[ Crisler Arena @ UofMichigan ] Ann Arbor, Michigan


TAPED: Jun. 05, 2004
AIRED: Jun. 11, 2004
EPISODE: RAUCOUS 10, Chapter 2

(FADEIN: Announce table.)

JIVE: "We now go from having great news about the apparent signing of Madonna Wayne Grossard …. To having to watch a guy who calls himself ‘Dancin’ Danny… This promotion perplexes me sometimes…"

GHEORGHE: "This will be Danny Danger’s debu…"

(CUEUP: "Can’t Touch This" by MC Hammer… the lights on the stage start flashing different colors as the music is getting louder.)

GHEORGHE: "That is Danger’s music! But Jacobs hasn’t even announced him yet!"

Words Speak Louder Than Actions

(Danny Danger comes onto the stage with a microphone in hand … he is dancing to the beat of the music, wearing baby blue tights and a black shirt with his picture on the front and ‘Dancing around his opponents…’ on the back.)

JIVE: "He is carrying a boom box on his shoulder… Spike Lee would have a fit."

(Danger gets into the ring, and puts the boom box down.)

JACOBS: "Ladies and gentlemen, introducing, "Dancin" Danny Danger."

(Danger walks over to the turnbuckle and sets down his boombox in the corner. He then presses stop on it and the music stops. He then walks over to the middle of the ring and brings his mic to his mouth.)

DANGER: "Well, hello, as you heard my name is "Dancin" Danny Danger. I am here in New ERA for one reason, and that is, championship gold and I will go through any body and everybody to get there. Yes, even you, Messenger boy. Trevor Cane is a wannabe, he wants to be as good of a fighter as the mail man that is afraid of a little dog. Well, you have just bitten off more than you can chew. You are in the ring with a big dog now, and my bite is worse than my bark."

JIVE: "Let’s hope for his sake, he’s right…"

DANGER: "Wait a minute, you’re the messenger boy right? Well, I have been waiting on this package, and I still haven’t gotten it. It is the newest addition of Pro-Wrestling illustrated. Yea the one with my picture on the cover. Oh, and as for everything being right in the world, no everything is not right in the world but, don’t you think that we should at least make the best out of our situation? Yes, we make mistakes, but why worry about it. There is a saying "no use crying over spilled milk," It means, Why worry about past mistakes? You shouldn’t, just clean up the problem and get on with your life, which is exactly what I will do here tonight on RAUCOUS, when I dance circles around you!"

(Danger walks over to his boom box and presses play as "Cant Touch This" starts back up again and he dances around as Jacobs gets back into view. The lineup for the match comes on the screen.)

Danny Danger vs. Trevor Cane

JACOBS: "The following is scheduled for one fall … introducing first … already in the ring …. He is ‘DANCIN’ DANNY DANGER!"

(Crowd pops a little..)

JACOBS: "And his opponent…"

(CUEUP: ‘Unkind’ by Destrophy. The lights dim as a white light shines down on the ring. As the music cues, Trevor Cane walks from the back, keeping his eyes on the ring.)

JACOBS: "Hailing from Sarasota, Florida … he stands six foot five and weighs in at 263 pounds …. He is ‘the MESSENGER’ TREVOR CANE!"

(Cane rolls underneath the bottom rope and looks up at the ceiling, saying a few words before turning towards Danger.)

(SFX: Bell rings.)

JIVE: "I’m not sure if Cane was talking to whatever being he believes in, or if he was looking for that person who keeps haunting him, Tom."

GHEORGHE: "Either way this match is off and running… Trevor Cane stalking Danger as Danger is shimmying across the ring to the delight of some fans in the front row.."

JIVE: "Now if Cane would murder him to the delight of myself.."

GHEORGHE: "They lock up in the middle of the ring … and Cane FLOORS him with a right hand! Dancin’ Danny hops back to his feet though and shakes it off as he goes right back at Cane …. Danger with a go behind and he runs Cane into the ropes … rolls him .. no, Cane holds onto the ropes and Danger hits the mat as he went for a roll up off the ropes.. Cane turns around …. AND DANGER DROPKICKS HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE!!"

JIVE: "Danger managed to use his quickness there to send Cane reeling over the top."

GHEORGHE: "Cane now getting to his feet … AND DANGER HITS HIM IN THE FACE WITH A BASEBALL SLIDE!! Cane is back to the arena floor as Danny Danger is dancing in the middle of the ring!"

JIVE: "If he spends as much time wrestling as he does dancing in there, I might eat my words saying that he’s going to get a spanking by Cane … but that’s a giant IF."

GHEORGHE: "Danger making a mistake, in my opinion, as he lets Trevor Cane roll back into the ring without going after him. Cane to his feet as Danger makes his approach … and Cane with a boot to the stomach … Cane now grabs Danger’s head … AND HE HOPS OVER THE TOP ROPE TO THE ARENA FLOOR AND DANGER’s NECK GETS WHIPLASHED ON THE ROPES! Trevor Cane back into the ring now and makes the cover …. ONE …. TWO—NO kickout by Danger!"

JIVE: "Danger making some rookie mistakes in there."

GHEORGHE: "Trevor Cane hooking the head of Danger and he has him in a chinlock … trying to wear Danny Danger out … and if anything, this will at least make him think about dancing in the ring again when he should be taking advantage of a situation."

JIVE: "Thank god."

GHEORGHE: "The Messenger applying a lot of pressure trying to slow down Danger… AND NOW HIS FOREARM SLIPS BENEATH THE CHIN AND HE IS CHOKING DANNY DANGER! The ref catches him and he is calling for the break!"

JIVE: "Well that’s not fair! Just because Danger is sweating like a pig out there and Cane’s forearm just happened to slip doesn’t mean you take it out on the Messenger!"

GHEORGHE: "Danger getting to his feet … and Cane rakes the eyes!!! Cane now off the ropes … AND DRILLS A FLYING ELBOW INTO THE HEAD OF DANGER!!! Danny Danger brought back to his feet … and Trevor Cane irish whips him into the ropes ….. Danger comes back.. and CANE HITS HIM WITH A FALLAWAY SLAM!"

JIVE: "No wait!"


JIVE: "Looks like Cane’s attempt didn’t work out too well, eh?"

GHEORGHE: "Trevor Cane QUICKLY back to his feet as he drops a knee on Danny Danger… he drops a second knee, and follows it up with a quick elbow to the sternum .. Cane drapes his arm over Danger … ONE … TW—NO! Danger managed to kick out of that poor pinfall attempt easily."

JIVE: "I don’t think Trevor Cane really expected him to turn that Fallaway Slam attempt into a Crucifix .. and in fact, I think he took exception to it!"

GHEORGHE: "Both men on their feet now .. Trevor Cane with a short clothesline .. but Danger ducks under … AND CONNECTS WITH A REVERSE CRESCENT KICK! Cane is stunned as he stumbles back a little … AND DANNY DANGER FLIES AT HIM WITH A CROSS BODY BLOCK AND THEY GO TO THE MAT!! Danny Danger is wailing on Trevor Cane!"

JIVE: "What Danger needs to do is try to score a quick upset pinfall over Cane as fast as he can and then pray to God that he can run faster than the Messenger up to the lockerooms where he’ll have to lock himself in there … because that’s the only way its going to happen, Tom."

GHEORGHE: "Danny Danger now gets off of Cane .. and he goes to the middle of the ring …. AND HE IS DANCING AGAIN! ‘Dancin’ Danny Danger is in the middle of the ring dancing when he should be capitalizing on Cane’s momentary dazedness."

JIVE: "This won’t win you championships.."

GHEORGHE: "Trevor Cane sits up … AND HE IS LOOKING AT DANNY DANGER WHO IS BOOGIE-ING DOWN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING! Cane gets to his feet ….. HE GRABS AHOLD OF DANNY DANGER!!! He lifts him HIGH into the air …. TILT-a-WHIRL SUPLEX! ‘The Messenger’ now calling for the LIGHT!! Trevor Cane picking up Danny Danger …. BUT DANGER HOOKS THE HEAD AND DROPS CANE’s JAW ON THE TOP OF HIS HEAD!"

JIVE: "Danger is a quick thinker … too bad he’s also got ADD when it comes to following up."

GHEORGHE: "Danger with a roll up … ONE ….. TWO ….. but Cane kicks out. Danny Danger sends Trevor Cane into the corner … AND HE COMES IN AFTER HIM WITH A SPLASH!! BUT TREVOR CANE CAUGHT HIM!! TREVOR CANE WITH A TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER AND DANNY DANGER IS LAID OUT IN THE CORNER! Cane with the cover …… ONE …………… TWO ……………. THREE—DANGER GOT THE FOOT ON THE ROPES!"

JIVE: "Pure instinct there. Danger is totally out of it … its almost as if his foot had a mind of its own."

GHEORGHE: "Trevor Cane now brings Danny Danger to his feet by the hair … AND CANE IS NOW PLACING DANGER ON THE TURNBUCKLE!"

JIVE: "I’d like to see Danger get out of this one!"


CROWD: "N . E . W ! N . E . W !"

JIVE: "The fans are loving this Danny Danger massacre!"

GHEORGHE: "I think they more appreciate the fact that our guys put everything on the line each and every time they enter the ring!"

JIVE: "I’m entitled to my opinion."

GHEORGHE: "Trevor Cane with the cover …… ONE ……………. TWO ………………. THREE!"

JIVE: "NO! NO! NO! Danny Danger got his foot on the ropes AGAIN!"

GHEORGHE: "The ref is signaling a two-count! Trevor Cane looks down at ‘Dancin’ Danny Danger …. And he is shaking his head! Trevor Cane picks up Danger… PILEDRIVER!"

JIVE: "I think its over, Tom."

GHEORGHE: "Trevor Cane setting up Danny Danger …… there it is!!! THE LIGHT!!! Trevor Cane nails that running sitdown powerbomb!!! The cover ….. ONE ………………. TWO ………………….. THREE!!! TREVOR CANE WINS THE MATCH!"

JIVE: "It’s about damn time, too! Look at him nudging Danger out of the ring with his foot!"

(SFX: Bell rings)

JACOBS: "The winner of this match …. ‘the Messenger’ TREV…."

(The lights go out and Jacobs stops short. All of a sudden on the screen a familiar symbol shows up …)

JIVE: "Oh jeez."

VOICE: "CANE. I am your message. (pauses) And Destrucity awaits us BOTH….."

(As he finishes the sentence, the symbols leave the screen and some commotion is heard in the ring.)



(SFX: A loud crack…)


(The lights go on. The symbols appear back on the screen as laughter is heard throughout the arena. Trevor Cane is lying on the mat in the ring, the remains of Danger’s boombox scattered all around the ring.)



GHEORGHE: "Well that remains to be answered!"

JIVE: "What do you mean?! And what did that voice mean when he said Destrucity awaited them both?!?!"

(Cane starts to move in the ring, holding his head and looking pissed off.)

GHEORGHE: "Trevor Cane is coming to, and he does not look happy!"

JIVE: "He just got hit in the head with a fucking boombox, you expect him to be singing?"

GHEORGHE: "We got to take a commercial break… when we come back .. Mindkiller will go head to head with Alex Borden!"

Special Delivery

(CUTTO: President LaRoque’s lockeroom. He is on the phone.)

LaROQUE: "Yea .. hey, call payroll and tell them to cut Vampiro. It’s a shame. The kid had promise, but his head just wasn’t in it. Yea, I know. The pay per view? It’s going fine .. I’ve got two or three matches that I might announce tonight if I’m in the mood."

(There is a knock on his door. He looks up at it, bothered.)

LaROQUE: "I told everyone not to bother me .. I have a lot of things to do as we head to the pay per view. This better be good."

(LaRoque goes to the door and opens it. He looks around but doesn’t see anyone. He looks down at the ground and there is a package for him. He picks it up, brings it to his desk, and sets it on the corner.)

LaROQUE: "Just a package. You know Jean-Michel, always trying to look out for me. Oh .. I don’t know. I’ll open it later when I have more time. I’ve got to be on top of everything tonight, both Suicide and Chaos are in the building .. and well, we saw what happened last week between those two."

(FADETO: Commercial as LaRoque puts his feet up on the desk, knocking the package in between two stacks of papers.)

( continued... )