[ iPayOne Center ] San Diego, California


TAPED: Sep. 28, 2004
AIRED: Oct. 27, 2004
EPISODE: RAUCOUS 15, Chapter 2

(FADEIN: The lights flicker in the building as the big screens cue up. The following words come across the screen:

For some men this a chance to get even …

Yet …

For others, it’s a chance to get noticed!

The words slowly dissipate as the logo for New ERA of Wrestling’s second pay per view, BattleBRAWL takes precedence.)

(It fades out and the lights hit as the crowd is feeling the vibe!)

GHEORGHE: "And that’s coming in November, Nick! New ERA’s second pay per view, BattleBRAWL, will hit from the Key Arena in Seattle, Washington in what should be one of the most intense nights in wrestling history!"

JIVE: "I can’t wait. Six women. One title. Mmm."

GHEORGHE: "Oh stop … the over the top battle royal where competitors enter the ring ever 90 seconds should be non-stop action … and it will entail every wrestler not a female, and not in the title matches, Nick."

JIVE: "So basically, it’ll include the two nobodies we have coming up."

GHEORGHE: "The next match is full of incredible talent, Nick. Jay had a disappointing loss to the Phantom Republican his first time out, and Distributor of Pain is also looking for his first victory …. So let’s head down to Carl Jacobs for the introductions!"

(CUTTO: Jacobs in the ring.)

Jay vs. Distributor of Pain

JACOBS: "The following match is scheduled for one fall with a THIRTY MINUTE time limit… INTRODUCING FIRST…"

(The crowd pops as the lights dim. CUEUP: "Huck It" by The Offspring. The crowd cheers a bit as the drums pick up. A blue strobe light begins to flash and a pyro burst goes off as the music hits full. Jay emerges and raises his arm to the fans, yelling. They continue to cheer at him as he runs down to the ring, rolls under the bottom rope, and then paces around the ring, signaling to the fans.)

JACOBS: "From Louisville , Kentucky , weighing in at 231 lbs… JAY!!!"

(The crowd pops again as he, smiling, raises an arm up to them.)

JACOBS: "And his opponent…weighing in at 248 lbs. and hailing from Parts Unknown…. he is THE DISTRIBUTOR OF PAIN!!"

(The crowd starts to jeer as all goes black and " Battle Ready" by Otep starts up. A dim green light engulfs the arena as The Distributor of Pain emerges from the curtain, followed by Dustin. DOP strides confidently down to the ring and climbs in, staring down Jay . SFX: Bell rings.)

GHEORGHE: "This should be an exciting matchup here tonight. Jay is coming off a loss to the Phantom Republican last RAUCOUS, and will have quite a challenge ahead of him tonight, going up against the brutal veteran, The Distributor of Pain."

JIVE: "That kid has no prayer here, Tom. DOP is going to show him what wrasslin’ is all about. He’ll make sure to wipe that stupid grin off his face."

GHEORGHE: "The two men are circling each other now. DOP goes for the lockup, but Jay with a duck-under, and a dropkick to the back sends DOP to the mat!"

JIVE: "A lucky shot!"

GHEORGHE: "DOP is slow getting to his feet, and he looks absolutely livid that Jay managed to get one by him."

JIVE: "Trust me, he’s not going to let that happen again."

GHEORGHE: "DOP and Jay with a collar and elbow tie-up, struggling for position. DOP gets the advantage, sinks in a side headlock.."


GHEORGHE: "I don’t think he’s going to tap to this one…"

JIVE: "Are you kidding? That’s an absolutely brutal headlock!"

GHEORGHE: " Jay is struggling in the hold, throws DOP off of him. The Distributor of Pain comes off the ropes, leapfrog by Jay , DOP off the opposite side, another leapfrog by Jay , DOP off again, dropkick by Jay floors him!"

JIVE: "That sneaky bastard!"

GHEORGHE: "DOP pops right back up, snap mare by Jay , and now he sinks in a rear chinlock."

JIVE: "Oh, good. DOP should have no trouble getting out of a hold as simple as that one."

GHEORGHE: "The Distributor of Pain powers up to his feet, throws an elbow into the midsection of Jay . Another one! DOP tries to grab Jay ’s head, but he counters with a fireman’s carry! DOP shoots up to his feet, and Jay clotheslines him back down to the mat."

JIVE: "Listen to these fans! Don’t they know that DOP is just toying with him?"

GHEORGHE: "The fans certain getting behind Jay here. He signals to the fans, and .. it looks like he’s going up top!"

JIVE: "Stupid rookie move. DOP is too good to be dealt that kind of blow."

GHEORGHE: " Jay is up top, and signaling for The Distributor of Pain to get to his feet!"

JIVE: "Don’t do it, DOP!"

GHEORGHE: "The Distributor of Pain is slowly staggering to his feet, looking kind of dazed…"

JIVE: "NO!! You’re playing into his hands!"

GHEORGHE: " Jay is preparing to take off .. but wait!"

JIVE: "Yeah, that’s it, Dustin! Protect DOP!"

GHEORGHE: "Dustin up on the apron, holding onto Jay ’s leg to keep him from jumping off the top rope! Jay is struggling with him…."

JIVE: "And MEANWHILE, DOP is up on his feet! Jay is screwed now!"

GHEORGHE: "The Distributor of Pain is charging into the corner .. but Jay kicks off Dustin! He leaps over DOP!"

JIVE: "No!"

GHEORGHE: "The Distributor of Pain collides with Dustin and sends him to the floor! DOP turns and gets splashed into the corner by Jay !"

JIVE: "No fair! There was interference!"

GHEORGHE: "DOP staggers out of the corner, Jay with a kick to the midsection and a quick DDT!"

JIVE: "Shut up, you stupid, San Diego morons! Shut up!"

GHEORGHE: "The fans have started a Jay chant here in the Sports Arena. He signals to the fans, then looks outside at Dustin getting to his feet!"

JIVE: "Uh-oh."

GHEORGHE: " Jay points at Dustin …."

JIVE: "Move, Dustin, move!"

GHEORGHE: " Jay gets a running start and vaults over the top rope onto Dustin on the outside!"

(CROWD: N-E-W! N-E-W!)

GHEORGHE: " Jay gets to his feet, laughing at Dustin, and rolls back into the ring."

JIVE: "Where DOP is ready and waiting for him!"

GHEORGHE: "DOP charges at Jay with a double ax handle, but Jay with a big right hand! Another! Another! Jay with an inverted atomic drop! Followed by a big clothesline!"

JIVE: "Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t blows to the genitals illegal?"

GHEORGHE: " Jay is going back up top, signaling once again for DOP to get to his feet. The Distributor of Pain staggers to his feet, missile dropkick to the chest!"

JIVE: "Dustin! Get in there and help him!"

GHEORGHE: "Dustin is still out on the outside, and Jay is calling for the end! He’s signaling for the Kick Ass Kick!"

JIVE: "This is a family program! This is no place for that kind of vulgarity!"

GHEORGHE: "The Distributor of Pain is on his feet, Kick Ass Kick by Jay !"

JIVE: "No, dammit, NO!!!"

GHEORGHE: " Jay with the cover, ONE………….. TWO…………. THREE!!!!"

JIVE: "No! His shoulder … he almost …"

GHEORGHE: "C’mon, Nick. DOP is out cold."

(Jive sighs.)

JIVE: "Yeah. Damn, where was his head at?"

GHEORGHE: " Jay with an impressive victory here, completely dominating the veteran Distributor of Pain . I think we’re going to see some great things from this youngster in the future."

JIVE: "Bah.."

GHEORGHE: "Ladies and gentlemen .. when we come back from commercial break … Alister Hayze and the Phantom Republican will go head to head in what should be an exciting encoun…"


(The lights cut out in the arena…)

JIVE: "Oh come on, we already had one promo for Battle BRAWL…"

GHEORGHE: "Wait a minute… red strobe lights are now illuminating the iPayOne Center!"

(The iPayOne Center is filled with red strobe lights that scan the crown. One of the big screens comes on and then the second …together they form image for DREDD..)



( continued... )