[ Air Canada Centre ] Toronto, Ontario


TAPED: May 30, 2005
AIRED: Jun. 24, 2005
EPISODE: RAUCOUS 21, Chapter 3

(FADEIN: Ringside with Tom Gheorghe and Nick Jive…)

JIVE: "Juliet Marceau has now brought the Women’s Champion into the hunt!"

GHEORGHE: "I saw … that’s a curious decision."

JIVE: " Karla Starr is a perfect choice .. afterall, she was a masked woman before!"

GHEORGHE: "I know … but why choose Starr?"

JIVE: "Well its not like Marceau could ask Taylor Mathis, her prior hitman .. the masked man already took him out of action last RAUCOUS!"

GHEORGHE: "Still … it just seems out of place.. (shrugs his shoulders) anywho … our next match tonight features two men who had quite a battle last week in a triple threat elimination match as the Insurgent and Cameron Cruise now get the chance to face each other one on one.."

JIVE: " Insurgent toppled the hypocrisy last week … and he’s going to further cement his dominance here tonight!"

GHEORGHE: "And joining us for this match .. as a special treat for you, Nick.."

JIVE: "Hardly…"

GHEORGHE: "Sort of as a way to say goodbye, since as everyone knows Nick did his last stint as a full time color commentator on RAPTURE … so .. for this next match Jason Tripp has joined us … welcome Jason, glad to have you on RAUCOUS."

TRIPP: "To think that my career started here in RAUCOUS doing back stage interviews…"

JIVE: "I can make it so you give interview six feet under, if you’d like…"

TRIPP: "No thanks, Nick … you should be happy I didn’t invite Dean Julius to come…"

JIVE: "I would’ve fed you to the dogs…"

GHEORGHE: "OOOOOKAY, then! Cruise is on a mission of his own .. to rebound from last week’s loss and continue to move up the ladder here in New ERA."

JIVE: "Without Joey Melton, Cameron Cruise is a nobody … Insurgent’s got his number, and tonight he’s going to use it."

GHEORGHE: "Let’s go over to Carl Jacobs and get this shindig underway!"

(CUTTO: Carl Jacobs standing in the ring… the lineup comes on screen.)

Insurgent vs. Cameron Cruise

(CUEUP: ‘Headstrong’ by Trapt. The crowd pops as Cameron Cruise emerges from behind the curtain. He jogs down to the ring, slides in and pumps a fist in the air.)

JACOBS: "Standing six foot four and weighing 248 pounds …. He hails from Jacksonville, North Carolina …… ‘the Crippler’ CAMERON CRUISE!!"

JIVE: "Look at these fans … So young and impressionable … a man like Cruise comes along and they get confused … the REAL hero is about to come out …"

GHEORGHE: "Cameron Cruise has made a name for himself both as a singles wrestler and as part of one of the greatest tag teams in history, the Cameron Cruise Project…"

(CUEUP: ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ by Metallica. A few fireworks go off on the platform simulating bombs dropping as the Insurgent staggers out from behind the curtain causing the fans to jeer… he walks to the ring, an intense look on his face.)

JACOBS: "And his opponent… he stands six foot two and weighs 220 pounds …. Hailing from Anywhere and Everywhere ……. He is the INSURGENT!!"

(SFX: Bell rings.)

GHEORGHE: " Insurgent in the ring now and he charges Cruise with a knee to the gut that backs him up into the corner, followed by several kicks to the lower leg of ‘the Crippler’… and we’re off to a hot start in this match!"

JIVE: "The Insurgent is all about getting the job done quickly…"

TRIPP: "And those kicks are centered around that knee that was focused on a week or two ago on RAUCOUS. Insurgent now sending Cruise for a ride.."

GHEORGHE: "Cruise REVERSES and sends Insurgent back into the same corner, and CRUISE EXPLODING WITH FIVE FURIOUS FOREARM UPPERCUTS TO THE FACE OF INSURGENT, and Cruise sends him for a ride to the opposite buckle, and Cruise splashes Insurgent right into the back!!!"

TRIPP: "Cruise waiting for Insurgent to come out.... CHOP BLOCK TO THE RIGHT LEG!!! And Cruise now laying all sorts of kicks to that leg, Cruise REALLY going for broke here."

JIVE: "And you’d know about broke .. Cruise knows that he’s in trouble against Insurgent .. so he’s trying to do anything to slow him down."

GHEORGHE: "This is Cameron Cruise’s match to lose, isn’t it? He's certainly wrestling like it is. Cruise pulling Insurgent out of the corner leg first, and is dropping fast knees right to the knee of Insurgent... OOH, and a vicious kick by Insurgent right to the face of ‘the Crippler’ to back him off."

TRIPP: " Insurgent getting up, but that right knee is a little tender at the moment..."

GHEORGHE: "Cruise up and charges in with a shoulderblock that drops Insurgent right on his face, and ‘THE CRIPPLER’ TRYING TO HOOK IN THE STF, but Insurgent kicks him away when he tries to lock the stepover toehold."

TRIPP: "Cruise not letting up at all.. dragging Insurgent by the bad leg to the ropes, and draping it on the bottom rope.. Cruise with a drop knee to the leg, and another one...OOH, that was close."

JIVE: "Like you’d know anything about being close…"

TRIPP: "Excuse me?"

JIVE: "Yea, go ahead .. try and deny it, Tripp…"

GHEORGHE: "Cruise going with a jumping double stomp to the extended leg that would have certainly broken it, but Insurgent pulls the leg away.. and Insurgent crawling to the center of the ring as Cruise grabs that knee... and posthole's it to the mat!!!"

TRIPP: "And Cruise again going for the STF, but this time Insurgent is too close to the ropes, and he scrambles to get there before Cruise cinches it in. Cruise not stopping there, he's got the leg again.."


JIVE: "I think he was going for a blind kick, and it accidentally hit Cruise there..."

TRIPP: "Sure he was, Nick... and he helps out the homeless during his time off, right?"

JIVE: "No you idiot … he’s the Insurgent…"

TRIPP: "Wha.. nevermind… Cruise dives for the knee again, but Insurgent with the presence of mind to dodge Cruise.. and a big elbowdrop to Cruise's back slows the momentum of the former multiple Tag Team champion."

GHEORGHE: " Insurgent doing something very smart here, he's riding on the back of ‘the Crippler’, getting off of his knee, but still forcing Cruise to wear himself out... front facelock, and he rides back, sitting on Cruise's back, and he gets a boston crab in, only he's quite literally sitting on Cruise's back."

JIVE: "Good .. now break it so we can be rid of this freak for good."

GHEORGHE: "Freak?"

JIVE: "He was the father of another man’s baby!"

TRIPP: "You didn’t actually believe that, did you?"

JIVE: "Well of course I did! Because it was true!"

TRIPP: "Cruise too close to the ropes, though, and Insurgent had to break the hold. Insurgent tries to stand again, he has a bit better leverage... but not when Cruise forearms the back of the knee. Cruise on his feet, BULLDOG to the canvas."

GHEORGHE: "Cruise now has that leg in front of him, possibly going for a figure four... Insurgent kicks him off, Cruise off the ropes, jumps over the prone Insurgent, Insurgent up, Cruise with a THESZ PRESS... INSURGENT CATCHES HIM... but the knee gives and he falls with Cruise on top of him. And CRUISE WITH RAPID FIRE RIGHT HANDS ON THE FALLEN INSURGENT!!!"

TRIPP: "This is a very personal match here, Cruise and Insurgent with only a few matches of history with one another .. but Cruise needs to get the victory to prove to himself and New ERA management that he can handle the pressure... Cruise finally getting off of Insurgent, and tries to turn him over into a boston crab... and it's hooked!!!"

GHEORGHE: "The referee asking Insurgent if he submits, and Insurgent is saying hell no. Insurgent is trying to force out of it... AND HE DOES!!! GOOD GOD, HE PUSHED OUT OF THE BOSTON CRAB!!!"

TRIPP: "And he sent Cruise flying FACE FIRST into the corner… Cruise bounced off the turnbuckle pad and he's down now."

JIVE: "Cruise was tossed across the ring into the corner like someone being shot out of a cannonball.."

GHEORGHE: " Insurgent getting to his feet and starting to walk off the effects of Cruise's early attack here.... Cruise is bleeding.. he must have hit that turnbuckle pad pretty hard because his nose seems to be dripping blood… and Insurgent rakes his boot across the head of Cruise to get more blood going."

TRIPP: "And as sick as that sounds, that is sound strategy... you can't see, you can't fight. Insurgent now with a KICK RIGHT TO THE FACE OF CRUISE!!!!!! And he just spit on ‘the Crippler’!"

JIVE: " Insurgent doesn’t let up on any man .. he treats every victim the same!"

GHEORGHE: "That's disgusting.. Insurgent now starting to get better balance as he gains strength in the leg ... he picks Cruise up to his knees and fires a right hand into the bloody face of ‘the Crippler’, and another.. and now Insurgent on top of ‘the Crippler’ with that front facelock again."

TRIPP: "Tom, this could become a submission... I don't think Cruise would tap to this, but if he applies enough pressure and forces enough blood out of ‘the Crippler’, he could pass out from this."

GHEORGHE: "Not a great way to end a career, if, in fact, this is ‘the Crippler’s last match. Insurgent now kneeling, and the grimace on his face is obvious, he's trying to force that knee of his to take some weight, otherwise his arsenal of suplexes won't be effective here."

TRIPP: "‘the Crippler’ now showing some life, trying to force Insurgent up on his feet..."

GHEORGHE: "‘the Crippler’ and Insurgent up now.. INSURGENT WITH A DDT, and that ended that bit of offense right off the bat. Insurgent now up, he's picking up ‘the Crippler’.... GORILLA PRESS!!!!!!"

TRIPP: " Insurgent showing that his strength and size disadvantage over ‘the Crippler’.. won’t affect the momentum of this match … and … OH MY!!!"

GHEORGHE: "JAVELIN TOSS RIGHT INTO THE TURNBUCKLE!!!!! Now Insurgent stomping on the bloody mess of a head that ‘the Crippler’ has right now. Insurgent picking him up, full nelson by Insurgent... FULL NELSON SUPLEX right on the head.."

JIVE: "Not only is the Insurgent bucking the establishment … he’s also a track and field superstar as evident from the distance he tossed Cruise… haha…"

TRIPP: " Insurgent rides over with it, and now has that full nelson square on the neck of ‘the Crippler’, and the referee's right in there, talking to Cruise and making sure he's still conscious, while asking him if he wants to submit."

GHEORGHE: "The blood is just gushing out of ‘the Crippler’'s nose right now, as Insurgent is grinding Cruise's face into the mat using the full nelson. This is a good setup for the Cobra Clutch, which Insurgent has tried to use last RAUCOUS to get a submission out of Cruise."

TRIPP: "I agree, Insurgent getting Cruise to submit to the Cobra Clutch would be something the fans would be forced to remember."

GHEORGHE: "That would be humiliating for Cruise to lose twice in a row to the Insurgent .. as now Insurgent is pulling Cruise to his feet with the full nelson.... ref checks the arm once... AND IT FALLS! He checks the arm twice...... BUT HE KEEPS IT UP! Cruise is up... and CRUISE'S BREAKING THE FULL NELSON!!! THE RESOLVE ‘THE CRIPPLER’ IS SHOWING HERE is INCREDIBLE!!!"

JIVE: "Oh please .. even the dirtiest, ugliest dogs have their day…"

TRIPP: "Cruise powering out of the hold, and Insurgent can't believe what he's seeing here..."

GHEORGHE: "Cruise's almost out of it... he's out... NO!!!! INSURGENT GRABS HIM AROUND THE WAIST AND TOSSES HIM OVER HIS HEAD!!!!!"

JIVE: "But it looks like this dog is going to get put to sleep! Hahaha!"

TRIPP: "And that released German suplex killed Cruise's momentum as Insurgent now standing over the fallen ‘Crippler’. Notice that Insurgent is still limping, I think that knee of his could be reinjured."

GHEORGHE: " Insurgent grabbing Cruise's hair and raking his face across the ropes in an attempt to draw more blood from the nose… Cruise is a complete mess right now, as Insurgent turns Cruise around... NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX!!! ONE ………. TWO ……….. THR—KICKOUT!!!"

JIVE: "God dammit! Cruise is putting up more of a fight than I think the Insurgent likes … but nevertheless he will prevail!"

TRIPP: "And Cruise is down, and he may be out, that suplex dropped him right onto his head. Insurgent now taking Cruise's legs and locking on a boston cr... no, a liontamer!!"

GHEORGHE: "And it's putting pressure right on that head and neck, the referee is right there, trying to hear Cruise say "I Quit" or to see if Cruise is passed out."

TRIPP: " Insurgent now letting go of a leg.. and falling backwards.. STF!!!!!"

GHEORGHE: "Good combination there by Insurgent, and Cruise in his dazed state didn't see it coming... Insurgent has the STF locked on and if Cruise doesn't find a second wind soon, he's finished!!!"

TRIPP: " Insurgent on the side where his good knee is, he has that locked on… BUT ‘the Crippler’ WILL NOT submit! He's shaking his head no!!!"

JIVE: " Insurgent has that sucker locked on..."

GHEORGHE: "Cruise looks like he's starting to go..... Ref checks his arm once...... AND IT FALLS!! Twice............... BUT CRUISE KEEPS IT UP!!!! HE'S KEPT IT UP!!!!"

(SFX: Huge crowd pop.)

TRIPP: "Cruise is still center ring with the STF on him... Insurgent pulling for dear life..."


JIVE: "Cruise just needs to throw in the towel already.. Insurgent has outclassed him by far.."

GHEORGHE: "Only partially, Insurgent isn't quite putting full weight on his right knee.. and CRUISE ROLLS INSURGENT OFF OF HIM!!!! HE GETS INSURGENT OFF BALANCE!!!!"

TRIPP: "And Cruise being VERY smart, crawling towards the ropes... but Insurgent right on Cruise with a knee to the back. Insurgent now picking Cruise up..."


(SFX: Crowd pops.)

JACOBS: "There are now 10 minutes remaining in the match …. 10 minutes …"

GHEORGHE: "COMPLETE DESPERATION MOVE BY ‘THE CRIPPLER’, as he yanked on Insurgent' trunks and bounced his head off the top turnbuckle pad!!! And Insurgent is down."

TRIPP: "Cruise needs to capitalize on this somehow, Insurgent is stunned but he's in much better shape than ‘the Crippler’ at the moment."

GHEORGHE: " Insurgent is the first to his feet, boot to the face of Cruise, now he's picking Cruise up, sends him to the ropes, Cruise DUCKS A CLOTHESLINE... ENZIGURI!!! AND INSURGENT FACE FIRST INTO THE MAT!!!!!"

(SFX: Crowd pops.)



JIVE: "Oops.. sorry…"

TRIPP: "And that drew blood!!! Insurgent is bleeding from the nose now... both men have now had their noses busted open!"

GHEORGHE: "Both men getting to their feet slowly, it's a matter of who gets there first... CRUISE DIVES INTO THE KNEE OF INSURGENT!!! Insurgent tries to get up, AGAIN CRUISE CHOP BLOCKS HIM. AND CRUISE'S UP AND HE'S GETTING FIRED UP!!!!"

(SFX: Crowd pops.)


TRIPP: " Insurgent gets up, CRUISE DROPKICKS HIM HEAD FIRST INTO THE CORNER!! And Cruise catches him on as he stumbles out.. BELLY TO BACK.. NO!"


TRIPP: "And it appears that Insurgent didn't land well that time, he's limping badly in there... but he's still got enough to pick ‘the Crippler’ up for a quick suplex."

GHEORGHE: " Insurgent now dragging a limp ‘the Crippler’ and sitting him on the top rope.... Insurgent testing that knee before he gets up there..."

TRIPP: "He's got Cruise in a powerslam position on the second rope.."

JIVE: "Cruise can kiss his future here in New ERA goodbye…"

GHEORGHE: "This could be the Powerbomb coming up here... NO, Cruise wiggles behind Insurgent and is standing on the top... Insurgent up top now as well… he turns around to connect with a belly to belly... CRUISE AND REVERSES IT!! BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!!!!"

(SFX: Crowd pops.)

JIVE: "OH COME ON! That’s not fair!!"

GHEORGHE: "Cruise drapes that leg of Insurgent over the bottom rope, Cruise on the second rope.. KNEEDROP RIGHT ON IT!!!! AND INSURGENT IS IN A WORLD OF PAIN RIGHT NOW!!!!!!"

TRIPP: "Cruise dragging Insurgent center ring... elbowdrops to the leg, followed by a kneesmash... and CRUISE GOES FOR THE FIGURE FOUR!!!"

GHEORGHE: " Insurgent in a desperation move kicks him away, and Cruise slams backfirst into the cage and is slumped into the ropes. Insurgent tries to stand... HE CANNOT!!!!! THE KNEE BUCKLES!!!!"

TRIPP: "And Cruise off the ropes... ROLLING LEG WRENCH ON INSURGENT!!!!"

GHEORGHE: "And Insurgent flips onto his stomach from the force of that move.. ‘the Crippler’ has the leg... CRUISE CONTROL!!!!!!!!"

TRIPP: "And Insurgent is SCREAMING "NOOO" to the referee, he won't tap out. He will not."

JIVE: "COME ON INSURGENT!! You can get out of it!! PLEASE GET OUT OF IT!"

GHEORGHE: "‘the Crippler’ could care less...he's going to break that knee. ‘the Crippler’ still putting pressure to the neck but he's focusing on that knee."

TRIPP: " Insurgent is getting a glazed look in his eyes, this could end it right here..."

(SFX:Bell rings…)

GHEORGHE: "AND I THINK INSURGENT GAVE UP!! Cameron Cruise with an impressive victory here tonight …"

JIVE: "I can’t believe it …"

TRIPP: "These two put on a hell of a show tonight .. and Cruise now up … but the referee is shrugging his shoulders at him.."


JACOBS: "Ladies and gentlemen …. 30 minutes has passed …. Which means that this match is a TIME LIMIT DRAW!"

(SFX: Fans jeer!)

GHEORGHE: "These fans want to see a winner here tonight … but Cameron Cruise and the Insurgent battled to a time limit draw!"

TRIPP: "Cruise was on the verge of victory as Insurgent looked to be fading fast … but time just ran out .."

JIVE: "As it has for you, Tripp.. now hit the road!"

TRIPP: "Well .. it’s been fun guys …"

GHEORGHE: "Thanks for stopping by, Jason … ladies and gentlemen, Insurgent and Cameron Cruise just put on a classic match … and I hate to see neither man walk away without a win … but I’m sure those two will meet again!"

JIVE: "Yea, in the back alley after the show tonight so Insurgent can finish Cruise off…"

GHEORGHE: "We’ve got to take a commercial break … but when we return … New ERA’s first ever DEBATE match … as The Phantom Republican and New ERA World Heavyweight Champion Jean Rabesque will match wits tonight instead of brawn!"

JIVE: " Phantom Republican is taking on an unarmed man then…"

GHEORGHE: "We’ll see about that, Nick!"

( continued... )