[ Corel Centre ] Ottawa, Ontario


TAPED: Feb. 17, 2005
AIRED: May 22, 2005

(FADEIN: On the logo for the old PRODIGY© Classic service as it slowly appears out of the darkness. As it finally appears in all of its glory, a line quickly goes all around and forms the familiar ‘star in a circle.’ Also coming on screen, as if its being written exactly at that moment, are the following phrases…)






(CUEUP: ‘Who Said’ by Planet Funk as an explosion rocks the words right out of view from the screen. The logo for RAUCOUS slowly begins to appear as the light and the smoke clears from the explosion.)

(CUTTO: Inside the Corel Centre in Ottawa, Canada. The fans are on their feet as ‘Who Said’ is playing loudly throughout the arena. The camera continues to scan the crowd as they hold up signs that say such things as: ‘TAYLOR MATHIS ALWAYS GETS PAID!’ ‘I <3 PRODIGY©’ and ‘WE WANT HOCKEY NOW!’ CUTTO: Tom Gheorghe and Nick Jive as they take their seats at the announce table.)

GHEORGHE: "Welcome everyone to what should be an exciting … and VIOLENT night!"

JIVE: "Ain’t that the truth! We’re going to have three P©X Title tournament matches tonight, and each with some pretty gory stipulations!"

GHEORGHE: "It should be a hell of a night … and we’re coming to you from Canada’s capital as New ERA has invaded Ottawa!"

JIVE: "You know you’re in Canada when every news story on television, and everything in print, is bitching about the apparent cancellation of the NHL’s season!"

GHEORGHE: "That’s why you gotta love wrestling, Nick … we don’t take off for seasons … and that means we’re always here with another edition that should take these fans’ minds off what is a heartbreaking time for them."

JIVE: "We’re here putting our bodies on the line for these fans and all they do is chant "WE WANT HOCKEY!" … it’s a slap in the face, if you ask me."

GHEORGHE: "Well we’re not putting our bodies on the line, Nick .. but our stars are about to."

JIVE: "What do you mean, ‘we’re not putting our bodies on the line?’ Of course we are! Whenever one has to venture down the dimly lit streets and listen to Canadian radio your body is on the line. I don’t even want to know how many brain cells I’ve lost on this so-called Invasion TOUR …. There’s a reason we don’t own Canada, Tom … and this is just re-affirming it."

GHEORGHE: "Oh come on now. Ladies and gentlemen let’s just start off by recapping what we all witnessed on the LAST edition of RAUCOUS from Winnipeg."

JIVE: "Please… I just want to forget about that show forever."

GHEORGHE: "Well maybe I just won’t let you, ha ha!"

JIVE: "If you want to make it back over the border in one piece, you’ll drop it."

GHEORGHE: "Last week featured some incredible matches … we saw both members of DREDD in action as John Doe and Chaos faced off in what turned out to be a BRUTAL No Holds Barred match …"

JIVE: "Don’t…"

GHEORGHE: "Including the SHOCKER of an ending … where Chaos CHAOSBOMBED John Doe into the back of a pick up truck …. Whose truckbed was full of cow manure!"

JIVE: "And he does it."

GHEORGHE: "Chaos got the victory in the match, but DREDD would not go away empty handed as Jonathan Marx and New ERA World Champion Jean Rabesque went head to head in a non-title Flagpole match. This was technically their first one on one encounter as Jean Rabesque and Jonathan Marx … although they had wrestled before when Marx was under a mask as ANTAEUS."

JIVE: "This time Marx got the win!"

GHEORGHE: "Jonathan Marx came out victorious … but not before John Doe, Carlee Marx and Brandon Jacobs interfered … Alister Hayze came out again in Rabesque’s defense and President Marcus LaRoque quickly had the four men separated. LaRoque then said that he’s grown tired of this on-going war between Hayze, Rabesque, and DREDD … and at International Intrigue … in the main event this war will END!"

JIVE: "The Chamber Match should be incredible… just imagine DREDD one on one against Rabesque … LEGALLY!"

GHEORGHE: "The main event will be an enclosed cage match … with two mini cages on top which will hold a designated partner from each team. The goal of the partners in the main cage is to hit the latch and have the door swing down so his partner can enter the match … the Chamber Match has already been building up to be the BRAWL to END IT ALL!"

JIVE: "That’s not the only controversy that went on though…"

GHEORGHE: "Indeed! In case anyone has been living under a rock, the New ERA Television title is being HELD UP! MWG and Jason Payne battled back and forth in an EPIC match last edition, but in the end it turned out that BOTH men pinned EACH OTHER! With the double pinfall in the books, the referee took the title from ringside and it is being officially withheld from both competitors until a resolution can be worked out."

JIVE: "I’m assuming we’ll hear something about it tonight considering things were mum the entire week. LaRoque nor Marceau would tell us one thing about how they’re going to decide who to give the title to… if anyone!"

GHEORGHE: "Also on the last edition of RAUCOUS, Mr. Entertainment and Cameron Cruise fought ferociously to find out who was the better …. Entertainer. Cameron Cruise came out on top of that battle, but his victory was short lived as the Insurgent made quick work of both men."

JIVE: "Insurgent snuck in and struck quick… he’s a master at it."

GHEORGHE: "Insurgent attacked both men … and that prompted Marcus LaRoque to give both Cruise and Mr. Entertainment a chance to avenge themselves tonight."

JIVE: "Insurgent is going to prove too tough for them to get past, mark my words."

GHEORGHE: "Finally, Caitlyn Daymon and Whisper fought for the chance to take on Karla Starr for the Women’s title at International Intrigue … and both women had incentive to win the match. Daymon had been out of action for two weeks basically due to the Women’s Champion …. And Whisper was just moments away from winning the Women’s title before Starr got herself disqualified."

JIVE: "Karla Starr has done a fabulous job at getting under the skin of her opponents. She did so by having Daymon arrested … and by outsmarting Whisper."

GHEORGHE: "Needless to say, Caitlyn Daymon proved to be too much for Whisper to handle, and she will go on to face the woman she once considered a close friend at the pay per view."

JIVE: "If there’s ever a match to keep your eye on .. those two ladies have developed such a hatred for one another that it may just tear the roof down at the Molsen Centre."

GHEORGHE: "But tonight we’ve got the four first round matches of the P©X Title tournament … including a ten man ROOKIE battle royal!"

JIVE: "New ERA got such an influx of new blood over the past few weeks that management decided the only way to give each man his due was to set them all in the ring at the same time and fight it out for one spot in the P©X title tournament … all ten men are going to have to make sure they conserve their energy as this match could prove to be the most exciting of the evening."

GHEORGHE: "But it sure won’t be the most extreme … we’ve got three other P©X title tournament matches … each with their own special stipulations. In the first match of the evening ‘Undisputed’ Jason Hawke will take on Isaac Siegmund in a TAIPEI DEATH match! Both competitors’ hands will be wrapped in tape, dipped in glue and then dipped in shards of glass …. I don’t know ANYBODY who would wish this on their worst enemy, Nick."

JIVE: "Oh … I can’t think of someone who I’d want to see in a TAIPEI Death match, Tom … Jason Tripp."

GHEORGHE: "Well luckily for Jason, he’ll never be put in that situation."

JIVE: "I will try my damndest to make it happen."

GHEORGHE: "Also in action we’ll see the debut of the newest member of the women’s roster … as Olivia Lewes takes on the unorthodox Krist Blue."

JIVE: "We’ll see how Lewes fits in here in New ERA … She drew a tough competitor in Blue … both physically and mentally!"

GHEORGHE: "From what we’ve seen of Olivia so far, she seems like she’s a definite asset to the women’s division … and it should be fun watching her in the future as she goes for the Women’s title."

JIVE: "Hopefully so… because we all know that I sympathize with New ERA’s goal of getting a strong women’s division …"

GHEORGHE: "As we stated earlier the Insurgent will be taking on Mr. Entertainment and Cameron Cruise in a triple threat match … and unlike other Triple Threat matches we’ve had in the past, this one will be ELIMINATION style … meaning the winner has got to go through TWO men in order to win this match."

JIVE: "This is right up Insurgent’s alley. Divide and conquer."

GHEORGHE: "Juliet Marceau’s personal hitman, Taylor Mathis, will try to take out Wyatt Bailey in a BEDS of WEAPONS match … there will be three "beds," or really sandboxes, outside of the ring filled to the brim with a different kind of weapon, such as thumbtacks and whatnot … you can throw your opponent in and watch them commit suicide as they try to pry them out."

JIVE: "This is one match I’d LOVE to see…. ‘the Harbinger of War’ is going to be in for a rude awakening once Mathis shoves him face first into a sandbox full of glass…"

GHEORGHE: "I hope the EMTs are all ready for extensive duty tonight … as these P©X match stipulations really seem to be asking for injuries."

JIVE: "They just might need to worry about Alister Hayze and Whisper more than anyone else.."

GHEORGHE: "The mixed tag team match between the teams of John Doe / Carlee Marx and Alister Hayze / Whisper should draw considerable attention. Doe and Hayze are embroiled in the DREDD – Rabesque war, and Whisper and Carlee Marx are two women who have made an impact on the women’s division considerably."

JIVE: "The question in this match isn’t who wants it more … but whose going to stop the rest of DREDD from coming out and totally obliterating Alister Hayze. Whisper is an innocent by-stander in this whole situation, but I doubt with her being pretty high up in the women’s division that it’ll protect her from being a target of DREDD as well."

GHEORGHE: "The third P©X title tournament match of the evening pits Chaos against the Sinner in … get this … an EXPLODING TURNBUCKLES match!"

JIVE: "Chaos has some similar experience in this type of a match when he took on SPECTRE in the Electrified Exploding Cage match at DESTRUCITY …. but if that experience turns out to be too similar, then he better watch out!"

GHEORGHE: "Chaos has learned from those mistakes I’m assuming … and with the tear that he was on last edition of RAUCOUS, I’m betting that the Sinner has very little chance of making it into the semifinals."

JIVE: "My question is … with all of these great matches, why give the main event to 10 men who haven’t even proven themselves yet?"

GHEORGHE: "New ERA wanted to show that even though they’re in a battle royal to fight for a spot in the PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme Title tournament .. that they were at least giving them the spotlight in order to showcase their skills. The main event should be the perfect chance for some of these newcomers to shine … and I think we’re going to see some extra effort from those who want to make it far."

JIVE: "All I know is that there’s a guy who’s ‘the Real Fuckin’ Deal’ … and that immediately puts him on my favorites list."

GHEORGHE: "Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got to take a commercial break … but when we come back we’ll have the FIRST title tournament match … as Jason Hawke and Isaac Siegmund will go head to head in a TAIPEI Death match!"

Setting the Stage

(CUTTO: Backstage with Jason Tripp. He is standing with ‘the Messenger’ Trevor Cane, who is in full attire.)

TRIPP: "Welcome everyone, I’m RAPTURE co-host Jason Tripp … and I’m also backstage here with ‘the Messenger’ Trevor Cane .. who will be going head to head with ‘Too Sweet’ Travis Smith at the pay per view. Trevor, Smith came out during this past week and had some pretty strong words to say… even taking exception to your attacks a few shows ago. What do you have to say in response?"

(Cane takes the microphone away from Tripp and puts it up to his mouth as he turns and looks into the camera.)

CANE: "Travis Smith needs to rememb…"

VOICE: "WOAH, WOAH, WOAH. You need to recognize who you are dealing with, SON!"

(‘Too Sweet’ Travis Smith comes walking into the picture in his attire. He has a referee next to him. Jason Tripp takes the microphone away from ‘the Messenger’ and looks at Smith dumbfounded.)

SMITH: "You think you can just attack ME from behind? I’m ‘TOO SWEET!’ I’m the quintessential STAR of New ERA of Wrestling.."

TRIPP: "Mr. Smith, what are you doing here .. and why do you have a referee with you?"

SMITH: "Enough out of you, fatty! I’m here for one reason .. and one reason only."

VOICE: "What the HELL is going on over here!"

(The camera spins around to find Vice President Juliet Marceau walking into the corridor. She stops when she sees Smith, Cane and the referee.)

MARCEAU: "Nobody authorized a match here!"

SMITH: "That’s what I was coming to do."

MARCEAU: "Are you insane?! We don’t have time for a match tonight … you guys have got to stay away from each other until International Intrigue .. and that’s FINAL."

(Marceau begins to walk away…)

SMITH: "Oh Juliet…"

(She stops and turns her head.)

SMITH: "I want this match tonight … and I want it in the boilerroom."

MARCEAU: "You’re out of your mind."

SMITH: "And you’ll be out of an employee."

(She turns her whole body around to face the crowd.)

MARCEAU: "You want to play hardball?"

SMITH: "If that’s what it takes."

(She smiles and turns back around to walk away from everyone.)

MARCEAU: "Then do it NOW."

TRIPP: "Wha… wha?! Boilerroom match NOW?! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!"

(FADEOUT: As Jason Tripp is left stunned as Trevor Cane, Travis Smith and the referee head through a door and down stairs.)

( continued... )