[ Corel Centre ] Ottawa, Ontario


TAPED: Feb. 17, 2005
AIRED: May 22, 2005
EPISODE: RAUCOUS 20, Chapter 3

(CUTTO: Jive and Gheorghe who are sitting at ringside.)

GHEORGHE: "We've had an exciting night of action so far. The impromptu match between Travis Smith and Trevor Cane has seemed to only deepen their hatred of one another … and our first P©X Title Quarterfinals match doesn’t look like its going to happen!"

JIVE: "Someone laid out Hawke and Siegmund .. and I think Marceau knows who!"

GHEORGHE: "Well she called someone to her office … one can only assume its Taylor Mathis … who has acted as her personal hitman for the past for shows… but he doesn’t want to get too fatigued if he has to take someone out tonight because he’s also in action in the P©X Title tournament…. However… that’s all later… our next match features two young and up and comers to our women's division!"

JIVE: "Did you say..... up and cummers?"

GHEORGHE: "Oh shut up Nick, let's go to Carl Jacobs for the ring announcements… up next, instead of the first Quarterfinals match … we have a newcomer taking on an old favorite of yours.."

JIVE: "Damn right she is! Olivia Lewes might be outwrestled tonight by the mindgames of Krist Blue!"

Olivia Lewes vs. Krist Blue

(CUTTO: Jacobs in the ring.)

JACOBS: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall... Introducing first….

(CUEUP: "Never Say Never" by Romeo Void.)

JACOBS: "Making her way to the ring, she stands five foot six and weighs 116 pounds … she is " America's Sweetheart" …… KRIST BLUE!"

(The crowd pops as Blue emerges from the backstage area, wearing black fishnet stockings and an AFI shirt, he jogs towards the ring and slides in under the bottom rope.)

JACOBS: "And her opponent….."

(CUEUP: "Five Years" by The Twenty Twos.)

JACOBS: "Hailing from Hartford, Connecticut…. She stands five foot six and weighs 112 pounds …… OLIVIA LEWES!"

(The crowd is receptive to Lewes as she arrives in a tank top and jeans, she has a look of focus and determination on her face as she climbs onto the apron, and through the middle ropes. SFX: Bell rings.)

GHEORGHE: "Looks like we're about ready to get started here, and we do with a nice collar and elbow tie-up, and neither woman is able to gain an advantage the first time around."

JIVE: "What? An actual wrestling match? When are we going to get to the catfighting?"

GHEORGHE: "Are you going to do this for basically every women's match we ever have on this show?"

JIVE: "Why would anyone else ever watch a women's match?"

GHEORGHE: "To watch the amazing athletes we have here in New ERA. And now Lewes gets behind Blue and accepts a nice overhead release German suplex, and Blue doesn't seem to thrilled with that maneuver, as she rolls out of it. Nice move by Lewes, and she charges Blue and is met with a nice Savate kick to the head, we heard that one over there, and the crowd responded to it! And now Krist Blue is in the face of Lewes, laying her out with rights and lefts!"

JIVE: "Oh come on, let's get to the part where the clothes start flying off!"

GHEORGHE: And now Blue is really laying it into Lewes in the early part of this match. She whips her into the ropes, and comes off the side rope with a nice looking bulldog. Early cover, ONE …… TWO …… and Lewes is able to get a shoulder up. This one was almost over in a hurry."

JIVE: "We could only be so lucky, not only do these chicks steadfastedly refuse to take their clothes off, but neither of them is doing anything!"

GHEORGHE: "Quite the opposite Nick as Blue continues on the assault here and she's really starting to take her toll on Lewes. And OH! A slap right across the face of Olivia Lewes! HOLY COW! Another!"

JIVE: "NOW we're talking!"

GHEORGHE: "Lewes is stunned in the corner and Blue is laughing because right now Blue is treating Lewes, well..... like a bitch."

JIVE: "And apparently, she deserves every bit of it from the way she's responding. She needs to get in there and fight back a little bit."

GHEORGHE: "Blue continues to smile, as she stays on the attack here after those blood curdling smacks. She comes behind Lewes and nails a version of a belly to back suplex, cover again, ONE ……. TWO …… THR--NOOO!"

JIVE: "So have we had a more one-sided match EVER on New ERA?"

GHEORGHE: "Think back Nick, you know the answer to that question."

JIVE: "Yeah, I hate it when you're right."

GHEORGHE: "Blue is continuing to stalk Lewes, as Lewes retreats towards the corner. Blue runs in and misses a dropkick that was headed towards the face of Lewes, and Lewes has finally found her opportunity to catch a bit of a respite here."

JIVE: "Thank goodness, maybe we'll actually have a competitive wrestling match now instead of the crap that we've had to witness as of late."

GHEORGHE: "Listen to the crowd getting behind Olivia Lewes now as both her and Blue make it up to their feet, and now they begin to trade rights and lefts in the middle of the ring. Lewes whips Blue into the ropes and hits a beautiful running lariat onto Blue! Quick cover, ONE …. TWO ….. KICKOUT!! And Blue manages to get a shoulder up. And now Lewes follows that with a textbook dropkick, and Blue is sent sprawling to the outside. Olivia Lewes has come out of nowhere with some instant offense!"

JIVE: "You get the impression that Blue was pretty confident that this one was in the bag, but it turns out that that couldn't be further from the truth."

GHEORGHE: "And now Lewes gets a running start and hits a baseball slide onto Blue on the outside of the ring, and Blue went crashing into that protective barrier!"

JIVE: "Can't you just call it a guardrail like everybody else? Quit trying to sound impressive."

GHEORGHE: "Lewes is staying on the attack right now, she grabs Blue by the hair and rams her into the ring steps on the outside of the ring, and Blue is out cold right now, and Olivia Lewes is starting to show a little bit of a mean streak here in this match."

JIVE: "This ain't going to do her a damn bit of good right now. Get her ass into the ring, and finish this thing off."

GHEORGHE: "Lewes does exactly that, as she thows Blue back into the middle of the ring, cover, ONE ……. TWO ………. KICKOUT! Blue manages to JUST get a shoulder up."

JIVE: "Nice resiliency there by Blue, I sure as hell know that you wouldn't have gotten up from that Tom."

GHEORGHE: "Oh, and you would have Nick? We've all seen how you do with pain! Anyways, Lewes is setting Blue up, and delivers a nice spinning heel kick, another cover, ONE ……… TWO ……. NO!!! Lewes whips Blue into the ring, but Blue clutches onto the top rope with her elbows. Lewes charges but gets met with an elbow, Blue now jumps onto the shoulders of Lewes, roll through into a small package, ONE ……….. TWO ……… THR--- NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!"

JIVE: "Another near fall and these girls are finally starting to turn it on a bit."

GHEORGHE: "Lewes back up, and now she hits Blue with a beautiful German suplex into a bridge, ONE … TWO …. NO! Small package by Blue, ONE ……. TWO … REVERSAL!! ONE …….. TWO …… NO ANOTHER REVERSAL!! ONE …. TWO ……"

JIVE: "Holy shit!"

GHEORGHE: "ONE …….. TWO …… NO ANOTHER KICKOUT!! And now the two women finally roll free of each other and they are met with a road of applause from this very receptive New ERA audience."

JIVE: "You know I'm never against two women rolling around on the floor, but that's not exactly what I was looking for."

GHEORGHE: "Collar and elbow tie-up in the middle of the ring, and Blue manages to get a side headlock out of the equation, Lewes attempts to break free, but Blue grabs the hair and yanks Lewes down to the mat! That had to be payback for what Lewes did on the outside earlier."

JIVE: "Hell, you don't want it used against you, cut it off!"

GHEORGHE: "You never told me about your Sinead fetish Nick."

JIVE: "I swear one of these days I'm going to kick your ass!"

GHEORGHE: "Sure you will, back to the match, Blue continues to work over Lewes with rights and lefts in the middle of the ring, Lewes has taken one heck of a beating in this match! And Krist Blue is calling for the end of the match, right here and now.

JIVE: "I'm not too sure about this, Lewes has taken a beating, but it looks like the bitch has some resolve. This might be a bit premature."

GHEORGHE: "Something you know all too well about Nick, but anyway she is setting up for the Keg Stand, just waiting for Lewes to make it to her feet. And we know that once that happens, it's just the Binge and Purge left!!"

JIVE: "Which is really something that I don't need to see."

GHEORGHE: "Lewes is set up, KEG STAND! NO! Lewes ducked, ROCKER DROPPER BY LEWES!!! Blue is down on the mat, and now Lewes is setting up for the end! The crowd is coming to its feet, as Blue starts to stagger up a bit, SWEET MISERY!!! THERE IT IS!"

JIVE: "Nooo!

GHEORGHE: "Lewes with the cover …. ONE …………. TWO …………. THREEE!!!! Olivia Lewes wins it!"

(CUEUP: "Five Years" by The Twenty Twos)

JACOBS: "Here is your winner… OLIVIA LEWES!"

(Lewes has her hand raised by the referee as she smiles and motions briefly towards the audience before heading to the back.)

GHEORGHE: "What a win for Olivia Lewes! In her first match here she beats a very worthy opponent in Krist Blue. If I were Karla Starr, I’d take notice REAL quick!"

JIVE: "Like I said, the bitch has some resolve, let's see how it works in the long run."

GHEORGHE: "We'll be right back with plenty more New ERA action as the Insurgent will be in an elimination triple threat match with the two men whose match he destroyed last show … Mr. Entertainment and Cameron Cruise! The Elimination Triple Threat … coming to you next as RAUCOUS is live from OTTAWA!"

"The Future" Is Tonight

(CUTTO: The inside of Juliet Marceau’s office. Marceau is looking over some papers, her attention distracted by a knock on the door.)

MARCEAU: "About God-damned time."

(The door opens and Rex Reynolds stands in the doorway, a stern look on his face. Marceau looks annoyed, as it obviously wasn’t whom she expected.)


(Reynolds doesn't reply but steps inside, closing the door behind him.  He takes a seat in front of Marceau.)

MARCEAU: "You're going to need to learn quick that I don't like people who waste my time.  What do you want, Rex?"

REYNOLDS: "I've come to discuss my contract with you."

MARCEAU: "And what about it?"

REYNOLDS: "I am finding it hard to believe that an up and coming promotion like New ERA can't afford to pay its talent a fair market value considering..."

(Marceau quickly interjects.)

MARCEAU: "Considering the total lack of experience you have?  I think I'm being more than reasonable with you on this contract, Rex."

REYNOLDS: "I see your point, Juliet, but I am not a greenhorn in this business."

MARCEAU: "In this business, maybe not. In New ERA, you are the very definition of a greenhorn.  Look, I'll cut to it since you don't seem capable.  If you don't like the contract, then you have my permission to walk out of this arena right now and go right back to SWC.  Otherwise, you will DEAL WITH IT and work the schedule I tell you for the money I'm willing to pay.  Understood?"

(Marceau gets back to her papers.  Reynolds gets up from his seat and walks toward the door.  He begins to open it, but turns around, looking at Marceau.)

REYNOLDS: "You know... I wasn't going to ask for more money."

(Marceau puts down her pen and glares at Reynolds.)

MARCEAU: "And what, pray tell, were you going to ask for, Rex?"

REYNOLDS: "I wasn't going to ask for anything.  Rather, I was going to say that if New ERA is in such dire financial straits that it can't afford to pay its workers a fair rate, and then perhaps I could enlist my family's help.  But since you seem so hellbent on thinking that every newcomer, and maybe every veteran, that comes through this door only cares about the amount on their paycheck... maybe it's time that someone such as myself sheds some light on your short-sightedness."

(Marceau sits somewhat speechless.)

REYNOLDS: "Whether you like it or not, tonight is going to be the beginning of a movement that you simply aren't prepared for, Juliet.  Tonight, you're going to see a greenhorn who gets in that ring and doesn't make the mistakes that greenhorns make.  You're going to see a (makes quote marks with his fingers) rookie do things that rookies don't do.  In short, you're going to see the future of your company.  The Future of New ERA is Now, Juliet.  I just hope you didn't forget to buy your ticket for the ride."

(Reynolds opens the door and walks out, not closing the door behind him.)

MARCEAU: "Get back here and close that door, Rex, if you know what's good for you."

(Reynolds stops and turns around one last time.)

REYNOLDS: "No... I think I'll leave it open so that you can understand what it's going to be like when New ERA moves toward ‘The Future’ and leaves you behind."

(Reynolds turns and walks off as Marceau furiously looks on.  CUTTO: Commercial.)

( continued... )