[ ARCO Arena ] Sacramento, California


TAPED: Oct. 31, 2004
AIRED: Nov. 23, 2004

(FADEIN: The ARCO Arena in Sacramento, California. Fast motion time makes the day quickly fade into night as cars zoom by the picture. People zip by as the line up and then pile into the arena. Stop. The picture stops as it slowly zooms into the front doors. FADETOBLACK. Slowly, from the bottom of the screen words scroll upwards.)




(Coming up slowly behind the words is the logo for RAUCOUS. It hits the words and bounces back. On the second attempt the words still hold strong forcing the logo back. Finally, on the third try the logo breaks through the words causing the pieces to scatter off screen. The logo takes prominence on the screen as ‘Who Said’ by Planet Funk cues up.)

(FADEIN: Inside the ARCO Arena. Thousands upon thousands of fans are jam packed in the arena yelling and hooting as the cameras zig zag the audience catching signs along the way: "PHANTOM REPUBLICAN WILL VOTE DOE OUT OF NEW ERA!" "MWG NECESSITA EL ARCO IRIS" and "FOUR WOMEN IN ONE RING = HEAVEN" are just some of the signs shown. CUTTO: Nick Jive and Tom Gheorghe sitting at the announce table.)

GHEORGHE: "Welcome everyone to the final RAUCOUS before the pay per view!"

JIVE: "I didn’t miss any dark match action this week did I? Specifically … any girl on girl action?"

GHEORGHE: "No, Nick. I’m glad you actually made it out before we went on air this time."

JIVE: "Dammit. Well don’t expect this to happen every week."

GHEORGHE: "Ladies and gentlemen we are live here in the ARCO Arena in the wonderful city of Sacramento, California … and as I just said we are just ONE show away from New ERA’s second pay per view, New ERA BattleBRAWL!"

JIVE: "We got five huge matches this week as we make our way up to Seattle. BattleBRAWL should be one of the wildest shows of the year, Tom."

GHEORGHE: "It certainly has dire consequences for New ERA as the women’s division officially kicks off with the crowning of a Women’s Champion … also we’ll be crowning a new Television champion as the winner of the BattleBRAWL over the top battle royal will be given the title."

JIVE: "Which essentially means that it’ll be up for grabs again at the RAUCOUS afterwards…"

GHEORGHE: "I doubt it, Nick … the person who makes it through the battle royal will show his dedication to the title .. and I know that whoever does win will be able to bring some stability back to the Television title. There hasn’t been a stable champion since Jean Rabesque."

JIVE: "I wouldn’t call Rabesque a stable champion. Boring, yes. Stable? No."

GHEORGHE: "And the World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line at BattleBRAWL as Jean Rabesque will defend his title against not only Chaos, but also ANTAEUS in a CAGE MATCH!"

JIVE: "Finally Jean Rabesque will be unseated!"

GHEORGHE: "But before BattleBRAWL we have tonight … and after the events leading up to tonight I’m sure each and every match tonight will leave a lasting memory in the minds of these fans for a long time."

JIVE: "One can only hope."

GHEORGHE: "Starting off things tonight will be a double debut match of two hotly anticipated stars as the Legend Killer will go head to head with Phil Macintosh."

JIVE: "After all that I heard in the back about these two guys they better perform. I was disappointed in not hearing from them leading up to tonight … and I just hope that isn’t an indicator of things to come."

GHEORGHE: "Sometimes actions speak louder than words, Nick … and if those two are as good as Juliet Marceau thinks they are then we should be in for a real treat."

JIVE: "Speaking of treats … how about Alister Hayze having to take on Jay. Both of these guys are coming off wins after last RAUCOUS … and with Hayze being whipped by DREDD last show … I can only hope that we will see more of that continued by Jay."

GHEORGHE: "Jay handled a strong challenge from Distributor of Pain last week and came out victorious as Alister Hayze won a verrrry hard fought match against the Phantom Republican … who must be excited about this upcoming election, Nick."

JIVE: "Not as excited as I am …"

GHEORGHE: "I am sure that’s in reference to the women’s tag match."


GHEORGHE: "The women will be in action tonight .. and the circumstances following this one are interesting. Karla Starr and Krist Blue will be in action against Caitlyn Daymon and Whisper. Last week on RAUCOUS Daymon defeated Krist Blue while Karla Starr squeaked by Whisper…"

JIVE: "But that’s not the best part!"

GHEORGHE: "Karla Starr, who formed a very strong friendship with Daymon on the show FW Survivor sponsored by New ERA’s parent company EC Enterprises, came out to help Caitlyn after her victory …. And then proceeded to beat her down!"

JIVE: "Ahahaha … Daymon looked shocked in the lockerroom afterwards."

GHEORGHE: "Karla Starr has been a thorn in many people’s sides since joining New ERA…. Not only did she attack her old friend Caitlyn Daymon .. but she also joined DREDD, the anti-Rabesque faction here in New ERA …. But then she turned on THEM …. THE SAME SHOW THAT SHE JOINED!"

JIVE: "Some women just can’t make up their minds …. Until well. .. you know … the price is right."

GHEORGHE: "Or the alcohol level is right in your case."


GHEORGHE: "With the women’s division kicking off in that six person match … it should be extremely interesting to see how things go tonight and how well each team gels with each other."

JIVE: "And I saw that you have a special announcement about the women’s match.."

GHEORGHE: "Yes! Ladies and gentlemen I have some incredible news about the format of the Women’s title match for BattleBRAWL. Now many people, myself included, were wondering just how New ERA would go about having six women in a match with out official tag teams…. There was even talk for a while of having another Survivor Six Man Tag match … but today New ERA released the format of the opening match for BattleBRAWL."

JIVE: "Quit talking and just tell us already."

GHEORGHE: "The Women’s title will be determined in a GAUNTLET match!!! Two women will start out … and as soon as the first one is eliminated a second runs down the ring. This goes on and on until the final two are in the ring wrestling each other… the winner of that will become the new Women’s Champion!"

JIVE: "My god! That could equal a good thirty, fourty, OR EVEN AN HOUR OF WOMEN!"

GHEORGHE: "President LaRoque made the announcement today before the doors opened and the fans standing outside immediately broke into cheers. This benefits the last woman in the match as she would be the freshest … but then again she might not have the momentum of the one she’s facing."

JIVE: "That’s amazing!"

GHEORGHE: "In our precursor to the main event, the Phantom Republican and John Doe will be going head to head …. As one of the members of DREDD takes on a man who could be offered a position in George Bush’s cabinet should he be re-elected."

JIVE: "The Phantom Republican is a staunch, loyal, and respected member of the Republican party. He would never DARE to lose to John Doe .. especially not with the election on the 2 nd. That would be a horrible omen for President Bush … and quite frankly, I think he’d be excommunicated should he lose."

GHEORGHE: "This isn’t a church, Nick."

JIVE: "Could have fooled me."

GHEORGHE: "Moving right along past our not-so-subliminal political messages, the main event should be exciting as El Arco Iris and MWG will be going head to head in what could be a preview to the last two men who might be standing in the middle of the ring at BattleBRAWL."

JIVE: "Unless El Arco Iris draws #1!"

GHEORGHE: "That’s true. Since MWG was the #1 contender to the title when it was vacated by Alex Borden, he was given the automatic last entry into the over the top battle royal for the title …. And has the best chance of all of winning this whole thing."

JIVE: "Which would be great considering MWG is a model citizen."


JIVE: "What? Did you expect me to say Peter File?"

GHEORGHE: "I am not going to say anything … but ladies and gentlemen we are going to take a commercial break … and when we come back we will have our first match of the evening as Legend Killer will go ahead and take on Phil Macintosh. We will be right back … SO DON’T GO ANYWHERE!"

( continued... )