[ Air Canada Centre ] Toronto, Ontario


TAPED: May 30, 2005
AIRED: Jun. 24, 2005

(FADEIN: The outside of the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Canada. The fans have already piled into the arena, but outside covering every entrance, are the Canadian Mounted Police keeping alert at anyone who walks near the arena.)

GHEORGHE (V/O): "What you are seeing is the efforts by Vice President Juliet Marceau to catch the masked man who has been terrorizing the New ERA roster .. she wants him to unmask in front of everyone .. right here tonight on RAUCOUS!"

(CUTTO: Inside the arena. More police officers can be seen in the main hallways. CUTTO: Backstage. Police officers cover each exit.)

TRIPP (V/O): "I think she’s going a little overboard, Tom .. I mean, imagine what we could have done with the money we are spending on this security."

GHEORGHE (V/O): "This masked man has attacked and injured so many of our wrestlers that I think it would be absurd for New ERA officials NOT to have police protection .. but tonight that masked man will earn his spot in the main event of International Intrigue by removing the mask and showing everyone who he is!"

(CUTTO: The lockerroom door of Vice President Juliet Marceau. On either side of the door there stands a police officer, looking straight ahead. The door slowly opens and Marceau peeks her head out.)

MARCEAU: "Any word yet on if he arrived?"

(One of the officers turns his head to her.)

OFFICER: "Sorry ma’am.. nothing seems out of the ordinary quite yet. He might wait until later, but we’ll be on him the first chance we get."

(Marceau opens the door all the way and walks out. She shuts the door behind her and locks it.)

MARCEAU: "Alright. Well .. (she pauses) Make sure that you let me know. I want to know when he’s arrived, ASAP!"

OFFICER: "Sure thing, Ms. Marceau."

(Marceau begins walking towards the green room.)

MARCEAU: "And I mean ASAP…"

(CUTTO: Blackness. The Ontario Flag slowly fades onto the four corners of the screen, flowing as if they were in the wind. Scrolling from the bottom of the screen upwards is the following:




(CUEUP: ‘Who Said’ by Planet Funk as the RAUCOUS logo slowly comes onto the screen creeping up behind the words. As it gets closer and closer the words slowly begin to disintegrate and fall off the screen as the logo takes full precedence.)

(FADEIN: Inside the Air Canada Centre! Thousands upon thousands of fans fill the arena which is covered from head to toe with Canadian and Ontarian flags. The fans wave the flags with vigor as the theme music begins to die down. CUTTO: Tom Gheorghe and Nick Jive sitting at the announce table. Jive is wearing a small American flag lapel pin.)

GHEORGHE: "Welcome everyone to another edition of New ERA RAUCOUS! Tonight’s RAUCOUS is the LAST before New ERA’s third pay per view International Intrigue!"

JIVE: "Finally we can finish up this Canadian tour and get the hell back on American soil!"

GHEORGHE: "International Intrigue will come from the Molson Centre in Montreal .. and after that it’s back to the United States .. who knows, Nick .. maybe a Mexican tour is next!"

JIVE: "If that’s the case .. then I’m quitting .. you can have Dean Julius work with you."

GHEORGHE: "Oh God no.. I watch RAPTURE .. I saw what Jason Tripp now has to deal with and it makes me appreciate you a little bit more every day."

JIVE: "Stop getting all mushy, Gheorghe .. it’s very unbecoming of you!"

GHEORGHE: "I’ll try. As I said tonight is the last RAUCOUS before the pay per view .. and by god what a show it should be!"

JIVE: "We’ve got some of our biggest stars on hand for tonight; including our future World Champion, the Phantom Republican!"

GHEORGHE: "The Phantom Republican will be in action tonight in a special non-title Debate Match with the World Champion of New ERA of Wrestling, Jean Rabesque."

JIVE: "I bet you anything these idiots will be cheering Rabesque. Not only is he a fellow idiot, but he’s also Canadian."

GHEORGHE: "Well before we go on with the rest of tonight’s line up I will let everyone know that one of tonight’s matches will not be taking place. Unfortunately due to contractual reasons the Shayera / Victoria Hawke match has been scratched from the agenda. But fear not.."

JIVE: "Here we go again.."

GHEORGHE: "We’ve replaced that match with a Double Debut match .. and it should more than make up for the cancellation!"

JIVE: "I saw the two newcomers .. and let me tell you, I was more impressed with that dog that was dancing to that Grease song than I was with either one of them!"

GHEORGHE: "Nick! Moralis Candoom and Mark Matix are two great additions to the New ERA roster and tonight we’re going to get a first look at both of these men!"

JIVE: "Yea .. okay. Listening to Candoom talk is like watching Mars Attacks! With only the aliens talking."

GHEORGHE: "Annnnnnyways… we also have the Insurgent taking on ‘the Crippler’ Cameron Cruise.. and what a war these two have had the past few shows!"

JIVE: "We all know that Cruise has been set up to take a huge beating from the Insurgent .. the Insurgent will be on the top of his game tonight and will topple Cameron Cruise right out of Canada!"

GHEORGHE: "That will remain to be seen, Nick!"

JIVE: "Mark my words, Gheorghe. After tonight, Cameron Cruise will go hiding in a bunker .. and will only be found by a task force appointed by the Phantom Republican when he is crowned World Champion."

GHEORGHE: "Have you already been drinking the Mexican water in anticipation of our Mexican tour?"


GHEORGHE: "Perhaps not .. but you never know! Also on tap for tonight is the second of our semifinals matches in the PRODIGY Classic Xtreme title tournament. Chaos defeated Thomas Lombardi in a Taipei Death match on RAPTURE in Quebec City this past week .. and tonight ‘the Future’ Rex Reynolds and Dallas Carter will face off in a Buried Alive match for the right to face Chaos in the FINALS at International Intrigue!"

JIVE: "Reynolds and Carter were the last remaining combatants in the newcomer battle royal last RAUCOUS .. so it only seems fair that these two face one on one to determine just who is the better man .. and who deserves to remain in the tournament."

GHEORGHE: "The Buried Alive match should be brutal as the two can wrestle anywhere they want to .. but the end won’t come until one man is thrown into the coffin in the ditch and covered with soil!"

JIVE: "Reynolds has the upperhand I think. Afterall, he’s a fine, fine technical wrestler."

GHEORGHE: "But all those matches we have just gone through pale in comparison to tonight’s main event .. a tag team match between the team of Alister Hayze and Jason Payne as they take on Jonathan Marx and MWG!"

JIVE: "These four men are all connected as each partner will be facing one of their opponents at the pay per view.. Jason Payne and MWG will fight it out for the withheld Television title .. and Jonathan Marx and Alister Hayze are two of the four men involved in the Brawl to End It All tag team cage match!"

GHEORGHE: "Tonight should be full of surprises, Nick .."

JIVE: "The only thing I care about tonight is the unveiling of the masked man .. I’ve had my people do a LOT of research .. so I’m pretty confident I know who it is already."

GHEORGHE: "Care to give us a little hint?"

JIVE: "WEEEELLLLL …. No. You can wait just like the rest of these fuckers."

(Jive laughs as Gheorghe rolls his eyes.)

GHEORGHE: "Ladies and gentlemen.. we’ve got to take a commercial break .. but when we get back we’re going to kick off RAUCOUS with a double debut match as Moralis Candoom takes on ‘Mad’ Mark Matix!"

JIVE: "Good.. I get to sleep some more before the REAL action starts."

GHEORGHE: "Why don’t you take another shot of your spiked water and keep quiet.."

(Jive shoots him a look.)


GHEORGHE: "Sure it is .. and MWG is 100% heterosexual.."

Getting the Job Done

(CUTTO: The main security room in the Air Canada Centre. The two security guards who are supposed to be on duty are sitting next to each other reading the morning newspaper. The huge screens sit in front of them with about 20 to 30 pictures from security cameras inside and outside of the building.)

GUARD1: "You hear about that?"

GUARD2: "What?"

GUARD1: "Apparently Alanis Morissette is re-releasing Jagged Little Pill in an acoustic form."

GUARD2: "No shit!"

GUARD1: "Yea .. comes out in a few weeks."

(As the two men continue to talk about their countrymate, the camera focuses on one of the shots from the cameras. In it, a man in black wearing a mask hops over the dumpster wall and looks around suspiciously.)

GUARD1: "I loved Head Over Feet .. probably my favorite…"

(The masked man ducks tight to the wall as the door opens and a Canadian Mounted Police Officer walks onto the deck. He pulls out a pack of cigarettes and lights one up.)

GUARD2: "… I feel bad that Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie did poorly on the charts. I thought it was a beautiful album."

GUARD1: "Damn Americans don’t know good music when they hear it apparently."

(The police officer smoking the cigarette walks over to the far side of the deck and looks out at the parking lot where we can see the sun setting. Once he begins to move the masked man comes out and ducks against another wall before reaching for the door handle.)

GUARD1: "I’m sure the new album will be just as good. I’ve always liked acoustic better."

(The masked man opens up the door slowly and peeks inside. After a few seconds he slips in and we see the door shutting. Meanwhile, the police officer begins to turn back around to face the door.)

GUARD2: "It should be good."

(The police officer turns around but faces a completely shut door. The masked man has entered the building and we can see him walking down a corridor in another shot of the screens. The two security guards put down their papers.)

GUARD1: "Well I need a drink .. you want me to get you something?

GUARD2: "I’ll come with you .."

GUARD1: "Okay."

(The security guards get up and walk to the door of the room. On the screen we see the masked man dart from camera to camera shot .. we fade to a commercial for the finals of the P©X Title tournament as we focus back on the police officer, who now stands in front of the door with his cigarette; unaware that someone has gotten by him.)

( continued... )