[ Miami Arena ] Miami, Florida


TAPED: Dec. 17, 2006
AIRED: Dec. 29, 2006

(FADEIN:  The front of the Miami Arena in Miami, Florida.  There are New ERA banners hanging from the sides of the building and "New ERA RAPTURE, December 17, 2006" flashes on the electronic board outside.  ‘Head Like A Hole’ by NIN begins to play as the camera slowly cuts closer and closer to the New ERA banners .. once it reaches them the shot cuts to the RAPTURE logo.)

(CUTTO:  Inside the RAPTURE studio as ‘Head Like A Hole’ fades out.  Jason Tripp and Dean Julius sit behind a semi-circle desk, a plasma screen behind them and RAPTURE logos surrounding it.  Tripp looks into the camera with a smile on his face as Dean Julius has an irritable look on his face.)

TRIPP: "Welcome everyone to New ERA of Wrestling’s RAPTURE!  I’m Jason Tripp .. and alongside me, as always, is the cheerful Dean Julius."

JULIUS: "Put a sock in it, fatboy."

TRIPP: "We are here to give you all the results from the show today in the Miami Arena from beautiful Miami, Florida!"

JULIUS: "Beautiful?  This place is a dump!  I went to go walk to buy myself something from a local convenience store .. and I think I picked up about three STD’s on the way!"

TRIPP: "Oh, come on, Dean .. it’s fantastic here."

JULIUS: "Well you and I obviously have different taste levels.  The difference being that I actually have taste."

(Tripp ignores the comment and looks back at the camera.)

TRIPP: "We are coming off of the BattleBRAWL 2 pay per view … and by God, what a show!"

JULIUS: "What a show?!  The only good thing that came out of BattleBRAWL 2 was the fact that Karla Starr retained her Women’s Championship .. making her two year run the longest in the circuit of any championship holder."

TRIPP: "Karla Starr faced her toughest challenge of yet in Foxx .. and that match turned out to be one of the most exciting women’s division matches we’ve had in New ERA!  Foxx fought valiantly, but Karla Starr managed to eek past her thanks to the help of the returning Caitlyn Daymon!"

JULIUS: "Caitlyn Daymon surprised a LOT of people at BattleBRAWL 2 .. after feuding with Starr for most of the early goings of the division, and never getting the title .. she returned … and attacked Foxx!"

TRIPP: "Well with New ERA’s women’s roster expanding every show .. you better believe that Karla Starr will have many more challenges ahead of her .. including Foxx!"

JULIUS: "Joy."

TRIPP: "The Women’s Title match was incredible .. and that segued right into the PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme match between Chaos and Larry Tact … and I have NEVER seen anything so brutal in my life, Dean."

JULIUS: "Watching Larry Tact make the pinfall on Chaos was brutal, I agree."

TRIPP: "I was talking about the match itself!"


TRIPP: "Chaos, as P©X champion, makes the stipulations … and at BattleBRAWL 2 he and Tact fought it out in a 250 Lighttube Circus Death Match!  There were 250 lighttubes in and out of the ring .. with a scaffold hanging 10 feet above … and .. this I still can’t believe, a barbwire spiderweb hanging two feet below the scaffold."

JULIUS: "Can we just get on with the show? I don’t want to talk about BattleBRAWL 2 anymore!"

TRIPP: "Well, you made quite an entrance…"

(Julius smiles broadly, obviously forgetting what he just said.)

JULIUS: "Like the true STAR of this broadcast team should!  I single handedly caused the buyrate of BattleBRAWL 2 to go through the roof!"

TRIPP: "Larry Tact and Chaos battled it out tooth and nail .. and lighttubes!  I don’t think there was one lighttube left after those two were finished … and what a finish it was!  After chasing Larry Tact up to the top of the scaffold, Chaos was set to Chaosbomb Tact 12 feet to the mat … right through the barbwire spiderweb .. but somehow, after all they went through, Larry Tact managed to grab ahold of the top section of the scaffold .. and knock Chaos right onto the spiderweb."

JULIUS: "Can we mov…"

TRIPP: "THEN! Tact splashed Chaos on the spiderweb … and broke through as both men crashed to the mat!  Tact got the pin .. and the respect of every single person in the arena that night."

JULIUS: "Not mine, Tripp. Not mine.  He was lucky!"

TRIPP: "Lucky?"

JULIUS: "To beat Chaos at his own game?  Tact had a 4-leaf clover, a rabbit’s foot, and a horseshow up his ass."

TRIPP: "One man who could have used those trinkets to make his life a little bit easier is Shawn Hart.  Hart entered the BattleBRAWL rumble number one … and over an hour and a half later .. after 19 other men came and went … he walked out with the World Title shot at a show of his choosing!"

JULIUS: "If Hart was lucky, then Jason Payne must be the unluckiest man in the world.  This is the second straight BattleBRAWL rumble where he placed in the top three .. but had nothing to show for it."

TRIPP: "Payne made an incredible run for it .. but once more came out on the short end of the stick … but the man who I really thought was going to win it all, Daymon, was literally half an inch away from winning it all.  Both Daymon and Hart went over the top rope at the same time … and Daymon was unlucky enough to have one of Hart’s boots hit his foot before it hit the floor."

JULIUS: "Daymon plowed through the competition .. but I honestly thought that someone not on New ERA’s roster was going to win the title shot.  Both Coypcat and Ulysis Solian were in the final five .. and Solian entered at number three!"

TRIPP: "That would have made for interesting bedfellows if someone whose not under contract with New ERA had won the title shot .. and Copycat and Solian made outstanding efforts to get it .. but ‘the Phenom’ walked out with the chance to face Jonathan Marx."


TRIPP: "Obviously Dean is a little frustrated at the result of the main event.  ‘Gentleman’ Jonathan Marx and the Phantom Republican battled for the New ERA of Wrestling World Heavyweight title .. and while GOP might have lost the title to someone else tapping out to the Marxism .. this time around it was he who couldn’t withstand the pressure."

JULIUS: "That was a total sham.  The referee had no right sending Jeffords to the back.  DREDD and their communist ways must have converted the referee."

TRIPP: "To protect the integrity of the match the referee sent DREDD and Jeffords to the back so it was man against man.   Jonathan Marx came out on top fair and square, Dean."

JULIUS: "Did you just call me queer?"

TRIPP: "No.."

JULIUS: "Because you better not be getting me confused with Nick Jive again."

TRIPP: "Oh stop!"

JULIUS: "I’m just saying.."

TRIPP: "And what about the big news of the night .. the apparent return of former World Champion Jean Rabesque!"

JULIUS: "It was like an avalanche, Tripp.  BattleBRAWL 2 was just one terrible car wreck after another .. and it had the fork stuck in it right when Jean Rabesque came out AFTER Phantom Republican lost .. and ATTACKED him from BEHIND!  Talk about being a coward .. and a poor sport coward to boot."

TRIPP: "Poor sport?!"

JULIUS: "Rabesque goes into hiding after Phantom Republican saved this company from his reign of boring .. and then months later finally comes back and tries to injure the only beacon of hope we have!"

TRIPP: "OH PLEASE!  Jean Rabesque is a former New ERA World Heavyweight champion .. and you should have seen the fans go nuts when he ran down the rampway… Rabesque stood over GOP’s body after the show went off the air .. and then he looked up a visibly stunned Jonathan Marx before he tossed the chair to the side and walked out .. without saying a word!"

JULIUS: "A mute Jean Rabesque is the best Jean Rabesque, Tripp."

TRIPP: "But let’s not delay this fact any more .. what a showing for the four men of the New ERA team at TEAM’s Dupree Cup tournament.  After being in one of the toughest brackets in the qualifying rounds and facing an incredible threat in the semi-finals … New ERA walked out of the tournament with the Dupree Cup victory .. and with a perfect record to boot!"

JULIUS: "Look at who we had!  The PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme champion Chaos … the Television champion Mr. Entertainment .. the former Television champion MWG .. and this newcomer HAL who just totally whipped each and every person he came into contact with."

TRIPP: "The co-Most Valuable Wrestler will be in action tonight .. and it was his victory in the finals that secured the Dupree Cup for New ERA.  What a fantastic tournament it turned out to be!"

JULIUS: "And HAL is going to continue his undefeated streak when he beats Steven Shane from pillar to post tonight!"

TRIPP: "The ‘Sensational’ one made his debut at BattleBRAWL 2 … and he drew an excellent spot .. entering LAST … unfortunately he also just happened to be in there with the likes of Copycat, Ulysis Solian, Daymon, Jason Payne and Shawn Hart …  You can tell from the buzz around this match that the fans know wrestling talent when they see it .."


TRIPP: "But opening the show tonight will be the match between Carlee Marx and Victoria Hawke.  As I said, the Women’s division is really heating up as of late .. and these two had some pretty strong words for each other leading up to the event."

JULIUS: "Carlee Marx was doing what she does best .. spending Jonathan Marx’s money .. and Victoria Hawke laid into her about not seeming to care about the actual wrestling.  Which, I can’t blame Carlee Marx… she’s only here to look pretty."

TRIPP: "Hawke and Marx met once before … and on RAPTURE, Hawke was looking to get even."

JULIUS: "DREDD was on RAPTURE twice as John Doe and Cameron Cruise fought over the chance to be demolished by the most ENTERTAINING man in the business in their #1 contenders match."

TRIPP: "What a battle those two had .. I had a feeling those two would put their all into the match .. and they did not disappoint one bit."

JULIUS: "Well .. besides the fact that it was John Doe and Cameron Cruise."

TRIPP: "What’s gotten into you tonight?"

JULIUS: "I’m my usual cheery self, Tripp."

TRIPP: "Apparently.  The way that Cruise and Doe went at it tonight makes me wonder if Mr. Entertainment’s run as Television champion is coming to an end .. that is if he gets past Daymon on RAUCOUS from the Bahamas."

JULIUS: "Speaking of which .. why the hell is this called the BEAT the HEAT tour when it’s the middle of December and three-fourths the country is wearing long coats?"

TRIPP: "It’s because we’re making our way through the Caribbean, Dean.. on our way to New ERA’s next pay per view BANNED in the US!  I know I’ll be breaking out the suntan lotion on the boat when we’re in the Havana Harbor!"

JULIUS: "And I’ll be breaking out the blind fold so that I am not blinded by the sun beating off your Powder-white skin."

TRIPP: "You’re a riot, you know that?"

JULIUS: "I’m the STAR of the RAPTURE announce team is what I am."

TRIPP: "I could think of a few other choice words to describe you.. but that’s neither here nor there, Dean.. because the P©X match between Chaos and MWG could possibly be a preview of what is to come at BANNED in the US."

JULIUS: "Incredible match tonight, too.  These two men were teammates in the Dupree Cup tournament .. but tonight they went toe to toe .. and in a match that made me never want to come within thirty feet of a Christmas tree ever again."

TRIPP: "Chaos may not be the most trustworthy character .. but he certainly is creative.. the P©X title was on the line .. and MWG definitely had his sights set on winning it."

JULIUS: "But that wasn’t tonight’s main event surprisingly enough.  Foxx managed to somehow sleep her way to another match with the Women’s Champion Karla Starr.. although it wasn’t for the title."

TRIPP: "A women’s tag team match headlined tonight .. as Karla Starr and the returning Caitlyn Daymon took on Foxx .. and the returning Felicia Hart.  There’s nothing quite like New ERA’s women’s division … and those four women proved just why the division is going to be successful for a long time."

JULIUS: "Foxx just needs to get it through her head that she will never beat Karla Starr for that title. Foxx.  It will never happen."

TRIPP: "But let’s stop talking … and get straight to the results!  New ERA RAPTURE came from Miami, Florida … and when we come back .. we’ll get straight to the opening match between Carlee Marx and Victoria Hawke!"


(CUTTO:  Tripp and Julius)

TRIPP: "And we are back and ready to show the opening match between Victoria Hawke and Carlee Marx."

JULIUS: "You know, for all the times that I oogle over the women in our women’s division .. I actually had a chance to sit back and watch the wrestling in this one."

TRIPP: "Wow, Dean.. you’re really starting to scare me."

JULIUS: "Don’t get the wrong idea, Tripp.  It’s only because this was a battle between a boar and a hound dog."

TRIPP: "Why’d I even bother.."

JULIUS: "In fact .. if it weren’t for the fact that I was told this was a women’s match … I probably would have worn Nick Jive’s ‘I Mark For Teenage Boys’ t-shirt."

TRIPP: "Oh .. my .. lord."

JULIUS: "What?"

TRIPP: "Let’s show you what happened."

Victoria Hawke vs Carlee Marx

(CUTTO: Ringside in the Miami Arena.  Carl Jacobs stands in the ring.)

JACOBS:  "The following match is scheduled for one fall.. and has a twenty minute time limit! Entering first…"

(CUEUP: ‘Beautiful Life’ by Ace of Base as Victoria Hawke walks to the ring to a mixed response.  She enters the ring and tries to spray the referee with perfume, but he warns her that he’ll disqualify her if she even puts it near him.)

JACOBS: "She hails from Kiruna, Sweden ……. VICTORIA HAWKE!"

(Hawke raises her arms in the air as she puts the perfume down on the mat in the corner.)

JACOBS: "And her opponent.."

(CUEUP: ‘The Everlasting Gaze’ by The Smashing Pumpkins. The crowd jeers as Carlee Marx is led to the ring by Brandon Jacobs.)

JACOBS: "Being led to the ring by her fellow member in DREDD, Brandon Jacobs… hailing from Princeton, New Jersey … CARLEE MARX!"

(SFX: Bell rings.)

BEGINNING: The match started off incredibly fast paced as both women were doing their best to one up the other.  Carlee Marx managed to connect with a series of knees to the midsection that sent Victoria Hawke higher and higher into the air.  Marx continued working on the midsection as she picked up Hawke and dropped her down with a gutbuster.  Marx made a mistake, though, by trying to go to the air too early.  She was on the top turnbuckle pad when she was caught by Hawke … who proceeded to catapult her off and unto the mat.  Victoria Hawke then went to the air and was up top as Carlee Marx got back to her feet.  Hawke flew off with a flying cross body and got a very close two count.  Marx tried to get to her feet, but Hawke repeatedly took her back down with arm drags.

MIDDLE: After the match slowed down a bit thanks to Victoria Hawke applying a sleeperhold that nearly put Marx out, Hawke began to work on the legs of the female member of DREDD.  She slammed the knee of Marx into the mat before dragging her over into the corner.  Hawke slid out of the ring and grabbed Carlee Marx’s leg .. and rammed it against the metal post three times.  The referee interfered and threatened disqualification if she didn’t get back into the ring, which forced Hawke back in.  Hawke reached down to apply a figure four, but Marx locked the head and caught Hawke off guard with a small package that got two.  Hawke popped up and dropped the elbow, but Marx was out of the way.  Then it was Marx’s turn to work the mat game as she grabbed the legs of Hawke and applied a Boston Crab.  After a few minutes of causing pure pain to her challenger, Marx released the hold and brought Victoria Hawke to her feet.  That didn’t last long as Carlee Marx put a well placed spinning heel kick to the jaw and scored another two count.

END: The fans were really starting to get into the match after Carlee Marx flew off the top rope and dropped a 360 leg drop on the throat of Victoria Hawke.  Carlee Marx thought she got the three count, but the referee said that Hawke got out right before his hand came down.  Carlee Marx spent too much time arguing with the referee, much to the chagrin of Brandon Jacobs who was yelling to her on the outside, which allowed Hawke to catch her with a school boy that nearly put the match away.  Marx was incensed and pounded the hell out of the Swedish native.  She brought Hawke into the corner and irish whipped her right into the other one chest first.  Marx attempted to follow through with a splash, but Hawke pulled herself out of the way at the last minute.  Both women were on the mat to the referee’s eight count.  Carlee Marx was up first and grabbed Hawke by the hair.  She sent her to the ropes and went for the back body drop, but Victoria Hawke hopped over the doubled over Marx.  Carlee Marx quickly turned around, but Hawke had hopped onto the second ropes, and used them to fly backwards with a moonsault that scored the pinfall.

WINNER: Victoria Hawke via pinfall after a bouncing off the ropes with a moonsault at 12:19.

(CUTTO: The RAPTURE studio.)

TRIPP: "Victoria Hawke with a well earned victory on RAPTURE .. and what catlike ability she showed at the end of the match with that moonsault."

JULIUS: "Yea, it’s just a shame really."

TRIPP: "She won."

JULIUS: "No .. I mean, it’s a shame that she’s got that catlike ability .. but looks like a dog."

TRIPP: "Victoria Hawke is a very pretty young lady!"

JULIUS: "If this were the Neolithic age, maybe."

TRIPP: "Both Carlee Marx and Victoria Hawke put on an outstanding display .. and it was a great way to open RAPTURE … you’ll be seeing one, or even both, of those women getting their shot at the Women’s title real soon."

JULIUS: "New ERA’s going to put them on television AGAIN?  You know .. I can only bring so much to this broadcast team without them scaring viewers away."

TRIPP: "I .. Anyways.. If you thought the opening match was full of action .. wait until you get a chance to see HAL and Steven Shane go toe to toe.  This match went back and forth the entire time and it wasn’t until the very end that you saw someone walk away with the victory."

JULIUS: "Of course it wasn’t until the very end you imbecile.  That’s why the match ended.  Sometimes I wonder what I ever did wrong to be stuck with you, Tripp.  I should petition Marcus LaRoque to switch me and Jive.. I should be on RAUCOUS anyways."

TRIPP: "You should be on some medication is more like it."

JULIUS: "Shut your trap, Fatty McFat."

TRIPP: "I’m not FAT.  I’m average."

JULIUS: "Just like HAL doesn’t have his epic mount on World of Warcraft, right?"

TRIPP: "What?"

JULIUS: "Exactly.  He got that shit within hours. And you better believe he’s going to get up to level 70 with his Blood Elf Palladin in mere minutes!"

HAL vs Steven Shane

(CUTTO: Inside the Miami Arena and to Carl Jacobs standing in the ring.)

JACOBS:  "The following match is scheduled for one fall and has a twenty minute time limit .. introducing first…"

(CUEUP: ‘Damn’ by Fabolous.  Steven Shane enters to the pop of the crowd and makes his way to the ring.)

JACOBS: "He hails from Hollywood, California… ‘SENSATIONAL’ STEVEN .. SHANE!"

(Shane makes it to the ring right as ‘It’s All About the Pentiums’ by Weird Al cues up.)

JACOBS: "And his opponent.. hailing from Redwood, Washington…. The Dupree Cup co-Most Valuable Wrestler … HAL!"

(Crowd JEERS~! as HAL makes his way to the ring … He slides in as the bell rings.  SFX: Bell rings.)

BEGINNING: The two men made sure to take their time feeling each other out as the opening of the match was full of collar and elbow tie ups.  This went back and forth as HAL managed to connect with a succession of go behinds, which Shane quickly got out of.  HAL made the mistake of going to the well one too many times, and the last time he went behind Shane, he was met with an elbow square to the jaw.  While HAL was doubled over Steven Shane quickly took advantage by locking the waist and taking New ERA’s official computer extraordinaire up and over with a butterfly suplex.  Shane got a one count, but wasn’t slowed down any as he caught HAL coming to his feet with a picture perfect dropkick.  HAL slid to the outside and quickly calculated a new attack strategy.  HAL slid back in and doubled over Shane with a quick to the gut as the ‘Sensational’ one approached.  HAL hooked the arm of Shane between his legs and did a little suplex action of his own with the pumphandle slam.

MIDDLE: HAL worked over Steven Shane some more throughout the middle of the match as he methodically wore the ‘Sensational’ one down.  HAL had Shane on the mat for almost a minute with a side headlock, but Steven Shane eventually slid out from behind and brought HAL’s arm with him for a hammerlock.  HAL went for a back elbow, but that only let Shane use HAL’s momentum to his advantage as he turned him around and locked the waist bringing HAL down with a belly to belly suplex.  Shane then proceeded to go to the ropes and slammed down on the knee of HAL with an elbow drop from the second ropes.  While HAL was crawling to the ropes, Shane grabbed onto his leg and slammed the knee into the mat.  Shane continued to work over the knee and eventually we all saw why as he locked the figure four on in the middle of the ring.  It seemed like an eternity for HAL as he flailed around trying to get out of the hold, and he eventually managed to turn it around on Shane which caused a break in the hold.  Shane got to his feet but was brought down with a drop toe hold.

END: The match continued to go back and forth throughout the middle and towards the end as HAL and Shane exchanged blow for blow. Steven Shane gained the upperhand after HAL missed a running lariat.  HAL turned around, but was unable to avoid the clothesline of Shane.  Shane grabbed HAL by the head and sent him into the ropes and on the return picked HAL up and drove him into the mat with a spinebuster.  HAL made a last minute come back in the match as he through Shane off him when the ‘Sensational’ one went for a top rope tornado DDT.  HAL waited for Shane to rise before nearly taking his head off with a running lariat.  The end of the match came after HAL hit an inverted piledriver … or so he thought!  When Shane was up in the air he managed to use the momentum to kick over and both men went crashing to the mat.  After a few seconds both men were back on their feet and HAL tried for a third lariat.  Shane ducked underneath and caught HAL right underneath the jaw with the Point Blank superkick and followed it up with the California Clutch while HAL was out on the mat.  HAL had nowhere to go, and no other option but to submit.

WINNER:  ‘Sensational’ Steven Shane via submission after locking on the California Clutch at 13:06.


JULIUS:  "There was obviously a malfunction with the audio in that match because I coulda sworn that I heard that Steven Shane won the match."

TRIPP: "There was no malfunction, Dean.  Steven Shane with a victory over HAL on RAPTURE .. and both men looked incredibly determined. Unfortunately one has to wonder whether HAL’s body wasn’t quite up to snuff for this match.. These two men both have very bright futures in New ERA .. and the fans responded well to their match!"

JULIUS: "Bah."

TRIPP: "Ladies and gentlemen we’ve got to take a commercial break .. but when we come back .. we’ll show you what happened in the #1 Contender’s match for the Television title as well as the P©X title match .."

Your First Mission

(CUTTO:  Juliet Marceau’s office.  She is studying some papers, a sly smile creeping across her face as there is a knock on the door.)

MARCEAU: "Come in."

(The door opens slight as a young woman’s head pops in.)

WOMAN: "Ms. Marceau?"

(Marceau’s smile still on her face, she waves the young woman into the office.)

MARCEAU: "Come on in, Natalie."

(Natalie comes into the office and stands by the chair.)

NATALIE:  "I was thinking about your offer and I’d love to do it.  I’ve been waiting my whole life for something like this."

(Marceau chuckles.)

MARCEAU: "Fantastic.  But first I have a mission for you."

(Natalie cocks her head to the side inquisitively.)

NATALIE: "Sure, anything for my new boss."

(Marceau extends her hand and waves a folder at Natalie.)

MARCEAU: "I want you to go through this file .. find out everything you can about this guy.  I heard he’s a bit of a recluse nowadays and I want to get into contact with him pronto."

(Natalie takes the folder.)

NATALIE: "Sure thing!"

(Natalie hurries out the door leaving Marceau alone, her eyes sparkling.)


(CUTTO: Inside the studio.)

TRIPP: "We are back ..and before we left you saw New ERA’s Vice President, who apparently has picked up an intern."

JULIUS: "And what a tasty little morsel she is!"

TRIPP: "Oh Dean .. you’re so crude."

JULIUS: "I’d prefer if you’d call me ‘the STAR of the RAPTURE Broadcast team’ from now on."

TRIPP: "I’ll do no such thing!"

JULIUS: "I command it!"

TRIPP: "Well, unfortunately for you your highness, that means nothing to me.  You have to wonder what Juliet Marceau is up to now after Larry Tact foiled her plans once again."

JULIUS: "Hopefully she’s going to find someone who will break both his legs and toss him into the Havana Harbor!"

TRIPP: "That would be illegal, Dean."

JULIUS: "Hey, you never know .. it could be legal in Cuba."

TRIPP: "Let’s go now and show you what happened in what happened to be one of the most competitive matches I’ve seen in a long time."

#1 Contender's Match for the:
Television Championship

Cameron Cruise vs John Doe

(CUTTO: Carl Jacobs standing in the ring.)

JACOBS: "The following match is scheduled for one fall, has a twenty minute time limit .. and is for the #1 contenders spot for the New ERA of Wrestling Television title!  Introducing first…"

(CUEUP:  ‘When Worlds Collide’ by Powerman 5000.  The crowd jeers as John Doe and Brandon Jacobs come to the ring.)

JACOBS: "He is a former PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme champion .. and his hometown is unknown.. being led to the ring by his fellow DREDD member Brandon Jacobs … JOHN DOE!"

(Doe makes his way to the ring and sneers at the fans in attendance.  He slides in waits.)

JACOBS: "And his opponent…"

(CUEUP:  ‘Headstrong’ by Trapt.  The crowd pops a little as Cameron Cruise enters through the curtains with Mercedes Devon at his side. He makes his way down the ramp and slides into the ring.)

JACOBS: "Being led to the ring by his wife, Mercedes Devon … he hails from Jacksonville, North Carolina… CAMERON CRUISE!"

(SFX: Bell rings.)

BEGINNING: You would have thought that these two men were bitter enemies for years the way this match began.  John Doe attacked Cameron Cruise while Cruise was handing his attire to Mercedes Devon and viciously hammered away on Cruise in the corner.  The fans got into the action when they helped with the ten count as Doe slammed the head of Cruise into the top turnbuckle .. but they only were able to get to three as Cruise reversed and slammed Doe’s head into the turnbuckle pads once. While Doe turned to walk away from the corner, Cameron Cruise flew out behind him and drove his head into the mat with a running bulldog.  Cruise then got on top of Doe and began pounding the fists into the bridge of his nose.  Doe finally managed to push Cruise off of him, but Cameron Cruise was relentless and was right back on top within seconds.  John Doe, to the dismay of the fans, stopped Cruise’s momentum when he jammed a thumb right into Cruise’s eye.  Doe made it to his feet and whipped Cruise chest first into the corner.  While Cruise stumbled backwards, John Doe flew past him and was catlike as he jumped to the top turnbuckle pad.  Almost as if he had the Carlee Marx match earlier on the show still fresh in his mind, he flew backwards onto Cameron Cruise with a moonsault.  Unfortunately for him, this one didn’t get the pinfall like Hawke’s did. Cruise was out at 2.

MIDDLE: Right when you thought that John Doe was going to run away with this match, and the Television title shot, Cameron Cruise came roaring back.  Cruise avoided three straight clothesline attempts by John Doe as both men criss-crossed the ring running.  Doe finally stopped in the middle of the ring and prepared himself for a powerslam, but Cruise struck first with a flying forearm that got incredible height.  Doe crashed to the mat like a sack of potatoes and Cameron Cruise almost got the three count.  By this time the fans were really starting to get behind Cameron Cruise and he didn’t disappoint.  Cruise went behind Doe and nailed the neckbreaker before heading to the outside of the ropes.  Cruise grabbed onto the top rope and catapulted himself back in with a splash that nearly got the victory.  Brandon Jacobs, however, managed to put Doe’s leg on the bottom rope.  The referee only saw Doe’s leg there and thus broke the attempt.  Cameron Cruise continued to get near falls as the match past the 15 minute mark and tried his hardest to stop Doe from kicking out by nailing repeated shoulderbreakers.

END: Every fan was on his/her feet as Carl Jacobs announced there were less than five minutes remaining in the match which sent both men into overdrive.  Cameron Cruise missed with an Impact DDT after Doe pushed him off.  Cruise attempted to connect with a running elbow, but Doe ducked underneath and threw Cruise into the ropes.  Cruise bounced off and was immediately caught by Doe who connected with three successive German suplexes.  That still was not enough to put Cruise out as he kicked out right as the referee’s hand was about to hit the mat for the third time.  Three minutes remained as John Doe headed to the top rope .. and the fans almost passed out from excitement as he flew off the top rope and nailed the 450 splash on Cameron Cruise.  The fans then went even more crazy when Cruise kicked out of the pin attempt afterwards!  Two minutes remained and John Doe was in control of the match, and doing everything in his power to end the match.  He brought Cameron Cruise to his feet and irish whipped him into the ropes and on the way back nailed the hurricanrana.  Cruise STILL kicked out and John Doe was beginning to sweat as Carl Jacobs announced there was one minute remaining.  Doe brought Cruise to his feet … and slapped him around a little, while smirking at him .. John Doe irish whipped Cruise into the ropes again for a second hurricanrana, and this time Brandon Jacobs was ready to trip him up … except Cameron Cruise reversed at the last second and Brandon Jacobs tripped John Doe!  Doe turned around to yell at Jacobs, and when he turned back Cameron Cruise doubled him over with a boot to the gut and connected with the Reality Check as the Carl Jacobs announced there were only 10 seconds left in the match.  Cruise dropped down to the mat and covered Doe … making the pinfall in time!

WINNER: Cameron Cruise via pinfall after nailing the Reality Check on a distracted John Doe at 19:56.  Cameron Cruise is the new #1 contender to the Television title.

(CUTTO: Back to the RAPTURE studio.)

JULIUS: "I feel like I’m having the worst possible few shows ever.  BattleBRAWL 2 was a bust .. and so far today you’ve had two ugly broads, Steven Shane and now Cameron Cruise both winning.  What’s next .. MWG in a Christmas thong?!"


(Julius drops his head into his hands.)

JULIUS: "Oh god."

TRIPP: "Let’s go now to the PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme match as Chaos puts his title on the line for the third straight RAPTURE against former Television champion MWG!"

PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme Championship
Christmas Tree Death Match

MWG vs Chaos (c)

JACOBS: "The following match is scheduled for one fall … and is a CHRISTMAS TREE DEATH MATCHfor the PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme championship!!  Introducing first…"

(CUEUP: ‘Faggot’ by Mindless Self Indulgence.  MWG walks to the ring being led in a dogleash by Krist Blue.)

JACOBS: "He hails from where the sun shines .. and the blue birds sing.. being led to the ring by Krist Blue … the FORMER Television Champion …. M .. W .. G!"

(MWG slides in and starts to walk towards Carl Jacobs with a smile on his face..  Jacobs pulls the referee in front of him.)

JACOBS: "And his opponent.. hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada … he is the PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme champion… CHAOS!"

(CUEUP:  ‘You Could Be Mine’ as the crowd surprisingly is split in reaction.  Half jeering the P©X Champion on principle, and the other half showing respect for his match at BattleBRAWL 2.  He walks through the curtain, a sneer on his face as he storms to the ring.)

(SFX: Bell rings.)

BEGINNING: The ring was filled with 8 foot Christmas trees as well as stockings full of thumbtacks as the two men started out.  Chaos struck first after MWG ran into him with a clothesline that didn’t budge the P©X champion.  Chaos grabbed MWG by the head and began slamming his fist into the face of the former Television champion.  Chaos sent MWG to the mat and immediate grabbed one of the many wrapped Christmas presents on the mat.  He tore it open to reveal .. a kendo stick!  MWG tried to get to his feet, but Chaos walloped him in the back with the stick sending him back down.  Chaos repeatedly drove the stick across the back of MWG until it snapped in half in his hands.  Chaos didn’t stop there as he grabbed another present .. this time he didn’t even bother opening it as he slammed it down on the back of the head .. causing whatever was inside to break!  Chaos ripped open the present .. to find a pile of broken glass from what was a glass vase!  The P©X champion then grabbed the first thing he could get his hands on, which just happened to be a Christmas tree, and brought it above his head.  MWG, whether consciously or acting out of pure instinct, dove through the legs of Chaos causing him to drop the Christmas tree to the mat.

2ND QUARTER: After fighting his way back into the match it was MWG’s turn to open some presents.  The first present he opened was a rawhide whip, and MWG used it like the pro he is!  After whipping Chaos so hard that one spot of his back began to bleed, MWG wrapped the whip around Chaos’ throat choking him out with it.  Brought to the brink of unconsciousness, Chaos used all of his strength to throw MWG off, and MWG crashed into a line of Christmas stockings which hit the mat and spilled thumbtacks over that half of the ring.  MWG, ever the opportunist, grabbed the neck of the champ as he was getting up and hit a swinging neckbreaker onto a pile of thumbtacks.  MWG only got a two count however and went straight to the corner.  MWG climbed up to the top rope and hopped off, bringing a Christmas tree that was propped up crashing down onto Chaos.  MWG then bounced off the ropes and came back with a splash onto the tree and got another two count.  Krist Blue pushed a Christmas present into the center of the ring and it was as if the heavens opened up and shone down on the former Television champion as he unwrapped .. a VIBRATOR!  MWG seemed ecstatic with his Japanese manufactured present and did not seem at first to want to destroy it in the match, but he had no choice when Chaos grabbed him from behind and spun him around.  Chaos got more than he bargained for as MWG jammed the vibrator into the mouth, and down the throat of Chaos, and switched it on.  Chaos fell like a ton of bricks and nearly choked to death from it .. either that or pure fright of having a vibrator in his mouth.

3RD QUARTER: The match took a turn for the worse when Chaos caught MWG as he attempted a cross body block … and bodyslammed him onto the thumbtacks.  Chaos then grabbed the sole stocking left that had thumbtacks in it and placed it OVER THE HEAD OF MWG!  With thumbtacks pouring out Chaos grabbed MWG’s head and DDT’ed him to the mat.. or at least he almost did!  MWG at the last minute grabbed onto the ropes breaking the attempt.  Chaos, disappointed, did not waste the opportunity and landed a HUGE right hook to the face.  MWG fell to the mat and ripped the stocking off his head revealing the chunk of thumbtacks embedded in the left side of his face!  Chaos then grabbed a present and laid it in the middle of the ring.  He grabbed MWG and brought him high in the air sending him to the mat, and onto the present with a chokeslam.  MWG managed to get out of the subsequent pin attempt through sheer pain and when he was brought to his feet it was revealed that a ninja star was stuck in his shoulder!  Chaos looked down at the group of five other ninja stars and smiled before sending MWG into the corner, and into a piny Christmas tree, with an irish whip.  Chaos came in after him and clotheslined MWG into the tree again, nearly snapping the top third of the tree off!  MWG fell to the mat and Chaos began piling trees up in the middle of the ring.  Chaos brought MWG to the ropes and both men went up top.  Chaos called for the Chaosbomb, but MWG blocked his first two attempts before sending Chaos up and over with a back body drop off the top ropes!  Chaos landed on the Christmas trees he had just set up, and then Santa dropped another gift on him as MWG came down on him with a flying elbow drop. 

END: MWG spent some time while Chaos was on the mat ripping through a couple of presents looking for the right weapon to use.  He tossed nunchuks, brass knuckles, a toaster, and a copy of the Mona Lisa painting to the side.  He did seriously consider the bowling ball that he opened, however, but ultimately rolled it out of the ring.  MWG found what he was looking for as he unwrapped a shovel right as Chaos was getting up.  Chaos got to his feet and turned .. just to get the metal end of the shovel introduced to his skull.  Chaos fell backwards as if he was one of the trees in the ring, and MWG looked on with approval at the dent left in the shovel.  He then shoveled as many thumbtacks into the middle of the ring as he could find and opened up a present containing a giant LED Angel top.  The top was too big to go on any of the Christmas trees in the ring, so he placed it down on the mat on top of the thumbtacks.  MWG turned to get Chaos, but instead got a Chaos boot to the gut.  Chaos grabbed MWG, placed his head between his legs, and piledrove the former Television champion right onto some thumbtacks that were lying around the mat.  He covered, but MWG somehow kicked out after 2 and three quarters count. Chaos grabbed the tree from earlier and finally did snap off the top third of it before bringing it back and driving the rugged trunk into the chest of MWG.  While MWG was down Chaos took the opportunity to place a Christmas tree on top of him and then he went to the top rope!  While he was on the top rope, however, ‘the Messenger’ Trevor Cane popped out from the big Christmas present at ringside and pulled MWG out of the way as Chaos flew off the top rope with an attempted High Roller splash.  MWG got to his feet, grabbed Chaos off of the Christmas tree and hit the Disappear Here DDT right through the ginormous LED Angel top and got the three count!

WINNER: MWG via pinfall after a Disappear Here DDT onto the LED Angel top thanks to Trevor Cane appearing out of nowhere and causing Chaos to miss the High Roller at 29:20. MWG is the new PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme champion.

(CUTTO: Back to studio.)

TRIPP: "That, my friends, could easily be considered the match of the night … and we still have the main event!"

JULIUS: "Thank GOD there were no thongs, Tripp.  That’s all I’m saying."

TRIPP: "So you’re actually happy??"

JULIUS: "I could handle either of these men as PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme champion .. although I am worried about what kind of stipulations we’ll be seeing from the new P©X champion, MWG."

TRIPP: "Oh .. you better believe that your repressed homosexuality will be stirred to new heights, Dean!"

JULIUS: "You are so going to have your break line messed with after we get off the air."

TRIPP: "That’s why I’m driving home with you!"

JULIUS: "Why do I suddenly wish I had the power of regeneration like that chick in Heroes?"

TRIPP: "Let’s take a commercial break .. because when we come back .. we’ll have the results for tonight’s main event as New ERA’s women’s division headlines RAPTURE .. Foxx and Felicia Hart against Caitlyn Daymon and Karla Starr in tag team action!"



(CUTTO: Studio.)


TRIPP: "You’ve been doing that for two minutes now, Dean."


TRIPP: "It’s not a porn!"


TRIPP: "You are absolutely ridiculous.  I don’t even want to talk about this anymore so let’s head to the ring and show you what mayhem went down as these four women got it o…. nevermind."

Women's Tag Team Match

Foxx & Felicia Hart vs Caitlyn Daymon & Karla Starr (c)

(CUTTO: Ringside with Carl Jacobs.)

JACOBS: "The following match is scheduled for one fall .. and is TONIGHT’s MAIN EVENT!  It is a special ladies tag team match and has no time limit!"

(CUEUP: ‘Angelwitch’ by Angelwitch.  The crowd gives a huge pop as Foxx and Felicia Hart walk through the curtains.  Foxx has a determined look on her face as Felicia Hart dances down the isle.)

JACOBS: "Introducing first … at a combined weight of 261 pounds … the team of FELICIA HART … and FOXX!"

(Foxx rolls into the ring as Felicia Hart shimmies up the steps, playing to the fans.)

JACOBS: "And their opponents.."

(CUEUP: ‘Don’tcha’ by the Pussycat Dolls.  The crowd erupts into a chorus of jeers as Caitlyn Daymon comes through the curtains, followed only seconds later by the New ERA Women’s Champion, Karla Starr.  Starr and Daymon make their way down the isle and get to the ring.  They slide in and stay in their corner.)

JACOBS: "Weighing in at a combined weight of .. (he looks at his card) mind my own damn business?  Uh … the team of CAITLYN DAYMON .. and the New ERA of Wrestling WOMEN’s CHAMPION …. KARLA STARR!"

(SFX: Bell rings.)

BEGINNING: All four women stood in the ring as the match began .. but eventually once she saw that Foxx would be starting out, Karla Starr went to the outside.  Foxx came out with a vengeance on Caitlyn Daymon and quickly knocked her off her feet with a dropkick that sent Daymon flying.  Daymon got back up and sidestepped a second Foxx dropkick before dropping down and digging her knee in between Foxx’s shoulderblades.  Daymon grabbed the arms of Foxx to apply more pressure and kept the hold on until she felt ready to move on.  By this point, seeing Foxx on the mat, Karla Starr tagged herself in as Daymon moved past her.  The Women’s champion grabbed Foxx by the hair and whipped her into the corner where Daymon was and proceeded to put the boots to her challenger at BattleBRAWL 2.  The referee came in between and as he had his back to Caitlyn Daymon, she took the rope hanging near the corner and wrapped it around Foxx’s throat cutting of the air supply.  Karla Starr took a few steps back and catapulted herself into the corner, but Foxx somehow managed to pull herself out causing Starr to land chest first into the turnbuckle pads.  Foxx was on the mat as Caitlyn Daymon tagged herself back in .. but Daymon wasn’t able to do much better as Foxx put a boot right into her face as she bent down to grab the legs.  Foxx snuck in a small package for a two count, and as Daymon got back to her feet Foxx hit a snap piledriver.

2ND QUARTER: Foxx tagged in Felicia Hart who did a two-step before using Caitlyn Daymon as a punching bag.  Daymon was sent to the mat once more with a nicely placed dropkick to the face by Felicia Hart.  The dropkick did, however, place Daymon close enough to her own corner where she was able to make the tag to Karla Starr.  Starr came in the ring and booted the approaching Hart in the gut allowing the Women’s champion enough time to bounce off the ropes and connect with a running high knee.  Felicia Hart rolled out of the way of the follow up elbow drop and then rolled out of the way of the follow up – follow up leg drop.  With Karla Starr feeling the effects of the two missed moves Felicia Hart grabbed her and tossed her by the hair into the corner where Foxx stood aching to get a lick in.  Karla Starr stood up and faced Felicia Hart who pointed for her to turn around.  The crowd responded with one of the biggest pops of the night as Starr turned around and was met with a slap to the face by Foxx that sent Starr back on her ass to the mat.  Felicia Hart made the tag to Foxx who promptly got into the ring.  However, Karla Starr wisely moved like a bat out of hell to her own corner and tagged in Caitlyn Daymon.

3RD QUARTER: Daymon came in but didn’t do much better than Starr as Foxx caught the foot of Daymon who went for a kick to the midsection.  Foxx spun Daymon around and nearly took her head off with a clothesline that snapped the skull of Caitlyn Daymon into the mat.  Foxx grabbed the legs of Caitlyn Daymon and introduced her to the steel post behind the corner turnbuckle pads with a catapult.  Daymon was resting in the corner after the move .. but Foxx didn’t let her rest of long as she ran in and connected with a high knee to the back of the head.  Caitlyn Daymon slumped down to the mat and Foxx went halfway out to the center of the ring and came back with a baseball slide that connected. Foxx’s pinfall attempt only got a two count as Karla Starr came into the ring to break it up.. and Foxx chased her to the outside.  Foxx was too busy paying attention to Starr on the outside and didn’t see Caitlyn Daymon come up from behind.  Foxx was spun around, hooked, and victimized by the scoop driver, but still managed to kick out before the three.  Caitlyn Daymon attempted the Phantom Train and irish whipped Foxx into the corner, but Foxx quickly hopped to the second rope and backflipped over Daymon as she followed behind for the splash.  Foxx made the tag to Felicia Hart and held her as Hart went to the top.

END: Felicia Hart crashed down with a double axehandle as Foxx held Caitlyn Daymon in place.  Hart went against the ropes to continue the assault, but as she made it to the ropes, the Women’s Champion pulled them down causing Hart to go over and out to the arena floor.  The referee warned Starr about her actions, and she merely shrug her shoulders at him.  The crowd responded to Foxx’s goading and quickly began to chant for Felicia Hart to get up, which she did.  However their cheers were quickly followed by jeers as Caitlyn Daymon made her way through the ropes with a plancha and landed on Hart.  Daymon rolled Hart back into the ring and made the cover, but Hart was not ready to give in yet!  Daymon shook her head in disbelief and brought Felicia Hart to the corner where she began to slap her in the face.  Daymon then placed Felicia Hart on the top rope and climbed up herself!  Daymon stood in front of Hart on the top rope and jumped up for the top rope hurricanrana … but Felicia Hart countered with a top rope powerbomb!!  The crowd went insane .. as did Foxx who wanted to tag in to get the pinfall .. but Felicia Hart was too busy dancing over the body of Caitlyn Daymon to hear Foxx’s calls.  Hart made the cover and Caitlyn Daymon kicked out one second too late as Foxx and Hart got the victory.

WINNERS: Foxx and Felicia Hart via pinfall after Hart countered Daymon’s top rope hurricanrana attempt with a top rope powerbomb at 23:42.

(CUTTO: Studo.)

TRIPP: "And THAT my friends is how women’s wrestling should be done.  Forget the mud, forget the oil.. those four women are why New ERA’s women’s division is getting hotter every minute!"

JULIUS: "You can forget the mud and oil .. but I’d like to remember it vividly if you don’t mind."

TRIPP: "Ladies and gentlemen .. RAPTURE was a huge success from Miami, Florida as New ERA embarks on its BEAT the HEAT tour to BANNED in the US … make sure you join Tom Gheorghe and Nick Jive on RAUCOUS as they’ll be live from the Thomas Robinson Stadium in Nassau, Bahamas."

JULIUS: "Bastards got a whole week vacation before we even got to fly out to Miami."

TRIPP: "For Dean Julius .. I’m Jason Tripp .. next time you see us we’ll be coming to you with the results from RAPTURE in Haiti.. thanks for joining us."

JULIUS: "Yea, great. They get Bahamas .. and we get Haiti.. what’s next .. some small village from the Sally Struthers infomercials?"

No Cigar

(CUTTO: Vice President Juliet Marceau’s office as the scene fades from the studio. She is filing papers into her briefcase as the door to her office opens.  Standing there, a disappointed look on her face, is Natalie.)

NATALIE:  "Ms. Marceau?"

(Marceau looks up, her eyes expressing the anticipation behind them.)

MARCEAU: "Did you find anything?"

(Natalie shakes her head no.)

NATALIE: "I’m sorry, Ms. Marceau .. it seems that he’s dropped from the face of the planet.  Nobody knows where he is."

MARCEAU: "Alright .. well .. I’m sure there has to be some lead.  You don’t just lose a title and fade into obscurity.  Why don’t you take the next few days to see what you can dig up."

(Natalie nods and leaves. Marceau shuts her briefcase and leans back in her chair, looking off to the side.)

MARCEAU: "Jesus .. who do I have to blow around here to get some information on him…"

(As soon as she finishes the sentence the phone next to her briefcase rings.  She rolls her eyes and smiles at the obvious bad timing of the phone call.)

( the end )