[ Allstate Arena ] Rosemont, Illinois


TAPED: Jun. 20, 2004
AIRED: Jun. 22, 2004

(FADEIN: A black screen. CUEUP: ‘Who Said’ by Planet Funk as the following words slowly scroll from the bottom of the screen to the center of the screen.)




(Fading from the black background and slowly coming up behind the words is the RAUCOUS logo. As it fades closer and closer, it transcends the words and they disintegrate as the logo takes precedence on the screen.)

(FADETO: The fans around the arena as they are on their feet looking around as strobe lights scan the crowd. Fireworks go off in the centre of the ring causing the fans to pop as they fade in the air. CUTTO: Signs in the crowd, "NEW ERA HAS BEEN THROWN INTO CHAOS!" "TRAVIS SMITH IS TOO SWEET FOR ME!" and "MWG IS A WOMAN .. NO A MAN. IM CONFUSED!" CUTTO: The announce table as Nick Jive and Tom Gheorghe are already sitting with their headsets on, ready to go!)

JIVE: "Jesus, what a night."

GHEORGHE: "Welcome everyone to the FINAL RAUCOUS before the pay per view!! I am Tom Gheorghe, and sitting next to me, as always, is Nick Jive."

JIVE: "I’d rather be as far away as possible .. who knows what the hell is going to happen tonight! Last week was way too hectic for my bones!"

GHEORGHE: "In case you missed it, Chaos tried to attack Suicide after his match with Nightmare last week, and in the process, ended Nightmare’s New ERA career by locking him in the Python Lock .. giving him multiple concussions from which he was ruled unable to participate in further New ERA events!"

JIVE: "Ugh. I get a headache just thinking back to last week."

GHEORGHE: "Chaos was then suspended, from which Juliet Marceau lifted the suspension … and conned Chaos into his Television Championship match by threatening to take him out of his electrified exploding cage match with Suicide at the pay per view!"

JIVE: "But that match was already gone!"

GHEORGHE: "Suicide earlier in the night left in very cryptic fashion after a verbal bashing by New ERA President Marcus LaRoque, and he is no longer in New ERA of Wrestling!! Chaos didn’t know at the time, and thanks to the actions of that damned person in the black, ended up winning the Television Championship by defeating Jean Rabesque!"

JIVE: "And then some idiot in white came down to the ring and took out Chaos … after which he MOONWALKED around the ring!"

GHEORGHE: "No one knows who that is, or what in God’s name he wants with Chaos .. but with the pay per view coming upon us shortly, ANYTHING is possible tonight!"

JIVE: "But lets talk about something I’m REALLY excited about!"

GHEORGHE: "What’s that, Nick?"


GHEORGHE: "Why did I have a feeling that was going to come up?"

JIVE: "Because like every other male chauvinistic pig who does color commentary, it is my duty to drool over the beauties that will be having clothed se.. err wrestling in the ring."

GHEORGHE: "Yes, Marcus LaRoque announced the other day at a press conference that New ERA of Wrestling would be implementing a Women’s division in addition to their men’s division. And we have received word that there has already been a few additions to the women’s roster."

JIVE: "Well only one has been confirmed."

GHEORGHE: "Caitlyn Daymon, the wife of former professional wrestler Rocko Daymon, has inked her contract yesterday, and is the first member announced of the women’s division. It may peak your interest, Nick, that there might even be a women’s match at the pay per view!"

JIVE: "That’d just make my day."

GHEORGHE: "With the women’s division under construction, LaRoque also said he had plans to try to speed up the implementation of the tag team division as well. As you may remember, the tag division almost became a reality when three teams, Doom, Natural Born Killers and the Troupe were all in New ERA .. unfortunately, the Troupe’s contract was voided after one member’s paperwork was wrong, and Doom and Natural Born Killers left shortly after."

JIVE: "Looks like everything is coming together nicely, Tom."

GHEORGHE: "Indeed it is, Nick.. and part of that is tonight’s show."

JIVE: "You’re telling me."

GHEORGHE: "We’ve got five matches on tonight’s card and we promise that this time each and every one will take place!"

JIVE: "You mean, there aren’t any firings tonight?"

GHEORGHE: "Not that I know of, at least."

JIVE: "Good."

GHEORGHE: "In the opening match of the night Madonna Wayne Grossard will make his New ERA debut as he takes on ‘Dancin’ Danny Danger."

JIVE: "Grossard has easily become my favorite wrestler in New ERA."

GHEORGHE: "What happened to Peter File?"

JIVE: "Not enough Lilly the past few weeks .. so he’s dropped down."

GHEORGHE: "Also in action tonight we have ‘Too Sweet’ Travis Smith, coming off that big tag team win last week with Jonathan Marx, taking on El Arco Iris."

JIVE: "Iris is always smiling, always willing to give ANYONE a hug.. he better be careful if MWG asks for a hug … very few people know where he’s been, and even less want to know."

GHEORGHE: "Jonathan Marx himself will be in action as he goes head to head with, I guess your former favorite New ERA wrestler, Peter File."

JIVE: "As long as Lilly is down here and with as little clothing as possible on, I will be all set."

GHEORGHE: "And in what should be a wild affair, ‘the Messenger’ Trevor Cane will take on Troy Douglas in a Falls Count Anywhere match."

JIVE: "Well, I guess even I were out back, with my luck, that match would spill right into my dressing room."

GHEORGHE: "Could it reach that far? I mean the cleaning supply room is up a few flights, right?"

JIVE: "Hey look whose talking! Your hotel room is filled with more roaches than a Mexican eatery!"

GHEORGHE: "And in the main event, Alex Borden will try to give the World Heavyweight Champion a scare as they face off in a non-title match."

JIVE: "Tough decision here. Tact has really gotten to grow on me the past few weeks, and Borden has a lot of talent here. Even as a rookie I think he could possibly beat the World Heavyweight Champion."

GHEORGHE: "That’s something Tact cannot afford to let happen."

JIVE: "What a night …"

GHEORGHE: "And it all kicks off as soon as we come back from this commercial break. Madonna Wayne Grossard and Danny Danger!"

A Bit of Revenge

(CUTTO: Marcus LaRoque’s lockerroom. There is a knock on the door. Chaos steps through with a smile on his face.)

CHAOS: "You rang?"

LaROQUE: "I bet you’re just proud of yourself. You tore this place to pieces at the last RAUCOUS and in the end you still got rewarded with your title shot."

CHAOS: "Well now that you mention it... I am."

LaROQUE: "Well I'm glad you happy, but as you can see tonight you don't have a match and there's a reason for that. You have been fined and suspended. It was one thing for you to carry on like you did. However you PLANNED the whole thing and that requires a penalty. Therefore you have been fined TEN THOUSAND dollars and until it's been paid... you will not wrestle."

CHAOS: "TEN THOUSAND!!! Hell, you guys haven't even paid me that much yet towards my contract."

(The two stare for a moment in awkward silence.)

CHAOS: "But I'll tell you what, LaRoque... you do what you have too. I've other business to take care of and it has nothing to do with you. I've got plans for tonight and I'm not going to let you or anyone else get in my way."

(He turns his back and slams the door closed on the way out. LaRoque stares at the door for a few seconds before he shakes his head.)

( continued... )