as Chaos once more defended the title.  Chaos has easily been the most actively defending champion in New ERA the past few shows .. and this time it was against MWG in a Christmas Tree Death Match!"

JIVE: "This time also turned out be to the straw that broke the camel’s back … MWG won the title!"

GHEORGHE: "Yes, and no thanks to a man who will be in action tonight, Trevor Cane, who was HIDING in one of the large presents outside the ring!  Chaos went to the top rope for the High Roller splash on to a tree lying over MWG … when Cane popped up and pulled MWG out of the way!"

JIVE: "Things could get incredibly interesting.  Cane has a match with Jean Rabesque tonight .. but could he be looking at the P©X championship?"

GHEORGHE: "And in the main event .. it was four women .. two teams … New ERA’s women’s division main evented as Foxx and Felicia Hart took on Caitlyn Daymon and Women’s Champion, Karla Starr!"

JIVE: "It was the return of both hart and Daymon .. and you know that Foxx was looking for revenge on Caitlyn Daymon for costing her the Women’s championship at BattleBRAWL 2."

GHEORGHE: "Foxx had the opportunity at the end of the match when Felicia Hart countered a top rope hurricanrana attempt by Daymon into a top rope powerbomb… but Felicia Hart was too busy dancing to hear Foxx’s calls. .. and Felicia Hart made the pinfall for the team!"

JIVE: "Poor little Foxx gets screwed again."

GHEORGHE: "But that was Miami .. and this is Nassau .. and what a lineup we have tonight!"

JIVE: "Five big matches … including the return of the BORINATOR~!"

GHEORGHE: "Former World Heavyweight champion Jean Rabesque makes his return to in ring action after shocking the world at BattleBRAWL 2 by attacking GOP with a chair as he was heading up the rampway following the loss to Jonathan Marx…"

JIVE: "HE ATTACKED HIM!  He jumped him from behind like a wimp!"

GHEORGHE: "Rabesque will take on Trevor Cane .. and while ‘the Messenger’ had many choice words for Jean Rabesque … Rabesque refused to counter …"

JIVE: "He is so scared of what the Phantom Republican will do to him that he’s lost all ability to speak! It’s great."

GHEORGHE: "You’re too much."

JIVE: "That’s what your mom said last night."

GHEORGHE: "My mom was in all night .. although my dad did leave for a few hours."


GHEORGHE: "Yea, it was, wasn’t it.  We also have Steve Johnson taking on ‘the Dog of War’ Jason Payne … Payne came oh so close to winning the BattleBRAWL rumble for the second straight time .. but once again couldn’t seal the deal."

JIVE: "And now look at him.  He’s stuck in a match against Steve Johnson.  Life must suck for Payne, huh."

GHEORGHE: "The opening match will see Mercedes Devon taking on Krist Blue… both women are looking to make some ground up in the race to the Women’s championship .. and we’ll see which one gets the leg up tonight."

JIVE: "As long as they keep the paper bags over their heads, they both can put their legs up."

GHEORGHE: "And ton… oh Nick. That was bad!  (Shakes head) Anywho .. tonight we will also see two former World Heavyweight champions go head to head … as the Phantom Republican takes on Larry Tact … in a NO HOLDS BARRED match!"

JIVE: "It’s the Clash of the Titans match … and if you think Larry Tact was beaten beyond belief at BattleBRAWL 2, then you just wait to the paradigm of Republicanism, GOP, has in store for him!"

GHEORGHE: "Tact won at BattleBRAWL 2.."

JIVE: "I’m trying to block the pay per view out of my head, Gheorghe.  Thanks so much for ruining it."

GHEORGHE: "Speaking of the pay per view … right here .. in the middle of the ring .. SHAWN HART …. The #1 contender to the World Heavyweight title .. and JONATHAN MARX .. the World Heavyweight champion will sign the contract for their World Title match!"

JIVE: "You better believe that when those two step into the ring for the World Heavyweight championship … heads are going to roll.. mainly Shawn Hart’s."

GHEORGHE: "We’re anxious to see tonight just how those two interact when they sign the contract … because you better believe that tempers will be short.. and anything can happen!"

JIVE: "As long as Marx doesn’t do anything stupid and get himself injured before those two get a chance to fight in the future.. Marx wants to stay as healthy as possible for BANNED in the US when he and Hart wrestle for the title."

GHEORGHE: "But tonight’s main event … the Television championship is on the line .. as Mr. Entertainment … and Daymon go HEAD to HEAD!"

JIVE: "Daymon beat Mr. Entertainment before in a non-title match to get this shot .. and he was literally a half inch away from winning a World Heavyweight title shot .. but Mr. Entertainment is the most ENTERTAINING man on the planet … and the Television championship belongs to him.  There’s no way Daymon is walking out with the championship tonight."

GHEORGHE: "We’ve got a great show lined up for you all tonight … and when we return … Mercedes Devon and Krist Blue … as New ERA RAUCOUS comes to you from the Thomas Robinson Stadium in Nassau, Bahamas!"

A Word From Rabesque

(CUTTO: Jason Tripp in a hallway backstage, holding an New ERA microphone, standing right outside a doorway.)

TRIPP: "Ok, I am standing here, waiting for the appearance of Jean Rabesque, who just last week shocked the wrestling world when he apparently came out of retirement and attacked The Phantom Republican at the conclusion of his World Heavyweight championship match with Jonathan Marx. Now, while Rabesque certainly made his presence known, he has yet to speak to the New ERA masses about his absence, his comeback, and his status in the promotion. We expect Jean Rabesque to break that silence shortly."

(A few moments pass, and the door opens, and Jean Rabesque appears, sparking a MASSIVE pop from the crowd in attendance, he stops, and looks startled to see Tripp standing there, backing away slightly) 

TRIPP: "Jean Rabesque.... you stunned the world last week with your return to the New ERA of Wrestling, and how you did it at the very end of the pay-per-view. Fans of New ERA, and wrestling fans everywhere anxiously await your comments on the situation, your thoughts....."

(Rabesque looks Tripp up and down, and then offers a snicker in Tripp's direction.)

RABESQUE: "....................."

(Rabesque just chuckles to himself, and walks right pass Tripp down the hallway, Tripp is left standing there, frozen, microphone in hand, as we cut to commercial.)


(CUTTO: Ringside.)

GHEORGHE: "And we are back … and we’re about to start things off right now .. and who do you like in this match, Nick?"

JIVE: "Krist Blue is going to walk all over Mercedes Devon."

GHEORGHE: "Well, I wouldn’t go that far, Nick.  I would think that these two women match up pretty nicely against one another."

JIVE: "Except for the fact that Krist Blue hangs around MWG all day, every day.  That alone is good enough to make her head and shoulders above Devon."

GHEORGHE: "Well, let’s head to the ring and find out if that’s true!"

(CUTTO: Carl Jacobs in the ring as the lineup flashes on screen.)

Mercedes Devon vs. Krist Blue

JACOBS: "The following match is scheduled for one fall and has a thirty minute time limit.. Introducing first…"

(CUEUP: ‘Headstrong’ by Trapt.  Mercedes Devon comes from behind the curtains and begins to walk down the rampway.)

JACOBS: "She stands five foot ten and weighs 138 pounds.. hailing from Jacksonville, North Carolina …. MERCEDES DEVON!"

(Devon slides into the ring and stands in the corner, her arms in the air.)

GHEORGHE: "Mercedes Devon finds herself in good company as the wife of the #1 contender to the Television championship, Cameron Cruise."

JIVE: "Pish-posh, Gheorghe.. he only had to fight John Doe."

(CUEUP: ‘Never Say Never’ by Romeo Void.  Krist Blue steps through the curtains a blue light shines behind her.)

JIVE: "Now how can you say that Blue won’t destroy Devon tonight?"

JACOBS: "And her opponent … standing five foot six and weighing 113 pounds … she is ‘America’s Sweetheart’ … KRIST BLUE!"

GHEORGHE: "And Blue slides into the ring … and it looks like we’re ready to go!!"

(SFX: Bell rings.)

BEGINNING: The match started out well for Mercedes Devon as Krist Blue was more focused on the lights shining down from the ceiling than her opponent.  Devon caught Blue by the waist and took her up and over with a northern lights suplex.  Devon wasn’t able to make the bridge as Blue was already trying to get to her feet.  Mercedes Devon then dove forward and grabbed the hair of Blue slamming her head back into the mat on the way down.  Krist Blue rolled out of the way of an elbow drop, and then rolled out of the way of a second.  Mercedes Devon made a huge mistake by trying to suplex Blue onto the top rope.  Blue blocked the attempt and unleashed a vicious titty twister that caused Mercedes to yelp out loud.  Blue then went to work on the midsection of her opponent while they were in the corner.  Krist Blue grabbed Devon’s hair and tossed her across the ring into the other corner.  While Devon was getting to her feet Blue charged in and hit the springboard back elbow.  Devon went forward to fall to the mat, but Blue came out from behind and aided her down with a bulldog from the corner.  Blue covered, but merely got the two count.

MIDDLE: It was seemingly all Blue from here on out as she totally dismantled Mercedes Devon in the middle part of the match.  Devon tried to fight through a camel clutch, but Blue held it on for a good half minute before her hands slipped off the chin.  Mercedes Devon went for a wild kick and nearly caught the referee right in his junk.  Krist Blue took the opportunity to spin Devon around and apply a Boston Crab.  The referee was careful not to get too close to Devon after her last attempt to get Krist Blue off her, but Devon merely grabbed onto the ropes this time to break the hold.  Krist Blue released the hold after some goading from the referee and she immediately went to the top rope.  Mercedes Devon took her time getting to her feet and seemed confused as to where Krist Blue was .. until she turned around and was victimized by a flying cross body block from the top rope.  Blue only managed a two count on Devon.  Devon’s only bit of a break came after she ducked underneath a Krist Blue clothesline attempt.  Devon turned to get ready for Blue to return off the ropes .. but instead got a mouthful of Krist Blue’s tongue as Blue played to the fans with Dykin’ It Out.  Mercedes Devon pushed Krist Blue back and was too occupied with trying to remove Blue’s spit from her mouth to see Blue coming in with a knee to the midsection.  Krist Blue then brought Mercedes Devon up and down with a gutbuster.

END: Mercedes Devon was mercilessly driven into the corner by Krist Blue with open hand chops to the chest.  Blue then started biting her opponent on the nose causing Devon to fly into a rage.  Devon ran out into the middle of the ring holding her face, her nose obviously reddened by the biting, which allowed Krist Blue to climb to the top rope.  Devon finally regained her composure and turned to find Blue, only to have Blue come flying off the top rope and nailing her with a flying headscissors!  Devon was tossed through the ropes to the arena floor.  Blue wasted no time in following her, dragging her all the way to the guardrail where she bashed Devon’s head against it ten times.  Blue then rolled her opponent back into the ring and slid in afterwards.  Blue made the cover, but the referee saw her feet on the second ropes and called off the count.  Krist Blue then grabbed the legs of Mercedes Devon and catapulted her throat right onto the top rope.  Devon started to follow backwards and Krist Blue turned her around and applied the Binge and Purge mandible claw.  Mercedes Devon had no other option but to tap out.

WINNER: Krist Blue via submission after applying the Binge and Purge mandible claw at 7:01.

GHEORGHE: "And what a victory by Krist Blue!"

JIVE: "I told you!  Devon was putty in Blue’s hands!"

GHEORGHE: "Mercedes Devon didn’t seem to be able to establish any type of cohesion tonight .. and I’m sure in the future she’ll make it up!"

JIVE: "That’s if she even has a future in this division!  If I were her I wouldn’t show my face for a good long while."

GHEORGHE: "Well it’s a good thing you’re not her then."

JIVE: "You’re telling me … I wouldn’t want to have the schlep around with Cameron Cruise!"

GHEORGHE: "Uh .. huh…"

JIVE: "Why I oughta…"

The Usual Paperwork

(CUTTO: Backstage.  Marcus LaRoque is sitting in his office looking at paperwork.  Juliet Marceau walks in from behind holding a stack of papers.)

MARCEAU: "Marcus, darling.."

(He turns and looks at her inquisitively.)

LaROQUE: "What did I do now?"

(She plops the pile of papers on his desk.)

MARCEAU: "Nothing.  It’s just that time of year again."

(He looks at her as if he has no clue what she’s talking about.)

MARCEAU: "You have to re-sign the television contract for RAPTURE, silly!"

(He nods and looks for his pen.)

LaROQUE: "Oh yea … I forgot."

(She hands him a pen from her pocket.)

LaROQUE: "Thanks.  There’s just so many contracts and such going around.  By the way, nice job on finding Wylde."

(She doesn’t respond as he signs the papers.)

LaROQUE: "Juliet?"


LaROQUE: "I said nice job.."

(He finishes signing all the sheets.  Marceau quickly scoops up the papers and turns to leave.)

LaROQUE: "Your pen.."

(She doesn’t slow down..)

MARCEAU: "Keep it."

(LaRoque stares at her as she walks out of the shot..)

LaROQUE: "She is so weird sometimes."

(CUTTO: Back to ringside.)

GHEORGHE: "Well its good to know that RAPTURE will continue to stay on the air!"

JIVE: "Dammit.  I was hoping that Julius would be in the unemployment line by evening’s end."

GHEORGHE: "I guess you’re not that lucky, Nick.  Ladies and gentlemen .. we’ve got a real doozy coming up next."

JIVE: "Doozy?"

GHEORGHE: "Evening’s end?"

JIVE: "Shutup."

GHEORGHE: "We’ve got ‘the Dog of War’ Jason Payne coming up next .. and he’ll be facing the man who drew #2 in the BattleBRAWL rumble .. Steve Johnson!"

JIVE: "Who just so happened to be the first man eliminated, Gheorghe.. don’t forget that fun tidbit!"

GHEORGHE: "Steve Johnson did happen to be the first man eliminated … while Jason Payne lasted to the final three … and for the second straight BattleBRAWL."

JIVE: "I’ve heard a little rumor going around about how management might be throwing him a bone.."

GHEORGHE: "What are you talking about?"

JIVE: "I heard from Jason Tripp that Payne might be getting a World Heavyweight title shot soon .. just to show their appreciation for his quote, hard work and dedication to the BattleBRAWL rumble, unquote."

GHEORGHE: "Well that will be something to look forward to!"

JIVE: "Oh yea … I’m sure of it."

(Jive sticks his finger down his throat.)

GHEORGHE: "Let’s go to Carl Jacobs and get this match started!"

(CUTTO: Carl Jacobs standing in the ring as the lineup comes on screen.)

Steve Johnson vs. Jason Payne

JACOBS: "The following match is scheduled for one fall and has a thirty minute time limit!  Introducing first …"

(CUEUP: ‘Won’t Back Down’ by Tom Petty.  Steve Johnson comes out to a small pop and walks straight to the ring.)

GHEORGHE: "And the crowd giving Johnson a nice reception here in Nassau!"

JIVE: "I know they say ‘threes a crowd,’ Gheorghe .. but I don’t think they meant that literally."

JACOBS: "He stands six foot three and weighs 230 pounds .. hailing from Columbus, Ohio…. STEVE JOHNSON!"

GHEORGHE: "Johnson would love to get the victory tonight over Jason Payne .. not only to solidify his position as a serious title contender .. but also to make up for the poor performance in the BattleBRAWL rumble!"

JIVE: "Then he needs to beat Payne in about three seconds to make up for all that."

(CUEUP: ‘Dogs of War’ by Pink Floyd.  The crowd pops as Jason Payne comes through the curtain.)

GHEORGHE: "And here’s the ‘Dog of War!’"

JACOBS: "His opponent … hailing from Paynesville, Kentucky … he stands six foot six and weighs 275 pounds …. ‘the Dog of War’ JASON PAYNE!!"

GHEORGHE: "And listen to the reception the fans are giving Jason Payne!  They too know what talent he has after his past BattleBRAWL rumble performances!"

(SFX: Bell rings.)

BEGINNING: Both men looked sluggish starting off.  Steve Johnson managed to capitalize on a Jason Payne mistake after Payne attempted a running powerslam but didn’t have as good a hold on Johnson as he would have liked.  Johnson slid out as Payne drove him to the mat. Johnson landed on his feet as Payne went body first down.  Steve Johnson then began to work over the torso of Payne driving boots to the middle of the back.  He brought Payne to his feet and hooked the arms before dropping him with a double underhook DDT.  Johnson went to the corner and climbed to the second ropes before flying off placing a knee in the back of ‘the Dog of War.’  Johnson went for the cover, but Payne easily kicked out.  Steven Johnson went for another double underhook DDT, but this time Payne back body dropped him to the mat.  Johnson got up and tried to maintain control, but Payne was beginning to gather this thoughts and quickly dropped Johnson with a drop toe hold.  Payne floated over the top and applied a side headlock which trapped Johnson to the mat.  Johnson attempted to roll Payne over into a pinning combination, but Payne blocked it and jammed a fist into the head of his opponent.  Jason Payne then brought Steve Johnson to his feet, got a good grasp on him this time, and hit a running powerslam.  Payne was only able to get a two count.

MIDDLE: Whenever it seemed Johnson was about to get back into the match, Jason Payne stopped him in his tracks.  Johnson grabbed onto the ropes after Payne attempted to roll him up from behind, but he miscalculated the dropkick and ‘the Dog of War’ sidestepped it.  Payne was able to grab the neck of Johnson, turn him around and hit the standing neckbreaker.  Jason Payne brought Johnson to his feet and hit an atomic drop before running past him into the ropes and coming back with a huge shoulder tackle that sent Johnson down.  Jason Payne grabbed the head of Johnson and applied a chinlock trying to get him to submit.  Payne was unsuccessful, however, and quickly brought Johnson up and over with a snap suplex.  ‘The Dog of War’ applied an abdominal stretch in the middle of the ring and the referee repeatedly asked Johnson if he wanted to give, but Johnson shouted no and used every bit of strength in his body to hip toss Payne out of the hold.  Jason Payne wasn’t deterred, though, and before Johnson knew it Payne took his head off with a clothesline.  Johnson got to his feet out of pure instinct, but Payne grabbed his arm and irish whipped him hard into the corner.  Johnson hit back first and slumped to the mat.  Payne charged in with the knee and possibly jarred a few of Johnson’s teeth loose with it.

END: There was no going back for Payne as he methodically tore Johnson apart.  Payne applied a bearhug in the center of the ring trying to squeeze the air out of Johnson’s lungs, and after being pretty successful turn around and drove him into the mat with a bearhug turned into a spinebuster.  ‘The Dog of War’ picked up Johnson and hit a vertical suplex, then grabbed Johnson as he was getting to his feet and took him to the side with a sidewalk slam.  Johnson barely managed to kick out at two, but was obviously worn out from the damage he took.  Jason Payne continued the attack with Russian Leg Sweep and then dropped to the mat, wrapped Johnson’s arms around his legs, and applied a Cobra Clutch.  Johnson fought the hold valiantly, but he faded fast.  Payne made sure to release the hold before the referee called for the bell.  He picked Johnson to his feet, whipped him to the ropes and caught him coming back with a Full Nelson.  One Payne Killer later and it was lights out for Steve Johnson.

WINNER: Jason Payne via pinfall after hitting the Payne Killer at 8:14.

JIVE: "Payne .. just completely and totally took Johnson apart!"

GHEORGHE: "Jason Payne has shown us tonight that he can bounce back from the heartbreak of losing the rumble … and he did so in a convincing fashion! Wow."

JIVE: "You know what’s next, Gheorghe?"

GHEORGHE: "I have no clue what’s next for Jason Payne .. you’re the one with all the insider info."

JIVE: "I’m not talking about Payne … I’m talking about RABESQUADOR the BORINATOR~!!"

GHEORGHE: "Nick, you’re ridiculous.. ladies and gentleman .. we do have to take a commercial break .. but when we come back .. the former World Heavyweight champion Jean Rabesque .. makes his RETURN!"

Flash From the Past

(CUTTO: Backstage .. we see Victoria Hawke and another female walking down the hallway.)

HAWKE: "Now generally they put the men’s lockerroom and the women’s lockerrooms near each other so we can quickly interact with one another if we need to."

(The woman nods.)

WOMAN: "That’s good.  The last place I wrestled in put us like all the way across from each other.  It was very inconvenient."

HAWKE: "Well, you don’t have to worry about that now. New ERA is always willing to make things easier for their wrestlers."

WOMAN: "Excellent.  Because if there is one thing Candy Carmichael likes, its easy living!"

(Hawke smiles.)

HAWKE: "You’ll fit right in then."


(As they continue walking, they hear a whisper coming from the side.)

VOICE: "Hey … hey there.."

(Both women stop and look over.  The camera cuts to a behind shot of a man, about six feet tall, standing there, his hair a mess .. in a beige trench coat.)

CARMICHAEL: "Who is he?"

(The man then opens his trench coat and you see a look of horror on Candy Carmichael’s face.  Hawke covers her own eyes quickly. CUTTO: A front shot.  The camera is focusing on the middle of the chest and above.  The messy haired, hairy chested man in the trench coat is none other than past New ERA superstar Peter File!)

FILE: "You like what you see, don’t you babies…"

(CUTTO: Ringside.)


JIVE: "Forget File.. who was that BRUNETTE! Candy Carmichael?! She was HOT!"

GHEORGHE: "Candy Carmichael is New ERA’s newest female star … and did she get an eyeful on her first night here!  Peter File … the man who made it all the way to the fatal fourway battle royal for the New ERA World Heavyweight title!  He’s back!"

JIVE: "People flock to the Bahamas … and it seems as if people are flocking back to New ERA!"

GHEORGHE: "Jean Rabesque returned … Peter File has returned .. Candy Carmichael is here .. and you can only assume that Juliet Marceau reached Alex Wylde to come to New ERA … WOW."

JIVE: "I’ll take all of them … except Rabesque.  He can go back to Canananadaland."

GHEORGHE: "We’re going to see Jean Rabesque make his in ring return!"

JIVE: "Well then throw up the disclaimer already and let’s get going.."

GHEORGHE: "Disclaimer?"

JIVE: "Watching Jean Rabesque may cause dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, and an increased risk of suicidal thoughts…"


JIVE: "You’ve been forewarned."

GHEORGHE: "Ugh .. let’s go to Carl Jacobs in the ring.."

(CUTTO: Jacobs standing in the ring.  The lineup makes its way on the screen.)

Jean Rabesque vs. Trevor Cane

JACOBS: "The following match .. is scheduled for one fall and has a thirty minute time limit! Introducing first.."

(The crowd gets on their feet as they await the entrance of Rabesque. They immediately begin to jeer as ‘Unkind’ by Destrophy cues up.)

JACOBS: "He stands six foot five and weighs 263 pounds .. hailing from Sarasota, Florida …. ‘the Messenger’ TREVOR CANE!"

(Cane walks through the curtain and ignores the fans as they give him the thumbs down.)

JIVE: "You better believe Jean Rabesque is sitting in the back right now .. too afraid to even show his face right now.  All this time off must have rusted his jaw shut."

GHEORGHE: "Rabesque has always been a tough competitor .. and one of the greatest mat wrestlers of his time.  I’m sure if there’s any ring rust .. he’ll work through it quickly."

JACOBS: "And his opponent…."

(CUEUP: ‘Shapes of Things’ by the Jeff Healey Band .. The crowd waits .. and waits .. AND POPS OVER AND OVER as Jean Rabesque steps through the curtains, his eyes focused right on Trevor cane.)

GHEORGHE: "AND LOOK AT RABESQUE! How you can say there’s any ring rust on that man while looking at him now … is impossible!  He looks to be in tip top shape!"

JIVE: "One thing that hasn’t changed is this overwhelming desire for my eyelids to slam shut!"

JACOBS: "He stands six foot one and weighs 245 pounds … hailing from MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA … he is a FORMER New ERA of Wrestling World Heavyweight champion…. Welcome back … JEAN RABESQUE!"

(Rabesque starts walking to the ring and the fans reach out to pat him on the back.  He keeps his focus on Cane the entire way down.)

GHEORGHE: "And look at those eyes … Jean Rabesque looks like a man ready to stake his claim as World Heavyweight champion!"

(SFX: Bell rings.)

BEGINNING: One would have expected tons of ring rust for the former World Heavyweight champion, but you wouldn’t have been able to tell from the beginning of the match.  Jean Rabesque was at the top of his game countering everything Cane threw at him in the beginning.  Cane first attempted to work the mat game by bringing Rabesque down with successive single leg takedowns, but the former World Heavyweight champion would counter by driving his boot into the face of ‘the Messenger.’  Eventually Cane realized that wasn’t going to work and applied a side headlock on Rabesque.  Rabesque attempted to throw Cane off into the ropes, but ‘the Messenger’ held on and dragged Rabesque with him.  Rabesque then did the next best thing, grabbed the waist of Cane, and hit the belly to back suplex, dropping Cane on his head.  Rabesque rolled onto his knees, got to his feet, and caught Cane with an arm drag as Cane charged.  Cane got to his feet again, and this time was met with a dropkick right to the jaw which sent him flying into the corner.  Rabesque got to his feet as the crowd was HOT.  Rabesque didn’t seem to be affected by the noise, but Cane was and kept turning to the crowd to tell them to shut up; which of course only riled them up even more.

2ND QUARTER:  Cane did the only thing possible to quiet the crowd, and that was go on the offensive against the former World Heavyweight champ.  He ducked underneath Rabesque’s attempt to grab him, and when Rabesque turned, he poked his thumb into Rabesque’s eyes.  Rabesque doubled over to protect his eyes, but that opened him up to a Trevor Cane pumphandle slam.  The crowd fell deathly quiet as Cane covered, but popped huge when Rabesque kicked out.  ‘The Messenger’ went for a swinging neckbreaker, but Rabesque carried the move around to lock Cane’s arms.  Rabesque dropped to his knees and eventually got Cane in the backslide, but only got a two count.  Rabesque was up quick, but Cane quicker, and Rabesque received a standing spinning heel kick that sent him back to the mat.  Trevor Cane grabbed the arm of Rabesque, twisted it around, and then dropped the leg on the shoulder causing Rabesque to cringe in pain.  Cane didn’t let up and applied an armbar, and while the ref was bending over to check on Rabesque, ‘the Messenger’ added to the pressure by grabbing onto the bottom rope with his free hand.  Rabesque immediately responded by trying to roll Cane’s shoulders to the mat, but Cane had a hold of the rope, and the referee refused to count.  However, in the process, Cane was forced to release the arm bar.  Rabesque charged and Cane ducked to toss him over the top ropes to the arena floor.  Rabesque was wise to this and dropped to his knees before Cane and uppercutted him in the jaw causing Cane to fly over the top!

3RD QUARTER: Jean Rabesque waited patiently in the ring while the referee counted out ‘the Messenger,’ but Cane slide in at six.  Cane was caught by Rabesque as he got to his feet and Rabesque took him by the tights and threw him shoulder first through the second and third turnbuckle pads causing his shoulder to nail the ring post.  Rabesque then grabbed the legs of Cane and dragged him out of the corner causing Cane’s face to hit the mat.  Rabesque stepped over the legs and sat back with the Boston Crab causing the fans to pop big.  Cane wouldn’t tap, and the referee brought his arm up three times.  Twice it dropped to the mat, but the third time he held it up and managed to power out of the Boston Crab.  Rabesque wasn’t ready to let up, and turned Cane over and went for the Figure Four.  Cane used his free leg to boot Rabesque in the backside sending him to the ropes.  Rabesque only smiled as he turned around and headed back for ‘the Messenger.’  Rabesque grabbed Cane, but Cane quickly caught Rabesque in a small package that nearly resulted in the former World Heavyweight champion losing his first match back.  Rabesque got out with a split second left.  Trevor Cane had a burst of energy as he managed to get to his feet before Rabesque, and he caught Rabesque with a boot to the gut.  He grabbed the head, jumped in the air, and brought Rabesque’s head into the mat with the jumping DDT.  Cane got another close three count, but Rabesque once more kicked out before the referee’s hand hit the mat.

END: The crowd was bi-polar as the match began to come to a conclusion as neither man seemed to be able to keep the upperhand for too long.  Rabesque was Trevor Cane’s punching bag for awhile as Cane had Rabesque in the corner for the 10 punch count.  Cane hopped off and irish whipped Rabesque into the opposite corner, but on the follow up big splash, Rabesque put his foot up and caught Cane right in the face. Both men were on the mat and the referee began a standing ten count. Rabesque stirred first and broke the count at five.  Trevor Cane started to move after Rabesque was up and was on one foot when Rabesque grabbed him by the head. Rabesque placed Cane in between his legs and dropped him with the piledriver.  Rabesque then began to work over the legs of Cane, much to the pleasure of the crowd, as he first slammed the knee of Cane to the mat.  Rabesque stood on the back of the knee and placed the foot in front of his calf before falling forward, jamming the joint of the knee in an awkward position.  Trevor Cane didn’t seem to be having any luck avoiding Rabesque as Rabesque dragged him to the outside and slammed the knee against the steel post.  Trevor Cane did put up a fight, however, when Rabesque attempted to apply the Figure Four, and smashed Rabesque in the jaw with a right hook.  Cane got to his feet, but the damage to the knee had already begun to take effect.  Cane hobbled over to Rabesque who, in turn, drove a boot to the knee causing Cane to fall to the mat.  Rabesque climbed to the second ropes, came flying off with an elbow to the face, and applied the Figure Four leglock while the crowd cheered him on.  ‘The Messenger’ quickly tapped out.

WINNER: Jean Rabesque via submission after applying the Figure Four leglock at 16:47.


JIVE: "Is the building shaking?!  By God .. Jean Rabesque has caused an earthquake! The Earth has stopped spinning because it’s been put to sleep!"

GHEORGHE: "OH NICK!  The fans in the arena are going crazy as Jean Rabesque has his hand raised … and he is BACK!"

JIVE: "Little kids are crying .. how could you do this, Jean? How could you do this to the children?"

GHEORGHE: "I’m going to get you put under anesthesia if you don’t stop it!"


GHEORGHE: "Oh man … well .. coming up next is a match that I have been wanting to see for a very long time .. two former New ERA World Heavyweight champions go head to head … in a No Holds Barred match!"

JIVE: "This is perfect, too!  Larry Tact has just come out of one of the most brutal matches I’ve ever seen him in .. and now he’s gotta face The Phantom Republican in a match .. where there are no disqualifications!"

GHEORGHE: "Anything goes .. and if Tact showed us just one thing at BattleBRAWL 2 .. it was that he could go toe to toe w/ the most extreme wrestler in New ERA and come out on top!  I think GOP is going to have a tough battle on his hands tonight!"

JIVE: "You underestimate the power of the Republican party, Gheorghe."

GHEORGHE: "Let’s head up to Carl Jacobs and get this Clash of the Titans match underway!"

(CUTTO: Jacobs.  The pictures of Tact and GOP flash on screen, then quickly crash together as "CLASH OF THE TITANS" flashes on the screen.)

The Phantom Republican vs. Larry Tact

JACOBS: "The following match is scheduled for one fall .. has no time limit .. no disqualifications .. NO HOLDS BARRED .. and is a CLASH OF THE TITANS MATCH!  Introducing first.."

(CUEUP: ‘Karma’ by Diffuser as the fans hop to their feet and give one of the biggest pops of the night so far!)

JACOBS: "He stands six foot six and weighs 252 pounds… hailing from Manhattan, New York ….. he is a former New ERA World Heavyweight champion… LARRY TACT!"

(Tact steps through the curtains to another huge pop.)

GHEORGHE: "There he is .. and listen to the fans go wild!"

JIVE: "And Tact looks like he’s been hit by a mack truck still!"

GHEORGHE: "Tact making his way down to the ring and he gives some fans some high fives …"

(CUEUP: ‘The Imperial March’ by John Williams.  The crowds jeers drown out all of the voice / overs.)


GHEORGHE: "I think Jonathan Marx proved that he deserved the World Heavyweight championship at BattleBRAWL 2.."

(GOP steps through the curtain as the fans start tossing cups at him.)

GHEORGHE: "The fans not happy to see GOP.."

JIVE: "Yes they are! That’s the ceremonial greeting here in the Bahamas!"

JACOBS: "His opponent.. hailing from Conservative Middle America … he is a FORMER New ERA of Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion….. THE PHANTOM … REPUBLICAN!"

JIVE: "Juliet Marceau should have hired the Phantom Republican to take out Larry Tact… just look at him!"

(SFX: Bell rings.)

BEGINNING: The Phantom Republican looked hot as he jumped Larry Tact as soon as the bell rang.  Tact was caught off guard as GOP rammed him into the corner and threw three stiff forearms to the face.  GOP didn’t let up as he grabbed onto the ropes and drove his shoulder into Tact’s midsection repeatedly.  Tact threw an errant right hook that GOP ducked, allowing GOP to grab Tact and take him over with a belly to belly suplex.  Tact quickly tried to get to his feet, and did avoid a GOP clothesline.  GOP turned and was met with a boot to the gut that doubled him over.  Tact sent him up and down with a sitdown powerbomb.  Tact only got a two count as these two former World Heavyweight champions clashed.  Tact was the first to take advantage of the No Holds Barred stipulation as he slid to the outside and grabbed a chair.  However, as Tact was about to get into the ring, GOP used the baseball slide to jam the chair right back into Tact’s face, causing him to fall to the arena floor.  GOP grabbed onto the top rope and flew over the top rope splashing Tact on the floor.  GOP then grabbed the chair Tact was about to use and proceeded to slam it down over his back.  Tact then met the ringsteps shoulder first after GOP whipped him into them.  The match went back into the ring as the Republican one applied a blatant choke that the referee could do nothing about.  GOP didn’t go for the cover, however, as he went to the outside to retrieve the chair.

MIDDLE: After setting the chair up in the ring, GOP grabbed Larry Tact and sat him down in it.  Tact, still weary, had no clue what was going on as GOP climbed the ring ropes in front of him.  He was also unable to get out of the way of the ensuing flying clothesline that flipped him over the chair to the mat.  GOP made the cover this time and the referee got to two before Tact kicked out.  The fans really began to give it to the Phantom Republican as the former World Heavyweight champion jammed the chair into the throat of Tact.  GOP held the chair on Tact’s throat for another blatant choke until Tact managed to get GOP off him.  GOP grabbed Larry Tact and sent him into the ropes, but Tact hopped over the waiting GOP and went to the opposite ropes.  GOP turned and braced for the impact, but this time Tact stopped short, grabbed the Republican, and nailed a kickswing DDT.  The crowd got to their feet for the pinfall attempt, but were left wanting more after GOP kicked out.  Tact sent GOP to the ropes and went for a Somoan drop, but GOP countered with a nicely executed crucifix pinning attempt.  The crowd popped huge as Tact kicked out right before the referee’s hand hit the mat a third time.  They were not as pleased when GOP got to his feet, caught Tact getting to his, and then DDT’ed him onto the steel chair.  GOP made the cover, and the fans were once again overjoyed as Tact kicked out.

END: It would seem that Tact’s match at BattleBRAWL 2, plus the early damage he took in this match, placed a huge burden on his body as he was unable to put up much of a fight as the match drew to a close.  Phantom Republican irish whipped Tact into the corner, and on the way out scooped him up before hitting the Trickle Down Thuganomics  alternating shoulderbreakers.  Tact was lying flat on the mat as Phantom Republican climbed the ropes and flew off with a beautiful Star Wars high arching moonsault.  The cover only yielded a two count and a huge pop from the crowd.  Phantom Republican seemed to be wiping his hands clean as he grabbed Tact and brought him to his feet.  GOP continued to wear the first ever New ERA World Heavyweight champion down bringing him to the mat with the sleeperhold he calls the Terror Alert Green. Instead of waiting for the referee to lift Tact’s arms, GOP hopped off and immediately went to the corner.  What we thought was going to be the second Star Wars high arching moonsault of the night, instead turned out to be the Stealth Bomber.  The 180 degree spinning guillotine leg drop actually caused many fans in the audience to give the immediate former World Heavyweight champion a hearty pop.  GOP covered and the match was over when the referee’s hand hit the mat for the third time.

WINNER: The Phantom Republican via pinfall after the Stealth Bomber at 11:29.

GHEORGHE: "What a victory for the Phantom Republican."


GHEORGHE: "Ladies and gentleman .. you can be sure that those two will have plenty of more battles as they both fight their way to the World Heavyweight championship.  We’ve got to take a commercial break .. but when we come back… the Television championship is on the line. DAYMON… MR. ENTERTAINMENT … don’t miss it!"

Now That's B1TCHIN'!

(The fans begin to jeer as Juliet Marceau begins to walk down the rampway with the New ERA Women's champion, Karla Starr. They pass GOP and Tact who each give an inquisitive glance. Marceau and Starr get into the ring.)

GHEORGHE: "Ladies and gentlemen .. Vice President Juliet Marceau has come out to the ring with New ERA’s Women’s champion Karla Starr .. and we have no clue what is going on."

JIVE: "Marceau has not stopped smiling since she got out here … I think someone took too much of their meds today!"

GHEORGHE: "Marceau has the microphone … let’s hear what she’s out here for."

(CUTTO: Juliet Marceau, holding a large manila envelope.)

MARCEAU: "I want to thank you all for coming out here tonight to New ERA’s RAUCOUS… it’s always been a dream of mine to work in an organization such as this."

(Crowd is silent..)

GHEORGHE: "She came out here to thank the fans?"

JIVE: "How nice of her!"

MARCEAU: "Every show we try to put out the best available talents we have … in matches that are worthy of your admiration."

(SFX: Cheap "You’re flattering us" pop.)

MARCEAU: "But there has been something bothering me … ever since December 3, 2004…"

JIVE: "Um.. maybe she should be on her therapists couch for this.."

MARCEAU: "On that night … at BattleBRAWL in Seattle, Washington … (SFX: POP) New ERA of Wrestling crowned its first ever Women’s champion … and that woman is standing next to me right now.  Karla Starr."

(SFX: Crowd jeers!)

MARCEAU: "And she has defended this title against every single person who has come at her .. and she was defeated each and every one of them.  BUT STILL SHE GETS NO RESPECT!"

(SFX: Jeers!)

GHEORGHE: "Why is Marceau out here complaining on behalf of Karla Starr?"

MARCEAU: "In fact .. NONE of the women in our women’s division get any respect!"

JIVE: "What is she talking about? I respect that new girl Candy!"

GHEORGHE: "Shutup, Nick, and listen.."

MARCEAU: "You’ve seen Foxx and Karla Starr wrestle … IN MUD.  You see these girls bust their asses every single show .. for what?  So that people like Dean Julius … and (points at the announce booth) Nick Jive fawn over their breasts moiré than their wrestling ability."

(SFX: Pop at the word breasts.)

GHEORGHE: "Looks like Marceau is calling you out!"

JIVE: "I don’t fawn over their breasts!"

GHEORGHE: "Oh yea .. that’s right.."


MARCEAU: "Earlier tonight .. (holds up manila folder) I guess you could say I fibbed a little bit to Marcus LaRoque.."

GHEORGHE: "What is she talking about?"

MARCEAU: "I told him that he was signing the paperwork to extend RAPTURE’s television deal … sorry, Marcus … but this is too important to me.  You see .. RAPTURE is no longer New ERA’s show.  IT’s MINE!"

(SFX: POP!!)


MARCEAU: "Marcus LaRoque signed over the rights to RAPTURE to me, Juliet Marceau.  And I plan on announcing .. right here .. right now … that RAPTURE is no longer going to feature any single New ERA wrestler on it again!"

GHEORGHE: "She’s closing down RAPTURE?!"

MARCEAU: "But that’s not all, Marcus.  The other papers you signed? The back up copies … those were the contracts to Caitlyn Daymon.. Victoria Hawke .. Carlee Marx .. Candy Carmichael .. Felicia Hart .. Krist Blue .. Foxx .. and yes, even your Women’s champion Karla Starr.  They are no longer property of New ERA of Wrestling … BUT TO ME!"



GHEORGHE: "Juliet Marceau .. has single handedly taken RAPTURE .. and the women’s division?!"

MARCEAU: "You always hear about this New ERA of Wrestling… about how old school wrestling will clash with the stars of today … New ERA this .. New ERA that … well tonight … I am announcing the TRUE New ERA of professional wrestling … TONIGHT … I am officially incorporating .. VENUS Wrestling Alliance …. a wrestling promotion to protect the integrity of women’s professional wrestling that has totally been tossed to the side by this company!"

(Marceau points to the big screen as VENUS’ logo comes on.  THE CROWD POPS HUGE~!)



GHEORGHE: "I highly doubt you’ll ever be invited to an event, Nick!"

MARCEAU: "The New ERA’s Women championship … IS OVER.  And tonight .. I introduce to you .. the FIRST VENUS World Heavyweight champion ……. KARLA STARR!"

(Starr takes off the faceplate of the New ERA Women’s title to reveal a VENUS World Heavyweight championship plate.)

MARCEAU: "VENUS will revolutionize wrestling in ways New ERA could only DREAM OF!  We’re opening up applications .. and we’ll be fully functional soon .. but until then .. next week … opposite of RAUCOUS … VENUS will promote its first "showcase" card to show our new staff .. and how women’s wrestling SHOULD be … as VENUS presents … BITCHIN’!"

GHEORGHE: "I can’t believe this! Juliet Marceau … BITCHIN’ … WOW!"

MARCEAU: "Now .. go back to watching your wrestling … because after tonight .. you’ll notice just how empty it is around here!"

(She tosses down the microphone.)

GHEORGHE: "VENUS WRESTLING ALLIANCE!  Juliet Marceau has TRULY outdone herself this time!"

JIVE: "What is going on here tonight!? First we have Alex Wylde showing up .. then Peter File .. then this… and we still have the Television championship match .. and the special contract signing!"

GHEORGHE: "This is amazing… New ERA has never seen anything like that before!  Ladies and gentleman.. I don’t know how our main event is going to follow that announcement .. but it’s coming … AND IT’s COMING NOW!"

(CUTTO: Carl Jacobs in the ring, still shocked. The lineup flashes on screen.)

Television Championship

Daymon vs. Mr. Entertainment (c)

JACOBS: "The following match is scheduled for one fall .. and is tonight’s MAIN EVENT… and is for the New ERA of Wrestling Television championship!  Introducing first…"

(CUEUP: ‘Stones from the Sky’ by Neurosis.  Daymon steps through the curtain and stands there, hands on his hips, and looks at the crowd.  He starts making his way to the ring.)

JACOBS: "The challenger … standing six foot two and weighing 243 pounds .. hailing from Tacoma, Washington…. DAYMON!"

JIVE: "Daymon’s different these days.. there’s something about him … he seems to be getting more and more confident in his skills each time I see him."

GHEORGHE: "Yea, something’s different about him … but I’m still unsure as to whether it’s a good thing or not!"

JACOBS: "And his opponent …."

(CUEUP: ‘That’s Entertainment!’ by the Jam.  The crowd begins to JEER as a lone spotlight lights up the top of the ramp.  A hole forms on the bottom of the floor and slowly coming up from underneath is Mr. Entertainment, standing with his back to the crowd, hands on his hips.)


(The floor slowly begins to rotate, spinning Mr. Entertainment around letting the fans look at him as he hasn’t moved yet.  Finally he puts his arms in the air, much to the crowd’s dismay!)

JACOBS: "He stands six foot two and weighs 234 pounds .. hailing from Ashland, Oregon… he is the current New ERA of Wrestling TELEVISION CHAMPION …. And the most ENTERTAINING man in New ERA ….. MR. ENTERTAINMENT!"

(Entertainment walks to the ring.)

GHEORGHE: "He sure does know how to make an entrance!"

(SFX: Bell rings!)

GHEORGHE: "Mr. Entertainment and Daymon in the ring .. and Entertainment is saying something to Daymon… but I can’t hear what."

JIVE: "I think he’s telling him that he’s worthless … that he’ll never get the championship .. that he’s a pi.."

GHEORGHE: "Thank you for your commentary, Nick."

JIVE: "Always willing to help."


JIVE: "And Mr. Entertainment .. goes flying back?"

GHEORGHE: "Entertainment sent to the mat .. and all Daymon did was shove him.  Mr. Entertainment gets back to his feet.. and now he locks up with Daymon!  DAymon gets the upperhand and brings the arm up and around … AND MR. ENTERTAINMENT SCREAMING IN PAIN!"

JIVE: "Daymon is just staring at Mr. Entertainment in disbelief.. I don’t think he realizes his own strength."

GHEORGHE: "Uh … Okay.  Daymon now releases the arm bar .. and Mr. Entertainment falls to the mat holding his arm.  Something isn’t right here …"

JIVE: "Mr. Entertainment obviously injured something…"

GHEORGHE: "I don’t think that’s it… Entertainment back to his feet … AND DAYMON WITH AN OPEN HAND SLAP!  Now Mr. Entertainment goes flying back into the ropes!"

JIVE: "Look at Daymon … he’s starting to get pissed off!  Mr. Entertainment is in the ropes and Daymon is complaining to the referee."

GHEORGHE: "The ref can’t do anything about it … Daymon approaches .. CLOTHESL.. no!  Entertainment ducks under the clothesline… Daymon throws the elbow back and hits Entertainment in the chin with it … AND MR. ENTERTAINMENT FLIES BACKWARDS … he rolls onto his feet .. AND FLOPS TO THE MAT!"

JIVE: "Now Daymon is REALLY getting annoyed!  He is shouting at the Television champion."

GHEORGHE: "Mr. Entertainment’s obvious over exaggeration has gotten under the skin of Daymon .. Daymon grabs Mr. Entertainment by the head and drags him to his feet … AND NOW Mr. ENTERTAINMENT IS BEGGING OFF!  Mr. Entertainment drops to his knees and starts crawling backwards holding up his hands … and Daymon comes forward …"

(SFX: Crowd jeers!)

GHEORGHE: "AND MR. ENTERTAINMENT WITH A RAKE OF THE EYES!  Daymon is doubled over …. and Entertainment is up!  Mr. Entertainment with a knee to the head sends Daymon reeling …. AND ENTERTAINMENT WITH A PICTURE PERFECT DROPKICK SENDS THE CHALLENGER TO THE MAT!"

JIVE: "Entertainment got Daymon right where he wanted him!"

GHEORGHE: "Daymon now getting back to his feet .. and Entertainment catches him with a hiptoss!  Daymon again up .. and Entertainment w/ another hiptoss!  Mr. Entertainment now drops down and applies the chinlock on the challenger!"

JIVE: "Mr. Entertainment showing that he can outwrestle Daymon .. and he has been toying with him since these two stepped into the ring."

GHEORGHE: "Mr. Entertainment has the chinlock on .. and Daymon reaching for the ropes .. but he can’t get them."

JIVE: "I hope Cameron Cruise is out back right now taking pointers on how NOT to wrestle Mr. Entertainment.  He’s getting a lesson right here from Daymon."

GHEORGHE: "Daymon now is struggling to get to his feet .. and he does!  Daymon turns his body to the side … AND SHOOTS AN ELBOW INTO THE GUT!  Mr. Entertainment keeps his grip.. AND NOW DAYMON WITH ANOTHER SHOT!  Entertainment’s hold is broken! Daymon bounces off the ropes … BUT MR. ENTERTAINMENT SIDESTEPS AND LOCKS ON A SLEEPER HOLD!"

JIVE: "Mr. Entertainment is five, six, ten steps ahead of Daymon in that ring right now."

GHEORGHE: "Entertainment trying to shake Daymon back and forth for quicker air depravation … BUT DAYMON GRABS THE HEAD OF ENTERTAINMENT … AND DROPS DOWN WITH THE JAWBREAKER!"

JIVE: "Now THAT was a cheap move!  Doesn’t Daymon realize that Mr. Entertainment needs his teeth? I mean .. they’re sight-blindingly white!"

GHEORGHE: "Mr. Entertainment is in the corner holding his mouth .. and Daymon is starting to get to his feet … Entertainment now coming out .. he comes in with the double axehandle …. BUT DAYMON WITH A SHOT TO THE STOMACH … he grabs the body of Entertainment .. AND TAKES HIM DOWN with a Russian legsweep!"

JIVE: "Come on, Mr. Entertainment!  Show this two-bit piece of scenery how a REAL star wrestles!"

GHEORGHE: "Daymon grabs Mr. Entertainment by the head and brings him back up … SWINGING NECKBREAKER!  Daymon with the cover … ONE …. TWO …. KICKOUT!"

JIVE: "I bet Mr. Entertainment is playing games with Daymon’s head again."

GHEORGHE: "If he is, then he’s doing a damn better job faking injury now… Daymon gets to his feet .. and drops the leg across Mr. Entertainment’s face!  Entertainment rolls onto his stomach and holds his head … AND DAYMON WITH AROLLING KNEE DROP INTO THE MIDDLE OF THE BACK!"

JIVE: "Mr. Entertainment is just letting Daymon work out all his frustrations … you know .. Once Daymon has run out of energy, Mr. Entertainment will pop up and beat the living hell out of him."

GHEORGHE: "Mr. Entertainment crawling to the ropes .. and he grabs onto them as Daymon comes over.  Daymon grabs him .. and he irish whips him to the opposite ropes … Daymon readies himself as Mr. Entertainment comes off …. AND DAYMON GRABS ENTERTAINMENT AND SENDS HIM FLYING WITH A RELEASE BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!"

JIVE: "Did you see how far Mr. Entertainment flew?!"

GHEORGHE: "Daymon is back on his feet .. and the fans are rooting him on!"

JIVE: "I don’t know why .. he’s a loser!"

GHEORGHE: "Daymon has already beat Mr. Entertainment once in a non-title match … that’s how he got this one tonight!"

JIVE: "All part of Mr. Entertainment’s ingenious plan!"

GHEORGHE: "Daymon now drags Mr. Entertainment into the center of the ring .. AND SLAMS THE ELBOW DOWN ON THE KNEE!  Mr. Entertainment has his knee bent forward by Daymon .. and he shoots up!  Mr. Entertainment in serious pain … and he’s trying to grab at Daymon’s face!"

JIVE: "When you’re down .. you fight tooth and nail .. right now, Entertainment’s trying to use fight with the nail."

GHEORGHE: "Daymon re-adjusts his grip .. and now he is reaaally trying to bend the knee forward!"

JIVE: "Mr. Entertainment has a hold of his face though!"

GHEORGHE: "Entertainment has a hold of Daymon’s face … AND HE JUST POKED THE THUMB RIGHT IN THE EYE!  Daymon releases the hold and now Mr. Entertainment rolls underneath the ropes and falls to the outside!"

JIVE: "Mr. Entertainment just taking a five minute break."

GHEORGHE: "There are no breaks in wrestling, Nick!"

JIVE: "For Mr. Entertainment there is! He’s the Television champion for Christ’s sakes!"

GHEORGHE: "Daymon finally back .. and he’s looking around for Mr. Entertainment .. and he sees him getting to his feet on the outside!  Mr. Entertainment jawing at the crowd … AND DAYMON GRABS HIM BY THE HEAD! DAYMON PULLS MR. ENTERTAINMENT ONTO THE APRON!"



JIVE: "I thought that was highly entertaining!"

GHEORGHE: "Mr. Entertainment now rolling back into the ring .. and he’s slapping Daymon!  Entertainment standing over Daymon … AND HE DRIVES THE BOOT RIGHT INTO DAYMON’s THROAT!"

JIVE: "He is really working over the throat of Daymon."



GHEORGHE: "The Television champion grabs Daymon by the feet … AND HE FLIPS OVER HIM … ONE …….. TWO ……. THREE—NO! Daymon got out!"

JIVE: "Barely, Gheorghe! Barely!"

GHEORGHE: "Mr. Entertainment … HE’s CLIMBING THE ROPES! Mr. Entertainment is on the top rope ….. AND HE FLIES OFF WITH THE ELBOW DROP! Entertainment nails Daymon in the sternum … AND Daymon now rolling around the ring."

JIVE: "Daymon’s probably way short of breath right now as it is … all Mr. Entertainment has to do is lock on a sleeper, and Daymon will be OUT COLD."

GHEORGHE: "No Jean Rabesque joke there?"

JIVE: "I did think about it …"

GHEORGHE: "Mr. Entertainment taking a few moments to make the cover … ONE …… TWO …. KICKOUT!"

JIVE: "The Television champion should have covered a little bit quicker, but he’s in total control right now."

GHEORGHE: "Entertainment now brings Daymon up to his feet … he scoops him up .. EMERALD FUSION!  The over the shoulder neckbreaker … and Entertainment covers … ONE …….. TWO …….. THREE! HE GOT HIM!"



JIVE: "Oh come on!  The referee counted so slow!"

GHEORGHE: "Entertainment getting to his feet … and he drops the elbow on the throat again!  Mr. Entertainment now with the forearm .. and he’s shoving it right underneath the chin!  That forearm dangerously close to the throat… and the referee is checking to make sure that everything is legal."

JIVE: "Why wouldn’t it be legal? Mr. Entertainment doesn’t need to resort to illegal acts to win."

GHEORGHE: "Entertainment now getting to his feet … and he is going to the corner .."

JIVE: "And Entertainment is heading up top again!  What a star!"

GHEORGHE: "Daymon lying in the middle of the ring as Mr. Entertainment on the top of the turnbuckle.. AND HE FLIES OFF WITH THE MOONSAULT!  ONE ……….. TWO ………… THREE! NOOOOOOOOO!!"

JIVE: "Entertainment is just getting warmed up! Listen to the fans! They are loving every minute of this!"

GHEORGHE: "I think they were responding to Daymon …"

JIVE: "That’s why you’re just calling the action and I’m the analyst!"

GHEORGHE: "Mr. Entertainment slapping Daymon again … and he is walking around the ring with his arms up in the air…"

(SFX: Jeers!)

GHEORGHE: "The Television champion comes back to Daymon … he picks him up …. BUT DAYMON WITH THE SMALL PACKAGE! ONE … TWO … THREE!"

JIVE: "NO NO NO! Mr. Entertainment kicked out!"

GHEORGHE: "Entertainment back to his feet and drops the elbow .. BUT DAYMON MOVES!  Entertainment gets to his feet … he yanks Daymon up .. and sends him to the ropes .. NO! REVERSAL BY DAYMON ….. AND DAYMON WITH THE SPEAR!  Daymon rolls off Mr. Entertainment .. and both men are on their backs!"

JIVE: "Daymon somehow got a burst of energy .. but that’s obviously a fluke!"

GHEORGHE: "Mr. Entertainment starting to stir .. and the Television champion shaking off the cobwebs .. and now Daymon is getting up!  Entertainment grabs Daymon … AND HE THROWS A EUROPEAN UPPERCU… NO!  DAYMON BLOCKS IT!  DAYMON WITH A RIGHT HOOK!  ANOTHER! A THIRD SENDS ENTERTAINMENT TO THE MAT!"

(SFX: Crowd pops huge!)

GHEORGHE: "And Daymon is walking around the ring with purpose!"

JIVE: "Like a hothead! He is a man possessed!"

GHEORGHE: "Mr. Entertainment gets back to his feet … AND DAYMON WITH A CLOTHESLINE SENDS ENTERTAINMENT TO THE MAT!  The momentum brings Entertainment back to his feet … AND DAYMON DOCKS HIM WITH THE HAND OF GOD DISCUS PUNCH!"

JIVE: "Mr. Entertainment is seeing stars of his own! But he’s still getting up!"

GHEORGHE: "Daymon catches Mr. Entertainment as he gets to his feet … AND HE SLAMS HIM INTO THE CORNER! Entertainment back first in the corner … AND DAYMON WITH VICIOUS KICKS TO THE SIDES … AND NOW HE PLACES HIM ON THE TOP ROPE!"

JIVE: "Daymon can’t do this … he just can’t!"



GHEORGHE: "Daymon is trying maintain control… BUT ENTERTAINMENT CONTINUES TO FIGHT…"





GHEORGHE: "Daymon is on the ropes to the right … Entertainment landed on the ropes to the left.. and both men look to be in incredible pain!"

JIVE: "Daymon is faking it! He doesn’t have any balls!"

GHEORGHE: "The Television champion falls off the ropes to the mat .. and Daymon follows suit only seconds later … and both men are down!"

JIVE: "The winner of this match is the one whose balls drop first."

GHEORGHE: "Oh stop it!  The referee starts his count .. and both men lying with their hands between their legs."

JIVE: "This isn’t how the match was supposed to go! Mr. Entertainment was supposed to walk in .. take care of business and walk out!"

GHEORGHE: "Well that’s obviously not the case!  The referee continuing his count, but neither man has gotten up yet … and now the referee stops it to check on them."

JIVE: "No! He should keep counting!"

GHEORGHE: "The referee gets back up after checking on both men .. and he starts the count again!  But Mr. Entertainment is starting to stir!  Mr. Entertainment is moving towards the ropes!"

JIVE: "After everything Daymon has thrown at him .. The Television champion is STILL GOING!"

GHEORGHE: "AND NOW DAYMON IS MOVING!  Mr. Entertainment is using the ropes to get to his feet .. and Daymon is sitting up!  ENTERTAINMENT IS UP!  Mr. Entertainment sees Daymon sitting up … AND ENTERTAINMENT FLIPS OVER THE TOP OF DAYMON AND SNAPS HIS HEAD FORWARD!"


GHEORGHE: "Entertainment makes the cover …. ONE ………… TWO ……….. THREE!!!!"



JIVE: "YES!!!"

(The referee holds up to fingers!)

GHEORGHE: "HE DID KICK OUT!  Mr. Entertainment is on his feet and he is irate!  Entertainment yelling at the referee about the count … and he is really laying into him!"

JIVE: "The referee has counted in Daymon’s favor EVERY SINGLE TIME tonight!  Of course Mr. Entertainment is going to be mad!  His Television championship is on the line!"






JIVE: "Thank the GOD in Heaven!"

GHEORGHE: "Entertainment snaps back to his feet .. AND HE IS KICKING DAYMON IN THE HEAD!  Over and over … and now the Television champion drags him up … SNAP SUPLEX!  NOOO! DAYMON FLIPPED OVER AND LANDED ON HIS FEET!"

(SFX: Crowd pops … then jeers!)



GHEORGHE: "Daymon kicked out!! The Television championship match .. the main event here on RAUCOUS CONTINUES!"

JIVE: "And Mr. Entertainment is heading up top! He’s going to end this right now with whatever he does here!"

GHEORGHE: "Entertainment is climbing the ropes .. and he is on top! Mr. Entertainment ….. FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH ONTO DAYMON!!!"



JIVE: "What the hell does Mr. Entertainment have to do to finish this thing!  Have Daymon tested for steroids! He was inexplicably energetic at the pay per view .. and now he’s uncharacteristically getting out of Mr. Entertainment’s attempts to defend his title!"

GHEORGHE: "it’s called adrenaline, Nick."


GHEORGHE: "Both men lying in the middle of the mat …. The referee is counting … he’s at four …. AND DAYMON TOSSES THE ARM OVER MR. ENTERTAINMENT!!! ONE …………. TWO ……………. THREE!!!"



(The referee holds up two fingers!)

GHEORGHE: "NO NO NO!  Mr. Entertainment kicked out!!!"

JIVE: "That’s the definition of a champion!"

GHEORGHE: "My god … what a match tonight .. what a main event to have coming off BattleBRAWL 2!"


GHEORGHE: "You’re right!  Daymon and Mr. Entertainment … they’re getting to their feet … and the fans here in the Thomas Robinson Stadium in Nassau, Bahamas are on their feet as well… and now I think they’re cheering both men on!"

JIVE: "Can you hear it? The ENTERTAINMENT chants!"


JIVE: "Come on, Entertainment!"

GHEORGHE: "Daymon yanking on the head of Entertainment … and he’s as alert as you could be right now!"




GHEORGHE: "NO!! DAYMON HELD ONTO THE ROPES! Mr. Entertainment rolls back and gets on his feet …. DAYMON WITH A KICK TO THE GUT……"



JIVE: "But what’s he doing?!  Daymon .. Daymon just walked over to the ropes!  He’s not pinning Mr. Entertainment!"

GHEORGHE: "Daymon is asking for the microphone!  What the hell is going on here?"

JIVE: "I have no clue .. but Daymon has the mic!"

GHEORGHE: "What’s he doing with the mic?"

(The crowd quiets as Daymon brings the microphone to his face. You can hear him breathing heavily.)

DAYMON: "You know what … I don’t need this."

(He walks and stands over Mr. Entertainment, bending down staring him in the face.)

DAYMON: "You come out here and talk about how you ENTERTAIN the crowd .. well tonight .. the only thing that you entertained was the thought of losing that precious Television championship."

GHEORGHE: "Daymon .. Daymon is wasting his time talking! Just cover him!"

DAYMON: "Well.. KEEP YOUR TITLE, Entertainment.  I don’t want that second rate piece of trash. I have my sights set on something larger.  Something more WORTHY of my attention."

JIVE: "He’s delusional!"

DAYMON: "The title that should be the number one contender to right now, not Shawn Hart."

(SFX: Crowd is still silent!)

DAYMON: "That is the New ERA World Heavyweight championship.  And I will not stop .. I will not sleep .. I will not waste my time holding a title that’s as worthless as its current holder .. until I get my shot at World Heavyweight title."

(Daymon tosses the mic down and heads towards the ropes.)



GHEORGHE: "The referee is shocked.. Mr. Entertainment …"

(SFX: Bell rings.)

GHEORGHE: "He just retained the title!"

JACOBS: "Ladies and gentlemen… the winner of this match by count out … AND STILL NEW ERA OF WRESTLING TELEVISION CHAMPION …."

(CUEUP: ‘That’s Entertainment!’ by the Jam.)



JIVE: "He’s insane!"

GHEORGHE: "Mr. Entertainment was down and out … and Daymon .. just left!"

JIVE: "The fans don’t know what to think!  This is crazy!"

GHEORGHE: "We’ve got to take a commercial break.. but when we come back .. Jonathan Marx and Shawn Hart will sign their World Heavyweight championship match contract … we’ll be right back!"


(CUTTO: The ring.  In the middle of the ring stands a table, a red cloth over it.  New ERA President Marcus LaRoque stands there as a referee puts down to pens, the final touches to the contract signing set up.)

GHEORGHE: "We are back .. and you are looking at the place where Jonathan Marx and Shawn Hart will sign the contract that will officially make Shawn Hart the number one contender to the World Heavyweight championship."

JIVE: "Jonathan Marx is ready to sign this contract .. and I’ve heard from Brandon Jacobs himself that he plans on spending the next couple of weeks training to get ready for Shawn Hart!"

GHEORGHE: "I’m getting word that this special contract signing event is about to kick off!"

(CUTTO: Carl Jacobs stands in the ring.)

Special Contract Signing for the
World Heavyweight Championship Match!

JACOBS: "Ladies and gentlemen .. may I direct your attention to the ring .. where Shawn Hart .. and Jonathan Marx will shortly sign their contract for an upcoming World Heavyweight championship match!"


JACOBS: "Introducing the man who will be challenging the World Heavyweight champion at a show of his choosing … and the WINNER of the BattleBRAWL 2 rumble.."

(CUEUP: ‘Nobody Does It Better’ by Carly Simon.  The crowd pops HUGE as the curtains part … and Shawn Hart steps through them.  Hart is wearing a grey sweat suit … and sweatbands around his wrists and forehead .. he comes down the rampway .. and throws punches at the air a-la Rocky Balboa!)

JIVE: "Look at that idiot.. you better train as hard you can .. because when you and Marx meet, you’re going to go down for the ten count!"

JACOBS: "Here he is … SHAWN … JESSICA … HART … P .. h .. D!"

GHEORGHE: "Hart is making his way to the ring .. and he pulls the contract out of his pocket and is holding it high in the air! Listen to the fans! They are going crazy!"

JIVE: "That’s because they’re sleep deprived! That’s the only reason why they are cheering!"

JACOBS: "And now .. introducing the man who will defend his World Heavyweight championship at the card of Shawn Hart’s choosing.."

(CUEUP: ‘The Touch’ by Stan Bush.  The crowd begins to jeer as John Doe and Brandon Jacobs come out and hold the curtains open.  Jonathan Marx steps through wearing a beautiful Armani suit, a gold wrist watch shimmering in the lights.  The World Heavyweight championship wrapped around his waist looks incredibly polished as it bounces the lights off it.)


(Crowd jeers even more!)

GHEORGHE: "Both men are in the ring .. and Shawn Hart continuing to throw punches at the air .. Jonathan Marx stands there looking at him .. and he is shaking his head …"

JIVE: "Jonathan Marx knows that these two have a date in the future .. and he is watching in amusement at Hart… when they meet … Marx is going to dominate him!"

(Marcus LaRoque gets the microphone.)

LaROQUE: "Hart .. can I have the contract please?"

(Shawn Hart places the contract down on the table.)

LaROQUE: "Would you do the honors first?"

GHEORGHE: "Shawn Hart takes the pen … and he signs the contract!"

(Hart tosses the pen to the table and throws his arms up in victory … the fans respond with a huge pop!)

LaROQUE: "Jonathan .. it’s your turn."

(Marx rolls up his sleeve and grabs the pen.  He takes the contract and holds it up.)

JIVE: "Look at poor Marx! He can’t even see where the line is to sign it!"

(Brandon Jacobs reaches into his pocket and takes out the broken reading glasses and offers them to Marx. Marx shoots him a glare, and Jacobs quickly puts the glasses back in his pocket.)

LaROQUE: "Here … the line is right there."

(LaRoque points at it .. and Marx signs the contract!)

LaROQUE: "It is OFFICIAL… Jonathan Marx .. and Shawn Hart … for the World Heavyweight championship … and after that match takes place .. everyone here in the Thomas Robinson Stadium can say that they were present to witness the creation of that historic event!"

(LaRoque hands the microphone back to Carl Jacobs.  Jonathan Marx immediately steps around the table and approaches Hart!)



(Marx stands there … and Hart takes a step towards him.)


JIVE: "When these two meet … the roof is going to explode! Just feel the tension .. and this is only the contract signing!"

GHEORGHE: "Marx and Hart now jawing back and forth ….. AND MARX TURNS!  Jonathan Marx motions to Doe and Jacobs to follow him to the back!  Ladies and gentlemen … we thank you for joining us here on RAUCOUS .. join us next time as we come to you LIVE from the Dominican Republic!"

(Marx starts stepping through the ropes to leave.  As he does, Shawn Hart grab the microphone.)

HART: "Woah … woah … woah."

( continued... )