[ McMahon Stadium ] Calgary, Alberta


TAPED: Jan. 15, 2005
AIRED: Jan. 21, 2005

(FADEIN: The lockerroom of New ERA President Marcus LaRoque. LaRoque is sitting at the desk that he has and is fumbling through multiple papers that are on it.


LaRoque looks up, hesitant to answer. After a moment in which he looks to be contemplating the pros and cons, he finally decides to answer.)

LaROQUE: "Come in … (under his breath) unless you’re Chaos.."

(The door opens, and much to LaRoque’s comfort, if you can call it that, Vice President Juliet Marceau walks in. She stands in the doorway, pausing for a second as she looks over her shoulder, before shutting the door.)

MARCEAU: "Were you expecting anyone else?"

(LaRoque shifts in his seat and leans back.)

LaROQUE: "No.. I just thought that it might have been Chaos coming back to haunt me."

(Marceau walks up to the desk and takes a seat in one of the chairs in front of it. She rests her elbows on the desk, leaning on her hands. LaRoque, slowly forgetting about the possibility that it was Chaos at the door, sits back up and raises an eyebrow at Marceau as she sits there.)

LaROQUE: "But what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be prepping the talent? The show is about to start…"

(Marceau lifts her elbows off the desk in a "who me?" suggestion. She looks at LaRoque and sighs.)

MARCEAU: "I just came to finalize a few things…"

LaROQUE: "Did the Molson Centre finally get back to you?"

(Marceau smiles.)

MARCEAU: "After a few calls."

LaROQUE: "And?"

MARCEAU: "We’re scheduled to host the pay per view there."

(LaRoque gets to his feet, walks around the desk and hugs Marceau. Juliet, caught off guard, pushes him away in protest.)

MARCEAU: "Excuse you."

LaROQUE: "Sorry, Juliet. You know the Molson Centre is like every kids’ dream to have an event in when they’re little.."

(Juliet rolls her eyes and starts heading to the door.)

MARCEAU: "Sorry, Marcus .. you know that I could care less about such foolish things."

LaROQUE: "So then, we’ll make the announcement tonight?"

(Marceau stops as she reaches for the handle. She looks over her right shoulder, some hair falling in front of her face as she does so.)

MARCEAU: "I’ll do what I can."

(Juliet opens the door and walks out. As she pulls the door shut, LaRoque calls out to her.)

LaROQUE: "Juliet?"

(Marceau sighs impatiently as she sticks her head back in.)

MARCEAU: "What?"

LaROQUE: "If Chaos asks if you’ve seen me, please tell him I won’t be in tonight.. (fake coughs) I’ve come down with a cold.."

MARCEAU: "Right … so if I see Chaos, let him know that you want to see him in your office pronto."

(Marceau shuts the door as she flashes LaRoque a smile. The scene fades to black as LaRoque stops in mid-air as he was about to sit in his chair and cocks his head up to shoot a look at Marceau. But alas, it was too late, the door had shut.)

(As soon as the scene goes to black we see the RAUCOUS logo slowly approaching … as it does, the following words illuminate the screen.)




(CUEUP: ‘Who Said’ by Planet Funk as the RAUCOUS logo continues to creep up behind the words. Before the logo crashes into the words, they slowly disintegrate and float out of the way letting the logo take precedence in the middle of the screen.)

(CUTTO: Inside McMahon Stadium as thousands of fans are sitting in attendance and are on their feet as strobe lights fill the arena with flashing lights. The camera catches some of the signs the fans brought including: "LE BLOC = LE SUCK" "RABESQUE IS A TRUE CANADIAN" and "RABESQUE is a FRENCH CANADIAN… DON’T BLAME US!". The camera then shoots to the announce table with Tom Gheorghe and Nick Jive as the music dies down and the lights come up. The fans continue to keep up the cheering though.)

GHEORGHE: "Welcome everyone to another edition of New ERA RAUCOUS! I am Tom Gheorghe and with me is Nick Jive."

JIVE: "Barely!"

GHEORGHE: "Now what’s the problem?"

JIVE: "These people here! Some of the worst drivers I have every seen."

GHEORGHE: "I think they drive pretty well, actually.. much better here than in New York or Boston.."

JIVE: "How can you say that? In Boston they have a reason to be in a hurry .. but in Calgary? Where are they going? I almost got sideswiped by a man in a 1960’s pickup truck .. he was hauling a bunch of cows! I ALMOST GOT KILLED BY COWS, TOM!!"

GHEORGHE: "What a shame that would have been, too."

JIVE: "Needless to say, I’m not in a good mood. I need some Rabesque-beating to lighten me up."

GHEORGHE: "Well anyways .. we are LIVE here from McMahon Stadium in lovely Calgary, Alberta, Canada .. a city that has the tradition of wrestling running through their veins."

JIVE: "And boy is it freezing out!"

GHEORGHE: "It is 10 degrees here in Calgary …"

JIVE: "And we are in an open air stadium!"

GHEORGHE: "That is true … but everyone here in McMahon Stadium is not affected by this as New ERA has installed a temporary bubble over the top of the stadium to make sure that no snow or cold gets in!"

JIVE: "And I’m sure that put us back a pretty penny … to install a bubble dome over the entire stadium .. looks like we won’t be getting paid very often!"

GHEORGHE: "Oh its not that bad, Nick … It’s the only place that wasn’t booked!"

JIVE: "There was a reason for that, Tom … because this place is usually a football field!"

GHEORGHE: "Well the fans are jam packed … and they don’t seem to care …"

JIVE: "Well let’s get this show over with so we can move on to another backwards Canadian city. This Canadian Invasion TOUR has been a disaster so far! I thought the American South was a trashy area.."

GHEORGHE: "New ERA’s Canadian Invasion TOUR has been a success so far, Nick. We’ve been to Vancouver, Victoria, and now Calgary .. and we’ll be in Saskatchewan .. and apparently we’ll be in MONTREAL coming up soon … for some event, and I’m thinking that it may be New ERA’s third pay per view, Nick."

JIVE: "I just want out of here. If that means making the pay per view next week, than I am all for it!"

GHEORGHE: "Juliet Marceau will be out here sometime tonight with a special announcement .. and from what we caught before the show went on the air, it seems to me that it just might be an announcement about our next pay per view. But that’s in the far future, ladies and gentlemen, tonight we’ve got SEVEN huge matches."

JIVE: "I’m just looking forward to three matches, Tom."

GHEORGHE: "What would those be?"


GHEORGHE: "Great.."

JIVE: "I can’t help it if I like DREDD.."

GHEORGHE: "Not only do we have a great show tonight, but we also will see the debut of five, count them, five new superstars including two Double Debut matches. This show has an incredible array of diversity .."


GHEORGHE: "Well before we get to the women, Nick, we have a Double Debut match between two men who seem very different from one another. Mr. Entertainment will be taking on Deuce in the first of the two Double Debut matches and they’ll be starting things off tonight."

JIVE: "Mr. Entertainment has said that he’s going to come up and give the fans what they want .. some real entertainment… and Deuce didn’t have much to say in his defense.. so I guess those two will duke it out in the ring to prove who entertains the fans more."

GHEORGHE: "The fans will ultimately decide whether or not Mr. Entertainment can live up to his words … but for some reason, and this might be something you can explain to us, Nick, but I feel like the crowd will be more into the next match of the night as newcomer Ryan Anne Madden takes on Krist Blue as New ERA’s ladies take center stage."

JIVE: "Are you kidding me, Tom? OF COURSE! Every red-blooded male in the audience will be hooterin’ and hollerin’… unless of course they’re those same-sex marryin’ types.."

GHEORGHE: "Not in Alberta, Nick .. this is the conservative province."

JIVE: "Well, whatever. The fact is that Ryan Anne Madden and Krist Blue are two mighty fine women … and they could just stand in the middle of the ring and have a war of the brains and I could go home a satisfied man."

GHEORGHE: "Madden and Blue both trying to make an impact .. Madden in her first match in New ERA, and Blue is trying to forget that loss she suffered in the Triple Threat last week to Whisper … who will also be in action later on in the show."

JIVE: "Two women’s matches in one night, Tom.. Marceau must really want to push the women’s division into legitimacy."

GHEORGHE: "That’s the goal, Nick .. no bra and panties matches for our girls.. but Whisper will be in the Women’s title match against Karla Starr as she tries to take the title away from the conniving champion!"

JIVE: "Whisper thinks that she would be doing the Women’s title a favor. Unfortunately for Whisper, she’s going to find out that this Holier Than Thou attitude is going to get her a one way ticket to the loser’s room."

GHEORGHE: "Whisper won the title shot last RAUCOUS against Krist Blue and Carlee Marx … in what should have been a fatal fourway match .. but Karla Starr had Caitlyn Daymon ARRESTED in the back for assault and battery!"

JIVE: "One of the smartest moves I have ever seen, Tom. Take the opponent who most wants you crippled, and have her arrested so she doesn’t get the chance to do it herself!"

GHEORGHE: "Well Caitlyn Daymon is no longer in jail, and although I haven’t seen her yet tonight, I bet Karla Starr is wondering if she’ll show up."

JIVE: " Caitlyn Daymon wouldn’t dare."

GHEORGHE: "You never know, Nick. But I do know that we have another two men debuting tonight against each other as Sean Senn, who made his television debut LAST week when he made his presence known after Jason Payne’s first round victory over Jay in the tournament to crown a #1 contender to the Television Title, takes on Isaac Siegmund."

JIVE: "Senn came out and berated Jason Payne for being a disgrace to the country’s armed forces. He did not seem pleased that Payne paraded around as the ‘Dog of War’… but tonight he might have his hands full with Isaac Siegmund … who .. is very interesting in his own right."

GHEORGHE: "Siegmund is apparently very religious … and plans on teaching Senn a few things about what is right and what is wrong here tonight."

JIVE: "He’ll have his hands full… Senn is well trained in the army .. and there are rumors he was even in the Black Ops."

GHEORGHE: "That should be a great match as both men are looking to make a splash … and speaking of splashes … ‘Too Sweet’ Travis Smith made a splash on RAPTURE .. and here tonight he’ll take on El Arco Iris in a Falls Count Anywhere REVENGE MATCH!"

JIVE: "Well it was El Arco Iris who Smith faced way back in June .. and lost a Loser Leaves Town match. Smith fulfilled the mandatory six month absence and has returned to New ERA … and he’s ready to make Iris pay!"

GHEORGHE: "Iris coming off that Television title shot loss against MWG, and I’m sure he’d like nothing better than to send Smith packing again with a loss here tonight."

JIVE: "A loss here tonight would just be a regular loss for Smith .. whereas last time it banished him for half a year!"

GHEORGHE: "Funny you should mention the Television Title, Nick .. as tonight we have the FINALS of the tournament to determine a new #1 contender!"

JIVE: "And I’d love to see either man take on MWG. I almost feel either of these men would be a great champion … but MWG is the best Television champion we’ve ever had."

GHEORGHE: "Well tonight Cameron Cruise and Jason Payne, two men who only made their debut at Battle BRAWL fight for the chance to take on the Television champion!"

JIVE: "Those two put up a hell of a fight at Battle BRAWL .. and I expect that they’ll put up a hell of a fight tonight for the chance to walk out the #1 contender!"

GHEORGHE: "And after all those matches we come to the main event … and quite possibly the most anticipated match since Jean Rabesque and Larry Tact stepped into the ring at New ERA DESTRUCITY … or the Steel Cage BRAWL at Battle BRAWL … as DREDD will take on World Champion Jean Rabesque and Alister Hayze in a Tag Team Battle."

JIVE: "Now let me get this straight.. the teams have agreed on a stipulation, yes?"

GHEORGHE: "Correct.. and tonight those four men will hop into the ring to hopefully end all of the drama and fights that we’ve seen escalate for the past months."

JIVE: "I highly doubt that, Tom. In order for that to happen Jean Rabesque will have to have died."

GHEORGHE: "Well tonight those four men will have the chance to let out all their anger, their frustrations, and their fantasies as they step into the ring for the first time in a SANCTIONED match!"

JIVE: "Every other time they’ve met, New ERA officials have had to pull them apart!"

GHEORGHE: "But ladies and gentlemen, in order to get to that hot main event we’ve got a show to go through! We’re going to take a commercial break now, but when we come back we’ve got the first of TWO Double Debut matches … join us as DEUCE takes on MR. ENTERTAINMENT!"

(CUTTO: Outside of McMahon Stadium. A limo pulls into the back area where the workers park their cars. It has the DREDD symbol on the outside. The limo driver hops out and opens up the limo door. John Doe, Jonathan Marx, Carlee Marx, and Brandon Jacobs exit the limo and stretch.)

DOE: "Tonight is our night. Jean Rabesque will get what he has coming to him."

CMARX: "That French Turd is a goner!"

DOE: "Let’s go! I’ve got to hit up the snack machines."

(Jonathan Marx gives the limo driver a tip, which prompts John Doe to shake his head and frown .. DREDD then enters the building. As the camera is about to fade to commercial it catches a figure in black, ducking from column to column as he watches DREDD enter the building... FADETO: Commercial for XFW Bloodbath in Paradise .. coming January 28th, 2005!)

( continued... )