[ HSBC Arena ] Buffalo, New York


TAPED: Feb. 20, 2004
AIRED: Feb. 23, 2004

(FADEIN: A black screen. CUEUP: ‘Who Said’ by Planet Funk as the following words slowly scroll from the bottom of the screen to the center of the screen.)




(Fading from the black background and slowly coming up behind the words is the RAUCOUS logo. As it fades closer and closer, it transcends the words and they disintegrate as the logo takes precedence on the screen.)

(FADETO: The rafters of the HSBC Arena in Buffalo, New York. There are lights scanning the crowd as they are on their feet. Some of the fans are holding signs, but the camera cannot read them from its angle.)

(CUTTO: The announcer’s table as Tom Gheorghe and Nick Jive are sitting. Jive is finishing taking a sip of water from a bottle as Gheorghe is looking over some notes in front of him. They both look up as they are cued.)

GHEORGHE: "And we are LIVE from the HSBC Arena here in Buffalo, New York for the third edition of New ERA RAUCOUS! With me is Nick Jive, and boy do we have a great lineup here tonight."

JIVE: "I’m just excited to find out who this mystery partner is that’s going to lead Suicidal Killer into the battle royal for the World title!"

GHEORGHE: "There have been rumors flying about who this partner could be. Names have been flying around such as Michael Manson, Maelstrom, and even Lindsay Troy has been tossed around."

JIVE: "Well then she must’ve gotten a lot huskier, because that definitely sounded like a man to me, Tom!"

GHEORGHE: "And we will definitely find out tonight who this mystery partner is as he, OR she, and Suicidal Killer take on the team of Larry Tact and El Arco Iris."

JIVE: "Tact has taken heat from both Killer and his mystery partner.. and tonight, instead of the words, he’s going to get a physical beating!"

GHEORGHE: "Tact is a master mat technician, and El Arco Iris is a great wrestler as well. Even though their opponents have the advantage of the unknown, I think Tact and Iris may very well pull this thing off!"

JIVE: "Not even Killer knows who his partner is!"

GHEORGHE: "The winners of the Battle Bowl mania matches will each be entered into a battle royal to determine the first New ERA World Heavyweight Champion here tonight, while the losers are entered into the quarterfinals of the Television title tournament. This is definitely going to be an exciting night, Nick."

JIVE: "Speaking of the battle bowl matches, Cross and the Renaissance Man were pretty much silent as Jonathan Marx and Peter File. It’s an interesting combination if you ask me. Imagine File in the ring with Cross! It’d be like having a Catholic priest in the ring!"

GHEORGHE: "Oh, come on! That’s a horrible thing to say!"

JIVE: "Well, Cross relies on the holy word, and File likes little bo…"

GHEORGHE: "AHEM. It IS true that the winners of THAT match will be entered into the battle royal as well."

JIVE: "When will this battle royal happen? I can’t wait until Suicidal Killer is our first World Heavyweight champ."

GHEORGHE: "Well, from what I’ve been hearing, it will happen at the first New ERA pay per view. However, there hasn’t been a date set yet for the pay per view, nor a location, nor a name. I talked to Acting President Marcus LaRoque about this, and he said that there will be at least 2 more RAUCOUS’ before the pay per view. So we can look at a mid to late-March date for the show!"

JIVE: "Excellent. The sooner we crown the World Heavyweight Champion the better, if you ask me!"

GHEORGHE: "In other match ups, newcomer John Doe, who won an impromptu matchup last week against Trevor Cane to move on to the quarter finals of the Television title tournament will take on Scotty Michaels, who performed a despicable act last week against Brody Hansen, and ‘the Wolf’ Chris McMillan, who lost last week to the American in a tough match."

JIVE: "What are you talking about? Michaels was lightening Hansen up! Big men like Hansen don’t often have the chance to loosen up and go with the good times. Michaels was showing him a little fun! It’s just a shame that he ended up on the wrong end."

GHEORGHE: "Rightfully so! First he puts Shawn Hart on the injured reserve list, and next he goes out and tries to ruin Brody Hansen’s chances at the Television Championship."

JIVE: "He was helping him, Tom."

GHEORGHE: "And I’m going to help you to the floor if you keep on defending him! But that triple threat match will include all three men in the ring at once. That should get pretty interesting if you ask me."

JIVE: "I wonder what other tricks Michaels has up his sleeve."

GHEORGHE: "Now we were scheduled to have an "anyman goes" tag team match to start things off tonight between our three newest tag teams, Doom, Natural Born Killers, and the Troupe … but apparently one of the members of the Troupe had a contract flaw and his contract had to be re-sent to the lawyers for approval, so the Troupe won’t be allowed to compete tonight. Hopefully they’ll have their contract situation figured out soon!"

JIVE: "That one was going to be another good match. Any man can tag in their partner. That means it could have been partner versus partner! And they would have HAD to have wrestled each other!"

GHEORGHE: "With the subtraction of the Troupe, it now just becomes Doom versus the Natural Born Killers. These two teams had a confrontation last edition of RAUCOUS as they debated over which team was signed to a contract first.

JIVE: "Doom is going to make the Natural Born Killers look so bad here tonight that LaRoque will have no reason to keep them in New ERA… expect Doom to dominate!"

GHEORGHE: "From what I’ve heard, Doom is a very respectable team .. but from what I’ve seen, the Natural Born Killers have what it takes to win this match here tonight, and even possibly the Tag Team titles once there is a tournament underway for them."

JIVE: "Listen to these fans, Tom. Buffalo is aching to see some action in the ring, and I’m aching to find out just who is taking Shawn Hart’s place in New ERA of Wrestling!"

GHEORGHE: "The HSBC Arena is a-rocking, and when we come back from this commercial break we’ll kick off this highly electric edition of New ERA RAUCOUS! Join us back here shortly!!!"

( continued... )