[ Pacific Coliseum ] Vancouver, British Columbia


TAPED: Dec. 28, 2004
AIRED: Jan. 08, 2005

(FADEIN: Black and white footage from RAPTURE.)

(Jason Payne walks up the rampway as Cameron Cruise looks over the top rope at him, puzzled. Payne salutes him as he flashes a half-smile, turns and walks out of view.)

JIVE: "Poor DREDD!! They’re out of both tournaments now!"

TRIPP: "What a match!"

(Brandon Jacobs and Carlee Marx are on the outside looking pretty pissed when suddenly, out of the audience, comes Chaos, who clotheslines them both from behind.)


(Chaos slides into the ring and meets John Doe face to face. Doe looks horrified as Chaos cracks his knuckles!)

JIVE: "Someone get security out there!! John Doe is going to have to be carried out of here in a stretcher if anything else happens to him!"

(Doe turns to run out the other side of the ring, but Chaos catches him by the hair, pulls him in and plants him into the mat with a DDT. Chaos then turns Doe over and locks on the Python-lock!!!)


(Chaos leans way back and John Doe turns bright, bright red!)

JIVE: "This is insane!! Someone’s gotta stop Chaos!!"

(As Chaos continues to wrench Doe’s neck .. ‘Gentleman’ Jonathan Marx runs down the rampway, still in his attire.)


(Marx grabs a chair from the outside of the ring and slides in … he measures Chaos real good … AND THEN POPS HIM UPSIDE THE HEAD WITH THE STEEL CHAIR!! Chaos’ eyes roll up as he releases the hold and falls on top of Doe!)

(The footage ends .. and the screen is black. We then fade to a shot of a door. A hand knocks on the door quite hard. The camera zooms back and we see that it was Chaos who knocked. A voice from inside says "Come in," and Chaos opens the door and walks in. CUTTO: An inside shot of the office, which turns out to be that of New ERA President, Marcus LaRoque. Chaos walks up to the desk of LaRoque, not taking his eyes off him.)

CHAOS: (snarling) "You wanted to see me boss?"

LaROQUE: "Yeah. Your actions on the last show... Your attack on John Doe was..."

CHAOS: "Was what? Uncalled for?"

LaROQUE: "Well..."

CHAOS: "Don't even start, LaRoque."

(At this point Chaos tosses a duffel bag onto LaRoque’s desk. LaRoque looks at it inquisitively. He takes his eyes off the duffel bag and slowly raises them up to Chaos. His eyes squint a bit as his mind races to figure out what’s in the bag before he asks..)

LaROQUE: "What's this?"

CHAOS: "Fifty grand.. Same fine I had to pay last time. Twenty-five for the attack I did on Doe, and twenty-five for the next time."

LaROQUE: "Listen..."

CHAOS: "Listen... listen to what. You've let this place turn into a circus. Not only do I have to worry about my match, but now I gotta worry about who might be in the back to come and get me. Doe cost me the MY title shot and he got what he deserved."

LaROQUE: "I see your point, but I can't let you run around here out..."

CHAOS: "What? Out of control? Well pal... it's too late. I've been pushed far enough. From now on consider the fact that I tried to be the nice guy, but instead... I'm going to live up to my name."

LaROQUE: "And what does that mean?"

CHAOS: "It means that ANYBODY who gets in my way has a target on their back. I've got a lot of payback to hand out, and backstage there are quite a few bitches that deserve some. If you don't like that... fire me now. If not, just tell the janitor to be ready."

LaROQUE: "Ready for what?"

CHAOS: "He's going to have a lot of blood to clean up."

(At this Chaos turns and walks out of the room, slamming the door behind him. LaRoque leans back in his chair and sighs, knowing full well what he’s got himself into letting Chaos walk out of the room still apart of the roster. The scene fades to black.)

(Words come from the top of the screen and "fall" down into the center, shimmering as if there were light being flashed on them.)




(The words continue to shimmer until they eventual BURST! As the cloud of smoke from the explosion clear you see the logo for RAUCOUS slowly getting larger as it "approaches" the screen. The theme for RAUCOUS, ‘Who Said’ by Planet Funk, cues up as the logo comes into full view!)

(CUTTO: Inside the Pacific Coliseum as the fans are standing on their feet! The lights in the arena are flashing black, blue and white as ‘Who Said’ reaches the chorus. The cameras manage to catch some signage during the white flashes which read, "DREDD: No Titles For You!" "CHAOS MARRY ME?" and "I MARK FOR MARX!" CUTTO: Ringside with Nick Jive and Tom Gheorghe.)

GHEORGHE: "Did you hear that? Chaos has warned President LaRoque tonight that there will be bloodshed!"

JIVE: "I’ll tell you one thing; I do not want to be DREDD tonight, that’s for sure!"

GHEORGHE: "Welcome everyone to another edition of New ERA of Wrestling RAUCOUS! We are here at the Pacific Coliseum in lovely Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada as we continue our Canadian Invasion TOUR which began at RAPTURE this past week from Victoria, British Columbia!"

JIVE: "And hot damn, what a show that turned out to be. I was there and I saw everything firsthand, Tom .. and let me tell you .. with everything that went down it almost made it worth having to sit next to Jason Tripp for so long."

GHEORGHE: "Oh come on, Nick, he can’t be THAT bad… he seems like a nice young man."

JIVE: "If by nice young man you really mean ‘raving lunatic who deserves a shut to the nuts’ then yes, yes he is a nice young man."

GHEORGHE: "We we’ve got some news about two competitors who were on the show, but are no longer with New ERA.. Phil Macintosh, who you might remember was carried out by EMTs, will not be returning to New ERA anytime soon .."

JIVE: "What a pussy. John Doe got attacked not once, not twice, but thrice, and he still came out and wrestled, even if he did get his ass handed to him by Cameron Cruise."

GHEORGHE: "And we’ve also learned that New ERA Vice President Juliet Marceau released Macintosh’s opponent on RAPTURE the Distributor of Pain. Apparently she was disappointed by Distributor of Pain’s performance and decided it’d be better if he were not on the roster."

JIVE: "So much for the former NWL Television champion making a splash. But then again, what did we expect?"

GHEORGHE: "But moving to a more uplifting topic, New ERA of Wrestling saw two men move forward in their respective tournaments to crown a new number one contender to the World and Television titles, as DREDD went 0 for 2, and watched as their opponents in both tournaments moved forward."

JIVE: "Cameron Cruise had a field day with John Doe’s bad luck in the Television title tournament, and Jonathan Marx was fooled by Alister Hayze in the first round of the World title tournament."

GHEORGHE: "DREDD is determined to take the title away from Rabesque … I’m sure they have something else up their sleeves."

JIVE: "Hopefully it’s a syringe full of personality. Rabesque needs a heavy dosage of that."

GHEORGHE: "The newly crowned Women’s Champion was in action on RAPTURE as she was in a non-title match against Victoria Hawke."

JIVE: "Hawke almost walked out of Victoria, British Columbia with a title shot .. but in the end she couldn’t deliver."

GHEORGHE: "A much more competitive showing between these two this time as Victoria Hawke really seems to be more comfortable in front of American fans. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if she holds that title down the line."

JIVE: "As long as she’s in my line of sight, I don’t care WHAT she holds.."

GHEORGHE: "And finally the Television title was up for grabs as Battle BRAWL rumble winner MWG defended his title against El Arco Iris. Iris had a victory over MWG leading into Battle BRAWL, but obviously MWG’s momentum after winning the Television title followed through into this match as he came out on top."

JIVE: "And with Krist Blue and the referee, I’m sure that wasn’t the last time that night that he came out on top."

GHEORGHE: "Oh, Nick."

JIVE: "I was there, Tom! I saw them hop into MWG’s beetle."

GHEORGHE: (shaking head) "We’ve got another great lineup for you tonight here in the Pacific Coliseum as we continue our quest to name a new #1 contender to the World and Television titles … and we’ve got a fatal fourway between four of our women to name a #1 contender to the Women’s title!"

JIVE: "I knew there was a reason why I liked RAUCOUS better than RAPTURE…"

GHEORGHE: "The fact that there’s four women on RAUCOUS and there were only two on RAPTURE?"

JIVE: "Oh, Tom .. do you really think that I would be so shallow to base it ALL on that?"


JIVE: (annoyed) "Well shutup. It’s not."

GHEORGHE: "Then why do you like RAUCOUS better?"

JIVE: (pissed off) "I don’t have to tell you."

GHEORGHE: "Calm down, Nick. Jeez. The Phantom Republican and Chaos will face off in the World Title tournament in what should be an interesting clash of styles. The Phantom Republican is a poster child for the Republican party, while Chaos … well Chaos is a loose cannon."

JIVE: "And if there were one person who I think I feel more sorry for other than DREDD, it would be the Phantom Republican. He has been stuck in the wrong place at definitely the wrong time."

GHEORGHE: "The Phantom Republican has proven that he’s very talented, so I’m sure he’ll find some way to try to circumvent Chaos’ anger and use it to his advantage."

JIVE: "I hope so for his sake."

GHEORGHE: "Also in action we have ‘the Messenger’ Trevor Cane, who attacked ‘Too Sweet’ Travis Smith on RAPTURE, against Jack Durden … this should be an interesting match. Trevor Cane has seemingly turned his disappointment so far here in New ERA, starting from the very beginning when he was left out in the cold by Doc Silver in the Battle Bowl Mania tag round, to his performance in the Battle BRAWL rumble, into a new found drive."

JIVE: "Well, we haven’t seen too much of Jack Durden, so I would assume that Trevor Cane is going to continue with his hands on approach of showing people the Light … but you never know. Travis Smith may or may not be in the building tonight…"

GHEORGHE: "Another person who I wouldn’t have expected to be here tonight is Jason Payne."

JIVE: "You didn’t expect him here? How the hell do you think we felt when he showed up at RAPTURE?!"

GHEORGHE: "Payne showed up at RAPTURE and helped Cameron Cruise finish the job on John Doe as he pulled Carlee Marx and Brandon Jacobs from the ring as they tried to interfere with the pinfall … but what makes that even more remarkable is the fact that Jason Payne was in a serious car accident just days before! Payne is scheduled to take on Jay in the first round of the Television title tournament."

JIVE: "I wonder how he’s going to be able to wrestle!"

GHEORGHE: "Well I saw him earlier pull up in his rental car that New ERA has offered to pay for until he gets a new car, and he still looks like he’s ready for this tournament match."

JIVE: "The only way to know for sure is to wait for him to get in the ring."

GHEORGHE: "Well we are ready to kick things off from Vancouver .. but before we do, we have got to take a commercial break! When we get back the Legend Killer will be taking on Ghostrin. These two both were early exits in the BattleBRAWL rumble, so I’m sure they’ll try to compensate here tonight! We’ll be right back!"

(CUTTO: The parking lot. Jason Payne is heading to his rental car as he left a bag that he needed in it. However, halfway across the parking lot he realizes he left the keys to the car in his lockerroom, so he turns back and heads toward the building. As he turns his back, we see DREDD; Carlee and Jonathan Marx, Brandon Jacobs, and John Doe step out from behind a SUV decked out in camouflage fatigues. Doe holds a baseball bat in his hand. FADETO: Commercial for WFW’s Christmas Card.)

( continued... )