[ Memorial Field ] Hanover, New Hampshire


TAPED: Sep. 19, 2005
AIRED: Jan. 04, 2006

(FADEIN: The Dartmouth College campus. The camera slowly swoops up and down as he head over buildings and into the main quad. It turns 90 degrees and we begin to head towards the sports complex area … in the distance we see the huge white bubble enclosed over the football field. The camera speeds up as it heads straight for the enclosement. As it is about to crash into it, the camera cuts quickly to blackness… Slowly, from the bottom of the screen words scroll upwards.)




(Coming up slowly behind the words is the logo for RAUCOUS. It hits the words and bounces back. On the second attempt the words still hold strong forcing the logo back. Finally, on the third try the logo breaks through the words causing the pieces to scatter off screen. The logo takes prominence on the screen as ‘Who Said’ by Planet Funk cues up.)

(CUTTO: Inside the Stadium as the camera looks around at the thousands of screaming fans who are dancing to ‘Who Said’ …The Big Green, Dartmouth’s Marching Band, comes from out of the lockerroom to lead everyone in the national anthem. As everyone sings the National Anthem the camera locates Tom Gheorghe and Nick Jive who are standing. The Anthem ends and everyone claps and hollers as Gheorghe and Jive take their seats.)


JIVE: "And what better way to return to the States than to hold our first RAUCOUS back on a college campus! Have you SEEN these girls?!"

GHEORGHE: "Just remember, Nick .. they’re girls."

JIVE: "They’re 18plus, Gheorghe."

GHEORGHE: "We are here at Memorial Field on Dartmouth College’s campus in Hanover, New Hampshire … and as you can hear we have some pretty rabid fans in the stadium tonight who are about to witness some of the finest wrestling New ERA has to offer!"

JIVE: "Damn right they are! We’ve got some huge matches tonight, Gheorghe!"

GHEORGHE: "And before we get to them, let’s just go back a moment to New ERA RAPTURE this past week …"

JIVE: "You mean the FINAL RAPTURE!"

GHEORGHE: "Yes, indeed! New ERA President Marcus LaRoque announcing on RAPTURE in Saint John that New ERA is canceling our secondary show until further notice."

JIVE: "Well when you have to pay people like Jean Rabesque millions of dollars to just suck the fun out of the air, it doesn’t surprise me that he would have to save money!"

GHEORGHE: "Jason Tripp will still be our backstage interviewer, but poor Dean Julius … he’s got nowhere to go."

JIVE: "Except the unemployment line .. and THANK GOODNESS! I really couldn’t stand that guy. He really pissed me the fuc…"

(CUEUP: ‘The Perfect Drug’ by NIN. Both Gheorghe and Jive look at the ramp.)

JIVE: "Now what …"

(The crowd pops as Dean Julius, the former color announcer on RAPTURE, walks down the rampway … a smile beaming on his face.)

JIVE: "OH COME ON! What is he doing down here?!"

GHEORGHE: "I don’t know, Nick."

(Julius walks over to the announce table, sits down next to Gheorghe on the opposite side, and puts on his headset.)

GHEORGHE: "Well, hello, Dean."

JULIUS: "How the fuck are ya’?"

JIVE: "What are YOU doing here? Didn’t you get canned like your show did?"

JULIUS: "Funny story, Nick. I have a two year contract to announce. Since RAPTURE’s no longer on the air .. guess where I’m going to be."

JIVE: "Noooooo! I am going to kill LaRoque!"

GHEORGHE: "You’re going to be with Nick and I?"

JULIUS: "Oh hell yes… and you better believe that I am going to bring some fucking personality to this borefest!"

GHEORGHE: "Well then, welcome to the team, Dean!"

JIVE: "I’d offer you some water, Dean … but I forgot to put the arsenic in it first."

JULIUS: "Well what are we talking about, fellas?"

GHEORGHE: "RAPTURE, actually."

JULIUS: "How convenient! It was a horrible show. I thought for a second I was watching a "Best of Nick Jive…" marathon."

JIVE: "…"

GHEORGHE: "ANNNND…. On RAPTURE there were five matches, just like tonight, including the Women’s Heavyweight title match and the Television title match as both champions had to face their #1 contenders."

JULIUS: "I wouldn’t even bother with the first two matches… amateurs …. It was almost as boring as that one time I saw an Elmwood Park, Illinois High School wrestling match."

GHEORGHE: "Well, it’s actually quite funny that you mentioned that, Dean. I was just about to announce that in an effort to cut costs even more, New ERA released the four men involved in those two matches!"

JIVE: "Should have fired his ass…"

JULIUS: "I know you like it and all, Nick, but I’d prefer if you didn’t talk about my ass at all."

GHEORGHE: "Also on RAPTURE … probably the biggest news of the night … Caitlyn Daymon is PREGNANT!"

JULIUS: "And it’s not mine, I swear!"

GHEORGHE: "Well considering we know whose it is … because he showed up and attacked Carlee Marx right after the announcement …. Caitlyn Daymon’s husband … ROCKO Daymon is now in New ERA of Wrestling!"

JULIUS: "The guy should be a pretty good draw for New ERA … the fans seemed to think he was some hot shit in Canada … but then again … it is Canada."

GHEORGHE: "Well needless to say the Daymon / Carlee Marx match didn’t end up happening and Caitlyn Daymon is now on medical leave until she has her baby."

JIVE: "I’m sure Karla Starr won’t mind … now she doesn’t have to worry about any of the competition in the Women’s Division!"

JULIUS: "She didn’t have to before!"

GHEORGHE: "The Women’s Champ defeated Olivia Lewes on RAPTURE as well. Olivia looked quite out of it the entire match … and ended up storming out of the building once it was finished!"

JIVE: "No one’s heard from her since, Gheorghe … we don’t even know if she left the country!"

GHEORGHE: "Starr controlled the match from beginning to end .. and with Daymon and Lewes out of the running … the Women’s Division is looking particularly weak…"

JULIUS: "I’ve heard some rumors, Tom … I think you can expect the ass kicking to start right back up!"


JULIUS: "I’m not saying anything more… if I do, I’ll have to kick your ass."

JIVE: "And kill you…."

GHEORGHE: "Uh…. And in the main event of RAPTURE … MWG retained the Television title over his challenger Mr. Entertainment in an incredible match."

JIVE: "You mean incredibly WEIRD match, Gheorghe! Jason Payne came down at the end …. and groped himself … and then used the unconscious referee’s hand to count MWG’s pin…."

GHEORGHE: "Jason Payne has definitely been acting very strange lately … and we can only hope that he is in sound enough condition to wrestle here tonight again Dallas Carter."

JULIUS: "You think Dallas Carter is even ready to wrestle? He got his head fucking smashed in at International Intrigue in the TLC P©X title finals against Chaos … he’ll be lucky if he can even remember to show up tonight!"

GHEORGHE: "I’ve seen both men in the stadium tonight and I know they’re ready to go, Dean."

JIVE: "Any women on tonight’s show?!"

GHEORGHE: "Sorry, Nick, no."

JULIUS: "Although I did see your mom backstage giving Jean Rabesque head in the corner, Nick."


GHEORGHE: "Woah, woah, woah… guys, lets just get through the lineup for tonight.. We also have ‘the Man of the Hour’ Nick Elliot going against Cameron Cruise …. who was initially declared the #1 Contender to the Television title at International Intrigue, then suspended for RAPTURE .. hence why Mr. Entertainment got the shot instead."

JIVE: "Cruise is going to run over Elliot tonight. He’s got to be so pissed off that I don’t think Elliot has any fighting chance."

GHEORGHE: "While those two matches should be fun … the three final matches of the night should generate tons of talk … we got six men who have all been interconnected at one time .. and with everything that’s been going on, I just hope we can keep them separated!"

JULIUS: "The Masked Man … is a genius."

GHEORGHE: "The Masked Man, who along with the Phantom Republican, defeated Jean Rabesque and Alister Hayze at International Intrigue, will be in action tonight against Jonathan Marx from DREDD … these two men are both high caliber wrestlers … and it could easily turn into the match of the night!"

JIVE: "Jonathan Marx is livid that the Masked Man wrestled in the match without him … they were originally supposed to be partners! But then again, the Masked Man was the reason why John Doe couldn’t be in the main event at the pay per view, so maybe not so much."

GHEORGHE: "Also tonight we will have a non-title PRODIGY Classic Xtreme match …. As the P©X Champion Chaos will take on the other member of DREDD, John Doe, in a Falls Count Anywhere match!"

JULIUS: "Chaos almost had his body beaten unrecognizable at the pay per view, and now he’s in a Falls Count Anywhere match … oh the joys of being the P©X champion!"

JIVE: "Can you imagine him tossing John Doe down the stairs … FROM THE VERY TOP OF THE STADIUM?! That’s what I live for!"

GHEORGHE: "And … in tonight’s main event … a match that’s been in the making for quite some time … Jean Rabesque … the World’s Champion since New ERA’s first pay per view DESTRUCITY, will take on the #1 contender … the Phantom Republican!"


GHEORGHE: "The Champ has weathered many things, Nick .. and tonight he might just meet his match in the ring!"

JULIUS: "The Phantom Republican has come out and proved to me that he’s got what it takes … but we’ll see."

GHEORGHE: "We’ve got to take a commercial break .. but when we come back to Memorial Field here in Hanover …. Nick Elliot and Cameron Cruise will start things off …. We’ll be right back!"

( continued... )