[ Blake Estates Stadium ] Plymouth, Montserrat


TAPED: Mar. 30, 2007
AIRED: Apr. 12, 2007

(FADEIN:  The logo for VENUS BITCHIN’.  The eyes begin to burn.  Slowly getting brighter, and brighter.  The edges of the logo next to the eyes catch on fire, and the logo simply begins to break away.. revealing, underneath, the logo for RAPTURE.)

(CUTTO:  Inside the Blakes Estate Stadium in Plymouth, Montserrat.  The fans jam pack the arena to the rafters and pop HUGE as the "Long Live Plymouth, Our True Capital" comes across the big screens.  CUTTO:  The announce booth with Jason Tripp and his co-former BITCHIN’ announcer Natalie Newman.)

TRIPP:  "Welcome everyone to Blakes Estate Stadium .. we are here in BEAUTIFUL Montserrat .. for New ERA of Wrestling RAPTURE!"

NEWMAN:  "For all its beauty, Montserrat has sure seen its share of devastation the last fifteen years .. devastation that has caused this Caribbean paradise to lose more than 2/3rd its population."

TRIPP: "Hurricane Hugo, in 1990, caused 90% of the island’s infrastructure to go up in smoke … and only six years later, after rebuilding their lives and economy, the volcano .. which had never erupted in all of recorded history, decided to show its strength .. and it utterly destroyed Plymouth .. the former capital city .. and we saw the devastation still here more than 10 years later, Natalie."

NEWMAN:  "Montserrat is a overseas protectorate of the United Kingdom .. and while Britain has aided this beautiful island somewhat, the fact is that Plymouth is an abandoned city .. imagine a 30 foot telephone pole .. and then imagine me, standing next to is .. and actually being able to rest my elbow on it!  That’s how much ash stacked up upon the city … but Blakes Estate Stadium stands .. and we are here tonight with RAPTURE to show the citizens of Montserrat that we, at least, are ready to pump some money into this island."

TRIPP: "Montserrat’s done a wonderful job at putting its economy back together after 2 huge tragedies only 6 years apart … and you know not even 9 months ago U2 played in this very arena to the four thousand fans that were able to pile into the seats."

NEWMAN:  "I can see why they call this the ‘Emerald of the Caribbean,’ Jason… it’s a gem."

TRIPP: "As is being here for RAPTURE … and what a return show we have tonight."

NEWMAN:  "We’ve got five matches .. including some of the hottest talent in all of New ERA."

TRIPP:  "Former Television and P©X Champion MWG will team with .. none other than Peter File, talk about the only person who could give MWG a run for his money for individuality, against the team of Bored of Edukashun."

NEWMAN:  "Bored of Edukashun already in the semi-finals of the World Tag Team Championship tournament with a victory over the Saviors of Wrestling .. and this is their bye week .. and .. well … I guess this match gives new meaning to the term bye week."

TRIPP:  "Oh boy does it ever!  Speaking of tag teams … the quarterfinals of the World Tag Team Championship tournament will happen right here tonight .. well, at least one of the matches for it, as Old Guard takes on one of the teams who wasn’t able to make it to the three year anniversary show in Puerto Rico, Team in Vain."

NEWMAN:  "I’ve seen both teams personally .. so I know that there’ll be some jobbing going on.. err I mean, wrestling going on tonight."

TRIPP:  "With Jack n’ Hoff and the Inner Circle fighting it out for the last semi-final spot on RAUCOUS … the teams here tonight better hope that a miracle happens or else they may be packing their bags sooner than they think."

NEWMAN:  "It wouldn’t surprise me if neither team advances, honestly.  But let’s move on to something else, shall we?"

TRIPP:  "Sure thing!  How about the two singles matches filling out the middle of the show?  We’ve got an incredible match up featuring Cameron Cruise and ‘Sensational’ Steven Shane .. these two men have had their shots at the Television Championship, and although both men walked away without the championship itself .. they definitely earned themselves respect in the administrative offices."

NEWMAN:  "One of the best things about this match .. is that either one of those men could head into the EPW / NEW SuperCard, or New ERA’s BANNED in the US pay per view right after it, with a shot at the Television Championship."

TRIPP:  "Surprisingly both men were pretty quiet leading into tonight’s match .. I’m not sure if they were both hoping to intimidate their competitor with silence, or whatnot .."

NEWMAN:  "Two people who definitely had a lot to say to one another were Foxx and Jared Wells .. and with both wrestlers making their return to New ERA tonight on RAPTURE, you know that they’ll be fighting tooth and nail to come out on top."

TRIPP:  "Jared Wells making his return to the ring after a LONG absence.. and Foxx is making her return after the folding of Juliet Marceau’s all-women’s VENUS promotion .. this could be the match of the night."

NEWMAN:  "I agree, Jason .. it has all the makings for a knockdown, drag out fight.  As for match of the night, the main event will surely give it a run for its money."

TRIPP:  "Jason Payne underhandedly stole the invitation that was meant for Shawn Jessica Hart, PhD on the three year anniversary show of RAUCOUS … and tonight he will have to face Hart one on one in order to keep that invitation."

NEWMAN:  "I’m surprised that this match is even happening, Jason.  After all, Hart was supposed to receive the invitation in the first place .. but with the way things go, Jason Payne now has a fighting chance to be in New ERA’s main event at the EPW / NEW SuperCard … which I might add is only two shows away!"

TRIPP:  "It is definitely coming up quickly .. we’ve got one more round of shows to go before the SuperCard .. and even more so, is that directly after the SuperCard, its BANNED in the US!  The fans are getting a double dipping of pay per view quality events."

NEWMAN:  "We know that one of the main events has been carefully planned out by Larry Tact … and although Larry Tact hasn’t revealed all of the competitors .. we do know that the Phantom Republican, the man he’s facing on RAUCOUS this week, and either Shawn Hart or Jason Payne will be two of the men involved."

TRIPP:  "I’ve heard that Marcus LaRoque will be making an announcement about the SuperCard coming up on RAUCOUS .. and it’s as good a guess as any that he’s going to announce some of the matches scheduled .."

NEWMAN:  "All things considered, 2007 is starting out to be another interesting year here in New ERA … who knows what the next few months hold in store for us!"

TRIPP:  "Let’s head to the ring … and get this party started!"


(Darkness floods the arena as Aerosmith's "Nine Lives" kicks in.  As the yowling and hissing of cats ends and just as the music begins twin explosions of pyro and a well-timed spotlight reveal the cause of the interruption.)

NEWMAN:  "What is this?"

(SFX:  The fans pop at the display.)

TRIPP:  "I have no clue, Natalie .."

(The younger, ebony haired woman in a stylized black midriff top and matching lycra pants sitting close to the ground jumps a mile high with a very unthreatening squeal of fear as she chases the blonde bombshell in a halter top and excruciatingly tight hip huggers already started down to the ring.  Unusual to see, she starts after the blond on all fours, like a lion after prey.  On her toes, heels out, knees bent and she's very good at it as she about tackles the "normal" woman, switching modes quickly, crouching low to the ground and glaring at the crowd, following just behind.)

TRIPP:  "I .. don’t know what to say .."

NEWMAN:  "This is quite an entrance … and these two woman seem to be making their way to the ring!"

(They reach the ring as the blond effortlessly leaps up and over the top rope, followed quickly by the feral girl sliding under the ropes.  The blonde’s been holding a mic and she uses it as the other wraps her arms about her leg in a frightened death grip.)

BLONDE:  "Hello out there to all the loyal fans and competition of New ERA.  Undoubtedly, you know absolutely jack shit about us."

(She does her best to look around and speak to the entire crowd with an extra 126 pounds glued to her leg.)

BLONDE:  "Soon EVERYONE will know of The Cat's Meow and you'll discover that we do in fact live up to our chosen name!  I am Kaira Hastings; this is my tag partner in this little game, Faye Walker."

(She motions to the girl on her leg.)

NEWMAN:  "Tag partner?  Are these two joining the ranks of NEW’s budding tag division?"

KAIRA:  "I expected some interesting competition from a place that's supposedly the 'New ERA' of wrestling.  Some sort of challenge, but all I see is slackers.  Trash tossed out from elsewhere and laid before us to sweep out into the cold.  Jack n' Hoff?!  Is this a fucking JOKE to you people?!  What the hell is WRONG with you?!"

(The crowd buzzes.)

KAIRA:  "Now I realize that the tag division is young, but immature too?  That's taking it too far!"

TRIPP:  "Apparently this Kaira Hastings doesn’t much like Jack n’ Hoff …"

KAIRA:  "Then I saw the latest RAUCOUS.  The Inner Circle has come knocking on New ERA's door and me and Faye here..."

(She motions to the scared thing still clinging to her leg for dear life.)

KAIRA:  "We have plans to answer that call with a boot straight back out that door.  That's right.  The rookies are gonna march straight up to the idolized, the worshipped, the GODLY Dan Ryan and Lindsay Troy and we're going to spit in their fucking faces!"

TRIPP:  "And apparently doesn’t much like the Inner Circle, either!"

KAIRA:  "I refuse to be quiet and I won't shower them with gifts and praise and beg for their mercy and I definitely know that Faye doesn't plan on it either.  We WILL come to this company and our perfection WILL claim the tag title!  Even if it means the humiliation, the HUMBLING of The Inner Circle!"

(SFX:  Fans begin to jeer.)

KAIRA:  "You like circles?"

(She hunkers down to Faye's level as the frightened girl releases her leg and Kaira looks straight into her eyes.  Faye noticeably relaxes a bit as Kaira continues to speak.)

KAIRA:  "Faye can show you a circle that you won't soon forget.  Her vicious circle of life will teach you lessons untold in the world of man and woman."

(And suddenly Faye pipes in.)

FAYE:  "I-its the Life's V-vicious Circle, Muh-Mistress Kaira."

(And with a shock she realizes she shouldn't have said that and braces for impact, but Kaira simply pets her head and stands again.  Faye goes right back to hugging her leg.)

KAIRA:  "...Right.  But no matter what it's called, it'll still do the exact same thing, honey."

NEWMAN:  "My Lord .. what type of control does this Kaira have over her partner?"

TRIPP:  "Damned if I know, Natalie .. but this team, the Cat’s Meow, is sure making an impact here on RAPTURE’s first night back!"

(Kaira addresses the crowd again.)

KAIRA:  "Now, I just found out something recently.  We have another supposed evil entity among us.  She even just entered the company before us!  This... this 'Dark Phenom' she calls herself.  She's even been slapped into a tag match!  Who woulda thunk it, eh?  HAHA!"

(The crowd is really laying into the Cat’s Meow .. but Kaira ignores them.)

KAIRA:  "Nakita Dahaka, you write your book in your gothic old English.  You have fun playing your games, but the true darkness resides in the most unlikely of places, the innocent.  Children, the abused and abandoned of the world.  This is where the true wicked potential lies.  Observe."

(She slowly produces a small knife from her rear pocket and hunkers down to Faye's eye level again.  The poor girl backs away, staring doe-eyed at her mistress as her eyes well with tears.)

KAIRA:  "Faye! Here!"

(Obediently, she comes back.  Her eyes never leave the blade.)

TRIPP:  "She is not …"

(Kaira hisses slightly in pain as she runs the knife slowly down her forearm about an inch, just hard enough to draw blood.  Faye twitches and shudders noticeably as droplets of blood make their way to the surface.)

TRIPP:  "Oh my .. I .. I am going to be ill.  I am not a fan of self-mutilation…"

(Only a few seconds longer and Faye grabs the arm to hold it fast and licks ravenously at the cut before bounding across the ring, over the ropes and toward the audience with a banshee shriek!)


(She had just been leaping over the guardrail, but Kaira's angry shout stopped her in her tracks and she trips over it in mid jump.  Instead of falling flat on her face, she reacts quickly, turning it into a graceful roll, stopped short by people that didn't quite make way in time.  With a hiss of anger at those she nearly mauled, Faye sadly, but quickly wipes away the spittle that had made its way out of her mouth and bounds back to Kaira's side, sitting quietly with a frown.)

NEWMAN:  "This is the face of the newest tag team in New ERA … and quite honestly, I think the other teams watching in the back, and in Antigua and Barbados, are watching in shock."

(Kaira simply pats her on the head and hands her the microphone and with renewed vigor, Faye stands up on two feet and paces in irritation about the ring.)

FAYE:  "You'll have to excuse me for that... outburst, ladies and gentlemen.  Heh, I just can't help myself sometimes.  The bloodlust of the wildcat is UNQUENCHABLE!"

(She shakes the top rope violently.)

FAYE:  "There's a fine line between innocence and evil.  Nakita Dahaka CLAIMS to steal her opponent's soul.  She claims to truly BE Hell!"

(She cackles madly before continuing.)

FAYE:  "Nakita Dahaka claims MANY things, but Nakita Dahaka does NOT understand TRUE FEAR!  Nakita Dahaka has never felt fear, but she will if she doesn't stay out of our domain..."

(The crowd, which up to this moment was shocked into silence, begins to jeer heavily again.)

FAYE:  "You're dull, Nakita, and you always will be.  Your claims are empty threats that fall upon deaf ears.  Give up and resign yourself to your fate.  If you so much as glance at me or Kaira wrong, you'll become the mouse with no way out, but to feel the pain of the cat's teeth.  Your world dissolves into nothing NOW!"

(Satisfied with her words, she spikes the microphone.  The mic bounces in Kaira's direction, so she picks it up.  Faye continues to pace viciously.)

KAIRA:  "From here on I alone will be recognized as 'queen'.  You keep talking, but we'll teach you the lessons you need to know.  When I give Faye permission to sample the lifeblood that flows in your veins like every other human being, you will realize your faults and you'll beg for mercy like the miserable bitch you are."

TRIPP:  "Please .. don’t give anymore lifeblood tonight…."

KAIRA:  "I'm done with fools flaunting themselves as things they aren't.  An apple is an apple and a diamond is a diamond."

(She can't help but laugh.)

KAIRA:  "It's not my fault the lot of you can never become diamonds, but maybe if you try hard enough you can stop yourselves from rotting in our presence.  The cats have spoken and you will listen.  Have fun watching the rest of these losers screw up."

("Nine Lives" comes back on as she tosses the mic haphazardly out of the ring and hops out.  Faye races ahead of her with a few backflips, standing on one hand for a few seconds halfway down the ramp before hopping back to her feet.  She waits for Kaira who offers her a finger with the last of the blood from her arm, which Faye happily sucks clean before they both walk the rest of the way out.)


TRIPP:  "You can say that again!"


(He looks at Natalie ..)

TRIPP:  "Okay…"

NEWMAN:  "Kaira and Faye .. the Cat’s Meow … and damn if they didn’t just set the tone for New ERA’s tag team division, I don’t know what will!"

TRIPP:  "I’m still .. I don’t even know what I am!  Let’s take a commercial break and come back with our first match of the evening!"


(CUTTO:  Outside in the parking lot.  Jared Wells arrives in the parking lot.. he steps out of his truck wearing sandals, jeans, black sleeveless shirt that reads "F'N EVERYONE 4 A DECADE", JLO glasses. Jennifer Harding catches JW at his Dodge Ram Hemi.)

HARDING:  "Jared Wells, you’re finally making long awaited return to New ERA. What is going through your mind right now?"

WELLS:  "Well sweetheart, right now I'm wondering where I can put down my bags and have a few beers. You know this is without a doubt one of the biggest nights in NEW history. Because tonight I start something NEW has been lacking and that’s excitement, and realism. I'm tired of these asses running around here preaching about death, after life bullshit. My standards are way higher than most around here. Tonight I start my path to the NEW World Heavyweight Championship and tonight 'ol Foxxy realizes that…."

(Cell phone rings and Jared answers.)

WELLS:  "HEY! Yeah? Ok. What?"

(Jared closes the phone without blinking, almost a crazy look. Leaves.)

HARDING:  "Well it looks like this interview is going to be cut short … let’s head back to the arena."

(CUTTO:  Ringside.)

NEWMAN: "Welcome back ladies and gentlemen .. Jason and I, as well as the fans, are still trying to collect our respective bearings after the fascinating introduction to the Cat’s Meow … but we’re moving on to tonight’s first match of the evening .."

TRIPP:  "And right when you thought things have already hit the peak of strangeness .. two of New ERA’s most unconventional wrestlers are teamed together to take on one of the teams already in the semifinals of the World Tag Team Championship tournament … MWG and Peter File … taking on Bored of Edukashun."

NEWMAN:  "If this were a singles match .. or a fatal fourway … or something other than a straight tag team match, I would have to give this to MWG and File .. but this is a tag team match … and Bored of Edukashun showed us on the three year anniversary show of RAUCOUS that they are a well-oiled machine."

TRIPP:  "Well, I’d hardly consider this a straight tag team match with MWG and Peter File in it .. but I get where you’re coming from."

NEWMAN:  "Haha .. let’s go to Jamie Links for the ring introductions!"

(CUTTO:  Jamie Links brings the microphone up to her mouth and winks as the lineup for the match slowly appears out of thin air on the bottom of the screen.)

Bored of Edukashun vs Peter File & MWG

LINKS:  "Welcome to New ERA of Wrestling RAPTURE!  Tonight’s first match … is a tag team match … and has a twenty minute time limit!"

(CUEUP:  ‘Faggot’ by Mindless Self-Indulgence.  MWG walks out from behind the curtain, with Peter File and Lilly walking behind him.  MWG struts to the ring, while File stops and tries to lick some of the audience members, who pull away.)

LINKS:  "Introducing first … being led to the ring by Lilly … they weigh in at a combined weight of 437 pounds …. PETER FILE ….. and the former TELEVISION CHAMPION of the World … EM … DUBBYA … GEE!"

(The fans jeer as MWG disrobes revealing .. well very little!)

NEWMAN:  "MWG certainly dressing for the occasion."

TRIPP:  "If the occasion was a wet underwear contest at a gay club."

(CUEUP:  ‘White & Nerdy’ by Weird Al.  Bored of Edukashun come through the curtains to a sizeable pop and they enter the ring, keeping an eye on the two … wrestlers they’re taking on.)

LINKS:  "Weighing in at a combined weight of 415 pounds .. and currently a semi-finalist in the World Tag Team Championship tournament …. BORED … of EDUKASHUN!"

TRIPP:  "Wentworth and Hensen not quite sure what to make out of MWG and File now that they’re standing across the ring from them … they’ll feel things through after a few minutes, I’m sure."

NEWMAN:  "And that’s precisely what MWG and File are hoping for!"

(SFX:  Bell rings.)

BEGINNING:  MWG and Tyler Hensen started things off.  MWG quickly began the mindgames as he cornered the cautious Hensen .. Hensen tried to wail his way out of the corner, but MWG ducked, and rammed Hensen repeatedly chest first into the corner … with his pelvis.   Hensen was finally able to get a back elbow to connect to the jaw of the former Television and P©X Champion.  Hensen grabbed MWG by the head and bulldogged him to the mat before quickly making the tag to his partner.  Wentworth got into the ring while Hensen grabbed MWG to his feet.  MWG countered with a low blow .. and then kicked Wentworth in the gut doubling him over.  MWG grabbed both men by the head and slammed their heads together .. well .. kind of.  Wentworth and Hensen were quickly forced to part their lips from one another .. and they responded with a double eye gouge on MWG.  Wentworth then grabbed MWG by the waist and hoisted him up in the air before Hensen grabbed the head of his opponent and jamming his jaw into the mat.  Sherman Wentworth grabbed the drowsy MWG off the mat and whipped him into the ropes .. which allowed Peter File to tag himself in.  Wentworth caught MWG and took him over with a beautiful belly to belly suplex that sent the former Television champion to the outside.  Wentworth got back to his feet, but was met with a dropkick by File.  File, following in the footsteps of MWG, grabbed the member of the Bored of Edukashun and hit a very … unusual version of the pumphandle slam. 

2nd QUARTER:  File maintained the momentum heading into the second quarter of the match as he placed Wentworth onto the second ropes.  File got up with him and hooked him for a second rope suplex, which he hit.  File quickly got back to his feet and nailed the knee drop and covered for two.  Peter File then decided that he would go on a fishing expedition .. down the pants of Sherman Wentworth.  File didn’t get far, however, before Tyler Hensen was in the ring grabbing onto the back of his head slamming him back to the mat.  The referee managed to get Hensen back in his corner, and this gave Sherman Wentworth enough time to make his way over for the tag.  Hensen immediately hopped back into the ring and caught File as he was getting to his feet.  With File against the ropes, Hensen pulled him out with an irish whip, but didn’t let go and instead drove the knee into the mid-section sending File flipping head over heels to the mat.  Hensen tagged in Wentworth and called for him to help out .. they both grabbed File to his feet and sending him into the ropes.  On the return they tossed File high in the air for a flap jack, but instead let him drop right across their knees in a move called the Lunch Break.  Wentworth made the cover, but only got a two count as File somehow kicked out.  Wentworth dragged File to the middle of the ring and went to the top rope  .. while he was setting up for the moonsault, MWG ran into the ring and managed to pull File out of the way as Wentworth hit the mat.  MWG pulled File into the corner and proceeded to tag himself into the match.  MWG dropped down to the mat and laid down on top of him, face to face, as the referee warily made the count.  Wentworth kicked out and rolled onto his stomach, probably to get away from MWG .. but of course, that wasn’t the best choice to make as MWG hopped on top of him and rode him like a cowboy as Wentworth crawled over to his corner.

3rd QUARTER:  Wentworth tagged in Hensen and MWG was clotheslined off the back of Hensen’s partner.  Tyler Hensen immediately dragged MWG to the second rope and jumped on his back driving the throat into the ropes.  The referee made a quick count, but Hensen got off before the five.  Hensen grabbed the legs of MWG and with one swift yank sent him flying into the mat.  Hensen grabbed MWG off the mat and hit a backbreaker, only getting a two count on the ensuing pinfall attempt.  Bored of Edukashun really started to gel as Hensen tagged in Wentworth who held MWG up and applied a full nelson … Hensen took a few steps back and connected with a beautiful superkick, which allowed Wentworth to use the momentum to flip MWG back hitting the Dragon suplex in a move they call the Drop Out.  MWG somehow had the ring awareness to kick out before the three .. Wentworth didn’t allow the former Television champion any time to rest as he immediately tagged Hensen back into the ring.  Hensen made his way to the top rope as Wentworth placed MWG across his knee.  With MWG a sitting duck, Tyler Hensen flew off hitting a well placed elbow right into his throat flipping MWG over to the mat.  Hensen made the cover, but Peter File finally came into the ring to save his partner breaking up the attempt.  Hensen quickly grabbed the head of File, and Wentworth also got in the ring, as they hoisted File in the air and dropped him back first on top of MWG!  Wentworth grabbed File while Hensen grabbed MWG and they took them to opposite sides of the ring.  Both men whipped their opponents to the middle of the ring to crash into one another .. however MWG ducked underneath File, and both men charged at the opposite opponent. Hensen connected with a clothesline sending MWG to the mat, but Wentworth wasn’t as lucky as File hit a flying cross body that took both men over the top rope to the arena floor.

END:  File and Wentworth were finally back in their own corners towards the end of the match, and MWG had gained the upperhand on Hensen after raking the eyes.  MWG tagged in File and allowed File to drop to his knees for a … low … blow … of sorts … not sure how many times we’ve seen a low blow with an open mouth, but hey .. Peter File is innovative.  Hensen was doubled over and File bent him backwards placing his head in between File’s legs.  After keeping him in place for a few seconds, File grabbed the waist and brought him up for a tombstone piledriver, but Sherman Wentworth had come into the ring and positioned himself on his hands and knees behind File.  File took a few steps to position himself, and tripped over the crouching Wentworth!  The referee, instead of counting, escorted Wentworth back to his corner.  File was able to get out from underneath Hensen, begrudgingly, and sent him to the ropes with an irish whip.  File took to the air with a Frankensteiner, but Hensen quickly countered and drove File backfirst into the mat with a powerbomb!  Hensen rolled to his corner and tagged in the fresh Wentworth while File was still on the mat.  Wentworth dragged File to the ropes and went to the outside before slingshotting himself back into the ring and dropping the leg across the neck of File.  Wentworth tagged Hensen back into the ring .. and Hensen grabbed the legs of File setting him up for the Pop Quiz.  Hensen catapulted File into the air, and Wentworth brought the crowd to their feet as he nailed File with a springboard spear!  Bored of Edukashun then signaled for the "Principal’s List" … Tyler Hensen hoisted Peter File onto his shoulders and positioned himself in front of the corner where Wentworth had climbed.  Sherman flew off the top with a moonsault, grabbing File’s head in mid-air and drove him to the mat with a BEAUTIFUL DDT!  Wentworth made the cover and MWG watched helplessly as the referee counted to three!

WINNERS:  Bored of Edukashun after Sherman Wentworth and Tyler Hensen nailed the Principal’s List on Peter File at 16:20.

TRIPP:  "Bored of Edukashun getting a huge victory tonight over two very accomplished singles wrestlers .. and they are heading into their semifinals match in the World Tag Team Championship tournament with a victory under their belt."

NEWMAN:  "MWG and Peter File aren’t tag team wrestlers, and that definitely showed tonight.  Bored of Edukashun really work well together .. it should be interesting to see who they face when Team In Vain and Old Guard go one on one later in the show."

TRIPP:  "Team In Vain will have their second shot at advancing in the tournament .. they were scheduled in the wild card match last RAUCOUS, but when they were unable to get to the show, that allowed Saviors of Wrestling to advance to the semifinals … even though they were defeated by Bored of Edukashun in the other wild card match."

NEWMAN:  "We’ve got a great bunch of teams to jump start the division .. and with the quarterfinals match on RAUCOUS featuring Jack n’ Hoff and the Inner Circle … well .. the possibilities for the finals are just mouth watering."

TRIPP:  "We’re only a few moments away from our next match .. which features the return of two former New ERA wrestlers as Foxx will take on Jared Wells."

NEWMAN:  "Wells has been out of action for quite awhile, and Foxx was wrestling in VENUS before it folded… but now both are back .. and both are looking to start their second runs in New ERA on a winning note."

TRIPP:  "They both seemed very adamant about one-upping the other leading up to tonight .. and the match is already looking to be an exciting affair."

NEWMAN:  "I’ve always loved watching Foxx .. and Jared Wells, well he’s established himself as one of the best in the business as he held onto the BAD World Heavyweight championship for a stunning three years."

TRIPP:  "Let’s go to Jamie Links!"

Jared Wells vs Foxx

LINKS:  "The following match is scheduled for one fall .. and has a 20 minute time limit! Introducing first…"

(CUEUP:  "Pistol Grip Pump" by Rage Against the Machine.  The lights in the arena cut as the pyro goes off in the ring.  Jared Wells appears on the rampway to the jeers of the crowd.  He confidently begins to walk to the ring.)

TRIPP:  "Wells has had a successful career … top of the world at one point .. and now he’ll face a steep challenge in Foxx…"

NEWMAN:  "Foxx is quickly grabbing the attention of wrestling fans everywhere .. she’s been so close to winning titles everywhere she’s gone …"

LINKS:  "He stands six foot one and hails from Baltimore, Maryland ……. JARED … WELLS!"

(CUEUP:  "Angelwitch" by Angelwitch.  Foxx steps through the curtain to a huge crowd pop as she walks down the ramp.)

TRIPP:  "And listen to the fans welcome Foxx back to New ERA .. they sure missed her!"

LINKS:  "And his opponent … standing five foot nine .. and hailing from San Antonio, Texas ….. FOXX!"

(SFX:  Bell rings.)

BEGINNING:  The two began the match in the middle of the ring with a collar and elbow tie up .. Jared Wells, obviously the stronger of the two, quickly backed Foxx up into the corner.  The referee asked for the break, which Wells did, cleanly.  Wells took a few steps backwards, which gave Foxx enough room to pounce on him, taking him to the mat.  Foxx drove some forearms into his face catching him off guard.  Foxx hopped to her feet and as Wells was getting back to his, she bounced off the far ropes and connected with a flying crossbody.  Wells kicked out after a one count and ducked underneath a Foxx clothesline attempt.  Wells grabbed Foxx and planted her to the mat with a stiff right hook.  Foxx didn’t stay down long, however, and was back on the offensive with a dropkick that sent Wells into the ropes.  Wells tried to regain control as he charged at Foxx, but she brought him to the mat with a drop toe hold and floated over applying a headlock.  Wells powered his way back to his feet and drove Foxx backwards with a belly to back suplex.  Wells made the cover, but only got a one count.  Jared Wells then applied a side headlock of his own and clamped down on Foxx with all his weight.  Foxx attempted to squirt out of the hold, but Wells did not budge.  Foxx was forced to grab the bottom rope with her feet which broke the hold.  Wells let Foxx get to her feet and the two met back up with another collar and elbow tieup.  This time Wells wasn’t as lucky in getting Foxx back into the corner as she slipped out of his hold and went behind him.  Wells turned and was met with a spinning heel kick that nearly took his head off.

2nd QUARTER:  Foxx’s speed advantage really began to show during the second quarter of the match as Wells wasn’t able to keep pace.  Wells attempted to slow Foxx down with attacking her legs, especially with some stiff kicks to the thigh.  Foxx wasn’t going to let this go on for long, however, as she caught the right leg of Wells and swept his other leg out from underneath him.  Foxx then dropped an elbow right on the knee and quickly arranged herself grabbing Wells’ other leg for the figure four!  Jared Wells was in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go which allowed Foxx to keep the hold on while Wells winced in pain.  Wells then got a second wind and attempted to flip the hold over to reverse the pressure.  Wells rocked back and forth a few times and did manage to get the hold reversed, however Foxx used that momentum to quickly roll over once more to regain the advantage.  By this point, though, Wells was close enough to the ropes to grab onto them causing the referee to force Foxx to let the figure four go.  Foxx waited patiently for Wells to get to his feet, and after he ducked a short arm clothesline, she threw a back elbow that caught him in the jaw.  Foxx grabbed onto the head of Wells and ran up the turnbuckle pads catapulting herself over Wells.  Foxx didn’t release the grasp on Wells’ head, though, and was able to slam his head backwards into the mat.  Foxx covered and this time nearly got a three count.  Wells looked groggy as he got back to his feet, and Foxx took advantage of it by doubling him over with a shot to the gut.  She cradled Wells and drove his head into the mat with a piledriver.  Wells once again nearly lost the match, but was able to overpower the pinfall attempt.  Foxx looked around and headed to the corner as she went up top.  Wells didn’t know what was coming when Foxx flew off and hit a crowd-pleasing shooting star press!  The referee’s hand hit the mat three times, but he quickly jumped to his feet signaling that Wells got out at the last moment!

3rd QUARTER:  Jared Wells pulled himself together during the third quarter of the match as he really took Foxx to town.  Foxx botched an Asai moonsault attempt as Wells was able to get out of the way at the last moment.  Wells quickly scooped her up and slammed her to the mat before driving knee after knee into her chest.  Wells then dragged her into the center of the ring before dropping the leg across the neck and making a cover for a two count.  Foxx was able to get back to her feet, but Wells grabbed the arm and twisted it behind Foxx’s back .. following that up by bending her backwards and hitting a reverse suplex.  The former BAD World Heavyweight champion grabbed Foxx by the head, hooked her and then jumped into the air and used gravity to add to the piledriver.  He quickly ascended the turnbuckle, and much to the fans’ chagrin, dove off driving a flying elbow drop into the former VENUS superstar.  Jared Wells continued to pound away as he mounted Foxx and drove fist after fist into the head of Foxx trying to knock her unconscious.  Foxx used a burst of strength to push him off, but Jared Wells made sure to come right back at her with a baseball slide to the side of the torso.  With both competitors on their feet, Foxx missed the spinning heel kick, which prompted Wells to return the favor .. except this time hitting the mark.  Foxx was in dire straights as Wells applied a sharpshooter in the middle of the ring … and with the referee right by her side, Foxx looked like she was only moments from tapping the mat.  However, she fought her way slowly moving Wells closer and closer to the ropes. Just as Foxx was about to grab the bottom rope, Wells released the hold and dropped an elbow in the small of the back. Jared Wells hoisted Foxx onto his shoulders while he was in the corner and came out running hitting the powerslam that would surely have put away any other competitor.  However Foxx kicked out right before the three count causing Wells to re-think his strategy. 

END:  Jared Wells went to the well one too many times as he attempted a second top rope elbow drop … he flew off but the only thing waiting for him when he came down was the mat.  Both competitors lied on the mat as the referee started his count.  Jared Wells began to move at four, and got to his feet by the six count, but Foxx was still lying motionless on the mat.  Jared Wells cockily strutted his stuff as he came to pick Foxx up … and as he bent down Foxx caught him with the small package getting a near three count.  Wells furiously got back to his feet and attempted to drive another elbow to the small of Foxx’s back, but once again Foxx was too quick.  Foxx kipped up and bounced against the ropes as Wells made his way to his feet, and both competitors knocked heads as neither was able to avoid the other.  The referee started to count once more … and this time it was Foxx who began to stir by four.  She made her way to the ropes and used them to get to her feet to break the referee’s count.  Jared Wells started to get to his feet, but he was caught by Foxx as he was on his knees.  Wells threw a wild punch that Foxx sidestepped, and he was greeted with a knee to the jaw.  Foxx ran behind Wells, jumped onto the second rope and leaped backwards driving her entire body into the former BAD World Heavyweight champion, knocking him into the mat face first.  Wells wasn’t down for good, though, and he and Foxx both made it back to their feet at about the same time.  Foxx drove a forearm into the jaw of Wells and then whipped him into the corner, charging in after him.  Wells hit the corner … but he was able to use the momentum to throw himself back at Foxx catching the back of his head right in the face of Foxx.  Both competitors were on the mat as Jamie Links signaled there was only 3 minutes left in the match.


NEWMAN:  "And now Jared Wells getting to his feet … and he yanks Foxx up!"

TRIPP:  "Jared Wells has three minutes left to put this match away … AND HE JUST SLAPPED FOXX!  Foxx spun around … AND WELLS WITH ANOTHER SLAP!"

NEWMAN:  "Jared Wells is just toying with Foxx now!  He just ripped off three closed fists right into the jaw of Foxx … AND NOW HE BACKS HER INTO THE CORNER … AND JAMS THE FOOT INTO HER THROAT!  Jared Wells is choking Foxx out .. I’m beginning to wonder if he even cares about the time limit!"

TRIPP:  "I don’t kn…"

(SFX:  The crowd begins to go NUTS!)

TRIPP:  "The crowd … has suddenly gotten behind Foxx .. and they’re going crazy…."


(CUTTO:  Coming through the crowd is a woman wearing a dressed in tight-fitting blue jeans and a black New ERA t-shirt.. the fans recognize her and continue to go crazy!)


(Starr slides into the ring ..)





NEWMAN:  "Wait … Karla Starr .. is out here AIDING FOXX?  Has hell frozen over?!"

TRIPP:  "Karla Starr is poking Jared Wells in the chest as she continues to yell at him .. and the referee looks on unsure of what to do…"


NEWMAN:  "We’re going to have a time limit draw … this is insane!  Karla Starr is still verbally bashing Jared Wells for his actions … and now Foxx is getting to her feet!"

TRIPP:  "Foxx with a double take as she realizes that Starr is in the ring … and Foxx … FOXX GIVING STARR ENCOURAGEMENT!"

(Starr hears Foxx’s voice and glances over at her nodding.)

TRIPP:  "Karla Starr now putting up a finger at Wells … and she turns ….."



TRIPP:  "AND NOW JARED WELLS WITH A KICK RIGHT BETWEEN THE LEGS!! I don’t know what that feels like for women .. but I know that’s NOT a pleasant feeling in and of itself!"

NEWMAN:  "The fans now pelting the ring with debris!! They are incensed at Karla Starr and Jared Wells!"

TRIPP:  "Karla Starr holds her finger in the air once more .. AND JARED WELLS GETS DOWN AND HOLDS FOXX …… AND KARLA STARR IS CLIMBING THE ROPES!"

NEWMAN:  "The referee is quickly over there warning Jared Wells about this ….. Starr is set up …"


NEWMAN:  "No .. no … NOOO!!!"


NEWMAN:  "And the referee is calling for the bell!"

(SFX:  Bell rings.)

WINNER:  Foxx via disqualification after Karla Starr attacked her in the ring at 19:04.

TRIPP:  "Karla Starr gets to her feet …. AND SHE AND WELLS MEET UP …."


TRIPP:  "The fans … have really begun to fill the ring up with trash … and now Wells holds the ring ropes open for Starr .. and they’re leaving the ring!!  I can’t believe this … this .. is .."


TRIPP:  "Starr and Wells are making their way up the rampway .. and what was with that kiss in the ring? The fans here in the Blake Estates Stadium are really giving them a piece of their minds!"

(The fans continue to toss trash at Wells and Starr as they exit through the curtain.)

NEWMAN:  "Jared Wells put on a hell of a match, but his actions .. and Karla Starr’s actions .. have truly disgraced all of his talent in the ring."

TRIPP:  "Foxx gets the victory here on RAPTURE by disqualification … and who knows what this means for those three competitors."

NEWMAN:  "We’ve got three matches to go .. including a quarterfinal match for the World Tag Team Championship tournament .. and tonight’s main event … where the winner will receive that coveted shot in New ERA’s main event at the EPW / NEW SuperCard!"

TRIPP:  "But first .. we have got to take a commercial break … and when we come back .. Cameron Cruise and Steven Shane will battle it out mano … a  … mano."


NEWMAN:  "I just can’t believe that bitch … she comes in here and ruins what should have been a celebration for Foxx.."

TRIPP:  "Welcome back ladies and gentlemen … we are here in Montserrat …. and we still have a lot of wrestling to go before tonight’s main event between Shawn Hart and Jason Payne .. including our next match between Cameron Cruise and ‘Sensational’ Steven Shane."

NEWMAN:  "Both these men have had shots at the Television Championship in recent weeks … but both men came out empty handed."

TRIPP:  "This match might just be indicative to Marcus LaRoque about who should receive the title shot at either the EPW / NEW SuperCard … or at BANNED in the US …. as both competitors showed flashes of brilliance against Mr. Entertainment."

NEWMAN:  "Well … Mr. Entertainment has thus far been able to successfully defend the Television championship against everyone who has been put in the ring against him … but on RAUCOUS he will have the fight of his life as he takes on … the World Heavyweight champion, ‘Gentleman’ Jonathan Marx."

TRIPP:  "Entertainment put himself in that situation, Natalie.. he wanted to make the Television Championship more prevalent .. and Marcus LaRoque obliged him by doing random drawings each week for a new contender .. and it just so happened that on RAUCOUS .. he got the big dog of the company."

NEWMAN:  "Well .. I am receiving word that this next match is ready to start .. so let’s go to the ring!"

(CUTTO:  Jamie Links in the ring.  The lineup for the match flashes before it fizzles away.)

Cameron Cruise vs Steven Shane

LINKS:  "The following match is scheduled for one fall .. and has a twenty minute time limit … introducing first … being led to the ring by Mercedes Devon …"

(CUEUP: "Headstrong" by Trapt.  Cameron Cruise and Mercedes Devon step through the curtain and walk to the ring.)

LINKS:  "He hails from Jacksonville, North Carolina … and weighs in at 248 pounds … CAMERON .. CRUISE!"

NEWMAN:  "Cruise with a tough match last RAUCOUS against HAL … and Shane, as we stated, faced Mr. Entertainment .. so this match is important to both men besides, of course, its title picture implications.  Both men want to get back on the winning side of things."

TRIPP:  "Both men faced incredible challengers last week .. and I don’t think you could say that either man’s loss is a blemish on their records here in New ERA."

LINKS: "And his opponent …"

(CUEUP:  "Damn" by Fabolous.  The crowd pops as the lights go dim.)

LINKS:  "Hailing from Hollywood, California … he stands six foot two … and weighs 253 pounds… ‘Sensational’ … STEVEN SHANE!"

(The crowd’s pop slowly quiets as we see Shane walk to the ring in his street clothes, looking serious.)

TRIPP:  "What is this?  Steven Shane isn’t in his wrestling gear, Natalie."

NEWMAN:  "I have no clue, Jason .. this is indeed odd…"

SUMMARY [Double No Show]
The fans, and Cameron Cruise, were confused as to why Shane wasn’t in his wrestling gear.  He made his way into the ring and asked Jamie Links for her microphone.  The crowd quieted down as Shane brought the mic to his mouth.  Shane then told the crowd that he was taking a leave of absence from New ERA and that he just could not bring himself to wrestle on RAPTURE.  He did not think that it was fair to put out a half-hearted effort.  It was not fair to himself, to Cameron Cruise, and especially not to the fans.  Shane said he would return to New ERA in the future.  He apologized for not notifying people earlier and said that he would have competed, but that in the end, he did not want to leave for his absence knowing that his last match was done without his full effort.

RESULT:  No contest as the match never began.

(CUTTO:  Announcer’s booth.)

NEWMAN:  "Wow.. well … I wish Steven Shane the best.  Whatever is on his mind has obviously taken its toll.  But he knows that when he comes back to active wrestling that he’ll have a spot here in New ERA."

TRIPP:  "Cameron Cruise looks disappointed, as do the fans in attendance .. but I think they understand, and appreciate, Shane’s decision."

NEWMAN:  "So it looks as if the Cameron Cruise / Steven Shane match will have to wait until another day …. and you can bet that when Shane comes back he’ll more than make up for the cancellation of tonight’s match."

TRIPP: "No doubt about that, Natalie."

Supercard Announcement!

(CUEUP:  "The Perfect Drug" by NIN.  The crowd pops as the New ERA logo comes across the big screen.  New ERA President Marcus LaRoque comes onto the stage and stands in on the top of the rampway.)


(SFX: Cheap country pride pop.)

LaROQUE:  "I want to personally thank you all for coming out tonight and making New ERA’s RAPTURE return a success!"

(SFX:  More cheap pops.)

TRIPP:  "LaRoque doing what he does best .. work the hometown crowd."

NEWMAN:  "I didn’t even know he was in the building, honestly.  Did you?"

TRIPP:  "I wasn’t expecting him .. but hey, he’s hugely interested in Montserrat’s unique history .. so I guess I can’t say that its entirely shocking."

LaROQUE:  "As you all know .. we are just a few shows away from New ERA’s next pay per view .. BANNED in the US!"

(SFX:  Cheap pops. LaRoque is saving a lot of money with the pops he’s getting.)

LaROQUE:  "And as you know … RIGHT BEFORE the pay per view … is New ERA and Empire Pro Wrestling’s joint venture … our SuperCard … which will feature the best of each promotion’s wrestlers."

NEWMAN:  "This is marketing genius on the part of New ERA and Empire .. the joint SuperCard. .. and then having each promotion go straight into their next pay per views … its going to be buyrate heaven."

TRIPP:  "Bonuses galore, Natalie!  Which is great since this BEAT the HEAT tour is killing my checking account."

LaROQUE:  "I couldn’t wait any longer … because I just HAVE to announce .. that we have just signed one of New ERA’s MAIN EVENTS!"

NEWMAN:  "There’s going to be not one .. not two .. not even three .. but technically FOUR main events on the SuperCard, Jason .. two for each promotion.  This is going to be one of the biggest events in a long while to grace the *professional wrestling world."

LaROQUE:  "As you know .. coming up next is the quarterfinals for the World Tag Team Championship tournament … well … I’m here to announce .. that .. the finals of the World Tag Team Championship tournament … between those two teams that advance past the semifinals next RAUCOUS …. WILL BE ONE OF THE MAIN EVENTS AT THE SUPERCARD!"


TRIPP:  "The World Tag Team Championships will be decided at the main event f the SuperCard!"

NEWMAN:  "Now that’s what I’m talking about!  Talk about giving the Tag Team division a prominent spot!  The World Tag Team Champions will be crowned on one of the biggest shows of our life!"

LaROQUE:  "So make sure you keep track of the brackets … because you could see Team in Vain … or Old Guard … or Bored of Edukashun … or Jack n’ Hoff .. or Saviors of Wrestling .. or the Inner Circle battle it out on the SuperCard .. to become the very first World Tag Team champions!"


LaROQUE:  "So don’t forget to tune in next week for the semifinals matches on RAUCOUS from Trelawny, Jamaica … as we christen the Greenfield Stadium … and determine which two teams will face off for the championship at the SuperCard!"

(CUEUP: "The Perfect Drug" by NIN as the crowd pops once more and LaRoque waives before disappearing behind the curtain. CUTTO:  Announce booth.)

TRIPP:  "Huge announcement concerning the EPW / NEW SuperCard by New ERA President Marcus LaRoque .. and you know that the competitors in our next match will be incredibly influenced by the fact that they could be in the main event of a historic show."

NEWMAN:  "I’m sure Team In Vain and Old Guard will now pull out all the stops … as their futures here in New ERA could become much, much brighter.  Hell, they might easily become known as one of the top tag teams in all of *professional wrestling if they were able to make their way to the finals of the World Tag Team Championship tournament!"

TRIPP:  "Well let’s not delay this any further and get to the ring!"

(CUTTO:  In the ring.  The quarterfinals lineup comes across the screen as Jamie Links gets ready for the introductions.)

World Tag Team Championship Tournament

Team In Vain vs Old Guard

LINKS:  "The following match is scheduled for one fall … has a twenty minute time limit .. and is a quarterfinals match in the New ERA of Wrestling World Tag Team Championship tournament …. introducing first…"

(CUEUP:  "Damage Case" by Metallica.  Team In Vain enters through the curtain looking just the tiniest bit nervous.)

LINKS:  "The weigh in at a combined weight of 477 pounds … Joker … Kilkenny …. TEAM .. IN .. VAIN!"

TRIPP:  "Team In Vain coming to the ring and they look pumped to be here."

NEWMAN:  "This match has taken on a new dimension for both teams .. and you can tell that a heavy burden is going to be weighing in on all four men’s shoulders."

LINKS: "And their opponents…"

(The lights flash repeatedly as Thump and Cerebrus enter through the curtain followed by their manager Joe.)

LINKS:  "Being led to the ring by their manager Joe ….. they are THUMP … CEREBRUS ….. THE OLD GUARD!"

(SFX: Bell rings.)

SUMMARY [Double No Show]
Cerebrus and Joker started the match out but both men looked really shaky.  Joker hit some sloppy right hooks that sent Cerebrus flying into the corner.  Joker tried to capitalize by charging in after him, but he must have hit a soft spot in the ring because he ended up stumbling crashing into Cerebrus.  The match didn’t get any better once Kilkenny and Thump got in the ring.  Thump missed two dropkicks in a row which allowed Kilkenny to get the upperhand and take him to the top rope.  However, Kilkenny wasn’t able to keep his grip on his opponent and when he went for the belly to belly superplex, Thump was dropped nutfirst onto the top turnbuckle pad while Kilkenny went flying back first to the mat.  The crowd really began to chide the two teams after they botched a few more moves.  The announcement before must have rattled both teams nerves because neither one was able to maintain control for long.  Kilkenny and Joker double teamed Thump taking him to the mat with a double DDT.  Cerebrus came in to save his partner from  taking the pinfall, but Kilkenny stepped up to stop him.  Cerebrus clotheslined him over the top rope to the arena floor.  Cerebrus then turned to get Joker .. and he got him all right.  Joker flew at Cerebrus with a flying forearm taking both men over the top rope.  Joker tried his best to handle both members of Old Guard as the referee counted … but Old Guard double teamed Joker on the outside taking turns whipping him into the guardrail.  Thump slid out on the far side and blindsided Joker from behind while Cerebrus picked up Kilkenny and dropped him throat first onto the guardrail.  Old Guard’s manager Joe was having a fit and yelling at Cerebrus to get back into the ring, but it was too late as the referee counted to ten.  Neither team was able to make it back in the ring in time and thus both were counted out.

RESULT:  Double count out at 6:37.

TRIPP:  "Wait a minute!  If these two teams were counted out … then who moves on to the semifinals?!"

NEWMAN:  "I have no clue, Jason!"

TRIPP:  "Does this mean that Bored of Edukashun get a free pass into the finals???"

NEWMAN:  "I wonder if Marcus LaRoque is going to come out here tonight and set things straight!"

TRIPP:  "Obviously both teams were affected by the announcement … but come on .. you can’t lose track of time like that when you’re in a championship tournament!  That is noobish."

NEWMAN:  "Well Team In Vain and Old Guard did it, Jason .. and now .. now it seems as if NEITHER team will be going to the semifinals … and we don’t know how this will affect the tournament!"

TRIPP:  "I am in disbelief … that was poor awareness by both teams .. and Old Guard’s manager Joe is really letting Thump and Cerebrus have it as they exit up the ramp.  We’ve got to take a commercial break .. but when we come back … it’s tonight’s main event!"


NEWMAN:  "Welcome back everyone .. we’re getting set for tonight’s main event .. and this .. should be a doozy, Jason."

TRIPP:  "Jason Payne thought he pulled a fast one on Larry Tact and New ERA when he conned Tact into thinking that the locker Tact was placing the other main event invitation for the SuperCard was Shawn Hart’s … when in reality it was his own!  But Marcus LaRoque wasn’t going to let it slide that easily … and he’s set up this match tonight to determine which man will get that coveted invitation."

NEWMAN:  "And unfortunately for us, Marcus LaRoque has already left the building to head to Antigua and Barbuda .. so we won’t know the situation concerning the World Tag Team Championship tournament until RAUCOUS!"

TRIPP:  "I’m anxious to hear what his decision will be about that … but I think I’m even more anxious to see whether Shawn Hart can overcome Jason Payne and reclaim the invitation that was meant to be for ‘the Phenom’…"

NEWMAN:  "Jason Payne has been turning heads left and right in the TEAM events … and he certainly caught a lot of people’s attention at the three year anniversary show for New ERA.  You have to admire, in a way, someone who is as conniving as Payne was."

TRIPP:  "I wouldn’t say admire is the right word … but I was in awe about how low he’d stoop to attempt to butt his way into Tact’s main event.."

NEWMAN:  "We’ve got the go sign .. so let’s head to Jamie Links .. and get this mother GOING!"

(CUTTO:  In the ring as the main event lineup SPARKLES on screen.)

Winner Receives Supercard Main Event Invitation

Jason Payne vs Shawn Hart

LINKS:  "The following match … is scheduled for one fall and is TONIGHT’s MAIN EVENT!  The winner of the match will become the SOLE owner of an invitation to the main event at the EPW / NEW SuperCard! Introducing first …."

(CUEUP:  "Dogs of War" by Pink Floyd.  The crowd begins to jeer hardcore as Jason Payne steps through the curtain, the invitation in his right hand.  He has a smirk on his face as he walks to the ring.)

LINKS:  "He hails from Paynesville, Kentucky … and weighs in at 275 pounds … he is the "Dog of War" …. JASON … PAYNE!"

(Payne steps into the ring and the referee takes the invitation out of his hand.  Payne looks at him almost in shock at his brazenness.)

NEWMAN:  "The referee quick to take that invitation from Payne .. just in case "the Dog of War" had any other tricks up his sleeve tonight!"

LINKS:  "And his opponent …"

(CUEUP:  "Nobody Does It Better" by Carly Simon.  The crowd POPS HUGE as Shawn Jessica Hart, PhD steps through the curtains.)

LINKS:  "He hails from Orlando, Florida … weighing in at 224 pounds … he is the former New ERA of Wrestling WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION …. SHAWN … JESSICA … HART … PEE AYCH DEE!"

(SFX: Bell rings.)

BEGINNING:  Jason Payne began the match as hot as ever as he totally took control of Hart.  Hart attempted to outwit Payne by trying to catch him off guard with quickness, but Payne countered Hart’s fast moves with a big boot to the head which sent Hart flying to the mat.  Payne tossed Hart into the ropes and caught him on the return with a massive spinebuster.  Payne continued his assault with elbow after elbow to the skull of Hart which would have knocked any other man unconscious.  Payne brought Hart to his feet and had him in the corner where he continued to kick away on the midsection of the Phenom.  Payne took a few steps backwards and charged in with a back elbow, but somehow Hart managed to duck out of the way causing Payne to go torso first into the turnbuckle pad.  Hart capitalized on the situation by hopping on top of Payne and monkey flipping him out of the corner. Payne quickly got to his feet, shocked, and was caught with a flurry of punches.  Payne used his strength to swat Hart down to the mat, but that wouldn’t keep the former World Heavyweight champion down for long as Hart rolled backwards to his feet and charged once more at Payne, catching him with a flying forearm that took both men to the mat.  Shawn Hart then yanked Payne to his feet and hooked the arm sending Payne up with a vertical suplex … but Payne was able to use his weight to force Hart to drop him back to his feet.  Payne repositioned himself and brought Hart up with a stalling vertical suplex before dropping the former World Heavyweight champion on his back.  Payne hit the standing elbow drop on Hart’s sternum and made a cover, but Hart was able to get out before the two count.  The Dog of War didn’t waste any time getting back to his vicious attack as he grabbed the head of Hart and slammed it backwards into the mat.  Payne then got up, brought Hart with him, and irish whipped him into the ropes… however Hart reversed the Irish whip and Payne went into the ropes.  Payne ducked the clothesline attempt on the return, grabbed Hart’s head and nailed the neckbreaker.  Payne covered once more, but still wasn’t able to get Hart down for the three count.

2nd QUARTER:  Payne continued on the offensive as he wailed away on Hart in the corner.  Shawn Hart looked off kilter as Payne sent him flying across the ring chest first into the opposite turnbuckles.  Jason Payne walked over to Hart and proceeded to slam his head into the top turnbuckle as the crowd counted along.  After reaching the obligatory ten count, Payne let Hart go, from whence Hart took about three steps forward and flopped to the mat.  Payne scooped Hart off the mat and sent him into the ropes once more, this time catching him on the return with a HUGE bearhug!  Hart looked to be in immense pain as the Dog of War really cinched his fingers together.  The referee watched as the air in Hart’s lungs was being forced out .. and Hart looked as if he was almost a goner.  The referee raised his arm once and it fell.   On the second time, Hart kept his arm in the air and the crowd really began to get behind him.  Jason Payne started to swing Hart around like a rag doll, but the crowd seemed to invigorate Hart enough where he had enough strength to put a well placed boot in the lower regions of Payne’s body.  Payne’s eyes lit up and he dropped Hart to the mat.  Payne fell backwards on his ass and both men looked none the better.  Surprisingly, it was the former World Heavyweight champion who got to his feet first, although Jason Payne was close behind him.  Payne swung at Hart, which the Phenom ducked under, and Hart was able to catch Payne underneath the chin with a reverse crescent kick.  Payne stumbled back a few steps, which gave Hart enough time to bounce off the ropes and come flying with a cross body block.  The Dog of War was playing opossum, however and he caught Hart in mid-air!  Jason Payne had Hart in the corner and plopped him on his shoulder for the running powerslam.  Payne didn’t realize it, but Hart had hooked his feet underneath the top turnbuckle pad, so when Payne went charging out of the corner, he did so without the former World Heavyweight champion!

3rd QUARTER:  Payne realized he was missing a vital part of the equation and turned to see where Hart went … right into a missile dropkick.  Hart jumped up and grabbed the legs of Payne turning him over and locking on a Boston Crab.  Payne was stuck with nowhere to go as Hart leaned back further and further applying more pressure on the lower back.  The referee was right there waiting for a sign from Payne to stop the match, but he didn’t get the chance as Hart released the hold.  Hart was catlike as he jumped to the top rope and then waited for Payne to get back to his feet.  Payne was slow as his back took damage, but he slowly raised himself.  Hart flew off the top rope and slammed the double axehandle down on the lower back of the Dog of War.  Payne dropped down to his knees and Hart bounced off the ropes from behind Payne and flipped over the top of Payne, grabbing his head and slamming it face first into the mat.  Hart made a cover, but his opponent was easily able to toss him off before the three.  Hart then went to plan C and started to stomp on the head of Jason Payne.  Hart continued to stomp away as Jason Payne rolled into the ropes and finally the referee was forced to separate the two.  Jason Payne took his time getting to his feet while Shawn Hart sized him up.  The referee signaled for the two to go for it, and Hart charged.  Jason Payne was waiting for him, though, and when Hart came in for the running clothesline, Payne ducked and heaved him over the top rope to the arena floor!  Hart hit the floor with a thump and Payne dropped down before rolling underneath the ropes.  Jason Payne grabbed Hart’s head and proceeded to drag it across the ring apron.  Hart held his forehead and took about three steps before Jason Payne grabbed him by the tights and sent him knees first flipping over the ring steps.  Payne then grabbed the former World Heavyweight champion and rolled him into the ring to avoid the count out.

END:  Payne began to wear down the former World Heavyweight champion … and applied the Camel Clutch.  Payne yanked the head of Hart as hard as he could hoping to get him to give up.  Hart, always the fighter, kept inching the hold over and finally was able to get within arm’s reach of the bottom rope.  After a few failed attempts, Hart finally managed to graze the bottom rope with his finger tips, causing the referee to call for a break.  Jason Payne refused, however, and was nearly disqualified.  However right when the referee was about to call for the bell, Payne released the hold, which resulted in a tongue lashing from the referee instead.  Payne stood there and rolled his eyes as the referee continued to berate him .. and finally he turned to grab Hart.  Payne reached down to continue his assault, but Hart quickly rolled him up with a small package.  The referee was out of position and by the time he was able to get to the mat, Payne had already escaped the pinfall attempt.  Jason Payne wasn’t too happy about Hart’s actions and dropped the elbow right into the sternum of the former World Heavyweight champion .. that is .. if Hart was still there.  Hart rolled out of the way and Payne hit the mat.  Shawn Hart grabbed the ropes and used them to get to his feet.  Payne also used the ropes to get to his feet and both men met back in the middle of the ring.  Hart attempted to fight his way back into the match .. but you can’t do that against someone like Payne who quickly gained the upperhand and pounded away as Hart was forced into the corner.  Jason Payne set Hart on the top turnbuckle and started to climb up with him … but Shawn Hart wasn’t finished yet!  As Payne was getting up on the second turnbuckle, Shawn Hart used his head .. literally … and headbutted Payne off the turnbuckle causing him to crash to the mat!  Shawn Hart then position himself on the top rope and flew off … Jason Payne rolled out of the way!  Hart, however, telegraphed it, and simply landed on his feet.  Jason Payne got to his feet and pointed to his head as if he outsmarted Hart … Payne turned … and was floored by the Hart Attack diamond cutter.  Shawn Hart then signaled for the Fujiwara armbar …. and he locked it on in the middle of the ring.  Although Jason Payne fought the hold for almost a minute … he wasn’t able to maintain consciousness … and passed out.  The referee called for the bell, and Shawn Hart regained the right to be in the main event at the EPW / NEW SuperCard!

WINNER:  Shawn Hart via submission after Jason Payne passed out in the Fujiwara Armbar after fighting it for over a minute at 17:43.


NEWMAN:  "Jason Payne put up a hell of a fight tonight … but once again Shawn Hart, as he’s done so many times before, pulls through in the end and wins the match!"

TRIPP:  "What a match!  One can only guess that Jason Payne has certainly positioned himself to be a main event star in the near future!"

NEWMAN:  "But right now .. Shawn Hart is riding high .. and he’s certainly earned his spot in the match being carefully planned out by Larry Tact… amazing!"

TRIPP:  "That all for us tonight here in Montserrat … we want to thank everyone for tuning in to New ERA RAPTURE … and you will see us next AFTER New ERA’s pay per view BANNED in the US .. tune in then!"

( the end )