[ Wachovia Center ] Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania


TAPED: Mar. 05, 2004
AIRED: Mar. 14, 2004
EPISODE: RAUCOUS 04, Chapter 2

(FADEIN: Ringside. Nick Jive is yelling at some fans behind him and they’re yelling right back.)

JIVE: "Punks."

GHEORGHE: "You can’t blame them, Nick."

JIVE: "Why not? I got hit in the head with a fucking coke can!"

GHEORGHE: "But when you throw your water behind you blindly …."

JIVE: "How was I supposed to know that there were people behind me?!"

GHEORGHE: "Because there always is?"


(Gheorghe shakes his head as he looks down at the papers in front of him.)

GHEORGHE: "As we stated in the opening minutes, our first match of the night will be between John Doe and ‘Violent’ Nick Savage."

JIVE: "This Savage kid looks like he could be a great addition to the New ERA roster, Tom. Anyone who has Violent and Savage in the same name’s gotta be good."

GHEORGHE: "Savage’s entry into the Television Championship tournament is a bit like John Doe’s in a way. Nick Savage was put in Cross’ place as Cross has left New ERA of Wrestling for what we can only describe as personal reasons. John Doe was put in the Television Championship tournament after Doc Silver once again did not show for his match."

JIVE: "I to…"

GHEORGHE: "No more excuses, Nick."

JIVE: "Fine."

GHEORGHE: "As I said, the following match up …"

A Challenge

(CUEUP: ‘Pistol Grip Pump’ by Rage Against the Machine. The fans start going wild as ‘Rage o Fire’ Jared Wells walks out onto the stage near the curtain. He is holding a mic. He is carrying a baseball bat)

JIVE: "What the hell does he want?"

GHEORGHE: "I don’t know, but Jared Wells is definitely sporting his brand spanking new gear … his New ERA "I’m Jared Wells’ BIATCH" shirt … and look at the wooden baseball bat he has in his left hand!"

WELLS: "Ok, ok … enough of this shit. I want that son of a bitch Suicidal Killer in a NO DQ match here tonight … Suits in the back … MAKE IT HAPPEN!"

(Wells drops the mic and leaves as the fans continue to mark out)

GHEORGHE: "Jared Wells has just DEMANDED that management make his match with Suicidal Killer a no disqualification match!! God knows what he will do, especially with that BAT!"

JIVE: "They can’t do that! They have to say no. Wells can’t just come out and demand anything!"

GHEORGHE: "Ladies and Gentlemen, we’ll find out later whether or not Acting President Marcus LaRoque gives Jared Wells what he wants .. but right now we are going to head up to the ring so Carl Jacobs can announce the first of tonights quarterfinals match ups!"

(CUTTO: Jacobs standing in the ring. The lineup for this match slowly flashes on the screen, as both men’s faces appear on opposite sides of their names.)

Television Championship Tournament

Nick Savage vs. John Doe

JACOBS: "The following match up is the first match of tonight’s show! It is scheduled for ONE FALL with a 30 minute time limit …. And is the first of the four QUARTERFINAL matches in the New ERA Television Championship tournament!"

(CUEUP: ‘Wait and Bleed’ by Slipknot. Nick Savage walks through the curtains …)

JACOBS: "Introducing first …."

(Savage walks down to the ring, slides under the bottom rope, gets up, and begins getting ready for Doe to come out.)

JACOBS: "Hailing from ATLANTA, GEORGIA ….. standing 6 foot 6 …. ‘VIOLENT’ NICK SAVAGE!"

GHEORGHE: "Savage looks to be in incredible shape, Nick … Perhaps you might be right in choosing him over Doe here tonight."

JIVE: "Not only is he a great specimen of wrestler, he’s got a great name. Only the best are named Nick…"

GHEORGHE: "Oh Brother."

JACOBS: "And his opponent …."

(CUEUP: ‘Sic’ by Slipknot)

JIVE: "Didn’t we just hear this opening?"

GHEORGHE: "Interesting fact here, fans .. both Savage and Doe come to the ring with songs by the same artist … which could be why they sound agonizingly similar."

JACOBS: "His origins are unknown ……. He stands 6’1 and weighs 210 pounds …. JOHN DOE!"

(Pyro and Fireworks go off in the arena as New ERA flashes all over the big screen near the top of the rampway. The arena turns pitch black. The big screen flashes between a blurred face and film of a wrestler. Blue pyro fires off at the entrance ramp as the words John Doe flash and shake on the big screen. From behind the curtain, a wrestler walks out on the ramp and "John Doe" makes his way to the ring.)

GHEORGHE: "And Doe looks determined to continue on his quest to make it to the Television Championship finals …"

JIVE: "Too bad its going to end tonight."

GHEORGHE: "Well if he can get past Nick Savage here tonight, I’d say that he has a very, very good chance at winning the whole thing."

JIVE: "If, and that’s a very big if, John Doe manages to cheat his way into the semi-finals … he is not going to make it past Suicidal Killer …"

GHEORGHE: "And if he faces Jared Wells?"

JIVE: "Believe me, we won’t have to worry about that. Especially if LaRoque lets their match tonight be no disqualification."

(SFX: Bell rings)

GHEORGHE: "Doe getting into the ring … and Nick Savage starts towards him. Doe realizes this and makes sure he is in the ring before Savage gets to him. John Doe quickly gets to the center of the ring to meet Savage … Savage winds back and nails Doe with a jab to the face … Doe’s head flies back. Savage with another shot to the face and now Doe walks to the ropes holding his face."

JIVE: "Savage immediately showing John Doe that he isn’t going to mess around here. He might be new to New ERA, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to lie down for anybody."

GHEORGHE: "Savage walks up behind Doe …. and SCRAPES HIS FACE ACROSS THE TOP ROPE.. Doe holding his face now as that ropeburn definitely hurt … Savage locks his arms up … and he has him in a full nelson!!"

JIVE: "Savage trying to make Doe give it up early! Look at Doe! He’s locked in with nowhere to go!"

GHEORGHE: "John Doe looks to be in a great deal of pain …. And Savage showing a great display of power!!! Savage turned that full nelson and slammed Doe to the mat with a german suplex! Savage with the cover …. ONE …. TW.. but Doe kicked out after two."

JIVE: "A little premature for the pinfall attempt."

GHEORGHE: "Savage not letting up however as he locks an armbar submission on Doe …. Rocks Doe back … into a pinning combination! ONE …. TW … but Doe easily rolls himself out of it … Savage lets go and now he is picking up Doe by his hair! Nick Savage irish whips John Doe into the ropes ….. Doe comes back ….. and now Savage locks him into a sleeper hold!"

JIVE: "Savage is trying to wear John Doe out early … and if he keeps at it, John Doe won’t have any energy to keep getting out .."

GHEORGHE: "The ref over to check on John Doe …"

JIVE: "Doe looks like he’s about out of it, Tom!! I knew Nick Savage would dominate in his first showing here!"

GHEORGHE: "The ref picks up Doe’s arm …. And it falls!! The ref checking to make sure Savage isn’t choking Doe … ref finally picks up Doe’s arm …. It falls halfway … but John Doe lifts it up! John Doe stamping his foot trying to get some momentum … AND HIS EYES JUST SHOT OPEN!"

JIVE: "He looks like a man possessed!!!"

GHEORGHE: "Doe turning the sleeper …. AND HE ELBOWS SAVAGE IN THE STOMACH!! Savage forced to release the hold …… AND HE POKES DOE IN THE EYES!"

JIVE: "That’ll stop a man quickly!"

GHEORGHE: "Nick Savage regaining his composure as he heads back over to Doe. BUT DOE TRIPS HIM UP! John Doe quickly off the ropes… and drops the elbow on Savage’s sternum!"

JIVE: "Aw c’mon, Savage! You gotta do better than this!"

GHEORGHE: "Doe waits for Savage to get up …. Savage is up …. And Doe runs against the ropes …. SAVAGE WITH A CLOTHESLINE … BUT DOE DUCKS AND GOES AGAINST THE OTHER ROPES! Savage turns …. HURRICANRANA BY JOHN DOE! The pin attempt …. ONE …. TWO … KICKOUT BY NICK SAVAGE!"

JIVE: "Savage needs to watch out! John Doe might be a loser, but he can turn out some moves quickly."


JIVE: "Shades of a ‘perfect’ predecessor if you ask me."

GHEORGHE: "John Doe waits for Nick Savage to get up …… DOE WITH A CLOTHESLINE … but Savage ducks!! AND DOE COUNTERS WITH A SUPERKICK TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! John Doe with the cover …. ONE ….. TWO …… TH- KICKOUT!"

JIVE: "This match not short on pinfall attempts at all … but the only one that matters is the last one … and that’ll be Nick Savage coming out on top!"


JIVE: "Idiot."



GHEORGHE: "John Doe hurt his ribs however and he quickly rolls off Nick Savage."

JIVE: "I knew that one way or another he’d get in trouble! Now he can’t even capitalize on his risk!"

GHEORGHE: "John Doe slow to sit up, and Savage hasn’t moved … Doe slowly crawls over to Savage ….. drops his arm on him …. ONE …… TW—KICKOUT! John Doe rolls on his back … and now Nick Savage starts to crawl to the ropes. Savage uses the ropes to help himself up … and John Doe is trying to do the same .. Savage walks over to Doe …. AND DUMPS HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE AND TO THE FLOOR!!"

JIVE: "I wonder if we’re going to find out why he’s called VIOLENT now!"

GHEORGHE: "Savage rolls under the bottom ring and picks John Doe up …. AND SENDS HIM CRASHING INTO THE RING STEPS! Savage walks over to Doe’s body …. and now Savage is KICKING Doe in the ribs! Doe’s ribs were already sore thanks to that Five Star Frog Splash earlier!"

JIVE: "Savage is a very, very smart man."

GHEORGHE: "The referee telling Savage to bring this back inside the ring .. and Savage rolls Doe in compliance. Nick Savage stepping through the second ropes as John Doe is trying to use the ropes to get up … Savage DROPS THE KNEE RIGHT IN THE FACE OF DOE! Nick Savage picks up John Doe …… he is going to suplex him …. BUT HE HOLDS HIM UP!! Nick Savage walking around the ring for a little while with John Doe in the air ….. AND DROPS HIM DOWN WITH THE DELAYED SUPLEX!"

JIVE: "Do you know how much STRENGTH and CONCENTRATION that takes??"

GHEORGHE: "Savage sits on top of John Doe … and wails away on him with lefts and rights!! The ref needs to step in and stop this! These are blatant closed fists!"

JIVE: "Hey, I think the ref is doing a fine job."

GHEORGHE: "The ref finally steps in and tells Savage that if he continues he’ll be disqualified."

JIVE: "I spoke too soon."

GHEORGHE: "Nick Savage picks up John Doe … and sends him into the turnbuckle chest first!!! Savage CHARGES IN WITH A TURNBUCKLE SPLASH ……"


GHEORGHE: "John Doe somehow managed to get himself out of the corner, and Nick Savage landed chest first on the turnbuckle and his head looked to hit the post, Nick!"

JIVE: "Right when things were looking good."

GHEORGHE: "Both men lying on the mat .. the ref puts on the count …"


GHEORGHE: "John Doe finally moving .. using the ropes to his advantage as Nick Savage is lying in the corner. Doe to his feet … tries walking over Savage in the corner …. Savage kicks at Doe …. BUT DOE CATCHES HIS FOOT!! John Doe yanks Nick Savage out of the corner into the center of the ring …. AND LOCKS ON A FIGURE FOUR!!!"

JIVE: "Savage was in the corner!! Doe shouldn’t be allowed to pull him out like that!"

GHEORGHE: "John Doe applying a lot of pressure onto the legs of Nick Savage. The ref asking if Savage wants to give up .. but Savage yells no!"

JIVE: "That’s the determination that champions are made of!"

GHEORGHE: "John Doe gets frustrated and releases the hold … Savage sits up …. BUT DOE COMES AND NAILS HIM IN THE FACE WITH A DROPKICK!! John Doe quickly locks the legs of Nick Savage …… SHARPSHOOTER!"

JIVE: "C’mon REF!! Do something!!"

GHEORGHE: "The ref is doing something, he’s asking if Nick Savage wants to give in!"

JIVE: "That’s not funny!"

GHEORGHE: "John Doe is really wrenching back on the back of Nick Savage! But Savage is trying to fight it!! NICK SAVAGE USES HIS POWER AND THROWS DOE OFF HIM WITH HIS LEGS! John Doe hits the mat, but is back up!! Picks up Nick Savage ….. SMALL PACKAGE BY DOE!!!! ONE …… TWO …… THREE!"


GHEORGHE: "Nick Savage got out of the small package right at the last available moment!! John Doe shakes his head … but now he SMILES!"

JIVE: "I don’t like that look, Tom!"

GHEORGHE: "John Doe is HEADING UP TOP!! Nick Savage looks around for Doe but he doesn’t see him on the top rope!!!!! DOE COMES OFF !!!! BUT SAVAGE CATCHES HIM AND DRILLS HIM INTO THE MAT WITH A POWERSLAM!!"


GHEORGHE: "Nick Savage is calling for it … he wants to end this match right here, right now!!"

JIVE: "He wants the Savage Slam!"

GHEORGHE: "He did a variation of it before with the Powerslam … but Savage wants the military press / powerslam combination to finish off Doe! Nick Savage stalking John Doe …. Doe is VERY slow to get up …."

JIVE: "That last move finished him… Nick Savage is going to move on to the next round of the tournament!! He’s just playing with Doe now!"


JIVE: "NO!!!! Savage wasn’t ready for that!!"

(SFX: Bell rings)

JACOBS: "The winner of this match …. And moving on to the semifinals of the New ERA Television Championship tournament ….. JOHN DOE!"

GHEORGHE: "John Doe managed to slide down the back of Savage and used the momentum to roll Savage up …… Nick Savage was so shocked that kicking out of the move occurred one moment too late!"

JIVE: "What bullshit!"

GHEORGHE: "Looks as if you’re 0 for 1 here tonight, Nick!"

JIVE: "I’m going to be 3-1 at the end of the night …."

GHEORGHE: "Congratulations to both John Doe and Nick Savage for putting on a very great fight to start the show ….. as John Doe managed to slip by and move on .."

JIVE: "Stop it with the awful puns."

GHEORGHE: "Ladies and gentlemen, when we come back … The American and The Renaissance Man will go head to head to see who’ll move on!"

( continued... )