[ Boardwalk Hall ] Atlantic City, New Jersey


TAPED: Jul. 22, 2006
AIRED: Sep. 05, 2006

(FADEIN:  The Atlantic City Boardwalk.  There are foot cabs with couples in the back running up and down the wooden planks.  There are people piling in and out of casinos’ boardwalk entrances.  CUTTO:  The Boardwalk Hall’s exterior.  A banner for New ERA hangs proudly across the top.  ‘Head Like A Hole’ by NIN begins as the sun slowly starts to set.  As it sets behind the Boardwalk Hall, the logo for RAPTURE comes on screen.)

(CUTTO:  Inside the RAPTURE studio with Jason Tripp and Dean Julius.  Tripp is wearing some sort of white rimmed cap .. looking all sorts of ridiculous.  Julius is wearing sun glasses.)

TRIPP:  "Welcome everyone to ANOTHER edition of RAPTURE! I am Jason Tripp and with me is Dean Julius.  How are you doing tonight, Dean?"

(Julius slowly turns his head towards Tripp, but doesn’t respond.)

TRIPP: "Alrighty then!  We are here from AC, Atlantic City, New Jersey.  I haven’t had a chance to visit yet, but I heard the casinos here are incredibly fun!  Would you agree, Dean?"

(Dean hasn’t moved since he last turned his head towards Jason Tripp.  Tripp looks a little uncomfortable as he starts leaning over to look through the sun glasses.)

TRIPP: "Dean … are you alrig…"


(Tripp nearly jumps out of his seat.)

JULIUS: "Stop …. You are giving me a massive headache with your yapping."

TRIPP: "Somebody woke up one the wrong side of the bed today!"

JULIUS: "No, I didn’t.  I haven’t even gone to bed yet! So there."

TRIPP: "Are you sure you’re alright?"

JULIUS: "Can’t a guy get some peace and quiet in here?  Jesus."

(Tripp looks back towards the cameras and shrugs his shoulders.)

TRIPP: "Anywho!  New ERA RAPTURE took place from the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City … but before we give you the results from today’s show … what a RAUCOUS we had!"

JULIUS: "If someone doesn’t shut him up soon I am going to be forced to go Norman Bates on his shit."

TRIPP: (ignoring Julius, but still inching away)  "DREDD presented RAUCOUS from Nassau Coliseum … and it turned out to be a VERY good night for DREDD after all!  In the main event, the Texas Tornado Tag Team match Jonathan Marx walked away with New ERA’s World title as the former Champion, GOP, watched in horror."

JULIUS: "Someone get me some aspirin."

TRIPP: "GOP was caught in the ropes as Brandon Jacobs saved John Doe from the MOAB … and he could not break up the Marxism that Jonathan Marx locked on GOP’s special tag team partner .. former UCW and NFW member Beau Michaels."

JULIUS: "And a 2x4, if possible."

TRIPP: "Not only did the World Title change hands .. but Mr. Entertainment finally did it on his third try as he defeated MWG in a Marco Polo Blindfold match for the Television title … and that had to be one of the more interesting matches I have seen in a long, long time, Dean."

(Julius has placed his head on the desk in front of him and Tripp.  He slowly starts banging it lightly.)

TRIPP:  "Foxx defeated Women’s Champion Karla Starr in a non-title MUD wrestling match.."

(Julius sits right up.)

JULIUS: "Match of the night right there!"

TRIPP: "So she will get the chance to be the first woman to dethrone Karla Starr as those two will battle it out at … BATTLEBRAWL 2!"

JULIUS: "And if there second encounter is anywhere as hot.. err good as their first … it will be the most downloaded wrestling match in history."

TRIPP: "Cameron Cru…"

JULIUS: "Urrrgh."

(Julius’ head hits the table again.)

TRIPP: "..uise took on former World Champion Larry Tact in a leather strap match .. and Cameron Cruise nearly took the former Champion to school .. and was assisted when Vice President Juliet Marceau came out in a Turk LoC t-shirt .. but not only did Larry Tact end up coming out victorious, he ripped that shirt to pieces!"

(Tripp looks over at Dean Julius who starts to raise his head up to say something.  Tripp intervenes before he can and pushes his head back down, resulting in a loud THUD!..)


TRIPP: "Hey Dean!"


(Julius takes off his sunglasses.  He looks like he hasn’t slept for days as his eyes are bloodshot and puffy.)

JULIUS: "I am going to rip you apart with my own two hands, Tripp!"

TRIPP: "Woah there, buddy!  Take a chill pill!"

(Julius groans.)

JULIUS: "You know that the guys in the audio truck right now are bleeding from the ears, right?"

TRIPP: "Uh .. I don’t follow … but I DID follow the 2 out of 3 falls match between Rocko Daymon and Shawn Hart … Shawn Hart looked quite out of it .. and I’m glad to see leading up to his match THIS RAUCOUS that he’s come back around.."

JULIUS: "This is like … my own personal hell."

TRIPP: "Daymon ended up getting the victory after scoring two quick pinfalls in a row .. and I’m sure that’s not the last that they’ll see of each other!"

JULIUS: "What’s the stat on that aspirin?"

(A hand comes into view and hands Julius two large pills.  He pops them before the other hand can give him water, so he waves it off.  Tripp looks at him, but Julius sneers back causing Tripp to look forward and plaster a smile on his face.)

TRIPP: "But we had a fantastic run of matches here in Atlantic City … tonight we saw the debut of Harold A. Lumbourgh, or HAL as he’s known as, when he took on Chris McMillan."

JULIUS: "I’ll be with you in just a few seconds, Tripp.  Just need these aspirin to kick in."

TRIPP: "We also saw Matthew, the Hardcore Kid and ‘the Messenger’ Trevor Cane in a brutal, brutal match … the crowd got an earful from Cane before the match and really let him have it the entire way through."

JULIUS: "Mmm, yea.. that’s it."

TRIPP: "You okay?"

JULIUS: "Gotta love Jersey aspirin."

TRIPP: "I’m sure.  Carlee Marx was back in action after missing a few months as she took on the Swedish Bombshell Victoria Hawke … there was an incredible fatal fourway between some of the newest talent in New ERA as we saw the debut of two men, Tommy O’Hagan and JR White .. as well as some second helpings of sumo Ozeki and Kidd Jackson."

JULIUS: "Kidd Jackson.  Those two words will always be synonymous, Tripp."

TRIPP: "Oh, Dean!"

JULIUS: "What …. They will!"

TRIPP: "The main event … what a match it was … Chaos defended his PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme title against Steve Johnson .. and you will have to see it to believe it … but we’ve got to take a commercial break.. not only do we have to show you those matches tonight .. but we also have some words from some of the competitors who have signed up for New ERA of Wrestling’s open invitation BattleBRAWL rumble!"


(CUTTO: Back in the studio.)

TRIPP: "We are back and we are ready to take you to the first match that was held today in the Boardwalk Hall … HAL made his first appearance at RAUCOUS as he was fixing Vice President Juliet Marceau’s computer .. and apparently he made such an impression on her that she signed him to a contract!"

JULIUS: "I don’t know about you, Tripper… but this HAL has got a good head on his shoulders."

TRIPP: "If you ask me he is a little … off.  Perhaps his internal calculator is miscalibrated."

JULIUS: "That makes no sense, Tripp.  Miscalibrated?  Calculator?  What the hell are you talking about?"

TRIPP: "Oh come on, Dean, you know…"

JULIUS: "No.. no I don’t."

TRIPP: "Either way… let’s show you what happened!"

(The lineup lightning bolts on the screen as the camera cuts to the arena.)

HAL vs Chris McMillan

JULIUS: "It’s been a whole show and we haven’t found anything better than this?!"

TRIPP: "The lightning is here to stay, Dean!"

(CUEUP: ‘Dogs of War’ by Pink Floyd.)

JACOBS: "The following match is scheduled for one fall and has a twenty minute time limit!  Introducing first … he hails from Cadillac, Michigan … ‘the Wolf’ CHRIS McMILLAN!"

TRIPP: "McMillan had a tough go the last time around … he’s hoping that this time around his match won’t end in a double disqualification!"

JULIUS: "I’m just hoping it ends quick!"

JACOBS: "His opponent…"

(CUEUP: ‘It’s All About the Pentiums’ by Weird Al.  The crowd immediately jeers as this massive muscle-dork comes walking down the rampway.)

JACOBS: "Hailing from Redwood, Washington ….. HAL!"

(SFX: Bell rings.)

BEGINNING:  The match started with HAL continually making fun of ‘the Wolf’ for the way he dressed as well as for his "lack" of computer knowledge.  McMillan took the ridicule for a good minute before he started pummeling HAL.  McMillan took HAL to the corner, but HAL managed to mount an offense even tossing McMillan chest first into the opposite corner.  HAL miscalculated a avalanche as McMillan pulled himself out of the way.  McMillan went for a german suplex, but HAL grabbed onto the ropes.  McMillan struggled to get HAL over before HAL mule kicked him right in the family jewels.  McMillan tried to walk it off, but HAL took him out w/ a running lariat.  HAL scooped up ‘the Dog of War’ and powerslammed him into the mat.

MIDDLE:  HAL hit a backbreaker and that began a series of attacks on the lower back of Chris McMillan.  While McMillan was laid out, HAL began stomping on the lower back of his opponent with ferocity.  McMillan eventually made it to the ropes, but as soon as he got on his feet HAL charged in with a clothesline that sent him over the top rope to the arena floor.  On replay, you can see McMillan’s back hit the edge of the apron as he crashes down.  HAL, obviously one whose methodic, hopped to the outside and repeatedly drove the lower back of McMillan into the guardrail.  He sent McMillan into the ring steps and followed McMillan after he hit the steps with a knee to the face.  HAL rolled McMillan into the ring before the ten count and covered him.  Somehow McMillan kicked out at two and a half.  HAL went for an elbow drop on the back, but McMillan rolled out of the way.  HAL picked McMillan up and tried to set him up for the Control – ALT – Delete, but McMillan caught his foot as he went to kick him in the gut.

END:  McMillan then began a series in which he hit HAL with repeated left hands … and eventually irish whipped him into the ropes.  HAL telegraphed the back body drop by McMillan and leapfrogged over him.  However on the return both men clobbered each other with clotheslines, but men flipping 360 degrees before hitting the mat.  HAL made it to his feet first and was almost caught in a small package from ‘the Wolf’, but HAL blocked it and turned it into a DDT.  HAL then decided to verbally bash McMillan as he was trying to get to his feet and kept kicking him back to the mat.  The referee backed him out of the corner to shield McMillan.  HAL charged in with an avalanche a second time .. and again Chris McMillan moved!  However this time HAL stopped short and pointed to his head proving how smart he as.  McMillan turned to be greeted by a shot to the gut by HAL … followed by the gutwrench suplex into the powerslam.  Three seconds later HAL walked out victorious.

WINNER:  HAL via pinfall after hitting Control-Alt-Delete at 10:32.

(CUTTO: Inside the studio.)

TRIPP: "HAL outsmarting Chris McMillan at the end of their match, and he walks away with a victory in his first match here in New ERA!"

JULIUS: "McMillan thought he was soooo smart.. all he proved is that he needs to buy Wrestling for Dummies."

TRIPP: "Congratulations are in order for HAL.. he definitely beat an incredible talent tonight."

JULIUS: "Great, great, Tripp.  Let’s keep this rolling.  I have to get to the Trump Taj Mahal."

TRIPP: "Maybe you should get some sleep?"

JULIUS: "Listen, Tripp.  When you learn the difference between Blackjack and Baccarat you can tell me what to do."

TRIPP: "I’m just saying, Dean… but hey, our next match .. well … let’s take you to Trevor Cane who came out without introduction."

The Messenger Speaks

(CUTTO:  Trevor Cane standing in the ring.  The fans in the Boardwalk Hall are jeering.)

CANE: "Let me tell you something.  I came out here on RAPTURE last week and I took on the LoC superstar Turk."

(Crowd jeers)

CANE: "I took on Turk, and I made him see the Light."

(A few pieces of trash come flying past Trevor Cane)

CANE: "Tonight, Matthew, you will see the Light, too.  Not only will you see the Light, but you will become one with the Light.  Tonight, the Hardcore Kid will be gone forever."

(Crowd… pops?)

CANE: "I am called ‘the Messenger.’  Tonight, I will be the EXECUTOR."

(Lineup lightning bolts on screen.)

Trevor Cane vs Matthew

JACOBS: "The following match is scheduled for one fall and has a twenty minute time limit.  Introducing first .. already in the ring .. he hails from Sarasota, Florida… ‘the Messenger’ TREVOR CANE!"

JULIUS: "Cane must have taken some extra strength aspirin … because he’s delusional."

TRIPP: "Trevor Cane obviously ecstatic about his victory over Turk, and tonight he took on another tough competitor, Matthew."

(CUEUP: ‘Crack Addict’ by Limp Bizkit.)

JACOBS: "And his opponent .. hailing from Virginia Beach, Virginia…. MATTHEW, the HARDCORE KID!"

(SFX: Bell rings.)

BEGINNING:  Trevor Cane spent the first couple of seconds of the match poking his finger into the chest of Matthew, after which Matthew clocked him one.  Cane grabbed his jaw and the gloves came off.  Cane attacked Matthew with a series of forearms which knocked him into the ropes.  Cane irish whipped him into the opposite ropes and came back with a flying clothesline.  While Matthew was on the ground Trevor Cane hopped on top of him and start wailing away with right hooks and the crowd counted out ten fists before the referee stopped him for closed fist punches.  Cane grabbed Matthew by the hair and brought him to his feet.  Cane locked the head of Matthew and drove him to the mat with an inverted DDT.

MIDDLE:  Matthew came roaring back after Cane missed a leg drop from the top rope.  Matthew got to his feet before Cane could and sent him crashing into the corner.  Cane stumbled forward and got picked up and driven into the mat with a spinebuster.  Matthew then got on top of Cane and started wailing away with rights into the face.  The crowd counted ten and the ref then broke it up for closed fists.  Matthew grabbed the legs of Trevor Cane and catapulted him into the corner.  Cane hit the corner face first and slumped into it.  Matthew charged in, but Cane was so disoriented that he fell to the mat and Matthew went crashing chest first into the turnbuckle pads.  Cane and Matthew both used the ropes near the corner to get to their feet.  Matthew went for kick to the gut, but Trevor Cane caught his foot and brought him to the mat with a single leg takedown. 

END:  Trevor Cane pretty much put the match away towards the end when he nailed a tombstone piledriver.  Cane then went up stairs and waited a good while for Matthew to groggily get to his feet.  When Matthew turned he was clobbered by a flying clothesline from the top rope.  Trevor Cane then grabbed the Hardcore Kid and hit him with the fallaway slam for a two count.  Cane then dropped the leg across the face of Matthew and applied a Boston Crab.  Matthew lasted for almost two minutes before Cane released the hold and covered him for a very close three count.  Matthew tried to catch Cane with one last punch, but Cane raked the Hardcore Kid’s eyes and then nailed the Light for the three count.

WINNER:  Trevor Cane via pinfall after hitting the Light at 6:40.

(CUTTO: In the studio.  Dean Julius is chugging a gallon of water as Jason Tripp looks on in a combination of awe and horror.  Someone catches his attention and he turns.)

TRIPP: "Trevor Cane is on a roll going into BattleBRAWL after taking out Turk and now Matthew .."

(Julius finishes and sighs, wiping the excess moisture from his lips.)

JULIUS: "Much better."

TRIPP: "Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got to take a commercial break .. but before we do .. let’s take you to some pre-recorded words from one of our competitors who will be participating in the BattleBRAWL rumble at New ERA’s next pay per view .. BattleBRAWL 2!"

(CUTTO:  Standing in front of the NEW banner are Seth Champion, and his charge, Ozeki.)

CHAMPION: "BattleBRAWL! Thirty men, one winner! One man who gets a shot at the most important prize in this company, the NEW World Championship! And there is NO ONE in this company who can throw Ozeki over the top rope! NOT ONE MAN! He weighs 405 pounds! His training has given him a low center of gravity. Ozeki is unbeatable in this environment! Tell them, Ozeki!"


Victoria Hawke vs Karla Starr

(CUTTO: New ERA RAPTURE studios with Jason Tripp and Dean Julius.  For the first time all night, Julius actually looks semi-normal.)

TRIPP: "We are back and ready to give you some more action as New ERA RAPTURE came from Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall today … and as we saw before we headed to break .. Ozeki is in the BattleBRAWL rumble, Dean."

JULIUS: "Ozeki is 405 pounds … he’s a sumo … he is definitely a heavy favorite, pun intended, to win the whole thing."

TRIPP: "I agree, Dean.  Ozeki seems to have all the tools necessary to win the rumble."

JULIUS: "Especially his fat ass."

TRIPP: "Oh come on, Dean!  Stop it."

JULIUS: "What?"

TRIPP: "Let’s move on to our next match of the night .. Victoria Hawke has had her problems as she has had a pretty lengthy slide down the ranks of the women’s division.  She lost last week to Mercedes Devon, and twice before that to Foxx … so she was definitely looking to turn things around today against Carlee Marx."

JULIUS: "DREDD has been tearing through New ERA recently, especially with Jonathan Marx winning the World title."

TRIPP:  "Carlee Marx was making a return to the ring after a slight vacation of sorts and she hoped to prove that she didn’t have ring rust.

(CUTTO:  Ringside as the logo crackles on screen followed by lightning.. a variation!)

Victoria Hawke vs Carlee Marx

JACOBS: "The following match is scheduled for one fall and has a twenty minute time limit!"

(CUEUP: ‘Beautiful Life’ by Ace of Base.)

JACOBS: "Introducing first … from Kiruna, Sweden…. VICTORIA HAWKE!"

JULIUS: "Hawke has just been a mess lately.  I don’t know what’s wrong with her.  She should have run circles around Foxx .. but Foxx outsmarted her twice."

TRIPP: "Hawke has been trained by the best European talents .. yet she has struggled the past few months."

(CUEUP: ‘The Everlasting Gaze’ by the Smashing Pumpkins.)

JACOBS: "Her opponent .. hailing from Princeton, New Jersey… CARLEE MARX!"

(SFX: Bell rings.)

BEGINNING:  Both these women were waiting for one another as the bell rang.  They skipped the collar and elbow and just went straight to the body shots.  Victoria Hawke, after a thumb to the eye of CMarx, connected with a beautiful hip toss / leg drop combination that only got a one count.  Carlee Marx went down for another hip toss, but this time avoided the leg drop as she rolled out of the way.  CMarx made sure that Hawke paid for hitting her face with the leg drop by raking her nails down the back of the Swedish Sensation.  Carlee Marx also grabbed Victoria Hawke and wowed the crowd with a Tornado DDT.

MIDDLE:  CMarx continued to work the crowd as she connected with a triple German Suplex … and when Victoria Hawke tried to get the upper hand by reversing an irish whip, CMarx kept momentum on her side by connecting with a flying headscissors that sent Hawke across the ring, and the fans to their feet.  Victoria Hawke did have one chain of events that went her way during the middle of the match.  After Carlee Marx botched a side suplex which allowed Hawke to land on her feet, the Swede ran CMarx into the ropes and then rolled her up for a 2 and a half count.  CMarx spun around to regain control but Hawke nailed her with kick to the gut and then tossed her into the corner by her hair.  Victoria Hawke followed that up with a baseball slide, but CMarx moved and Hawke went sliding right into the steel post.

END:  Carlee Marx pulled Hawke into the center of the ring after piledriving her into the mat and went for a sloppy cover, but Hawke managed to kick out after two and three-fourths.  Marx picked Hawke up for a chokeslam, but Hawke with another thumb to the eye broke it up.  Hawke then went to the ropes to gain momentum, but CMarx ducked under the clothesline attempt.  Hawke put on the breaks and as soon as she turned around CMarx planted her into the mat with a hurricanrana!  Hawke’s momentum carried her back to her feet, so CMarx set her down with a superkick.  The crowd went wild as she climbed the ropes and Victoria Hawke was unable to avoid the 450 splash and was down for the count.

WINNER: Carlee Marx via pinfall after a 450 splash pin at 8:26.

(CUTTO:  Jason Tripp and Dean Julius.)

TRIPP:  "Carlee Marx with an incredible victory over Victoria Hawke in Atlantic City .. and DREDD has had such good fortune the past few weeks I bet the bottom dollar that they are testing that fortune here on the Boardwalk!"

JULIUS: "Don’t you ever get tired of being so lame, Tripp?"

TRIPP: "I don’t think I’m lame, Dean.  But then again, different strokes for different folks!"

JULIUS: "See what I am talking about?"

TRIPP: "The four men involved in the next match might all be relative newcomers here in New ERA … but they put on one HELL of a match at Boardwalk Hall .. and quite honestly, in my opinion, it was the match of the night."

JULIUS: "I was really impressed with the way that some of these guys worked.  You could tell that most of them wanted to be in that ring."

TRIPP: "Kidd Jackson and Ozeki debuted last RAPTURE, but both of their matches went to no contests .. and this is JR White’s and Tommy O’Hagan’s first match in New ERA!"

JULIUS: "Ozeki could take these three men on in a handicapped match … which is pretty much what you expect to happen when there’s a person of Ozeki’s size in the ring."

TRIPP: "Well, let’s stop yapping and get to the ring!"

(CUTTO: In the arena as the lineup flashes on screen.)

Fatal Fourway
Tommy O'Hagan vs JR White vs Kidd Jackson vs Ozeki

JACOBS:  "The following match is an elimination style fatal fourway match up and has a time limit of 45 minutes!  Introducing first…"

(CUEUP: ‘Smile’ by Tupac.)

JACOBS: "He hails from the Bronx, New York… KIDD JACKSON!"

(Jackson makes his way to the ring, a smile plastered on his face the entire way.)

(CUEUP: ‘Uhn Tiss’ by the Bloodhound Gang.  ‘Showtime’ JR White comes to the ring.)

JACOBS: "His first opponent .. hailing from Lima, Ohio … ‘Showtime’ JR WHITE!"

(CUEUP: "Ayee-Yah!" by H.O.T.)

JACOBS: "Their opponent… being led to the ring by Seth Champion … he hails from Nagoya, Japan… OZEKI!"

(Ozeki slowly walks to the ring as the two inside stare at him and plan.  CUEUP:  ‘Alone’ by Zebrahead as Tommy O’Hagan runs out from behind the curtain energizing the crowd!)

JACOBS: "Finally .. introducing last … he hails from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada … TOMMY ‘Tommy Gun’ O’HAGAN!"

(SFX: Bell rings.)

BEGINNING:  Seth Champion tried talking JR White and Kidd Jackson into eliminating Tommy O’Hagan first.  They agreed and all three men cornered O’Hagan in the corner.  However, right as they were about to attack O’Hagan, White and Jackson turned and started pummeling Ozeki.  Ozeki easily powered his way out of the situation, even sending White through the ropes.  Tommy O’Hagan went through the ropes after him which left Kidd Jackson in the ring with Ozeki.  Oh boy.  Ozeki manhandled Kidd Jackson while Tommy O’Hagan and JR White battled it out on the floor.  Ozeki sent Kidd Jackson into the corner and followed in afterwards with a huge avalanche.  Ozeki pinned Kidd Jackson and eliminated Jackson from the match first.

ELIMINATED: Kidd Jackson via pinfall after an Ozeki avalanche at 4:14.

2ND QUARTER:  By the time Jackson was ushered out of the ring O’Hagan and JR White made it back inside.  Ozeki was in the corner waiting as White headbutted O’Hagan to the mat.  O’Hagan grabbed onto the tights of White to get back to his feet, but was greeted with a European uppercut for his troubles.  White grabbed the arm of O’Hagan and was going to irish whip him, but Ozeki grabbed him from behind and spun him around locking his arms around White’s waist and catching him with the belly to belly suplex!  Tommy O’Hagan was next as Ozeki also picked him up and plunked him into the mat.  Ozeki went for an elbow drop, but O’Hagan got out of the way.  With the crowd firmly behind him, Tommy O’Hagan started an almost impossible assault on Ozeki, rocking him back and forth with running elbows.  O’Hagan ran against the ropes and hopped on the back of the sumo locking on a sleeper and nearly brought the Japanese sumo to his knees.  However JR White would pull him away and connect with a german suplex.

3RD QUARTER:  JR White connected with a beautiful fallaway slam and then brought Tommy O’Hagan to the top ropes.  The fans watched as Tommy O’Hagan was lifted in the air and dropped all the way from the top rope with a superplex.   White then called for the Box Office Smash and connected with the double arm backbreaker before getting the pinfall.

ELIMINATED: Tommy O’Hagan via pinfall after a Box Office Smash from White at 11:33.

JR White turned after celebrating eliminating O’Hagan, but got caught by the throat and was chokeslammed to the mat by Ozeki.  Seth Champion was cheering on the outside as Ozeki brought him back to his feet and then side walk slammed into the mat.  Ozeki made the pinfall attempt, but much to everyone’s surprise JR White kicked out after 2.  Ozeki then applied a nerve hold to the neck of White and kept it on as White got redder and redder.  Finally the big man released the hold as he picked JR White over his head with a gorilla press.

END:  JR White managed to grab onto the top rope and pull himself to safety, but not for long as Ozeki grabbed onto his hair and yanked him back into the ring.  JR White kept up an attack on Ozeki with some vicious reverse knife edge chops, but all it took was one thrust kick to send White crashing to the mat.  Ozeki missed a huge leg drop and then missed a running splash as JR White rolled him up for a near three count.  JR White climbed to the top turnbuckle and came off with a double axe handle that dropped the big man to one knee.  He ran over to the ropes again and this time flew off with a flying cross body attempt, but Ozeki timed his powerslam perfectly and JR White’s body left an imprint on the mat.  Ozeki hit the Izumo Thunder, a devastating side Belly to belly suplex, and covered JR White for the three count and the victory.

WINNER: Ozeki via pinfall after a Izumo Thunder at 25:01.

(CUTTO: In the studio.)

TRIPP: "As I said earlier .. that match was definitely the match of the night in my eyes."

JULIUS: "But the PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme Title match was still left to come .. and with Chaos choosing the stipulations .. who knows what he did … and wait until you find out!"

TRIPP: "We’ve got to take another commercial break … but when we come back we’ll hear from another competitor from the BattleBRAWL rumble .. as well as see the main event of the evening as Chaos took on Steve Johnson in a P©X title match!"


(CUTTO: Jason Tripp.  Dean Julius is nowhere to be found.)

TRIPP: "Dean Julius has stepped out momentarily, so please bear with me as I try to do this part of the show by myself … which I guess isn’t that big a stretch!"

(Tripp chuckles to himself.)

TRIPP: "Before he head to the main event .. let’s show you what happened down at ringside today!"

Lend Me Your Ears

(CUTTO: Inside the Boardwalk Hall.)

JACOBS: "Ladies and gentlemen …. Introducing one of the entrants in New ERA of Wrestling’s BattleBRAWL 2 Rumble ….."

(CUEUP: ‘My Way’ by Butch Walker as the crowd explodes into cheers.  Copycat walks out from behind the curtains.)

COPYCAT: "PEOPLE OF ATLANTIC CITY! Lend me your ears! (SFX: Pop) That's right, NEW fans, the Cat has come to entertain you and deliver you from the horror of listening to the likes of Rocko Daymon! Now as you folks may know, I have been a very busy man outside of the ring lately, as I have been trying my hand in a number of different entertainment industries, including music and television... BUT you people should know that I can only stay away from the wrestling business for so long before I have to return and see alllllll your smiling faces out there in the audience, hoping and praying for a savior to rescue you from listening to MWG talk."

(Crowd pops HUGE.)

COPYCAT: "And that is why the Cat has returned to the ring. I could do it for the paycheck, I could do it for the free promotion, I could do it for the glory, I could even do it for the opportunity to steal a kiss from one or two of the members of NEW's FINE women's division... hopefully at the same time. But the fact is, the Cat has only entered the BattleBrawl Rumble for YOU, the fans. Because I know oh so intimately that each and every one of you comes to NEW shows for the excitement, and that is exactly what I will provide in that Rumble match. After I make my way down to that ring and toss Cameron Cruise, Shawn Hart, John Doe, Steve Johnson, MWG -- ESPECIALLY MWG -- and all the rest of the best NEW has to offer over that top rope to the floor, I will be just one match away from becoming the NEW World Heavyweight Champion and completing THE most meteoric rise to the top the New ERA of Wrestling has EVER seen. Whether that champion is Jonathan Marx or the Phantom Republican, the Cat WILL be victorious for each and every one of you!"

(Crowd pretty much orgasms.)

COPYCAT: "As for the rest of you poor schmucks in the locker room, about to be upstaged by a stellar performance by the Smartest Player in the Game... You know, they say that when the cat's away, the mice will play. And the Cat has been away from the ring for an awfully long time. So let this be a warning to ALLLLLL of you -- the Cat is BACK, baby, and once the Cat plows through the lot of you, things are NEVER going to be the same here in NEW. And THAT, my friends, is just ALLLLLL there is to it!"

(CUTTO: In the studio. Dean Julius is now back.)

TRIPP: "Can you believe it, Dean?! Copycat is in the BattleBRAWL rumble!"

JULIUS: "Copycat has always had a thing for cluster fucks.  It’s the ONLY thing he’s good at."

TRIPP: "Well … I can tell you that seeing Copycat back in action after all these months of sitting on the shelf will certainly be a joy and I cannot wait.. BattleBRAWL 2 is just a few weeks away!"

JULIUS: "It’s right around the corner, Tripp.  RAUCOUS first .. then the pay per view.. it should be an exciting show, too.  I’m going to be on it!"

TRIPP: "And we found out on RAUCOUS last week that Chaos will be in action at the pay per view … although his title won’t be on the line … but we still yet to know who he’ll be facing."

JULIUS: "I don’t think anyone knows really."

TRIPP: "He faced Steve Johnson today in a P©X title match .. and … well, let’s stop talking about it and get you down there so you can see for yourself!"

(CUTTO: Ringside.  Carl Jacobs stands in the ring as the lineup lightning bolts on screen.)

PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme Championship
Home Depot Brawl

Steve Johnson vs Chaos (c)

JACOBS: "The following match is our MAIN EVENT, is scheduled for one fall with a 30 minute time limit, and is for the PRODIGY© CLASSIC XTREME CHAMPIONSHIP!  Introducing first…"

(CUEUP: ‘Won’t Back Down’ by Tom Petty.  Steve Johnson comes from behind the curtain and immediately heads to ringside.)

TRIPP: "Johnson looked ready to take the title away from Chaos, that’s for sure!"

JULIUS: "The only question was would he be ready for the special stipulation that Chaos threw at him?"

JACOBS: "He hails from Columbus, Ohio …. STEVE JOHNSON!

(CUEUP: ‘You Could Be Mine’ by Guns ‘n Roses.)

JACOBS: "And his opponent …"

(We hear a loud noise …)

JACOBS: "Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada..)

(A horn starts beeping.)

JACOBS: "He is the current PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme champion …. CHAOS!"

(Chaos comes riding through the curtains on a HOME DEPOT TRUCK!  He is riding in the back as it reverses down the rampway.  Once it hits the ring he starts throwing random objects from the back of the truck into the ring.  Such objects include a hose, lawn chairs, shovels, tacks, paint cans. SFX: Bell rings.)

BEGINNING:  Steve Johnson had to dodge flying objects for the first couple minutes of the match as Chaos emptied out the back of the Home Depot truck.  The crowd loved it.  Johnson grabbed onto a can of paint and swung it at the head of Chaos, but Chaos ducked and knocked Johnson over onto a rake.  The metal spikes dug into the ass of Johnson causing him to yelp and he immediately got back to his feet.  Johnson turned right into a Chaos big boot, and that floored him to the mat.  Chaos then went with the flow .. literally.  He attached the hose to the water pump storage space and sprayed Johnson down!  This helped Johnson wake himself, but didn’t help his traction as he slipped on the mat.  That slip proved costly as his neck fell right into Chaos’ hand.

2ND QUARTER:  Chaos chokeslammed Steve Johnson right through one of the plastic summer patio set tables causing it to break down the middle.  Chaos spent a few seconds as he rummaged through the multitude of tools he tossed out and picked up one of the shovels that was lying beneath it all.  Steve Johnson meanwhile somehow got back to his feet and had his hand wrapped tightly around one of the cans of paint.  He clobbered Chaos in the back of the head with it causing the P©X champion to fall to the mat.  Johnson only got a 2 count on the pinfall attempt.  Johnson grabbed some Venetian blinds and walloped Chaos over the head with them over and over again until they finally snapped in half!  Johnson grabbed Chaos by the waist and attempted to take him up and over with a belly to back suplex, but Chaos was too powerful.

3RD QUARTER:  Chaos nailed Johnson with a back elbow and then him with a folded chair.  Johnson fell to his knees and was met with another chair shot by the champion.  The chair shots only got a two count however, so Chaos went back to looking for the shovel he had earlier… and he found it.  Steve Johnson was introduced ever so lovingly to the shovel as he crashed against his skull.  This time Chaos got a damn near three count, but Johnson still managed to kick out.  Chaos tied Johnson to the corner with some rope and grabbed a door of the five foot DVD case.  Chaos slammed the door over the head of Steve Johnson breaking the glass everywhere.  It was at this point that Johnson was cut open bad.

END:  Steve Johnson was heavily injured from the glass and was bleeding like a stuck pig.  That didn’t stop Chaos who attacked Johnson with several different kinds of potted trees.  One tree he even broke in half, much to the dismay of the environmentalists in the crowd.  Johnson did try to get one last ditch effort of an offensive going after he ducked out of the way of a Chaos shovel shot which caused Chaos to slam it against the mat.  Steve Johnson climbed the turnbuckles with a paper shredder meaning to smash it over Chaos’ head, but Chaos caught him by the throat on the way down and chokeslammed him through a glass table.  Instead of covering him there Chaos brought him into the bed of the Home Depot truck and then Chokeslammed him from the bed of the truck onto the arena floor for the three count and the victory!

WINNER: Chaos via pinfall after chokeslamming Johnson from the truck bed to the arena floor at 14:52.

(CUTTO:  In the studio with Jason Tripp.  Dean Julius is not in the shot, but his chair is spinning around as if he just sped off into the sunset.)

TRIPP: "As you can see my trusty sidekick here as already high tailed it to the Taj Mahal … but I hope you enjoyed RAPTURE from the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey .. don’t forget to tune in to New ERA RAUCOUS from the Bryce Jordan Centre in University Park, Pennsylvania … especially for that awesome main event!"

(Tripp switches camera angles.. probably what was supposed to be Julius’ shot.)

TRIPP: "For Jason Tri.. err .. sorry, for Dean Julius, I’m Jason Tripp … the next time you’ll be joining us is from Miami, Florida after New ERA presents BattleBRAWL 2 live on pay per view from New York City as we begin our BEAT the HEAT Tour!  See you then!"

( the end )